The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 3, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1894
Page 7
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DAILY AND WEBKLT, ALL HOME PRINT. SKNTINZJL IB the only newspaper In car•Ml count? that Is printed all at borne and It eon•Ins more local and count? news than anr other two papers in this eountf. POWKRS ft Gototo, Props, FBIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. Slippers at Moore s. Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. iBest shoe blacking at Moore's. The bestjf 1.00 work shoes at Moore's. •'J. H. Schroeder and wife, were city "Visitors today. Pabet's Hotbrau beer always on tap a Henry Theirs'. Wire door mats with vour name woven 'in, at Martin & Ciovis'. Undo John Nestle was well enough today to go riding for a short time, Guy Lisk baa returned to the city ready to begin work in the county normal next Monday. Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley cokl at Joyce's. Babv carriages for sale itt cost at Woodring's furniture store for a few •days only. Miss Dorothy Hamilton, of Ft. Dodge, niece of Mrs. O. M, Moore, is visiting in Carroll for a few days. "All run down" from weakening effects of w*rtn weather, you need a good tonic and blood purifier like Hood's Saraaparllla. Its It. Hainiuock.H for sale cheap at Hattoii'H; 14 foot sea grass 75 •ceuts, colored $1.OO. . Miss Carrie Nance, of Petersburg, 111., one -of the teachers in the high school building, arrived in the city this morning. Mrs. Elizabeth McMillan, of Maquoketa, arrived in Carroll this morning for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Bur well. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings, but if you would like something golfd and nice, you will find it at Moore's. Hundreds have testified to the curative properties of Ayer's Clmrry Pectoral in ' colds, coughs, aud.other throat and lung troubles. Carroll is well represented at tbe Hot Springs. Eleven from this city nml two from Glidden started «uis moriiiug for the Black Hills. ' Fire destroyed the large lumber yard and grain elevator of Dave Millegan at Jellorson last night. The origin of the ' fire in unknown. Carroll is blessed with a murry-go- rouurl and the younger elemuiH of the • city will huve a great time as long as their nickels hold out. The ball game this afternoon at Mm• Chen's park will be H good ouo. Glidden always gives our boys u good game uud this will provo no exception. Tbe inembiirB of ilie society of Christian Eudiiuvur of the Presbyterian > church will mc<t in a social uud business meeting this evening at tbe borne of Miss • Hose Wilmois. Misa Milieu Uudy, of Dos Moines, is now tlio gucdi of Miss Matio Ifothurill. Miss Cady lias many friend* in thu city who would be plunged to meet her during her visit in our city. A. VV. Bweuder has moved his rual OB tale olUco to the rooms over Arts & Manncmuun's store, which wcru foruier- 1 ly occupied by Judge Puiuo. Tbe rooms are us gaud as any in the oily and will make very comfortable quarters. Iftirm weather makes a demand upon the vitality which yoti should bo prepared to meet, la order to overcome its debilitating effects, tube Ayer'a Karsaparllla. H piirllina and Invigorates thu blood, sharp- tins ilio upputite, and nukes thu \vouk strong. Owing to the want of room In the college chupel it is requested that all par- «uti refrain from brlu«fngcbildren under fifteen years ot age to tho graduating exorcises this evening. The attendance promises to bo largo and it Is deemed bust to request llmt all childruu who would not be iuterufled in Ihu program bo loll at liomo. us it will bo more pleasant for thoae attending uud also an advantage to tbobo taking part in tbo program. $10O Howard, I1OO. TU» rouduM or till* paiwr will b« pleated to Main thu tliuro U HI lent one dreadwl dtHMU* tlm ncleiiw liaa b««u able to ouie In nil lu ttnge 1 •udUutUoaturru. Uall'i oaUrru euro In tlio only uonlilvo our* now known to (lie w«dlo»l IraUirimy. Ctlurrb kttlug a oou»tltutlounl