Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1928
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VOLUME XXXI. No. 8i)<-c<>!iiior to The lola Dally ReKlater. The lulii Ihilly Rword and lola Dally Index. lOLA, KAN., TUESDAY EVENING,.JANuk lY b. 192^., IN FOR LARGE SHOWINIOLA Poultry Exhibitors Bring In Ninety Birds For Goinpetition AeTiVITIES~AT HALL MOCK WEDDING FOQLS GUESt AS LICENSE IS REFUSED N. Y. COUPLE Nuw York, Jan. 17. (AP)—Patrick Kearney-, playwright, aiid Miss Elizabeth Russell .artist's model, were revealed today to have gone'through a mock marriage ceremony rather than di.sappoiftt assembled guests when Miss Russell was refused a license because she could not prove she was 20. The couple yentorilay olrtuini-d license when '.Miss Kunsc-Il proUuc-, jrot U-wls. Urowiif. nu author who ed an arfldavlt S I KUP U by hvtr mother and they liiter were married 'by a civil _ceremo»>'. Tho mork tit'arriaKO took |ilac« at Kearney's ahartment last Tliurn- day, and W.HK 'jk'ticribwl by Karl Simmons, also a playwripUt, aH carried oui dt'spito •the lack of a license in ordt-r not to disairpoint Otto H. Kahn. KuK^ne O'.V P III. Floyd Dfll. BY COMMITTEE TODAY Decorating Is Started At Memorial Hall . today Roy K. G^vin. se<.retary of the torn and poultry sliww, reports to- rtay that entrle-s for 90 blrd^ were received in this morning'!) nuUl. TJV.ese -were all from outsdde breeders vhich iiitilcates that the entry •list will bo large. Kntries may stiU !be made in thij- deprarimeut as j. well as ill the corn department, up to 5:0U 1). m..AVediv«sday. itonurial hall is a seeno of great . ectiviiy today, with .Trrangemi.ntK ; lapidly going forward to- handle the large- exhibits which art| ex- j/^t£d. The 'vocational agriculture claPs of Uio high s<hooI under tljic direction' of its instructor. t!. , • IT j. r /les. has been heiiriug wiUi thb Finance (xroup Votes lor t.reparatio.ui each forenoon f<ir j^^, Action Until Aftcr I «evtral days.. Tables are iKMlig • „ 1, 1- frecled. poultry coops set up and MarCn li> arnniged. and the corn',exh;bit.s' Jiiepared for display. . • iStafr<> for Oirn Sli«»v. •Hi? sUige of the hall, wliich is iwiig used a."* the com exliibition xootn. la taking^ on llie appearance of a real corn show with dozens r,f i)ile.s of golden and white corn. Thirty-six I'armt^Va have already rutered;coru exhihiis. and over 7.'> husliels of corn, is now on display, with entry day still to come. 'Tho doons of Ihts. hall ^will be ^open oavh day from .<);0i) a. ui. to 'n.-OO p. m.: and everything wlil bo in' readines.-i for visitors by Wed- n/jsday evening. .ludgiu)^ will start ThursdJiy niorn|ng. and tlie first general program will be hold Thursday evening, in tho Chamlwr • of Coniihene room in tJie east end <rf€ liall, when Judige Harris will di.'w'u'sa poultry breeding problems. Tht> alfalfa school, tauglii by Professor' Thro<-kmorton. L. K. AVilloughby. K. H. Well.-*, and <>lh- A -rs -will also bo held formerly -w-UHNa Ilabbl. to agree to go through tihe form of a ceremony. .N'one of the other guests were awaro of the fact that the weddlni; wasn't .strictly bona fide. Horace I.iverlght'dieted as best man. Floyil Dell read a lot of poc4ry or srjmething and a fine time was had by all." Mr. KearneVi who I H .14 years COUNTY GETS FEDERAL Aip FROM STATE Allen County's Share In Big Allotment Is $50,000 LAYER BOE^I KNbWi WHYIE ACTED Church DfBj con Admits He Killed Child, Then Diss^ked Bod^ MONEY TO BOUNTIES i>iOB STARTS ACTION Horace" Uveright and-joltL dramatized Theodore Dreiser's 1-Anurican Traged.v." It is his other guesU". , -,„,,, "•Imagine." smid Simmon-s. "in- j third marriage. Miss Russell also viting Otto Kahn to a wedding and ; had been married previously. The then liaving no wedding. We sim-I couple met at a party on New ply had to .-itage a wedding, so we 1 Year's day. ' ] MORE BACKING IS GIVEN HOOVER AS G. 0. P. NOMINEE Large Amounts Awarded Adolph Hptellihg Is taken To Complete Work on \ To Reformatjory After Highways Mob Att I Flint .\Iieh Hotpil ITopeka. K.:n.-!.. .Ian. IT. Tlie State highway < oiiims'^if.n t,->- -Vdoph day allotted $.".1::.»."!' to c.iuati-.s clinrch«)n of the stconii di-trict and JX'tS.050 has confe.