The Brattleboro Daily Reformer from Brattleboro, Vermont on October 13, 1915 · 6
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The Brattleboro Daily Reformer from Brattleboro, Vermont · 6

Brattleboro, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1915
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6 THE BRATTLEBOllO DAILY . REFORMER, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1915. BRATTLEBORO LOCAL. Mrg. E. W. Huntley of Canal street gave a card party .to .several friends in her home Monday evening. There were four tables. Refreshments were served. The Central Vermont Railway Co. will tun an excursion to New York Oct. 21. Tickets are good leaving here on the 43.0 p.m. train that day and may be used returning any day up to Oct. 30. There is exhibited in the window at Randall & Clapp's store & large bush of cotton, pulled tip by the foots, which was sent to Major F. V. Childs from Spartensburg, South -Carolina, and shows the buds opened and the cotton just ready for picking. Columbus day was observed last evening at the Knights of Columbus ball by a social and dance winch was opened to the public A musical pro gram was givpn, after which dancing was enjoyed until -li.30. Leitsinger, Ducan and Morse furnished music. Theatre of Quality TODAY Agnes Vernon -IN- The Deceivers TWO PART SOCIETY DRAMA ! Charles (Daddy) Manley I IN The Source of Happiness A Very Pleasing Drama ANIMATED WEEKLY Pictorial Hews Events Their Friend the Burglar Comedy, with Billie Rhodes TOMORROW Cleo Madison FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 'Marie Tempest IN- Mrs. Plum's Pudding A Broadway Star and a Broadway Feature, in Five Acts Admission 5c and 10c Afternoon 2.30 to 5. Evening 7 to 10 DANCING CLASSES Mr. Wales' evening dancing class will start as soon as the required number of names are subscribed. Leave your came at his residence (Temple Place) or at Masonic Temple. Class to meet Tuesday evenings. CHILDREN'S CLASSES will open on Saturday, Oct. 16, at 2 p. m.. at the Armory. Entrance from High street. Private lessons by appointment. EMfllE AUDITORIUM (BRATTLEBORO) TONIGHT m rV 0 J k 53! PRICES: 50c, 75c, $1,00, $150 BRATTLEBORO LOCAL. E. S. ITall has bought , of Herbert Bv Chamberlain the Myrtle street end of his 'lot which runs from Western avenue to Myrtle street, and has broken ground for a house. Raymond Pierce cut his left hand badly this morning with a piece of steel while employed at the plant . of the National Automatic Machine .Co. Dr. n. P. Greene dressed the Injury. " At the Empire today. Agnes Vernon' in The Deceive, a two-part society drama, "Daddy"' Manley in a drama. Bribe i Rhodes in a comedy and the. Animated 'Weekly showing world-Wide events 1 .will; make up a strong program. I A billiard and pool tournament ."tvill be j started at the Vermont Wheel club m the 'near future. The Irwrrng team will provide a sijpper for the winners. The committee in charge consists of A. E.'. Wilson, F. L. .Chamberlin, C. A. Mcltae, L. G. Tasker and Godfrey Crosby. The Bohemian Girl company arrived in town this foreftoon, and tonight they will j present m the Auditorium one ot the season's best offerings. Last night in Leom- inster the house was crowded and many were turned away." There are a dozen 'genuine Arabs in the company. Three . horses and 'other animals are used on the, ! stage, and the whole performance is of a spectacular nature. The board of trade will start on its automobile trip tomorrow morning at 8.30 from the Brooks House. Already about 50 have promised to go on the trip. The Bel- , lows Falls board of trade party which was ' expected this morning, having planned a three-days' trip, did not arrive and inquiry by telephone brought the information that the trip was given up, not a sufficient ' number having responded favorably to; ! make the party a representative one. ! Frank A. Larrow left one of his livery horses standing a