Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1928
Page 5
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- 4KEBNEBT LYNN Thi- rittiry Thas Far. * : The sn^ry is laid in the Infllan torritory. and along the Kansas *f i*/m slXZnt. eye on tJUsbig .talHon voices fell" ' to ;whispers.. Somewhere a horse whinnied loudly, and men iand wome;i Jumped nervously. You: jiiPt follow nie," Tony whls- ins of Oklaliopi »3 lo settlement. Chief charatiers are: TONY H.AKRISO.V. orphaned at 13 when his'father was shot in a poktr girme: PAWN^B BILL, adventurer. mine, and Til see that you pet something nice for tliiisf <hililren of yours." • Therfl. was* a suddeii movement among the cavalrymen. One 'f l>;howman; "JOK ,CRAK;. wha takes Tony to the Bar K ranch to live; TITCS-MOORE, owner of tlie Har K brjind; KfTA, hi« 'laughter. Moore f.s one of the chief, op- poueiiiH lit \h" movement to open Oklahoma, DAVID PAYNE, lea^<T of ibe inovemdhl. dies suddeh- ItH thin notes floated out to!them like a rail ^toj battle. The sound had: scarcely died away when there was an upraising of hlue-sleeved arms.; Pistols flashed in thejsun— a breathless moment, and then the -ihots, the start-off of thfe wildest, most desperate rare: that even had been r in.. Immediately there was a wild ly und Tony in his loyalty to iHcramtile. Shouts and .curses filled the air as men crowded their LMoore is ilri>ul)le<l because of his . ^'.vinpathy. tor Payne's He .trivs'to fnrRef Hiia Moore, with whom he ha.s fallen in love., and -alccompanifcs Pawnee Bill -and . HITKAIiO UILL ou a wild ireat show, tour.: .\fter many, adventures he felurus; but Hifa comes back for a visit and he is unable U> keep from declaring his love fur her. When she udniit.s she K eiiKag«il to another, ho dis- -. appi'ar.s. When Pawjiee Bill organizes . his '«(Wii wild west show, Tony ' K"'-.s V ith it. hut it fails and • l'.:iW"ri'-Hill i.s pi-i.sii:idcd to go to Wii liii:i to Ifiid the "Hooniers" ; iiilti (tklulioiii^i - l-'iiiallv ilii- Uil- tle l.s won; Oklahoma is declared <J|JfU lo'i; ^.'ttlenK•l^l. f 'i fllAPTER XLI. Hhfirtly at'if-r nin.- o'clock on neighbors out of the way and wagon I wheel became locI;ed with wagon J wheel. Tony saw a buckboard turn oi»'r;Complel«ly, a rear wheel knocked otf as if collided with a heavy, lumbering covered wagon.; "They'll all tr.v to *e first." h shouted to the widow. "Their horses I will lie spent in less than half an hour. Take it ea.^y ^nd .stick 19 me." She flashed hiih a grateful look. "1 don't know w'hy you .should out 'on my account." she told hirii. "Wfth that horse of yours you could ki-cp ahead of them all. •The race." he retortf-d. "is not always, to the swifli-st. Ut-meniber I about the har.' and tin- lorioise? ; people will hi- so iuleni on AS RITTiff SNYDER REACHED THE END OF THg TRAJL STOCK MARKET HAS REACTION I Prices ^rop With Several Specialties in the Big Breaks New York. Jan. 16 <AP)—Reac: tionar.v price tendencies predominated in todays stock market, which witnessfil the elimination i of many weakem-d sipeculative ac^ counts Declines in most of the .standard industrials and rails were • limited to a point or two. but sev- , eral of the high priced pool sipe: cialties- broke S to 7 points. Two ' or three rallies started in the early rading fell flat. Wheat 3Iarkpt IVeak. 