The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 30, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1933
Page 3
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Those ftatfif 108 p«r cent fa ti* fUSa teH *«•»: Shirley •i-"^* * * tfffie MtNftTty *«l^R«f * *•***»„»***» Frw»B*n 8c*««nfnf ft, Si Weafttt »*tc«ft Jftifk* itatis ^ Vefntfsta TralWftf * * * * 1 * Olinda Brentlng WITH THE DIM WITS »* Malcolm Jaelfce : fn the spring when a young ttin'e fancy lightly tttfns to thoughts of: baseball, coining Mains, snteiner vacation, and then of course there are a lew *ho gate a bit »dan»eyed when the girt comes into the assembly. Sine* ftddsefeit signed the beef bill things teem to be brew* Ing in the country. t don't have all the dope on th« bit4flgM fet but maybe I'll hare a few details for release by tt»t week .-that Id if 1 can get permission from the main particl pmat*. I'd na{» to be the victim of a dual assault, Those robins which hopped about in last weeks snow looked as out of place as our coach would in an apron. Aha! A mystery is brewingl What became of that cute little 'possum which invaded M. H. B. not long ago? In School M*fttgem«t we hits Plftfla*f&ft Various w*i* f&tt rwai afrte *» * to that *» *** *»: ! » **« Mitt, Rift tl* Plattif, aa* Ring SWM . guess a long time. *«**: Passing the Scissors aacrossed), fating a tft * . doesn't like tea cfeoottag the game, M **« fn 9t«T« Mrnf « i tb* Mrtf« wWch »« ATI ytfAttnar joyeo. In Affthiaetlc we afi NM. ror sotne wf tt g ft fc *ft &ugHSli we- are studying ad- teflft atid tfffefttal frntaset. • fn Readteg w* ate fea«fn* tie «wt of AeMffel. We aniwef «Wstlons otet each part. tn Hygten* we had a thought t**t which was **ry easy. W« nave a club tn Hygiene and the attains tor this wee* We: Erie Ran who is captain of the girts and tone Bartholomew who is captain of the boy*. Arlene Flckel. Farmers Mold a Kittenball Totifnameat The Farm Crops boys hive erected a hot bed, the last few * f>lanted * . a it. The variety includes four kinds of cabbage, head lettuce, celery, egg plant, six kinds of to* matoes, two kinds of cauliflower, ad some hat-dy annual flower eed. Most ot the plants they * 8e th win tise afcong them- Sophomore Newt The sophomore History class had a general review in class last Monday. In the old fashioned spell down way by questions and answers Louis Storey and Stewart Hall were chosen leaders. Some of their questions were to identify or explain-Tudor Monarchs, August Days, Algeciras, Boer war, Bolshevlki, Bismark, Baukinin, f.«tc v fife To Aristotle, Orenvllle, a ^* * uoo CIU4UUB lUBBl* selves. The Crops class have also taken control of a small orchard la the northeast part of town for ibis year. They have plans in mind to prune, spray, and clean it up in general. The Future Farmers have been holding a klttenball tournament. Two teams have been chosen from among the members of the organization. They are known as the senior and fresh- «nen and the junior and sophomore teams. Last Wednesday the juniors and sophomores won on i twelve to thirteen score. They iad better look out this week for the seniors and freshmen feel confident. FifstGrad* Betty ton Bennett was sit years old Friday and the first trade had another party. Betty Lea gave the children pcpeofn bails. Last Week we teamed a poem about March and this week we are learning one about "Pussy Willow." We are also making health charts this week. We are trying so hard to be very clean and always have a clean handkerchief. We have a new pupil in first grade, Thelma Taylor. , te« tfrewthortt. Anna Frasfef, B*tty Knight, fiffiy CardweTT, Rc*en Chamteflafn, Bobbie , , lofennte PanHon iogaft, lanior Jackson, Jote STotnewef. List weet Mrs. Hossle asked for a cottple of helpers to help hare a house cleaning and we did dean n» otit tvota. Mrs. Shay washed »*r windows. We have the wrrtatns washed and np Wn*n we get *ttf spring decota- tfons ftp onr room win look