The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 17, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1958
Page 17
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ANNII piAcei wetww?. AVANNAH, FINISHED TALWNS WITH THE SWEP15H WE ASK6P? HOW WOULPVW! HOUTfA WCONBSTEV5? MV OTHER PHONE is WNOIN0 AMP THE SERVANTS ARE OFF. r NO MEAT, SW£6TM6A«£f|?-ANt> M» MELT 1 -•yOU PLAY 7HIS LATIN- ^THE SNOW ALL TVPE PRINCKS WHO tt TUB WAV 70 SHIPWRECKED IN • , THE NORTHERN AWtNP OKAY, STBVB/I LEFT HIM At. Ml* . APARTMENT Wfni «OM6 NEWSPAPER PEOPL6HEHAP PHONEP BEFORE THE SAVANNAH,! THOU8HT ABOUT MAVINfl TO CUP MARY WORTH B*, «A*M».*)U 9* 10. WP«mONT.~ffl ALLOWED AUBUOWS-AH-" ADMIRER* TO— Mft*ARVOUN6MAN! THERE HASNT BEEN A SHALL HAVE TO SEEK. HELP FROM . THE POLICE! POPULAR SINGER SINCE I'D RUDYVALLEE7HATI CROSS THE ROOM TO MEET! AINER AUStIN (Minn.) HtRAlD Wedn«sdoy, Dec. 17, '58 MISCILIA'S POP~By At Venmer POP'S COMING HOME NOW. WHY NOT DROP HIM A HINT? W X HOP* X GET A WORSE FOR CHRISTMAS it REMEMBER, OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Mojor Hoopla r ATSA SOME KIND OF FISHY 50UP. EH, 2 HOkTAY.eEF OM6 EEL MAK£ SOUR THRee EELS FEEO 16 PEOPLE.WHICMA MEANS 14 PEOPLE- NEED FOURTEEN EIGHTEENTHS OF THREE EELS/—HOW MUCHATHAT 3 . IDUNNO/— VJHA.T ELSE SOU 60T ? ONE FOUR-POUND SEA BASS/ kAT$A 12 PO)MDS FOR I8.DIVID5 SV IH —I'M CONNA CALL A\V , 50M DiKO—HE'SA WHAT VOL) CALL A GENIUS AT ARITHMETIC OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Willlamt j PIPN'T VDU NOTICE IP / HIS HANPS WERE CJ.EAM I WHEN HE WAS 5CULPTUR- V IWeTHETURKCVSTUFFINSr V M3U SEE WHAT 1 HAVE ^ TO PUT UP WITH "YOU . SEE WHAT VOU'LU V HAV6 TO PUT UP , WITH SOME PAV? you SEE — / WELL, POWTl I BRING ME IK) V OW IT NOW- I I'LL TAKE I IT WHEN \ MY TIME \ COMES/ M '',. .^1»>..M X WHV MOTHERS (SET CRAY ,,»,„„. ..„. 12-17 AHEM/ ANTONIO,THESS MSREDIEMTS ARE SOOllLABAlSE.ONE OF THE 5/UALL SURPRISES PLAN FOR A FAMILV'5 CHRISTMAS MEAL.'THIS RECIPE- FEEDS SIX,BUT X SHALL g£ CATERING USSESTED THE MAJOR ORDEE TOSSEO CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner TIZZY-By Kate Otann "I'm $orry, officer, my wife didn't »•• th« light in time for me to stop!" WinThanks! Pot an open box of Wriglty'$ Sptormint Chtwing Gum under the tree Let family and friends help themselves to this satisfying treat, They'll appreciate yourthougntfulness Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! NOTE: Wrigl«y'« Spearmint Gum comes in bright Christmas colors- red and green on white. SHORT RIBS DALE NOBLE IN CONTEST RICEVILLE, Iowa — Dale No- ADENAUER BACK AT DESK BONN, Germany (AP) — Ch»n- jcellow Konrad Adenauer, 82, re- ble, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin, turned to ^ office May ^ Noble, was one of the singers in • nursing a cold at home for eight a concert at McBride Auditorium, days. Iowa city, last week. He is » "You gonna be in there much longer?' Ungth o{ lifc oj flower IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS graduate student at the Univer - varies considerably, depending on sily of Iowa. I the t,yf« of flower. CAN IMA THAT ER 10 pf*fR0y BNEft, DAlSV/AAEff M 1MB MOST INFUUlKrflAL AUTHOR IN iCAHf new? THE TOOOLES XCANTSTAVHrRe BUT WHILE I'M OLDERTHAM MV INTENTIONS ARC STRICTLY . fWlBNCETD CONVINCED THAT BOTH SHOOTIN' PO SAME TARGET LATE--BUT WE GOT TO GET A FEW THINGS STCAJ6HT. VES/ AT THE AUCTION