The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 20, 1939 · Page 12
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 12

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1939
Page 12
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I PAGE TWELVE THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, OCT. 20, 1939. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of eacb network 1« listed In the programs. The Networks: WBAP—WTAM, WTMJ. WOY, WLW. WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ —WL8, WTMJ. WMAQ, WXYS. WLW, WOOD. WABO--WJR, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW MO, KDKA 980. KFAB 770, KFI 640, KMOX lOSO. KOA 830, KYW 1020, WBBM 770. WCFL 970. WBAL 1060. WCCO 810, WABC 860, WKAB 850. WUAF 010, WKAP 660. WENB 870, WON 720, WOY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820, WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130, WSM 650, WJR 750, WJZ 760. WLS 870, WLW 700, WMBI 1080, WKZO 690, WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270. WOW 590, WOWO 1100. WSB 740, WTAM 1070. WTIC 1000, WKBZ 1500. WTMJ 620. (Eastern Standard Time) Listening tonight: Neutrality— WJZ-NBC 10, Herbert Hoover. WJZ-N'BC 11:15 Sen. Thomas Stewart. Europe—WABC-CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 9, 10:15; WEAF-NBC East 11. WEAF—NBC—8 Lucille Manners concert; 9 Waltz time; 9:30 George Jessel variety; 10:30 Business frontiers, R. L. pavison; 11:15 San Francisco opera. WABC—CBS—7:30 Prof. Quiz; 8 Kate Smith hour; 9 Johnny presents; 9:30 First Nighter; 10:30 Young Man With A Band. WJZ-NBC-7:30 Bushveld songs; 8 Order of adventurers; 8:30 Robinson's Buckaroos; 9 Plantation party; 9:30 Muted rhythm. MBS—8 Col. Stoopnagle's Quixie Doodlers; 9:30 Music, and Manners. What to expect Saturday: 'Football-WEAF-NBC 1:45. Harvard vs. Pennsylvania; MBS 2:15, Navy vs. Notre Dame; WABC-CBS and WJZ-NBC 2:45, Alabama vs. Tennessee: MBS .5:15, Wisconsin vs Northwestern. Europe—NBC-CHAINS 8 a. m.; WABC-CBS 8 a. m., 6:30 p. m.; WEAF-NBC 5:15. . .WEAF-NBC —1 Mission Sunday broadcast from the Vatican; 6 Kaltene- meyer's kindergarten. WABC- CBS—11:05 a. m. Cincinnati musicale; l p. m. What price America. WJZ-NBC—12:30 National Grange program; 6:30 Renfrew of the mounted. MBS— 4:15 Breeders futurity at Lexington, Ky. Additional Names Added in Campaign (Continued from Page 1) Seeba, Mrs. J. C. Gilligan, C. W. Perry, Walter Slater, Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mrs. Fred Schmock, Miss Georgia Thompson, B. S. Bailey, itev. and Mrs. P. H. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. George Hillman, Mrs. A. E. Smith, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Harold Lohner. Mrs. Ida Shearer, Bill Shearer, Mrs. Hugh Earner, Lester E. Blodgett, Mrs. Mary Blodgett, Ivar B. Gustafson, Mrs. Louis Kief, Mrs. Grace Jacobson, Mrs. H. I. Hansen, Mrs. Nela Johnson, Frank Carlson, Mrs. Martha Chard, Mrs. Grace Coleman, Mrs. E. Jensen, Ludwig Anderson, Mrs. Ploy Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rasmussen, Mr. and Mrs. Eskel Olson. William Evans, Rudolf Rogalke, Miss Josephine Borski, Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Borgeson, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rikkers, Mrs. Emil Courtot, (Mr. and Mrs. Homer Doe, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Thomsen, Mr. and Mrs. Art Graeger, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Antzack, Mr. and Mrs. F. Mallory, William Hirnrr, rvir. and Mrs. F. Scott Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dewey, Mrs. R. L. Lagesen, Mrs. Ella Ijau-o, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Malone, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Harbin, Mrs. John