Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1933
Page 6
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REClSm CHAS. U'. BCOTT Ktitcrcd jst tbo lola, K IIMM, Postoffict '>aa Spcond Clnss. Mnttcr.. Tolc |>lionB . . 18 (Private! Branch Ejtcliange Conbectios All Deportments.) Sl>BSC!RIPTIOX RATES By C»rrier In lola, Gas City, LBHrnrpu, r • «nd Bassett. One Week ...... ,.~ 15 Cents One Year ^ »7 .30 Oifa Venr Six llontlhs — BY MAII J Outsifie Allen Connty TTTE IQLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY SS. 19S3. One iionih _$5.00 _?2.50 _60c One Y(lar ' Six Mpntlis Tliree Months -Olio Month la Allen County r.oo _?1'.75 ..?1.00 50c MEMBKK ASSOOIATED PRESS. Tlie lUigisler carries the Associated Press roijort,:l >y special leased wire. The Asso- ciiittil Pri'BS is eicliisively entitled to use for ri'puliljcation • of all : news dispatches 'Crtfdilcd to' it or not olherwiso credited in IhiH • liaper, and also the local nev.-s published herein. All rights of republication of special dispatches herein ore also reierrod. CHRIST FOR ALL-ALL FOR CHRIST - - - ur.'-^- " l >l. K1 lie; B!j »i Im.lej » CtH am»> H U L —hil» 'U: l» Bible Thought for Today G IVE GOD THE BEST: Honour the Lord with thy .sutatance, and with tile first fruiUs of all thine Proverbs 3:9 no cuby 'task iti retain one's faith In democratic Kovcrnmcnt when a spectacle like that is witnessed. Ct^en if the repeal of isrohlbition might conceivably sthiJUlate business,, it is. anywhere from !two ,to seven years be fore j it can possibly become a fact. I Is this, then.j the bestj the government of tlhc greatest country on eaith can oTfer its citizens In the time of theili- greatest economic crisis? Perhaps the next saddest thing is the fact that in passing these repeal, resolutions, congress apparently has' completely forgcjtten or else delib- erateljj Ignored the REASONS which e wets themsilyes I advanced for desirirjg to repeal prohibition. The jrepeal of prohibition has been demanjded on the score that a better method of- .contijolling ' the liquor traffic could be devised. Nobody pretended that a return to the wide open saloon was a better method; nobody pretended that an unregulated manufacture and sale by private brewery and distillery interests was appreciably preferable to the present regime by bootleggers. Tlie elimination of the open saloon and the elimination of private profit from manufactii|e and ,sale were a part of at least i^ne out of- ten programs suggested as offering a bet-' STATE INCOIWE TAX. A comralttoe income tax bill has ; been presented to the Kansas legis- i lature atid will doubtles.s soon be passed in substantially its present form. It represents the exprcK .sed •. will of the people who voted for the • income tax amendment to the state ' constitution at the last election and V .. is in confonnity with i>latform : jjlcdges of both parties. There is no • possibility of partisan bickering; the measure as" it i.s finally passed will ' represent the best thought and judgment of the legislature. The bill as submitted by the committee would place a levy of 3 per . , cent on the net income of corporations. 2 per cent on the first thou, sand dollars of personal net income : above exemptions. 2V- per cent on " the second thousand, 3 on the third. _ ; 3'i on the fourth. 4 on the fifth. 5 on the sixth, and 6 on all income in excess of the sixth thousand. Ex^ emutions would be $750 for single persons and $1,500 for married per•,sons; with an additional credit of .