Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 30, 1965 · Page 15
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 15

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1965
Page 15
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Redlands Daily Facts Friday, April 30,1965-15 It's National Baby Week In Redlands - May 1 - 8 Emergency poison antidote kit advocated All parents of young children should keep a poison antidote in their homes, the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston advises. In an article published in the PEDIATRIC HERALD, the hospital suggested that parents stock their first-aid kits with Syrup of Ipecac, which is avail able only by prescription and should be given only under a doctor's direction: Derived from tropical plants and known for generations, Ipecac has only recently been widely used by physicans as a poison antidote. One cause of the preparation's sudden popularity, the hospital pointed out, is the growing realization that it is often better to have a victim of poisoning vomit up the sub stance than to have his stomach pumped out. However, the hospital officials warned, in some cases vomiting can increase the damage. When a child has consumed kerosene or other petroleum products or has ingested any product containing lye, the poison may do more harm on ils way up than it did going down. Lye may rupture the esophagus, and kerosene may pass into the lungs and damage them, the hospital's Department of Health Education explained. One drug company has started marketing a poison control kit containing Syrup of Ipecac and activated charcoal for use in poison emergencies, and including specific instructions to follow in the event an emergency does occur. Come in and see our Mason Masterpiece samples. Wide choice . . . attractive designs. fellow was figure was ONE IN 4,054,000! That's number of registered births for 1964, and this young among them. Last year, 97.6% of all U. S. babies were born in hospitals. The 37% in 1935. (Gerber Products Co. photo) Slight decline in number of U. S. births in 7964 There was a slight decline in the number of babies for American mothers to rock-a-bye in 1964. According to the U.S. Public Health Service, the stork delivery in this country last year j been a very cent per thousand population, and the highest rate since 1956. The record year for w.sddings ivas 1946 when 2,200,000 couples tivered in hospitals, and five years before that, in 1935, the figure was a mere 37 per cent. Since nearly all babies are were married. The stork has now born in hospitals, it is eas- then, and the stood at about 4,054,000 regis- ;ered births or 0.7 per cent lower than the 1963 figure of ! age for the next several "years busy bird since j ier to check on the'time .they number of girls | arrive. While no national tabu- 1,081,000. This is the llth consecutive year that total U.S. births have topped the four million mark, the all-time high being 1961 when 4,311,000 new citizens were counted in the mainland states plus Alaska and Hawaii. The lop year as a 48 state nation and boys reaching marriageable j lation has been made, some spot 'checks confirm that more times will keep the wedding bells ringing. Continued improvement in nutrition, medical care and the number of babies born in hos-| pitaJs also will help to add to :he population. Last year 97.6 per cent of all American babies were born in was 1957, when there were 4,-j hospitals. In 1940, only 56 per 308.000 new Americans. | ;ent What the experts consider asi more significant than the slight! of our babies were de- than not, the doctor is called out during the night. A study in Pennsylvania of 'irths showed more ba- arrived between the hours | next eight-hour period 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Another study of 33,000 births showed that 5 was the most popular time, and next most popular was 3 a.m. It's simple to get your baby into the movies Making home movies can be as simple as snapshooting. Movie-making can be very economical, too. For example, one easy-to-use 8 mm model comes complete with a roll of color film and idea book — all 'or less than $20. Designed for the family who want top-quality movies and box-camera simplicity, the Brownie Fun Saver Movie Gamer has an exposure dial that requires only one simple setting for properly exposed movies. Then you just aim and shoot. Of course, a more expensive model, such as the Electric 8 Automatic Camera, has a built- in electric eye which automatically sets exposure for you. Where there's a baby there's movement. Follow the little fellow by keeping him in the view finder. Don't walk while you're shooting, of course. Just hold the camera firmly and pivol your body at the hip. You'll want to keep the camera steady. One of the great secrets ol movie-making is to tell a story. You don't need a script or elaborate preparation. Just record things as they happen. Almost anything the baby does will make a good movie story Your story is a collection ol scenes. Make the story more interesting by varying those scenes. Take them from differ ent viewpoints; get high, gel low. Take them from different lengths: long shots, medium shots, closeups. A good way to start your movie is with a long shot — from 20 to 30 feet away. This establishes the locale. Then move in for a medium-distance shot from about 10 or 15 feet to show the baby performing that actiAn. Finally, move ir close — about four or five fee — for a really good look at the action and the baby's expression. Home