Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 12, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1965
Page 7
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i •1 IAfUft5AV, JUNE 19,1941 IKONWOOD DAILY GLOli I^ONWOOD, MICHIGAN" HVIN The POWER of FAITH Holjr COtnfhUhiOh and Cdhfifrha- tion, 11. MERCER Church bf ih« Nacarene. The Rev. Miles FiHley, pastor, sun- day School, 9:30, morning Worship, 10:30. Young People's meeting, 6:45, evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. Lester A. btt, pastor. Worship service and Sunday Sbhofai. 9. St. Isaac JbgUl* arid Cotttharl- Chapel Fosters Ecumenical Spirit on Indiana's Campus fnlstlonS. tie list, hid Meft a te«kch«r and student in CARL r. ihd. with fe strife 1 of copper, roof of slate 4Hd *alis of native stflhdS amid the edUC* skyscrapers of Indiana like it in the nation " Among religions presenting programs strife's the dhaltel WiS built in 1057 were Protestant, fessiohs Saturday 7:30 tO 8:30 p.m. Zion Lutheran (Wisconsin) The Rev. E. C. Leyrer. pastor Summer schedule: Divine services, 11. MONTREAL Sacred Heart Roman Catholic. . -, ion ftomati Catholic. The Rev.! University to offer 2ti i O«) stti- Walter A. tOrkildson, pastor.! detlts H plat* of meditation. Sunday Masses, 8 and ll, cOit- T«6 success of this experi- w • ment in fostering an ecumenical spirit in the Indiana campus Is measured by its sponsor and ctiratbt, tir Prank 0. Beck, 93, whose gifts for the chapel total sloo.oon "this has filled ah important V0ld - don't promote it of UMVB. ««M B*l*MK V •WJI1CTII X/tlll*\7«l%-t I , - J • i The Rfiv. Palll Ischlfer, pastor.! isSUe booklets on it, we don't Masses, 8 and 10. i try to prove its Worth through fVAKteFiFLti : statistics arid we're hot in re' —• education. ftoman and Eastern drthddOJt Gattidiie, BUddhlSt, Moslem, Hltidu afid Coptic. the chape! has become the 1 scene of weddings, christening services, Organ recitals And memorial ceremonies, secial fraternities arid sororities hold flfe-itiitiatioh services in it. Seek said he has noticed that students have "come to the Understanding that faith is e world concept: They have be come more and more aware that the chapel is a place where they can cultivate a true love fof one's brother;" When Beck retired in 1934, his p.rh., with the Rev. Usko Peta- isto in charge. ie spiritual need for students—whatever their reiigiOUS ahd an associate of Jane Ad ti&ms in Chicago had led him Bethany Lutheran iMlssbufl). i bfelief rria y be - 1 know bf rtbhe through Several social service Sidnow Personals Me returned to Indiana Unl-i Hardfes, Mrs. Margar- ifom Which he had been •• et Chapman, daughter, Laurlce, -a , *" J H *§?*• ^ ^ as i Douglas Stebbins and o e r aid «Sked by then President tier- T _-.„..,. WP1 _ rerent T. Ans e hl«n Weils to organize a nonde-! Lo "f lie we ' e recent LAnst fldmihstionai religious program, i caiiers. Thompson attemMd « reception at Maple OroV* JuM 5. Mr. and Mrs. Efn«lt Clim- mlngs Jr. and family, fitfffltlM, visited here retefltly WitH Wt parents. Mais Pcrttndfi i Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stebtains ! Jr. and children were Bruce ''• Crossing callers. , Elwood Hynes, Ohio., Is spend- . .. _. a week here fishing a few days. Mr. and Mrs. William Ander- Feitival to Held Coffee Social Mrs. Eino Nevaia, National; ... , ., . Finnish - 'American Festival! Charles Flndley recently vls- foods committee chairman, ai>i ited ln °. ranr1 Rapids, Minn., for nounces that a coffee social will be held on Tuesday afternoon, JUtie 15. the date was chosen to coin-i spent s weekend here With his! Mrs seima Pelefsdti <* spur is spending * fndnth It tht home of Mrs. Efriil KalfW, Wainola Mrs Lempi Monette arid daughter. Sharon, attended th* graduation exercises at North- Michigan University, Mir> <snn onri fnmilv Whltf P t n P i eln wiiuiHBau umvcroivjr, mar- SSntT JSrt lE-^JS.h huiquette, last Sunday. Mrs. Mon- cide With the opening of the j parent?. Mr. and Mrs. carl An-j Arts and Crafts Shop, at Third Ave. and Silver St. in; Thomas Nlles, Plainwell, re-! HUrley. the social Will take place at tl;e U.S. Constitution does not son of science