Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1928
Page 3
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• .1 • , ' f. T ^ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVES^>n. JANUARY . Mrs. Roy Wright, lOlT North L. O. Cobl), mall tnessenser for ^ycamore, sustained sligrht ijurns the poutoffice, who has been ill of ^sterday morning when a gaso;- pneumonia at his home. 605 South line' container in the kitchen of Sycamore street, was reported bet- lier home caught fire. Damage was ter today. %Imated at }5. • -rChester Thomas will be glad to se^-his friend.s at the Diamond Barber Shop. J. L. Maffitt, Prop. , —^Wanted to Buy: Copy of Nov.; 10 Register. Bring or phone Reg-' Ister, 18. - A LaHarpe man was fined $5 in • CoJice court for speeding. He-K'as arrested yesterday. —Five almost new L'ndcrwood Typewriters for rent. $3 per mouth. Al'llliams Typewriter Co. —Call,'phone or write us for our Memorandum Calendar. Shannon's Hajdware. The statcmi'iii in yesterday's Reglsiter that the Billy Sunday meetings in lola would begin March 25 was iJi accordance with the plan as it existed at that time. After conferriuR with '.Mr. Peter- eon. Doctor Sunday's advance man. however, it was dctidort by the committee pf arraiiijonients to ad-. Tanco the time io Manh 11. The Weetings will thoroforo begin on ^at date and will rontinue lor fivu • —licndfrHon Clrcli' 117» Lndi^s or O. A. I^.. jui'i'ts Wwlnesdiiy at Moniorliil Iliill. All iiK-nihcrs requested to be iMosi-nt: lnii'<>rt;in: business. B. P. O. E. Social Club Card Party Thursday. January 19 at Club Rooms. Phone .Mrs. S. A. Bixby. :m'. or . Mrs. F. U Denton, fil. Please call promptly. , Card.s at 8 o'clock Kharp. The Kansas American Legion ranks third in membership for according to reports received (Miss Grace Donovan, who has been visiting her sisiei-s In Kansas City for several weeks, has returned home. —Place your orders' for 'Baby Chicks early !<o as to in.surc delivery when wanted. Sturdy Chick Hatchery, West street. —Dr. A. ' B . Twadell. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. BarUrls sipeut the week-end in Chanute. the guests of Mr. and Jlrs. J. W. Hefti- Inger. , —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Cfliroprac- tor. Northrup Bldg. Phone 326. --A. H. Schwanit, Cabinet Maker, fill South Colborn. Russ Alexander, of Wichita, spent the week-end withjhis b'roth- or.-Otho Alexander and Mrs. Alexander, of -109 South Washington! avenue. Howard' ScarI>orougIi wt -ni tin Kansas City tJiis nioriiing on busl- noS.K. He will l )i> h.):ii'.' i <i ;ii^h;. Mr. Beehe Spok —Dr. Mpntgoni 'Ty, Ch!ropract(»r. • 'l^i" -)>t \ik(r WIMKK .SIITS tlic.liclp tif frciiiiciit cIe;iniuB and pressiiii;. It insures longer w«.':ir. " Ahleson I'leiinrrs Phone Via Mrs. George Barcus, of Chaoiuite. Is in It)la today In the interests of "•The Revelei-s.'" the next great number on^ler "Chanute. Artii;ts Course." which ia tn lie pufon in the Auditorium in Chanute on the .evening of .lanuary This attraction costs Mrs. Barcus $2,500, Vhich is a heap of moivjy to be . -paid to any single organization, and nobody but Mrs. Barcus would have