Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA, KANSAS' THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 23.1933 WHERE TO MAREET (ReclpeS',.Seiected By Rath Lynn.) 'NEWS OF UlURrE llarry Crnsc Falls on Siden-alk In [ Front,of Knepp's Store, Cutting a Gash Over His Eye. (Beverly Mallory.) LAHARPE, Feb. 22.—W. L. Snod- -grass left today for an Indefinite vi.sir with his daughter, Mrs. Charley -Jones and family of 161a. ; Mrs. Win Shorter returned to her homo Sunday after a three weeks' visit' with her sister near Spring- I'leld, Mo. \ The relief; gang resumed' their workj at the quarries ha\'ing been laid* off on account of the bad weather. ' Mrs. Verne Green Ls'visiting in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cecil Perkins, and Mr. Perkins and . •aaught€rs. lola. > i • K. B, Drummond was a business visitor in town today. Paul Wagner. Erie. Is jspending -this week;with his parents; Mr. iand Mrs. Lloyd Wagner. i Miss Lotta Yowell and Miss Esther, Hammer entertained in their home Saturday evening the teachers of the LnHarpe schools. The evening-was spent working Jig-saw puzzles. Refreshments were served to the following teachers: Mr. J. H. Culbertson, Miss Stone, Miss Wilson, Miss Stevenson, Mrs. Davis, Miss Johnson, Miss Olsh and the hostesses. Miss Yowell and Miss Hammer. William Hackney. HlatvlUe. was in town today on business and visiting. Virginia Johnson entered i kindergarten Monday imder the supervision of Mrs. Lester Knepp. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Paddock and son are spending the remainder of the week with Mrs. Paddock's father. George Alumbaugh and family, south of town. Miss Lucille Johnson's room. Including the fifth, sixth and seventh grades, is having as a school project n health dinner which will be held Thursday.! ' I Russell Boyer was a business caller Tuesday. George Green has been driving Lloyd Heathman's truck. The Rebekahs of Moran Invited the LaHarpe Rebekahs to Moran Thursday evening. All members are urged to go. , Mrs. Jlip Moore and mother, Mrs. Walker made a business trip tp Humboldt this mdming. Harry and Lois Marie Lacey were unable to attend kindergarten today on account of sickness. J. B. Knepp won his first croquet game today, owing to the fact that he has a new mallet. Harry Cruse had the misfortune of falling on the sidewalk In front of Knepp's store today cutting a: gash Just above his eye. Mrs, Alva Flack of Moran and Mrs. Robert Flackl of Mildred were In town Wednesday on business and visiting friends. Miss Hilda Shelby of lola spent Wednesday evening with Miss Julia Uvlngston. The LaHarpe basketball town teani will go to Mildred for a game tonight. Oeorge Busley was a business visitor In town yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Hartley drove to Port Scott Wednesday to attend the funeral of a friend, Douglas Pennlnmn. The community extenjds heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. Oeorge Ensminger and family In the stidden death of their husband and father, Oeorge Ensminger. . W. C. T. U. win hold Its regular meeting with Mrs. S. I. Olfford Friday at two o'clock. •The y. M. club, held Its regular meeting Wednesday, February 23, at the home of Mrs. iLowell Bau- mauck. Lovely .reri;eshment8 were served to the following: Mrs! Tessle Pettit, a guest, and the members. Mesdames O. D. Hartley, Leona Morrison. Frank Stevenson, Prank Barken Bert Johnson, H. L. Lacey, Roy Brock, Lester Lewman of lola, George McDonald, Vem Oreen, Effle Pettit. Lester Knepp, and the hostess, Mrs. Lowell Baumauck. Mrs. Vem Green returned home Wednesday after spending a lew days with her daughter, Mrs. Cecil Perkins and Mr. Perkins and family, lola. 