Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 10, 1955 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, November 10, 1955
Page 16
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Th« /Vewtpaper For Tht Botnt Member Associated Press '-'- -V:-- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1955 Second Section Assault Cas-e \T*' '*.•' ' HP 1 Victim lakes Trial Stand Womari'Tclls Of Attack At Airport ,-Here Last July The statutory rape trial of a 30- year-old. Cumberland man entered the second day today in .Mineral County Circuit Court' at Keyser with a request by jurors to conr tihue the hearing through the night in an. effort to wind up the case. Accused, is James E.. Beermah, of 10 Fourth Street. .He.entered a plea of not guilty before testimony go! underway yesterday. - -..'.--. Two. ..otiiej ;Curnberlanders, James .W/iTadleyj 30, .and Daral C: Lambert, 25...were indicted with Beermah by the ' October grand jury on statutory ' rape charges. Only Beerrhan's defense is^ being heard at this time. . • Attorneys Agree Action, to keep the" trial going resulted from a request by William Er ;• Murray, jury, member,, who spqke for the other jurors.. Defense attorneys agreed with the plan, as did Prosecuting Attorney Vernon E; Rankiri. . • : ' : .- ,'•' •• _ : Testifying this morning were Detective Donald Hr Smith and Sgt; James .W.; Brown-,of the- Cumberland Police Department. • Both;investigated -a. report .by.,the complainant, Mrs. Betty-Smith, 34, of Hagerstown.:--.:;.;-;;-" ••..-. .Mrs. :i Smith > was; l; the first witness foi the state" yesterday.- She told of; how three men took her to the Cumberland Municipal Airport near V.'iley Ford last July, lL the woman; stated,, she was ^attack- twojjf the suspects. '' ; . According to Mrs. Smith, the trio made several threats and hinted at throwing her in the Potomac RiVer. -She told o£,receiving a physical, : examination. : at . Memorial Hospital here after the alleged at T ''" '" ' ' " .. . : - •'•'.• Lambert -Drove Car Mrs. Smith testified' Lambert drove the car in which she was transported across state lines. . The witness said she was choked any^that-'bne of the trio placed something against her, neck, "threatening io:"cut my throat." He was stopped by the o'ther two, she-coni tiriued. .- .• • v. : ' .-i. - , Mrs. Smith stated she was., taken to '•'. the airport area a. m. and was not about 12:15 returned to Cumberland until "break of day." The suspects, -she reported, took her to a sister's home on Laing Avenue.-.' . On cross-examinatiori/Mrs. Smith admitted' she : was" known as a ; "common law" wife. After a brief discussion at the . opening of the trial; it was ruled that West. Virginia and Maryland authorities-b'e'-permitted to remain during testimony. .However, witnesses '.were excused • from the •crowded court room. ' 'v ' Vote Machine Insurance ded Pair . Two local insurance firms were each given 50.-per "cent of the. insurance on the 103 voting machines today by 'the Allegany County Board of Commissioners. r Bert J. Graham and the firm 'of Wiebel and Workmeister submitted identical bids on Tuesday and they were also the lowest of the six firms participating. The • bids ^provide for . all-risk, floater type insurance on $146,466 worth of. voting machines. The county; selected the " ; three-year: advance 'premium program which will cost. $i;409.72. Each of the two insurance firms will get half of the : business. The .floater- provision gives the . county coverage on the voting machines 'while they are in transit'to polling 1 places and 'also the time they are out. - of: storage for any reason.- ,.-••• • • . . .. .. • . J.ri connection with, the ..financing of the 103 machines, Corhrnissiorier James Orr'told the board today that several bankers have told him they. are planning to submit figures on a, loan, .program .to for the machines. The. • "county board is interested in determining .df it would be possible to obtain a lower interest rate by this method than by floating ; a bond issue..,.-' ".