The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 30, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 30, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER Aft Att^cOtfr*! Ulttttt frfcwsf Ai>feft >«*»*. t t MALVEftN, COTTSTTt, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1933 Community Month End Bargain Sales Start Today Mr*, J, C, Flanagan Died Friday ia Silver City Home Fdft?*nite Year* a ftesideat ef Mill* Cdtinty; Funeral Held Monday MM. lohn o. Flanagan, for forty-five years a resident ot sti- ver City, and vicinity, died at her home in Silver City Friday evening, March 24, after a tew days Illness of pneumonia. Fanerat services were held Monday afternoon in the Moth* odist church in Silver City, which was filled to overflowing with sorrowing. . relatives and friend*, come to pay their last respects to this gfied woman whom alt loved and honored, The service was in charge of the pastor, Rev, F. O, Barnes, assisted by Rev. B, R. Van Dyke ot Oakland, a former pastor* and Rev. Elbert Nlckerson, a nephew of Mrs. Flanagan, pastor ot the Presbyterian church in Wahoo, Nebr, A special choir, Mrs. duy .Parker, Mrs. Hugh Cllpson, A, P. Reeve, and R. P. Oalt, with Mrs. Qalt as accompanist, furnished music. The floral offerings were most profuse and very beautiful, testifying in a measure to the love and affection of relatives and friends and social organisations. Burial was in the Silver City cemetery. The pall bearers were A. B. Judson, Claude Brooks, James Burgoin, Harry Stout, Russell Myers, and Elton Law- eon. Many people from a distance • were In attendance including a ^number from Malvern, Olenwood, |and Council Bluffs, Mrs. Flana- had spent the greater part iff ff«,. r. winglUfe i id'at the services; "* ' H-Blla ''Blanche Crawford, the ""daughter,of John w, and Sarah Jane Crawford, was born Aug. 23, 1865, in Lorain county, Ohio, and died at her home in Silver City, March 24, 1933, at tbe age of . sixty-seven years, seven months, and one day, At tbe age ot fourteen years she moved with her parents to 'Ellsworth, Kan, and when she was sixteen she began to teach in the rural schools of Ellsworth county, On March 31, 1886 she was united in marriage to John 0. Flanagan and to this union were horn three children; Roy Adraln of Juneau, Alaska; Ella Maude pf MHcbeJl, So', pak.j and Neva .May, who died at the age of two years, They lived in Kansas until December, 1&88, when they moved to a farm near Silver City. Here tbey made their home until Februarys JP07t when they moved to Silver City, where they have since resided. At an early age sbe united with tbo Methodist church and. was true to her,faith always, since living in BJiver Qity sbe bas been s member of tbe Methodist cburcb bere. • Sbe leaves to mourn bear death ber husband* ber; two cbJldren, one sister, Mrs, Maude Walkeri of " /;KJW«» HARNESS THIEP Malvern is i pretty poof place to bring stolen property for disposal. One man, R. Suck, ot Council Staffs has learned that to his sorrow. Saturday forenoon Mr. Buck and a young man who gave his name as Lane of Council Bluffs, drove into town and down to the sale pavilion and Buck presented a good set of harness which he Wanted sold in the afternoon sale. Mr. Berkhlmer grew a little suspicions over the rather backward way in which the mail answered his questions, and catted up Sheriff OeMoss who got in touch with Pottawattamie county offlciers and Deputy Coottey and two Bluffs officers drove over after dinner and picked the men up and they were taken with the harness to Council Bluffs. Here it was learned that the harness had been stolen near Coon Rapids ia Carroll county. Buck had the harness and had hired Lane to bring him down here where he expected to sell them, Lane was released and Buck is now languishing in the county jail In Carroll, awaiting action ot the grand Jury. R. L. Davis Dies at Home of Son in Glenwood March 21 Was Sick But Few Hours; Funeral Held in Emerson Thursday Afternoon • S*bert " Luther Davis, well knont resident ot Emerson for th*«tp«st .thirty years, passed away at the home ot his son, 8. ning on going to Malvern to stay with bin son, Oscar,'awhile the following day. In the afternoon he suffered a bad tall, which brought on a heart attack from which be was unable to rally and he died a few hours later. Mr. and Mrs. Davis