1 Chicago. Jan. 1&. (AP)'-Pl>rsist- en^ commission selling together with slowiies.s of export demand for wheat from .\orih Amer-j ica. weakened the wheal market to-i^ay. despite strength of corn val-' iifs. An unexpected < of the corn visible supply total helped lift corn. .Most traders had looked for a; corn visible increase of about liair a million bushels. Wheat closed irregular, 'H ^net lower to a shade advance: cornj feds. $12.00W15 .riO; veal top ~'$ll. Sheep: 7.000; killing classes clow, generally steadj-; top fed lambs, $l;2.6.=>: others mostly il2.2S i atn .'M: dippers $10.60; shorhi yearlings. l.l.riO. • . j Kansas rity <>raln. \{ Kansas City. Jan. 16. (.MM—'JJ •^Vheal.: Receipts :!1.> cars, un-' changed: .No. i dark hard, l..".3>~(f( l.ij!t; .\«. ;;. $l..^.!»'hl.67: -No. f hartl. $l.'.»C «/2 «»>i.: .\o ;:. iiomiualty $1.2.t(!(1.7ti: .No. 2 rill. uominaUyi $1.4.=i<?i l.t.S: .\.. :! iioniinallv. $1.36; (Jfl.i.-.. =1 Close: MaV Jl.24^: Julv. $\iO Corn: Receipts "75 cars; im- clianged to Vz cent lower: .No. 2 j white. .>;04(f?Sliic: .No. :!. 77U1i t 79Vjc: .\o. 2 vellow. ;s:!/iiS3 1-S«j; ' Xo. S. 8»(f/S2l.2c: No. 2 mi.\cd. 79% ' WSOUi-: .No. 3..7t!'.;'fj7H >2C. ' .May. S't^c: July. s'^c. ^ , Oats: Rw-etpts rt cars: nii-;, changed: No. 2 white, nominalb'^ hhtfii^c; No. n. nominally :>i(rih>h\ Foley's Honey and Tar Compoui nd quickly stops teasing haitissing coughs that tire, out arid prevent sleep. No chloroform, no opiates to dry up secretions and cause constipation. Ideal for. elderly persons. ^LD BVERYWHBRB FOLEYS HONEY'-TAR COMPOUND BROWN'S DRtTf: STOFLB what's beyond that they won't see . _ lie i opportunity when it. n-nrs up in morning'of April 22; 1SS9. a Santa if'""' 'Ij*'''" nos.s." I-e railroa<l train puUed tint of Ar-! ""?'» flashed pa .sl III.MU on kaniKis Cll}' and headed for (!uth-!•"""'- rl'fs' heavintr. breath cc.niiiig rif. which yesierdav' bad bt-en a '» heavy ga.sps. 'IMM liis horse dot on ih<-. map. .Nightfall would j already." .Tony spenilatcd. "Proba- .filid it ;i ciiy lU 7'>'> i.iits anil .SiMlij j'>ly slipped ill a ho v or something iiiMling Inhaliitaiits: the sun would':""' 'orok.- a les" not siT before ih»' first cdiiii>n of. As he s|>oke the runner stum- r :<iHiri.-s fir.-t u .-xvs|.ap'r had been '»'''d. On the sjiot wh.-re he fell he •^^r. and Mrs. I). A. Henrioh$, .Ml.^s Christine Ileiirii'hs,. .Miss Pauline Z.v.sko\jski, .\lis.s Ruthc Roberts jmd .\(iss Kleamjr Stci-U* spent yesterday afternoon in Ctia- nuto with Mi.s.-j EUzabelli .Siiillll. at the Johnson hospital. - .\. II. Schwann. Cabinet Makir. issued from' a ireJBht train and'^i'l'-J^ I'J'le [l.^'iJ ',''.'''<• ^'i''''''''-;'.II Soiitii Colhorn. iluthrie's first bank, lapitaliz.ed at laO.oitO, hbd transacted business in •a tent. aiiH Cuthrie's first hotel had "lie hail, staked his claim. '•What did I teli asked the widow. offered Sleeping accommodations' but him, and ihe'd have .-nisscl it family beneath a canvas roof. if he hadn t stumbled."j i T6n him.lre.1 and twent.v-four two men plant their vV. ii.kets wi^re collected on that train, stakes in same plot nf ground.; tJie first lot ten to be run into saw the.., ar:;..- ^le .y.d.y aU.ut i:athrie before three o'clock that had been .lirst. Ihs last | afternoon, larryins a total of 6000 i B'i'nP'*'' of 'hem «.ts- :i picure of, passengers two men lock.-.l in a desperate you'/' Tony .Mav Kilson. who has been Noiiouy saw it,-i ^.,„.