- •/:'•• '•'.:• .' The Allegany County Board of Election Supervisors reported that each ejection handling the . SH;636.13 less year the cost balloting will; than by the old paper .ballot method. The saving on future elections will, iii effect, have .the .machines themselves. paying for HI-PQCKETS 'MOST OPTIMISTiC' HONORED—City Police .Officer John.H: Stitcher, left, is shown receiving the" congratulations of David L. Miller, president of the Cumberland Optimist Club, after Stitcher was presented the club's award. as the "Most ; Optimistic Person in Cumberland." Looking on is Kenneth M. Inskeep, chairman of the club's award committee, who made'the prer sentation last night during a Ladies Night dinner at Central YMCA. '.'... . .. '- Use Of Signs On Mountain Gets Ajjprpval Trucker Notices Expected To Be Ready In About Ten Days The State .Roads Commission, meeting today in Baltimore, approved the erection of signs on the east and west slopes of Big Savage Mountain to give an adequate warning to truckers traveling east on Route 40.' Russell-H. McCain, .chairman of the ,SRC, said immediate action was ordered and within ten days the signs should be erected. He said it .will take that long to have them made. : . The action was taken .after receiving the recommendations of a safety group formed in Frostburg as? a result of the runaway truck accident in La Vale that claimed the. lives, of five persons. McCain said one sign will be erected 1.000 feet west of the Big Savage summit notifying truckers Veterans I)ay "- • . "•'.--;.: • • • •«/ '• ' 'Meiuprial Service" :' At il A. M. At Post Office Here Cumberland'', will take time out tomorrow- £tip§ observe ••'Veterans Day, the .day in the year set .-aside by Congress' in honor of the memory- of those /who fought and died for. their'.nation. ;. - v .'At-li a. rnijhere will be a memorial tservicfe "at the: Cumberland Post • Office" with the Gold - Star Mothers in/attendance, according to -Thomas .T/Conlon Sr., general chairman.' ?"- - :: " ' '";'.:"'"• '.'• A joint retreat ceremony will be held 5 -p. "m. 1 in front ;of the post homes of Henry'Hart Post 1411, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Fort Cumberland- Post 13, American Legion, on Queen City Pavement. ''• • / : : :< There will be two companies of veterans, one. in' front of each home.' Battalion commander will be Raymond Whitehair while the company commander for the,.group in front of the VFW home-will be George E. Speis. Donald Rice and Joseph Macon will lower the, colors. Company commander for the Legion group will be Roy J.' Kreger. R. Stanton .Byer and Raymond Wagner will lower the.flag./., The cannon salute will be fired by*Edward TVahl, of Cumberland Voiture 164,. 40 and-8. : . .- . The flag will be presented,to the commanders of the two posts, Cornelius Rice of the VFW and .Howard ,P, Loughrie of the Legion. Vernon Crable is chairman of the retreat. 'A parade will be held in the downtown business section beginning at 7:30; p. m. at .the .State Armory with Conlon as ma'rshal. The line of march will be over South Centre, Union, George Baltimore, . North. Centre, Market, North Mechanic, Baltimore/ and back to South George Street to the State Armory^for disbanding. Open house-;%ill be held at the VFW .and Legion homes after the parade.. ••:-;. Board-Hears tioii aint •Alvin 'E. ;Yaste, of'LaVale,. appeared before the Allegany, County Board of Commissioners to read a letter he' has'sent to the Federal Communications Commission regarding, interference with his television reception.. .Yaste ..stated a TV. _cable company in operation in upper LaVale has installed television cables and that one.of them runs past the front'of-.'hisr residence. He said that :ie has invested approximately $500 in a set and antennae .and that the cable adjacent to his home causes faulty, reception. He also charges that the TV firm is not listed in the city directory or .phone book and he has been unable to find,put,who'^comprises the company. He saidihe has contacted George Sokbl,' who