The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1948
Page 7
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, JUNE 23, 1<M8 McMath BlaStS Machine Politics Cost of Living (ARK1 COURIER , That's No Lady Candidate Calls State Election Lows 'An Invitation to Steal' WASHINGTON. ,lune 13. (I/PI-The cost of living hit a new sH-llmn hlpli May IS. Ihe Labor Depart - mi'in reported today. H"b Brown Irl il! i resular monthly .tiiininni-y Staff Corr.-«p«f,driil) "' lhe "'^i 1 P«« sHualion. th'i: ] — CK. June 'I't. lUPI—' "^"''""fi't sa.d consumer prills' McMath of Hot Springs had J llm .l )<;t1 0.7 per cent between mkl- ti Hie department has no JiRures on relail prices . — ..... -•• "i iiwi. oj)rin°.s jiad ..... — rained his ji B ht against machine A P ril alld jxmtics imo the 1948 gubernatorial M today _ and promised | "cent-ale '•"'»<> luuay — aua tiromlspd l '- lc imuies on reiau prices more of iliesnme later In the v.wk. j s ) n . <:fi Ml «v 15. indications are Ilia- living casts have continued (o ii>».' On May 15, the ctepaitment said, retail prices were 12 9 per rent hiRh- In a 'major" address at ArkadeT- [?,, r , nlghl (he 'x-Mai-ine who • es^tuily challenged tlie IOIIR- -- M ..^.., n^.^ ,~* j^, i^m im;:i- lime ri'isn of ex-Mayor u>o p. cr Ihan (lie 193S average and Mci.aiiKhlin at the Spa. ds-clavpd j'S 1 TO P* 1 '" cent above June, 1946. "ie states elcciion laws "are at pre- ivlipn most price controls were sent an invitation to steal." | nbmidoriMl. "Any niiMTupiiloiis politician ran; According in HIP rtVpaj-lmeii! 'arifi rtr I „ ,. - . , ' .-;, , , . . . ..^ or lake advantage 01 me laws so rosily liial without con- slant silrveil.-ince' any election can be made a farce," lie declared Mi-Math added that the 1946 cl^cliou aired many of tlie fraili- Arkansas' "antiqualod vot- ' 1 ''"" -the lail food pricfs went up l.i cent bel-A-fcn mid-April and jnkl- May; clothing itlcrenrjed 0.6 per ccni; reins ivrre 03 per cent liishi-r and Juel prici-s rose 0.8 per t-ent. Or.Iy )ion.:e riii-i»shi)ig$ decreased hi price. They averaged per roni. lower on May 15 (hail a moinli eai- lier. Contract for Experiment On Burning Underground Coal Is Granted to Utility WASHINGTON, June 23. — iUPl —The Interior Department ycsir-r- day announced approval (if a 5111.000 contract for a second experiment \vlth burning coal underground at CJorgas, Ala. ' James Boyd. Bureau of Mines di- ' rector, said the Alabama Power Co.. —"•" "•«'. vim aeiecuon 01 which reformed the first experiment t county as Ihe site for a clean jasi year, has contributed 300 acres .ii-ciion speech was neJibcratc and , o r coal for the new exi^.iment whlcii similar woul;) nriei- «ji>» >, 0 (o,-««. n,.,,, it,^ rt..~* i"C machinery." And he said -uie people., .are aroused bv the npod of a check rein on traditional politics, machinery bossism and dishonest officedom." "The ballot must he available to all and the vote must be secret and •without coercion, he said "Tlie /ranchisr, must be unduliiicri !