dli- •aw, require* a ooimttlutloual tr«atiu«nl. Hall 1 * «atarrll cure I* token liiterutlijr, aotliitf airuuiiy upon His blood uud uiuooiw «urfiw«« of tb« »)»• taiu, thereby UMtroy lug ttie touiuUtion or tu* dUmase, and giving ibe patl«nt *tr«ugin by ItaUdiiiguu Hit uonntltullan mid M»Uilug uu- lure lu doing It* work. The proprietors Imvv •u luuali ftillli In Iti ourutlv* powers, thul they utter omiuuudrod dollar! (or auy wwu luut II alii to cure. Huiid for Hit of MmtluiottluU. AiWr»w» K. J. OUKNBV * CO., 1'pledo, 0. OTdold by druggliW, 7tu> al greeting, •oooeM to the gingham dress, the pink bow, the school bag, and the chew of gum. Thie supplement ot the home often transcends the home and press ib developing character, in establishing enduring habile, in the welfare of the social fabric* of which our free and progressive institutions' are made. Let us one and all extend B cordial welcome to her and make her stay in our city pleasant BO that when ehe goes to her home she will carry with her tbe beet of kindly fecliugb for onr citizens. To cleanse the system effectually yet gently, wher costive or bilious, or when the blood is Impure or sluggish, to permanently cure habitual constipation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without irritating or weakening them, to dispel headache, colds or fevers use Syrup of F|RP. PHOFLB'S PARTY. The representatives ot the People's party of this judicial district met at Wall Lake yesterday and perfected an organization of the party for said district. J. A. Harris, of (Hidden, was chairman of the convention and W. F. Wileon, ot Oalbouu county, secretary. The following committees were appointed: On credentials—F. A. MoOallnm, ot Sao county; W. Beater, Carroll; and J M. Harper, Oalhonn. On resolutions—W. F. Wilson, H. W. Davenport, W. P. Manlsby. On organization—Jos. H. Strain, 0. 8. Lorimer, J. M. Harper. Tbe following were selected as tbe various chairmen of the counties: H. W. Davenport, Carroll. 8.D. MoOallnm, Sao. W. P. Mauleby, Oalbonn. Oeo. Wetter, Ida. Jaa. Isbell, Orawford. O. T. Whitehall, Greene. Tbe following resolutions were adopted: Whereas, wo the People's party of the tlSth judicial district, seeing ns;we do the corruption and prostitution of vested powwr in many officers of both state and nation, and realizing that ring rule and personal ambition are prime factors in the selection of all offices of trust, and believing the principles of the People's party fully carried out will restore onr starving nation to its former greatness; therefore bo it Resolved, tlmt we will support only such men as are in sympathy with our demands. Unsolved, that it Is the will of this convention that tio nominations be made at this time. J. A. UAKRIS, W. F. WILSON, Seo'y. Chairman. "i know an oklsoldier who had chronic diarrhoea of longstanding to have boen permanently cured by taking Chamberlain's colic, cholera and diarrhoea reme dy," saya Edward Shumplk, a prominent druggist of Minneapolis, Minn. "1 have sold tho remedy In Uiis city for over seven years and consider it superior to any other medicine now on the market for bowel complaint))." 25 and SO cunt bottles of this remedy for sale by J. W. liattuii, druggist. law thesis work in a class ot ninety-fonr members. He is vouched far as to reliability and honesty and is withal a plens- ant gentleman to meet. He will make his home at Manning and we believe the citizens ot that bnrg will find him worthy of their confidence and esteem. The senior number of the firm, W. B. Lse, hue been a resident of Carroll about four years and daring that time baa bnilt np an enviable reputation as a man who gives honest, conscientious and careful attention to all business intrusted to his care, He has paid special attention to commercial litigation and collections, securing a generous share of the business of tbe community, and his oliente know that business given to him is sure to be handled with the utmost care and attention. In making the venture of extending the range ot bis business to Manning