^si^u to the fourth district, completing "and dissecting of its apiiropriation if it.-» $:!.t;b«.0UO j liorothy Schne^ler. State anil fed.-ral funds available I «t is. by hi.s V( Robinson and Shortridge Fair in Line for Secretary AVashington. Jan.' IT. TJiel Washington. .Ian. 17. f.VP)—Tho finance.committee voteil to-j Hoover-tor-l'rosident boom ha^ senate: day t<) sidetrack the |29ii.U(io.(a.iO tax i^eiluction- ibill until aftor March l.i. •.\n effort* by Senators Simmons I of .North Carolina: ranking Denio- :crat on the committee, to obtain ; immediate consideration of the ; measure was ilefeated bv a jitvict (party vote. 11 tci ». with the Ue! publicans sticking by the po^:tpoii-j- I inent jirograin. I drawn the support, of As.slslant Sciretary Robinson of the Navy, and Senator Shortridge of California, but Secretary Mellon, mentioned in press accounts as having sw-ung to the commerce secretary, still is an unknorM-n quantity insofar as tho public is in- 1 formed of the disposition to be for road l)ui.'i!iiig year. Figuri's aiiiioiinced tentative yi'S'"erday fur th>' f.:iir oilier, dis- tr!(-is »<i r siiiil today i :i liavi- bi-cn m.ide r.iial witli ii<i material Cllingis. ; .Approjiriations for the second disfrii-t were largely for work on ji r. S. Highway .N'o. ."ii. while inost or" the a!I«tm-iiis to iJu- coimi,* of the fourtii di-iricl w-tVc Ij b;- apidiid on I", S. Highway So. ~:)\\'. Aliiitineii! wcr- aunoini'id as follows: Se-ond |ii.-:r'i': Clia-" coiinry. Itt.'.oiMi: Clay. $l(',..-.mi-. CNiuil. $lit!t.- ."itHi: Dirkiiisiiti. ».':i.."ii)ii: Bflswurtli. $?4.7."i"': CiM-y. ?.>.II'M): .lewell. $20.uim; I.iticolii. JlK..-iMt: .Marion. $3o.(H)(i: LMcl'h<rsoM. $l.-!.'i(i(i:: .Mjr- ris. $l.-..tin(..: Mitchell. ilo.ilfUl; Ottawa. $20.11110; Republic. *ai.:"iO(i: in Kansas this ' prehensible t.o thorltie.-!. i Officers, hitw to piinder ovi-rj n. IT. ,(.\Pl — a IT-vfar-old 10wosso^ Mich., the nfes him ver. mot ian o that Kva's bkailse llotelUiig's lowed bv s!U-!i lie indi-^natioji uity of poicJ? Hotelling frojni The Flint |a: idaco for hiiji. soonia Quick Mail Service to " New York and East I'osilmaster Bollinger has received notice from the National Air Transport Incoriwrated that beginning February 1 planes of that company .t-arriiug United States mail will fly at night instead of i)y day. The. (change l!».^kes'it ])OSsibIe for letter.*! mail- c-tf at tola for the -I:4S train go- .ihg north on the San^a Fe in the evening to catch plancti at Kansas rity, flying east with the result that letters, thus mailed won d reach Chicago the tiext moraine and Neiw York the next eveninp. .That. Ls to say letters mailed m ify]a. at 4:2S this-afternooil will be d»i?ivered in .Ntw York City tomorrow niglit. - That ce^rlaiiily is rem irkable sfervlce and is aiioihcr illustration . of tlie extent to whii h tlie airplane is speeding up' business in • America. Crop Specialist Will Address C. of C. iVleet .'.Speaking perird of th>> rcKuIar •v;eekly : noon Iun<-hcon of the ChiLinher of CommenM'. ' licid fo- j-i!irrciu- at the Kcl!»'y Imli!. >\-ill be ^iven over to tin- c-iru and poultry sihow repn-sciitalives. L. K. - vyillnugliby. crop specialist, of the ^ rfgricultural ! vollcge. .Manliuttan, i •^ill probalily 1><' tlie mail) s leaker . eSi-he is a j-<irn expcri. and will i l^avc charge; of the awarding- of ppzcs in tills class. The Inni-hi-on will Starr, a'j lU:ir. and. as iisual hi- over at 1; p. m. I'lales can be rp>erved by caliing Hotel Kelley, ti'lephone 75. I M-fore in a. m. WEATHER and ROADS Informed bv Chairman -Smotst maiie of his influence, that thv Republicans intended Mr.'.Mellon detJare* last night delay consideration of the tax bill' that riubllshed reports that he until after March 15 when first taxi would! support Hoover did not returns of the year arc due. Seiia-I come from him and'be added that toi- Simmons declared "yoii w-ill he lia^ not indhatcd bis jKisition hear from us! on this later." 