>y fraudulent and ficticions ballots. The ballot box and booth must lw inviolate. The vote must be counted as casl. This right is Hie basis or democracy—violations must be prevented and punlshmejil must be severe and speedy." Rirller McMalli's headquarters had Indicated that the selection of i hat a similar addre.55 would originate in Texarkana tomorrow night. Withdrawal IVadline TonijjM " line for withdrawing from any campaign. Harvey G. Combs. Democratic Party secretary, said all names not withdrawn by 6 p.m. tonight would appear on this summer's primary ballots. Those withdrawing do nol receive the ballot fees which they [mid earlier, fn other political action: At least three gubernatorial candidates— Jiimes (Uncle Mac) Mackrell. Charles Fleming and jack Holt prepared lo attciid tlie second animal "IVrtle Derby" at Gould tomorrow. Horace Thompson remained in his Little Rock headquarters, prepar- jilts a major speech for delivery al ,)Malvcrii Saturday afternoon. McMat i announced a talk at ili-iin Friday and at Port Smith and Waldron Saturday. .n will be larjcr than the first. I I r. , I.aal Summers experiment showed that, gases from burninK nnmined coal offer a potential source of fuel In production of underground gas is feasible. Boyd said, it will cut mining expenses and provide a use for coal veins which cannot be mined economically. Tlie underground fire will be set off by an incendiary bomb. Rend Courier News Wain Ads. will be at Gould and Sheridan tomorrow. Mflckrcll spoke at Marion lodav, will be at Dumas and Gould tomorrow anrt Biytheville FYiday. Tlie ticket on tlie race for nominating a successor to the late Supreme Court Justice E. I,. McHaney closed at noon yeslcrday with threi men starting active campaigning today. They were: Arthur L Adams ! of Jonesboro and George Rose Smiih and J. Fred Jones of Little Roc-It. A Philadelphia delectlve leads Frank Marino, 18. to a cell after ihe youth's feminine disguise had failed to lool M suspicious woman. Marino broke out of a Ilaxeltcn. Pa., nrfonn school on June 4, anil had masqueraded as a gin since then. lie not ihe clothes by lobbing * house.—NKA Telephoio. Memphis Police Who Beat Ne?ro Exonerated MEMPHIS, Tenn, June M. IUPP —T\vo Memphis policemen suspended In connection with ihe wealing of a Negro woman \villi blackjacks Sunday nighl, were exonerated and reinstated yesterday by Police Commissioner Joe Boyle. Boyle, aflcr "a full liiveslis^- lion," said he was convinced that the officers were "acting in the line of duty and were not unnecessarily brutal In subdnl;if »n unruly ami MfthtiriK prisoner.' 1 The officers were Identified *t Pratik M. Slotl, 33, and Barney I,. Loftin, Jr., '28, The Negro. 35-year-old Viola Moore. Is still confined to the hospital tor treatment. Boyle said the office™ admitted using their blackjacks only after the Negro became violent, kicking and screaming. In the. sqnnd cur en route to the county jail. Mississippians To Walk Out If TrumanNamed JACKSON, Mis,.. June M. UlPI - Mi.'slssippi'a National Omorrutic Conventinii rtelejates today were pledged to walk out al the meeting K President. Truman receives 111- ixuty Jioniiintion. The smte party coni't-nllon here yi'Merduy bmiml tti c lU'li'xalp.s lo walk om and Instructed MKsissIp- tlieit- votes jor » i-aiidldiite oilier than Mr. Truman. 