Loppenthien, i\»r. and Mrs. Maurice Schoenberger, Mrs. Elmer Swanson, Rev. Erling ncrwardsen. MARKETS AND FINANCE NEW YORK STOCKS .1:30 P. M Prices) Adams Express S 3 /t Am Cnn 115 Am Smelt & Ref 54 3 ,4 Am Tel & Tel IBS 3 ; Am Wat Wks 13=4 Anaconda 33 3 ,4 Armour of 111 6 3 ,B Aviation Corporation B*,'a Borden 21 3 ii Calumet & Hecla 8 34 Chps & Ohio 4H' a Chrysler B91'a Colum O & El 7 ',2 Oom'wlth South Hi Curtlss Wright 7' B Detroit Edison 11B Elec P & L 9 General Elec 41?i Gen Foods •». -,, ; General Mot 54'/4 Hudson Mot B Yelloweye beans $2.75 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up 9c Heavy hens 14c Plymouth Uock BprlnRcrs, under 4 Ibs 17c Plymouth Rock springers. Colored springers 15c 4 Ibs. and up 17c Grain ShelleJ coru, cwt $1.05 Rye, cwt 85c Oats, cwt $1.00 Wheat, cwt $1.00 Produce Eggs 21c Hides Beef 6c I Horse 3',-,c Saginaw Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW, Mich., Oct. uO.—'/l'i—Mich- igan Bean Shippers' Association Friday prices: Hnndplcked pea brans, per r\vt.. 2.55; handpicked red kidneys, light. 4; dark. 4; handpicked yellowey.'S 2.75; handpicked choice roclennod cran- berrUs, light. 2.40: dark. 1.90. Benton Harbor Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) BENTON HARBOR. Mich.. Oct. lit).-- (fr) —Prices paid on the fruit, market here Thursday on 19,507 packages were: Apples—Bushels. No. 1 . 2' 2 in.. Delicious, .60-1; Stnymnns. .50-.60; Baldwins. .50-.55: R. .1. Greenings, .50; Northern Spys, .50-.65; Wagkiiers, . 50; Winter Bananas, .45; 2', 4 in.. Jonathans. .65-.S5: Staymans, .55-.60; Wincsaps, . 50-.GO: Grimes Golden, .50-.55; King Davids .50. Grapes—Concords. 4 qt. fancy table. .15-.17, 12 qt., .25-.42. Pears—Bushels. Kleffers. 2'.i to 2' 2 in.. .50-.GO; smaller and poorer, 40-.50. Market steady. Hens, 5 Ibs. up. 16: leghorn hens. 3 Ibs. up. 11; cocks, 8 and 10; Rock springers, 16: colored springers, 14: leghorn springers, 12; hen turkeys 10 Ibs. up. 1U; torn turkeys, 15 Ibs. up, 18; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up. 12; rabbits, 9. Chicago Potatoes (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO. 111.. Oct. 20.—1/1') —(United States Department of Agriculture.)— Potatoes—Receipts 74. on track 345, total U. S. shipments 558: marke'. Idaho Russets and Northern Ohlos slightly stronger. Northern Cobblers best, firm slightly stronger undertone Nebraska and Northern Triumphs, best firm. Colorado McClurcs \voaK: supplies moderate, demand lair; racked per cwt. Idaho Russrts U. S. No. 1. washed, 1.75-.85; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs, 85 to 90 percent U. S. No. V unwashed. 1.40-.45; Colorado Red McClurcs most offerings showing cUc'iiy. lair quality. 1.40-.50; badly decayed, 1.15-.20; Minnesota Red River Valley section Cobblers U. S. No. 1, few sales." 1.15-.20; sandlanrt section Early Ohios U. S. commercials, 1.20: North Dakota Bed River Valley section Cobblers. 90 pircent U. S. No. 1. 1.10-.15: unclassified, dirty. 97" 1 ,!-!: Bliss Triumphs 90 percent U. S. No. 1. unwashed, 1.20; s-potted sacks. 1: Early Ohlos, JO percent U. S. No. 1, 1.20-.25: Wisconsin Hcaind Whites U. S. No. 1, 1.10. Ifll IN U. S. 64 \' 2 38T B 4To 41 99 3 ii 16 1 1 42' 2 Int Harvest Int Nick Cnn ; Int Tel & Tel Kennecott Corp Ligg & Myers B Marshall Field jMasonite Corp i Montgomery Ward ! Motor Wheel I Nash-Kflvinntor . j National Biscuit Natl Power & Light I NPW York Central . . ! North American I Packard ............ iPtnney (J C) ....... | Phelps Dodpe Philips Pete Pullman .......................... 38',* Radio ............................. 6\' t Radio Keith-Orp .................. life Reo Motor ........................ l*.'a Republic Steel .................... 