'or toldiaiiyone what he pli^ns tb do Democratic tnembers of the com- i at tli.' |Rti)ubl' convention.' most sph-ad. Hotel mpts kidOapinB. -slaying body df little jbut why he did ion. as' incom- as to ihe au- The Weekly Register. EsUblIah«d' 1867. The lotacSly Rjgtater. ErtabUshed 1897. M'NARY-HAUGEN BILL = AGAIN BEFORE JHOtlSE AGRICULTURE GROUP Washington, Jan. 17. (AP)—The McNary-liaugc'n bill t )ok its familiar position today as the bUsiness before " the 1 ouse agricultural committee. This farm measure, a fighting i.ssue in both of-congress, differs in two respects from the one vetoed by I^resi- qent Coolidge last session. . . ' It; now would ^ive the president^ •• sitrance that it would bo- reported favorably by ihe committee. R. H. Thon»p.son. president of the b^aiiket power In naming the fed- al farm board and its relief pro- vUions would be applicable to all agricultural products. I Before heading Into'the big farm riliet subject, the committee acted favorably on/ tho Capper-Ketch- ajn bill authorizing an aprpropria- tion of $060,000 for-farm exten- .^on and economic work. In addition, the bill -Tvouid authorize $600,000 for the second year that tie act is in force. Representative Ketcham. Republican, Michl- gfin, was authorized to reintroduce bill as amended, with the as-.l en by these jfronps ho said, American Farm Buraei^ Federation appeared as. a represintative of various tirm organizations which have 'been -working for farm legislation. He said these organizations include.d the cora belt bureau of farm as-sociations. which,'represents Iowa. Minnesota.:" ^cpth Dakota. Indiana. Illinois. Wisconsin, ^lis-souri... Montana and Nebraska farm'groups. , ' Ai>proval ot the principle of "the McNarj- Haugeu bill had been giv- had little time Ives lasj night, jarrest Was fol- itburst -of pub- ull the in.gen- jneetled 'to save mol violent-e. wa: found ^no safe a^nuib forming al•••d of Ihv arrest was taken se- driven; by nio- i- guurit to the BESOLUnONUP SOON ON SMITH SENATE SEATING .Saline. $13,62r): ^i:i..">oo. Fourth District and Washington. •ilate p(dic< cleared the Fl .Mlvn county, nrUnndr Ander..m. ..our-, bon. $;>o.i(ijo; CliMutanqua. J.'itl.oiif i wo iUK croily from ijiij jail tor .-ar under lieav Ktate < I ansi ig. aii<L finally, sliort'y aftt-rjii dnig it today, locked in a <-eIl at tlije M:\U' reformatory j it at Ionia. I So sooniM- -hid tl|e cavalcade of aiid sheriff's officers nt cjity linilt-s. with last] night than Action Would Declare His Place in Senate Vacant mob of down 11 lion bettc, $50,800: Lynn. $9,000: .Miami. $75,000: 'Jlontgomery. $.'i2,000: .N't>osho. $, (on 7:{ west); WIs<in. ,<;ni,(M>o: and Wood.son. $.'.it.oOo. mltlee were called for an early conference at -which the North Carolina senator e'xpects to map out a plan for carrying his fight to the floor for curlv conHidvration pf the lax bill. . ' ; (Senator Brijoot expressed 'confidence after the' meeting tlidt the Rclpublican majority will stick to- gelher on-the floor for delay of the bill which has far exceeded Ihe lltiiltation on tax reduction pro- pijsed by the administration. , SENATE TARIFF PLANISTABLED House Tables Resolution To Cut Tariff—Is Senate Idea "I aih luil obliged to either con-1 .^Hotmcnts firm or ileiiy anytliJiig that a ne^ws- j di-tricrs w-cn Washington. Jan. 17. (AIM—By a vote of 1S:{ to 164. the house today tabled a senate resolution proposing a downward revision of the tariff. This action, taken at the instance of Representative Tilson of Connecticut. Republican leader of the house, has the effect of virtually killing the measure, inasmuch as a vote to reconsider woulil be necessary to take tt froin the table. Some members:of the Western Republican independent group have made it clear, howev^'r. that some 'move against the tariff was to be expected in the house at this session'. Representative (Jarrelt. of Tennessee, Democratic floor leader, vigorously opposed today's action. The re.solution approved yester- l>uper man wriifii liecause. he hasn't any material for bis paper." the secretary said. "I am not obliged to take auv' poDltlon. There Is luck in leisure.; Senator Shortridge .and Mr. Robinson were definite in their an- nauncements In favor of Hoover, the senator/in^dlctlng on the senate floor that tho commerce secretary would be the next president. He expressed tho opinion that Secretary Hoover will "make himself clear to Uie American people on every issue and w-ill continue the i>olicies of this administration." Regret that President Coolidge and (Tharles KvaAs nuglH>s had day f.iihiw- tliird. Jtni'.smi; sixth. $ for the four other • an:ii;imr<-d yisttr: Fir t. *1.M;!II.:! M: fi ih. $S6".'11)11. and a few gunshotsl swer. Thej l)i< :• the atla^kerH' Ii of tli>- uatioMa c«-cil- d , in i \r.irin\f shortly a:t"r- inMni Hiilelliiip. fatlieif met by tear gafe boifibs hurled into the mob b.v guards. wer reas d to «n tli t( Brickbats and! t.