The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 23, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1933
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 1933 UOGAL AND TELEGRAM BY NOTED JWSICIAN Uses Candy, Ice Crciiin, Toys to Inject Toxoid Into 274,500 Patients (Associated I'ITSK Lrnncil Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. I':!.— Bells, busses, Ice cream cones and sticks of candy arc an almost irresistible combination, Dr. Herman Bundesen finds. Doctor Bundesen revealed how their use had been an important factor In the work of Injecting dlpthcrla toxnld into morn than 90 per cent of Chicago'!) 305,000 children under the nge of 6 years. . Concerned over the failure of many children to appear at department of health and infant welfare stations for free Injections ho said: "If the mountain won't come to Mahomet then Mahomet must do his stuff." And so he persuaded • the owner of a transportation ' company to furnish two busses which were transformed Into model Infant welfare stations on wheels. They were equipped with bells, loaded down with Ice cream bars and stick candy, and sent . along their tours. ". Injections jumped from 40 to 600 a day. Some children liked tho candy and Ice cream so well they washed off the traces of tho toxold and came back for more; and incidentally another ice cream bar or stick of candy. But tho doctor decided he could also play tricks, so he adopted tho practice of staining the arms of those treated with a brown solution that c.ould not be washed off so quickly. • WAR ON DICTATORSHIP ; SOFIA, Bulgaria, Jan. 23. (A. P.1-— The newspaper "Bulgarle" printed a dispatch today from Belgrade, Jugo- slavia, to the effect that the Serbian radical party — representing a large section of the Serbian opposition — has issued a manifesto joining Croat and Slovene leaders In a demand for abolition of the dictatorship and reorganization of Jugoslavia nu a federal basis. | British Proposal | j Favoring Nippon | | Meets No Favor | i — <»> fVnUrd Press Leased Wire) GENEVA, Jan, 23. — A British proposal for a resolution somewhat conciliatory to Japan was overwhelmingly rejected by the committee of 19 on Manchuria today. Captain Anthony Eden, British foreign undersecretary, proposed that the committee's report to the* Assembly of the Leaoue of Nations confine itself to mere adoption of the Lytton report, plus a bare statement of the fact that Japan had recognized Manchoukuo. PASS LAW 10 REVIVE E (Unltrd Press Leased Wire) SACRAM10NTO, Jan. 23.—Designed to enable California building and loan associations to become members of the federal home loan bank system, Assembly bill 297 today became law, following signature by Governor Rolph. Passed us an urgency measure by unanimous vote In both Houses of the legislature, tho bill was rushed to Kan Francisco, where Governor Rolph, ill at St. Francis Hospital, Immediately signed It. The measure amends the California building and loan association act to meet, the federal requirements for membership In the homo loan bank system, and It Is expected to result In reviving residential construction throughout the state. Authors of the measure were AH- semblyman Frank I^ee Crist, Palo Alto; A. E. Brock, Redlands; James J. Boyle, Los Angeles; Frederick M. Roberts, Txm Angeles, and Ray Williamson, San Francisco. ROLPH IMPROVING SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 1!3. (U. P.) Governor James Rolph, confined to St. Francis Hospital with Influenza, continued to nhow improvement today, although his physician declined to permit him to have visitors. GIGANTIC FORCE Reported Army of 250,000 Being Concentrated in Jehol Districts Director Vandegrift Defends Lease, Scores Counsel for Probers GANDHI EXPECTED TO RESUME FAST (Continued From rage One) anese operations In Jehol were still weeks distant. The Japanese command viewed most calmly the war-like Chinese gestures but officers asserted Japan would deal adequately with them when tho time comes to Incorporate Jehol In Man- chulcuo, the Japanese sponsored state In Manchuria. Japanese pianos made previous raids on the Chinese troops? called "Big Swords" and "Red Spears" In tho Katlu region on January 15 and 16., Japanese said tho raids were Justified because the Chinese, estimated at 33,000 strong, were threatening to raid tho railroad center of Tungllao, Manchuria, just across the border from Kallu. ' Japanese cavalry. In tho Chlnhst region were dispersing Chinese bands, Three Japanese forces, from Shan- halkwan and J^lenslmn and Chin- chow, two Mnnchurlan railroad centers, converged there. The force which came from Shnnhalkwan, after leaving native Manchurlan troops In control of that city, were meeting opposition In Its northward movement along tho borders . John B. Elliott Not Cabinet Candidate (Associated Press Leased Wire) L.OS ANGELES, Jan. 23.