The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1948
Page 9
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TVKDNKSUAY, JUNK 28. lfl-18 Manufacturing Data is Sought Bureau of Census Brings Statistics on Star* to Date Every effort is being made by field lepreremutives O f the United Slates Bureau of the Census to lisi all manufacturing firms in Arkai-sus and bring to a close soon the census which was started in January of this year, it was announced today by u. Q. Watson, of Joncsboro, district supervisor for the bureau. A material increase in establish- f/nenls in Arkansas i.s anticipated and bureau ollidals are expecting tins stale lo show -material progress in the number of nuinnfacinr- iiiR (inns, number of persons employed and i lie total paid in wages to workers. When ihe last census of manufacture* was made in 19M. Arkansas lisu-ci only 1.J78 establishments with (I6.25G employes and a combined ai'imai payroll o! <^!.5T?;.m to rah't the state 37tli in \..e nation. Mr. Wa'son said ihat Hie survey was conducted bv mail and thai, miinuiacttirers in Mississippi County have responded and filed their questionnaires. In some instances incomplclc reports -,vere submiueit and field iv,i- rr.-ei)lativ?s of the bureau now are seeking tin- needed information. Some establishment.-; did not re«pond to the requests for information, the district, supervisor said, and still others inadvertently mere left olf the mailing list. Tjie work beins clone at tnl.s time is to reach manufacturers, who for any reason have not been listed, so that Mississippi County nnd the rest of ^hc slate, can have all of the data •((.'ported before the survey is ended. Complete reports will help materially IK ratting this stnte from 37th place in the nation when ihc 1517 census of manufactures is completed. Mr. Walson indicated. Little Rock Police Baffled By Shooting of Soldier LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. June 23.— (UP)—Baffled Little Rock officer* today appealed to the general public to furnish clues in the mysterious slaying on a Little Rock street corner laic Sundiiv ot 24-year-old William Woodward Bowers. Bowers, a Little Rock nuiii and World War II veteran, v;as'on a pass from Fort Root.s Hospital when he was riddled with bullets by an unknown assailant. Three Negro wo- j moi saw the shooting but, were 1111* able, to give officers a clue as to Ills Identity. The assailant approached Bowers ns he was leaning against a lamp post and opened fire without speaking to him. The man fled, and Bowers died before reaching a Little Rock hospital. Eight bullets had stnick him. Chief of UetectK-e O. o. Fink flsked the public to furnish any clues they may have as to the idcn- tily of the slaver or of the motive for the killing." Britain Makes Her See Red Mrs. John I,. Brand, left, Russnm-lxirn u lMft , bridc , rt ., un , cd ,„ Moscow recently because, she said, she couldn't stand the "dread- lul slum ot Hackney, a London suburb. Mrs. Brand Pled suit for divorce from her husband, riishl, as so,,,, n= she arrived in Moscow and then wrote a letter to I'ravda, llu.vsiai, newspaper wjrnmc Soviet women who arc Mill Irving to join their husbands in HriUim against it. \Blythevitte Men Train \ With Air Force Reserves Charles ci. lilttiu-r, iii.vim-vllle i liisurant-e man, and Woilti'l). llol- ' cler. maiiniu'i' of the Ulythevllle Ulintnbor of conunerec. were In Memphis today to begin H week of active duly wiiii Hie Air l'\)roe IV- xen-cs. Mr. Ultli.icr Is a captain In the reserves and Mr. Holder Is * first lieutenant. Virginia Naval Pilot Killed in Plane Crash N'OIU'-Ol.K, Vn.. June 23. —(OP) --Fifth Navul Disirlct Hfadqnar- tcrs .vexlmlay Idcnllflcil the vlrllin of a liKhtcr plane crash near Creeds, Vn.. Monday as u. IJ R I jcvereU Winficld Herman of Norfolk. Henniui was killed Inslnntl.v dur- !u« a nunnery practice Might. He apparently lost control of Ihe plnue and It crashed and exploded, Conscientious Cbjector Chains Himself to White House Truman to Forego Rest ! At Home; Will Dedicate Statue of Simon Bolivar WASHINGTON. June 2.1. ..,up\ . .—President Truman wilt foreuo a I rest at Ills home In Independence i Mo., next month when be goes to ! Bolivar, Mo., to dedicate a statue lot ; Simon llollvar. the imtlonn] bero of '• : Vcnc/ucJa. OriRlmiJIy Mr. Truman tad planned to rest for a f liw duys nt ln- deiJeiidcnce nfler visiliti B Holivnr on July 5 A sehcdnle announced by the White House local'. However showed that he will return lo Washington immediately, reaching here at 10:55 p.m. EOT. u]1 July 6 Heir Turns Cop WASHINGTON. June 23. - HIIM* A war-lime conscientious objector chained himself lo a stairway in the White House yesterday in protect against the draft. ' ( Entering; the White House B s n tourist, James Peck sauntered to a stairway near Ihe liast room. Then: the New York rate counterman whipped off his coat. Emblazoned on his while shirt in red and blue letters was the thdatulion: "Veto fhe'di-nfl." Then Peck pulled a lenjuh of chain and H lock from n purtet. He chained himself to the brass railing along the stairs. Byt Secret Service agents «-bo j quickly swarmed to the spot }<;\<1 I liltle trouble snapping the lock. They 1 hustled Ihe 33-year-old New Yorker | off to their office in the nciuby 'Treasury Building. | ™' l ",,« e T alVe < " lertl0 ""* "-*: ™™ B .sound is ,ne kind ,,r Pec. aU „. „,, a tabor Wrt ,er ' noTtlr ^\^^ ^.