Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1928
Page 6
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; PAGE SIX LittI e Prospect Seen of a Pennant for Brooklyn This Year HURLING IS aooD Liitlc To But €lub Has \ Aid Pitchers on Diamond > New York, Jan. 16. (AI»)—Wil- hefl Robinson, 6I-yejir-oliI niana- gefi of the Brooklyn Dodgers, hopes tojhavp something l)i -si (le.s a pitching staff to ke^p him in the race for the 192S Xalioual laegue peii- iiani, * • ••' Consistently lirilliant hurling ex- lirhilions by the DiMlKers' well- i)alan(;e(| i<iaff weni for niinghl last season because thi -t4 'am <mM not hit anil the infield left something , to be ilesired from a fielding viewpoint. Time and again the ace.s •if the niniiml corps hehl the opposition to :t run or two luily to loa-' the veidicl because ;lie scoring j)nnch ; .necessary ti> <rasli in on thi'.se jierforinanrcs was lai-kiiig. The Ilodgers fiiiislii d last iii ilic . ieai;ue jiji bolli fioldin;; and oallilig. Jlendrick was tln' lone }JrQoklyn rei)re.seniallve in , Uie more or less selet-tetl circle. ' Rendered desjjeratc hy. ihe tm. iiotent bats of his charges. Robbie • reathed into llie minor l(;.gnes and gr.lbbed Del I^is S(inetle,» li'lcrna- liofiai league s!i>gg<-r. Harry Ri- •<oniIa. of .Milwaukee, and AI Tyson, of Buffalo, in adili!ic»n to getting Oav^ Rari-roft. roiiner mana- • t;er of (he iiostoii I'.ravcs. to giv.- •hi.sjwobbly infield some much need<'d steadiness. Vfw. if any peuiiani ilicanis :ic- conipanyJhe ivorlly'Mr. Robinson's nightly sleeji but he hopes lIiaL thc^e new addiliiins will enable t!ie Dod.g 'Ts to finish bir.her in than Uio sixth that was their lot last Mcason. AVilh Van(i, Tetly. Koak. Klliol'. •McWeeny, -Ellrhardt :ind ("uik !o cair ujH))!.. Jlobinson is assured of a'.s /rood pitching as an.v niai'iagei- ill (iie league wil( get.. The first Htriiig catcher.'?.. "Hutch" lllenliiu''. ('harlie Hargreaves and Ilank I)e- Herr.v. Vance's siib-'-kick. s ''"erally • are rated as the best ieieiviiig c-orps iu the circuit. 1 The ouffielil. loo. Hi-eni.s to be prntty well taken care of jby llen- diiek.. Max Carey. .\raol(i Stalz. Max; :V recruit froi i . Waco, fiid T.v.son. W1K> has Keen service,' v.-ith tl'e New York 'Ciian s. The Ktarling iufiidd jirobably Vi!l see <'ither Jiissonetie nr .I!:il)c ll.-rinan at lirstjbase: .lay l';-,rtrid ;;i;' at sec- oi;d:; Bancroft at short, and Ricon- Vla. onc-e with the Atbleiics'and tin- Braves, at third. ^The reserve Jn- ficlrl"streiigtli in<-hldes Ty Frei.gau. who has Wi)rn the uniforms of the "St. IJmis Cardinals ::nd the Braves. .lakV Klowcrs, Chuck and 'Rhell. a liishly^ regarded I'roin Atlanta. THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER. MONt)AY isVENliffG, JANUARY 16,1928. IN BIG CLASHES Oklahomans Still Hold Lead in.Missouri Valley ^ MISSOURpSE C O N D New York...!an. 11. (Al'|i-The .\mt'rican .Mthietes at Olympic Cames at j.\ms(erdam, H(dland, next summer will have Unpr^- ccrleiiii 'd support in Ihe f6rm of a s .agoihg iheering section Ii -d by no less ii sports figure tli .'