The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 23, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN1AN, MQNDAY, JANUARY 23, 1933 dncM POPULAR NOVEL IS FILM THEME "Farewell lo Anns" Brings Helen llnyes und Fine Gust to Fox HELEN HAYES To the thousands who have rend Ernest Hemingway's novel, "A Kare- well to Anns," the .sensitive, Intelligent film version which began Its local engagement yesterday at the 'Fox theater, -cannot bo other than a ful- filment. To those who have not read tho novel, the story will be-new, but the film will still be olio of tho. most magnificent love romances tho screen has yet produced. In Front Rank Catherine. Uurklcy and Frederic Henry, as portrayed by Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper, readily take n place In the front ranks of screen lovers. Tho tender beauty, the searching humanity of both their performances are fully In keeping with the heroic qualities of the story. It Is Infinitely to the credit of both these talented players that they have been able to invest with such reality the fine story of Hemingway's American ambulance driver in the Kalian army and British nurse, who loved so greatly against the tragedy of war. Not Alone * Xor do Miss Hayes and Cooper stand alone in point of excellence. Tho bip role of Hlnaldi, the Italian surgeon, the "war brother" of Lieutenant Jlenry, has fallen Into tho capable hands of Adolphu Menjou. And what a richly colored performance Menjou draws from the role! There Is also a very fine piece of work by Mary Phillips, a new recruit from the stage, In tho rolS of Ferguson, the nurse who Is Catherine's closest friend. Much of the credit for the film's BICKFORD MR STAR IN FOX DRAMA excellence, however, must bo given to Frank Borzage, the director, and Benjamin Glazer, the associate producer. Helen Hayes, the star, and Prank Uorzugc, the director, were both awarded highest honors In 1S82 for the greatest achievement In tholr particular lines of work. Radio Artists Will Entertain at Fox Ulenn Klco and his famous Beverly Hill Billies will appear on tho stage at tho Fox theater next Friday am: Saturday. These recording artists and radio Idols have been touring the coast, appearing at prominent theaters, Including Ciruumun'H Chinese, l.oew's Warfleld, and tho Fox in Sai Francisco. With a brand new program of songs and music, the Beverly 1 1 111 Billies are set and rarln' to go, sure please those who are at the Fox to see and hear the most , entertaining act that has been at the Fox In nnuij months. 'The Lust Man" Is Program at Double Bill on Feature Rex; ON THE BARBARY COAST Charles Blclif.ord 18 one star who lever requires a double. He proved Lhat oiii.'o again during tho filming of Columbia's spa adventure film, "The st Man," showing at the Ilex theater for throe days. A scene In the picture called for him to dlvo 60 feet Into tho water, horn swim to an anchor chain and ilinib along It 50 feet and thus got aboard a ship. Somebody attached to the picture, unaware of Mickford's exceptional physical activity, luid hired a double to perform this difficult feat. The anchor chain ascended upward at almost a OPi-tlcKruo angle, and It was slippery. Blckford sat down and watched his double try for an hour to do the stunt. TTo did It so slowly that It was useless.for film purposes. Blckford thought ho could do It better himself. And before tho eyes of tho iistonlshcd double, who claimed nobody could get up that chain any faster than ho had, Blckford pulled himself up, just like u monkey, and then grinned down at the movie crowd. In "Tho Last Man," Blckford Is cast os u fearless detective for a tendon shipping Insurance firm who goes to Suez and gets to tho bottom of a rascally plot to scuttle ships which have first been heavily Insured. Tho story was written by Howard Hlggln and TCeeno Thompson and was directed by the former. Lee Tracy, In "Tho N'lg-ht Mayor," Is on tho same program. "Mnn Ahout. Town," tho li^ox pro- dnotion In which Wurnor Huxlnr portrays tho rolo of a lover Involved In the International Intrigue gf the nation's capital, conies to the Virginia tomorrow and Wednesday. ''Ths story den-In with the friendship of two I110H, tho tlea of whlcli are .hriilten when a woman, comes Into their .lives. It leads, to jealousy, liaired, romance anti tragedy, but, In tho end, the i(ion again boupme friends and both defend the woman when she becomes'Involved In n murder. The action Is sttld'to ihalnlnln tho of -the national capital with a tempo that Is swift and sensational. RUTH CHATTERTON AS "FRISCO JENNY" AT NILE THEATER Browning Retrial to Be Set on Feb. 4 I'rcxe Lcanvtl \\'irc) MADI2RA. Jan. 28.