<f of .Mrs. R. L Helmaii and relumed boiue to.lay. ' -The first coa.h in the first train ! •"'j''^'"- i-"" '""^ ;'' was reserved lor newspapermen. : encoiirasement fron • know HaKery Products are good, lint I • Have You Tried Ours? VAN IIOOZERS. Number 1 (('ontinued from Page <lne) fliils wliiih liavi- biM II wai^eil liy our republics for l.'.l* years hav." been almost <'nlirely fi.r the pur- po.s.' ijf securing inilependi'iice and exieiidiiiK tile' lininaiii of human • I alfalfa .No. 1. exua leafy. fJff.-l'j. i alfalfa -No. 1. $20(5122.r.ii: tii::oi;iy' ...uipleli \" tiiiil.r tb'- rtiKU <'f hiA- I •AH-r alj • he all. "it is in that .^.^ j dire.tiuM ihul we U.U.I lo..k with .'^ Alfalia" .N...' 1. extra leafv. 521<c the. greatest .assuiaiue for human j i, j:;,,^.2.! oO; progress. Ue can make- 110 ad-;,, vancel ill 111.! realm of enjiiomics, we tan dii liotliliu for education. We can ac(iin»plisb i>ut little even ill tl'i.' sphere- of reliti..ii. liiitil human aff!:irs ar.- liroir-'ht within tli.- freedom. When thes(> accomplished, we liavi hav.- be.ui orderly rule of law. alfalfa .No 1. $20''d22.r.ii: .\o. ilc.'.ii'ijL'o; .No. ^y.-iuf. i;!. i'rairi« .No. l.tToMfill. -No. |7..'.uifi»; -No. 'A. $C'fi7..">0. Timothy -No. l.-$12 'rji:i: No. f.iti.r.iifi 12; -No. :!. $;i .f .o'(i Ki.'.ii. failed ' suri'St. refuse of tho .\moug till- passengers were one hundred ami eishty members of ail oiri soldiers' colony, bound Seward. Oklalioma. where they intended to Jound a Craiid Army post. | •.vagoii. [ " here." said Tony to ih. {„'j.|Widow. "is where I riiii ahead. It Howard Cobb, of Denver. Colo., and .Mrs. .Martha Kreiter. of Chiso happens lh;it I knew a little; cago. are here at the bedside of uiwM some of this country »lown , their father and brothei". L. O. Amon.s the more than one thou-! "**'r 'hat rise there cjijii ^vho has had pneumonia. Mr. sand fortunates wore two women. "''•agons will he going around it Cobb was leiK.rted better todav. h-ith from'Topeka. Roth of them, •'"^"'er than up- is just the place, _ it wa.s learned later, w'ere succ ••",>• i""- Well -e.- if were lucky. -.-Wauieil to Itiiv: Copv of Nov. lul in slaking claims. Don't pet lost, now." 110 Register. I!r:n.^ or phone Reg:' To the south ot Guthrie was an- nrged Cherokee forwanl. The i.ster. IS. - ...ther dot on the mai\ whi<h at '''S stallion reaped : ahead. gath-'| _ nightfall would he the hustling •''•"'• speed and beijan to leave bis' n. U. 1). Smeltzer Is suffering jovvn of Gklalipraa City only slight- fellows behind. Here and there from a severe cold and was unable ly j^nialler than <;uthrie and set- Toa\- .saw lall-liatled <owho.vs on to start today for Sawtelle. Calif., tied in (he rush from the southern >v'r.'' I'ttle mounts. "Hiey as he had planned. He will go as .ider of Oklu'fioma and ihe over- whooped and swung their hats and .soon as he is able to travel, from the north. Other dots Toy hnt-v: that they wer/- in the KitiKfisber. .Norman. Kdmond.:'•«'""»• (>}}^y for the excitement of it Jtillwater. I ''"« with any thoiisht of ilaiiii- , Tha*train which left Arkansa-^ '"K a homestead. Suddenly his: City shortly after nine o'clock wa.s heart went out to theni. Poor fel-, jKrnest Webb, who is employed limed to reach the northern bor- •""••'—"'«'''• as riders of th.- at the Howard Shoe .