DOWN ON THE BOARDWALK f WO. TA«E IT/ HAS AlWAyS WANTED ONE.' SURPRISE VOUR MOTHER? KXtONUV WVB -"• BUY A 6UITAR THWS WHAT JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfield I THINK llL JUST TRY TO PUT THEM PIECES TDSETHEf? AND SEE WHAT THE/ MISHTAPD — A TORN PHOTOGRAPH IN THE WASTEBASKET. JACOBYS BRIDGE SEARCHING STEVE WRIGHT'S APARTMeNT JUPP FINPS IN ORDER. MOST OF HIS CLOTHES STILL THERE... MORTY MEEKLE YOUKIDDIN'?IWISHT I WA9AGO)L,6C/6 I COULD WEAR'EM/ / I COULD MAKE ENOUGH tXXXSH SHOPLIFTING TO RETIRE IN A YEAR/ PRETTY BAD, AREN'T THEY? IJUSTGOTMYRRST LOOK AT THEM NEW 6TYLE6THEDAME3 15 WEARIN' WHENDIO.YOU GET OUT? THERE, 1OU SEE? I TOLP >OU THEReP BE A GQO0 CHANCE OOP'S MEMORY 1 WOULD BE IMPAIREP/ WERE YOU 6AYINC ABOUT HIS MEMORY? WASH TUBBS AL*0, My BROTHBR.7THEN Y(?UIL NBEO WHO HELPED RAI&B / AN ADVAUCB ON IT HBR, 1$ IN TROUBLE I NOW, EDIE! I MUST 5EB WHAT t\ TH15 WILL SEB DO TOR HIM BUT, IUP...IF IS5T THE T >OU LISTEN TO CUP, HONBV1 THERB WAV WE, MAV8& gE ANOTHER WAY- MOTHER CAN K6EP ME!J^ THANK* TO YOUR PATHBRI .^^ON^^IEP^VH ^Wtf***™***™ COM* IW HANPVi By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NKA Service What do you bid with the North: hand alter your partner TMpond* one spade to your opening one club? Two •pades U certainly underbid; no fancy bid seems Indicated. You will prob- ; ably do just what this North did arid < give a jump raise to three spades. Now look at the South hand. Twelv* points, a good five-card suit and two,! aces. You might try a lot of solentl- > flo fol-de-rol or you might .simply bid' game and end the rubber. This South' lumped right to six spades. If West had opened a diamond South would have been down two tricks, -but that queen-jack-ten combination looked ,, too solid. West opened the queen of clube, • , South won in dummy; drew trumps with three leads and layed a second club. West's jack was allowed to hold the trick and now It did not matter . WEST A 1064 V94 , • K962 *QJ107 NOKTsKD) 4AKS VQJ7 453 »AK98« •AST 17 KlOISS ** •ocm AQJ85J *54S North and N«rtb 1+ Pan l* 3* Past «* Pan Pa» Paw Pa«i what the defense did from then on. South simply finessed against West's ten of clubs;/discarded the jack of diamonds and a low heart on the long elubs and took the heart finesse. When that worked he had brought home hJ» slam. • , • East and West were a little bitter, about South's luck. While they have my sympathy, North and Soutb have the alam. : Half-Yard Apron BUGS BUNNY 6WACIOUS! HERE COMES A P06! I'P TAKgAtY WT7V INSIDE! FRECKLES LETS GO/ HAVING To WAIT IN LINE SO UDMG fcUMED eVEJtV7W!N6/ So thrifty) Each of «be*t pretty »prons t44ies ouly on«-b»U ywdl Vie <>ciap« tor pocket. M*k« tbc s»y <t«- •IKU* for bo»M«e, tboww gljt». Pattern 638: trauiferi, Ua»ue p*t- tern (or nuktni Uir«* h»«-»prwi» Medium tti* only. Send Thirty . lit* C*aM (oola») tor thU pattern — idd S otnU for e»cb pattern for Ut - clMk m»lli»*. Send to the Au»tlo D»lly H»»l4 Needl«cra(t Dept., P. O. Bo» l«9, Old cueiaea Station, Men torn il. il. V. Priitt plainly PATTERN NUtjBKik NAME, A0DBESS nud SWNg. Send (or a copy of 1929 L»ur» Wbwl- er Ntedltcrttfi Book. ^ M* lovelj d«»lgU3 to order: eaibrold*ry. oiootet. knitting, weaving, quilting, toy*. J* the book, « «pecial turprlit to «i»k* a inn* girl hippy — a out-out gall. t-ijtuo* to «auw. g«Ai as UK*

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