-$200 for each dependent. ' Collection of the tax would be by the state and proceeds would go to the state general fund. If enough , were raised to more than pay the ~ state's expenses now raLsed by property tax levies, the balance would go to the retirement of the soldier's bonus bonds. • By and large, it can hardly be le- gardod as other than a good bill. Differences of opinion will be registered concerning exemptions and rates, but no one could object seriously to the schedule outlined by _ the committee. With such low ex- rmptlons, aln^sL everybody who'is profitably employe^ will pay some tax; but with such low rates, nobody ciin po.s.iibly be hurt. A .single .. man paining $25 a week will i)ay a lux of $!l; ft married man with two rhlklnMi would have to earn $3G a . week before he wOuId pay any lax at all. i. The only .serious objection to the bill.; in the opinion of this paper. Is the fact that it contains no specific f guarantee that it will not be "just another tax." If it turns out to produce twice as much money as the stntc now is spending for expenses ' covered fay the state's share of the .property tax, there is nothing within the bill to keep the state from im, mediately and gleefqlly doubling its expenses. Perhaps the legislature can be trusted to use good judgment. Perhaps it is well to wait until the experience of a year or two has shown how much money the tax may be counted on to produce before restrictions on its expenditure are .made; Such a. program would undoubtedly be safe enough for the immediate future. con.sldering the current "tax consciousness" of the people and. the present attitude of all legislators toward economy and reduction of expenses. But the time will come when the legislature can't be trusted. It will spend -JBvery cent it can get its hands _ - on just the minute good times return, and people ease up. the least bit in their howling for lower taxes and' reduced expenditures—just as every legislature in the past 50 years hqs done. Its hands .should be tied with a good stout rope if the income : tax be a relief to the property ~ tax payer, n"ot just another excuse for governmental expansion.. STATESMANSHIP. Ni^e million men in America are jobless and they and their, 25 million dependents ask bread, And In this cri.sis. the gives'them—a chance to vote whether they want booze!—Cof- feyvi'lle Journnl. There a'ro many sad comments that might be made about the congressional action In voting for repeal, biit the saddest of all is suggested by this paragraph from the .CoffeyvjUe Journal. It is certainly tcr method of controlling the liquor -Lraffic tlian arohibition. Yet congress throws prohibition back in our laps without even a i whisper of a suggestion for the bet- I u-r method that is to take its place, j For all the world you v/ould think that .lh6 crying need had been inot for a correction of the evils of prohibition—but -for more and better and cheaper booze! That, at least, is till that congress has offered in the action It cornpleted last Monday. Pcor. pltifiil congress. 'What a reccid of statesmanship to leave behind as its best contribution to a solution of the greatest crisis the nation has ever faced! bard Shanghai, tH6 '^Jiiclial itty! *of the 'empire f , ' Foreign ijowent have 49ter«fit all along the Chinese coast, and pnr- Ucularly in Shanghai rind. Tientsin.' Those two ports are 'inoi* powder kegs threatening the "worid. If the war could be localized— somewhat like 4hat'quiet little affair between Paraguay and Bolivia on the Gran g ^acch-^it wouldn't, make/much difference. But this epidemic can't I be controlled by quarantine signs. If tt t>reate out, it might encompass the globe. • •:• •:• •:• • • • • « * • • * • <• ms.mLMTs From Other Papers SERIOUS BUSINESS. Arkansas City Traveler: If anyone has an idea that the little quarrel between'China