The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, January 23, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSF1ELD CAL1FORNIAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 1933 Bolivian Losses Declared to ... Be TIcuvy, b«l "Victory Ts Claimed (United Prctt Lentcd. TV(rc)- ASUNCION. Paraguay, Jan. 28.— Bo- Hvlnn losses In desperate three-dny buttle _fpr i)OSK6BBlon of tho Nanawa .(Aynla) sector nf the Gran Chaco totaled 2000 dead, military observers hero estimated todny, Except for a brief hill just before duwn, the Bolivian-attack was Incessant tliroiiBh- out the night nnd redoubled In Ini tensity at daybreak. ' LA FAS5, Bolivia, Jan. 23. (U. P.)— A'Bollvlnu victory In tho Ayula sector of tho Gran Chaco was claimed today In heavy fighting between Bolivian and Paraguayan troops. Thn Bolivians claimed to have •mashe^l through the rlghti wing of tho Paraguayan defense and to have completely encircled the Alaya sector. Earlier Bolivian dispatches said 400 . Paraguayans had been killed and 000 wounded In the first two days of a battle for possession of Fort Nawanam. (At ABCunolon, the Paraguayans claimed that the Bolivian losses were 2000 killed and additional wounded.) Tho Paraguayans defended the fort frpm well constructed trenches and machine gun nests. Both forces were supported by airplanes. LARGEST WINE CASK Tho famous copper tun kept In the cellar of Heidelberg castle was 36 feet In length, 20 feet In diameter and capable of holding 49,000 gallons. It Is said to have been the world's largest wine cask. ALL-BRAN RELIEVED HIS CONSTIPATION I Claims Divorce Is Attempt to Improve Males (A ttootatcd Fred Leated Wire) OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 23.—There's no need to feel alarm at the Increasing number of divorcee, eayi Mrs. Pearl L. Weber of Omaha Municipal University. It's just a •Ign that women are forcing 'men to Improve. As Mrs, Weber, philosophy In* structor and mother of four children, looks at It—and her husband agree* with her "pretty much," she said—women are demonstrat. Ing that they will not put up with cruelty and other distasteful conditions any longer. "Marriage Is on the remake," she declares, "and divorce I* the assertion of woman's Independence, Women, who- obtain most of the divorcee, are forcing men to Improve," And when they complete their task there'll be fewer and fewer divorces. That will be the "happy time when responsibilities are evenly divided between husband and wife, she philosophizes. "It all depends," she added with • smile, "on how fast the women can reform the men." VIOLENT FATALTO EIGHT Widespread Damage Suffered at Sydney, N. S. W., and Surrounding Area (Atiociated Press Leo««d'W<rc) SYDNEY, N, S. W., Jan. 23.— Eight persons were killed and widespread damage was caused today by a violent storm Htrlklng-' Sydney and the surrounding country. A dam burst at Stanwell Park and caused a deluge to descend on week- j end campers, Including one family — I a father, mother and throe children i — and two other boys. The father lashed members of th« family together to a tree stump and then plunged Into the torrent with a baby In an attempt to reach higher land, but all were washed away except one girl. Near Bulga Beach hundreds of tons °f rock crashed on a cottage and ter.: "I had considerable trouble 'Wiled a boy. Tho eighth death was with my stomach. Digestion was; of a man «truck by lightning. OUt of the question. I got medicine 1 Many » tr eets of Sydney were awash which gave me only temporary nnd P art °< the senfront promenade Delicious Cereal Brought New Health to Mr. Bartholomew We quote from his Voluntary relief. * "Then I thought of taking ALL-! /-<__ TT cj rted eatin a cereal dish- 1*611. U . O. Coogee Beach was swept away. » Needed Cash Badly BRAN. I started eating a cereal dish ful two or three times a day. "It has been over a year now since I ate that first dish of bran. I (Astoctated Preet Leased but from that day to this I have had I SPRINGFIELD, m., Jan. ss.-u. s. the pleasure of enjoying the proper Grant ' commander of the Union Smothers Baby Daughter and Slashes Neck of 4-Year Son; Deranged (A.tioc(a.tcd Prexs Leased Wire) KIOWA, Colo., Jan. 23.