} the nibjb's an- • jii ng- strengtli of the rd kh.' If fi Commissioners Can Not Be Reached County i-omniihs, OMITS tli s aft-r noon. Wfi -c ii.ok.iia over mud work in the county and for ri-;i.-on cou'xl not lie rc.nli.'il Tor till -v- plana^ion for what tiic .f.-iil.tiiio in federal aid would be used. The county has asked federal a on ihe Savonburg-Klsmore roail. and an activtj worli'i r in so (hiirch of jChiist. is a •II v.i-< a ffllfiw led to the :rrr aious<>d su.spjr'ion iJv vopstanl ilis- ciissioii of till' i'l o:\i- \)w ^.-1 that he coill'i 1 liild's slay-i'. When officer Hotelling aj •charges. He. I S-hiJei I" iiy h t. wi-tnt firs •oke l'! f<?ssed. the officers '/leing identiffed by fJie West street road, paving, of, , ,,,.i_p,i .Vorth State street and .onstru.-tion '" ' of a new bridse on .\orth .State tnui decided not to be candidates was i street. Other co>inly cniploy.s ex- expressed In a Ktatehient' by Mr. Robinson who said (hat in view of devolop|nents liiSj state of New -York s-lwihld support "the best equipped man" at the Kansas City convention. He is convinced after consultation -with. Republican leaders in hi.s home county, jie added, that. Herbert Hoover should receive- the nomination. • Rannabarger Found Guilty in Booze Case W. S. Rannabarger was found giilltv of possession and sale of linnor by ji jury In district court late yesterday. The jury w'as out only 25 minutes. Trio case of the state agahist K. L. Parker has been continued for the term. John T. Allen's suit against the Wlzanl Oil & C,as company will be heard by a rieferee, not yet appointed. ' ^ / A inry today is hearing the suit pressedjthe opinion that the money was probably for use soniewhcre ou the .N'orth State .strwi road. Hoover Fight Seen in . New York G.O.P. Meet 1.01 It .New York, Jan. IT. (AP)—Republican organization leaders of! his car became •New York Stat,e have been called j Ul.""'''.",':' upon by Chairman George K. .Morris, of the state committee, to meet at Schenectady January 28 to discuss methods of strengthening the party In the coming campaign. Chairman Morris, in announi-ing the call, said that "presidential mobile from -a place where body was foifml Car I The aulomoblle i'<i'- tlie kidnaping w llotelliu!; pla(e ly repainted."I don't knoW ni'-." the confejsion "1 was drjvipig Dorothy. I got he|: I wniild ?he cried. I 'dijove der road (the: muddjj worlkmn lloi •St. s hands on-the w- candidacies will not be considered V* h^r part way^across still cj-Ied anil vant "She said she -w >ul<l so I pulled f>i«i nl I FOR KAN!<.\^: Mo^lly fiUr lo- nisht and lV«'dne>da}:: not nitirli clifnce In Iriiipenitnrp.., 'For Ii>Ia: "Mosll)- fair (onlghl and W«Klnesd:i.T; not much rhtinitp iu feniitpratuir. "Temperature—^Highest yesterday. 4.^ at 3 p. m.; lowest last night. 3". at 4 a. m.; normal for today. 3f>: excess yesterday. 14 :i excess Eiiice January 1st. 49 degrees: this date last vear. highest^ 40: lowest, 2S. • : Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. m. today. .00: total for' this year to date, .02: deficiency, since; .January Isti. .68 inch. Relative humidity> at .13 noon :>'es(erday. 80. per cei^t: 7 a m. today. 91 per cent: barometer reduced to sea level, 30.31 inches. '.