had celebrated their sixty-third wedding anniversary but a short time ago and he seemed so well that he jokingly said that it wouldn't be long now until they could celebrate their diamond wedding, BO bis death came as a great shock to the family. Funeral services were held in the Baptist church in Emerson, Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock and was attended by a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends, The service was conducted by the pastor, Rev, Joseph F, Stllle, assisted by Rev, R, J, Moran, pastor of the Glenwood Baptist church, Music was furnished .by Mr, and Mrs, I, N.. Cheney, O. D, Greenwood, and Mrs. Ivan Sal' WQHS, w}tb Miss Ruth Chewy as accompanist, The pall bearers were si? grand sons: Dean Anderson, Golden Pavis, OecU DftYls, Be* Davis, Rob* ert Davis, and Ronald Davis. Mrs- A- W. ShftRojr, Mrs. B. B. Electric Rate* at Former Poiition; Repeal Ordinance Gm&til Await* Ottteotae of Present Proeecdifig* in Other "Come weal, come woe, My status is quo." And the status quo of electric rates in this community fast now is, as Samuel Hoffenstein's famed couplet suggests, right back where it used to be as a result of recent legislation on the part ot Malvern's council. Friday evening the Council met long and verbosely with representatives ot the Iowa * Nebraska Light and Power company, Brought out by them was the contention that the reduction made by Ordinance No. 106, pub* lished and put in force last Thursday morning, carried the electric rates below cost ot production and that ordinance was, therefore, confiscatory. Rather than go to court with the matter, an expensive proceeding, the council decided to repeal the ordinance and await a possible voluntary reduqtion or the settlement of a similar controversy at Clarlnda, as a court action of this type would be extremely expensive. Thus the new ordinance, published elsewhere in this issue, along with a statement by the council, repeals the old and leaves the light rates where they were, For one brief week, between March 23 and March 30, the new rates were effective legally, but starting today the old ones will be in force. At the meeting Friday besides the council were K, R. Cook ot GUnwood, attorney, F. B. O'Malley of Red Oak, district manager, Vern Crook, local manager, and Harold Boebner ot Uncoln, alU empioywl^iby, tbe *^—^_ ^.».«-.^'_>^_ ..^-ifrrgni, j . K&*r-»,^\_ ., from ike County Seat Ray Hattey wit* Mayor At Monday's ttrtfn election the entire ticket, headed by Roy tta- ney for mayor, was easily elected. In fact there Was no contest excepting in the second ward where the name ot dail Dalton had been filed by petition to contest with Charles Dick for member ot the council. Diet was easily the winner, The new officiary are as follows: Mayor, Roy Maney. Treasurer, W, C. Rathke. Park commissioner, w. p. Hill. Assessor, Elmer Felseleman. Counell&ten: first ward, Lester Lambert; second ward, Charles Dick; third ward, Clyde Rhoades; at large, Claude Lawler and Bryan Maxwell, First Wedding After Five Day Repeal A marriage license, the first since the repeal of the five day law, was granted at 3:30 in the morning, Monday, March 87, to George Geodfrey Parezik, 33, Omaha, and Vera Lucille Du Vail, 21, Omaha. Justice ot Peace Blrdelle Witkins was aroused;from her slumbers and performed the cere- money immediately following the issuing of the license, Joseph Edward Lemke accompanied them as witness and voucher. Wolf and Gopher Bounties Indefinitely Suspended Owing to the, shortage of tax money the county board passed a resolution Marqih S 2 suspending «tmmtJM on The annual meeting ot the Fairview Country club will be held Friday, March 31, in the Community building at 8 p. m. Election of officers for the coming year and decision as to matters of policy of the club will be the main business to be taken up. Club officials urge.every member to attend the meeting to aid with suggestions as to the adjustment of dues and other matters pertaining to the good ot the club. r ; "~ ^f^" ~t v m "sMSlgg, „.