Mr. Lee has demonstrated that he is enterprising and deserving of success, which we hope and believe will attend upon this new departure. Flour ie 90 cents per sack at Mo- Lagan's. Why is it so cheap? Because be is selling out. A SUBJECT OF Pur. Poor old Floren'oourt pretends to OFF FOU THB BLACK HILLS. Tbe delegates (rum this oity to Hot AUK OOUIMU. Next wM»k ibe sweet (aoe of the teacher will beeeeu iu our city. We puna uo •noooiimu. upon her till »Mw w«'v« awn her. That her ie the proper pronoun, past experieuoa prououuoea probable uy • r*tio of ulutt to oue, Her inftuouce uud tor memory are retained iu every eohool district. Her symbol of sovereignty, notivity, baa long eluoe driven f«*r from WwMbool >h«v« W«U, tot i roouiaud erstwUils irksome Springs, S. U., departed Ibis morning, Tbe delegation was a good one and had we been able to have pursnaded a few more to embark for that haven of hoi water and sage brush, eur city for once would have been free of cranks and rheumatism. Wbile we were not wholly successful iu our efforts we have succeeded in reducing tbe evils tu the minimum and for once onr citizens can breath a sigh of relief, Hon. M. Miller, press reporter; Monsieur Nookala and bis son John; Colonel E. R. Burke; hospital steward, Dr. C. L. Wright; tbe Right Hon. captain ot tbe bioyole club, H. £. Russell; general hustler and chief of tbe oom missionary department, private, SamuelTodd; Chaplain J. J. Nichols; Head Cook Earl Stullg; Ohas. Wielaud and Jobu Minoheu, inspecting officers of all military and civic dross parade. Ae the chief of the preee club has promised to keep onr readers posted on tbe events ot the trip, we will look for some interesting uewa from the Black Hide. Kenneth Uugeiuoro had the good fortune toiecolvoti small bottlo of <JliamburlaU'n colic, olio lorn aud diarrhoea remedy when three members of bin family woto sick with dyBuntruy. Thin onu small uottlt> cured them all and he bud nomoloft which bo gave to Ueo. W. llakor, a prominent murolmnt of the place, LewUlou, N. C 1 ., andlleurod him or the Hkme complaint, triiuii troubled with dysentery, diarrhoea, collo or cholera luorbun, glvo ibla rumudv u trial and you will bu more tlitu pltmboil wllli thorumiH. ThopraUutlut naturally follows lt« Introduction and >ue IIHH m«Uo U vory popular. 126 aud W cent bottles for bale by J. If. Uatton, druggist, know something aud especially about newspaper work; bnt for a man of hie pretensions he is the most lamentable failure we ever knew. This week he says THB SENTINEL is humbugging the people because it produced ex-Governor Boies' speech tbe day it was delivered. It be knew just a little about snob things be would never make snob an exhibition of himself. Of all snob speeches proof sheets are sent out a day or two before the delivery in order to give the country press an opportunity to give them to their readers at the time,without waiting to get them from the oity press which is always furnished with proof sheets tbe same as the country press. It Floren- oourt knew anything about the way journalism is conducted he would never have been so foolish as to say that be- oauee THE SE.VTINKL was onto its job that it was trying to humbug tbe people. Mr. Boies delivered bis speech from manuscript and tbe proof sent ns was identical witb tbe speech delivered. We beard tbe good old man deliver it and know what wa are talking about. And, by tbe way, every line ot the speech was set in this office on the day of tbe convention and not several days before band, as stated by Mr. Floren- oourt. MoLtgau baa got some awful good groceries aud will sell much below auy oue iu Carroll. Ha ie selling out. AM IDOL SHATTERED. The genina who works for a Republican corporation which makes him say evil things of the Democratic party said when be assumed control ot Die Oer- mania that be was going to elevate journalism and set a pace for tbe poor, weak kueed editors of the oity to follow by excluding all personalities from tbe oolnmne ot his paper. This week that naughty Republican corporation, be told the Democratic county convention that he was working for, compelled him to come down from bis perch aud crawl iu tbe mire of personal abuse. He called bis Qeruiau contemporary "a green eyed snake" and accused him of etipgiog Ibe bosom that bud befriended him and so on. Frank, you had better sever your connection witb that naughty, naughty corporation or it will make you as bad as tbe raet of us. Farmers come on, now ia Ibe iim« M >' MoLagau'aia the place to get eoiu»gi<<, cheap to carry yon over this hard sou. Lay iu a stock for the year; can save money by doing so. CORRCSPONOCNCE. 