'I'ht coiu-entlon also pussort uniii- nnoiisly a resolution callin R tor i seiuraie -.slates' rlshty parlev in ISirmlnghain. July n, i n whlrli x i-audid.Ue xniUblt to the Soulli could be selected in lien of Mr. Truing n. The Mississippi convention ,|rU'- ealitin wan pledged to n., ?j TOt<« In » block, hui us nut horny to represent I lie slate W )ds )| nm . ulildidale advocating . civil rlcl.ts l>i-i>,;raiii in nominated. Statements lo lliiil elt«.| will be attached 10 the rrc(li"iiii«| K oi ,,auh national delegate. Hie Mississippi convention declijei). 'Jlii-re IUIK been speculation lliat delenate.s s olng lo I Philadelphia convrmkm miner Midi reslriclions might nol be s-aled. Instead of adjourning, the con- j vemion recessed iinlil AIIR. 3 lo avoir! Hie clianc-c (Hat .some other (action might later schedule * Nashville Presents Plan To Keep Hospital Open NASHVILLE, Temi . .Line •« -, 'UP'—The City of Nashville's I Roan) of Hospital Commissioners, presented a plan lottn.v thai It .•.aid could keep Kuhhiird Hospital 1 for Nenroe/1 open »ii«r .Inly i. Officials of tlie hospital B division of Meharry Medical' Oollcne for NcKl'oes. announced some lime »B« that Hnbbard would close July I If lo<:r«l financial aid wasn't pu'l up io overcome an esitmnled on- ri'Slliig cieficll of aboui, <2'.!5.(KKI for Hie coming (iscal yeur. The iKiard offered the hospital » contract guaranteeing to nay a minimum of JKXl.noo » yen.- 'and «850 n dny for each Indigent Ne- K-'t cil,i-'cii who is given treatment by the liospilal. Oak Ridge Union Backs Cab Driven' Strike OAK RnxiE, Temi.. June 23.— iUPi—Tlie Oak Ririge Central [,»- bor Union MFI.i went, on record toda.v in full Mip ( mrl of » strike by I Yellow Cat) drivers here. ' I Tile cent ml union, composed of I 18 API.. locals, v>le<ln«i Itself Uj iln all In ils power to bring the walkout, to » "satisfatloiy conclusion." A "u.w meeUiig was called for 7;:iO Bigamous Sailor Finally Decides On Wife No. Five HAI.T1MORK. Jmif -a , up , 'ri>e Jiidije petrni rtown ,i i wo s^. 11"K Bills, in itiiicalvt blonrl. .nd .come!,. I,,,men,. n ,ei, h, t m ,,ed '",,.1'! ": ) :? r - old "'">' «• in. "Well," said Judge Hernun Moser, "whirl, one rio yoli „, I II lake No. s." replied 8e»,n»n fluls Moort o! Bulthuorf. He i«d Kotlen Into Die habit o[ c ,||. Ing them by number for Ihe benefit ' . M o „,,.„. ed him for bigamy ,„,) , 011hrt ,,. >»d made five nip, to th« .It., In Hie past six years. "I lihu ror m.r husband," wbbed No, S. who I, l«-,e. r .old Belly Rowern The JndRe » 3 ked No. A. K.therin* K Howard of IMgemerr. how jh. felt about It. "I'm wilhiiit | 0 ,,,, k , hlol , wHt If lie waiiln It tint way." ,h« »>lri Quietly, -or I'll alve him > divorce If he r«»lly wint* it." "You're t nobl. »-oiii«ii." »ld Hie Judse He |avp Woore > suspended «u>- Iflli-e. The Hllor lelt n,t i-ourl- room will, a "wile" on Mch , rm . Lon*x Doubti State On Agri Gat l.n-l'l. KROCK. June JS (IJH.I-- IXlllbt tint the Ark»nM»'o»ii«-,| Assembly Ims the .utiiorltv .„. • Iwlisti i state l»x on KKilcii'lluinl Rasoline was e* jeaterd.v by ttoi-. lien Ijiney. Practically >ll Biibernaloriiil c«n- didates have ])led R ed tin removal "J the Ux on luel tlst( l f w ,([,.[_ cultural Durposes. "1 rton'i think ih»t. the t.x etn !»