economics. Howard j Mrs. Amelia McKindlei Hat ' returned from dhtofiagon Mt» jspital where sh« Was ! Bennett, Trout Creek, Visited ; a surgical patient gevertl WMka. relatives here recently. '. Mrs Alma BojahlC has M« Mr ^hd Mrs. Perry Thomp-: turned to Detroit after being cently visited at the Shook home. the Hurley VFW Building, and! Floyd Mclntyre and Hai o 1 d' mortal serving Will be from 2 to 5. prescribe age lifriits for federal | son, Mr and Mrs. How a r d here to attend the funeral of her judges- Thompson, and Mrs. T h o mas : mother, Mrs Ida Siren. WOMfH OF FAITH IN THE OLD TESTAMENT-1 RfeBEKAH The bedutiful story of Rebekah (Genesis 24) is one of Unquestioning faith. At the Well outside the city of Ndhor in Mesopotamia, Rebekati met Eiiezer, a trusted servant of the aged Abraham. He had Been sent by Abrah'dhi to firid a wife for his son Isaac. A native of Mesopotamia, Abraham had prospered in the land of Canaan, and felt it was God's will his son should marry a girl from his homeland. Eiiezer prayed for guidance; he prayed that the girl who would give him d drink of water when he asked for it would water his camels, "... be she that Thou hast appointed for thy servant Isaac." Upon seeing the bedutiful Rebekah, Eiiezer asked her for a drink. Her spontaneous generosity in giving him a drink and also in watering his cdmels convinced him she was the appointed brie. Hit asked for Ibdgihg dhd she took him to her home. When feebekah's brother and mother heard of Eliezer's mission, they agreed that she should go with him, but asked that she be allowed to stay a few days longer with them. Eiiezer wanted ho delay, so they called Rebekah and let her make the decision. They asked, "Wilt thou go with this man?" With the finest grace of unspoiled womanhood and a simple unquestioning faith she answered, "I will go." • i AP Newife«ures. — 6f the Cogebic Range And Ohtohagon Country IRONWOOD Apdstdlic Lutheran, Sutherland. Waltfer Reini,' pastor. Confirmation rites, 9:30. Assembly bf God, McLebd and Curry. The Rev. N. L. Shbtwell, pastor. Sunday School, 10; worship service, 11; youth service, 6:30; evening se'rvi£e, 7:30. The Key. Esther Nprdine, Downey, CaUf., will speak at the morning service. Bethany Covenant, 333 S. Marque tte. The Rev. Ralph Dirksen Salem Lutheran (LCA), Aurora and Marquette. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship services, 9 and 10:30; Sunday School, 9. Saltation Army, Ayer and Mansfield. Capt. Janet Endres, officer in charge. Sun day Sunday School, iO; morning worship, 11; evening service, 7. The Rev. tbivo Miettineh, pastor. Finnish worship, 8. with Hbly Communion; English worship, 9, with iioly Cbmmuhlon. frirst Lutheran fLCA) The Rev. RUdoiph Kemppaihen, pas SUrhmer schediilfe: English worship, 9: Finnish Worship, 10:30; iiO Sunday School. Calvary Baptist. The Rev Paul King, pastbiv Bible study. 10;rhorning worship, 10:45; yoilth hbur, 6:15; evening service, 7:30. Immaculate Cdncthtibn Roman Catholic. The Rev. Charles Daniel, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 10 and 11:15. Irrimantiel Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Wallabe Leno. pastor. WOrShip services, 8 and 11; no Sunday School until fall. Methodist. The Rev James S. Lumsden pastor. Morning worship, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:45. ONTdNAtJdN Assembly til G6d. The Rev F. E. Sarbo, pastor Sunday School, 9:45; morning woiship, 11; evening service, 7:45. Baptist. The Rev. Will i a m Kirkpatrick, pastor Sunday School, 10; morning worship, ll; Young People's meeting, 5:30; evening service, 7. Church of the Ascension, Epis- cbpai. Morning service, 9. First P'resbytferiah. George L. Hunt, student pastor. Morning worship, 10:30. Holy Family Roman Catholic. The Rev. Charles Herbst. pastor. Masses, 8 and id; weekday Masses, 6:45 and 7:30; baptisms by appointment. Methodist, the Rev. George A. Luciahi pastor. Morning worship, 9:15. St. Paul's Llitlieran (M 1 s- sotiri). the Rev. David Musall, pastor. Morning worship, 9; Church S'thbbl, 10. Siloa Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Edward J. Carlson, pastor. Morning worship, 9. WATERSMEET Baptist. The Rev. Alb e r t Trinity Lutheran (Missouri), ; stover, pastor. Sunday School, Lake and Margaret. The Rev 9.30; morning worship, 10:30; p. W. Helkkinen, pastor, Fin-| evening service, 7. nish worship, 7:30 a.m.; Sunday j immaculate Conception Ro- UUCtuC. A iJC tvC V . £\> *-»li i\o^ii, ..