the ner\-e to undertake it! Chanute certainly i» fortunate in having a citizen ¥o ianterprlsing %n-d willing to work so hard in or- .tdcr that the community may .be given the privilege of hearing the .tnasi ulFtingujslied talent along >-arious lines, that is to be obtained ia the country. I. by .lim Buchaiian. commander'of the local He haa also learned tliat a bin Is pending in vtm- •grcss which wduld extend th«' time ! for soldiers rompi-nsation fur two i moro yeni:s. Notice of Aiinuiil .Mpf^hiK.; —The annual nioptlng of the : stnckholderH of thl^ "Security HulW- {iug ft Loan AsHociiitidn" <it° Io|a, Knns!is.,wli| h<> held at its (iffico Uii ttho city of lohi. Allen Connty. j iKunsas. .Monday. .faiiiiHry ;,'((, 192S. ;«t :!t)<i P. M. for the elccliftn of dlreclors for the ensuiiiK year, and for the tran.sui-tlon of suidi other •; business, as niiiy pr<MHTly idiiie before the; nieeti,up. f llOKACK U MILLKll. Sccrelai-y. I). T. .N'ash, who ha.'; been criti- , cally ill at 222 South Buckeye j street for the past three weeks, wag reported about the same today. —Worth Seeing: Until Feb. 10. A moving sign showing how the eye sees. In show windo\\- of Frantz Optical Co, lOS E. Madison. —Baby chicks hatch every Tuesday at the Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Mrs. Joe- McAlester Is spending ten daj"s with relatives and friends in Kansas City and Lincoln. . ! —If- you want to buy or build, ; city or suburban property. The lola •Building & Loan Association will make you a loan, low interest rate ! no comiiilssion. See G. E. Pees' Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner of square. F. CR^:^y Physician and Snnteon Eye Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted 2^^ S. W^hlngton. lola Office phone 829; Res. 1159 I). H. P. Smcltzer. wJUi ha.s, been 111 In bid since Thursday morning of last week, was able to be up this nioruing. .Mr. Snielizct is s.taying at 2:^2 South Buckeye street. —"Van's Bread." good as ever. - Wanted to Buy: Copy of Nov. 10 HegHtiT. Bring or phone Register, IS. • • Mrs. J. I*. Pargent -H^ent to Cha- n\ite on Uie noon train to look after her house. Mrs. Pargent and lltllo daughter, Ellen Frances, are staying jvlth her mother. Mrs. Chas. Osger for the present. lola Laundry Ul.Ig. Phone l.tS, —O. Li Cox, M n. Specialist, Eye, Ear,' Nose arid Tiiroai. Mrs. Ni-lMi- Tiiais. of Cilurido Springs, i .-j here: fi (r a visit «lth friends and rt-Iatives. We know HaKery Products are good. But ; Have Sou Tried Ours? VAN HOOZERS. ^Ir. aii 'l .Mrs. Wayne Jff:oi-<. Mis.-i -ViiDini Kt•(•^.^ and»C.ran! Wcldi drove to Kansas City .Sunday morning. retArniug home y."'sl.r- day. Card of 'Ihanl.^. - Wv wish to fXltn>l our liciiil- fi'lt thanks ti- all those who so kindly assisted us in ilie dtuih aiiil .Mr. ret :i :y to i;,)Vi;i iiii ;• I' ill 111.- i'(.irt.Iai , vrc;i' fiiliii \v;:l; to 111 h 111 • ! .Mr. He. ho - tv |. itrati- IIIVM- ! .•»;i<-.ikiiiK of Iciri : iib;.- o.' Ii.iiiifii; iT;;!'-is:ii (if his t;:i'te e At Curren,* Tbpics Club ^7. veiyWw yearsVwe would "see won- liT' lit -Tojic s! Charl 's r. luleii. .111(1 I'l.f 1 Hotel were w !io laiiie nnu I>ilb| I I Wi : th<j .