minute in front of his ' house just before (J o'clock yesterday afternoon. The animal started for jhe j barn and trotted down Main street at a , fast clip, side-stepping several automobiles ' with care and judgment. Several men, standing at the corner of Main and Flat ! streets, stopped the horse as he was trying to turn into Flat street on his way to the stable and supper. No damage was done. j The member.? of Brattleboro chapter, D. A. II., were delightfully entertained in : the home of Miss Maria Stedman in West I Brattleboro yesterday afternoon. Miss Stedman and Mrs. W. H. Bigelow were the hostesses. There was a large attendance and the house was decorated with flags. 'After the roll call the regent, Mrs. Lyman E. llolden, gave a very pleasing and instructive address and spoke of the state conference of Massachusetts to bo held in Greenfield Friday and Saturday of this j week, to which the members of this chap-.' ter are invited : also of the Vermont state conference in Burlington Oct. 20. Seven delegates wore elected to attend the conference in Burlington, Mrs. W. F. Root, Miss Ruth Childs, Mrs. M. I. Reed, Mrs. Fremont Hamilton, Mrs. B. L. Staten, Mrs. C. B. Lamson and Miss Mary E. Smith. Following the business meeting a pleasing program was given, consisting of a group of songs by Miss laiogene Blodgett and a reading by Mrs. H. R. Brown on Education in the Early Days, which was instinctive and interesting. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. M- s. Morehouse will be at the Brooks House during this week with art needle work and materials. Holiday cards' and novelties. Ladies arc invited to call. 191-194 LONDONDERRY. Mrs. Ella Clark is visiting in Cor inth. Miss Olive Ilufchins is working in the Sitter oflice. Mrs. JNma vvaite was in Chester a few days last week. Xewton Lakin is working for W Richardson in Chester. Mrs. Abbie Pierce of "Walt-ham, Mass., is visiting her sisters, Mrs-. Lin a Hewcs and Mrs. W. L. Gibson. Mrs. Eva Childs and children have gone to Newport, N. II., to join her husband. Her mother, Mrs. Harry Ab bott, went with her. Donald and Raymond Harrington of Jamaica are with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Wyman. Mrs. Harrington has - gone to the Memorial hospital in Brattleboro. Stags are raised in China for their horns, which arc cut off when soft and used in the manufacturing of native medicines. (kmrnm PERSONAL. A. P. Fessenflon as in Newfane todav on cplirt business.' , ' , , ! ': Mrs. W. n. Prorlor is s'nendino the day in Spriagc.ld, Mass. . Miss Helen and .Miss Marv Fcnton are iA 'Springfield; lais., today. ?. Mr. and Mrs. Fred 0. Gale went to New York city yesterday afternoon. Miss Bertha Nogler came Monday frpin Miltq&'Mass., to 'visit in town a week. - .. , .-' Allan Colt, clerk in the O. J. Pratt store, is having a few days' vacation this week. J ' "' ' Mrs. W. E. Haskell is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Duquette, in Unicppee, Jiass. ' G. H. Smith visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. JU.. Smithj in Northfleld Farms yesterday. Mrs. Anna Schildmiller of Water- bury, Conn., a former resident here, is visiting friends in town. M. Boyd has finished work at Sher ry s resturant. He began work last night at the Albany cafe. Mrs. George E. Foster went to Man chester, N. H., yesterday to visit iher sister, Mrs. Arthur W. Childs. Frank Mallory retnrned last night from Providence, B.'I' where he spent the week-end with, his family. Mrs. John D. Barrows has closed her home' on Ames hill. She returned " to Springleld, Mass., this morning. T Mrs. Swanaon, who has been house keeper for E. Brasor, has gone to Chicago, called there by the death of Her husband. : Mrs. F. E. Hapgood returned to Boston yesterday, after visiting in town with he parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Turner. Mr. and Mrs. George Harris and Mrs. Charles Dunbar and children Went jby