The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 3, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1894
Page 9
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BOIES MADE CHAIRMAN. owa Democrats Hold Their State Convention, PLATFORM INDOHSES CLEVELAND. A Bright Lad, 'Ten years of age, but who declines to give his 'name to the public, makes this authorized! •confidential statement to us: "When 1 was one year old, my mamma died 'Of consumption. The doctor said that I, 'too, would soon die, and all our neighbors •thought that even If I did not die, I would never be able to walk, because 1 was w •weak and puny. A gathering formed and -broke under my arm. I hurt my finger and ilt gathered and threw out pieces ol bone. If 1 hurt myself so as to break the skin, It •was sure to become a running sore. I had to take lots of medicine, btif nothing has done me so much good as Ay«r'» Barsapa* villa. It has made me well and strong."— T. D. M., Noreatur, Kans. AYER'S Sarsaparllla f Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer fc Co., Lowell, If u*. others, will cure you. ALIFORNIA ADC) til) Pacific Coast and Paged Sound points nro reached comfortably and qniokly via Pulium Drawing Room Sleeping Oare »ud Tourist Sleepers leave Chicago daily utid run through to Ban Francisco without change. Personally Con^'^ted Excursions In Tourist Bleeping Onrs Iwuve Ohicig" every Thursday. Bute for a ootuplptelj equipped berth from Ohioufco to Sun Franoisc", LOB Angeles or Portlimd nuly 84 00. Passengers from points west nnd oorMiweet of Obicttgo cnu joio these excursions en ronto. Vaiinble route excursion tickets • at «rently rednceci rates. FOR DETAILED INFOflMATION APPLY TO AGENTS ; JHICAGO & HORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS, r. A.'TnnAL, Gen. Pa"s. au-t Ticket Agent CHICAGO. REVBVQ RESTORES VITALITY, Made a Well Man proilucoH tho abovp rcnultn In'ilO diiyn. It act powerfully aud iiulcltly. euros wliou oil othorn f»l Young muu will ruualu their lout manhood, and ol men will recover their youthful viuor by uoln BKVIVO. It quickly aud imroly roatorcu Norvou tesa, Loet Vitality, Irapotouoy. Nightly Eiuisslous . rxistl'owor.Failinu Memory, WastinK iU orToeta of eolf-abiiBo or OXCCBH olid indiscretion which unfits one for s' mly. biiBinons or marriage. I not only cures by starting at the Root of diucoBO, bu | wagreat norvo Ionic and blood builder, bring | .ng back tho pink Blow to palo clioeka and re storing tho llro of youth. It ward« on* Ineanlt [ and ConBuniptlon. In«let on bavlng HIOVJVO, n I other. It can bo carried In vest pocket. By ni«l ' S1.00 par package, or nix for •B.OO, with a poa . tlve written (CUHrnnteo to cure or refun I 4beiuouoy. Circular froo. Address •OVAL MEDICINE CO., 63 Hlv«r St., CHIMOO. IU For Suit) at Carroll. Iowa, b; J. W. Ha (toil, WEAToJnAUt COPYRIGHTS. IHOAVWAY TAKENO OTHER. It U th» BUST. Tli«r* i» nothing JUST AB QUOD, omvwiUy WUO IMlV Machlnov •< Wlioletmlc Prceii. from .^.JKSA pall now bo uoutfbt of ii" or our atxautt for ,OO. W« luokua liutiii »''I"'V »t i """"i ulu Ibuwi wlio vail uSt Aunt (u buy tlio llBSl'. uut HI Uudy liul.liwl or wit>rully mudv iu tin > IIHU'lllUOl (01 ' «ra hutWK (UUIUNTKIC KVBUYONK, duel our U"-» biniiiil. WuiiuvuuufiiU 111 iifurly »\vrir tuwu vrl you cnu net liutniofluiu, ituvtlivt or rc'iuilm. NVltii ,'ui> Out- A'vic J'l'tov M»t. We ti'UI nut to Fii(l«r«ol» „ W» want your ortlnr. ir iiot'tur tliu llwtt. for our iw\ U««t. Aud ll jiHuM, Ulmrui ioniK »uil wjuuro Uunlliu W w2w|iJi l fi|j J iVKlt auitwUluu Bt yiwrliouiu for »•« iMUUuU^Ji, wti'ui'it luu'i'btiMliiur, fivu of uliwun, Wiltuu • «1 bmU, Me., DM rt«uiHt, Oil, AUwU, «fc row «*(« uv ^ ^TPTDWIQ BEOS,, OurrttJI, ays HI* Letter to chairman Wilson WM All night— Republican! Are Blamed for the Hard Tlmei— Mulct Law It Sermvly Condemned— About Four Hundred Dele- latex In Attendance— Ticket Nominated. DBS MOINES, Aug. 2. — The Democratic tate convention met in Calvary tabernacle, 10:30 a.m., Wednesday. About 400 lelegntes were in attendance. Caucuses were held at I* o'clock and the usual committeemen selected. No candidates opened headquarters and in this case the office seeks the man. J. M. Parsons, ;emporary chairman, delivered an ad- Iress, saying Coxeyism was McKinley- sm