27Vi Sears-Roebuck . / ................. 81 \\ South Cal Edison ................. 25% Standard Brands .................. 5% Standard Gas & El ................ 3 Standard Oil Cal ................. 28=fc Standard Oil Ind ................. 27 3 li Stand Oil N J .................... 48 Studebaker ....................... 8% Underwood El .................... 44 Union Carbide .................... 89>b United Corp ...................... 2% U S Stetl ......................... 76' 2 Yellow T & C .................... 193,8 16 7 s 7'.' B 23'!, 8To 21 a / 8 23 3T's 91 44 46 Detroit Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT. Mich., Oct. 20.—1.4>>—(United States Department of Agriculture.) — Apples—Mich. bu. baskets and bu. crat -s U. S. No. 1. 2' a in. min. Winter Bananas, .50-.60; Delicious. .75-1.10; N. W. Greeni ings .40-.GO: Kings. .50-.GO; .Jonathans .75-.9C: Mclntosh. .50-.85: Spys. .75-1: 1 Wealthy*. .50-.60; Wagners. .35-.50. i Celery—Mich, bunches clo/.ens mam- ! moth, ."35-.40. I Onions—Mich. 50 Ib. sack? U. S. No. 1 yellows. .50-.60; Western Sweet Spanish. .90-1.10. Potato: s—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet Burbanks. 1.85-2: Mich. Russet Rurals. 1.25-1.35; Chippewas. 1.35-1.40: MtiInt? Chippewas. 2-2.10; Mnine 15 Ib. paper sacks U. S. No. 1 Chippewas. .35; Katahdins. .36; Ida. 10 Ib. sacks Rus- se-ts U. S. No. 1 .19-.22. Detroit Dairy (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT. Oct. 20.—(/}')—Butter—Dost creamery in tubs. 26', 2 -27 1 i. E^gs—Current receipts, 20; dirties, 1C: checks, 15. Detroit Poultry (Quotations in Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 20.— lA'i— Poultry- Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO. Oct. 20.—c/T'—Butter—Re- ceipts 721.148; market easy; creamery- 93 score L J 3> .-29; 92. L>8; 91, 27'.,: 90, 26>"'.; 89. 25' 4 : 88, 24 34 : 90 centralized carlots, 26%. Eggs—Receipts 2.291: market stt-ady: refrigerator extras. IS: standards, 17%: firsts. 17; other prlcr-s unchanged. Chicago Poultry (Quotations in Cental CHICAGO. Oft. 20.— : .V}— Poultry—Receipts live. 1 car. 53 trucks: market. Inns- and .spriuiis easier; liens. -P., Ibs. up 15; undir -I 1 . Ibs... l-'j; springs. -1 Ibs up cciorod 12' L .: Plvinout.h Rock. Ki 1 -: Whit.- Rock. 13'j: ceiese. 13; other prices unchanged. Boston Wool (Quotations !n Cents) BOSTON. Oct. 20.— >A'< —The Commercial Bxillc-'in will sav tomorrow: ••'I he we,eid has passed through another drab week, during which prices have be. n settling a bit lowi r. altheiui-.h H is difficult to make quotations with any assurance in the absence of sahs. Best class III fine wools have probably sunk to -the level of about $1.0(1. clean basis, against $1.10 at the peak." Tht Bullttin will publish the following quotations:'.eccs: Delaine, 39-41; "j bioud combing.. 40-41: ' J a blood combing. 47-43: '4 blood'•combing. 'i7-4a. The average lawyer never grows rich. After. 17 years' practice he is likely to..earn around $3,029 annually. By JOAN DURHAM (AP Feature Service Writer) The error in table manners that Americans make most often is mixing up their knives, says the Austrian head waiter at a 'well known New York restaurant. The wide variety of designs in butter knives helps to confuse a ! diner, he admits, but, he adds, i "Why don't people look at the j knife budes? Certainly they can I tell the difference then." Avoid the Steel Blade He makes these two suggestions: Never use a .steel-bladed i knife as a butter spreader un- lless. of course, you only have one knife for the whole meal. If there is a row of knives at your i place, use the smallest silver- I bladed one as the butter spread- j The entree that seems to give the average American most trou- Ible at table, our head waiter j finds, is half a spring chicken. 