Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 12, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1965
Page 10
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bAtUKDAY, JUNt 12, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr sunday. June 13 "The wise man controls hls| destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (Mar. 21 — Apr. 191: Be sure plans are based on actual facts. No time to rush off without checking arrangements Some confusion cone e r n ing! communications indicated. A i tend church of choice TAURUS (Apr. 20 — May 201: Personal matters now require I attention. Be aware of hidden meanings, requirements, special considerations. Listen to one who knows situation and utilize vour good judgment. GEMINI (May 21 — June 20>: indirect approach best now. Oblique method more likely to succeed Don't attempt too much at once. Make and study future plans. Get ideas from Aries and Taurus messages. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Time to analyze basic values. Avoid carelessness. Be thorough, patient If business associate pays social call, be gracious. But do not engage in gossip. Maintain dignity. LEO :July 23 — Aug 221: Goal could be obscured by well- meaning friends Heed your own counsel. Adopt att'tude of confidence. Unique and creative approach indicated Give special attention to family members. VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)' Conditions due to change a t home base. Be ready for surprise statements, a n n o u nce- ments. Be a good listener, but get your own point across Much activity indicated! LIBRA (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): Important to have understanding with one close to you. Don't suppress information. By sharing you also gain. Check correspondence and facts. Be gracious. SCORPIO (Oct. 23—Nov. 21): Don't let minor matters dominate your attention There i s basic question which requires thoughtful study Spiritual a d viser could have key to dilemma. SAGITTARIUS (No. 22 —Dec. 21): Time to shake off despondency. Realize certain r e s- trictions work out for the best Don't fight authority. Be aware Df limitatios. Fine for relax- ng, attending church. You are loing better than you think. CAPRICORN N(Dec. 22 — Jan 19): If one you least anticipate ;omes to your aid, don't be .keptical. You are not being jacked into a corner. A day vhen some are despondent. Set •sample of courage, optimism AQUARIUS (Jan 20 — Feb. .8): Home environment emp- lasized. Profit from today's BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH 12 4 A 10 9 V AK2 4KQJ 410982 WEST EAST * 5 4Q87642 *J 1096 43 V5 • 1086 47543 *643 4A7 SOUTH (D) AKJ3 VQ87 • A92 + KQJ5 North and South vulnerable South West North East 1 N.T. Pass 6 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V J CULOTTE COMFORT — Ideal for your busy day—indoors and out. Sleeveless culottes with two pockets are so pretty in a slimming stripe. No. 8226 with PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 12Vi>. 14 1 ;,, 16Va, 18' 2 , 20V 2 , 22'a, 24'/2, 26'/2. Bust 33 to 47. Size. 14V 2 , 35 bust, 3~ R yards of 45-inch. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Exciting, inspiring, informative—the Spring & Summer '65 issue of our pattern book Basic FASHION. Just 50c. By JACOBY & SON George Gooden. inventor of the code word ARC to help declarer plan his play at trick one is also a former president of the American Bridge Teachers As- sn. "A" stands for Analyze the lead, "R" to Review the bidding, and "C" for Count your winners and losers. We have adopted his code word with the addition of the letter "H" for How can I make this hand? An advanced student or expert player would have nothing to review about the bidding and would simply analyze that probably the lead meant a long heart suit in the West hand. He would see that he had to attack clubs and would count two spade winners plus