«;hop. iias short. ; .V few more I moved from :!l'.i .Nortji Chestnut TlOW • Wert. and Stillwater. —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola L-iundry Bldg. Phone 13S. of all ..lunlries. lie --^I 'e. .r-... v ...i.-i ........... "greil progress has r ^'C taken into consideration. Wv,in tlie pubiicatioii of;read that 'The letter killeth but th- ways, railroad lines, ocean lines, i'he ultimate: gnaraiily of all our tn.nsportation of mall by air and' '"'"li's. there is another element in tlie press of all countries. He "ar «xperif>nce which niiist always niifod that been made , fuller information and unbiased; spirit giv.jtli; life.' Oftentimes in iiiterii7it,ii>nal relationship we » look to the spirit service Let ween the various coun-'''"'"'''• th;in l<. the l.-fter of the tries, .-onlendiii;: thai 'what hap-'Iaw. We shrill have to r-alize that I>ens in this hemisphere is of mure 'ii«lie«t vital iiiteiest to all of iw lliaa what ec^'peraiidii; happens ai-ross any of ilu- oceans" i'.^'- •• • * "\Ir. Cooliil.ue p.'itra.veil his Intel- 'The. liiiliij views." hut he express.-d the hopejo'"' interii; for a still better exchange of news ' '"''a'l have; various coun-'''"'•"''• liiw is "oiisideration. friendship, ami char- which Cotumbus fol- I'ouliry: Ileavy hens. 22c: light i lien.s. !7c; springs.: ::")/i7 2.".c; rous-j ters. I2(fil6c; ducks. llff/lfic;; g.-ese. 1-lc; tiirkey.-i. 2:{'ri.';2c. 1 Kansas t'lly I.ivesfock. Kniisasi City. Jan. Irt. tAP)-pl". ; Deiit. of Agriculture.!—Hogs:' l.l.KiMi: very slow-, and uneven.; 1.'. (iirlUc lowir than Saturday's average: lighter weight offerings- showinif minimifni decline: stmk; pigs dull. 2.-.i- lower: big iiackers ; going slow: lis? $S.:{.''> "U .choice e-t in the development of sh|l>liiii',; Iiiw.d lias-rOl failcl. The «ourapc ^ 220^ 24tl-ll)s.. a few lHOff/240-Ib8.. between ..North ami South .\merica that .-arriei and the'construction of railroads Thcv are' tli4 and hiphwa.vs to servo as feeders; of Bolivar aiid of Washingkon. W. He disclosed that he is asking the must lay f^u I''cd States CoiiKress for aiiilior-l towanl »-omplete untlerstaiiilinc and' Cattle: IS.Ooo; calves. 2.000; bet- Haviiig taken that • grades fed steer-s, comparative- ity to send American «'ngiueering friemiship. advisors, to whatever Central and course, vri South Aniericuli nations rei|iiests asid"? by ihi Ihi-ir services. . ; I co'insels 'ofj Predirls Air .MiiH. He prodictiHl thai air mail routes i -\\tith lax^will !n- eslablisheil si.ou and told | p,,;,],,.,. ^yil ing such routes and tliat citizens of the rnite.l States were tice and him on still lives., ;,verages to shippers. $,s.l.-i»?j ,S..?r.; heritago of the people miifi isO-His.. $7..'.0T» packing: sows. $l»..^0({;7.2r.; slock pigs ?7<fi ' voyage of exploration must not be turn.'d fears of the timid, the the isnorant, or the designs of the malevolent. ly scarce, strong to 2J>c higher; medium Quality short, feds, slow, ^ steady: other killing classes gen-i erally steady; stockers anil feed-! ers strong to 2,'ic. higher; choice' l.lio-lhs. steers. |l.S.lo: a five load and charity as our that ancient faith the conference, that tlie American j „ 1,^.1, is (oiily strengthened when string of heavy steers, held high-! Congress Was considering support-' it reiiuires Sacrifices, we shall an-. er; hulk medium to good short i private fbor at last in th.