__,._ „- _,_ , r ,-- - . On Friday ury at .present tor the payment of such, Oopher hunters and wolf hunters are to take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. Sfrs» -FMi»f»» was a devoted .Wife and Wat her, She loved her bome dearly and It meant . |o bar, gfee wa» good to tt>e - »»d lelloweji tie Scriptural not l« }et your left b.»Bd ^'/p&'jstftiaiwfip ftrtig ftUvthS- In Jl, L, DAVIS ' OR page Ira Hutchingt to :*1 Retire a* Carrier End* 15 Ysjuri of Service on . Malvern Route \ " 8b« loyej} tbe cbureb »ad was «s worfe, &bt was Alter ftfteeB years the gfttot route Jrft H\itcSiR«s will be retljed as sorter 90 route on? Friday, tJM> r COMBS ftoscrdtflg ts tb» poet of* |ejj department jregulfttloBS it to &ge a.a4 Jeagtfe 94 «»e e« sem i9e> Hj Will gajry tfee m.&l} {oj the taM uw& Mwci SI, tbft ;§* ttirtlftf ' Mr. Httteblftp piwts tbe ft Malvern P. T. A, Will Meet Tuesday The April meeting of the Malvern Parent-Teacher- Association will be held Tuesday evening, April 4, in the Region room In the Community building. Supt, E. c, Kincald is arranging the program which will be given by the men members of the organisation, - , Taxes Coming in > Little Better County Treasurer Otto Jud- kina and Deputy Butcher have their busy day signs out all the time these days. Taxes are beginning to come in pretty fast since a week ago and there may be a pretty fair percentage paid yet before the deadline, Friday evening,-is reached; A couple of weeks ago the receipts were nearly $100,000 short ot last year at the same period, . The dosing of the banks March 4 for a week or ten days and the consequent shortage of ready cash accounted for a good deal of the shortage, Then too, the report that a bill was before the legislature extending the time without penalty to July 1, Hopp Explains Vote Questions in Legislation Write* Leader Cottcernitig fteeetit Let {station and His Stand Thereon We append the following letter from Milts county's representative, tt. C. ttopp, in which he goes into detail concerning the legislation and the stand he has taken on the questions there raised. We visited Mr. Hopp in the legislature last week and found him hard at work and we believe that he has given every question that came up a real serious and thoughtful consideration. He is voting right as he sees it: Olenwood, Iowa, March 28, 1933. The Malvern Leader, Malvern, Iowa. Dear Sirs: I wish to have the following article published. I have not given any Information on legislative matters in our county papers so tar but the time has come when I must make some explanations. In regard to the eighteenth amendment: I am being criticized for voting dry. That is a mistake as no one so far has voted either wet or dry. That question will probably come up some time this week. When it does I shall still stand the same as I did In my campaign, that I shall study all problems thoroughly and vote my convictions. Now what we have voted on is to set up the machinery to either ratify or reject the constitutional amendment which has been ruled by congress but it must be done by convention. The way it now stands, what I vote against, is to hold two caucuses in each county, not democratic or republican, but wet and dry, To nominate one delegate tor each party,,the;same to,j be, voted on **•* .5-'* IK L/Ufe*— *. X* j-'"' . 1 --_A_i^ S " n V>'«««». — A. ft side wins will 'go into 'a conven tlon in Des Moines and cast their votes, If that is a fair solution It would be just as fair for the whole United States to vote on each states electoral votes, and cast the entire vote for the election of the president. The side HOPP EXPLAINS (Continued on page 8) With the Jmufr General Assembly * .By Association State Correspondent ,V I*»t Rays of . It say appear likely to out over tbe state tbat most of tbe important proposal! now fee* fore tbe Qeneral Assembly will be offered with a view to sJoslns tbe session about Apr}) IB. Tbls will leave three weefee in wbleb to consider and pass most of tbe big appropriation bUta and im* jwrtaut ta« revision bills IMj j&t $&iS BfiftBJftBt AlfiO w MA PSA legislation tbj sale of beer to, Iswa Any*" oBft 0f thcfifr fcljt]&> Ififty take A week's time to eonaider*-. tion- It may be assumed Jbj,t mm sf lbe» will lake tbat mi and tJfeea be lest is tbe vsttef. Batb ed » WU to e*H and bold a itt Bill jrwUion bills tbAt hjy* b*6n,:a|l»r«4 ia tbe in : ttoa laws tbat wjji have to be rer pealed before Iowa s»» revert to tbe saloon days of 1915, Beer Bills Not Satisfactory Bills to legalise tbe manufac- ^re aad sale of beer in Iowa have been presented in both fiouset *«? in