and Japan over Manchuria and Jehol is Just a local squabble, he'd better have his viewpoint given a prompf clarification. •It's just about the most dangerous incident that has occun-ed since a crack-brained fanatic killed an archduke and hLs' Common law Wife in Serajevo nineteen years ago tliis summer, ' Tills advance of Japan into Jehol means war between Japan and China, a war with nearly 500.000,000 people directly involved. Right up there next to the Manchurian border in Siberia, which is a part of Soviet Riissia. That border holds potential djTiamite for the peace of the world. If Russia becomes involved, on whatever side, another 200.000;000 people will be at war. ^ If Japan and China actually go to war. the field of activity won't be limited to Manchuria and Jehol. The Jjipanese will want control of Tientsin, which is the principal port of North China. And they'll bom- A nimiber that can dont get 4ip untlU 9 oclock it Savs Fuel—like the Men that] Eat at 'the counter in Town. 1 •Well Eggs are all right for the buyers but-how a bout tHe seller. Mr and Mrs Hardsoct hav "been Suffering with the Rheumatis—and to has a number. Sam Sparigler from Ottawa was down to See his Mother and brings her Supplys he comes ever twto weeks. C Hendrix Son wants him to com to Calafdmia and Spend his days with Him; he is a Teaclier and was hear with his Pamley a few years a go—and is a very nice appering Man—and So was his Famley. J T Tredway advice is dont rome a round ^tay In One Plaice and be Satisfide Jlet com what will. Guy Tredway had Eillie out delivering Coal and feed a Satturday— Jim Rob was the driver—he Sure I knows how to driv for he drov W C Walkers Horses for Several yH&rs on the Road. Mary Hays went up Town with her -fine Dog we See. wher Mrs Rosevolt had two Dogs with her on her driv to'Wash D C. ^ ! I •We hear Dr Ransom liatl Enlarg- ; ment of the Heart that caused his Death—So many are passing a way Suddenley. Mijs John Walton was in LnHarpe a Satturday, . ' We See wher the South Western Bell Telephone compney is Sure In hopes of Isetter day-^not one had thear Phone ajusted be caus they, wanted to the wdmin tould me they i never. Missed any thing in thear 1 Life Uke thear Phono—and as Soon as they could they wer going to hav it put iKick. David Byran and .wife wer over' and called on us a Sunday and on Jim Robs Famley and Earj Gulletts Famley—he Said they wer cutting wood to kill time and hLs Grand Mother was making them a \isit. We Sure will Miss Mrs Mc Donald—She will gO to K C for the winter then go to one of her other Daughters for the; Summer—if all ts well She has children that cares for her and tould her not to worrie; She had Planed to take the Register but owing to the depresion in the Poul- trey Market She hid not got to It but they May take it wher She goes as George Mullincaught Daughter Aves islier Dauglit^er in law—a. party now Said the Other day say dont 10 ct look big I said I generly get rid of them to quick to See' what they look like. Mrs Groves and Mrs Harte and Mrs Richardson went to lola Sat­ turday ave. Blessed is he that considereth the Poor the Lord will deliver him In time of trouble yes we Sure hav theni with us. SHOr 7 PER CENT OF THEIR MACHINE" SUN BULLET? »N7D THEPIRST MACHINE SUNS WHICH FlftEO THROU&H THE PRopeLoa?,. wasE NOT svNcwab- IZED, AND 7" OF, EVERY /do. BULLETS' FIRED STRUCK tHE BLADES'. STEEL. BANDS ON THE BLADES PRES -ENTEO THE/R .BEI'N© / SHATTERED.' LIVES IN HOT-WATER. WHERE THE . TEMreRATOR& OF THBWJWER. REMAINS AT /3<S DEGQEES THE -YEAR. . ROUND. SOUTH*/BSTERN UNITED STATES'. IN THE AVCRASE SWING, THE HEAD Of; A fiiOLF CLUB IS TRAVELING AROUND aS" MILES PFH HOUR ~ WHEN IT STRIKES' THE BALL. 3M IN KEBRUARY, ISlb, Uolaiid Garrosi, French war ace, devised the metliod of firing a .macliine gun througU the revolving blades of an airplane proueller.' Later on, the: CJerniaii.s came out with a ureaily lmpi|oved model, a gnn with a-Jrigger that was synchro-' iiizi .Hl with tjlie motor, .so that no bullols could leave the muzzle, wliilc! the propeller blades were in tlie way. Tliese guns were put Into uao by the allies as soon as they oupiuicd u Cerman plane so equipped, and copied the mechanism. Portland. Ore.