three in each other suit for a total of 11 sure tricks. Then coming to the letter "H" he would see that he could make the hand by locating the queen of spades and finessing for it successfully. He would start after "lubs at trick two. East would win the first or second club trick and probably shift to a diamond. Eventually South would cash all his tricks outside of the spade suit and at that point the simple process of counting cards would give him an absolutely sure thing spade play. You see East would show out on the second heart lead so he would count West for six hearts Then West would have to follow to three leads each in dia- mons and clubs so declarer would have accounted for 12 of his cards. That would leave West with a maximum of one spade. South would cash dummy's ace of spades and that would account for West's last card so that it would be a certainty that East would hold the queen of spades. Quick Quiz tt/Li\ AND ALTHOUGH I CANNOT GNt YOUMAKEREASON DR.THOR CLARK IS WAKING WHAT WAS EXPECTED TO BE AN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. I PROMISE VOU WILL RECEIVE MY DECISION IN TWO OR THREE WEEKS SO, GENTLEMEN, AS DEEP AS MY GRATITUPE IS, I AN\ WITHHOLPIMS MY DECISION TO ACCEPT THE GENEROUS RESEARCH GRANT OFFEREP MY ASSOCIATES ANP ME... THERES ASTIPULATION IN THE GRANT THAT FATHER MUST ACCEPT WRECTORSHIP OF THE PROJECT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Me RGUP.ES THE PEOPLE ON THE OUTSIDE WILL BE ' CURIOUS TUH / I I Q—What is thanatomania? • A—Thanatomania is a morbid | glee upon reading obituaries. Q—What is the symbolic meaning of the shamrock? A—It is a symbol of loyalty. It is also a Christian symbol for the Trinity. Q_How long do members of the president's cabinet nerve? A--—They serve at the pleasure of the president. Q_What is a peculiarity of falling snow seen from the Empire State building? A—Snow and rain can be seen falling up. Rain Is sometimes red. KISCILL.VS POP By AI Vc CAPRICORN message. Let loved ones know you do care Then harmony is restored. Key is to show affection. PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mary 20): Avoid theatrics Be factual. Aura of uncertainty may seem to persist. You clear away debris of deception with persistent effort, p b t a in needed privacy. Sufficient rest essential. •to •& & If today is your birthday. . . you have sparkling personality and woifad excel in business or profession requiring contact with people. ti -to i> General tendencies: Cycle high for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius. Special word to a 1 signs: A restless clay featuring numerous minor i r r i ations What may appear major turns out to be of minor importance BUGS BUNNY 1 KNOW THAT AAUTT1 HE'LL CHEW SYLVESTER NOW THAT Y6R DOG'S GONE, HOW ABOUT UOOKIN' AT/MX LINE O 1 (WITH A KICK LIKE THAT, I WHO NEEDS A COG? ' C IMSb, W««r In. KCI.IB. Inc. TM. I*. U.S. M. OH.' CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner I fton't think I'll mind housework, Mom! It gives one aome- thing to do during commercials!" "" ' Q—The bidding, has been: South West North East 2* 3 N.T. 4V 4 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 2* 34 4* 4* 5V Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass You, South, hold: *KQJ2 VA104 *32#A654 What do you do? A—Bid five no-trump. If your partner shows one kine only, you can count on him for seven diamond winners and bid seven no-trump. If he shows two kings you can still gamble at seven no-trump. Strangely enough if he shows three kings you will be afraid that his diamonds aren't solid.and will settle for six no-trump only. TODAY'S QUESTION What is your opening bid if any with: AK654 VA32 *K65 *K 4 3 Answer Monday Siamese Twins Stand Alone TURIN, Italy (AP)-Two 6- year-old Siamese twin sisters stood alone separately for the first time Thursday, one month after they were separated in a five-hour operation. Doctors helped