.n ICiuite Rockne. "miracle < oacir'.of '.Notrc 's Oanie's fool- ball team. Rockiie is passing up a lib- 'cuil income from his- usual summer school of coaching to li\ail lliis biggest snake dance <ui re<-ord. His parly si^Is on .Inly frl )ul:^'ew York on the. Cunard liner. Carmania. which hiis .beei] chartered for the occasion. . MELHORNAND I'.illy rookie GOLFMONEY Fcnimore Pro Has Tough La<k in Touruey at I Long" Beach ' TOURNEY ~iis OVER Brilliant Piay Is Mixed With Poor Putting in 1 Leo's Game^ l -t )ii^ ihacii, i;alir.. Jan. Ifi. (Al'> Leo Dicgcl, Feniniore Country Club |iro..' today was in ]) »s.session of just, one hair of tile ho ig Reach open g;!ir cr(.wn and the accom- iv.i.iyiiig pur.e ol $1,200 after a threo day liiik'^ e.xcursicm during, •.viiich he diireverylhing rrom miss- 1 iug a .tlx i.'iOl putt that would have given him thi' title, to walking ihreugii a big plate glass window. IJiil .Mehihorn. Wi!iiis|)urgj I'a., wa,- il'.'.' ( 'i -wi ;:iK -r. the oiieiiing play Oklahoma Aggies Hold to Third Place in ^ Cage Race Kuusas City. Jan. IC. (Al') — With the Uklaliuma and .Missouri teams retaining the firsi four places in valley haakcthall after a week of interstate • exchanges, alijgnineni of lli^c ^i^quads iu intrastate tests loouied as this weeks conference feature. . ' III Ihcse intrastate contests, | Oklahoma with an average of l,tiOO | Iierccnt, wa.s favored in the game with the, Oklahoma Aggies at Nor- j man Saturday, i^lissouri was gen-: erali'y conceded the edge on a com- j parative score habi.s over Washing- | ton for the nv.-cti|ig of these teams] a I SI. L^Jijis- Friday .j' Traveiing ill ! their usual, | [Sooners made it Uy d4 .'fealing both lvaiis;is teams iu last week's series. The Oklahoma Aggies Uro|>- ped lo third place when ijlwy lost to Kansas Saturday ailter uo.s^ing out the Kansas AggiesiFriday. This- shift left -MissiAiri in sec-1 ond place by nrtue of wiiis over t ;Hnnell and Iowa State, while Washington wound up iii fonrtli poi^ition with their week's record showing wins over Nebraska and (irinneii and a loss to Iowa State. Drake al.--;;) iheat Nebraska to iiKH 'e inii) a tie 'with Kansas for fiitli with two wins'and three hisses, luwai Slate waij next with a single viJ-tory against three de;- feals. Till' Aggtes and Nebraska followed with OUR win and lour los .-jCM, while (Jrinncll was tit the bottom with six straight defeats.- i Stars of the Oklahoma teams the Oklaiioina sjvcn straight BoylScofit Cage Toam Wins Off Church Five T'h».;ba.'^kctbaU team of Trooi) Boy S'out<. hand!^(L the I'rosb.v-^ teriaii: Ixiys-club a V> to 14 trinii ming Saturday hi the junior high gymnasium. Sidney Crick lis spon-S .-or of Ih? Doy Sc.iut le;:m and l.,ouis. Burgar i.-; coach. Th»- f'res- bytcrian.s hold the lead until last in tho fray. • MILDRED STILL WINS GAMES IN :SEK^LEAGUE Buffalo Falls in Gajne Friday by 73 \o 16 Score Former Champion isieems By Far Best of Allp., Contenders - c DELANEY MAY FIGHT Indications Are That He May Get Crack at Champion 4i To lir.ance their stiidi<'s .-it sional boxing ring. Throe an Is a light heav.v. I»itk Daliiel.s (lelt ).'nH. (upper right! and the veli'ran Samtny i HUMBOLDT AND FRIDAY KNOCK ELSMOREAWAY • Tliir; .Mildred "R.