—Dosplto an alleged confession she smothered her 13-months-old daughter to death nnd Blushed tho nock of u 4-year-old son, officials today hud not determined whether to prosecute Mrs. Ilazell Howo Splcur for murder or seek her commitment to an insane asylum. J, Nelson Trultt, deputy district attorney, who Sunday said the 48-year- old woman had confessed the slaying to him and Sheriff O, R. Brown, expressed tho opinion Mrs. Splcer was deranged. She was held In jail. The district attorney said Mra. Splcer, In her signed statement, related how she smothered little Doris on the squalid Splcer homestead and then rammed a piece of apple down her throat to mislead her husband, Frank, Into believing tho child strangled. She did It, Trultt uald sho told htm, because Bhe feared her husband was going: to drive her from home and sho would never BOO tho child again. Sho Klashed the neck of George several days later, she related, so Splcer would take him to a doctor "nnd wo wouldn't have to come back to the ranch." Tho boy was not Injured seriously. Deaths of two other children uro under Investigation, Trultt said. A baby daughter, Ruby Morrison, was smothered, supposedly accidentally, In Los Angeles, In 1923, nnd a son, 21 months .old, Theodore Splcer, was drowned In a well near Boulder, Colo., several years ago. E. F. GlOfIIY J, IS DEAD (Associated Prem Leased T^tre) NEW YORK, Jan. 23.—Leaders In tho public utilities Industry paid tribute today to the memory of TOdwIn F. Gruhl, president of the North American Compans;, one of the largest utility corporations ' In the world. He died unexpectedly last night at his Park avenue home at tho age of '16. Except for a year ns economk-s lecturer at his nlma mntur, the University of Wisconsin, and a period In charge of statistical and research work for the Wisconsin state railroad commission, Gruhl had befii Identified with public utilities all hl.s life. lie was born In Milwaukee. « Gruhl waa a director of about 40 o£ North America's farflung subsidiaries and an officer In many. JTe was also president of Associated Music Publishers, Incorporated. and MINING Los Angeles Plans Heavy Tax on Pipelines in City L OS ANGEUUS, Jan. 23.—Payment of 2 per cent of tho gross annual receipts arising from use, oporntlnn and possession of oil pipelines In tho city Is the method of computing payments for 193!) In a resolution adopted by the board of public utilities and. Oil Agreements Shell Wallls Oil Company to Thomas J. et tix—Concolatlon of lease armies during the Civil War and later president of the United States, was so hard pressed for cash In 1857 functioning of the digestive organs. "Thanks to ALL-BRAN. I Etill eat it regularly and like it better all, ne P aw ned his watch and chain for the time."—Lester Bartholomew,! 123 >nst. Louis, if a pawn ticket dis- riiriilW MiVh • *i covered hero Is correct. Tho t cket Cadillac, Mich. was unearthed from the fllcs of the Constipation is Usually due to llllnols state Historical Library. lack of "bulk" to exercise the intes- ""- J "" * — tines, and vitamin B elimination. ALL-BRAN both, as well as iron for the blood. •The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN Is much covering lots 1 and 2 of Roberts Ranch subdivision, Chanslor-Cnnfleld Midway Oil Company to Taft Well Drilling Company — Cnncelatlon of lease covering south 20 acres of south half of northeast quarter and east GO acres of north 00 acros of south half of northeast quarter of section 31, 30-29, excepting .cast SO feet for road. Standard Oil Company of California to J. C. Burlte et ux, Georgo N. Sco- fleld et ux, Kranke 10. Sprague et ux, Clyde B. Robblns et ux, Victor 13. Ing- harn and Donald H. Larson et ux — Concelatlon of lease, covering northwest quarter of southeast quarter of northwest quarter _sectlon 35, 29-2U. Casamera Oil Co'mpany to Albert D. Jones, executor of estate of Hugh M. Warren, deceased, a royalty Interest equivalent to 10 per cent of proceeds received from sale of oil, etc., from southwest quarter of southeast quarter section 20; northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 29, 28-2.0. A. X. Maorato to Albert D. Jones. i executor of estate of Hugh M. War- I ron, deceased— All Interest of undersigned in lease contract by first party to T. W. Unites on drilling equipment, etc., for 50847.21. Drilling End Seen for Kings Project End of drilling Is near for tho Ave- nunl No. 1 well of the Pacific Western Oil Company, on section 36, 2317, at Kings county, a project startPd by Thomas II. furnmn, later takon over by Knudsen ami Schmidt, nnd finally obtained by Puc-Westorn. Tbo well hiiH been drlvnn to about G100 feet and brown .shale formation predominates at bottom. transportation on recommendation of HH engineers. Two methods were submitted to thn oil companies, tlio other bolng based upon a division of thn gross receipts according to Investment. Tho adopted plan Is a compromise with tho city, following conferences with tho oil companies. Thn federal revenue act of 1932, providing a tux on the transportation of oil by pipeline., caused tho board to avoid tho plan, It Is asserted. The new method gives the board access to company records and Secretory Payne