is- "described as one of the officials of the firm, and complained .of : 'the interference. tes": said\tiie interference was cleared.up for a short time but during "Octob'er' far this mpnth the television reception on his - set 'has 'consisted of "ghosts" and. ".whatnots/ 7 He-said that four years prior to-the coming of .the TV cable in his neighborhood-he had excellent •• reception. /. j;>; • v - : : ;•."' ThevLaVale man-also said that utilities, and similar .firms '•• come under state • or federal regulations and TV cable firms should also,be under some regulation. Yaste said his rights are being infringed upon. COLLKCTION DAY TOMORROW If ram —J'-~ i Bridges On Cover The cover of the Octpbcrv issue of the Maryland Motor Transport Mews,-, published ;by the: Maryland Motor ; Truck, Association, carries an aerial photograph of the new and bid Cumberland-R i A fj e 1 c y bridges. The picture is" tied in with a progress report of the state's 12-year road building pro- First Federal Savings Club Psiys 890.000 • First Federal Sayings and Loan Association announced today it will mail.checks to its 1,200 Christmas Savings Club members November is.--;".:--.;-' 1 -'•- ••' '-•' • In its first year under the program, members of'the club have paid in approximately $90,000, it was saidi : V : These figures coupled with those of:four other local banks, raised the Christmas ~Club total to approximately 5694,024 and the number participating to 8,190. ' : This is an increase in members of .1,089 over last.year when the number was 7,101. Amount deposited; in. the clubs also increased by ?m,786.75. • Last .year club members deposited $572,237.25. ! Mercury Dips To 22 Degrees InCumberland The temperature in Cumberland dropped to the second .lowest reading of- the season today when 22 degrees were registered at Constitution Park weather station. -At the La Vale' barracks of the State Police "a' low of 19 was recorded. At noon today the terri- peralure^was 34 degrees here and the highest reading during the last 24 liours.was 46 degrees yesterday afternoon.---.- ,- . . The Western .Maryland,Railway train-dispatcher here reports that Elkins, Rockwood and Connellsville. Pa., all had 22-degree temperatures' at' 6" a."m; while it was 30 degrees at Thomas and 26 degrees at Deal at the same time. Reports- of a few light snow flurries in'Allegany County were received but they were of short duration. : . .-.' • .. - :: i' . ,. the Weather Bureau today predicted as much as 36 hours of rain for Maryland but this is coming in from, the southeast and probably won't hit in this area. The oncoming storm will raise temperatuces six or J seven degrees. . The -forecast for Allegany and Garrett counties was increasing cloudiness today with a high temperature .between 45 and 48 degrees. It will be cloudy tonight and the .temperature will range between 36 and 40 degrees. Tomorrow will be cloudy with occasional rain and little change of temperature. : Synagogue Plans Forum Discussion . A forum-discussion on "Religion and the Public Schools" will be presented under the direction of Rabbi Leon J. Yagod following services tomorrow-at 8 p. 'hi. at Beth Jacob Synagogue. Rabbi Yagod will officiate at the services and Paul'Ossip.will chant the Kiddush prayer of. sanctification over the-wine. •-. - ' The synagogue will hold junior services Saturday, at 10:30 a. m. Paul Os'sip will be cantor;' Kenneth Yarikelevitz, reader, and Jeffrey Getz will act as rabbi. Move Started To Get Bridge AtWileyFord SRC Expected To Set Time In jamiary For Work Beginning At a meeting in Baltimore yesterday between the State. Roads Commission, and representatives of the Souht Cumberland Business Men's Association, it was announced ' that sometime in January a date will be set for construction of a new bridge across the Potomac River at Wiley-Ford. State Senator Charles M. See, Nelson W. Russler, president; Glenn Morris, legislative chairman, and Arthur Weber and Harry Shqbe, of .the local business association, urged the SRC to set' an early date for the new structure. Senator See said the commission, headed by Russell H. McCain, agreed the. obsolete .bridge should be replaced. : '•• ' • - : Sees Money, Possible' McCain, he .advised, reported he was reasonably "certain -the commission can secure money to build the bridge without a .specific legislative act. It was not included in the 12-year' road ; program." ' ~' The target date to be set by the Maryland SRC, Senator See said,- is contingent upon the availability of funds from the WestiVir- ginia State Road . Commission.'ifor its r 'share of • the costs/'.