carried to a logical conclusion. After the speech the canons reported. The convention then adjourned for dinner. On reconvening Governor Boies was chosen permanent chairman of the convention. Ticket Nominated fey Acclamation. Several contests over seats delayed the opening of the afternoon session until quite late. They were finally settled and the following ticket nominated by acclamation: Secretary of state, H. H. Dale of Polk; auditor, John Whitfied of Grnthrie; treasurer, L. W. White of Wayne; supreme judge (long term), John Cleggett of Cerro Qordo; supreme judge (short term), Edward W. Mitchell of Fremont; attorney general, J. D. F. Smith of .Cherokee; clerk of .supreme court, T. R. North of Dallas; railroad commissioner, W. L. Parker of Osceola: supreme court reporter, J. J. Shea ol Council Bluffs. The platform adopted reaffirms the platform of the national Democratic con vention of 1892 and demands of Democratic representatives in congress that they carry out the suiue in good faith by a tariff law that will .lay -the duties on imports for revenue alone one therebv destroy trusts, combines and organizations that have been robbing th people and depleting the treasury of th nation; that have destroyed our commerce with the world at large, driven onr ships from the high Bans, that has filled ou: country to overflowing with the paupei labor ot Europe, that has bred anarchy confusion, unrest and disloyalty through out the land, made war between capita and labor, that has sowed the seed of wa and rebellion among the people, aud ha brought ruin to the business interests o the country and want to millions o our people who seek to earn an hones living by industry, again we say to ou congress redeem the pledges made to th people and for all time make an end o paternal and class legislation. We commend the administration President Cleveland for the ability, wis dom and patriotism shown in dealing with matters^ of public interest. In th treatment of great public questions it ha been marked. by a comorehensive under standing of tliS necessities of the puopl and a sincere desire to us far as practjca ble meet every just and proper demand. We especially approve, of the preaent administration in efforts to reduce the expenditure of the government by lopping off of many useless office holders; for its firm aud wise policy toward the other nations and countries of the world; and especially do we command President Cleveland iu his efforts for tariff reform. His letter to Representative Wil»->n Is a manly, outspoken document and meets our hearty approval, and wo condemn any and all efforts m.ide to impede the passage of the real tariff reform. The present nnfortunnto financial stringency and its disastrous effect upon labor is credited as tho direct legacy of a Republican administration and attempts to shift the responsibility upon tho Democratic administration are denounced as futile and ubsurb. The financial plank ia as follows: With the national Democratic convention of 1803 wo hold to the use- of both gold and silver as the standard money of the country and the coinage of both gold and silver without discriminating against either metal or charge for mintage, hut the dollar unit of coinage of both metals must bo of equal iiitriiiHic and exchangeable value and we demand that all paper currency shall bo kept at par with and redeemable in tmoh coin. And wo favor such legislation as will faithfully curry out these plmlgvB to tho peopltt. Mulct Law Hevvroly Coiulmuned. The platform demands such changes in national legislation as will authorise tho election of United State* senators by direct vote of tho people. Just and liberal pensions to deserving veterans aro favored. The platform denounces as un- American uny society or organization that Is pledged to deprive any citizen of bis right to vote or bold oftloe on account of his religious beliefs or nationality. It also condemns the deceptive Uepubliuau legislation, known as the mulct law, as hyprocriticttl, legalizing the sale anil at tho same timo prohibiting thu manufacture of intoxicating liquor withiu the state, and closes us follows: Wo favor the rupoul of the preieut prohibitory law mid thu Dumouratio party of Iowa still udhuros to its position that lit tho luteroit of true tttmporuuott, UUOIIM with local option Iu townships, Iu oor- porutml towns and cities in Uu» bunt solution of the liquor question, uuU Iu such local option tliuro should be no ruqvilro- lueut tirnt more than u majority of vuttirt •hall be requll'ud to pluuu thu tralllo un- Uttr thu uuutrul of thu law and pollue regulation* iu municipal uttlua. Nuui|ii«ltfd fur • alctli Torm, 8*i4siiUBY, N. 0,, Aug 8.