•Sun rises, 7:37 a. m.: sun sets. 6.:2S p.'m. Road Conditions, .r Hutchinson, cloudy, roads good. . ' fSallna, cloindy. roads- good. ; Topeka; cloudy, roads good. •: Ehnporia. cloudy, roads' good. , Ark. City, cloudy, roads good. ; Coffeyvllte. threatening, roads good. Manhattan, partly cloudvv roads .good. , • ; . Pittsburg, cloudy, roads slippery. . . Wichita, cloudy, roads good. - , Dodge City, cloudy, roads good. "OttaiSi'B, cloudy, roads good. dav by a coalition of Senate Demo-i of Mrs. H. T. .Mitchell crats and Republican Independents j Harry -M. Stephenson, was transmitted to the house asi! an expression of senate sentiment. | Copcniug Is CHOSCU As or enter In any way into the conference." Tho Herald-Tribune. however, today said that tlie move is seen by RApnUIcans as indicating that Morris and Charles D. Hilles, national I (inimlttceman ,from .New- York, "are determined to use vig- agalnstjorous methods to thwart the corralling of national convention delegates for Secretary Herbert Hoo-- ver." , I bail been hink ni;;ht ot the Hii kma over in my mjn I the The house alone has authority to initiate tariff legislation. jBverett Bible Appeals Conviction in Murder Bottler Vice-President Topelia, Jan. 17.^ (AP)—F. ^y. Hekelnkaeniper. of .Atchison, was elected president of the Kansas Bott'trs of Carbonated Beverages Topeka. Jan. 17. (AP)—Everett! association ;at the closing session Bible, convicted in the Montgom-iof the annual convention here lo- ery copnty district court last ye^r of second de^frec murder, today ap-- pealed jto the state supreme court from his convI(-tion and sentence to 40 years in the state penitentiary, r . day. John M. Copening, lola. was elected vice president, and Nonvell Alexander Lapsley. Winfield, secretary. Wichita was selected for the 192D meeting. I Prosperity/or Cattle Breeder Is Seen in Kansas City Price City. Jan. 17: f AP)-7-.\ i fed steers owned by B. H. Cor- definite return ot prosperity for cattle breeders was seen by'com­ mission men hero in tho new high peace'time price paid for prime fed eteers on the Kaawas City market yesterday. Eighty-six head of choice steers, averaging. 1.401 pounds, and owned by William I. ^lasche, banker .and cattleman of SaffordviUe, Kansas, were .sold for $18.25 ia hundred pounds. The price was the highest ever paid In Kansas City iex- cept diiring the war. said W. E. Gillespie of the; Gillespie-Jones live stock commission company, who made the sale. Last Saturday 85 'bead ot prime nelius of Wichita. Kansas, were sold by Gillespie for $1S a hundred l>ounds. The scarcity of choice heavy cattle, which are in increased demand, is responsible for the high prices. Mr, Gillespie said. Since the war. he said, there has been a large supply of lightweight cattle on the market, 'but now the demand has turned toward prime fed heavy stock and breeders'who are feed- iitg this cla^s of stock are reaping the profit. . .Mr. Gillespie said he believed the cattle market -would hold firm^and that cattlemen in this territory will fatten their cattle and uke advAutage of the high pric|s. Washington. Jan. 17. (AP)—The senate today received the report the Reed committee recommend- g timt the seat of Frank L. Smith o^ Illinois, be declared.vacant, but decided to postpone the vote on it ui»fil tomorrow. Chairman Shortridge. of the clec^ pej-sons charged, tijons committee, and Senator Borah. Republican. Idaho, wanted additional time in which to study the tijanscript of the" proceedings before c special slusli' fund committee n days ago wlien Smith declined submit himself further to- the risdiction of the senate. Senator Dencen. Republican, Illi- -aliing out | n|)is, spokesmanj for Smith on the Khicli sue-1 senate floor, wl^ose campaign ex" ' pj-nditures causejd the fight on him. ic .'ti-eets oila.v. e children said the senator-elect was ready t(i have the matter disposed of at the Owos-'thiB time and that he did not care ciir|:t!nter;: td avail himself of the opportuh- ii's tip that itjy to appear in his own behalf elliiig had ilii-c case, and A -ere lold. to ills home <lc!iic(i the ilow-)-. ami c-on- iii the> senate chamber. After setting forth that contribu- tibns. to Smith's primary contest tc taled $4.58,782, and that of. thij sAra $203,000 was donated by officials of public utilities organiza- tif)ns. the resolution said: Resolved that the acceptance a<id expenditure of the various assttried. after i siims aforesaid in behalf of the a firmer who cxtHiatk? an auto- holt' near the iborotiiy Schneider's •ate<.; hidi was used s fduiid at the lutd been Iresh- hat sail] i^!onp| in thke -ante over and saw o the car h^r home, jier to the Sny- roatl tn which mired) and carried ce. the field. She d ti go home. Itell iier father, y knife apd ng night after b case, turnln."