tbe Senate by Senator Goosey of Bubiwue and in |be House by RepreseataUve Ditto. Tbese bills are regarded by »aey as two liberal a&d we are loid tbey will never pass in their original sbajw- Tbe eurnriae of tbe session may be a noetnoftwaeot of any vote oa tbe Ug,«04» bills for Iowa! «»tt} atter tbe sMewide vote on rep«ai-=-and we are privately in- fo?»6d tbat is Jujt wbat will take, kept others from coming in. Still others haven't the money to pay their taxes and no way of getting it until prices improve. The bill above referred to passed the senate easily but at last reports was in the hands of the house sifting committee, and may or may not Jje reported out this week. . It is interesting to note that the tax receipts during January and February were ahead of the corresponding months a year ago. Mrs. Fay Miller Died in Council Bluffs March 24 Mrs, Fay Miller died in tbe Mercy hospital in,Council Bluffs March M following an extended illness. Funeral services were held in the Christian church in Glenwood Sunday afternoon, conducted by tbe pastor, Rev, j, Irving Brown, Sbe is survived by her husband and two children, Paul and Jen* nie, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs Manfred Linville, besides numerous other relatives and friends. She was born near Qienwood May n, 1909 and bad spent her life in this vicinity. Phone Co, Leads in Sales Increase January, February Reports Show.Malvem D»Y. Ahead WELCOME SPELLERS Malvern will be host to the county wide spelling contest today When the annual competition will be held in the Community building at 1 p. m. Contestants have long been preparing for the event and the match will be Interesting to watch. Winners ot the event will represent the county in the state and other contests which follow. In addition to the contestants, many parents will attend the event and a large crowd is expected, tt is open to the public. R. W. Eaton ot Omaha wilt judge the contest which is being arranged by County superintendent Mary Rathke. tt is expected that all ot the towns and at least half of the rural schools will be represented. Seventy Brave Rain, Snows for County S. S. Meet at Glenwood Rev. Barnes Heads County Association for Coming Year By Donald Mllllknn The Sunday school convention at Qlenwood Friday, March 24, was a success although the weather was not. Seventy braved the equinoctial snow and rain to attend the meeting. The evening session was canceled because of the weather, but this did not hinder the morning and afternoon sessions. • Fourteen Sunday schools were represented. The Methodist Sunday school of Malvern was awarded first place and a banner 'for having the largest number and having . come the farthest. West Oak, northwest of Olen- wood, was second with the same number present. Bach church Merchant* Offering Special Bargains in Feature Sale* Event Large Variety of Goods Included; Thursday, Friday, Saturday Bargain days are here again and here In an important way for thrifty shoppers who can get to Malvern Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Business houses of this community are cooperating in another selling event which will enable buyers of nearly every need* ed good to make Important savings. Grocer leu, dry goods, shoes, hardware, drugs, garage work and service, cleaning, roofing, beauty service, paints, chicks-— the whole gamut of seasonable heeds are included In the selling. And that the prices are genuinely low is proven by the big advertisement of the event on pages 4 and 6. Wise shoppers will read every one of the announcements in the big ad for each includes Important items. The prices and specials wilt be in effect only during the three days mentioned. Stllla were the convention when it wasi learned that it was their wedding anniversary. They had been married 29 years; therefore they were given the flowers with the best wishes of the others. Herbrecht Talks O. Q. Herbrecht, state Sunday school worker ot Des Moines, delivered a short talk on "God's Educational Program." In this talk he told of the three existent pictures of God. The first is of Him as the scientist. This picture is found in the Old Testament. The second is of Him as the Educator, during the 400 years between the Old and New Testa- Mrs. M. E. Boston's Birthday on Monday Our good friend, and Malvern's oldest