— Tho Dem- ocmtiii convention runominutotl Ropro- i mtutlve John H. Heudortou for unUtu loriu in congress. _ Curtis «>r cijiituu Nuiuluwtoil. DAVBNI-OUT, Iu., Aug. d,— Bfcoud dig- trlot Hu|)uUUcuus uowiimtod M. Curtis «f Clinton for congressman. '|'roo|Ui lleturn Worn Aluntaua. Four UOUINBON, Aug, ii.— Four troops ti - tlio Ninth cavalry, uiulur aotnmuiulof J-iieutoiutiit Colouul JUo nm i-d, huvu ru- iioiu Dint 11, Mont. Ciittlln For Uiiutlm alnrkvlib AWOAWA, Kub., Aug. a.— Six ours ot untl hugs wow shippd iroiu )wn> Iu Uutttbit by Jovopb W. {Juud,w r i< MANSLAUGHTER, FIRST DEGREE. Miss Narragansett—There goes the only man I've seen so far this season. Miss Newport—Yes: and he's married. Miss Long Branch—Let's get his wife out in the surf and drown her. —New x ork Pfesi. THE SUNDRY CIVIL BILL. Senate Gets Down to Business For a Day. NUMBER OF BILLS WERE PASSED. Hatch'* Faro Food mil—Washbnrn to Report HI* Antloptlon Measure—North Carolina Election Content—Senate Recede* From Its Rnnalnn Thlstlo Apjiro- prlntlon Amenclmcut—Ciipltal Nows. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8.—The main question before the senate Wednesday •was the sundry civil bill, which was discussed at odd moments throughout tho day, with the result that a great many important amendments were adopted. Final action on the bill was not reached, however, owing to tho large number of amendments proposed. A number of bills were passed, among them being a house bill extending the time for paying for purchases of land of the Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebraska. Consideration of the sundry civil appropriations bill was resumed and many unimportant amendments were adopted. Mr. Chandler (N. H.) offered an amendment providing that the decision of the commissioners of immigration in regard to admission of aliens should be final and also the commissioners of immigration at the several ports should be appointed by the president, "by the advice and consent of the senate," and that they should hold offlco four years. The amendment was adopted. • ' An amendment was adopted at the instance of Allou (Neb.) appropriating f 10,000 for the resurvey of Grant and Hooker counties, Nebraska. On motion of Power (Mon.) an amendment was incorporated in tho bill appropriating if30d,000 for the construction of Fort Harrison, Montana, Tho committee amendment, striking out the paragraph authorizing tho secretary of war to designate a Confederate veteran of the battle of Chattanooga or Chickamauga to assist in preparing tho historical tablets to be erected on these battlefields, was rescinded. An amendment was adopted authorizing the secretary of war to employ a representative of the Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate), who fought at the Gettysburg battlefield. An appropriation of f4,UOO to protect tho salmon fisheries of Alaska was added to the bill at the instance of Mr. Teller. Dubois (Ida.) offered nu amendment increasing the appropriation for surveying public lauds from $31f«,(M'(i to f*00,- 000, anil to this Allen (Neb.) sought to add a provision for tho irrigation and survey of arid and semiarid lands and appropriating |UK),000 for the purpose The former amendment was agrot-d to and the latter was left pending at ivl- jourumout. ___^ Mnorc-Punaton Kluntlon Conn. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—Tho lionet •pent the whole day debating Hi.) Mooro- Funston contested election ciisu I 'rom tho Second Kansas district, Mr. Fuuaton, tho Republican oontestee, made a speech In hit own behalf. The Republican resolution favorable to Funstou was disagreed to—80 to 186. Eight Democrats, Russel (Qa.), Pendleton (Tex.), Barnea (Wig.), Painter (Ky.), Hiiro (O.), Hall (Minn.), Richard* (O.) and Ritohio (O.) voted with the Republicans iu favor of tho resolution. Without taking a vote on tho majority report in favor of Moore, the contestant, the house adjourned, lUnuullaan* aud UomucraU Ayr**. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—The sonata sugar trust investigating committee are considering the flual reports to be inado by the committee. Two reports will probably be mode. It is understood the part which Bonutor Ouuuluu has played in the inquiry is out) of tho [wiuta on which tho Democrats aud Republicans agree. On this point tho testimony will bo cited and the facts as they appear, commented upon in a mauuor which will not, it is said, relievo tho Wont Virginia senator from blame. WiMbboru'* Autiu|itiuu mil. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8,— The senate committee on agriculture ugrood to permit Senator Wiwhbwn to favorably report the house untioptiou bill, tho mem- bom reeorviug tho right to oppose it when It shall ooaio before tho suuuto, As reported, tho bill will carry an uuioud- luout providing (hut tho delivery of article's affected by tho bill limy bo made at any place iu tlw Uuitod States other than tbo point doslgnutod in tho contract without incurring tlio pouulities provided in bill. OMAHA OFFICIAL__KILLS HIMSELF, William Wafceley.Olty Clerk, the Principal In a Spectacular Suicide. OMAHA, Aug. a.— William Wakeley, Omaha's city clerk and a well known politician, was the principal in a spectacular suicide Wednesday night. He accompanied a select party of ladies to a local bathing resort and after ueelng the ladies to the water's edge, climbed into the ropes marking the danger line and facing a large crowd of sight seers slowly drew a revolver and with a smili on his face, blew his brains cut am dropped into the lake. His conduct had not been unusual up to the moment he drew the gun. His affairs are supposec to be in good order and his family one o* the most prominent in Omaha. WILL MAKE A TOUR THROUGH IOWA American Sunday-School Union Car "Gooi New»" and It* Route. . DBS MOINES, la., Aug. 8.— The £ lean Sunday-school Union Evangelis car "Good News," under the directions of Assistant Superintendent E. B. Stevenson of Cedar Rapids, la., is to mak a tour of Central Iowa with a party of speakers and singers, beginning Aug. • i Mr. Stevenson has with him a strong I force of workers, among them Evangelis E. P. Goff and wife of Buffalo, N. Y. and the boy singer, Ward; also Joh Phillips Qninn and wife of Chicago, an the "Good News" male quartet. BRYAN TO BECOME AN EDITOR Be Will Assume Editorial Control of U> Omaha World-Herald. OMAHA, Aug. 3.— The Omaha Bee says that Congressman W. J. Bryan will shortly assume the editorial control of tho Omaha World-Herald. The paper will advocate the free and unlimited coinage of silver and oppose the Cleveland Democrats in the coming campaign. It is said Bryan will assume his active editorial duties upon the adjournment of congress m furtherance of his candidacy for the United States sea- 1 ate to succeed Senator Manderson. Juilge Caldwcll Make* Inquiries. TOPEKA, Aug. 8.— Judge Johnson, master in chancery for the receivers of the Santa Fe Railroad company, received » letter from Judge Caldwell of the United States circuit court, inquiring as to the reported intention of tho railway to reduce wages of its employes aud questioning tho propriety of such action. Judgo Johnson made ail answer that no such action had boon contemplated or was at all likely. Kama* Parwora Vlalt Colorado. ROCKY FORD, Colo., Aug. 8.— Fifty- one farmers representing the Sherman County (Kan.) Irrigation organization, arrived here from Goodlaud. They coinu for tho purpose of examining the irrigation system hero with a view to utilizing a large body of water undurly- in;; Sherman county by pumping into icservoirs. _ Ale 1'olKoued Aleut. ROCKFOKD, la., Aug. Si. — Tho family of S. W. Crowell, consisting of his wife and two children, and a guo^t, Mrs. E. W. Wright, were seriously poisoned by eating pressed corn beef. Mrs. Crowell is iu bud condition, but it is thought all will recover. 81 1 Uouutiua Uelil Fur Murder. PAWNUK Urrv, Aug. H .—Thu sis dfpn> ties who wore engaged iu tho snooting of tlio Scluilti! luinily at SMuauor aro under thu uaro of the shorillf, iho coroner's jury having declared tho shooting UUJUblliiublu. Klllud \Vlille UUANU ISLAND, Aug. S.