-;'-. :"¥:;•-, , Silting in on the conference were Albert .A.; Grubb,- bridge design engineer; and Norman 0. Pritchett; chief, engineer for the State-.Roads Commission.. Senator See- said "the 'SRC . of- [icials. recognized- that the-replacement of the 1908 bridge; will/be needed more tlLn ever when the new Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company plant at North Branch goes into;production. . ^ .-; • Cost About S780,OQO Cost of the new bridge was estimated roughly as '$780,000; including a new approach:which would be (Continued on Page 14) City Job Titles Clianged Under New Classification (This is the third and final article on a job classification report submitted ' to the Mayor and Council by the Civil Service Commission.) . Changes in classifications are noted in most all departments of the city under a job. classification report made by the Civil Service Commission and which went into effect July 1. In the Police Department, the board classifies two detectives who were named on a temporary basis, as patrolmen in the only noticeable change. '-it-', recommends changing .the classification of one ; member ;of the Fire . Department from pipe- man to utility man arid another from fireman probationer to probationer. • Street Changes In the Street Department, these changes are noted- Street sweeper operator to semi-skilled; chauffeur to semi-skilled; foreman to labor foreman:, equipment operator to semi-skilled; mechanic to skilled; superintendent to street superintendent; carpenter to ; skilled; thaf'the top of 'the 'mountain is truck driver to semi-skilled: shovel on top will order all near. Another- truckers to place their vehicles in lower gears. One hundred feet east of the summit there will be another notifying the drivers of the long, steep grade ahead. .Still another sign down the mountain will order truckers to stay in lower gears until notified. At Bowery • Street's intersection with Route 40, or Main Street-Mil Frostburg, the drivers will be told that normal gears can be used, McCain added.- This system is along the lines as the one recommended at a meeting of the safety group in Frostburg Monday night, McCain said. Ticket Sale For Concert Here Heavy ' • . • • •!' "The directors and staff of the Cumberland Free Public Library are pleased at the advance sale of tickets for the Baltimore Sym phony .Orchestra concert here tomorrow night," 'Miss Mary G. Walsh, librarian;; said.' this morning. :;":'•.:.•' The concert, sponsored by the Times and Allegariian Company .or the benefit of the library, will be presented at 8:30 p. m. at the Fort Hill High auditorium. • " • "Tomorrow'^, concert, closing feature of Cumberland's Bicenten- nial'celebration," Miss" Walsh added, stands as a public ^service to the. community, as all;.profits will go to the-Library and.will be a wel- come'addition to the book fund. "It is gratifying to have the opportunity to hear great music and lielp a worthy community service at the same time, and the Times and Alleganian Company deserves to-be-commended for its contribution to Cumberland- and its Library." -.;... Tickets will be on sale at Syckes Music Store and the Music Shop until 5 p. m. tomorrow, and then at the Fort Hill box office starting at 7 p. m. The large -downstairs seating capacity of Fort .Hill auditorium assures seats for even last-minute patrons. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Concert •:'"•. WHEN: Tomorrow, November 11. •TIME: 8:30 P.'