-h he ce Gi vi I. « Ml n urk .'nd ["aad ii I of the lielialt'y llle" : • lie hfi-anip .1 lainliil; , i'io". jiiiil » iiojie I out . t>(i:>e w:is honestly ; tfiUle Io tile V> ! >' iiyi Itiiii 1 ills; til till ' of <Ji )Ver :iiir [hu 1- n.'., Wii.- a ej:n iiiiit J f Iceteii lie uiililO I'lil j ii.irif'iii aiiil iifiririij ! l;or!)''- s.iid I !ia1 never i -Miei !..a lor the ji!o,<! ;.• uraiiti il \v .Isorrow of our dear .l.iii;:liter and fj,;,, t,„v,-;n • F, JL B. LEAVELL, M. I). • Special attention 'given Dls- • eases pf Colon and Rectpm. • Electro-Physiotherapy . . • Office lola State Bank BIdg. • • I'honca—147 and 705 • • • • • • • ai • • • * —Dr. J. T. Bcld, Surgery and X-ray. . Phone 357. Koswell Northruii of Kansas City is hero fol* a short vi-sft with his mother, Mrs. L. L.'.Vorthrup. —^Por Real Estate T.ioans see the Seciirlty RIdtr. '& Utm Assnclation. lula, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. —We pay ~6% on Full Paid and Installment Stock. The best investment. the best method to save. Security BIdir. & Loan Association^ Jolii, Knnsas. Mrs. John Stohr and .son plan to leave Thursday for CatsklH. N. .v.. to join .Mr.' Stohr. who is there working at the jiresent. sister, and for the lipautitul flowers. Also the minister and the elioir. Mr. -mil Mrs. A. U Townsend, Mr. I ho par [.T! I re,|iijii for ir t eluh ati iiiti- he ;;i >veru;)r. j .i man iiieap- i ^j, •\ . wli'.i t.xik I III ve ti r of routine; w oilers \viiii<e t. were iilioui to and Mrs. R;iv Townsend, Mr. an.l ; i,,. j^rauleii Mrs. Ray Wilson. « [ wan 'r-i .,i„mcu 'i •, , " , , . ! Iioaril amt 1 I:H 1 the —;ii» c-hicks and a liroinler. »!'•'•>" yardon clerk' at. the Sturdy Chi.k Hatchery. 220. . y,,.^ |5,.,.)„. .S,«, K-,. :th 1 iii< xpirj a I ed West street. - f'liarley Itowlii -i Weill t.i Kansas City this afteriioiiu <iii a ^lll •rl business trip. . Costes and LeBrix Are Off for-Caracu.s Colon. Panama. Jan. 17. (AIM - Dleiidpniii* Cost-s and .I4sepli Le-| and an advociiyot brix. French flyers. hoii|ied off at 1 der way by the St; sISiKi' number oi" |k<Hiiilr' tile itoveriio^. fliiri ll)e'lei::s!alllle as sever.i! '• of (lie a)>|iriia<lii:ihleii ; or raiiji n vvln! ahvjays ' s<-e ev ' hliu. k'. acis. ev,n ilVtir. na p.irt ssniaed when te riir the of- ' =^-'1 aijir ami jiur- ilo Starve the |ir iif his ahil- fa't tliiit one pleilLiv -s when was that li ! pi an end to the abuse. .Mr. governor had ion, and that paroles hi- inu, the ui't iiiu :>k as a tiiqt- latioii to prf'S- iiai exiiireil i»r In no i-a.sp inili! unless If iiy the pardon iijliproval of the )f Die great Ivhii r.ill upon K Si >.sii)lis of !• of! itly verr w < f' this State upon the ques- n of flooil control to a Con^ ssi( iial committee, and upon coicJusion of -Air. Beebe's talk wa= called upon and spoke Iry t ntertainingly lipon the e.