? (letaiiii of that Ray Moody Awaiting Mother, Then Prison Indfpcndence, Ks.. Jan. 17. .(.\P) —Ray Moody. :$0. Bentonvllle, Ark., awaited in the county jail today the arrival of his mother. Mrs. T. A. Moody, from Bentonvllle, befpre he is taken to the 'State penitentiary to begin serving his sentence in connection with the death of Miss Viola Kenny. 18, Cherry-vale, Kans. 1 . Moody was convicted yesterday of, fourth (degree manslaughter.: Moody -was repentant and told Judge Holdren he did not blame him for the sentence. Little Change Is Due In Weather In State Topeka, Jan. 17. fAP)—Little change in temperature is in prospect for Kansas, the weather bureau said this morningi and while some cloudiness will continue today and. tomorrow, tut slight chance for rain exists. Dodge City, with a trace, reported the only moisture in the last 24 honrs. Temperatures tonight are expected to range from 20 in the northern and western counties to about freezing in the southern and eastern sec- lions. ^\•hen bid friends meet—it's time to serve PICKWICK COFFEE. At yoiir grocer. i-rime The possi'.di Hi(-kman cas^ ^ as i police «airt h MI fpssed to sinfil. r at dren over a pei iod < if years. Two of these attac^k.'. actordlng to officials. occiirr<trl in was on a tw'tj-vear-jold'child, anil the other on ^n cighjt-year-old girl. Hickman's attorney Has Ke V Information btfiring «>f the isspelled later, Hotelling con- tacks* on chil- 4 Kansas CijyJ .Iain. 17. (.\P)— Jerome Walsh, alto-ney for William Edward-1 ickrian. confessed slayer of Mari in I arker in Los .Vrigeles, resumed the taking of depositions in the case here today, after his' r eluri from Arkansas and Okl jh ima points, wliere he also obti incd depositions. Wal«b' said lie obt; ined information he consit ered important to Hickman's dp}e ise i n his trip to .Arkansas and'C klah )ma. He said he would leavtj for) Los Angeles tomorrow. Breadless Qiy Is Given Yeast I'roii Airplane Orofino. Id^hb. Jdn. 17. (Alt)— Oroflno was Tiack t> gastronamlt: normalcy tO(^j aft fr an aviator had circled t|ie co nniunity and dropped 40 poFuiids of yeast, thereby saving it froii bei i»g a breadless Cut off frcftn rail and highway commnnicatiofi feince lasrt T^hnrsday because of floods. Orofino, which has 1,000 InhiblU its. ' suddenly found itself -with no veast and only one loaf of brpa^. A Spokane ayia- for arrived over th* town yesterday and delivered the necessary yeast Last .^jifeht was 'devoted largely to baftiiig bi^ead. : candidacy of th6 .said FiankL. S nith is contrary to sound public policy, harmful to tho dignity ami honor of the senate, dangerous to tlje perpetuity of free government, arid taints ivith fraud and corrup- ti m the credentials for.a seat in tl e senate presented by the said Ffank L. Smith: and be,it further •Re.solved, that the said Frank Lj Smith is not entitled to talce the o^fh of office and is not entitled to membership in the senate of tho Ufiited States, and that a vacancy exists to thc-representation of the S^atc of Illinois in the United Spates' senate." By declaring the seat vacant,'it •WIS; the purpose of the scnafe to s(rvc notice upon the authorities of Illinois that the senate regarded the election of Smith as vitiated at d was ready to receive the cre- dcntials'of a successor. Friends of Smith held, however, th It the senate could 'not set aside the election and that Governor Siiall could not appoint a RUCCPS- unless Smith resigned. It was St ite<I that the senator-elect had nc'intention of doing that and was prepared to again present his credentials to the senate sitting at the opening of the seventy-first congress in December. 