-d Devi!; liall jeam again sliowcd it- stipVr- ioiity in the Sekan league jiniinunt iiicf .by trouncing the . Buffalo •RiSiOns" f:lr the serond lini;- F/Id:iy njgiit. During the fiivl (piav- ter lb:- "Bisons" seenud to luivc i\xi' inlvantagi'—the score \Vas S to i; !•! tlic sccono 'inar'i r .Mildred took til-- P'ad and Tay|.-)r tli" flas.liy, I forwarl!. arhied six field ' ;;i>als'ill suc.c--;o!|. The ^-core at O'lt ! . I ill ilis stauiis I" h.ilr was.L"; to 11. Th , thin! ijiiartci- o;ii'ni'd with 1 .1 bang, lliilion s .-i 'juf; coMstant- ; iy |i.f)i!i ct'iilor. "Big Hoy" Brougli-i Tom iie I'liiviiTiity ot .MiniuMnfa.. Ili'Se lour yi):i!ig im n have en'crcil liic profrs- welter \Vl•igllt^. anil Jo.i>::ti (Jo '-dDii deiitcri. a student tit iiliyslia! education .vouagest (>.• i)ie .giotiii. i.i studying law, while .Morris (Ireen nard (lower riK 'ri rsrc lai-.iag up niedicJnc. 1 t(-:i Mil' liipfly country Bf-iias}-!!. ili.--,)laycd his- .Viw Yoik. Ian.'Ifi. fAl'l. With- liii' neie.isity oi liftin.g_ij finger own behalf Jack D^'inp.-ev out more prominently than i-vi -r as th'-- aiain Ireavywei.eht title Ihvial fi >r 1 !I2S. ihi'iigb the .Mana;-sa .Mauler iiia.v hi', criti.s still place him licad; a:iii shiiiiiders above any ;)f the fireseiit crop of contcndtrs. At pioseiit rate most of Ihe mlur lieavywciglii aspirants; e.v- P'-iis liiinU. will have e'imina'.ed them.-el\ IS i)y sluing unless there is .1 st.iilliii:; reversal of l<.>iiii. liii li-I'le-i fl'.iv.iiig, i!''ith<ir lieeiiey 11(11- .lack Sharkey, lad of >i^d usual rieked as twn of the outstanding i£| Mrnas}.,,. iliNdayed h:s ...d "sual ; ^.„„,,.,„,^.,^ ;>a „v.,/.,„„,, Wj.„ form aim aii;!vd 1.: pons.i' diintig ., l. • '3 this .i,( The del>n.<e' of F. i""'i'?'- :'l"'"li.?h tile *Si.t Ejr5k|porian Will Study ! " Child Award Problem Hummers Hand First Defeat in the Sekan League Uirt a ppi a rt<'\ d'Hic Flpr Klsmoreii' I used the week lo Incerase their In-' 'I Kiiday the i:ith. and lltiinboldl Were too much and Iliimboidt-»:;iiil dividual scoring totals. Holt, tow- ,\^„.r ,,„. fj,..,, „jiiiules ering Mjoiier center, moved Into; , , ,, , , „ , , ,1.1 first pace with !ir, polHls. Jijsjof I'l^'X H 'tmlHddt outpla .ved Kl.s- IcanimaKs. Drake and' Chu 'rchlll ; mere aud diserved to vv:ii. Sage boosted', their marks to 77 and 5:; j wa.s high i>oini man with jioints. respectively. Wright or the Okla-| This was the first defeat for KIs- ind leaves .Mildred iu undis- pos.>jessioii of first place in the Srkan league where the teJin is expected to fini.sii. .'dead., of Chanule. referco. : Friday HAVE CONTESTS M WEEK-END High School, College and Junior High Sijuads Will Plav -1 • This wecii: will find lall the si'liool basketball coa<-iies liusy in preparation for_ games the last part of the week. The colli ge anil senior high school have league gameK sehedub'.d with th.> junior high playing aiiolher non-ionfer- leiK-e game. The llielf Hehool'v liatlln ;igaillst I Fort SciilP here will • Ihe eeiiti-r of jn.'eri^r ('oaeli Smith's team llioiigli liav- Fr.tin iiiiti! !]is last Inde was filleJl Yesterday is was a tonrnainent ^ifupsl and downs for Leo. Tlie; fi holes saw him well down ( list afthoug)! his ;7;! was bi^ over iiar. He went througJl St l.S n the two the first round looking more like an ac -cii '.