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Package, Special 19^ 10 Bars Magic Washer Soap 21c PDIINPQ 3 Pounds Small Size ........15c rHulTLiiJ 3 pounds Larger Size .25c APRICOTS Good ripe fruit 2 ijjs. 25c PEACHES Good rip* fruit 3 lbs. 25c RAISINS Thompson Seedless 4 HjS. 25c CRACKERS sa.t'^ 21b. bw JellO All Flavors 3 pjjgs, 19c TUNA FISH Light Meat 2 cans 29c POTATOES Early ohios Peck 15c ONIONS Spanish variet, 10 lbs. 15c ORANGES si,„KistDoz, 10c Special Friday and Saturday! 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream 65c K AOUr 48 lb. bag Daisy .85c APPLES 6 lbs. 25c COCOA First pri^e 2 lb. Can 22c Tomato Juice ^rand 3 cans 25c Pork & Beans 'c^rm'ptf r 5 cans 25c TOMATOES 6 medium cans 2.5c 4 No. 2 cans.. ........25c 3 No. V/z cans.. 29c SOAP—P&G . . . 2 bars 5c The Episcopal Ladies >ViU Sell White King Toilet Soap in Our! Store Saturday. 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I21/2C Hamburger, lb. 8c; 4 lbs. 25c FRESH—NO WATER-NO CEREAL Sirloin Steak, Special, per lb lOc BABYBEEF FANCY CORN FED Boils, Rib or Brisket, lb. 6c Roasts, Tender Chuck, lb. ...... .12y2C Prime Ribs, boned, rolled and tied, lb. . 18c Steaks, Round Or Sirloin, lb .22y2C LAMB— Genuine Spring Lego' Lamb, whole, lb. 15c; small roast 18e Shoulder, whole, lb. 12y2c; small roast 15c Stew, Ribs or Brisket, per lb.,. ^...... 5c Lamb Chop^, per lb. .— 25c SCRAP SLICED BACON (Pioneer).. .5 lbs. 35c LARGE WIESIES T^PerLbflOc OLEO, Pound 9c; 3 lbs. for ,.. .25c BUTTER (CREAMERY) ....... Lb. 19c Upshaw's Guaranteed Country Butter. . Lb. 22c FARMERSr-We buy your Eggs, Poultry, Hogs, Cattle and Lambs. STODDARD MENZIE McFADDEN PRAIRIE ROSE (Vara Rogers.) . Feb. 22.—Mrs. Cook spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Opal LaRue, helping her quilt. Merlyn Young and family were guests of sirs. W. N. Ford after church Sunday; Quite a number attended a farewell party for the .Oeorge Bacon family who are movliig this weelt to the Batt farm north ,of town. .Mr. and Mis. Bob Henry and little Jean spent the weeic-end at the parental W. T. Wood home. Mrs. Perkins called at the V, J. Sloan home Monday afternoon to see Dorothy who is 111. She is im- •prqving slowly. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rogers and Leta were Sunday visitors at the R. L. Rogers home. Mrs. P. H. Pratt, Mrs. Clay Weast "HAD CONSTiPATiON SINGE BIRTH OF MYFimCHILD" Then Mrs. King DiscoVered ALL-BRAN We quota from her voluntary letter: "I have suffered from tcrriWo constipation since the birth of my first child — 9 years »gol I have tried everythinsr and nothing had any lotting results. Very reluctantly I tried your ALL-BRAN' with no £aith in it at all; Hoch to my surprise, I have hot had to take any medicine since starting to use ALL-BRAN, 4 months ago.'—Mrs. Doris Eyre King, 16 Abbey Eoad, Oxford, England. 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Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cook and Mrs. LilU'e Tice attended the funeral of Mrs. Rome Alberts in Sav- onbUrg Tuesday afternoon. F. E. Knapp and E. E. Wood were PAGE FIVE in lola Friday ^terhoon on business connected with] the township board. A baby daughter was bom Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tram- meL • Mr. and Mrs; J. P. Rogers and Leta were helping with the butcher work at Roy Singer's one day last week. Melvin Da\is and family spent Sunday at the r parental Davis home. Mr. and Mrs. Cljrde Cook were Simday afternoon callers at E. E. Miner's. Mrs. LoU Maitock. Mrs. Miner. Mrs.' Perkins, and Mrs. Rogers attended farm bureau meeting at Mrs.| J. C. Norton's Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Knapp went to Kansas City Saturday morning for a few: days business and pleasure.; Mrs. Wells and daughter Emily, of Moran were calling in ^e neighborhood Saturday afternoon. 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