The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 23, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 6
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LOCAL SPORTS Jtorrfeal of TJflwr att*s«-; the R. I. Weon**4*y, **«* LOCAL fCWS OF Tffi WEEK fN T«ar friends *S1 appreciate havioc tirtr *Mta eolttmaa. Pbooe 180. Mrs. Oyd* WISWB «t ttw Motow «mn tke last *«0lt «*a with 6*r iwi'eutr. Jlr, axed Kbit, Friend* her* have received i Maxine Atkinson wtw ha? beets • with Mr. awfl Mrs. floya word from Mr. awd Mrs. Victor ! staying at th* bom* of a*r «fe- ; who caasw to »*Bt Mrs. Cross*', BOW on their honeymoon 1 t«, Mre. IJ» Waller. win »or« » ptrfcats. Mr. ION! Mrs. EUry*s, trip through the western part of | to Randolph to resHJe WSti her > Mre c* th* Orejeory farm «att Of tb« eoastry. They es^eet to «j*i»d j parent? However fb*> will cos- j Marrern. St. iefeiMSo* te an •*f«- another month visiting relatives ' tiao<? her schooling h#re, | fet OB tlw Register *t*S. In Montana ami Wyomiat before; Mr aad Mr , 3 B j^^ ^ ; rjHwr** E sJafsos* «f Omata to thi? wtamanit.r. companied by tbefr **a-to-l*». R. f came ««*» W*4n*s«at of Dust J. CiaTii and eons. Howe H O aoiK«s, caaw In Sktwter ! w«tt to tttit Mo mnttte, l»r. nd La*r*m», of Omaha drove eT(fninfr {roB1 TUISB. okia trk«re i Mrs I. r. Pawows. He trms «»- Satoniay for * abort Titft t j wj . h ^ f fpfnl ^ ^ risit , T ^^ \ frrt&f a ftr* (d«y Rooserett -we bte »oti»«r. Mrs. Aaftie tbe OanBOM ^BQ *HI .ggja, be «t I ic ijjeir ours feo»* te Mai- : flay wit* b*r •o« Mrs Raw Randolpii Mr. an^ Mrs. Mr. ; » a t wSater l«t a «tre Mr Tlwr «lo»» te tetetn ftrac * * \ aertlnrest of town verc jatt in tiffi* to wetajsw the C. A. Paw win March blfeBsard Mr. Cannot; r*-; ^seam to SH*T* t* th* Badte Balyers resi- !sra«5 IP Tolas Sas4ay. ! friend* 100. Tfe*r deaee th* first of April. Onear Ftnkl* Dr. W. M. Hi«t,'» town ir, tie USX Carl WfkoB wa# e GoaKil r R Gr«T«. C. R Brewer, and rj-jjjj fi pj»ial> «f Bluff » busines? visitor Mondar ir. r. Wonstefi drtrr? u> B»«r-itt*t* food inspector, was In town •fteiied IB th« itoi&e ot h*r par-; fej* or a»6 attended th? meeting ' jg,^ pj ttln t. can? with Win *ate. Mr. and Mre Ira HaicalneE. j O f tb» Milte Masons Circle i rislt«3 Mi*? Clara tTtee aaS Mrs. B V. HaroW from ar- toward JofcB pi^i, fe tk* ham* of Miss HeadertwE was in Tuesday and tTi*e Mr, and Mrs. Plaiaii tor- tBeriy Bvsd aoat Henderson. Mrs -Frank ChmrehJll manned last Bandar froffi a week'* TieJt in tb* l«owell Elliott boatf at Sid- easroll apoti cwr eab- i Mr aad Mr*. E C. Collins returned Wedneidar «*eaiae Iron: a esTera! days visit Witt tb*ir; neriftiOB tot. Mr. Harold who has daughter. Mrs. Harrr Moor* Ja j » Te d »ortb*ait of Haftiajc? for a Waterloo. j number of year* past, ha* r*>- Wlllie Patrick of Ettereor, was j «BUT moved \t> th* WMsm farm in town SatBrdaj attending tb* j * miie north of tbe booster *ta- eaie and greeting oW friends, i ties that war vacated ihte spring Harvey L&kic. frost Borth of • br Mr. Coofc. He to otw- of Mills Enenoc wac in towc Saturday \ tonntr> bet; fanwrc aad be is Elliott with hi •tar. Robert {or a weeks | Seniors Witt School Veritable Plethora mt ______ _ji ^ IrcWB Or u>C Crtewell went op tt> i ^jpitw^^i and atteeded tbe sale at the pa- i gettW oae of Milt confitr* best ' Omaiu! Tuesday tnoraiag to ae- \ Boy £. Oageler. Pastor 'fares — a good combination j company hi* wife hone tro» that i The convention program Ed Hetaei of Randolph was to; „. _ «.