resident, Mrs. M. E. Boston, celebrated her ninety-fourth birthday last Monday, March 27. She spent tbe day quietly in her pleasant home in east Malvern with her son, O. C. During the day a number of her friends called to felicitate her upon the occasion and a great many remembered her with messages and post cards, commemorative of the event. Although Mrs. Boston had ft very severe spell ot sickness during the winter she bas about recovered and Is up and about and evidently enjoying life to Uie full- V'glfiM^iJEEIItld " day with her. We trust that she may be spared to celebrate her one hundredth anniversary in Malvern and promise her a real celebration. SEVENTY BRAVE (Continued on page 8) That herd work, brings rewards even in times such as these bas bees evidenced by the results of the Malvern division of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. these past two months. This of* floe has shown a biKhsr percentage of new business gained than any otter office la their group In the district. This group includes eight Other e*fthin*«fl: Auduhou, Carroll, QloawftWl, HftSUMiri, Missouri N«el9. Ona,w» l»d YOUf With. YlQ BkUttd «• tb» hAV* kajpl o& till JoJfc ibU dlMcwU mr »ud U»v« Bancroft Talks on Stewardship Here Gives Aeries of Four Inter*, estinsr Meetings on ' , v, 'Tuesday E, Dow Bancroft, noted layman from Columbus, 0., was in Mai' vern Tuesday and gave a^Wbtrl* wind series of talks or addresses In tbe afternoon and evening, At a o'clock be spoke to the high school where be had a fine hearing and gave those young people something worth while to think about, At 4 o'clock be spoke at the Methodist church to a group of ministers and laymen of this district discussing, stewardship in its various phases, Then at 6 o'clock be attended a pot luck dinner in tbe dining room of the church and spo^e briefly along these lines following the meal. At 7:39 p- m. be addressed a much larger audience in the auditorium and for an. hour held them I ncloesest BTAOINUNUU them in closest attention as be dlseu.ssed the stewardship of money, of time and ot character, Mr. Bancroft is a convincing and entertaining speaker wbo lives bis religion and believes very mucb in sharing it with others, tie should have bad £ much larger bearing. A, U A. MeaUog Friday Tbe regular monthly meeting of tbe American.*i>egion Auxiliary will bo b*!d Friday afternoon in tbe Ljtlea rowi to tbe Community building' All wwttbwi are Dr. White to Talk at Union Service Will Start at 8 O'clock Next Sunday Evening Dr. Henry Dale White, pastor of the Presbyterian church, will deliver the sermon nt the next Sunday evening community service which wilt be held at the Baptist church. The service will start a half hour later than has been the custom during the winter months, beginning at .8 p. m. The community services this winter have been unusually successful, not only in attracting larger audiences than usual, but in furnishing a variety of rell- glous thought and presentation which has more fully met the needs of the people of this community. LT, Tb*4*. f. lit Oauutrjf p* WUU J|nfc ftta* ir. .am* R. W. McMullen's -Celebrate Their Golden Wedding Married March 21. 1883| Entertained »t Home of Granddaughter Henderson, March 88. — Mr, and Mrs. R. W. McMullen of this place, and life long residents in this vicinity, celebrated their golden wedding Tuesday, March 81. Tfcey hadn't intended much of a celebration but their grand? daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Cain, near McPherson, had invited them to their home for dinner. When they arrived great was their surprise to find about forty of their relatives assembled to honor them on this notable occasion. A bountiful dinner was served and the day was spent in visiting and recalling old times and the events of and since tbe first wedding. Many beautiful presents were brought them including cut flowers and gold pieces. Mr. and Mrs. MoMullto were married in Red Gal*, March 91, 1883 and moved to tbeir tara northeast of Henderson wuleb wsj their borne until they woved into Hwideruou six year« ago, Tbr»e »on» and tbr«e daughters ble#**d tbeir union and all w«r» pmeut at tbe uoldtn wedding but the you«i««t dauitutar wbo Uva* in Coiorad«. W» Join tne w»»y fri««4» (ME Mr, sad Mr», u«Mu,U«it in tbwu

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