1929. School Supervisor To Visit County Tomorrow S IIss Elizabeth Warning, rural ocl supervisor from the state department of education, •will arrive in lola at 9 o'clock, tomorrow mirning. In company with Miss Dtjllie Adams, county superintendent, she -will visit some - of the standard schools •of the county. FIRE BUGS SEEN IN MA^ BLAZES First Man-Taken in Hunt IsjP^chopathic' Patient Washington. Jan. 17. (AP)-r-Five exfra alarm fires, intersipcrsed with several minor oncsi and a few; false ones, threw tho national cjipital into a state of tiirmoll last;night and early today and Jed the })o]ice to believe tiro bugs were at, work in the national capital. \ Damages are expected to.' run into hundreds of thousandts of dollars. Tho blazes, the first of which began shortly before midnight; continued Btttil after nine o'clock this morning, bringing apparatus' from many nearby' Virginia and Maryland cities and tow^ns to-' aid an exhausted Washington crew and starting a wide search Por suwect* bellevwl to , have deliberately set fire to the places and to havehurn- e<l in false alarms to divert the fire fighters..' . \ ' The first ma-n taken in the hunt was a temporary psychopathic patient at Walter Reed hospitaE Hci gave the name of John Jacob 'Fisher. 29 years old. On his person was found a fire badge of the town (i'ondnaed on Page 4, Xo.;!) AMERICAN LEGION HAS BIGMEEUNG » Two Candidates Initiated At Session Last Nilrht Two candidate's, neither a veteran of the Unfted States fprces during the Wqrlp war. last night were initiated • iiito the American Legion. - ? : Charlie Fairweather, veteran of the Scotch troop&, was initiated as was Mrs. J. P. ijiemberg, a; Red Cross nurse- THe fact that.Fair- weather has takcjn out naturalization papers perpiltted him to vjoin, while Mrs. Hieinberg holds a; discharge from the-army. Two other wbiliien. May Coi^hery of Wichita, and IHrs. Frank LonsU of lola, belong fo the local post Roy Hair made:a[rcport of: the post cdinmander and. radjutant meeting at Topeka. . j He brought back a membership campaign plan 'w,^ich probablylwill be used here wli^ the membership drive iij started,!probably within the next ten day's.. A program was presented and refreshinents weije served to about tjO memjbers of the "Legion, and the American Legion' auxiliary. \ PRESIDENT IS ? - ^4 39 •f Coolidge and Party Steani •Awaiy Aboard Cmiset'. Memphis HAS BEENA Greatest Ac^in^%f elT Paid Foreign Raler Is I Given Him >. 'Ik . Key W'est Fla.. Jan. 17. fAP) President Coolidge , landed . on. -ji American .soil again today from his Havana crossilig. on the ' cruiser Memphis/ The ship . docked at 1:50 p. m, >. Nominatioii-of Seymour . Lowman.Delayed Now "Washington. Jan. 17. (AP)—Action on the nomination pf Seytpour Lowman. of Nem York, as assistant secretary of -'the treasury in charge of prohibition, was delayed today by the senate finance committee pending a' conference with him. Spirit of St. Louis Now Awaits Retmn of Colonel Lindbergh Panama City. Jan. 17. (AP)—The Sparit of St. I.fluis was ready to- da^- lo carry Col. Charles A. Lindbergh to new adventures, but the Ldne Eagle wa.s some 200 miles from h'ere. K telegram to La Estrella De § ma said that Lindbergh would Ii to France field in the canal Thursday. The date of his >ff on.- the 1,000-mile non-stop t to Caracas, Venezuela, is undetermined. e telegram, from David. Japi- ia\ of the province of Chirlque, __.d "it was expected there that Li|idbergh would travel by mule- tk from Salvador Jnrados ranch at Potrerillos on the slopes of the extinct Baru volcano ho Bouquete. Tier* he would be the guest of "ifop'' Wright, aa American hotel cperator.beforete .started to climb to the top of th5 volcano. Lindbergh is expeeteii to return to; the ranch tomorrow ?and leave David for France field T-hursday, the message said. ^ Russell VoorheJs?. "Wright inbtor expert who overhauled the Spirit of St. Louis,' salQ: "The plane is ready to start as; a moment's; notice: everything'depends on Colonel Lindbergh." : \ The French ttyers, Dieudonne Costes and Joseph Lebrix, | Who have started for Caracas, en r0ute to New York, hkye brought cl^un- pagne to the Anierican army }K)st at Christobal "sjher.e prohibftion prevails. The chsmpagne I9 painted in their plane; tlfe Nunge-iser-^li, which shared st'hangar witb'thd Spirit of St i-oufe. . Havana, Jan. 17. (AP)— CD !»i said bon voyage to President Cpof lidgc today and sent him -back to his country with-cthe memory, of- the greatest acclaim ever paid- in Ha\-ana to' the visiting head oC a foreign nation. He steamed out into the oce^n, on the criilser Meinphis. Botmd for Key West having left a lOiB- sage of good will ajtd intematiohal' amity—the first ever dellvered{.ln an American exeentjlTi): on Latin American. shores. A-!