The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 28, 1976 · Page 16
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 16

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1976
Page 16
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Darvon controls proposed WASHINGTON (AP) - A Food and I>ug Administration advisory panel has recommended strict controls on Dan p on, a frequently prescribed painkiller, because of evidence Impli- RFK post was offered HUNTJNGTON, W.Va. (AP) — John D. "Jay" Rockefeller IV says his uncle, Nelson A. Rockefeller, offered him the late U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy's Senate seat after Kennedy was assassinated in 196J. Nelson Rockefeller — then governor of New York and now vice president — was unavailable for comment. The younger Rockefeller made the disclosure Monday while campaigning at Marshall University for the Democratic nomination for governor of West Virginia. He said that after Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, his uncle tried for 10 days to convince him to accept the seat. eating it in hundreds of deaths from overdoses. The committee voted? to 1 to recommend that Darvon - generically named Propoxyphene — and mixtures containing it, be regulated under the Controlled Substances Act. Specifically, it advised FDA Commissioner Alexander Schmidt to require druggists to refill a Darvon prescription no more than five times in six months and suppliers and pharmacists to control inventories to deter possible abuses. The Justice Department's Drug Enforcement Administration recommended that step in 1973. If implemented, it would be "the most significant regulatory action" of its kind since codeine was ruled a narcotic decades ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration said. Legally, physicians would be free to continue prescribing Darvon and products containing it. But the new requirements would alert doctors to the possibility of abuses, said Ernest Carabillo, chairman of the DEA's control committee. Last year, physicians wrote 16.4 million prescriptions for Dar von and products conta ini rig it manufactured by Eli Ully and Co. of Indianapolis, and an estimated l.S million more for similar products made by other manufacturers. Darvon was firsl marketed in 1957 and, in some years, has been the most widely prescribed drug. A recent study found deaths involving overdoses of propoxy- Fergiis Falls (Ms.) lounal Wed.. April 28,1976 J-B pher.e increased from 152 in 1972 to 2S9 in 1974 in areas with a combined population of 52.6 million. The surveyed areas account for slightly less than one-quarter of the nation's population. 1 ne study was done by the Center for Human Toxicology at the University of Utah and was commissioned by the Lilly firm a I ihe advisory panel's suggestion. ^FERGUS OIL CO.'S all new facilities 1 Highway 59 North at Oak Street (Acrotl from State Hoipltal) Save upto S1W.OO - April 30th is the last day of the Big Bike Bonus. Open ThursdaysuntiH & Sundays 1 lo5. Good selection of used bikes. FERGUS OIL CO. HONDA SALES AND SERVICE HONDA. First. For good renon. CUNT WRESTLERS - Giant inflatable wrestlers are moved toward each other in mock battle lo the delight of youngsters and adults alike during a recent parade in London. (AP Wlrephoto) To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson EACH FLU OUTBREAK A 'NEW BALLGAME' Dear Dr. Thosteson: Why do the crest of the wave sub- tbesetlu outbreaks occur after sideS| t, ut ure virus and its science has apparently come up potential for devilment with vaccines against the remains. Years later a new, viruses? Dont tell me the unimmunized population may viruses get together and plot pro vidc a handy new set of revenge every once in a while, victims. This is why a flu epidemic can affect oldsters on - Mrs. F.E. Well, not quite that. A virus may "limp along" on what is called an "endemic" (en-DEM-ic) course for years, which means it is present in a population at a relatively constant level but causing only minor outbreaks. But it this virus were to suddenly mutate (change its structure), it might find a more friendly host — a particular age group in a population or a geographic area, for example. The great 1918 pandemic (that's a widespread epidemic) killed many millions, but it hit hardest among young males. Scientists figured the virus involved had undergone a radical change that made it very- powerful. A virus that' runs rapidly through a population soon "wears itself out" as millions become immune to it through infection by it or by vaccination. Medical costs are evaluated WASHINGTON (AP) - Medical costs are up 14 per cent already this year, far outpacing the inflation which limits the spending power of the average American, according to the Council on Wage and Price Stability. The boost in hospital service charges was 20.1 per cent during the first three months of 1976, said the counc il, which announced plans io conduct public hearings this summer on medical care costs. The average American now pays 10 cents of every dollar income for medical services, said the council, which concluded that there is no end in sight to the skyrocketing prices in the health sector. The council report was released Sunday. "Rising health care expenditures are having a significant impact upon the individual household," said the council report. "In the 12 months ending in June 1975, the nation's expenditures for health were J547 per capita (person), an