-'iit vii-tini than a golfer for it just before pla.v started that he had tried a short cut to the links-—through a heavy jilate glass wiiKiow. Tho ensuing crash and f.ill ol glass resulted in cuts on, l )(»ili <;r Diegcl's hands. j iThe next ihiy Saturd .iy— saw] i |(i> .New Vi.rk golfer cat . IwiJ sijrokes off par ff>r a nifty BI) and a total of liz. 'fhat elevated him t.j fourth place. \ • Yesterday Diej*el fini.slied : his iiioriiliig round in extremely stingy la.-;hion. ile had a oii<> stroke lead on "Wild Bill" -Mehihorn, who, with nine hob's lidt, ha.d,:i 2lti. Kight wholes wentnt'f according to lloyle and then, with the title, probably hold j plus $1.LT.II. wlthhi piitling distance F-l- this week. 1 Dbgi'l sp-unijid an offer by .Mchl- iiorii to bet r'two bitn". that lie .. .^>i.<:ij. <> 1 i^ui. Ill lue 1.FKIU- 1 rnis « hoina j^gghs vns second with !»2 , ninre ; whileiOolllns and King ot Ihe Ag-I puled gies had 75 anil (Ifl. In addition to the .Missouri and Oklahoma games, this week's .slate shows: Wednesday, Aggies vs. Iowa Slate at .Manhattan and Dr.ike vs. (iriuiiell at flrinnell.: Thursday. Kansas vs.? Iowa St;ite at I.Miwrenee: Saturday, Kansas Aggies vs. -N'ebraska at Lincoln. NEWrN^ FROM COLONY .Mrs. Allen" .Hrl»«well. Kiiriiier TpMclier, .\Hpn (N llpdl»iti»ii ni I'ralrio Hell Seliiml. itiiriiftt Hole! Iniproionipnls. sapl lath •ek .i, .! I'!.- lAl'l W. S. I'lg-.'V. iif i'hnpoj'ia. tmiiiy was )|iil"i| Iy the ifiipieiiie coiiri i.s iai I iiiiinilssiiiii'er m l;:ke <\ i- i'l the appl 'i-aMiHi ul .Mr . |ll(-e C. Cliifill. Ill' Wle! -i;!. Inr jjl i«f l!:il)ea^ ciii-pii: ID I 'itaili •i;i >li of li'i- t\i -.i miii'ir; ' lld- l .,i >i'•nee Mctjiiatlers. .V and ^ 11. The lwii;'.-||i|(|i-, II weie i III lie in the I lisliiily ot iheirl r. Otis .Ml Iiii.itle'is, of Texa-;. ' 1>H Klsiiiurp (IT) E. Johns.iu. f. Moore; f. It. .lohns 'in. !'. C. Danii is. c. W. Daniels, c U. Cox. g. . Ludluni. g. 1 Totals _ FC. FT. I', TIV ,s irmbiil't. (il) Hr. Woods, f. H.v. Woods. I'pdike. c. . Bridges, c. I Sage. g. ^. jjunkiti. g. FC. 0 (» 0 FT. 1 (I II II II 1 1; Ti­ ll u 1 JACK DEMPSEY IS TO FIGHT TUNNEY IN NEW YORK CITY |.Mann; ami NorJ'in wa.-s piTlettt. i irildiiig th.,' visitors score to six I fieli: baskets. I "liahe." .\eviii. a new dark llorse on the .MMdred tea^i. siibslituled lor BroUL'liloii at fiuward^ during , the last .fiH.irler. and after: getting ' rougl:«'d up' a bit. he siiowed bis • (y* for the basket by making fo!ir ^oa i-- in row. '•'rid t.v the KJlIi proved a. jinx !'• CiMv.i-'iJ. and II. M:;ii!..' !N. illie,- Varrkec Stadiui;i Scene! ''^^n5^^^^;;:^r',;;r'2^^'d" m, . I 'Or Title Battle in • p'-onsinan-hii.. .\o on.. ;,,:.| ii„.i June or Julv ' [that th.dr iitiilelt was ilechired a dr.iv.' leaves 'roDiii fn; .fi-rtber argument aiiij aiiDther subhlant'ial gate. i - : " Of the others. '.lack Delaiiey. ^if !'(• can ge' over ibis teiuleiic.y liif lieing an in-and-oulcr, looms as the miis: iikcly candidate for a big bout. If Timaey i^ |i. b.-'ve tv pTiinsliiii bout', rlt Would S'l tliiij l>i'l;:iiey hi'o a I'f being' 0111 of the I lialli- •elil now goiiii (ham-.titleholder'.s ght Cummfhgs Gets jlAvorcc Fron) His Wife jCalisjrs City. .Mo., Jan. Hi. IAI""). Dwiqlit .