^ and „ part-time writer for the Fed- i lion between 15 OOO and TOWl" leraied Press, a labor ,,c«- s service, i CM cvcle. per seconrt ' '" j He has served three years in Dan-: 1 I bury. Com:., jjfison for Jjcing a wtir- | time conscientious objector. j I He told K reporter he took his ao-! I lion as a "last-stand protest"! lasainst a "horrible" draft. President : Truman Is expected to sign .won a ' bill drafting youths IS-throi* ri-25. | "The draft is what made {lie situ- ! j atiotl in Hitler Germany and Rus- I sia," PecV; said. "It caused the kids | to grow up gocjsestepping." Secret Service Chief Jnuies j. M,,- loney said no charges would be taken against Peck. He described him as a "professional." Peck's act had bren well-planned. A few minutes before he chained himself to the sl'nlrivsy railing. Hoy Kepler who said lie was a trieitd of Peck s, culled newspapers to tip them off. , Then Kepler went In Ihe East gale of the White House and passed out a statement for Peck. In It ! Peck said that if President Trnmaii I signed the draft bill he "will be ' making a drastic break with, our Democratic system." t Peck sweated profusely and np- ! reared nervous when lie was taken to Secret Service Chief Maloney's ' office. But he calmly answered i newsmen's questions. I He said he worked as a counter- ' man in the Exchange Cafe at,'42nd I Street and Hrondwny in New York i City in addition to writing labor columns. He described himself as a member of the executive board of the War Registers League. \Army and Air I Force to Hold [Maneuvers I ATLANTA. Jmie 2J.—(UI»)-Jo!nl UI-IM.V „„,] AH- I'oiws maneuvers lo es the efflcieiH-y of trauspor- nl oil ,,( (roc.px „,„, equipment wm mJrr;,,?" K """' 11 *- •'•-»•• ™ .^.^..IM^;-.^ tl.e middle of J,,ly. will be tr, , nh J ,Sv' s<> „!"?"""« «'"»"'• tt I Hiey will he an a much smauer .scale, but similar (o "exercise ,,' ' " l C ' U "" CKI »l" x> n- «•>' 'KxcrHse Assembly" wns » [,,11- scale Arcny , m ,t Air Hoin- Held m»n- em-er nivolvlii K llHius.nuls ot troops nnd scores of pl:,i,es. The proi»sed uianeuver.s In Ihe Knoxvllle sec- Ion will be pnriiclpnlc,! In by » battalion or less of troops and only « tew phines. Tlie specliii: tusk usslKurd I.. Ihe local oiKundon v.ill be t o "mop-up" Mrnggk'rs from an Iniiinlimry eiii'iuv army which was defeated »t thi-. | Camp Cr.mpbell ••I'Xeielse Assembly" | by combtutrt Third Army and Ninth Air Forc.i li-ootM, The IniHKlnary runny theoretically escaped Ihe ne around the Cmnp Campbell maneu- vrr »re» and moved Into Ibis pail of 111* country. This»p« of mylhl- ™l enemy troops necxssllnles /nrllifr imlnlnn action by Third Army troops to bring final iJefeal u> Hi* "make-belleye" enemy Iorc«, Texas Polio epidemic Spreads to SO Counties NBW VOHK, June '13. !Un—Tlie epidemic of lufanlili. paralysis in Tcxus hus sprend lo 50 counties. Ihe National Kuiinrtnlion lor Infantile aralyiis lC|K>ited today. The foundation said I hat 421 cases of the discus* have been ills- covered Irom Jan. 1 llmmnh June \'t, compared with B3 discs In ihe stale lor III* same period last year. PAGE NINE NOW! ot FOUNTAINS; Kv«r.vwln'ri'! • THE TOT SHOP* ^*-_ ._ . Kv«r.vlhinj( lor Up (o C DO S. Second Phoa* noon - r Se« E. H. FORD B«for« You DIE! li'NOW! ATLACIDE Kills Johnson Grass jiE. C. Robinson •of FOUNTAINS!)! Lumber Kvcnwnero! \ / INOW! Elliot Ludington Lnmbert. ri Is ' heir to a wealthy St. Louis, 'MO' ! • drug manufacturing familv But,; he'd rather be a cop than V businessman. Lambert will soon graduate from (he St. lauLs police!« school.—NBA Telcpholo. ' Ii [at FOUNTAINS Kverywlierc! i as Robins in Spring eagram's SEAGRAM'S 7CROVVN. BLENOEO WHISKEY. 8S.8 Pioof. 65%Gtsin Neudai Spinls. SeatnnvDitliiitn CorporjtiM. Chrysler BuildinR. HewYoik FOR MODERN WAllS Weave-design wallpaper Wards new Weave-Design wall|«|icrs are tin l.itc?t vo!;iie for smart domes. Their stilish, Eofl Inljric-like finish o.ninplinirms any mom. v Ideal for bedroom, dining room, living room, or hall. See these Ulcst [lallrni? si \Vards! Better Wallpap.r for Leu, oi Wnrdl m I FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO - ORGAN - VOICE Mrs. Dalian C. Fowls!on, IJ.A. anil M.S.M. 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