-M. :,; : , ; ' 'WHERE: Fort Hill Auditorium. '- . • WHY: Sponsored by Times-News for benefit of Cumberland Free Public Library. PRICE: Adults—$2.50 and §2 for reserved orchestra seats; §1.50 for unreserved balcony seats, (All reserved balcony seats are sold out). Students—SI for reserved orchestra; 75 cents for Unreserved balcony.. ': ' . • . . SEATS: Good selection still on hand of reserved seats -in orchestra..Balcony seats going fast. V : - TICKETS r AVAILABLE:: The Music Shop, Balti-. . r more Street, and Syckes Music Store,-North Centre Street, until op. m. tomorrow. Starting at .7. p. m. tomorrow, any tickets remaining- will be on sale at Fort Hill ; box office- operator .to semi-skilled: sewer machine operator to -semi-skilled: pipe layer, to .semi-skilled: compressor operator .to semi-skilled; paver to semi-skilled. , : In the .Water Department,.these changes are .'made:;'. City, plumber to water distributor - and. maintenance superintendent: assistant plumber to assistant water distributor and maintenance superintendent: water superintendent.'' to chief clerk; meter" reader, .meter inspector, compressor . operator, general utility nian, pipefitter, all classed as semi-skilled. *•• ' At the Lake ^Gordon water plant, the superintendent of dams is Jiow water- supply superintendent and the assistant assumes a like title; watchman to general* lat- orer; plant operator, to water plant operator: utility man to general laborer; general foreman to labor foreman; electrician to caretaker at Lakes Koon and Gordon; .plumber, and steamfittec to general steamfitter; laborer to generaUlaborer: -junior plant operator.' to water plant operator. • Other, Classifications • In the Engineering Department: Rodman to chainman; designer- draftsman to draftsman; chief draftsman to draftsman: junior engineers to engineer; senior stenb grapher to stenographer. Under general classifications the assistant to the auditor is now clerk accounting; the weighmaster is classed as watchman;' clerk stenographers as stenographer (junior). Health Department changes.' include senior stenographer to stenographer; dairy inspector to sanitary inspector. • ; Parks and Playgrounds change clerk-stenographer to stenographer (junior'. Const.itulion Park cu'stodian changes to park foreman. Local Youths For Possible Jury Action Pair Accused Of Use Of Autombile And Attempted Breaking Odom earlier had been released Two. local youths, charged withjfrom custodj of county authorities unauthorized use of an automobile}as there was insufficient evidence and attempted breaking.and,eriter-jto prosecute, him and James^Waling, were committed to the Alle- ter Golden, 45; in the Green burg- gany-County Jail this morning for)lary. action of the grand jury. i Trial Magistrate J. Milton Dick! today ordered the pair held for the grand jury at a hearing in Trial Magistrate Court. Bond was set at $1,500 for each youth. Committed to the jail were Harold L. .Walters, .19, and Jerry IS: Frantz, ^20. They were arrested early Tuesday by .Detective Donald Smith of the-City Polic>, : Department and Officer George Fur- Department.; Obituary Bedford Valley. EYE—Noah W.. 85, Elkins. HILL-^Mrs.'Mary'J.i 76. Thomas. LEHR—Mrs. Arch, 67, Akron, native of Mt. Savage. ME AD ER—Walter W,, 85. Elkins. REXROAD—Waiter L., 66, Maysville. SIMMONS—Branson M., 86, Maysville. Branson M; Simmons MAYSVILLE—Branson M. Simmons, 86, died here this morning at the home of a nephew, Walter Simmons. A native of Pendleton County, he was a son of the late Cyrus and Mary <Porter) Simmons. His wife, Mrs. Margie (Guthrie) Simmons, preceded him in death. The only survivor, besides his nephew, is an adopted daughter, Mrs. .Pansy Mitter, Detroit. The body is at the Schaeffer Funeral Home, Petersburg. Walter L. Reiroad MAYSVILLE — Walter Leonard Rexroad, 66, died yesterday of a heart attack suffered while loading stock he had purchased at a sale in Moorefield. A native of Maysville, he was a son of the la'.e John and Sarah (Veach> Rexroad. He was a mem- <Continued on