has been directed to obtain Information from them UH to their total Investment In pipeline transportation, length of pipelines and portions under franchise. The former method was based on pipeline inlleago In tho city. T SENT TO GLENN COUNTY SITE High pressure fittings and weight material are being shipped to tho site of tho Maslersnn Xo. 1, located on section 4, 22-5 In Olenii county, which Is being drilled on property controlled by the El Claro Oil and tins Company. This project is making progress with tho drill below 1650 feet it ml Is reported to havo cored 12 feet of formation that showed light gravity oil from acetone cuts. Geologists assert this -well Is located i-losn to tho apex of tho structure. Northeast of It la the Johnson No. 1 well, which Is being drilled by Independent operators. It Is below 3400 fcot. Their MEDICINE CHEST for 20 Years! TV/TORE than a million people •*••••• will take an NM Tablet to. FORECLOSURE PREVENTED WILLMAR, Minn., Jan. 23. (A. P.)— A largo group of farmers prevented a foreclosure sale of the farm on which Soren Hanson has lived for G7'years. The farmers, estimated to number 1000, gathered at the county courthouse and Sheriff Paul 15. Anderson postponed th« sale for two weeks. Two Drillers Busy at Pyramid Hills Two wells are busy In the Pyramid Hills district of Kern county. Pyramid Hills Oil Company's well on. the Gaulhier lease, section -1, 25-13, has been sent to more than 2500 feet in a deepening program, and Is going through shale formation. A. S. T [alia way'H lone project, on section 11, 25-18, is going through brown shale formation near 1GOO feet. night and be healthier, happier, tomorrow because of it. Many of them are men and women past three score and ten,who have made NR their medicine chest for 20 years or more. NR has been as dependable as their family doctor during those trying years when age threatens to slow up vital or., , . cans.Thismild.all-vege- table laxative and corrective has kept them regular—still keeps them well, vigorous and eager for more happy days to come. That's because NR safely trains tluggish bowels to regularity—tones the liver and clears the intestinal tract of poisons that cause headaches, colds, biliousness, etc. Non-habit'form- mm-- lng.Geta25cbo«'-" •tyour druggist's. TUMS" The date on the ticket was two tn •nromntft 1 Qavs b ef° r e Christmas during n. period tw ?,,°™?«= ! m the General's life that history reveals was one of repeated failure In ARTKHtA, N. M., Jan, 23.—Governor Arthur .Sellgman has signed tho llobbs prorutlon tiKruement, which >rovldes for a dally allowable of 30,000 barrels from tho field, effective mill Juno 10. Seventeen Hobbs operators and State Land Commissioner Frank Vea- ey have signed the agreement, which provides that tho state or any oil operator can withdraw from tho agreement on 30-day notice. During tho last hiilf of January, nnvhnHlng companion at Hobbs raised :he dally allowable from 21,3fifi barrels .0 30,354 barruls, with tho .Shell Pipe Lino Company taking thn lead and ncreaslng Its dully runs 7000 barrels to 1,1,500 barrels. Demand for Silver Coinage in 1932 Greatest of Years (A tanf Intuit J'rctH Leased W ASHINGTON, Man. 23.—Ueinnnd for silver In colmiKe wan heavier In 1032 than In any your since 1924, on tho hnsls of statements received by the federal mHcrvo board. It was nstlmated that consumption In this field during th« year WRB 47,700,000 ounces. Germany continued tho minting of subsidiary pieces, while the Mexican government acquired 23,200,000 ounces to be coined Into pesos. Toward the year's end Yugoslavia requested tenders on slightly more than D,000,000 ounces, although actually only 500,000 ounces were bought. France's Onmniuls wen- augmented by tho replacement with silver of the G, in and CO franc notes of the Bank of France, although h«r supply of sll- I ver bullion was adequate NO that no ' pmvhnsos wero noot\ssary. Turkey hln decided to rmiow silver coinage, It was said, although the amount win, bo sma.ll. No Hongkong dollars were coined during the year. During 1932 the total amount of silver arising from demonetization and Indian government sales was 46,800,000 ounces which, added to the production estimate of 160,000,000 ounces, made offerings of 207,200,000 ounces. (,'orrenpomllng figures for 1931 showed total offerings of 282,300,000 ounces, of which 193.800,000 ounces was derived from newly mined metal and 68,500,000 ounces from other supplies. Industrial demand declined materially In 1932, the statement said. The> United States and Canada showed a decrease of nearly 2S per cent from tho 1931 estimates, while Engla.nd'1 consumption declined from 10,000,004 to S,000,000 ouncPH. like that of leafy vegetables. Certainly this food is more natural than taking harmful patent medicines. Two tableepoonfula daily win overcome most types of constipation. With each meal in chronic cases. If not relieved this way, see 7our doctor. Get the red-and-ween package at your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday MARKET Pickled Pork, (Picnic)... 