care for baby foods is vital Mothers have the final responsibility for continuing the baby food (juality control program that begins in the fields and orchards. After mother selects baby food from the supermarket shelf, she must see that the foods reach baby in the most appealing and sanitary form possible until the last portion is eaten. , Jars of baby foods, cans' of strained juices and boxes of ce real should be kept in a dry, moderately cool pace. Cereals can absorb foreign odors, so keep the boxes away from soaps, cleaners, drugs and strongly flavored vegetables. Just like any other food, baby foods should be rotated, using those on hand longest before opening newer purchases. National Baby Week Special We have a gift for your baby, the beautiful spoon in the famed Victorian Rose Pattern of Wm. Rodgers Silver. It's a gift you'll treasure for years and years. The baby spoon will be delivered to each new baby born at the Redlands Community Hospital during baby week and the month of May. You may have, at no obligation, information on a plan that will provide a secure financial future for you and your family. INSURANCE ASSOCIATES 826-B Brookside Ave. Life - Health • Pension - Group Bui. Ph. 792-8850 IT;_I Eve. Ph. 793-5001 /HH We would like to say - we insure everything! But we don't, so, we can't! But we DO insure almost everything . . . Houses, Horses, Cars, Furniture, Bikes, China, Motorcycles, Bonds, People Too! Particularly BABIES! Try Us! Beaver, Wilcoxson & Davis. Inc Insurance Agents & Brokers 204 E. State St., Redlands 793-2373 of $40,169 JEWELER The Quality Required with the Economy Desired 118 E. State Redlands MOMMY SAYS "Meadowbrook Dairy" has the best MILK FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS DRIVE IN AND SAVE DAILY FRESH MILK and CREAM . , , . . drop in birth totals is the change! NOW nf)nV 11 rK in the fertility rate among worn-] ilvf? HQUJ IIUJ en of child-bearing age (15-44)1 __1-_J» I which has delcined 11 per cent! POTCllTlfll in the last five years. r The coming of age of the 1 World War II baby boom crop.; however, makes the outlook forj ! increases in recorded births ai Only a few babies are born likely possibility. This has al-'with silver spoons in their: ready started to register in the! mouths, but almost every first: marriage statistics. An esti-j baby in the United States 'brings' mated 1,719.000 couples werciwith him or her a potential in- i married in 1964, a rate of 9 perjheritance of S40.169. I This is the income that the : father's Social Security can pro! vide a mother and child over j the child's first 18 years if anything should happen to the father. Many a young man who thinks he is doing well just keeping up with his current obligations realizing when the first baby arrive that he had better start thinking seriously about his future obligations. Probably his wife worked until a few months before the baby came, and the first shock of a new stage in their financial affairs was felt when her paycheck stopped. Now. suddenly, the father's mind leaps from the cost of a baby carriage to the cost of col-j lege. He has a good job — andj he can take care of his family. If anyhing should happen to! him, there is his Social Security —$190.60 a month until his child is 18. It is not enough to live on, but his wife can go back to work. Or can she? More important, does he want her to? The baby needs a mother or a good substitute — not an easy person to, find. And if the mother goes back to work, she will probably lose Social Security income. Many young fathers who have thought along these lines have discovered that they can decide what they want their families to have, and then buy it in advance. The system is called programmed life insurance. It works like this. The new father finds a good life insurance agent and tells the agent what he wants his family to have. NATIONAL BABY WEEK MAY 1st thru 8th MEADOWBROOK • DRIVE-IN DAIRY! 9 9 e © 680 E. Redlands Blvd. Redlands Open 7 Days A Week — 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Keystone Drug always stocks a most complete line of Baby merchandise, including most Nationally known Brands. A Complete Line of Baby Products by • Johnson's • Mennen's Nursers by — • Playtex • Evenflo • Nursmatic PLUS — Diapers (Cloth and Dis- posables) Full Line of Baby Formulas PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 12 East State St. Redlands National Baby Week, May 1-8 Culligan soft water makes a girl feel like a lady, and vice versa Elegant. Radiantly refreshed. Groomed to slip into a party dress. You see, soft water is unique. It is filtered and completely free of hardness impurities. It works with mild soap to create luxurious, gently- caressing sudsy bubbles that help give your skin and complexion the smooth fresh look of health and beauty. There is no gummy curd or greasy film to stick to the skin. (Hard water curd causes that sticky ring around the bathtub.) A culligan appliance will provide an unlimited supply of filtered water from every faucet in your home — automatically. For washing clothes, dishes, cars, and pets as well as people. So call and say "Hey Culligan Man!" (One last word: "soft water makes a boy feel like a man. And vice versa.") Automatic Models — you can buy or rent them. Portable Exchange Service with no investment, popular rates. MA CULLIGAN ... THE WORLD-WIDE WATER CONDITIONING PEOPLE IN REDLANDS — 632 East Citrus Ave. Culligan Soft Water Service Phone 793-2469

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