Page 14) RETIRED POSTAL WORKERS HONOR ED - Two, veteran em- ployes of the Cumberland Post Office were honored recently at the post office by their fellow workers. Left to right,are John G, Fl«whchhau€r,.preside**ct 'the-Mail Ckrks Local; Amos A. Perdew, the retired clerk; Clayton G. Gfllum, president of the Mail Carriers Local; Seymour L. Pyles, retired carrier, and Thomas F. Conlon. postmaster/ The two men were presented gifts from post office employes and certificates of «ervfc«* Efforts Made i To Raise Bond Set F6i Odom Man Being Heldi On Mail Fraud Charge Following Hearing -An effort is being made to raise the S20.000 bond set for the 60- year-old man arrested here on a federal warrant in connection with a 8421,771 mail fraud 'case. Harold Paul Odom, who has been in the Allegany County Jail since : October 12 as a suspect in- the 527,000 Lee Green burglary case, was arraigned on a mail fraud charge yesterday afternoon before U. S. Commissioner James A. Avirett in this city. Arrested In, Baltimore. .. Odom and Golden had been arrested in Baltimore on; October ,12 by the FBI .and brought: here for questioning in safe cracking six years ago in Green's La Vale home. Odom was.arraigned before Avirett on a warrant served on him by C. A. Miller, Rochester, N. Y.,,ahd, R. M. Johnson,;this,city, both/post-, al inspectors ~im'•' the , Post, Office stenberg after they had. stolen ah automobile owned by John-A: Collins, 413 Beall Street, and then smashed., the .vehicle on Evitts Creek Hill,'-Oldtown Road." , Both ;boys • have long police records, and only recently, were released from the Maryland House of Correction. Both boys also have meet that-sum. Odom, was accused of using the alias of William Ryan, Governor Clinton Hotel, New York;'City. to •'.•-.. . defraud /.Augustine Cunningham, 77, of Rochester. .'•'," ; . \." '' -'•';.':..--' Odom was unable to-post bond, yesterday' and : it is understood ef-' forts, are 1 being: made today, to long records in the Juvenile Court, having .served ^sentences . in . thej Maryland Boys. Detective Lt. James E. ! Van said the pair signed a statement admit- Faces Extradition Jn the event it is not rriet'O'dom Training School forj will facie extradition /proceedings ting to an attempted breaking and entering of the office of a South Centre Street used car lot, and that they had stolen the Collins car. The breaking and entering was discovered by Officer ' Charles E. from Maryland, and then eventually will be taken by-a IJ.S. ; mar- shall to the U. S. District Court for the/Western Judicial" District of New York at Rochester, .Johnson and Miller reported. • .. Odom was represented at tile hearing by William C. -Walsh arid. William Walsh. ".- '"; ,":": --'/ •; Golden left Cumberland by auto, Cubbage. Lt. -Vatr said,' and afterjyesterday afternoon after being re- questioning several persons in the leased from ..the County Jail. His. area, one person said he had seen two youths answering the description of Frantz and Walters. destination, was ; unknown. The Walshes, Thomas B. .Finan, Edward J. Ryan and : William The boys admitted 1 driving thel wi!son - attorneysfor'the two, men, Collins car around the city for on Monday filed petitions awhile, and later taking it to Hancock. After reaching Hancock they turned back "toward- Cumberland mediate trial in the Green -burglary. • -' : -- •'••:. .' " '• ' •'• ; ' Their trial wa. set for November and made the return trip by. way 23. They-waived, the right to have of Berkeley Springs and Paw Paw, W. Va. ( Van said. their case -presented before the next grand jury. Van added that the boys. saidi_ When they, got the car, to Evittsj Creek Hill the auto was traveling at a high rate of speed, failed to negotiate a curve and ran up over a slope along the, highway and back onto the road. A total of S600 damage was caused in the crash. City Finance Report Issued The financial report of the City BECK—Stanley F., 65. formerly''of o f .Cumberland-in booklet form has just been received from the print- this year contains