\. Cnnimings. government idij-n j trom nie'r Servi Solu! court .1.jr; t'r.-re Cllliltl 1 e':t;f hail :.|ii|l. ••.V York. .laii. K;. hi-' fie .n y wej-hi Ti \!') K'-vii- c:i,iini.i:.ii.-ihi!. ' .Mlldrril (7.*!) •L-t. tJiey fough! hard, to fiiiisb. Chii-kiidooz was their lucky man I'.rikitK eiuht [niiiit.-: for hi-j •••am. 'slate. Te'; IlicKaril (•oihly levcaleil Ills intention of re-nia:ching Gene Tlili.liiy a:;il .Itici, Demps v lor a l -'i -ioatid maiili ai lii'.- Vaiike stad- ist. was awarde'd a divorce .Mrs. Kthy! N. (hiininings. foi- een-tary of the Kansas I 'liblic coniniission. in Judge .-Mien eni's division- l>( the circuit here today. CiiiMtnings's i"stjiiiony bi.'- I iiiiM. in .Iniie i to (!e,-,-;„| tli ; against oi;.- of five Tin s<' fivi.. are ! I'aui'uo l''/:eiiiiu!i. ; .IJ: k .-^!i;:i-k' y and T.-iylo:' .Vevill C-l.:,vel! Br.iiighlon I lution ' -. or July, the winner I .Manir . litl" in September M.t.itu coiit'iii!e;'s. Jchiiny; Ftioko. Jack Dehin 'i .y. Ti 'im Hi '.nev. .\'o;-;oj! ; '.'"oia ^ls a legislative in vest iL-at in:: .^1, WoPlf^n \mnfi<r •!tee last s-imnier led to Ihei^"*'-^ .'*"!rr" -imong [latioii of i .i nan 01' the w T. lliissey. the K::lisas coiiiniis- CandidaU^ For Bar i T; ;i:ain,!;: jsir.M -I. 1 ,-;:;;Tei! IC ai !S.. .1 ,1!!. :i 111' i;i::riida:--s for uilniis- ii.'^ in K:!n:.-;..s •id.iv in ih" •<••)••:•' liv court : Itnfi'iilo (K',) Cliickadooz J I Dotiitiir . ' llerriiigtoii ^ I nie'^e<^. .. •': i Cloiigh -- • 'Af.Fx-i J^,,, .: Ag^d Kansas Dodxir , „^ In Kansas ;City Nowi e.xan in : . To tills FC. I'T. V. - ( I I t : II . d 11 II 1; ; 1 ii 12 II 1 •» 11 .0 0 n ' 2 :'. ...» , *. i - 6 Ft;. FT, P. .:; 1) •* '1 V .11 .1 3 11 '.e I • -1) 0 •n II ('• \ s . oj-poii'tifs. villi Deniisey figuriii'4 i;i ilie otlii-r clash. Or. if there ii oMy .iiic till. tilt, a final <liniin.i- . |i:;;!! bvf.veeii the two Jacks. De- M.iney an,' Deiiipsi wo'nld furnish an .ii I; arti > e nwli .Vs this oli: .se; vatioir .ti ;.V'-:- lias suggested be- loi'v- tliei-e is littb- lii-eslii n thai Delanev's ii :u!;ei .• • high" hopes of.'laiMing iiiiii up for i.-nt of. tiie : iii:iiiv iioats of llie. year. The er- • rat ic" Fiench-Can:'dian always ha.^ lie..;, ;i hu: drawing card Iroin Ihe' lime he knocker! out l'a;;l !!erlen- iiaih lour years a,!:ii. If he can siKcessiiilly I '.egosialc one or two more te <ts. Dela'.if y will be sitting pritly in fi.^ic roiv. 'i'iir. "• wii :ie'!i am! Col'feyvilli'.- Kas.. .jail. 1<;. (Al'i ' '.vcre inclu.l.d in t'l; Dr,' y\';i!ter 11. Wellis. Mi oiic of j 1 iicibif lo tak • ihc r.Mrs. JW. K.- Payton.) 1 COLONY. Kans., Jan. i::.—.Mis. Allen LMcDo|well went to lola Thursday cvijning for a vi.s-it with relatives anil to attend the dedication of a new schoolbiiiiding iii.r I'rairie Dell district south of lola. ' Ml-s. .McDowell, ' been inviierl | to attend this dcdicntioif as :;he taught hi Ihe district io |-:y-iliren, years ago. Her niiH-o .Mrs. Flor- I Totals 11 1 :;! —Kxtra large .bundles .of clcar» newspapers, 10c. at UcgiRtjiT office. Kajis e ' (ddo't me-iic;tl <ioclors. entered the. liel! .Xb-niorial hii.sjiitai in-'. K.insas Citj. Kas.. today for treat nenl. Dr. Weils siiffiied a St ink : of paralysi'j -lasl^ (Ictobei anit resigned ;is city' physieiau short iy atterward. endihg HO .vears cortti nions service, in th:it capacity. -ixteen ni-n oi" Ihiise .exaniiiiation. a probability idt d late:- iu :'iui.i::g!i Il'ere was thai more •iii.irii: \ij u I'!