^,: The first glint of day, crept okrer historic Morro Castle overlookuig. the Havana hai'bor as Mr. and Mrs; Coolidge said adieu to their hajsts in the Cuban national paj &ce^£nd~ started their homeward jciiin ^ey. The .Memphis left promptly (9L$^ West, where the ^re board - a special train. ; arrival the-re for the. W^shlij^ton. One form: .lacksonville has been sch~ for Wednesday morning. Huirlies and Others Stay. • ~ Behind the president left Charles E\ans Hughes anh the rest bf the American delegatfon to the Pan- • American congress which Mr. CoOf; lidge opened yesterday amid. an Inordinately friendly gesture fii ^m those who heard the speech toWard : the Ameriban executive who had ' traveled far to deliver it ,Mr.- Hughes and his colleagues will repr-- resemt'the Washlnfjton Lgovernment! k in the conference which is expect-*! > ed to last about six ..weeks. . A Accompanying the president homeward -were Secretary and Mrs ;i , Kellogg and Secretary and 9fra. ,-. Wilbur.. The presidential party;, was dun in Key West in the mid -i die of the afternoon. Mr. Coolidgei ^ intended to be >back at his deekj j Thursday morning. ; ; It was 8:4.'; o'clock this mora-!'- ing that President and Mrs. Co** lidge and their party left HaTansl aboard the bruiser Memphis bta^^ voyed by the^ battleship Texas an4> six destroyers. ' ;l Streef.s Are Lined. - '[i . Arrangements made last nighjb u with the port captain gave thei-^ ; president special aid in steaming!;out of Havana harbor and a doufr!^ f hie file of soldiers this morning H lined the streets from the presidenj- tial palace to the embarkatlmt point. " X '.'I . Four launches Vere placed at the__; disposal of the ' Coolidge partyj. Three from the Cufban ' cnstomfe service and one from the Texa^ , President Machado was at the -port to bid hi^ distinguished giiests goodbye. - As the president's ship passed : Morro Castle point a salute, of -81 ; guns was fired from the Cuban-' cruisers Patria and Cuba. ' ,: ' Although the president arrived in Cuba aboard the Texas, bis return trip was made aboard the cruiser. -- jMemphis. The reason that tlie - . president boarded the Memphisvin- '. stead of the Texa.s was to obvlata^ a change at Key West which would : have been necessary because the Texas is too large to enter the dodc ther-j. The trip to Havana necessfr tated a change of the presidentbtl - ' party from the Texas to the Memphis before the arrival in Havaiu. ' As the president departed, be ^ took with him the praise of tite. people and the Cuban press. DnT"-:^ ing his short stay here he Gnfletared himself in the hearts of many Cubans and iboth himself and bla speech received acclamation In this . morning's newspapers. f'oolldfre Sees Havana. Yesterday the president spent the entire afternoon in company with' ( President Machado seefnig Harana and its environs as well as the suburban farming districts. 'Within a comparatively few hours he tiaB •whisked from place to nlace by s automobile and saw much indns- ^ trial and farming life. ' :;' The morning newspapers, coin- . mentinp favorably on the pre^-. dent's, speech, i declare that lit: sounded like a clarion call to bet- • ter understanding and friendship-, although holding out no particular^, solution to present proft >lems and*: future possible ones. , : "With the American president having departed, the press is, der , voting much attention to the tirtt , plenary session of the Fan-Amert- ; can conference which will be held .^r tomorrow morning. At the same- 1^ time no little attention is tnmlng ^j toward the forthcoming visit of K Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and I it is expected that the Amerina..;^ air hero will reach here some.tlni^^^ between Feibmary 1 and^ February i, 4. The landing place will be-at Columbia field, six miles west of : the city. ; : The battleship Texas, on whicb the president had made the voyage to Havana, Iremainied In thehai^ttf;;: and probably yita leave early tbtf/./ • •.!' •

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