—Chief of Police Leon V. Jenkins has reasons to be thankful his birthday falls on the same date as George Wa.shington's. A baker friend presents him each year a 30-pound chefry pie . f «*.* * « « • • ^ <. <> 4, ^ mX KANSAS # Edlfajrlal and Nem Itensfrom 4> |the Ida Be^er of Fcbm^ry 28, 1888. J9ir. T ;*. tralldtag a two story residence on Walnut street. The treezc-trp: last we^ cam? just In time tb -cheicik what might; have been a serious "Hood 4n the Neosho. The waker was cliinbing toward the railroad bridge ipretty rapidly, wlien the cold iwave stopped the thawi The -riwer has again gone down and th^re Is no longer any danger of an Overflow. Tlie corn market has taken a boom. Our dealers have been paying 36;, cents a bushel for it this week aftid they, tell us that the indications !are favorable for a continuance of ithe present good market for some tibie to come. Mr. Frank Campbell has commenced a residence on Jefferson street, opposite E. W. Arnold's. Plasterers are busily at work on Jolm Ward's new building, and px- piect to have it ready tor occupancy in about a month. Mr. Ward intends to use tihe busifteSs room for a billiard hall and the upper rooms as a resldenctj. We i understand that Lee Rucker has rented the room just vacated by McNut|t Bros., and expect^ to be ready in a week or so to oijsn out a general stock of confectionerj-. notions, &c. ; ' Friend J. D. Christian, of Carlyilc was the recipient this week of lyxi bran new .girls. Mother and babies doing well. Dave requires considerable attention, but; will pull through. John IL. Sullivan offers to fight any man in the world for $'2U.Oi)3. Walt till our devil has;,pracllced a little longer wlfh those gloves, Johnnie, and we'll accommodate you. A small ad in the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use thfe ClnsKlfied columns I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . OnToCocos! BY BLOSSER Ef 'E-'GHIWG ANCHOB, THE. SE.LKCEJ2F' AKID 'SHARK' HEAD SOUTH FROM THE ISLAND OF TIBUCOM C0C05 ISLAND// AT LAST MV DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE....... WITH MV DIVINIKie KlEEDLE I'LL UMCOVER TREASURE THAT WILL MAKE VOUR UNCLE A _ RICH MAM AREMT 3U THRILLED, = SURE,BUT UNCLE HARRY 15 RICH, BIGHT NOW.. AMD BESIDES^ KNOW THERE OW C0C05 ISLAND? GREATHOUSE AND SON Market • We Deliver-Plione227 «€rocery PorkRoast shouider Lb. 4y2€ Pork Ham Roast Lb. G'/jC Fresh Side Pork *Lb. 4c Pork Loin Roast.. : L-b. 5 '/2C jPork Chops (center cuts) 2 lbs. 13c Sausage 4 lbs. 16c Hambui^er (no cereal) .4 lbs. 20c Spare Ribs, meaty . .Lb. 4c Pork Tenderloin ..: Lb. 12c Lard, hom& rendered .. 10 lbs. 3Sc Olep With 25c Meat Order Lb. 7€ Leg o' Lamb, gen. spring. Lb. 10c Shoulder o' Lamb, whole:... .Lb. 8c Lamb Chops . Lb. 15c Lamb Stew ... , Lb. 41 /2C Bacon, sliced 2 lbs. 25c Beef Steak, round, loin... .2 lb; 19c Beef Boil, meaty Lb. 4c We have special prices on Baby Beef and Veal! No. 1 Fat Hens, live. O'/zC Dressed, per lb. . 