^ harbor of jus-' . truth. The same . Pilot Added .r'*Hrain Stormsr two reels of comedy, .also Paramount News <'om{ng— rhester Conklin and (ieorge Bancroft in ••Tell It Nweeiiej" IN considering their establishment. i which stood i Discoverer. iiliead. swarms • • • * • • • would be driftiim down to Texas New t!lab6 Bldg. Phone 191. or up to .Nebraska ill search of the, — only life ihey love I. i Mrs. hillio Kreug^T -went to —A sham.-.- he-s;.,d aloud. iPltt.sburg. Kansas to.lay lo visit ..\M,| Jue Cr:,.^; wha, 01 Joe? He' I"*''' '>"''e ""Y- •M''^ feli a su.l.lei, iight..| around ' _ Ihe lu-a:l as hi- ihoM^hl ot the k'lidly i -iiwpiiii.-h.T. .-Villi C.lonel , ;\l.,or.- -«as h.- still in Virginia? , i- i n ivivvii 11 n Uita .but of ..un,.- IMia was .lead , !",..';•,, ^, ,. I*, Special attention given Dis- I • - of Colon and Rectum. "In a f.-w ye.nrsj- li.' .onli.l.d lul. KiiM^tro-Pbvsiotlierapy l'li.r';k.-e. 'Ih.- I!ai; K will be wip.-l , . office lola State Bank Bldg. Plione .s— 147 and 705 thunder down on or behind liuir horses. Near the stage coach station of i Hennessey. Pawnee Bill Lillie'a big' •colony of Boomers stretched-alona tho Oklahoma line and waited for the stroke of noon. .Viross ih.' line from tin-iii. .-avalrymeis wee posted al . r.-jiiilar intervals. It lacii.'d jiisi i.-ii n.iuiites until IV.-.-v.'. Cheroke.'. ni.iviim .-asily aluug the first llilig.- i.f ali.\ii>i|s selllers. i-arried 'foiiy ' Ilarrisou to a posi-. lion abreast of Pawnee Bill, who ' " '° V"" and m.' sal his horse and conversed with a " l«"'k JUs once more and sav - c-ivalirv officer. A\-ilh a .salute, the l'/'"" -"'Xi ' i - ffficer moved on.! pulled out hls.'*-""'^ ""^ Cheroke.—up this hill." J,^^,,^^^^ Moore arriv.-d .=;aturdav watch and'ghuriced anxiously about The big black thundered • from Wichita 10 visit Uin niec."-. him.' Pawnee Bill waved his baud. "P the steep incline with a mag-1 .Mrs. Delia K. Mooro and other •.Vervoiis?'; Tony asked him. "ificent stride never slackening for rLlaiiv^es. a moment. A cowpuncher som.>' • — ' ".Naturally. I hatev to wait, iltiiese iniuul^S f>eem like hours. „ „. i-pu twenty or thirty yards a«ny sawU: ]—Dr.. J. T. Kcid, Surgery and -You a tid I .ire l«.und to be sep- 'l"'"' "nd called out! his admira- .K-rny. -J'hone 3..7. 1 the scramble. Mifiht as '^ v. .7 araleil in well s.Tv );ooilby and good luck." He held out his hand. 'Ilie oih.T man Krapsed it. "Still figiiriii-.; on going to Cutbric?" "1 d.m't know- what for. but I am. I 1 ouKht to be lined up fartb'er east; it's longer from her.-. Hut JK 't knowing what I want. J wont miss it especially If ;i don't fiet ii." "That's a comfortable My brother Al is aiming to stake a i ;'{iome horse.-brolher. you trade'.'" ' • Tony smiled audi waved his'arm. ".Not f<;r ay of Oklahcma." he shouted as Cherokee gained the crest o; the hil?. "I don't blame y....:." • i ' Before theni sloped a green valley. Here and there were the feeling 1 slakes of homesteaders and men •—- aigging - ••- How Willi ^I'"'- n If- .Newton of Coyvllle. I Kansas4 who ha!s bel-u visiting in I the home of Mrs. .M. I-. Taylor, and family of !»|.'. South Washington avenue, went to Havan.-i. Kansas today to visit her daughter. .Mrs. R. D. Creason. could be seen in the —For Beal Estate I»ans see the Seiiirltjr BIIIL '. i Loan As.