er. • The booklet something new. pictures of various municipal and local industrial attractions. Shown are the interior and exterior of the new filter plant at Lake Gordon, an artist's drawing of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Plant under construction at North Branch, the local plants of Kelly- Springfield Tire Company and Celanese Corporation of America, Koon Dam, the Narrows, and a scene of busy Baltimore Street at its intersection with Centre Street. Induction Notices Sent To 11 In Area Eleven area men will leave for induction into the armed forces at Fairmont, W. Va., on Thursday of next week. Five men from the three local draft boards are included in the group, according to P. Emmett Fahey, clerk coordinator of the local Selective Service Boards. Six men will be leaving from Board 30 of Frostburg, according to Earl Hill, clerk. Local men leaving are Roy Calvin Duff, Baltimore Pike; William Francis Monteleone, 206 Oak Street: Kenneth Oliver Owens, 1H Mullin Street: William Thomas Davis, a transfer here from Pasco, Wash., and Leo Bernard Stakem, 414 Fayette Street. Duff, Monteleone and Owens are being called from Board 27. while Davis is leaving from Board: 28. Stakem is a holdover draftee from last month's induction call. The six men leaving from Board 30 of Frostburg include Robert W. Eilson, Midland; Carroll L. Cain, McCoole; James C. Green, National; Ralph F. Kneriern. Frostburg, and David M. Gallagher, Midland. The local men will report to the Selective Service office at 6rl5 a. m. on November 17, and depart for Fairmont at 6:50 a. m. by Eastern Greyhound Bus. The bus will stop in Frostburg The machine was being operated j and pick up the other six-men in violation of Internal Revenue there, laws, the Intelligence Division reported. • • _ " : '. The special agents were under the direction of. the District director of Internal Revenue in Baltimore at was announced. U. S. Agents Seize Pinball Machine A pinball machine in the Savoy Bowling and Billiards establishment. 170 Baltimore Street, was confiscated November 2 at 11:30 p.m. by special agents of the Intelligence Division of the Internal Revenue Service, revenue officials announced here today. Oldtown Motorist Faces Driving Counts "An Oldtown motorist was arrested yesterday following an accident on Park Street in which the automobile he was driving was badly damaged. Officers Roy C,'Hawse and Paul Penrod said a car operated by Everett K. Moore. 38, of Oldtown, apparently went out of control near the Central Avenue intersection, swerved up over the curb and collided with two trees and an iron pole. 'Moore will be given a hearing in Trial Magistrates Court on two charges resulting from the accident. .- ' ••'"•'- '"• '- :'. Probe Is Continued Larry Mayhew Jr., 27. and James L Ziler, 21, both of Franklin, were lodged in the Allegany County Jail yesterday pending further investigation in connection with the theft of metal from the Campbell Coal Company mint near Westernport, i if £r tits BITTINGER—Mr. and Mrs. Luther, 406 Footer Place, a-son yes-' terday at Sacred Heart HospitaL BROTEMARKLE—Mr. and Mn. William. P.O. Box 74, a son today at Memorial Hospital., -•• DAVIS—Mr. and Mrs.- Walter, 203, Thomas: Street, a daughter'to-, day at Sacred Heart. •-...:.- / HARMON—Mr. and Mrs. Gerald.! 547 Fairview'Avenue, a daughter today at Sacred Hearts 'i u HILL-Mr. and Mrs. John W., MS' .Columbia Street, a son yester-; day at Memorial. ;.-'';.'. '•' RALEY—Mr. Grants ville, Afeyersdale Hospital, and Mrs. Robert, a son Tuesday at (Pa.) Community; RUSSELL—Mr. and .Mrs. Kenneth!^ 636 Shriver .Avenue, a; son t£ r day at Sacred Heart. ; : .j STRIDE-^Mr. and Mrs. Hugh "Jr,;'; 428 Greene Street; a daughter- yesterday < at Memorial. • ,;;'. Enrolls At Houston ••• • •.•,'•:•.'-'••'•'--•"• •••. ''-:''•'•»•>' ''•'.« : v* •'.'•: ?^ John Stanley Buckley, RD 1, ha*, enrolled at th« University of Houir' £6it as a freshman ttudetit major* in( in diesel '*ngint«ri8g, •'-''

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