Giuseppina and Santina Foglia from their hospital beds and took them to an armchair where their mother sat. They stood for 20 minutes, then plunged into the arms of their mother, sobbing with joy. "We can now definitely say that Giuseppina and Santina will grow up as two perfectly normal girls," said Dr. Luigi S o 1 e r i o, who performed the operation. The children had been joined at the base of the spine THAT'S THREE STRIKES IN \ ROW! MORTY MEEKLE By Dick CavaDI I AW WINPOP/WAKIN0 ATTttATHe WN LOOK. UKBUHL& B0 ?SBP IWO3TBANDTOLPA I GUISE AM, NA€>TY, ANDTHATS ABOUT ANPNCWHES 6OVCED TOD6WHOFVOU/ ABEKT YOJ2 ^PTAIN EASY By Leslie Tnraet SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox e l%5 kt NE«. W. T M. It,. Ui l-t-i. "You are planning to go on a diet . . . and planning . . . and planning . . and planning!" Male or Female ACROSS 1 Diminutive of Thomas 4 Feminine appellation 8 First king ot Israel (Bib.) 12 American humorist 13 Can be male or female 14 Palm leaf 15 Masterson 16 Deleted items 18 Parts of shirts 20 Nautical gadget 21 Egg (arch.) 22 Strays 24 Raw silk weight 26 Notion 27 Musical syllable .10 Bring to light 32 Helix (geom.) 34 Baby's toy 35 Occupant 36 Mariner's direction 37 Table leavings 39 Brazilian tapir 40 Miss Stevens 41 Reply (ab.) 42 Pilfer 45 Carouser 49 Permeate 51 Girl's name 52 Otherwise 53 Solar disk 54 Number 55 Ailments 56 Hiss Bonheur 57 Unit of energy DOWN 1 Little Haps 2 East Indian woody vine 3 Aerolite 4 Over 5 Alaskan community 6 Rumored 7 Art (Latin) 8 Pollutes 9 Tropical plant 10 Arm bone 11 Endure 17 Disagreeable predicament 19 Oust 23 Pauses 24 Father (Fr.) 25 Masculine name 26 Passages in the brain 27 Transform 28 Rave 29 Canadian- province (ab.) 31 Philippine municipality 33 Characterless Answer to Previout Puiilt IPJAIUIUI n-ieiei lH|A|i-|EI a TLJoiNlulSl HBOC] anaa BOOB C3IIC3G3tgC3EJ anora |P| I INIBITT IbiDiel 38 Monster (comb, form) 40 Speed contests 41 Genus of grasses 42 Eject violently 43 End (comb, form) 44 Gaelic 46 Summers (Fr.) 47 European stream 48 Sounded resonantly, at a bell 50 Gibbon KSWWAm INTEWUSE ASSN. SCOTLAND VARD? IF VOU WANTA RECOVER SOiOOO QUIP OF TH' ROYAL MAIL TRAIN LOOT; AM' NAB ONE OF TH' <3AN<3, LISTEN CAREFULLY! AT THE RfcP COW FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS M CHEPPIMGTONi Pin" A STAKE-OUT ON LOCKBR 9,7, AN 1 GRAB TH' RLOKE WHEN 'E COME& ' TO MOVB '15 LOOT! GOT IT? THEY'LL HAVE MEN THERE \ I'LL SEE FASTi SUH...50 i PROMI5E NOT | HE DOESN'T,MR TO SKIP WITH THE BOODLE, IF 1 SW0LLBTT! X/eaV t AA.I * ».•& •• v tri IAV * A**Ltfl9 ^^^Z. -J »C^' VOU LENP H& THAT LOCKER KEY'. WELLJT IS FOR ASOOP CAUSE: THE BORN LOSER By Art Saosom S»*RB HIM, FATHER.! HIM — I , ) L-LOVg HIM!/ WHY. MARRY SEYMOUR WARRIOR &OOV ALLEY OOP HI/ \B THIS A PRIVATE y 1 FROM THE ZOTH PICNIC, OR CAN / DOC/ HOLY \ CENTURY, OF ANYBODY GET IN / COW, WHERE'D I COURSE... ON IT? ^ MXI COME, FROM? I ALWAYS PIP WANT \ YEAH? WELL TO MEET SOME LAPIE3 ) >OU SURE FROM MARS _ ^ CAME TO TH' « x™ * RIGHT PLACE OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams OH, NO, 6IR--WS 1 NEVER EVEN > THOUGHT OF LOOKIN' IN >DUR BATHEOOM WINDOW.' WHEN 1 SAID "FUNNEL- FACE", SHE WAS JUST FEEDIN'A BABY BIRD A WORM.' OH.YES, 16EE-- I'M SORRX THAT I MISJUDGED VOU BOYS.' NOW VOU SEE WHEN WE LAUGHED ABOUT BALD HEADS AN' SCRAWNY KIECKe AND POP EYES, WE WASN'T AAEANIN'VDU.' EBWU-- THE PERFECT AilBI f-ii-tt im I-M «^ u.-. M an. ^. * '* " OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople 6SAO.TWIS6S, A FAIMT CLOUD SHADOWS^ ROCKY'S FLJTURe/r MATCHeO HlfA WITH SMITH,WE SIMSINS HEAVY- SOT NOW THE BOARDER'S HM&) LURID TALES ABOUT SOM68IRP&J It^THERtMS/NATURALLY I KNOW OF THEIR EXA66ERATlON,'5O I THOOSHT I'P IT STRAIGHT .YOU'VE 6OT tT . STRAISHT ALKEADV/THE <( LAST 6UV •50M&BI RD •*- FOU6HT HAD NEVER -3EEM OM THE FLOOR.' HE-ENDED UP L.OOKIN6 LIKE IMLAID

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