\- cl ri)i 11 1 1928. PAGE THREE ful development here, not only Dur agricutture but in industry. Ir. Beebe. who drove up from .Nebdesiia to attend this meeting, :ijs.a( L-ompanied by:hi9 friend. .Mr. H. Woodrjng. vice-president of Fil St National I3ank. of .Neode- dr. Woodring waa a niem- .the committee whivh r'e- \yent to Washington with or Paulen to present the I>v)rienit>s: of the committee at iishipgton. Mr. Woodring per- hall is a Democrat but he spoke iiidh. terms of Senator Curtis 1 Ci.pper and declared the Stale a riglit to be proud of our prt>s Milation in the senate. The committee whtcn was ap- iniel last week to report, uiwa [ecla: arrangements for the lec- o t< he given next ."^londay eye- nijiig. 1 nder the auspices <if the h. ly Dr. Cora Johnstone Bes-t; .•ommended that ih^ club meet xt ^oniiay evening at the usual n the dining room of the Ba1> temple; where dinner would he .served, that all who desired to (!o si) 'be invited to bring wng room the club adjourn to th^.' ^auditorium of the church for th« lecture, admission to which Should the ladies of tlieir family or oth-i be 2.'i cents. This report w^as un- er guests, and that from tlie liin- aniniou.siy adopted. )tpn^corner( lie jus II any sniiu'titiies lijiiiflri'il ill a day. and will 1 ylioiiv i speak-r iievo^eil the remain; Ire .ss to a il .s- fi:D2 a. ni. today from France field. Csinal Zone, for Caracas, Venezuela. As tKey will follow the coast virtually' the whole way. a" flipht of approximtitely 1.IIII0 iiiil-s was' ahead of them. The fliers expe<t to arrive ,Tt- Caracas at dusk as they will lose one hour of the sun enrouie. | From Caracas-, they' will go to BarranquiUa, Colombia, and then to Gogota. Colombia. returning i from there to Panama. From Panama they will start northward to New York, stopping at Giialeninla City and Mexico City before rcacli- in.i; the I'nited States. The . der of his shoilt ad cussioii of lly Te .soii|ri 'e« of Kansas . the plans nil-1 te nianiher of; ilvetjtisf. Uie .State, that williin a C-onimerce tfl expre.-.sinij: iJu'lvieW l-.-s of (jOVerll- • Wisllei to waut.s, Io see. —Clean white rags wanted ;it the , Register office; will pay 10c lb.' I BRONCHITIS Tlie |iiifl;imrujition ir . \ Will irradtially .>iu > And:your cough nil When our .sure m DR. C. Z. MO>j THE PALMKK (I lola Laiinciry Building HARDWAIIE& IMPLEMENTS the tj.-;ide cthoc MCHARDSdN'S January Clearance Sale! SiECIAL FOR TOMORROW .$1 .50 Golden star Sheets 81 xIH. . ' Special each .1 i j-- $119 EXTRA SfECIAI>; I.\ THK STAPLE DEPARTMKr^T .'•Pc .SaHne* :i!lc iiird. •Jdc I'crcales -l.-jc jard. '.>l)c. Ciiininrt (hill I lev ir>r jtird; I'rInI* iSc^aird. i:tr Yiinl Vide Outhig. I »r jiird. itt I'er Ceiil KeilucHon on nil (iirfnln (;opd<. j . Wtc I'eiipprell SliirHnir, 9-1 wide, S\H'. cial 13c jard. ^ 4-2-InPh Pepperell Tubing .'Wc jard. 35r Turkish Towels each'. IS-inrh PUioiv Cnses value, S)ieciul i> riicli. : •'• *14.'». SIxJMl Sheets 97r eacli. fl.6.1 Pepperell .Shwl.s, .sj.\JW, .Sj.edul *l-*t9 eurh. Xn: Lingerie Crepe 21r yard. Site iirouii Muslin l.Tc jnrd.' |.".c r. L .Spwial lie jard. ' P'»ir 1. I, Spo<-ial 9r yard. iOc Oiir SpccJiii TJsf yard. Outing ('Ownii np (u $1.50, Choice !>.'>c each. *J0 I'rr Cent Discount on ail I'ockel- Iwoks. White Hoover Aprons, S])ecial >«!H- cacti. Ait l-anc)' fitrnsols, One-Hal/ Trice #1.3". Siicde tilmev "^Ori juiir. !?l .(Mi Hul'sled ( urtnin* ."4c pair. mm Knftied Voile Jurtains. Special ^I.tS each. One L<.