^orlntion, lola, Ks. Office ju First Natl. Bank. "i Dewey I/ing went t.> Springfield. .Mo. this iiii.riiiiig on a short business lrii». —We pay 6'' on Full Paid and •Installfneni St.x k. The be.t investment, i the best" method to save. h rear were iiiMiing forward and UL i -11 1; their progress v :,s disputed by the vaiiguard-those on horseback, He . . i,, .. „, •• ! rod' a little farther on.and then' , '"WthTer l.':. carrv me," >^»PP-'« 'o • the ground aaid drove', Secnri |y »ld«. i Loan A .soeration, Totv mle. • n, uol ;ifraid :of "otiie a little fla, the widow^ had loin. Kansas. anvbo .lv an.'an.l 1,. re b.-aMiig me Riven .h .m. A bit of earth for a] fn" 'I think i -U ,!r ,.p .l-ak :.i.'.i ""'V, " room f..r ihal.ol.; man < M • ^It ^lf ^ ' •V'"^"'-' "'^-''-'^'"'^ ^^"«"^' mak< u,n. Dad." he cailedto a whiskere I Mr. land Mrs. P. O. Bowen and ..iiighter. ... . . .Sunilay afternoon with Marvin Mc- Hepubli and industrial productjoii the countries of America complementing one another to an unusual I degre.-. resulting in an inrreasinp ' exchange of omniodilies." .Aithougli he did not name the Taciia-Arica boundary dispute. Mr. Coolidge did point to the •••lelicatc and diffii-iilt nature" of bnun.lary (Contin by the side of the Great and the same .Wisdom; which in.itrticted the founding fa-^ r republics, will •I.- with tis." Number2 Moody at h b.'fore h.-; m.iiiiiment p:iuion of problems and di-clare that the pastjsea.s. his-bijolliers. a siste record ot achievement in this re-j wife ami. snail sou came here to spect "places heavy respi.iisibility; aid in his lai upon the present generation to advance the great work that has been so auspiciously begun." Coinmends fonirrrss. Finally. President Coolidge com- i gree murd mended to the Congress a discus-! der. first'd .sioii of means to bring "all of our fourth degiee manslaughter, in the, [lertple more definitely and more, instructlQni <if the court. ed from Page One) s home in Bentonville. j line here to work as a ' uit.-:-. -\ war-tin.(• com-! looilv.'wh.i served over | ilefc-iis.'. Mrs. itit witness/for ;Moody ; he de- ; was Ihe f« ns". The jiir.vj w:is Riven the choice ; of five vi-riji. ts, acquittal, first de- I r. second degree mur- 1 •firce manslaughter ami • ««/ai KG Jie waved -.areh-ssly to Pawnee a a f^^'.^^eks or a tew months Bill and wheeled Cherokee around. •« 'old hitnself And there would H-ro atid there. ashe-»'e many just like this wiilow- hrave but he?pless women. God Jwhistling. ;Voeres«ed towaru ;he rear, he saw' hra^>' but he?pless women, t.oil * covered'wagon fvith a man and help: her She coulf^ only hope for .Svoman in th.° sea, and the bc-d^ Km.l ""^L r^;.''4!^;^;^/.'^^^^^ of three or f.uir little children ilO Bl. (O.N-TINI KD> peering ''^-^^^'^^'^/^^^J^-.J!^ «I.h a «ido«N grateful INs •peering over their •shou'"<iers. H-; ;steppeil heside a bus;gy in whicl^ ...sal a woman -and a little boy and -girl. He spoke in a friendly tone -.and she told him that she was a ; widow and was making the run for .her children. . . "To find them a home." she said. "I sure hope you - find it," he told her. "Maybe I can help.von.'