- ila.v. T;u- tlirc'- > a:;'!!-; Krs ar -T Miss l-:the! K Ciiileers. ,1 ; .\rk.iiisas Ci;<'; Mi~< Fl'..ei] , Khiia n. r. 'ro:i('.ka. ai.d .Miss Bertha Biar.r!;' .Itdi'i-oii. L:iwren.ce. iShav^nee Mission Suit . Will Not Be Reheard Toptjka.. Ian. 16. i.M'i Tiie sit- prcMie "court today retnsed to grtnn a rehearing of the Shawiire Mis- (sio:i cAndemnation proceed in J;s. .\ I rehearing had been asked b.v ^Mis', ' Kall'.er-ine Roe. one of tl!e--lan'!- ov.ners who '-e proporiy •,va,'^ con demnett (o;- tiie new state park :•)' j be locate.! r.ear r ^ City. m HARDWARES IMPLEMENTS lOLA-J^XAJ* Once /(5q7* games and i would niis.>v S. oil up a I The Well .•Ma pi ilig dropped two leagu one jion-Iea^le game this .«-eas(in ' .sliowi'd greyt jniwcr lii its riill.v J-Vldav niglit in ihe but few iites '-of the I'liisliiiig ganii may get .•<iartcil agaiiis|- 1- ci 1 ill sitcli a way as to i lialk victory, • t'oacb Vail Camp of the junior high will be -vvorkiug, especially h.ird on getting bis men not, to coinniit I'oiils as tliey are certain t" hit a close rel'j-rei^ in-the invasiijii., Of Ffedonia this Friday afternoon, j came in Oiln rvyise both Io|a junior hlg'li ; phy lor team's looked good last Friday in the douUile-lK'ad-.'r against Fredoiiiii on till- local court. . -_ Coach -Ira Stock'''br.ihd of Ihe jiiiiior lollege has two problems to he met thi'- week in preparation for a road trip. First he must j _ ' , have his men ready tor .some stiffs VMiBnni .1. battle's and lie also must schedule at hast one more ;;anie toibejiiay- •1 ,'d on the. trip or else call it off. The ;team bioked good agkinst the Independence stinad las Friday, night in loia's first Jnnlor college conference game and so ihe main work will net have to be there. However. 911 l.v on,™ game has b"en' matched on the road trip -which is to go up around Kansas ril.v.' Kansas! ciiy. (Kansas) junior <olicge~has been matched iu a junior college i-oiif.'rence game; However. lola has not been able , to get a good, enougri price, the right, date, or a team tlial would be in an.vlhing Ifke Ihe calibre that lola would care to tackle, so the flip is'in doiibt. M two games must he sr\ipdiiled 10 make the trip a- certainty. All coaehcs! are hoping and working hard to have iheir men In gpod shape an'tl going strong for. the games the ,la'^t of this week.' tiiid he did miss. Net tie' . Iticldentally, "Wild Bil!"- laid all enthusiastic Diegel mill-I fan JUt lliat: L'o. would nils.-} the ami , putt. :' ; laboii 'ju- Iy compili:.! statistics levealiil Diegel'.s ihreo day end as 7.';-fi!l-71-ii;i ^.s'J and .MeliT- Jrorn's as 7iMiS-7;:-71--2>;2. ; Ceorge \'oii I'llin of Lo.H' .