• rcmovrd legally It n,, bonrt- holcler.s under the Highway Refunding Act nf | S<[ oh j eot „ i ney defined. *HOUBIGANT / W «- ftiha riiifr'iiHCe- uiith special *\>ptt\ for l ix \, ftll j femiN.'Hf > ^nll«. . (rt.Mliy yp/cy /rr<4MH<v . . . S la I«|N tfaf Skin Sm-lirL »].16 il»o *»r,liel rnwdrr -II.V5 p.m. FJ Iday fro plan pnlti ical education pro) ' AM pm*i plw MI 'ii. - v< ^ $S *'%&£# WOODS BIYTHEVIILE'S TELEPHONE SYSTEM HAS GROWN , Short of Money! OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. — Where You Save Twice Lower Prices Easy Terms l f 203 more people have telephones than at the end of the war '««.•• • «*.Tt •-•••••»• BUY IT NEW 8" Electric Fan. Reg. 5.95. Thit week only 10" Electric Fan. 16" Window Fan. Reg. 59.50 Steel Ribbon Lawn Chair Steel Ribbon Glider Chairs Steel Ribbon Glider Settee. Reg. 19.95 32 PC. Platomte Tableware, ass't. pastel colors, ,eryic« for ,ix, 6.95 ya l. 5.95 2-pc. Studio Suite Studio Couch , Platform Rockers Record Cabinet, Reg. 12.95. Now Metal Bed Coil Springs Felt Mattress (Durable Tick) $89.50 up $39.95 up $14.95 up $7.95 . $8.95 $10.50 . $14.95 1948 BUY IT USED 3 PC. Bedroom Suites Chifforobe Dressers Dining Room Suite—excellent finish Utility Dish Cabinet $34.50 up $17.50 $12.95 up . $79.95 . . $16.95 — Ask about our easy terms OSBORNE FURNITURE (0. Values Are Sincere" Telephone 322] East Main T J-0(Uy. 68 pet cent mor« people hav« telephone* in Ih* Blythevill. mrei ih.n hid «trvic« two »nd one-half yeiri a^o. And Inert in niort progreix "head. Although ther« >t. i?.i p,opl« now waiting for Jervict. they n. nO | the **mt peoplt :vnn v Jf ,, waiting «l wjr'n end Tht waiting list )i l9 "turned ovtr" many timtR. with few exceptioni. W«'rt working hard lo provid. »ervii:« for thos* waiting, and we'r. spending $28^,000 j-ioan to extend >nd improve telephont «eivit« in Blythevill*. HOW ir» BKIHC DON! The Jieat increase in telephone ici vice c»n only be provided by two meant: 1 By investing thousand* of dollars for «wiu:h- irijf equipment, r.ablt ind wire, instruments, »nd every other kind of telephone equipment. * By "spreading" ihe service to »el telephone! «ooner for tho«e w»iting. That meann party line service. In RKthtville, r»nttrui:liu« in MiHtrr »» T nn • Ixo.alHry addition in the Irlrfknnc ktiHrfin^. IK m*k« rmira for ihe iimulUtin* of mvr* <ti«l SQUTHWlSTftH • nili-hiiif ei|iii|miriil. Wh^ti ••oimlriK-lioH If r»i» ptrir, plan, mil for ih» «<l<liii«n of onoiigh new Hi«l M|iii|>nmii f«r >|H>IH .>IKI n«;». telephone*. Instilling new equipment »n<l connecting more telephones meaii.i that yon can call more people, and the value of your service is increased. TMKMC't BTILL A KHOHTA6K OF CABLK Despite the pro»r«sj we've made, hundreds of people would still be waiiinj if we had not aiked new residence customers to take parly lint service. The job of adding to the switching equipment has been moving along. But the job of adding to the network of table and wire move* more slowly — because cable, in particular, is still "short." As fast it vw can gel it. we ire putting in new cable, and. of course. w« reuse each piir of wire* whenever it "vacant," to give lervice t» those who «r« w«itinj. M»l the tkorlagr ..I ,-tlilt ti,<t <nkfr r<|»«(imrttt •*e.«nt *e mn'1—for immr time *<* rt>fne~fHrnidV •Imifthl line. <rlep)to«e« f«r tho«e who w*nl ihrn. We're TYorkinj on that righl now, but the big job for the time bein| is to provide lervici for those w>itin|. TtlftHOHf

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