8c 3 .Large Slices Ham 23c Sugar-Cured Sliced4 O^ Bacon, in pkg. lUv Large Loin Lamb Chops 18c Fresh • Hamburger. 9c Prime Beef Pot Roast. 12c Pgrk Roast lOc GROCERY 8-oz. Dodge Brand Asstd. Berry Jam Maxwell House Coffee 1,, 28c2,,,55c Lge. Par Washing Powder.. 28c Heinz Vinegar, Pts., lOc; Qts. 19c Brooms, QC* Each. £9C Tru- 6,,,25c West Lake Peas, No. 2 A Can, for 25c DELICATESSEN Fresh Peanut Butter, Bulk.. • « Z Ibs. 19C Delicious Cooked Poods various attempted occupations.. Will Offer Course in Aerial Transport ( Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 23.— Northwestern University announced today it would offer, beginning February 7, a course on air transportation, covering economics and other problems relating to air transport. Field trips and motion pictures will be employed to demonstrate the opnr- atlons of commercial olr lino. Thomas Wolfe, district traffic manager of United Air Lines, will direct the course, COSTLY SWIPE WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., Jan. 23. (A. P.)— That swipe thnt William Guth- mun took at a golf ball six years ago cost him heavily. The ball fell In the rough and Caddy Edward Salerno went after it! Climbing a fence,, Sa. let-no fell and broke his arm. Yesterday a. Jury decided Guthman should pay f95D. HORRORS OF STUDYING BELOIT, WIs.,' Jan. 23. (A. P.)— Waring Bradley, Belolt College senior from Hamburg, N. Y., Is the first casualty of the mid-year examination "cramming" period. He suffered a fractured shoulder when he went to sleep and fell from his chair while studying. Miserable with Backache? It May Warn of Kidney or Bladder Irregularitks A persistent backache, with bladder irregularities and a tired, nervous, depressed feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Doan's Pills. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful ^users the country over. Sold by ill druggists. 10-Piece What a Bedroom Special—Ten pieces for the bedroom, Including the following: Beautiful Full-Size Walnut Bed; Large Va'nlty and Chest of Drawers; Spring Seat Upholstered Slipper Chair; Full Slxe Part- Wool Blanket; Bed Lamp; Pair 1 of Plllowi; a Genuine Simmons Coll Spring and 40-Pound Mattress. 10 Pieces for Only $5.00 Down and $5.00 Per Month No Interest Bedroom Ensemble $/?A50 Simmons Beautyrest Mattress. Now Only $1.00 Down—$UOO Weekly ' No Interest lyresi $37.50 Simmons Slumber King Mattress, Now Only $1.00 Down—-$1,00 Weekly No Interest uci rxiny $16.95 Guaranteed Inner-Spring Mattress. Special Low Price. . . . $1.00 Down—$1.00 Weekly No Interest $14,95 TRADE IN YOUR OLD FURNITURE FOR NEW New Style American Oriental Rugr 9x12 Size $1 Down, $1 Week—No Interest $29.95 Any Gas Radiant or Circulating Heater Only $1 Down, $1 Weekly No Interest Listen In Every Day at Noon Over KERN for McMahan's Radio Specials. McMahan Furniture Co. Eighteenth and H Streets Bakersfield Further Startling Reductions in Brock's January Clearance A Drastic Close-Out of All Furred Coats They have to go! All of our beautiful coats with rich fur trimmings! What an opportunity—handsome fabrics, handsomer furs and such style and workmanship as nre only found in high-grade coats. Furs are: Beaver, blue wolf, fox, caracul, inarmink, skunk and cross fox. Colors: Black, brown, green. Sizes 1.G to 42. Formerly $29.75 to $69.50 Now $14.88 to $34.75 Brock's—Fashion Floor Bringing You Clever Winter Fashions in Regular »18 75 DRESSES Bear in rnintl that Dresses in this assortment are not odds and ends or special sale merchandise—they are our regular stock selections, sold during Ihe season at $18.75. Beautiful styles for daytime, afternoon or dinner wear — rough cn'ptvs, crinkle satin and sheers, with long or puff sleeves, cape and jacket effects. In black, navy, brown, red, gray and green. 12 tO'll. Hrock's—Fashion Floor Also Group of 18 Silk Dresses and Ensembles Values to $22.75 $6.95 • Brock's—Fashion Floor™ Ridiculous Values for Boys 12--Rubber Footballs Jo Close Out.. ,10c each 3—Boys' Ail-Wool Suits. Si/es 15 and 16 $3.95 each Boys' Cotton Slip-on Sweaters 39c each Boys' Shop—Main Floor ' Final Clearance Scarf Sets, Berets, Felts 50' Downstairs Store Mrs. Brown Knitting Instructor in Our Art Department All This Week MALCOLM BROCK CO. KERN COUNTY:/ PROGREJJIVE JTORE • BAKER/FIU D

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