automobile Tuesday to Townsttend "to call on Miss Susan Ross. Rev. E. W. Sharp returned this morning'from Montpelicr, where he was called to officiate at the funeral v Jof Mrs. John W. Hatch. William E. Haskell, jr., went to Springfield, Mass., last night to hear John McCormack, tenor, sing .in ;thc Auditorium last evening. Mrs. Henry Lamb returned to her home in West Brattleboro "today ffom the Memorial hospital, wlieire h rlihd been five weeks following an opera tion. ,Mrs. Francis II. Rose left this morn ing for Syracuse, N. Y., afteT visiting Miss Jennie Bose 10 days. She will go from there to Dayton, Ohio, to spend tho winter. Miss Gertrude Gunn returned to Springfield, Mass.. today to resume her studies in the Bay Path Institute having visited at her home over Columbus day. H. F; Jordan went this afternoon to St. Johnsbury to attend the convention of the Vermont State Optical society. He will give a paper on Tho Subjective Examination. Mrs. Emma F. Bartlett of Walpole was in town today on her way to Northampton, where her daughter, Miss Marion F. Bartlett, is a student in Smith college. Mrs. F. L. Smith is moving from her home oil Prospect street to F. E. Reed's on High street. Rev. T. W. Owens and family will move into Mrs. Smith's house the last of this week. Miss Alma Morrill, who was a teacher in the Austine Institution last year, has entered the Sargent School for Physical Education in Cambridge, Mass., as a member of the freshman class. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Richardson, W. H. Richardson and Miss Annie Richardson of this town and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Staten of Vernon went by aato-mobiles to Boston yesterday. They will be away several days. BROOKLINE. Miss Stella Austin was at home over Sunday. Mrs. Gerald Allbee has been suffer ing with a badly sprained knee. Mr. and Mrs. Delard Perry spent Sunday in Putney at F. C. Perry's." Herman Osgocd was at the home of his .father, E. P. Osgood, a few days recently. Mrs. E. L. Bush reports having pick ed 25 quarts of red raspberries from her cultivated plant recently. Tho annual meeting of the Ladies' Benevolent society was held with the "president, Mrs. L. W. Bush, Wednesday afternoon. , Misses Sadie, Bettie and Rose Whitney and their brothers, Ernest and Ed win Whitney Of Townshend were at G. M, Allbee 78 Saturday night. A large, number attended the husking at G. M. Allbee 's Saturday night About 80 bushels of corn were husk ed, after which, a bountiful supper was served and games were played. Rev. S.'.H. Myers will preach in the Baptist church next Sunday, Oct. 17, at 11 o'clock, also in the evening. It is hoped a large number will come out to hear him.. A cordial invitation is extended to all. Dcspito the partial occupation by the German Army of certain of "the wine - ftrowmg departments in France, the yield or tne- French vintage in 1914 was in . excess of "fhat ' of tho previous year. The totol stocks are given as 151,09.1,518 gallons and the vintage at 1,482,896309 gallons, rtiak-ing a f total" of 1.633.989,887 gallons", compared with i,i4,O89,908 gallons in It , has been found that the aslh. of the seaweed collected on the sho e of Manila Bay, in Ton do, yields 15 per t ontor potaau. .This discovery 5s hailed with' considerable intererti owing to the Wmr-timd scarcity of potash! No ilata 13 yet available to show lust the 'amount Of seaweed available, but it " is known in a general way that it, is abundant. Exbloratic-ns and further exfceri- mentation ' Will be conducted by the government. : " ' " ' ." " , . "- MAEEIAQ-Ei. ' , In Saxtons ".River..