-«-- •• —- —---*-j , • • • --„- , KjiuuavuKllc vunijtpfciwii m»v p'astor. Summer schedule: Wor-| Schbbl and Bible Class, 8:3C;> m j| n catholic. The Rev S. Bot- ship service, 9:30, xvith Paul English Worship, 9. toni, pastor; Techny Fathers, Rending as guest speaker First Baptist, 236 S. Mansfield. The Rev. Frank A. Oslin, pastor. Sunday School, 10; morning worship, li; Junior Youth and senior Groups, 6:30; gospel service, 7:30. Church bf the Nazarene, areenbush. Sunday School, 9:30; niqrning worship, 10:30; Yourig Pfeople's meeting, 6:45; evening,worship, 7:30. Chtirch of the Transfiguration, Episcopal, Aurora and Marquette. the Rev. Robert C. Kilbourn, rector. Holy Eucharist, 8; morning prayer and instruction, 10. , First Church of Christ, Scientist, East Aurora. This CJhurch is a Branch of The Mother Church, The First Church Of Christ Scientist, Sosfcon, Sunday School, 9:30; morning wbir- •hip, 11,. First Pftsbyt * r i « n, Norttlk and Aurora. Tlie iftev. Kehhe t h T. Morelantl, mihister. Stinunfer •chedule: Worship service 9:30. Wesley Methodist, McL e o d and Mansfield. The Rev. Frank Leineke, pastor. Worship serv- Villa St. Thomas; assoc i a t e s. Masses, 7:30 and 11 (EST). United Church 01 Christ. The ices, 9 and 11; Church School, i Rev. Fred i. Babcock, pastor. 9:50. ; Sunday School, 9:45; worship Zion Lutheran (LjCA), Lowell I service, 7 p.m. and Midland. The Rev: Thomas; U'lilTE PINE A. Sch'iiltz, pastor. Summer schedUle: English worship,,9:10, with the Rev. Wallace Leno, Wakefieia, in charge. BESSEMER First Presbyterian. The Rev. Winifred Lomas, minister. Morning worship, 9; no Church School. St. Sebastian Roman Catholic. The Rev. Chester M. Franczek, pastor: the Rev. Leslie Borman, assistant. Masses 6, 8, 9:30 and ll. Corporate Com-i Mrs. Gale Fredricksoh, has Community Thfe Rev George A. Luciani pastor. Wbrship service, 7:30 a.m. Faith Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Edward J Carlson, pastor. Morning worship, 11. St. Jucie Roman Catholic. The Rev. George Pernaski, pastor Masses, 7:30 ana 11. Rockland Personals munion for members of Holy Name Society at 8 a.m. Mass. returned home from the Ohtoh- agon Memorial Hospital where Grace Lutheran (LCA), Nor-. folk iind Aurora, the Rev. Ken- Worship service, 9; Sunday neth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship School, 10. service, 8 a.m. ! RAMSAY Trinity Roman Catholic,! ^.^ th? £•„§ Roman Catholic, the Rev. L. C. Cappo, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 and 10; confessions Saturday, 4 to 5 and 7 to 8 p.m. Riverside Bible. The Rev. Sharon Lutheran (LCA), T h e sne wag a patient for a week . Rev. C Raymond Holmes, pastor. Summer schedule: Matins, 8: morning worship : 9:30. Trinity Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor ilatejik, pastdr. Masses, 8, 7:30, 0:30 and li. Jehovah's Witnesses, Superior and Midland. PUblic talk by Rby Lahtl of Ontonagon, 2; Followed by vVatchtower study. Newport Methodist, 304 Bonnie, the Rev. James Lumsden, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rousseau and son, Philip, Lakeville, I Minn., recently visited at t h e j Gougeon honie. Mrs. Jane Trudeau has r e turned to her home in Duliith after visiting her sister, Mrs. Eliza Spitz, for several weeks Howard Harris, Iron Mountain, visited friends here r e - cently. Mrs. Erick Seline and Mrs. Llewellyn Preiss were r e cent callers in L'Anse. Dale Lennon, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; evening service, 7. pastor. Sunday School, 10; morn- i HURLEY ing worship, 11. _ j Firs t p res byternan, 4th St. Ambrose Roman Catholic, g The Rev ^ athan £ Daynard> 118 8. Marquette. The Rt ^ Rev. Msgr. Joseph Dunieavy pastor; the Rev. Robert Matchett and minister. Summer -schedule: Worship service, 9. I St. Mary Roman Catholic. Edward Gagnott and son, Edward Jr., Rochester, andl Henry, and