Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR: THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 23.1933. lOLA* KANSAS « • • WHERE TO MARKET IReclpes Selected By Ruth Lynn.) HUMBOLDT NEWS Miss Christina Hauser Snccnml>s at Home of Her Brotlier Dave in Humboldt Tuesday. HUMBOLDT. Feb. 22.—Mrs. L. P. Rossner of Central street who has been quite ill the past ten days. Is still confined to her bed, though gradunllj'Improving. Ernest Droz of South Eighth who fell and fractured two ribs as well as badly bruising his back. Is able to be out and attend to his work, though still suffering from the effects of the fall. Mrs. Lizzie Holtschnelder is unable to get out at present due to a sore foot. A small outbreak of fire occurred in a garage back of the City Market Wednesday afternoon about 4:30 o'clock, but little damage was: done, j Frank Stewart, 58, of Osage street, died at his home late Tuesday night PHONE 436 We DeUver 1119 EAST ST. 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Lb. 5c OUlls uc Beef Steak .. 2 lbs. 25c Hamburger, 4 lbs. 25c FRANKFURTERS 3 lbs. 25c PIONEER BACON 5 lb. box .. |30c CATFISH Fresh, small .. Lb. 25c COTTAGE CHEESE Creamed Lb. 10c following an illness extending over two days. Arrangements for the funeral are not definitely known at this time. Mrs. O. W. Horn, wife of the Presbyterian minister, is confined to her room with a severe ;Cold and ah attack of bronchitlsl \ ' Mrs. Jesse Van Nice; of Central street went- to Ottawa Junction Monday to visit her husband who Is employed there *y the Santa Fe railroad. She returned home Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and ilrs. Charles Hall of: Pecan street celebrated their fifty- eighth wedding anniversary at their home Wednesday afternoon, the time being, spent in a social way with a gathering of relatives! and close friends. Miss Christina Hauser, 55, died Tuesday morning about 11 o'clock at the home of her brother, Dave Hdusfer of Humboldt, having been in poor health for several years. She was born in 18T7 on the farm where Henry Hauser is now residing. She had lived with her three brothers. Dave. Henry, and Charles, since the death of her father lli years ago. Her mother died many years ago. Surviving her are four brothers: Dave Hauser, Humboldt; Henry Hauser, east of Humboldt: Fred Hauser, Redell. Kas., ind of FlavorL. , Just Suffer The fine June-butter fiavor and i)lcasing aroma of Fairmont's Better Butter is repeated every day in every pound; there's a meadow fresh- ncss.too. You will like it. IVIade in lola. sWhy ipO,dOO Mid-West Women Acclaim This New Cooldess Coffee Specially prepared for KWIK-DRIP -ing... always makes every eup perfect Coffee pots and peroblators are out! With this new KWIK-DRIP Coffee the full, rich flavor is extracted with one passage of boiling water through the specially prepared coffee berries. 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Enjoy this flawless coffee at no higher price per cup than cheap "Santos." See your independent grocer. ica-^uper-vacuum-packed. Don't permit substitution of imitations that cannot p>038ibly &ve you perfect KWIK-DRI? results. Co., Kansas City, Salina p}COFFEE IsF^ClXtty PrtEPAREO.BY EXCC&SIVE PROCESS. FOR OWPPINO Chafles Hauser Jr., Kansas City. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Henry Hauser, east of Humboldt, with burial in Mt. Hope .cemetery. An all day meeting of the; Big Creek Laddies' Aid society, southeast of Himibqldt. was held Tuesday at the home of Mrs. C. iE. Wanamaker. The day was spent quilting. A short business session was held at which it was decided to have a cooked food sale Saturday at the McGrew drug store. The lesson was in charge of Mrs. Frank Maynard. Others present were: Mrs. C. W. Bperstler, Mrs. Samuel Switzer, Mrs. Eben Claus and daughter Vivian, Mis. Lee Lasley, Mrs. Frank Ermey, Mrs. Luke Lasley and daughter Alice Eileen, Miss Battle Maynard, Mrs. M. M. Whitworth. Mrs. Fred Maynard, Mrs.; J. S. Clover. Mrs. Ethel Morlan, Mrs. Henry McGuffey, Mrs. Ralph Reih- hardt, Mrs. Harry Briley, Mrs^ G. T. Wheatley, Mrs. Thomas Francis, Mrs. Annette Lasley, Mrs. Harry Hale, Mrs. Margaret Johnson and daughter Louise Lee.i Mrs. Hoyt LeFever, Mrs. Ida Russell, Miss Sylvia Whitworth, Miss Gyneth LeFever, and Miss Erma Wanamaker. Mrs. Chapman, southeast of Humboldt, entertained the following guests at her home Sunday: Mrs. D. H.' Phebus, Roy Hurt, Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Prank, Thompson and Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. Will Huss, Don and Maryln, Delma Moore and Velma Anderson. , Wanita Barnett, • southeast of Humboldt, accompanied her glee club to Coffeyville recently where they put on a 45-minute program. Miss Anderson, southeast of Himiboldt, gave a valentine party at the schoolhouse Tuesday aftemoori. Riefreshments were served, and the time was speint with games and, a valentine box. y Cabbace With Staffed Pprk. Cut a small head of cabt^e In half. Remove the center of the cabbage, leaving an outer rim about one inch in thickness. Chop the cabbage, add 1 cup chopped cooked meatr season with salt and pepper, % cup ketchup and a little minced onion. Refill the cabbage shells. Place in casserole dish, cabbage side down. Add i cup meat stock or canned soup. Bake in, a moderate oven (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for about fifty minutes, or until the cabbage is tender. Baste frequently with -the broth. , (Cooked beef or lamb may be xised instead of pork.) Depression Klenu. This dinner costs only a quarter per person according to the pficea in most places. Heres the menu- Baked Pork Chops 04c . Fried :Swcet[ Potatoes 25c ^ Dressed Lettube 15c Bread and Butter lOc Pineapple and Prune Criimb Puddlhg 30c Demi-^asse 5c The pork chops are baked "with the taste of tomatoes, the tang of Onions and a bit of rice to make them go furthcrl Here's tlie wa\. Brown six shoulder pork chops (one and one-half pounds) in skillet with some drippings, then transfer to a casserole, and season well with salt and pepper. Heat to boiling the (Contents of a No. 2 can of t,oma- toes. add two tablespoons rice, and pour over chops. Slice two onions over the top, sprinkle again with salt and pepper, and cover. Bake in a moderate oven, 375d, lor an hou:-.. or until ; the chops are • tender. Ser,-es;slx. I IV. ::auU- \ Tnmato and Cauliflowrr I'urro. Cook one medium, head of cnu flower ^ until tender, .. and i througii a sieve. Press the tomatoes "from a No. 2 can through a sieve lilso. and add with one eun of consomme and one cup of water to the |coulif)ower. Bring to "oomir; Saute pne tablespoon niinccd oninu in twp tablespoons butter -or fat for a few'minutes, add:three!tablespoons flour, stir smooth,, thin with a little of'the hot soup, then ad i to the soup and cook Until creamv. Season to- taste with salt and po;)- pcr. Serves six. A small ad m the C\as.';ifipd ooi-; umn.s often puts ovor a hie deal 0 fSTAlUISHiCj ' This Week-end! fiiiiiiiiai ',iiM) Maxwell House Coffee 'Good to the Last Drpp' ^ COFFE^ HILLS' BROS COFFEE . LB. P 3Sc 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 lbs. 53c A TALL * CANS 25c DelMonte Peaches SUOD^OR 2 ^5;^!^ 27c (lONA PEACHES S NO. 1 CANS 2Se) ITvan Millr CARNATION-BOJIDEN £.Vap. milK PET-GOLD CROSS-LIBBy (WHITE HOUSE MILK 5 lALL CANS S7e) 1 awA SWFT-S OR L.ara WILSONS ..... Fresh Eggs . . . . . Quaker Oats g-^gLSg . • Mothers Oats ^^RiETiEs • • • Uneeda Bakers ™«^^^ C^,E 1°"^° Oxydol or Rinse . . .Dromedary ©ale* .fe,^. . King Oscar Sardines . . . KraftCheese . . Beryl Ripe Olives . i. . , A-1 Sauce . . . - . 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