very D*etty. tals week we are studying bnJldlng material: wood, biick. and stone. Gfade measure- some these term* were brand new, to others slightly fa- •\iuar, and to others well under- , ,-- ,-,---,-,,_ _,Irous- 'in the shop work these' last y weeks, it seems to a casual fobserver that the shop is filling .'with small but well made articles, such as bird bouses and i weather vanes, These are being made and painted with a great deal of originality. They are very interesting to make and take a great deal more work than they appear they would, according to their size. There are several good projects being produced. "Ugh!" Hardship of Washday! Home Ee ClaMes Use Home Makers Educational Service The Home Eo department has aken advantage of the Home lakers Educational Service of Freeport, N. Y. This is designed to help schools and of course is an advertising scheme for manufacturers. Bach month a display with 11- lustrative material is sent with Second Grade Those making loo per cent in Friday's test are: Clyde Bateman, Donald ougeler, Jack Herlng, Robert Heddlng, Dean Johnson, Robert Kincaid, Dean Millikan, Carroll Wynia, Kenneth Adams, Peggy Cox, Hazel Davis, Louise Fritz, Marjorle Herrlck, Joan Saar, Doris Stogdlll, Betty June Stroud.-Ilene Miller. We finished our work books last week. We have another to finish before school is out. Last week we had lots of fun telling riddles for part ot our Language work. We hate three new pupils in our grade, they are John and Joseph Wallet who came from Kentucky and Loretta Smith who moved here front Nebraska. We afe reviewing ments in Arithmetic. We have just completed the study about Lewis and Clark in History. We find that they camped in Mills county and held a council with the Indians wher Council Bluffs is now. Mary Louise Jueike. Honoring tn* WrMMiay of her —" frs. V. A. Hetfensteia, ot .— BWfffs. Mrs. Ge&rge Ros- enteld entertained a number of gft*sts at dinner last Thursday evening, surprising Mrs. Helfen- stefn. Gnests beside Mr. and Mrs. Helfenstetn were Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. McCanslaftd, Mr. and Mrs. it. W. Salyers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Summers, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Aistrope of Omaha, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Anderson of Red Oak, and Clifford Hoaglnnd of Council Staffs. Fourth Grade Those having 100 pet cent in Spelling and having very neat pa pers written in Ink are: ciarri. belie Biggerstaff, Carolyn Boeh tier, Carolyn Hall, Madeline Swain, Eugene Rubenklng, and Homer Miller. The following had 100 per cent but had to erase on some words: Beulah Biggerstaff, Ooldle Cozad, Betty Hatfleld, Peggy Me* Cormick, and Eunice Miller. We have finished working on the W. C. T. U. contest papers. Six papers were chosen as the >est. We are glad to have three new Pupils in our room in the past two weeks. for the girl's use in her home. There is much expense involved in this service and we greatly appreciate the lessons. All the effort required by us is to request the material and tell how we used it in our classes. Hints to the underweight per* son: 1, Get weighed and find out bow many pounds you should gain. 8. Consider whether you have any symptoms which indicate disease, If so consult a physician. 3, Change your personal habits if necessary so as to: (a) Get eight or nine hours sleep every night; (b) Play as much as pos- Ible; (c) Spend an hour or more daily in fresh air; (d) Exercise regularly; (e) Bat plenty of wholesome food, MILLS COUNTY FARM BUREAU NEWS Cteorgxj RoMuftu, Agent. Miss Maysil Berry, Secretary. Phone 144 ' II I I ! II County Agent New* was held at the home of Wm, Huff on March 18 with a good crowd of people attending. The program included the election of a township director, a talk by the county agent, movies, and refreshments, B. F, Anderson was reelected director, Eighth Grade The interesting study ot