( Sii|i Bloomers.' Vests Teds,, Ktc- Choire S9c garment. : Silk Department "iir Silk l >e|ui 'rtinpntiis ^verlniidni. U'e (iiusi rcdiici',tlii .<4 slock at ouce. K.\tni »allies on eiVry jard. <;.',:>, Ili'infh Satin liacli Cn-pes ifiiVi .wird. ; j i?:t.(l(l, 4«l.iiich J'lat Crepiis, Special Win i-MA. ,1 • i*I.'<{(. lO-incli Hiishiible Crepe, .Sperliil lie (liines yard. I *'-MMt. 3li.iiu-ii Kiincy lirorades. Spn-ial fl-JS* jard. •a^h. W-incli Geiirgeltes, Special $1.17 jard. ti.V>. lll-iiich IVinted I Crepes itlJi^ } ard. Slip Satins S»c yard. !|=2.<M» I'crsian Crejie $I.IS jard. >l.<Mf ABC Silks,HSJc yard, flic Silk liayiin 47c yard. !sI.(Mi Fancy Silk Kuyons (Wc yard. Magrazine Racks "VVP ha^e had so many calls for miii:- aziiip racks, we put in another order. IlK) on sale -j Q Choice, each «DX»JLt/ Miss Bettie Rose is here ainiin. See her pretty new suits. Willi little added styles that are entirely difierent (Ine-Thinl off on all Sweaters. S« I'cr Cent Uisconnt on all ROIH-S. iiimoinis aikd House Dresses. All Silk Arrowhead Hosiery S9c pair GREAT SALE OF BLANKETS! 1/3 OFF ON THE ENTIRE LINE BiK fancy Indian H'unkel. Part wool 72x84. $3.50 value, choice $219 _ «,9S dontile tJttxSO Special ^ *>•»; #3.95 double 72s80 Special . - f4M donble fancy plaid 8p«etal,.^—-—-*8J2 !*.'i.:.« donhle fancy plaid Special «.77 donble (nnry plaid Special «U7 IHUO donble fancy plaid Special ... $LU Y'tJ^stqcrat 01 TCOMERY IROPRACTOK There's No Question About This Guarantee No guarantee for tires could be more fair or fai-- ther reaching than the one we now offer on Crown Tires.' With the purchase of each CrownrTire we give you a draft for a definite amount according to the size tire that you purchase. If you keep the drafts we guarantee the tire against ALL ROAD HAZARDS FOR ONE YEAR. Or, if you pi-efer, you may cash the draft, thus reducing the price of the tire 'to you, but in this case our guarantee no longer holds. WE GIV to bother, •.s tried \ Phont- i ;{s (jD7hpun4 DRY GOODS-WOMEN^ WEAR-MllLiNER>' lOLA - KANSAS lOLA'S POPULAR STORE January Clearance —OF— CLEARANCE OF ENTIRE STOCK OF LATE WINTER MILLINERY $1.00 $1.95 $2.95 $3.95 Our entire stock;of late Winter Millinery is included in these four groups. Regular values from to $12.50. SENEKER'S 'MONARCH OF THE HIGHWAYS' NOW mm A ' Year Against All Road Hazards i ] YOU/THIS DRAFT lola, [Kansas, — — Name of Bank .. Pay to thelorder (^f Dollars To Crown; Rubber Company Omaha, Nebraska. BO .LINGER SERVICE STATION By J. Merle Bollinger. GUARANTEED FOR ONE Y^EAR ; • • • I I • : • • • ' ^^aiitst All Road Hazards Under Inflation—Wheel Alignment—Overload^Stone Bruises—Fabric Breaks—Faulty Brakes YOU GET EITHER CASH oil SERVICE mm FROM FACTORY TO CONSUMER Bet;ter tires for less money. Come in or call us and .'let us t^ll. you about our wonderful jnew tire I and guar­ antiee. The best tire and the bestl guarantee^ the people of lola and Allen oiinty ever had. SALES 112-114 E. Jackson TIretlotie "Drive In Service" •1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ $ERVlCli: Ph6nel50 ma

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