14c Beef Roast Heavy Bee£ Lb. ^l^C HOW DO YOU 15 TREASURE HOyV 00 I KNOW? WHY, MY DEAR BOY. BOOKS HAVE TOLD HOW PIRATES HAVE HIDDEN THEIR PLUNDER THERE AND, AS YEJ, NOBODY HAS DISCOVERED THE HIDING PLACE/ I'VE HEARD MV DAD TELL ABOUT TREASURE BURIED / THERE iWELL.tAY...; AND IF THIS FELLOWS. biviwiws tljEEDLE WORKS, WE'LL fflNQ ALL OF IT...... BWOY// AIUMGJKMVN THE.«ULF OF <;AUFORNIA.-TH& 'seixc&RF' AND 'SHARK' HEAD FOR COCOS |SL*NP... Bacon, sugar cured, slab.. Lb. lOc Bacon Squares Lb. 7c Wienies 2 lbs. 15c Minced Ham 2 lbs. 15c Cottage Cheese Lb. lOc Bologna 2 lbs. 15c Butter, Creamery Lb. 18c Eggs 2 Dozen 19c Farmers! We buy your ejrs^ at market price ,payirig Ic above in trade. We'll have a man (0 take care of you and give you the best of .service. We will appreciate your patronajje. We buy your fat cattle and hogs at the highest market price. Ijeave your name and address at the market and we'll call and see your stock. itlgair 10 Lbs. - 10 Lk Cane Salmon, 2 tall cans... 19c Beiets, large .2 cans 15c Macaroni . .3 lbs. 17c ' Brooms, :Sfoodiqaaiity.. .. ;23c each Vanlila Extract soz 2-25c Rice Krispies ......... 2 for 19c Georgie-Porgie, new pack, 19c box Mustard, quart jar 2 for 25c Picklies, sour or dill, -qt.. . 2 for 25c Salad Bressing 2 Pint Jars Honey, pint jar ... l^c Pancake Flour, large bag .15c Soap Flakes, Big 4,5 lb. t)ox .. .28c Soap, Economy, 6 large fears... 23c, lOLIis. 24c CORN or TOMATOES, No. 2 cans i 4 ^ans 25c ~ Cocoa, Hershey Cocoa, Mother's .. Lb. 18c . 2 lbs. 25c POTAlTOES No. 1 Pe«k 20C Head Lettuce, large, solid,.... ,5c Parsnips and€arrots 4 lbs. lOc Oranges ..... Grape-Fruit . 2 dozen 15c ,. 7 for 25c Lb. CASH 0E0C|aiY EyERYTHDUG FOR LESS Peaelkai, blackberries Pears and A^rieots 3 Me. lO Cans . . , . .^1 Light Hou^ ff^ Cleanser, "4 cans _ . . _ LO^ MarshmMlows ' ' 1 C r» Fresh white, lb: Jello, any flavor ij lf\^ 3 pkgs. Jj^. K. €. Bjifliing QI^I^ Powder, S'O-az. can--0«l*" Beans, fresh limas, 1 No. 3 can Raisins, ^homp- OPC/» sen Seedless, 4 ]h ...£iO^ Camay Soap OCr- 5 bars ^50*^; Slue Plums OGn No. 1 Ocaii Tomatoes ar Cnrn O C 1 No.' 2 Cans Zo" Pancake Flour. r ^ 20-oz. pkgL « White King Grnfiulated _ '1 lW3p VVhife^Klng^Soap'^..,. 48^8 Ij/C Sugar, fine gran. QQ/» 2« lbs. Oif*" Meal. Pure Cream i 0/» ih lb. sack --------1^^ Flour, Empire, •18 lb. .'•ack \}0^ Peaberry Coffee 3 pounds _l OO • Ginger Sn.;ips, IQf 2 pounds J-t/*^ MalU Canadian f>pecial, can ^njC Maple iFlavor No. 10 ;Pail j RED - S2c Sweet Pfltatoes Per peck ; ^ New Cabbage Pound ._- 15c Beans, Small Navy -il Cr« io lbs. 1 3c Head Lettuce, fey. -j qual, 2 heads Flour KANSAS SEAL 48 lb. Sack Money can buy no better floui-. iiiiiiiii •iiiiiiiiiiiii • iiiiiiii • Lewman Market m GREENE'S GSOCBRY t >H0NE 233 I PORK ROAST—Per lb. .6c PORK STEAK—Per lb. .. .. .6c PORK CHOPS-Per lb. : .7c : LARD—10 lbs. ..............4^^ 1 JRRESH SIDE—Per lb. . .5c ^ BA€0N SQUARES—Per lb. .......€c BACON—5 lb. box : 3Qc PEANUT BUTTER—2 lbs 15c SAUSAGE—Per lb. .. 4c SLABBACON—Half or whole, lb. . .10c mVlNG €HieKENS-J)ressed, lb. . .15c ' YOU'LL FIND IT ECONOMICAL TO BUY ALL YOUR GROCERIES AND MEAtS AT For there's QUALITY in pur Phone 292—291 We Deliver FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES GRAPE-FRUIT ORANGES, nice juicy, per dozen PEANUT BUTTER BANANAS, golden yellow P&GSOAP HARDWATER SOAP . . ..; 6 for 19c 19c 3 lbs. 25c . .. .'Lh. 5c . 1^ bars 25c .5 f©r i25c WHITE KING Toilet Soap..... .5 cakes 19c 25c White Granulated Soap for. ;.. .i^c The above special Friday and Saturday Hiiojisored bv 'Episcopal Church Indies. a lbs. California Prunes ^.... .25c Fruit-Jell, per package ... ... . .5c Corn Flakes, 3 large packages... 25c One Oka>- Bran Flakes ^ Golf Ball $uckar lOc Kansas City Maid Coffee, per pq>und25c Try this one— rThe Best For Your Mofney!

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