1 iLVi > 7?f pond * n L"' K> ">•""' «"• publication o I heir letter* hi tbe wevklr, wiut mall llttmi to tu«r will reaob ouroffloe even with copious rainfall, bnt the corn that was sheltered from last Thursday's hot wind seems to be in fair condition as yet. E. Y. Livingston has brought his cattle back to his pasture on account of pasture, as Dr. Towne's is drying up. We learn that Mr. John Sterner of Spring Branch, and Jeff. Belter of Ooon Rapids, will probably go to Brunswick, Neb., in the near future to visit. An effort is being made to have the appointment at Spring Branch represented by delegates at the annual meeting ot tbe Church of God eldership in October. _ EAST LIBERT! AND BUCK HUN. We are obliged to write that it is dryer than ever. There ia however a heavy cloud in the west and BO we sti'.l have hopes. Farmers are catting up their corn with binders. Threshing has been in progress during the pnat week. Oats averages about twelve bushels per aore. Rev. Youtz, a former pastor here, gradnated in June from the theological department of Boston university. H« has since married a Massachusetts lady. Morris Eimble, of Carroll, and Mrs. Wm. Sebern, of Glidden, attended church here yesterday. A goodly sized congregation wera present at East Liberty church on Sunday. During tbe tabernacle meetings there have been no services here or at Pleasant Hill. Oa Saturday Young Jfoore was severely injured bv a horse kicking him. The boot struck him on the chest. Dr. Deebler was called at once. Mr. Moore was resting easiei last evening. The tabernacle meeting closed on the 24tb. Itov. Bayden baptised ten persons on the 23d. Tbe tent was taken to Lake Park wbere a meeting ia now in progress. Tbe last quarterly meeting of tbe conference year was held in the Pleasant Hill church Sunday evening. Presiding Elder Ramsey conducted the services, Tbe house was crowded. July 80. j m TEMPI, ET03«. Our corn crop is nearly dried np. • Eggs that were in an egg case at J. A. Miller's store have batched. This gives some idea ot tbe heat we have experienced during tbe past few weeks. Threshers are at work and tbe grain is proving n poor yield. Our second nine crossed bats with the Roselle team on the home grounds and won. Win. Extiom and family visited 8 t Rueelle Sunday. We received a letter from Salem, 8. D,, wbioh stated that they would not get enough of a crop for seed. A dreary re- poit. The people are getting tbe well digging fever, as many of them are troubled for water. Quite a number of laborers are out of employment, caused by the drouth. Thursday was the warmest day on record for many years, Our boys were beaten in a game of bull Saturday. The old players put it all over them by a aoore of 7 to 21. John Seller's twisters were too much for them. Dr. Patty aud 0. Eoklea acted as Your choice of twouty-flvo imttunn of irouierluK* uiadu loordor, |U 60 lo|7,00; regular pricos, lit) 00 to $11}. 