- .Oct. 12. ifbv ' Rev George E. Chapin, in the home of the bride, Clarence. Beecher Coleman and Mud Marion K. lordham, both of Saxtons River. , I BELLOWS FALLS HEifS The baseball extra sent to Bellows Falls each evening hare resulted in givfrig good Ratisiaetjon to the fans m this town. The Reformer's accounts of the' games have been accurate and the newsboys have found a read .ale for the extras. There has been greater interest here in the present world' aeries than in ny previous series. More than 25,' local fans, the majority of whom are loyal to the Red Sox, went to Boston, to see the games today and Tuesday. 's T - The directors of the baseball association, which controls the .destinies of the local team in the Twin' State league, have found it 1 a difficult matte to hold a baseball meeting to start the ball rolling for next season. Each evening that a meeting has been planned something of more immediate importance has already been booked. Banquet hall has been en-razed for something else, or some other difficulty baa" arisen. GilUs-Qailagher Wedding. Miss Margaret Ellen Gallagher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gallagher of Elm street, North Walpole, and Charles James Gillis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gillis of 12G Atkinson street, were married yesterday morning at 7.30 o'clock by Rev. rather Oeorge 1 Marshall, rector of St. Peter's Roman Catholic church in North Walpole. This was Rev. Father Marshall's first nuptial mass since coming to North Walpole, and for the first time in the his tory of St. Peter's church a sermon was preached during the wedding service. The bride wore a brown suit with brown hat, and her bridesmaid, Miss Elizabeth M. Gal lagher, wore a blue suit and black hat. Waldo Sanborn was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Gillis will live at 126 Atkinson street. ' .He is employed in the Bogert & Hopper box manufacturing plant. Real "Deteckatif" Arrives. A real "deteckatif" at work has interested the loungers in the Square the past two days. This "detecatif" arrived in town Monday and his mission evidently is a secret one, as most" cases are, on which sleuths are sent. It appeared to be imperative' to him that be quietly inform a few men and youths of his occupation, under the promise of secrecy, which he quickly did. Naturally the promises were held sacred and yesterday the disciple of Old King Brady and Okl Cap Collier had an in- terested and admiring audience whenever be appeared on the street. There have been absolutely no crimes committed in town since the "deteckatif s" arrival. The reporter knows he's a sleuth because just OG seconds after they both leaned against the same soda bar in the corner drug store the stranger confided his profession. The Orcat Atlantic & Paeiftc Tea company has opened a store i the quarters on Canal 'stre formerly, occupied by Gor- don & Manning. The annual firemen's inspection day will be held Friday and something out of the ordinary is promised by Fii Chief David F. Lawlor. The annual firemen's ball will be held that evening in the Armory. Dr. A. C. Liston f North Vtfalpole, who has practiced his profession there and in this and surrounding -towns the past nine years, left town yesterday afternoon. Before leaving he told friends that he was going to Chicago and that he probablr would return afterjjan. 1. John King of North Walpole ha been given power of attorney for Br. Liston and. wiH collect bills due the doctor. Mrs. Liston went to New York about two weeks ago. Columbus day was observed last evening by St. Charles council, K. of C. At 7.30 o'clock the members of the organization marched to St. Charles"B Roman Catholic church, where benediction was observed by Rev. Father J. D. Shannon." Following these services the memberf went to the headquarters on Rockingham street, where a smoke talk was held. Speeches were made by Rev. Father J. D. Shannon of St. Charles's church, Rev. Father George Marshall, rector of St. Peter's Roman Catholic charch in North Walpole, Rev. Father Dominick McDer-mott, curate of the North Walpole parish, and Rev. Father Slattery of Oharlestown. Musical numbers, were rendered and refreshments were served. Great Discovery. - ' ' Some