. an.d he ranged alongside and wait-!inovaI of her appendixl -, <HI. With a ^tidonN grateful li-s on his clieek. Tony liarriMin ridev on to (•iithrie (o «e<> <be drama al Its height. -In Ihe next chapfer. Miss Opal lUi; r >; (f iievi. was operated up<in y. s eni: v nnrulpg ill St. John'ii hospital Ifor the r'e- T' and lie minutes ticked slowly away along the line there was a tigWtenlng. a sudden •ttrrlng, aad In playing iii holes the average golfer! is said to walk about live miles. nut street. -. —O. L. Cox. .M D . Specialist, Eye. Ear. .Nose and Thrjoat. T. .\. Funston. j»ho" is ntrvr in his eight.v-ninth year. Iia.s been, confined to his. home, lolijr North street, for the past few nulnths. Hi' is unable to get out among his friends so woulil appreciate having rhem call on him. Pat Hefferii. wjio has been at St. Johns hospital Tor the past five weeks for treatmeiit for a 'broken limb.! was taken to his home in the Adams' and ne.sser ambulance this imorning. Mr. Herfem lives threej and on«-fourth miles north You Use than of higher piicjsd brainds when using BAKING VOliVDEti ill your bakings Guaranteed ^ure ot Piqua. 2^ ^V^^J;^ Maiions of pounds used by<> \ir governmeni 111 •'• •• B;aaBBBBB9 3-1 ' » ' ' An Advertisement of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. ^7,500,000 Telepiione Program for Western Missouri arid Kansas The Calculagraph -a time clock with which thcLongDis- tance Operator times and records the length of your long distance conversations. 20 Years Faster Long distance service.iu the state oi Kanus w-as years faster in( I'^l?" tb..« it was In 1926. • The average Interval between jilaciog ^bur long distance call and getting y.iur connection was reduced from 5 minuter ir; 1026 to about 3?- minutes in 1927. ui, average saving of a minute and one-li.ils' on each coll. There were some <>..Sl'().llfM> long distance calls placed in Karusas last year; 10.2.'>0.nOO minutes is equal lo 20 years—20 vears saved for busy Kansatis Service—Always « Winter:— with its storms, sleet, wind. snoW —is Jianl on telephone lines. To protect ypiii- service requires constant vigilance, and it is due tH the untiring iefrorts of -K-ire chiefs, linemen, and repairmen, that telephone service. is s.> reliable. Kegarilless of the n-calher, the.v "stand guard," alert to protect your service by finding and restoring damage (<) telepbooe lines. Represents Expenditure of ^24 for Each Bell Tele- phofie in Area During 1928, tli- Soufh.wciiterij Bell Telephone Company will spen.i mbrc than Sr.ofXI .ClOO in W'est- ern .^l.ssouri and Kansas lor additions ami improvements to the telephone sy -.(eiu in the area. This means an average ex- |H.-niliture of about $'-4 for eaiSh ol the .TI-I.OOO iJcll fclepiiones iu this area. Part of this expenditure will go to provide equipnient'for lO.tXM) new telephones which it is estimated will be added to the IJcll System in W. .^lisstiuri and Kansas durini; 1928. It also covers the LO -.t of placing ^.:">(K) miles oi long distance Imes, iWiicli it is planned to a.iil to tlie existing iictw.irlc in the .-iren. Tl>c activities planned; lor 1028 are-^-irt of the continuous program to widen the scope and increase tiic useiuliiess i>f your Iclcpboire and tlicy reflect faith in the -future of your sl.'itc- For 45 Cents For '45 cents you cnn talk 75 miles by long distance, pro- v I d i n g you use .s t a t i o n -1 o - s t a t i o 11 - serviceand pl.-iceyoxir call after r p. ni. Just give the out-of- town telephone l>er to the local operator—it'a quicker. res

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