increase in 13 per cent in just one year. For an average family of four, this translates into I2.1M arjiually." Michael Moscow, director of Ihe wage-price agency, said thai in the first three months of this year "medical care services (prices) rose at a 14 per cent annual rale; physicians' fees at a 14.2 per cent rape and hospital service charges at a startling 20.1 per cent rate." He said other services rose 8.9 per cent during that period, white the rise in Ihe consumer price index, minus medical care, was just 2.4 per cent. In presenting ils data, the board said thai the average hospital visit in 1975 cost $1,017. The price for an appendectomy operalion rose 80 per cent bc- Iween 1964 and 1971, from $592 lo $1,063. The council said (here were indications, though no solid evidence, that Ihe higher price tag on health services has nol contributed to betler health care. one occasion and younger folks the next. Thus, each epidemic is a "brand new baUgame." This is an admittedly sketchy answer to your question, which is the subject of constant study by scientists who specialize in viruses. Medical researchers are becoming more experienced in predicting outbreaks in time to forestall tragic epidemics, also in developing vaccines to combat specific virus strains. Dear Dr. Thosteson: My son, who is 10, weighs 85 pounds and is 4-foot-2 in height. He is interested in lifting weights. Would this be detrimental to his muscles? I'd like your opinion. — Mrs. J.A. The object of weight-lifting is to develop the muscles. This may seem self-evident, but it is often misunderstood. I see nothing wrong with a young man lifting weights so Jong as he understands that the idea is not to strain his muscles. Muscles develop by use, not by strain. He should lift weights he can handle easily. The muscles, strengthened gradually by use, will allow him to lift progressively heavier weighls without strain. Done within reason it is not as detrimental as some of the body contact sports, in which bones, joints and muscles get a severe battering. It is also important for him to know the proper method of lifting, the proper posture required, etc., so that no undue strain is exerted on his muscles, be they in the arms, legs or groin. One young weight-lifter tells me his coach does not recommend lifting more than the lifter's own body weight. Dear Dr. Thosteson: Would you approve of a 16-year-old girl going on periodic fasts lasting one or two days? My mother thinks it is harmful to fast, but I disagree. I am not overweight and I run 60 miles a week, so I am in top physical condition. To me, fasting is enjoyable and it clears out impurities left in the body. Please comment. -- K.A.H. I do not approve of any 16- year-old undertaking fasts, particularly when it is unnecessary. You are not overweight, so why the self-torture? You need good nourishment, especially now, when you are in your adolescence. Don't believe the nonsense about "purging" the body of impurities by fasting. Just what impurities are you speaking of — minerals, proteins, vitamins? You need a good — and regular — food intake, especially to run lhat SO miles a week. For persons grossly overweight, supervised fasting might be needed. For a young, growing, active girl the only- results of fasting would be bad ones. You can lose weight if you really want lo! Dr. Thosteson's bookie!, "Ixist Secrets of Reducing," lells you how — naturally and wilhout ginv, micks — to the level best suited to your individual needs. For a copy write to him in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents. WED.THUR.FRI.&SAT Super Duper Sunshine Sale at Whiti You'lHindGrerjt Summer Sovings with our Super SunshineSole.Whereyou can purchasemoie (orsummetfun. VLB-JAR WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY OUR "IS. 43C 10-Oz. Kraft MARSHMALLOWS De'ightfu' *TJii ru•*s ic- '.IK tn: re tiW.f to ern ay ANACIN FAST PAIN RELIEF Dollar power means your dollar buys more. Stock-Up! ° UR BEG. A^ ft ."ff 'RES. 87c 100 ANACIN 150ROLAIDS 350" Scotch TABLETS TABLETS HAIR SET TAPE fill ytin (el.ef. Safe. fail, filing le'ief Ciea:«JFw raiVslyd OUt A>) ovm Rrs. Kj REO 9»c «V» S1.13 16-OZ. Suave n-oz. MIssBreck SHAMPOO HAIR SPRAY Cond iiD-5i*^4e Gn« thateitfdhc'J ihj.rpooisg CHILDREN'S SUNGLASSES FREE Wilh pwctuii ol BOJCNEAU WJunsorgLjSSei. Priced From: $3101350 BONNEAU ADULT SUNGLASSES s' &:e sck-c :• on :n l«r:.ofiat'e Ira-res. v Gr ad £.11 . art: -c'ai »c ALSO CUP-ONS and SUN SENSOR « ft* SUNGLASSES PRICED FROM O.UU '•« „.„ m 3-paek TENNIS BALLS $8.17 KING Power Ploy TENNIS RACKET 4.99 LAWN CHAIR REMINGTON Rebate Sale See sales person for full detail about your Rebate from Remington. *5 Rebate »5 Rebate 12 Rebate WO-CT.5-PLYPERT FACIAL TISSUE Remington RADIAL ELECTRIC SHAVER Lady Remington ELECTRIC SHAVER r.c Jobe's ASSORTED TREE FOOD SPIKES Ask For Kodak Slide Film! EH 135-HK3H SPEED COLOR SLIDE FILM 3;T.nEklacrro-.e.20EXP ASt iiMf use. $139.95 Kodak CAROUSEL 75DH SLIDE PROJECTOR IIS S3.98 Bicentennial PHOTO ALBUM' VAUJABIECOUPON- Prints from Slides tmfW each Fi/lookx jumbo prjitsfrom your favoire s'tfe COUPON EFFECTIVETHUR: 5-3-76 •WHITE DRUG-WHITE MART- We Salute America "1976" STORE HOURS: Open Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Fri. from 9:0»a.m. to 6:M p.m. - Open Thurs from 9:00a.m. to 9:M p.m. - Sat. from ?:00a.m. to «:« p.m - Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to t-.Qt p.m. White Drug

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