'But tackle it properly, he says, and it's simple. Like this: Cut the second joint from the breast. then eat the breast. Then work i;n the second joint and finish up with the. drumstick. Don't Be Afraid of Fish Here are some more of his ob- servations:" Many Americans avoid fish because they find it difficult to eat. That's too bad; you can always have the waiter remove the bones by asking. But It's simple: Run the blade of the 'fish knife (a small silver-bladed knife) through the fLsh as if you were splitting a roll. Then just lay the top half to one side and lift out the backbone in one or two sec- lions. The easiest way to cat baked potatoes Ls to split the potato lengthwise with your fork, insert a patty of but tor and your )seasonings and mash everything j together in the potato skin. It's 'perfectly all right to oat the skin, if you like it. It's still proper to push your soup spoon away from you and to tip the soup plate away, too, when you got down to the last spoonful. Oysters crackers may be dropped into soup, but larger crackers or melba toast should be eaten seoarately. Dates are one of the few crops i states exceds the domestic sup- for which demand in the United |piy. BONNIE BELMONT Saturday Might LUCKY STAR DANCE ,' Music By The Lucky Stars (iel Your Costumes Ready For Next Saturday's Hallowe'en Masquerade and Carnival a Creature Stock Averages. Oct. 20 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Util Stocks Net change ...Unch D.I A.I Unch Today 75.4 23.0 39.6 53.2 Previous day .. 75.4 23.1 39.5 53.2 Month ago 75.6 22.2 38.5 52.8 Year ago 76.8 21.5 36.3 52.8 3939 High 77.0 23.8 40.6 53.6 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 33.7 46.6 1938 High 79.5 23.5 37.8 54.7 1938 Low 49.2 12.1 24.9 33.7 Movement in Recent Yeirs 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 16.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 157.7 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 61.8 THE WIARKiHTS LOCAL, MARK«TS Light red kidney beans $4.00 Dark red kidney beans S4.on Dark cranberry beans $1.75 Llaiht cranberry beans $2.25 White pea beans $2.45 OF GAS FUMES FROM A DEFICIENT FURNACE It's dangerous to operate a furnace which isn't functioning properly . . . Protect your family by letting us make a careful inspection of your heating unit before cold weather really sets in for winter! IT'S CHEAPER TO BE SURE THAN SORRY! Holland Furnace Co. Phone 950 Office at GOT W. Ludington Ave. HERM ATMAN. Local Manager. I See These In Our BARGAIN BASEMENT MEN'S SUITS $10 PENNEY'S TONffJHT AND SATURDAY BIRKE'S Smart creations to thrill your I Style senses in "Lady Fashion".] Comfortably fitting, all leather ij shoes economically priced at SIZES 4 to 9 AAAA to B T K r - *. .. flSHIOn JHOES c J TO SCHOOL IN DRY FEET Dry Feet Mean Fewer Colds—The Best Health Insurance You Can Buy. Children's All Rubber Fleece lined Galoshes, Sizes 5 to 3. Women's Sizes, 98c "PUT YOUR FEET IN OUR HANDS" tirke's Shoe Store i> ".!•' St. Ludington ...NEVER BEFORE A SPY STORY SO THRILLING AtWT ESPIONAU "Cartoon — Melody Master — jund News." Matinee Saturday 25c and lOc. Nights 30c and lOe. She puts some Ginger in the stuffed-shirt socialites! CONNOLLY • VerreeTEASDALE • James ELLISON TEMPER ATI?RE TODAY AT 11:00 We-ather Fi»r«-ca«t Loner Michigan: Partly clniut.v :itul uitnii'r tonight. Saltii'day .unit-rally lair and cooler. BUILDING ? If you are planning on building—why nut let us help you. Our years of experience arc at your command. \Ve have everything you'll need. THK LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 DO YOU ALWAYS GFT A SINGU-.RRLAST1-D SUIT? Muv(>e you il look focller in n ilouble-bwasled suit. Don