Of th grandest discoveries of rho ages, ' ' said the great scientist, sonorously, have been the result of accidents. ' . " I can. readily believe that, ' ' said the fair lady. "I once made one that way myself." The ' great man blinked his amazement. "May I ask what it. was I" 4 ' Certainly, ' replied the J!air one. ' I found that by keeping a bottle of ink handy you can use a" fountain pen just Jik any 'Other pen without all the trouble Of filling it. ". - Inside Information h the costly, valuable in-gredient that figures most prominently in all burins deal,. There is a wealth jot "Inside InforauHon' in the went ads. QMaiiy business jpen whose preeminent sucr cess is attributed tq jpl tuJy: $3vapA fore-. Bight and! xhiewdness. are in reality nr'ring daily use rf th!3 want ad Inside kferrr.t!n .j i Sv. UHf 9 Are Attractive Clhiairinmfleci IFaslMOinis Woraen's Tailored Suits Made of broadcloth, whipcord and poplin, copies frmthe latest foreign models, many trimmed with furs, at $14.50, 0100, $25 SOUTH LONDONDERRY. Miss Elsie Shattuck has returned to Rowell Inn , fof a longer stay. W IL Landman w In Al-,ar -vr 'ST., on business one day last week. Several frctn here attended Loren Bryant's auction in Winhall Oct. 6. Mrs. Horace Felton has been visiting friends in Weston a few days. Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Laurance of Chester were week-end visitors inl town.? L. F. Landman is to have a new! BiiiewaiK xrom his store to his resi dence. - ' Mrs. F, W. Melendy visited Fawlet with her sister, Mrs. Will Porter, over Sunday. . ; Mrs. Irvin Smith returned from Brattleboro Saturday after visiting her daughter. The Baptist Ladies' Aid society served its annual chicken-pie dinner at the home of George Coombs Friday. It was largely attended. Mr. and Mrs. JEL A. Jktelendy . went to Glens Falls, ,K. T, carrying "Mrs. Carrie Melendy fbr -visit -".-ith her sister at Dr. F. G. Fielding's. Main street is much improved by H. R. Darling 'a now hoiise, G. O. Santh'a hew store and G. L. Smith's new garage, which are going up rapidly. Mrs. S. Jane Pease, who had been visiting friends 'In Weston three months, returned to her home here last week much improved in health' by' her vacation. Mrs. Rua Adams and son, Edward, of Dover have "been visiting ait David Aldrich's on their way to Windham. ; Mr. and Mrs. D.' Aldrich ' accompanied them there. - Mr. and. ;Mrs. Harry Bostwick are visiting in ' Leominster, Mass.,' with friends for several days. Jin and Mrs.. H. Styles are caring for their, things at the farm during their absenee. Pomona Grange met "with Famnera ' Grange Wednesday. The meeting wai well attended and a pleaaing program was given. An' open meeting was held in the arternoon. An exceueni owner was served by the home Grange,' The many friends of Irg. Abbie Sheldon, were grieved to hear of her sudden illness and death Saturday morning' in the home of her niece, Mrs..E. W. Shine. The funeral was held there ..Tuesday afternoon and the burial took place in the .Tearly ' cemetery. 5 STRATTON. Henry Lackey went to Brattleboro Sat Lurday. tr and Mm -IS. J. Grout of West Do ver called on relatives in town Sunday, j Mrs. Alice Johnson was at "her -home in East Dover from.Friday nightjta lSainday "r: n.:o:t1. .( XTo "Wnrvlalrfl and Jtfra. James Dexter of Watrdsboro Cen ter-were guests at Ray Lyman' recentqr. Miss iEtheTEddy came home from -Brat htkrV Mnmdav morning by1 automobile with his brother, TIermon Eddy, who with-two ohildren, Manorie and Elmer, VMltea out parents Sunday. . . " tm v. rv .T.mmtnn iAuiiiait tn hpr home Saturday, after spending three weeks yisit- and. Ware, Mass- also other relatives. Her on, juy jjyman ot vyare, iguv her home in his automobile. . ' Every rich man should bo abused and threatened , sufficiiBntly to keep htm modest. ; Which U also truer of impudent 'literary, men; Impudent statesmen, and the impudent of very other olats. 