___ „ , __^ ! Place. Mrs. Dalian Crtewell and j printed elsewhere town Henry Nim* was up from 8tra- ban Satorday greeting old friend* Amos Haaabsch. who now liven over in Montgomery conuty. wa« in MalT«ro SatBrday Tiaitiup with Ketr &wt«r Btetxr is M«awiyi Mt ^ Jast us-, . h «, i Crteweil motorad «tp ftei-rtow ««» Snoday will be as at Mr. and Mre. Fred Kewell from of the week in U* Crii>- ** f *°° , m . * 81 * " Jtt . ainlier i wortman follows: BBBd«r achool at 10 aad praachin?: *t 11 a. m., Bpworth at «:8C p. a., sad the old Urn* friend* from the 8t»- , - Junction Newell io han neSehborbood. IJ""""" 1 wl " ! T K Braaeltoc and | Earl Conrad wa« up trom near J B ppratoe tbe Trively farm south lmogen« Saturday and made onr. 0 { Malverc. office a brief call. i Mlee Vivian Priest Terry Sullivan of Shenandoah j from Kearney, Nebr. !..__. „._ and Mlw Ratb Wndnay of Mai- f m af an a riaited until Sunday I 0f tbere well car. Mre. Howard Straban is recoveriag from a broken arm re- evening onion serrice^at 1 : SO p oeived in a fall during; the it?; m. The sermon subject in the cpell several weeks ago. She U j morning will be "Getting Start- able to aw little. Frank Churchill „ ^^ ~ f if moving a wfl , ^ prctent atlon f _, I for the young people precedlnt; the main sermon. We were glad for the young people who stayed vern were dinner guests bun Sun- j ,-ui, ner parent*. Mr. and Mre. | Gilbert Good was a O lea wood day of Mr. and Mr*. Dale KHu*. 1 p. g, prieet. bustneac visitor Monday evening, i Mre. Floyd Brackney and Miaej down M« Vina Orakt baa returned visited her Brewer, and the latter in the Dr. 1. V. Parsons home. Or. and Mrs. i. W. Baer, Betty and BUUe, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durbln were dinner gueatc laat Sunday of Mr. and MM. B. L. Hale. Mre. Mary Aiatrope from near Tabor and Mr. and Mrs. George Aists-ope of Shenandoab were 4iaa«r gu«*t« In the Charles laat Wednesday. * .v , i Majrer n »° ' ilr « «nd te making j turned to Randolph the last of and the for- her home vitb ber 8lj|tw . Mrs. f lhe week after a week's visit at ' •*":. C •_*• i Clarence Myere. Mre. Drake re- tbe Robert Campbell home. ceaiUy returned from California where ber daughter. Marie, lives. Wallace Wederquist and Ed 1n i house In Silver City for a Mr. • to a farm two miles south j»»« Sunday morning. The onion service Sunday will be in the Methodist church. It is school night with a ten minute talk by one representative from the following groups: Board of education, faculty, P. T. A., and •indents. Music will be furnished by the achool. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Norval Hetxel of Randolph were attending the sale here Saturday. Mrs. Ben Martin. Mrs. Charles Raine, Mrs. H. O. AUely. and Mr. and Mre, Clint Gennng of Basaett, Nebr. were in town yesterday and made onr office a fiapU* Church Pastor, L. R. Bobbltt pleasant call. Mr. and Mrs. Ge-| Bible school every Sunday, nnng. former residents of this county were called to Hastings this week by the death of Mrs. mother, Mre. L. K. Mau * «„ » .. ,.. , *° n - They said that Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mw. Raymond Netaon Oeorg< , Johnson of Peoria. Jtt. and daughter, Donna Bae, drore down trom Council Bluffs 6*tvr~ F. Davte re- 4*^IMWQ|> IK> rff>ftt>TtnWy ^**y ur priced—Kavicb's. adv. Mr > * n < 1 ***• C Mrs. Ross Atkinson and The-| turned »** w ««* ^ooi * ron virited in the Robert Waller « own -««vu«b Texas as far ae home in Glenwood Saturday. | Houston where they have some i mi ii i __n jL'ua^^r • Property ioteresu. Th»y took " | their daughter, Martici*. ae far > at Beiloc where she entered Bay- j, lor college for Women for th« snow or rain. Join the -teacher training class with Mrs. A. 3, Berkhimer as teacher. The book studied will be "The Ufe of Christ." Sunday morning the pastor will came yesterday to attend Mrs.! bring a caries of pre-Eaater mea- Oxickcns Galore *agbt,- jB«pr«e«fitativ«s from tbc ia Wilcon Haidkerv I * cbo « I - *** Acuity, the atadeata, *»«**•"» COX GROCERY 11 last semester's work. Mine Marti- j da 6t.ieti(iw3 the academy th»r* j The Wilson Electric Hatchery j if a busy place these d*y*. tak-| iug off and deliverutg thoueande; of baby chicis, reGUtac the in-? jwrent-teacners organixa- Sy IVuiiaffI test *e*fc has been f nil to ovefBufciiif with b«*et *»n jamas as there Was a great inter cte» tournament. Th* seniors won tin- honor* by noSltHK the juniors o«t in th* tort tain* 28 to 24. D« Wednesday after «a«ol the Juniors walked on tbe freahmen 28 to 6. Homer Jackson was high «orer for the Juniors white Tommy "Wflte reat>- ed htt* tally for tbe Freshies. In the second lame of the evening the seniors handed the sopho- morw a 44 to 15 beating. Tom Benton was hiith pointer for tbe seniors and Jjevere Knight was highest for the Sophs. Both of these fames Were fast and also a trifle rough. Bbrtti lief eatu Seventh On Thursday evening during their regular physical training period the sixth grade defeated the seventh, 6 to 8. These games were also very rongh bat there wac a lot of fiash shown by these little fellows that might indicate a future winning basket ball team for this high school. The next game scheduled for the evening was between the two losers tit the tnrevUran night which was the Sophs and Freshies. The Sophs won 18 to IS with Marvin Faeel as high scorer. High pointer for the freshmen was Herb Benton. In the main event of the evening, namely the senior and Junior tilt, Arthtrr Armstrong was high tally winner for the seniors while Cotad looked beat tor the Juniors. With a final score of 28 to 24 the seniors were decidedly the best in the high school. Bentmw Challenge AB though there had not been enough basket ball the two previous nights the Benton cousins, of which there are seven boys in M. R. B.. challenged the remainder of the high school to a game. The high school won this with a score of 21 to 16. Gerald Bowel was high honor man for the high school while Tom Benton and Jamie Bummers tied lor high points among tbe cousins. After the game on Friday Tom Benton invited all the basket ball players to bis house for a big leed as a eraad tiimx to the AS .the plar- After a «ea«on of Btn«teM» weeks tbe vofleyfcaB leaga* of the Malvem Bnftinew Men's Athletic a«s««iattott folded its organization for another yeaf. It« fiaal aight of play this season was Monday eveirfB*. With no named officers, dtree- tore or other bastnes*-ttke impedimenta, the league has weathered Us four years of existence wHhotrt a deficit. wsnaHy running ahead for some profit. Expense of the organisation consists of reat^ a! for tbe Community bonding, a new ball or other equipment oc- eassionaUy, and minor incidentals. This year the grovp paid the Community building l»6 for nineteen evenings rental. Although it has no definite officers, C. A. Johnson has bees earing for the bnsinees of the organization, with Chas. Irwin. custodian of the Community building, as daes collector. Members who play pay |1 for yearly dues and 16c each night of play. rea«ia«A Were ** oM ettb tautest, Hit, Matjorle K«patri<*, of fUMtotf*. Krt. Sawyers toftetot *» Mrs. Fern aad Mitt «tta twmi ala-aiode, oot«e f aad saints to about tJMfty «ett»er« aM tea visitors. Marios Beats of Maivera wag stricken wHfc a w*alyt»e stroke gonoay *ft«rao<»» at fefs b«tt«. He had twee fa poor health for some time preview to the stroke. Hi* whole right-*M« was para- lyeed. Hit condition at present ft somewhat improved. The j last year The for incubators are WAS so well pl«u»«! i capacity now it takes Malvern Phoned Hastings Phone 18 Stock Salt per 100 ^ Ib. Us ---- .— 69« Sorghum, 1 gat __ $5c Corn, peroan ------ 7c Cookie*, per Ib, _l2V 4 c Cr«dier,,2«b, bo* 19c Break O Morn Coffee, 3 lb». — 69* Onion get,. 3 lb«. _25c __2Sc nanaf, per doz. _23< «Jj», ; Urse bo* P«ffed Wheat, 2 bo»ef . Ljijrge aijte Dried Prunes or Pe««he«. 3 Ibf, ^ ------ __25« Coffee, a re«J good b|e»d», perlfi. __19« Sonny Boy Bread, loaf ----------- 5c One, BaUopB free M Wilt E««h b» Wo. 1 Cheese, per Ic ] that she ie returning for h«r col- i «S*s to fill tbesa. Of cowiw cb*y j lege work. j fill j 0 gt one-third at a tMo* *o I Riches, Position, Po» er-*-What! that they hatch a M* bomb* I do they weigh against Lore? i 6»« chicke per w«sk, j Read "Big Time" iju the Aaieri- j They hare * wide «aJe £w I cao Weekly Magazine section of however a* they I the OMAHA BEE-NEWS. Flm' from all th« installment April 2 — a great j «>ei* j^r 4isu«a temtorr. be in the The Ketn^Uigton will meet at the the cojuMy Sunday school eoureoiioii at Gleuwood Pr«*bjteKa« Oasvcti Htaay Daie White, Minister Sunday «*<x>l, $» a. m, j Mr*. Ralph Hossle *»<! Mr. Mrs. W. 1,. Smith last Friday. Mre. Ralph Ho&ele and Miss I Amy Hammers vteitfad in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John ele iu Emerson Friday City visited frow Mo»d«y a.t srbo Xnu Mond&g vur^Up at 11 a. m. Tfc* theme of tie laoraiag worship U "Cod'e £«c&6dy lor Splr- :l-Z, L*t M «be cturch year with a ree- A* «*r«s8t ««ort is 1Tae6«*y March T, i>SS, ** frow the **6. |?.*5 Mr, ftfi «*d SOB, Thomas, were to lows Saturday Karich's. * Mr*. Harry Hornby i «:?«. T&* Her. t»r, wllS <of>B4# Hill «eeg«!tjf*7- Marjr 4JS« f **** f«e- *(&£ yffifftita,? ffftff^ffpg to tedd »t a «oinre«fe«t date : fast w**dt of Mmrif. O«r Pre*«ria4i boards bare «wr«- wft* <Uto worts,. -Prwbyte- tor eaea # lip*. «« t%Js ft to a Wute «*««* rf WS rc rh«r« Tiw.«*» WE PAY 2c MORE per tb. fw buiterfo* w ltr«de for «ny MPBESP THEATERO I Sitortiy Stftty a I* ***** *** ** **»- **• ***** W* **»" *» Mr • «*** te««s* »**« Mr, * *te**)r«f to few* «** f«r Coaea' Hertx, Mr. Ktocafd, and also your sports reporter. After the big feed was over everyone was told to crack open tbe basket ball favors that had been given out. Inside of them there were various jokes about tbe team members. After dinner everyone played different card games. Each table bad to think of some stunt to pull on the others. No one table was Judged to be the best so all the stnnu were about even. When given tbe words basket ball team j *U were told to make up as many words as they could think of that began with B. Mr. Kincaid was proclaimed winner with twenty- four words. He received the grand prize of a soda cracker. Everybody enjoyed themselves and thought that this was a very fit- tins conclusion to any basket ball ceaaoa. VolleyballuU Play In Final Scwion Firettten Win All Tournament* of Yeart Cetlin* Win Conaolatiotl Athlete* pl»rlng In the roller- ball league finished their pree- e&t season Mondar erenlng, tar- ed