— Date 'for the re- ial of Hi's. Murparet. .Browning on charges she performed tin Illegal op- ation will be set February 4. The second trial was to be set today, but the hearing was continued at the request of ~\V. N. Conley, defense unsel. A jury of njne men and three women ho heard testimony during the first ial of Mrs. Browning on chargc.8 sha operated on Emily Caton of Merced, ' (Amnciatctl Prc«» Lraned Wire) MISSOULA, Mont., Jan. 23.—Made bold by hunger, coyotes are killing largo numbers of deer in fnvorlte hunting regions of Montana and eastern Idaho. 13d Mnclcay, government forest ranger who was In Mlssoula today after a snowshoe trip over t,olo Pass from the Powell ranger station on the Idaho side, said white-tall deer were being tracked and pulled down on the hard-crusted snow by the "varmints." T3lk and moose are plentiful In the wilderness, Mackay said, but because of their size and fighting ability they are not molested. The. deer can escape only by wading Into open rivers and waiting until the coyotes, which are afraid to venture Into tho water, withdraw. ' ' low don't have to tell me I'm a bad woman..... KNOW IT! CONTINUOUS, 1:30-1 1JOO Today and Tomorrow WILL RO4ERI IN TOO BUSY TO WORK With MARIAN NIXON DICK POWELL His Funniest Role! Also— Pint ind Ttdd Ctmtdy Noveltv Fox News RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Tilklni Picture! Every Day Also JACK HALEY In "The Build-Up" _ Cartoon and News LAST TWO DAYS ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 15c Children Always 10c T UB long, step from the drawing room to the Barbary Coast of old San Francisco gives to the screen an entirely new Ruth Chatterton, .In her latest picture which opened yesterday at the Nile. Coming as an Interesting departure from her long scries of portrayals as the rich, charming und cultured woman of high society, the .title-role In "Frisco Jenny" awards the. star a chance for a now characterization. "Frisco Jenny" Is her greatest rolo since "Madamo X" and "Sarah and Son," in which sho gained lior first great success. 'Frisco Jenny was a historical character In San Francisco during and after tho earthquake period. Sho was the.daughter of a saloon keeper and a jibwer In the underworld. Ruth C'hatlerton dons tho costume of the demlmondulno portraying the role of "Frisco Jenny" from the time sho Is an innocent girl of 17 until she becomes a woman of maturity. She grows gradually harder as she fights her way to the leadership of tho vice ring of San Francisco's old Barbary Coast. In the supporting cast are Donald Cook. Louis Calhorn, Pat O'Malley, Noel Francis, James Murray and many others. My record'* perfect now- Ten commandments and I've broken every one of them!" The iaeOmpmbU Americw stsr la » rol« thit will m»ke your hesrtstMd still { Last Times Today TWO FEATURES TOM MIX in "MY PAL THE KING" and "THE NIGHT OK JUNE 13" With Cllve Brook. J.Ma Let, Charlie Rugglen News, Comedy, Cartoon Amateur Night Every Saturday RIALTO 5 TO 6 P. M.. lit; AFTER 6. I5t. 20t rst National hit SCCfJENNY" With DONALD COOK, LOUIS CALHERN, JAMES MURRAY Shows 7 and 9 p. m. Petition to Recall City Clerk on File SAN BERNARDINO, Jan. 23.—A recall petition against Harry L. Allison, county clerk for more than 20 years, was on file today, bearing ISO signatures. Many more arc needed. The petition alleges that Allison paid out county funds for the use of a truck ho owned himself, and 'that he endorsed salary checks made out to his son and his brother as attaches of his office. HOT DOG SAVES THREE LOS .ANGELES. Jan. 23. — It wa lucky for Charles A. Smith and Mr and Mrs. Frank Fllpplnger Unit thej had a hot dog with them when they were snowbound in the San Bernar dlno mountains recently. The hen from the body of a German police dog kept them from freezing. They kep warm by hugging the dog until res cued. KERN—1200 K. 6—Ruth Ettlng, Chesterfield. (J:1C—Howard Ely Ut tho organ. 