— John B. Elliott, T-iOS Angeles Independent oil man, today eliminated himself as a possible candidate for secretary of the Interior. The name of Elliott reportedly was submitted to President-elect Roosevelt by United States Senator- elect William G. McAdoo. "I am not In a position to accept," said Elliott. "My business affairs In southern California would not permit mo to go to Washington. I am not Interested, and t am not a candidate. (United Press S ACRAMENTO, Jan. 23.—Charging Sheridan Downey, attorney for the !nman Investigating committee, with 'gross misrepresentation," Holland A. Vandegrift, director of finance, today tied a statement defending his lease of the San Francisco state building annex, "Tho attorney," said Vandegrift, 'appears to be shadow boxing and evading facts whllo deliberately overlooking fundamental principles of law, sustained by court decisions! nnd seeks lo Infer that the owners o£ the San Francisco annex building could have sold the property to an Innocent third party and would havo left the state figuratively holding the sack." Explaining the unrecorded agreement produced before tho committee last week, which would permit tho state to purchase the annex building at cost, plus $100,000 profit to tho owners, the finance director added: Wants Real Facts "I am only Interested In seeing that the real facts are placed before this committee. Thero ore many advantageous points, to the lease of this property and building, and the second option agreement, even though not recorded, would result In a saving of more than $80,000 to the state In the event that the state should elect to Leased Wire) xerclse this agreement during the first five-year period and buy the property for $471,000. "The building cost approximately $371,000, Including the cost of the land. Under the original agreement tho state could purchase the building during tho first five years at $650,000, while under the alternative optional agreement, the building could be purchased for $471|000. "The state agencies which occupied downtown offices paid In excess of 20 cents per square foot. Now tho cost per square foot Is about 11 cents. That, In Itself, Is a considerable saving. ' "Tho annex building Is a class 'A* structure and has been so constructed that two additional floors may be added at some future date. Other Advantages "The agreement also provides for economy In operation and results In lower cost for heat, which Is supplied from the central heating plant In the state building. It also provides for central management without additional cost, Inasmuch as the manager of the state building can supervise the annex. By centralization of these offices we have noted nn appreciable reduction lu the telephone and light bills." Hearings Wednesday on Allotment Bill (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.—A decision to hold limited hearings, beginning Wednesday, on the farm allotment bill, was reached today by the Senate agriculture committee. A vote on the number of commodities to be Included In tho billion dollar measure will be delayed until after producers, processors and manufacturers have been heard. Needles Prospector Mysteriously Slain (United Press Leased Wire) CASA GRANDE, Ariz., Jan. 23.—Police enlisted the aid of bloodhounds today In on effort to track down tho killers of C. P. Washburn, 65, Needles, Calif., prospector, whoso body was found four miles east of here. He had been shot through the head. His clothing had been rifled, leading authorities to believe he had been killed by highwaymen. Viceroy's Decision in Case of Untouchables Stirs Indian Leader (United Press Leased Wire) . BOMBAY, Jan. 23. — Mahatma Gandhi was expected to begin a new fast unto death" because the viceroy refused to sanction Introduction of a bill permitting "untouchables" to enter temples for religious worship. "The government's refusal to sanction the temple entry bill Is a tragedy," Gandhi told the United Press. He declined further comment pending study of the government's plans. Tho viceroy would not sanction the ntroductlon of legislation removing the depressed classes from the religious disabilities act, or another bill removing measures which bar untouchables from certain temples, on the grounds that the legislation would affect religious beliefs and practices -of Indian Hindus generally, and that the scope of the measures was not strictly provincial. Arson Gang at Brooklyn Fires $500,000 Plant (Associate* Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 23.