00. Wo mum oUmo tliuto KOOJS, uud you will roap the Uouout. Monica Mition of ilio Famous. UUAMOUINU OUT. W. U lt*», oue of the riaiog young attorneys of thin oity, bag opened an ottioe at llauuiug Modbes associated him- eel( with E. A, itobb under tbeorui uame ofL»e&Robb. The latter ie u prowi*. iuguuiu who graduated witb bonow ntlaa lu MRMPP Ml <* f ' l'LK»8ANT HILL. Tbe rainfall Tuesday morning was very aooeptable, bat more ia needed. D. E. Gable waa iu Carroll Wedues day ot tbia week ou legal business. Htaokiug is all done. " Tbe grain waa nearly all beaded and bad to handle. Frank Wealenuier finished plowing ooru this week. Better late tbau never. Tbe water supply is becoming a matter ot vital interest, a number are very inuoh embarraaacd by tbe scarcity. Gutting ooru witb tbe harvester tor todder has begun bnt there U too luuoh nap iu U to our* perfectly, 0. A. Bailey was iu Qliddeu tbi« week making it ooru deal. There will be several ohauge plaotw ueit spring, aooordiug to rumor. Mr. 0. A. Piper,; ot Frontier oouut.v, Neb, w«w viiitiug her* laal we«k with bi« f«tb»r, T. A. l'i»«r. We we loath to believe that« man of high eooial ataudiug would mUreprfeeut ao a» to bay up ooru to speculate ou at tbe expena* ot neighbor*. TbefaruMMff wo tryiug to lay in « iupply of oofu, aj tb« I It ia curious, but true. Last Sunday J. A. Miller called us in bis atore aud said that he bad au item for tbe paper. He led us to the back part of the room aud ehow«d us nine little chickens he hud just taken from au egg case. Tbe eggs were bought on Saturday. James exulaimed that in tbe morning he beard eouiu chirping aud looked all over, bnt oould not find anything. He dually looked iu a half fllleJ egg case aud there they were. This ie indeed something strange. It is a shame for people to bring such egga to market. CLEARING SALE COMMENCING TOMORROW AT GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS S10RE OUR stock too large at this season of the year, we have decided to reduce it just one-half. In order to do so we shall CUT PRICES RIGHT AND LEFT. As every one already knows that we are headquarters w in;Carroll for low prices we will still makejthem low- | \ H er and guarantee to save you 25 cents on every $1.00 ""a you purchase of us. GUILD'S GUILD'S Here are a Few of onr Bargains t Very Fine Tennis Flannels, worth 8i;|aale price Best Shirting Prints, ) Spragues andMerrimacks > Fast Colored Cheffonette ( Dress Lawns ) Lawns!and Challies, [ New Patterns j Imported Dotted Swiss ( Beautiful Designs f Imported French Jacconets, 20 pieces Cassirnere Imprinee, All our French Penangs, Good Apron Ginghams, All our Fine Pongees, All our Ribbons, Laces, Veilings, Hosiery. Underwear, Bed Spreads, Toilet 'Soaps, Handkerchiefs, and —-^-NOTIONS-*-—• _ make every one remember GUILD'S FIRST~SEMl - ANNTTAC CLEARING SALE if dry g6od8|bargams"w"m do"itT JI3£"It.will puyjyou tojbe on hand early ifjyou wish nrst choice. £&& NEW DRY GOODS STORK, Next door to Simon's Clothing Store GUILD'S KEEP COOL HI TO DO T b See our Special Low Prices v on all Summer Clothing. " } Must be Closed Out Regard - t less of Cost. Oarroli Market Report COUN-45-60 OATS-26-80o liOUiJ-W.OtM.6a roTATOKS- SO UUTTKlt-10 en 15 K(J(!S-7o CATTMC-SUO-H.60 Steam ship tickets to and from all parts of the world at lowest rates. Notice—Proof of Will. Stale of Iowa. 1 Carroll oouuir, «*:-uutrlot «outi Invaualkm. »•••>«•«» J'o nil MliDin It nmy ooiiowru; Noihw it hereby kjivou, ilui an lu.lrumout in ,'riUHK i>u|ior(lug to bo the la*t will uud item ul Hourleiu V. WttunwurtU d«ot>«»< iicui ui iieiirioun r. tvuunwuriu ueociUtiU, wu» liU iluy produml, uptnuiU ami rt ail l>y HID imli'i'itgiitxl uml Until lutvoUxed Tu'mduy lliu Ihtb d<ty ot AUKiibi, iw, iu lUo iluy for hvuruiK Tiuif lu rulttiuii Uivrulu. \Vitiiu4n my olliolul »lguHiur0, wltli tli« «t>itl ul' iuiu ouurtburtttottolxvd, till* M ilaynl July, K)t. j. w. KKN Kiiit'K. oiurk iilmrlut court. Have you beard tbu uwnt MoLagau u tttilliug out. Qoudu tuust be nil sold luring tbe utoulb ot Auguat uud don't r ou forget it. JOB. too buuaou ba» uow Uuj(uu and tbo w»g- in IB uow out. boivQ your orders at me ««• ol A, V, %*Ui} a; «(• iWtt'l I I am LISTEN EVERYBODY! uow prepared to do all kinds of bltiuktmiithiiur, horae shoeing, plow work and general repairing. WfVOON Mf\KER rrit oluHd workman in wood IB omployod in the name building, and wo are prepared to do all wtyles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. US A CALL. JERRY LUCY, Proprietor,

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