\ngelcs. w liii plays golf for nothing, and who oiiee beat Bobby .lones lor the natioii^.jl aineteiir championship to take the Urw gross Iro- aniateiirs with 2SS. Known Kansan Dies at Maple City •To pull on Ihe leii glove be.Toie the. rtght 18. ill the opinion of sitp- ppHllHou.s boxers, "asking for tiou- We.'' , j Hill. Kan.. Jan. IC. (Al"». Tod. 75, wealthy cattle lanMii-r and land owner, died at his. home near here at 7::ji) this following li. brief illness with . pneumonia. Mr. Tod served •as ji member of the Board of Ue- j .ge'nts of the Kansas State Apri- culfiirar Colleee trim IftOH to-lUlS and was made a member of the state board of reg^'i^ts. on its reorganization in 1 »"23. a member of agriculture since as its pre:tident ' He has been the state board of 1918 and served in lfi2r.. ence Ixingshore. of lola, was one! oflthe later te;u-hers in t lis same district. . '.Mi.s-s Irene Burnelt was a guest of Mils./ Win. Ossenheck at Wellsville the firsrt of the week I -Mr.'i. Halley, wJio reniodeletj the old Skonrup residence was here from Kansas City the fir.'it of th"' week and was a jciicsl of .Mrs. II. v.. .Shutntird. ' Leo SciiUe.v went to Chailllte Tuesihi)' to visit. Harold Boone, in ' the bospital there. .Mr. aud .Mis .iJohn .Martin made .1 biiidness trip to Carnett Tiies- : day Httcrnoon. .Mrs. 11. W. Bell is in Tiipeka with Wr. Bell, this iveek.; .Miss I'^velyn Wells reinrneil to Wichita; Tuesday after being Iwre 10 atlen 'd the funertll of .her griinil Xatlier. W. K. .lolini;on. j Mrs. Hugh Davisji.r 1;* IMe. HI.. ' and l-J. C. Johnson, (if TiiUa. Okla.. , c .ime ID attend the funeral of llieivl father. W. K. Johiihon. whii^li oc- | currcd Tnesd ;i .v at ilie Coniinuniiy •church, -with interment nnide in. I the Lone Klin cemetery. | . R. .M. O'Harra aiid son Kcrmit 1 made a liiisiness trip to, Kansas City the first of. thii week, making a stop in La -wreiK -ii to visit their son and Jjrother. Uaymond O'Harra. i .Mr. and .Mrs. Franl; Denton are ; visiting relatives iti Kansas City. ( this week. J. H. Burnett has had torn down ' the old front porch .which was. somewhat of a blot to the appear- 1 ahce of his hotel and »-ill| rrecl ' a new one and also add a small 1 room\ for hueinef* piirposes on th-.- \ e^st side of the hotel. .Mr. To'f was a director of the .American Ko.val Livestock show, the Kansa.-s National Hvestocl^ show and was active in the affairs of the Intcrjiational Uveslock show at Chie.'ijgo. He;is. survived by the widow, and one son. James Tod, of. Maple Hill. ItromiN Druif Ltiration. 108 E. Madison. Flrsl Hour EiiNtpf Store. Phone 17C Worlu Famous or! • Sports Promoter, writef " Lucky Strikei^ nevnr injure my throaL Many of my friends in all walks of life - /^» use and enjoy theraJ Dorsett Produce Co. 12()2 East street, lola Phone 7(W Cash for Ponlfrj- and Eirpg Calll's An .T Time. We will come after ponltrjr. Vi"^ ISIASlrSMtD C>ll \4 i '-«'^4T '«^i GRENNAN'S MARKET Comer East Honroe and Elm Sis. lOLA. KAN'S. \ We Want Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides AXn 01 B, PHONE XniBKU I.S ST« Inla'ii Prodnrn Iloimt) HInre ISll C. «. COCIttlLLi |lM»ter . The Cream of 5 the Tobacco;(prop "No article cnngro -vvwitbbit quality behind it. LUCKY STRIKES are growing and hav':- grown j ^ecause of their quality. 'The Cre* m ''he Crop' goes into LUCKY JTRIKE The best Tobacco is bo.ight for them. I know, because it i s my job to see that this is so." Buyer of Tobacco at Lojjiaville, Ky. No Throat Irritation-No Cough. "rev

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