— Ui-orgo M. Browur of Cairo camu to his Uo.ult by tho aocidtfiital dibohiii'rfo of 0110 loud of his gun whilo hunting, tho loud ouluriug tho liuurt a ml death being inatiuittiuoous, "Uig Alluo" I* Oo»U, CAMOKN, N. J., Aug. a.— Mrs. Huttie Wallow, known iu dime imwouws as "llig Alitw," died of blood poisoning, Whun iu houlth, Mr*. Wallow woiguud 600 pounds. Arrualud Crrv, Aug. *.— Nuto Murdock, a hack driver, uud Ale* U ivciw, u colored man, wero arrotitod, charged with being accomplices iu tho rubbery of A. P. Duff. ___ TrolllUK Meet at Itubuquu, DUUUVUK, Aug. ».— Bourvtary Wos- kins, of tlu> Davenport Association, will hold u trolling mooting hero tho ilrst wook iu Sopteiubor, ulforiug |U,UOO iu purseu. f roU'HHur \Vall*r Sims'' has acocptea a ohullongo fvom tho Cttlhollu Truth aooiuty to a dobato ou tUo uriudpli's of tho A. P. A. MWMM NMMMMMI Y*8kr» f experience in taught us how to make be made. 3O years' testing of Ranges has people that how to best. They tic in defect in con economical moderate in in all styles to see them ."OIT STOVE: JEWEL STOVES AND stove making has a stove as it should Jewel Stoves and convinced the we know make the are artis- ign, per- struction, in operation, price. Made .nd sizes. Ask at the deal- are not a above trade mark will prevent you from making a mistake. 0 ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? v PERHAPS NOT, but you can see the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on the new furniture dealers, Boos <fe Laughlin, opposite court house, Carroll, Iowa. They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC., ETC., In endless variety, and new goods coming in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line and repairing. tSFDon't forget the place. BOOS & LAUGHLIN, FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa. Green Bay Lumber Company, IK . Lumber and Coal, AND ALL KiHDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL. New yards north of Carroll mills. Carroll, Iowa. Page Woven Wire Fence The Page Fence being made from coiled spring wire, readily adapts itself to all changes ot temperature and still retains its tension. It is a smooth fence that will turn all kinds of stock without injury. It is manufactured in styles adopted to all kinds of fence for city and country. I also handle the Lewis Combination Force Pump and Spraying outfit. The best is always the cheapest. For further particulars, call on or address C. M. MOHLER, Carroll, Iowa. M. ran *n Mtl 1 t-^ '4-r • K»«»x/» nM • A.M '_ b - E. A Portor, (illdUen, lit Office with Duncan & Sproul, H. I.nnipe, Arcadia, In. ; Waltoraoholil Itro-i., Hulbur, la. MANHOOD RESTORED! ^^« u -^ Ruuroiui<«UluooruiiiTiiiirvuu<illiuaBu«,iuiib»iiWoaliMumury.lx>ualUn I'owor. llcmlucbo, \Vukutuliie«».l,o»lMauliowl, Nlnluly KiuUalom, Nerio liuss.ulldrulnaninl lo»»i)f |IIHVCT|II Gunorutlvo Orytiii« of uUlu'r M>xo«UH9 liroveriixorllon, ynulhful err«,r«, cxi-oulvo usu ol louacco.oplnui oratln ulinli, whlob loailtulndruilty,C(intuiu|itlon or Initunlir. Can bo carrleilln »vo«t pocket. HI pertaiix.Mfurwa, br uiull pri'imltt. WHUulSa onlor wa iflvo • written lUHrunlco Iu cure »r refund tliu uuney. Bold br •!! 2'rui(BlH.. Atkforli. lakuiiootlinr. Wrlloforfreo: jr.wm»r.«n Inplaliiwnppor. AilcliajaM-'illVEaKtUCO.. M k'orialu in Cmnill. limit, by J. W. UATTON uncllty vr'U'dKri A TUUKUKANN Wm. LYNCH, PEAOB. ABSTRACT. LOAN *»» V -.' LAND OFFIOK I UHID U OOIUlllBlo W>1 Of ulMUttOl* Of ,'ouutf. All bunlntwn will b« Httvni'tHl to i>roini>i ir. I'UHLlbtiKlt UK " Dailv Report of Transfers. " OUo«, tunw door* wiutli or po*t uilUm, up«talrt> WM. LYNOH, Owrroll, low*. — AT Will I, M OUK STUCK — WH Wllii 0 ft. Aek ISicUuaml Tables ........ $8 80 H (I " " " ........ 6.00 Hurd wood Obaiuber BeU ........ U 51' 4 apiuille wood Obuiru, par »»>.,.. li.OI rnuat reduoa our «look w>d prioM suwly ou^il to do U. KANNE & ZERWAS, MEAT MARKET Kltii, Uaoi*, rVullrf, eu\ tUS 1'BOUPTL UKLIVKBaW Corner Btb and AdMUu mr»0t*. Carroll, |«. OH. HKBRA'C VIOU CREAM Uvur Fr«« . ol«l, Sunburn aud' Tao, kuj ro. r',rnu iho «klu 10 It* original trv.-iliiK'.-j, (inxluulutf a cU'.'ii- i.iul UvttlOi », urwt ' VIOLA 6K'5!< >. liiiO Iwf till* UWM-. . .''•'"I'_-1 J <fto?ffirm

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