away rubber sneakers, white ducks and sweat ahlrta until next fall. The finals of the annual short tournament were played Monday evening. The Firemen, able group of athletes, came through the season at the top of all competition, having been defeated but twice in the progressive tourney. They defeated the Bulcks in two exceptionally close games Mondar to claim title in the short tournament. The first game was 16 to 18 and the second went to deuce before victory could be claimed. Fighting for consolation honors Collins and Cold Storage battled In tike most hotly contested set of the season. Collins lost the first game, 16 to is, but came back in the next two to win both after each had been carried to deuce. Collins, in the league tor an ««aaon t thus obtUaed hut stand."" '•"""" •; l "'f^ tale i*m Where does romf fcoy "hang o*tt" Kaow all afeettt his friends, and bow fee si**** hi« time? Is he omt of a JobT Does he seem to hare some ato*er? This is a «feo«^-tfoa't wear It If It's the wrong el*e. Bors eaa get Into plenty of trouble these dars. And, my, ho* long It win take to get out It that trovble to wrioaa. Take the three foang fellows who worked oat of Woodbary. Tber got awar wHh the bandit baslaesw tor tea weeks before being eaagbt, bat darlag that time they were working for less than f IS a week, each. Not much for tae dances they took, Then there fa the Jail sentence to anticipate. Plenty of reaaoas here to offer a boy, to prove bow foolish he would be to tan bandit or sneak thief. Reasons never have stopped them. Bat watchful parents could stop many of them. — Community News, Merchantvllle, X. J. If you would have a faithful servant aad one that you like, serve yonrselt Now is the time to light up the candle of industry and economy. HILLSDALE Volteybaiiwto Again Meet Tabor Team For the second time this season Malvern and Tabor volleyball tosjBi dashed when the Malvern. ians Journeyed to Tabor last Tharvday evening, gren more u»* *»«e«»fia were the Tabor »th- l*u« Tboredar than at the prevt- Two three-game seta were played, Malrera winning a» six saja«c. OB the local teams were; Ward Slothower, 0, 4, Johnson, Uoyd Mulhollanc), frank I4oyd Landls, Qerald Ci a»4 fom GWley. Entertained for Two Birthday t Mr. and Mrs. Roy McClure entertained at Wednesday evening dinner for their daughters, Thelma and Neva, whose birthdays occurred on the same date. birthday cakes were baked their grandmother, Mrs T McClure. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Brooks and A. B. Judson were Sunday dinner gueata of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Graves. Miss Pauline Williams of QJen- wood visited her slater, Mrs. Lewis Ranne, and family last week, Friday, March 84, will be community night at Hlllsdttle, The committee has a good program prepared, A twenty piece band i from Tabor and a pi tt yi et( "Tha I will be present- Everybody is cordlftlly JnvH- ed to be present, Mrs, Clarence Boles' and little ECU *wwy!s tit bare proved that quality cleaning can be done at a price you can afford to par. Our work is guaranteed, the service the best and good volume enables us to keep the price at the bottom, - Mea'a Suite „,, 5Oc Mew's Pate '„,,„ &0c Ladle* 1 Plato Dresses ,„„„ C5c ladle** Specif W)W PRICES on ite", OBrtalns, Drifter MALYEBN CLEANERS Not all Holdupi are Illegal fiir oar car a Job snd makebg DeardorfFs Grocery •km* *._ill a ._ >» . • . < " f ~ ., -31 _^T IBi H. B. Br.nd, I»fm SB*

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