—An arson gang that fired • $300,000.macaroni factory In Brooklyn was hunt«d by police today, but the oluoc were slim. Pasqual* Farlello, night watch* man, told detectives four men burst Into the Savoia Manufacturing Company, Inc., last night, snarling: "If you want to live be quiet." They wrapped an overcoat around his head, drove, him mile* away and dumped htm on the street. When he got to a police station, he was told flames had practically ruined the Inside of the factory. No motive for the gang's act was apparent. THREE KILLED IN WIFE OF OIL (United Press Leaned Wire) COLTON, Jan. 23.—Mrs, Clara Henrietta, wife of J. M. Henrietta of San Francisco, coast construction superintendent of the Shell Oil Company, was In the Colton Hospital today, critically injured In an automobile accident. . Mrs. Henrietta was expected to lose tho sight of her left eye. She also was believed to have a skull fracture. She was Injured when a car driven by her husband was struck by an automobile driven by D. E. Evans, Long Beach. Evans was held by police,' who said they found a bottle of liquor In his car. > Mrs. Elvera Barni, San Francisco, riding with tho Henrletras, was slightly hurt. ^TVD TELL you that Chesterfield is the only JL good cigarette... that the makers of Chesterfield Cigarettes are the oqly ones who can buy good tobaccos and manufacture cigarettes scientifically . . . would be nothing short of foolish. For all tobacco is sold in open auctions — where anyone can buy if he will pay the price. Even the machines on which different cigarettes are made are alike. This much, however, is true: By using the right kinds of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos in just the right proportions ... by blending and cross-blending them together in the most careful way . . . we make Chesterfield what smokers say it is ... a cigarette that's milder, that tastes better. Just try them. Chesterfield Radio Program — Every night except Sunday, Columbia eoust-to-coast Network. 19J), Liccrrr & Mvm TOBACCO Co Missouri Ratifies Lame-Duck Proposal, Being 36th State to Do So (dontinued From Page One) the time the Incumbent administration has'been voted out and tho time the newly empowered administration comes 1 In becomes a dangerous and virtually leaderless.period. 50 Injured When National Socialists, Opponents Wage Bitter War MISSOURI IS 36TH STATE TO RATIFY JEFFERSON CITT, Mo., Jan. 23. (U. P.)—Missouri today ratified the lame duck amendment to the federal Constitution. The House of Representatives, meeting several hours ahead of scheduled time, approved a joint resolution previously passed by the Senate ratifying the amendment. Missouri thereby won from Massachusetts and Georgia tho honor of being the thirty-sixth state to ratify the amendment and make It a part of the federal Constitution. Action of the Missouri House was by unanimous voto of the representatives present. Makes Haste AV. H. Meredith, speaker of the | House, learned early today that the i Massachusetts House was scheduled to meet at 2 p. m. eastern standard time to ratify tho amendment. Meredith Immediately communicated with all members of tho Houso who were in Jefferson City and Informed them that the session would open at 10 a. m. Long distance calls were made to a number of representatives In nearby cities, and they were told to come to Jeferson City immediately. At 10 a. m. a quorum was present In the chamber of the House of Representatives. Tho House was called to order, and the roll call showed a quorum present. Edgar Keating of Kansas City, Democratic floor leader, then moved nanlmous consent to have the -ses- lon begin immediately Instead of at ho time scheduled when week-end adjournment was taken Friday. v. VICE-PRESIDENT WILL BE "PUT ON SPOT" WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. (A. P.)