4 O , , - r"-- -u: rr!! 4"' Nearly all . Canadian crop have this year -been planted over" larger' areas thai in 1914. The wheat area alouo is 18 .per cent larger baa, t ,waa jrear ago. , - , - SMART, NEW STYLES 20 Distbd !ew Styb ia Silk ad Serge Dresses at The poplin dresses are all cut on the latest lines fand are made in green, African brown, Copehhageh, ' navy, black and plum. The serge dresses are made in the newrcombination styles of plain taffeta and plaids combined with serge, ' and are made inlevery color; sizes 16 ud to All these dresses are made to sell at $8 to $10, and are wonderfully pretty dresses for afternoon or evening -wear. Being Shown in the Ready-to-Wear New Coats and Setts Just : ! ''''., K " JS. E. MANN SOUTH WINDHAM. Robert L. Jones shot a l&re fox Satur- i4a- t ' Rev. and Mrs. Filbert Contois have re turned from Whitingham. J. J. Frederick started Saturday for his new home in Chichester, JJ. .. Walter Rand and Arthur Westcott are working on the state road in "Wardsboro. Mrs. F. K Westcott will go this week "nao lo nouse Ior "onn Charles Jones and family visited relatives in SOuth Londonderry Sunday. They went in their alitomobile. - George Chase moved his household goods Monday to the Read place in Londonderry, which lie recently bought. ; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Huntsdon and baby of Chester called on relatives in town one day last week. " Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Wellman and daughter and the former's mother, Mrs. Lizzie Wellman, were in town Sunday. Mrs. Nettie Piper left town Friday. After visiting relatives in Londonderry and Brattleboro she will go to Seymour, Conn. WINDHAM. L. R. Chapman was in Bellows Falls Sat in-day. v Mrs. Harry Gould recently visited her parents in Wardsboro. Farmers are beginning to draw their potatoes to Bellows Falls. Rev. S. L. Vincent attended the ministers' meeting in Brattleboro last week. The Ladies' Aid society recently gave tho III ith iaifairs that happen in 3rattlebofo and vicinity is Important. But it isn't difficult if you are a . tegular subscriber to The A Year $5.00 Six Months 2150 Three Months 01. C33 C3T mZ3C 1 f. and plants can make that sunny window all . the more attractive a verit- able bower of nature's fragrance. We design casket sprays, wreaths, door-garlsnda, any kind of forma you wish. , We grow our stock and can supply in , quantities "Our 1 Wedding bouquets equal the best, -We have had year of practice, and do it right.. Ch' rys themums are beginning to be 'good and , more; plenty:' Carnations and Boeos in all grades, 'v.. . . c. a. Ati-nn, iorict ; IN tor Womcini Section Received Womea's Dressy Cccts Made of plush, velour and stylish mixtures, many fur-trimmed; wonderful values at H$09 $17.5Q9 $19X0 Mrs. n. Mi Bonis and Mrs. H. M. Abbott availed themselves of excursion rates to "visit Boston this week, home department of the Sunday school a free supper. . . The first frost of the season to do any damage on the parsonage grounds came the morning of Oct. II. 1 Mrs. Samuel Hanson and daughter, Gertrude, of Freehold, "INT. J.r were visitors recently of her sister, Mrs. George Dutton. Perfectly Safe for aa ,Hour. "Horatio,' whispered tho heroine, "the villain still pursues us.'' 1 'IIa," exclaimed the lover. "But fear not. See thou the 'ravine that Intervenes between us and him?"' "Yes, Horatio, but the bridge. He ean cross jen bridge at a bound." "Fear not, I pay. He has got to stop in the middle of the bridge vanl do a song and dance. Courage! " Stray Stories. It is a well fstablishod fact that whole wheat flour is more nourishing and more economical than white- flour. At pyr Ocrylco Jkn Bt. ' Barten, 7-paaaaMrer Undaoa. Lobs short trips by appointment 'Phone SS-X. Order book at SinMnsv fmit atore J 'Phone S33-W. , p - t . f V,' A. - A. (-'. liitB - v . " &. '' l I p m 0 0 i - : T i-

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