6:30—Dancing at the Uollrlve. 7—Morton Downey. 7:15—"Tarzan of the Apes." 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt.-and Marge. S—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—"Cross Cuts." 10:05—."All Request Hour." • lOMQ-r-TVank Greenough orchestra. 11—Dancing Wl'th the Stars. "RED DUST" ON RIALTO "Red Dust," playing at the Ulalto theater today and Tuesday, presents the Interesting combination of Clark liable and Jean Tlarlow In a turbulent story of Cochin, China. The picture Is bused on the Wilson Colltnon stage hit of tho same title, In which Is depleted the dramatic triangle which result when the aristocratic wife of a French engineer visits u. tropical rubber plantation and falls in love with its overseer, thus engendering the hatred of a defiant, hard- bollod girl of the dance linjl variety who has prior claims on the mun. CITY OMllViCTOR IN IMPORTANT SUIT 468.6 M.—KFI—640 K. 6—Makersi of History.. 6:30—The Buick program. 7—Orchestra. 7:30—M. J. B. Deml-Tasse Revue. 8—Amos 'n' Andy. . 8:16—Transcription program. 8:30—The Voice of Firestone. 9_KFl Fun Factory. 10—rtlchfleld Reporter of tho Air. 50:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Organ concert. * 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 6:10-—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. B:45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabo and Hon. Archie. 7:1D—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Concert orchestra. 8—Light Concert Music. 8:30—Playlet. 9—News. 9:15—Calmon Luboviski and Claire Mellonlno. 10—KNX Dance Band. 10:30—Organ Recital. 11 to 12 midnight—Now Paris Inn. • »» BIG PAINT JOB It takes 35 men about three months to paint the dome of the Capitol at Washington, and 4300 pounds of paint are' mixed for the task. Press Leased Wire) STOCKTON, Jan. 23.—Tho 9lty o Tx>dl has emerged victor in Its sul against tho East Bay Municipal Utll Ity District and the P. C. & E., to pi-event Interference with percolation of the waters of the Mokelumne river Announcement to this effect was- made by Mayor G. M. Steele and City Councilman G. A. Spooner on recelp of word from Robert Searls of San Francisco, special counsel for Lodl that he had received a -copy of th decision rendered by Superior Judge Benjamin C. Jones of Lake county. The decision upholds Lodi's rlgh to 50.000 acre feet of percolation from the river and decrees that the Kast Bay must let down from Pardie dam 120,000 acre feet during the Irrigation season. Lodl asked for 140,000 acre feet and the East Bay desired to let down between 70,000 and 80,000 acre feet. AT CALIFORNIA Texas Sheriff Slain in tulia Gun Fjght (A.s8ociatc<i Frees Leased Wire) PI.AINVIEW. Texas, Jan. 23.—J. C. Mosoley, sheriff of Swlsher county, \vun killed lust night In a gun fight at Tulia. Moseley had been watching for n stolon car and followed u coupe Into Tulia and shot It out with Its occupants In front of a filling Htatlon. Tho station was robbed after the officer had been shot and the two men and a woman In the car escaped. TODAY AND TUESDAY Clark Gable and Jean llarlow in "RED DUST" With Gene Raymond, Mary Astor "Our Gang" Comedy News and Mlckty Mouse VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c Tomorrow and Wednesday WARNER BAXTER In "MAN ABOUT TOWN" With Karen Morley and Conway Tearle Comedy — Act — Novelty LAST TIMES TODAY Double Feature "BE-YOND THE ROCKIES" and "FORBIDDEN COMPANY' Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Hot Toasted Sandwiches Fifteen Cents Baked Mam Tuna Flwh Hoast Porli Swiss or American Cheese Deviled Kwf Bacon mid T^ttuee Ham and TOgg Served With Dill Pickle, Olives, Tomatoes SPECIAL Hot Roast Beet Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy, 25c- Hot Ttoaut Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes, Ulblet Gravy, 4Ge I'll Tejon Made Piea u la Mode, l!