criminology is now. being taken up in the eighth grade Civics, We know the process which a must go through after the crime Is committed, We hope that none of us will ever fcave to go through tbis process as It would be very t difficult , and embarassing. We hay« been experimenting with our fipger priRts which seem to come out in big blots. We have a sew boy In our Mrs, Charles Kayton, a former 4-H club member in West Pottawattamie county, has decided to take over the responsibility of leader of the Clover Leaf 4-H girls' club. There is a very enthusiastic group of girls in the Strahan community and with their cooperation many gratifying results should be accomplished. The 4*H girls' club leaders and committee members met with Miss Helen Putnam, specialist from the extension service on March 23 for the first lesson of the second year clothing project training school. Five clubs were represented, nanwjy; Sijverette, Clever Cooks, Silver Cloud, Clover Leaf, and Wide Awake clubs. should listen iri to the Farm Bureau radio program over the National Broadcasting company network on April 8 a$ }1:3Q a. IB, to 18:30 p. m. Good Practise to Feed Mixture to Uttle Pig* Program 4-H Club Radio Broadcast on Saturday ' " A great b,og producers Friday we had a teat over the -" war. Mast «f the grades WmwM&uu •s '^wnw» M&mPpMp- iO *•&„« \ *. 4'™ ' ., - j ,— ~ i- v --—• -T-™'^s^^^mm the Rj- period u more cult, J. W- B#er visited eur this week, We Jike to have otbers 00199 ta ae We bsve been writing UerB, We copied some, our *wa» tbeia put i» oarrect put iftcftrreotjy on tjie ^-lftBt a clags ifl Ari Orography down to the TreMn* roow last of , tapkage, C9««lsta o| 5Q' p.QUp.48 d corn, n B0«n4s bulled 80 pounds tanfcase, aa4 5 j alfaUa wesl. At prevall- feeds $M» to together. start this their annual get- Wf wixture wojU4 cost about m per - - ,- ^,-w-^ ^ r -„••-»- ^-yniMuvqqp 9t£$ WMj aad price* are low, What are we to da About it up »ur feftttd* ftftd MM trylfti to throw Ifewe Is no , flu4 it & goo<j practice to feed to their little pigs a mixture of fee4s »a4e up of both the par* 8B4 protein materials. . WfeUe gqo4 results may he oh* ' 'by fee4Jag the fee4s rate, pccftsiowny the cow is Bja4e thai straight tankage . also pf the opinion tbat pigs eat too much of the tankage mate- ing the fee4 cost tao high, very goad mixture farm fafigs, conjblfte4 up 12:80 p. m. The broadcast is con ducted by the U. 8. Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the state agricultural colleges, the U. S. Marine band, and the National Broadcasting Co, The program; America the Beautiful, United States Marine band. Teaching 4-H Club Members to Think for Themselves, J. B. Pierce, United States department of agriculture, Our 4-H Club Members Work Together, Sallie Davis, 4-H club member, Bedford county, Va. The World's Great Composers. Third phase of the 193 S National 4-H Music Achievement Test. The compositions will be discussed by R, A. Turner and played by the United States Marine band under the leadership of Captain Taylor Branson, The Storm, from Overture to William Tell, Rossini. Invitation to the Dance, Weber. The Lost Chord, Sullivan. None but the Weftry Heart, Tscnaifcowsky, Valse Des Pleurs, from the Nutcracker Suite, Tschalkowsky, Our 4'H Club plans Ahead for the year* George Peasant, 4-H club member, Dallas county, Ala. 4-H Club Members Make Intelligent Farmers and Home Makers, T. M, Campbell, U. S. Depart' ment ol Agriculture. Wives Mrs. t. U. Parsons entertained at her home last Wednesday afternoon for the wives of the doctors in Mills county. Mrs. Harman of Olenweod reviewed "Forgive us Ottr Trespasses" by Douglas. An interesting discussion of the irook followed. Later in the afternoon tea Was served at a beautifully appointed table. Those present were: Mrs. Ed* gar dhristy of Hastings. Mrs. T. B. Lacey, Mrs. H. B. Dye, Mrs. O. M. Agan, Mrs. D. W. Harman, and Mrs. Ward DeYonng all of Olenwood. Garden dub Met Tuesday , The Maivern Garden club met Tuesday afternoon in the Legion room. Mrs. Collins was leader and she had an excellent program. The subject was Birds Around My Home. She gave an introductory talk about our win- Miss Lttrflne Brake and Albert Joseph Stttle, two popniar Mnis etttthty yean* folks, Wete qnietiy married last Wednesday. March it, at Emerson. the ceremony was performed at 6 o'clock In the evening at the Baptist parsonage, the Rev. J. f. Sttlle. uncle of the groom, officiating. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. George Stille of Pacific Junction. the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. ttenben stllie of Silver City and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brake of Roy. Mo., formerly of neat Hastings. She attended Malvern high school graduating with the class of 1832. Mr. and Mrs. Stille will make their home on a farm near Silver Newt of the Churches Methodist ftpiseoimt Church Roy B. Gngeier, Pastor The services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at "If yotr awpre OM viOf wiii yon feel like ft, yon wfft never do for him a fall day's wort.' 1 "A converted chauffeur caa keep an antomobne from gofaf astray on Sunday." Henry Date White. Minister Sunday school at 10. Morning worship at 11. The theme for the morning consideration is Christ's command to Peter: "Follow ihoti Me." The subject for the union evening services i* "What think Te of Christ t" ter birds. A Plea for the Sparrow, Mrs. M. Cunningham. Solo, An Open Secret, Mrs. F. R. Chantry accompanied by Mrs. Roy ponner. "Birds 1 Am Personally Acquainted With," written by Mrs. Ivan Durbln, and read by Mrs. Fred Durbin. Two bird songs, Claire steele and Tommy j «».. »°?tume) accompa- service In the Baptist church at s p. m. the sermon subject in the morning will be "To Whom Shall We Go?" For the young people who are at the preaching service we will show a mysterious power at work preceding the main sermon. The Epworth League leader will be Lloyd Walker. The subject will be "Shnrlng the Christian Religion." Dr. Henry Dale White will preach at the union service. Food for Thought God has called us to help in a very great cause. The cause is to bring about Christian living by and among people. Would It not be wise for us occasionally to ask ourselves the question: How much time, thought, prayer, and action am I giving to realize that Bapttet Chirrcti Minister, Lee Roy Bobbitt How little we know about the Bible? How much more we might know if we studied the Bible! Be in a Bible class next Sunday. Next Sunday morning there will be another pre-Easter sermon. Why not get the spirit of the Easter season? S. t. P. U. at ?. The evening preaching service will begin at 8. Dr. White will preach, the place is the Baptist church. A large audience was present for "Public School Night" last Sunday evening. The program was ot a very high type. It was helpful and will do good, thanks. The largest church building in town ought to be filled each Sun- night and the church members atone would do their part. Why not all ot us try to know each other better and also help lift our community into higher Ideals? The Junior Class ot Silver CHy High School will present their class play 'Go Slow Mary' Siturdiy, April lit 8 p. m. at the Silver City Opera House nled by Julia Jean steele. A Bargain which does Thursday, Friday, Saturday only We will extend pour subscription to Jan. 1or NINE'MONTHS for bushels of 4-H Club Party to Be Held April 10 annual Mills CQunty 4-H party will be held i» the ity building in. Malvern evening, April 10. Ivery 4*H club njenjber an4 any other hoy or girl Interested ifl 4-H. club work, is welcome to attend, Mteft Ffttmie Buchaaajn of Iowa State college wJU fee present to assist with the pwty. Everyone CORN it to the Rume & Nelson Elevator and bring us the re- cmpt, The Malvern Leader

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