George Schmausj ha v e returned frorii Can ada • where they spent a week fish- Ave. ; ing. Mrs. Jerry Pederson and Mrs. Arthur Pederson, Osseo, Wis., spent a week with the former's i 5th i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank and 11. St. Luke's Lutheran (Missouri). The Rev. Dale Hoffschneider paetor. Worship serv- icfp, 9 and 11; Sunday School, 10; special voters' meeting, 2. St. Michael's Roman Catholic, 126 W, McLeod. The Rev. Francis X. Rbnkowski, pastor Easter Masses: High, 6 and t:80; Low, 7:30 and .11. iSt. Paul Lutheran (LCA), 113 i, Curry, the Rev. Oliver A. Haliberg, pastor. Summer schedule: Finnish service, 8:30; English service 9:45. St. Simon's Eastern Orthodox, Robert Baranow, first assistant, the Rev. Benjamin Bpnneprise, second assistant. Sunday Masses, 6, 8, 10 and 11:30; Feast Day Masses, 6, 8 and 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.; daily Masses, during school year, 6:30, 8 and 11:10. St. Paul's Lutheran. (Wisconsin), iihd Avfe., N. the Rev. E. C. Leyrer pastor. Summer schedule: Divine service, 9. IRON BELT Alan Slater and Clyde F.; Daly, Grand Rapids, spent their i vacation with Jack Reyn o 1 ds. | Mr. and Mrs. Edward L u nd- berg, Crystal Falls, visited their daughter, Mrs. Alan Carr, and | family. j William Blomqulst, who hasj been a patient In the St. Luke's i Hospital, Marquette, has r e - i entered Ontonagon Mem orial j Hospital. • Edward Gagnon Jr. and son, j Billy, have returned to their Our Saviour's Lutheran. (Mis-(home in Rochester, Mich., souri). The Rev. Theodore C. after visiting his parents Mr. Predoehl, pastor. Sunday School, and Mrs. Edward Gagnon S r . Harding. Prayer service, 10. j 10; worship service, ll, with land other relatives. It is no accident that meii, the world over, have built clocks into the steeples of their churches: Reduce life to its simplest components and what have you? TIME and GOD. Time marks the beginning of life. It measures the growth of our bodies. It provides opportunity for our work and play, it reveals to us our human limitations. And then, one clay, Time leaves iis behind... But God is the origin of life. He measures the growth of our souls. He provides our strength and forgives our weakness. He reveals to us His limitless Love. And» never deigning to leave us behind, God beckons us oil — even beyond the circle of time. A parable then: the clock in the steeple! Man finds material security and temporal happiness as he learns to respect Time. Man finds spiritual security and eternal happiness as he learns to love God! Book Chapter Versei Sunday Tu«dly I Saturday Colossiank 34 3 16 33 19 5 4 1-15 1-1* 33-3T 41-4$ 13-21 1-1 i Copyright 19SS Ktisttr Admrtuint Stnia, Inc., SfnuJunr. v «. Lakeside Memorial Chapel Wilbert H. JunHila, Director lake Superior Wilbert Vault Co.- Uimakka Insurance Agency, Wakefield Mckevitt Kershner Funeral Home, Inc. Walter P. Kershner and Joseph McKevitt, Directors Walter Meyer's Sausage Co., Ironwood and Hurley Bill Miller, Standard Oil Agent Moort'i Electric Shop Morgan Nelson Supply, Inc. National Metals Bank Chappell-Zielinski Funeral Service R. L. Zielinski, Director This Series of M«s«agM Published Weekly by the Following Business Establishments Nyberg-Millor Funeral Home Radio Station WJM5 Chief Oil Co. City Drug Store, Hurley C & L Auto Service, Inc. Credit Bureau of Ironwood Ray's Flower Shop Randall Bakery, Wakefield Ringwoll Upholstery Sage & Williams Agency Sky View Nursing Home, Hurley S). James Hotel Sullivan Agency, Insurance White Cross Pharmacy, Hurley Bark River Culvert li Equipment Co. Bessemer National Bank Engstrom Funeral Home, Hurley Frick-Zielinski Funeral Service R. L. Zielinski, Director Wrh. J. Karpus, Manager General Insurance Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Auto Co., Inc. Gogebic National Bank Hager Lumber Co., Inc. Reino M. Hauta Insurance, Hdutamdki's Rest Home Hi way "2" Super V«lu, BessemAr A. W. Hblrnbefg Agency Iron Exchange Bank, Hurley Ironwood Daily Globe Josephson't Rest Home Ketola Funeral Home Oscar Ketola, Willibm 0. Ket»ll>, ' William H. Ketola, Directors k

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