>c Club Breakfasts 25c to 50c OPEN 12-11 P.M. REX Any But to S *. •. 15c 300 SEATS—ANY TIME, 1So Today and Tomorrow Two Big Features ROMANCE! ADVENTURE! CHAS. BICKFORD in "THE LAST MAN" Also LEE TRACY in "THE NIGHT MAYOR" If You're Looking Forward To a Profitable Year Read the Bakersfield Californian WANT-ADS OH,YOU KNOW WHO I AM. HOW DID YOU OUIMf TMEY'M AtWAY> CUTTING IN ON HER DANCII IHE'I IAIILY THI MOIT POPULAR CIKL IN OUR CROWD NOW REDUCED PRICES on PLATES I KNOW HOW JACK CUMStO HIR. JUST A HINT OF *B.O.' _IUT IT GIVES HIK AWAY EVERY TIME. AND SHE'S SO ATTRACTIVE OTHIftWISC (SHE OVERHEARD) IMAGINE Mr HIM •UILTY ! I'LL 6ET LIFEtUOY QUICK How quickly'we notice "B.O." in OTHERS (body odor) , H OW Harihly we criticize someone elie for being careless about "B.O." (body odor)l Don't have them saying the «ame thing about^ou. It's so easy to offend unknowingly — especially in winter when rooms ate c|o*e, overheated. Play safe—bathe regularly with Lifebuoy. You will know by Us pleasant, extra-clean, quickly-vanishing scent that Lifebuoy is no ordinary toilet »oap. Its rich, hygienic lather purifies and deodorizes pores—effectively stop«"B.O." Ouordt complexions Lifebuoy's bland, creamy lather deep-cltansa face pores. Gently washes away clogged impurities that dull the skin's natural ' ^"~~ beauty. Leave* complex' ions exquisitelyfresh and clear — glowing with healthy radiance. Adopt Lifebuoy today. A viooucr or uvn, aaomaas co. SHEET MUSIC All Popular Hits PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Quick 8«rvlee Office Over Klmbmll * Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOQDNIGHT HOARDED GOLD W« piy »ih tit y»ur (Id uituukU I*" l>* •try «r dinUI ••!<. Get UMful dtllirt tcr >»ur uiiliti urifi •' tr«l*ut mUli. THE WICKERSHAM CO. Corner Nineteenth and I Streets W( Do Not EnsUy Outlld* 8illclt»ri AUTO GLASS SPECIAL (Two Weeks Only) Any Size Crystal Door Gliss Installed for $2.25 Tribble Glass and Mirror Works 1W« Nineteenth Street Phone 314 MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint. gal. $1.35 Decorative enamel, quick drying qt, 79o Lead and Zinc Paste 100 Ibs. $8.75 Floor Enamel gal. $2.25 Floor Varnish gal, 91.95 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed Oil gal. 79c Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Ave. Plione 1441 L ROGERS STARS J ON CntlFORNlAIt? •Will nogers IH uald to score a. tforoeti* triumph In "Too'Butty to Work," hl»i new IPOJC picture now p'luyhig -at thu^ California .(.healer. Ho appears- as u.? wanderingvagabond who nieetB \Vlth«i .more.'IhiMi • tiro UHuul immbter of hu-[; moroiiM adventures. K Is' a~fqlo UioJ.1 ufforda him uinplo opportunity.'f,or hint woll-hnoiyn wlitiiiNloiillllcs and subtlu.f wit 'BM ho searches tho • country, for.*.' til n-wife' anU duuithler anil the man who stole them from him. » V • - ' - MARIAN NIXON CLIVE BROOK STARS "The Night of June 13," a drama" set In the suburb of a large- eastern-; city, and featuring Cllve Brook, ti!ki«! Lee, Charlie ^Huggles, Geno Ray-' mond, Frances Dee, Mary Boland and^ Adrlanne Allen, Is now playing atJi the Granada theater. v- The story deals Vrlth' the manner Jnl which the lives of four families, Hv-j, Ing In adjacent houses on a suburban' street, are tangled together. ' Brook Is in tho rolo of a young hus- band whose wlfp, Miss Allen, is hys-' ; terlcnlly jealous of him. When shoj- suspects him of an affair with Miss? tice, their next-door neighbor, shej commits suicide. y Tom Mix In "My Pal tho King," ia» also being shown on the double pro-*, gram. . * GREEN STAMPS WITH EVERY PURCHASE OPEN AT "9" OPEN AT "9" Spring Frocks in the HALF SIZES 4 —ready Tomorrow Morning in the Style Center—Redlick's Second Floor Hall' Sizes—Bring Just as Much Style— and Fit the First Time—Seldom Need Alteration— $ 12 00 BEE ARCADE \VINDOW DISPLAY Made for the woman who requires special care in fit- ling—at a price which leads an additional attraction to the bcautj' of these new * Spring Silks in Plaids, Stripes and Delightful Print Combinations SIZES FROM 121/2 TO 24% New Spring Hats —ALL AMERICAN!—Bristltng with style and color—completely new for. 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