— One man is going to bo "on the spot" under the Twentieth amendment to he Constitution, and that Is the vice- president of the United States, He'll bo on the spot whenever ho ind his party have been defeated for 'e-electlon. His duties will involve presiding over the first two weeks of he next administration's Senate, since his term will not expire until tho twentieth of January and the Senate's begins on January 3. In presiding, tho vice-president has to keep order, rule on difficult par- lamentary questions and cast Itls vote in case of a tic. (Associated Press Leased Wire) BERLIN, Jan. 23.—Three persons died today and nearly 50 others were recovering from Injuries'after clashes between National Socialists and political opponents, f, Thirty-five were Injured when Infuriated crowds sought to break up a National Socialist parade to Buelow Platz, where Communist headquarters aro located, and later to a cemetery. Four more were Injured In minor clashes during the night In Berllii suburbs. Nearly 100 were arrested. Other disorders bccurred In the Cologne district and at Leipzig. Throe Injured at Cologne died today In i^ hospital.- Communists announced they would hold a mass meeting Wednesday in Buelow Platz under the slogan "Berlin stays red." Socialists announced a demonstration for next Sunday Id the Lustgardten. Previously Communists announced an "anti-Fascist (Nazi) week" beginning with a demonstration Tuesday before the imperial palace In the Lustgarten. Government and political circles believed the Communists fully realized yesterday that suppression of the Communist movement would ensue If they resorted to organized force. This realization, coupled with the menacing superiority of the police had u cooling effect on the "hotspurs." Communists claimed one of their number was killed In the main light here but this could not Be confirmed. Communists had protested vigorously against the Nazi demonstration and sought Ineffectually to hold one of their own. SEC JILLS PRESENTS FOUR-POINL (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.—A foif- polnt program of economic recovery, based on a balanced federal budget, was advocated by Secretary of Treasury Mills today before the house; bunking and currency committee. • The treasury secretary's program. urged "In a personal capacity" Included: 1. A balanced budget. 2. A breaking down of internutlomil trade obstacles. 3. "An attack on tho various categories of debts individually." 2. A vigorous federal reserve board "easy money policy." FEAR HINKLER LOST LONDON, Jan. 23. (U. P.) —The fear that Bert Hlnkler. missing British aviator, was burled by heavy snows after crashing In the Alps was expressed today by Captain AV. I... Hope, who flew over the mountains seeking the missing flyer. Captain Hope considered It useluss to continue the search. AT THE FIRST SNEEZE USE Essence of MUfeul ON YOU* HANDKERCHIEF AND PILLOW IT'S NEW lesternelc CUTS 43 DAYS OFF ROOSEVELT'S TERM AVASHINGTON, Jan. 23. (A. P.)— The Twentieth—"lame duck"—amendment to the Constitution will cut 43 days off tho presidential term of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This oven though he may be're-elected for a second term of four years hence. He loses time because, although ho goes Into office March 4 like his predecessors, he steps out January "0 and every president after him will do likewise. Representatives and senators lose two months, as their terms will ex- plrp January U instead of March 4. Both they and tho president and vice- president, Incidentally, will lose money as well as time. Annual salaries aro puld b V tno United States for full yearn. Part tlmo ,1s scaled down accordingly. THUMBNAIL HISTORY OF AMENDMENT WASHINGTON, Jan. 23. (A. P.)— Hero Is a thumbnail history of tho twentieth amendment to tho constitution: First approved by tho Senate February, 1923. Killed by tho House. Adopted again by the Senate March, 1924. Not considered by tho House. Third passage by the Senate February. 1926. House failed to act. Senate approved again January, 1928. House voto March, 1D28, showed majority but not tho needed two- thirds. Fifth adoption In Senate, June, 1929. House approved a compromise ineas- u"re February 24, 1931. Died in conference committee. For sixth time, approved by Senate, February, 1933. House approved with slight amendments same month. Final agreement, March 2, 1932. The proposal went to the states. First ratification, by Virginia, March 4, 1932. 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