t be loo sel in your wnys — a change is qotxl for you. Ami how iiboul the beer you drink? Hnve you tried Schmidt's lulely? That full-bodied, natural Schmidt's flavor will juit hit the spot. Tor Schmidt'i Is different. It's made without sugar and so it's low in calorie count. It's delicious but . . , you'll never know until you W0 AtH&U I INI KttUIDf ••IwlhCCO, MTtttl Make a note on your calendar, lie a string around your finger or tell someone in your family to remind you—it's important'-vthat you send in the coupon today. As an old or new subscriber you are entitled to enormous "savings on The Ludington Daily News and your favorite magazines. Reading pleasure for a 'frhole year! Look over these bargain offers ... select your favorite ... and hand the coupon fo, v our Postman wifh your remittance. Hut do it now! LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS, 1 yr. and your choice of Any Three Magazines AI.I. roru True ISomanrps 1 Yr Ami-rican Hirl 8 Mo American Hoy *> Mo American Poultry Journal :: vr lirri'drr's fJa/rlle ?. Yr Christian llcnild C Mil Ilousi'liold Magazine . .2 ' Modern Itnniunet's I MrCall's Maga/inc 1 ' Op-.'M Hoad (Hoys) ... .1 ' Movie Minor 1 Yr Sports Afield 1 Yr Modern Srrcrn I Yr. Silver SenTII 1 Yr. I'oiillry Trilnuif ''. Yr. l.ivi-stiick I'ro- Uur.T '•'• Vr. 1'aii'Ml 1 '' Majj.mnt' ....d Mos. True K.viHTiiMK os I Vr. \V(.man's World '' Vr. Kami .lournal and Karmcr's Will- ''- Yr. j I'appiT's l-anni-r 2 Vr. i Country Home U Vr. LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS, 1 yr. and any AM. TOl'll Three Mafjnrj A Ilit-l tr.'Vll 1'tMI Hill . . Aim- ii':i lil l > 1 Mm rli Con i 1 r v Hun • A I'.iri .1 \\ili- . lions, h Capper n I'm -. (;.i/ .11 lie limn lls N omiia mi .,i: illpc llrv .Imir- 1 I CirillVIT ,1 'tic 'i ii-vv 1 • 2 .•(Ill'IT.lll, I >'i nd l''u r 1 1 „.. .«ii|. i s t'armiT 1 Yr. Yr. \T. Yr. Yr. Yr. IT'S Vr. Yr. i Yr. ^3&*^ Leghorn World 1 Aliilhrr's lloirn- l.ilo . . . . I S'KT.sslnl r:irniiiiK ... 1 » Yr. Yr. Vr. I'.illiliiulcr (WIU.v.). 2ii Issu.'s Plymouth Hock Mtlily.. 1 PoiiKry Trlliunp 1 Ithml,' Island Iti'd .lour- National Livestock Prod ucrr 1 Woman's World 1 Vr. Vr. Vr. Vr. Yr. CI.UIJ NO. 15-1 Til 1C DAILY NI'.W'S I Vr. Li dirty 5:; Issm-s Mollici's lIcniL- I.iff I Vr. { rariii Journal and Farncr's I Wile 1 Vr. VALUE $. r i.5f> ALL roi'K YOU SAVi: I—I THIS NEWSPAPER CD mm wommp WUE MIBWS LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS, 1 year ar.d Two Mafjnzincs from Group A--One Marjazinc from Group B ALL I OUH A—Select Two Magazines Tnif I'om.inees 1 Vr S|nu Is Ali'.'ld l Vr. IJny K Mo. Aineriean (Jlrl K Mo. Clirislian Mfiald li Mo. !\IrC ill's IMatta/inc 1 Vr, Movie Mirror i Yr. Open Itoad (lioys) | Yr. Par. ills' Maca/ine li Mo. Modi rn llumanccs 1 Yr. Modern Srrt'i'ii i Vr. Woman's World 2 Yr. H(ii:M-holil MaKa/mi< ;> Yr. Silver Ki'ii't'ii . , | Yr. - True lOxpericnrcs l Yr. Patliliiulcr (Weeiu.v) | Yr. (Jrouj) B—Select One Mai;:r/.inc , i Ainurlcau Poultry .lournal ....I Vr. Clovcrlfiif Hcvii'W l Vr. : i Country lloiur L' Yr. . , Patlilinder (Weekly) :!<; Issui-s i I'ann Join nal and Farmer's VVIlB 2 Yr. j : llousi-liold MaRa/inc 1 Yc. i | Mother's lloiiiu Life 1 Yr. i j Poultry Tribune 1 Yr. • i Successful Harming I Yr. i i Woman's World I Yr. i i Leghorn World . ,. . I Vr. C'uppur's FarmIT 1 Yr. Hredder's (Ja/.( tie 2 Yr. National Llvsloek Producer ..I Yr. These Offers Are Fully Guaranteed Please allow four to six weeks for first copies of magazines to arrive. THE LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS LUDINCJTON, MICHKJAN. CJciiilciiicii: I enclose S IMciise send me Offer No. Xaiuc SI. or J{.F.D. o\v n .__ Slate \

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