Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on August 2, 1941 · 8
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · 8

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1941
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Mi I. i ' A w vi & PAGE EIGHT i AT IOWA-CITY 'MOVE 0, HEATERS r T" - - 1 George Sanders, Joaa Bennett opens Wednesday at the Strand. Jody Can ova ta "Sis Hopkins, : run at taa Pastime theater. THE PENALTY NOW SHOWING AT VARSITY f -1 . - . Knockout Is Co-eature On Program , The regeneration of a boy rear ad to be almost a savage in the underworld is theme of "The Pen alty," now showing' at the Varsity theater. It is a story of a gang ster's son, starting with his, up bringing among criminals. .Gene Reynolds appears as the boy. Lionel Barrymore plays kindly old farmer between whose love and that of Edward Arnold as the gangster father, the boy is torn. : The romantic. Interest is supplied by 'Marsha Hunt ' and Robert Sterling. ' "Knockout," a story of the prize ring starring' Arthur Kennedy and Olympe Bradna. is the co-feature an the current program. ' Opening next Wednesday at the Varsity theater will be "The Trial of Mary Dugan," with Robert Young and Laralne Day, and "Cyclone on Horseback," starring Tun Holt " 'A GIRL, A GUY, A GOB? AT IOWA 'Play Girl' Co-Feature On New Program Opening a four-day run at the Iowa theater tomorrow will be the double feature program of "A Girl, a Guy and a Gob" and "Play Girl." "A Girl, a Guy and a Gob" tells WHAT SINGLE SUCCESSFUL SHOT WOULD MAKE ANY IIUIITER THE GREATEST HERO i:i THE WORLD TODAY? . See "MAN 'HUNT" rEDrjECDfly in A I . .. a; ;. and Walter Pldgeoa la "Man Bant, , - - ' -: ' ) V" i .a 'n i.r . opening tomorrow lor a four-day the story of how a fast-stepping young secretary makes a real guy out of a stuffy, super-efficient em ployer. - The picture presents Ed mund O'Brien, as the staid busi nessman who Is humanized by his secretary, Lucille Bali, but not without bringing about complies tiotis between the young lady and her . sailor sweetheart,, George Murphy. "Play Girl," In which Kay Fran ds is starred as the adventuress. is a comedy of the pursuit of eligible men by designing women. james nuuson nas the masculine lead and Mildred Coles has a strong supporting cast GABLE AND RUSSELL CO-STAR AT ENGLERT They Met In BombayMs torrent Attraction dark Gable and Rosalind Rus sell are co-starred In They Met In Bombay," now playing at the Eng lert tneater with last times Mon day. Gable and Miss Russell are link ed aa a pair of confidence operators who meet in Bombay, color ful cross-roads of the Far East. with separate designs on a fortune in diamonds. Gable is a soldier of fortune turned opportunist Miss Russell is a chic adventuress moving In smart Circles. ' They clash at the beginning and again when loot comes between AIR CONDITIONED rrnnnm now - - OVER THE WEEK-END SOc to 5:S0 P, M. Dally f SUMMER'S GAYEST MUSICAL ALL IN GORGEOUS TECHNICOLOR! mnww 9 LATEST EDITION OP "DEFORMATION PLEASE Theater ENGLEBT Now, ends Monday, CUric Gable urf Rosmllod Bus-mU la They Met la Bombay," plna Watt Disney "Canine Caddy. Starts Tuesday, Laoreaoe Olivier aad Yrviea JLrl(k la "That Haas-Dtoa Wamaa." : VARSITY Now. cada Tuesday, The Peaalty with XJeael Barry more, Edward Arnold and Gene Reyaolds; ataa "Kaockotit," adta Arthur Kennedy aad Virginia Field.. Starts Wednesday, "Taa Trial of Mary Duraa," with JLaralm Day and Robert Tounr, and "Cyclooa On Horseback," with Tin Holt and Marjorie BeyaoMa." ; IOWA Enda tonight, "The Mad MIu Maatoa and The Rivet's Cad." Starta tomorrow, through Wedaeaday, "A Girl, a Gay and a Gob," with Indue Ball, George Murphy aad Edmnad CBrieo, plna "Flay Girt,' with Kay Frauds aad Jamea ElUsoa. Coming aooa, "Second Cfaoros," "Adam Bad Foot Sobs," aad "Penny Serenade." STRAND Held aver the week-end, Betty Grabla, Daw Aseedw aad Robert Camming la the all-technicolor musical, fMoea Over Miami." Starta Wedneaday,' Joaa Bennett aad Walter PUgeoa la "Maa Bant.'' Coming soon. Jack Beany aa "Charley Aunt" JPASTIME Today only, "Barnyard Fofllra" and la Old Cheyenne." Tomorrow through Wedaeaday, Judy Caaova, Bob Crosby aad Jerry Golonna la "Sis Hopkins," plus Douglas Fairbanks sort Jaaet Xiaynor la "Yeong to Heart' Coming aooa, Joaa Beaaett aad Look Bayward la "Son of Moat Crista," 4'- -; iff 1 1 ifi n m Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell are co-starred for the first time In They Met la Bombay," adventure drama now showing at the Englert theater. - WorkToStartSoonOhNew Ivanhoe Bridge Near Solon SOLON The Ivanhoe bridge across the Cedar river, six miles north of Solon, is to be replaced by a modern, new bridge, to take care of the Increased traffic on Highway 261. Grading is in progress for an approach to a part of the old bridge from the south end, to be used during the time of the construction of the new bridge. The old Ivanhoe, one of the first bridges built in this section, was erected about 1870, according to available records. One article states that Daniel W. Wolfe "operated a ferry until the bridge was built" The article further states that a petition signed by people of Mount Vernon was presented to the city council asking for $5,000 toward the construction of the bridge., In 1876 two spans of the bridge were .taken by Ice, It is pointed out ' ' Tnelibuthwest end of the bridge was rebuilt in 1910 and 1912 with a cement floor. However, a cement floor could not be laid on the part of the bridge over the river as the piers were not heavy enough them, but they are forced to flee together before the police. . ' Lending acting support to the principals are Peter Loire, Jessie Ralph, Edward Ciannelli, Matthew Boulton and Reginald Owen. TO COOL COMFORT m TECHNICOtOai JLV.ECFI EETTY CnA:il pkwttLAf. vtiiiiximiw. (tarks Cr&swMJ'Jsdi l!c!ey Core! lea& Celba V.MJr: IOWA CITY. IOWA. PRESS Calendar to support it . Therefore, a blacktop surface was used. - The bridge is In good condition, but too narrow for the heavy traf fic on No. 261 which will be paved this year from the Johnson county line to Mount Vernon. Thus an old landmark must be razed to meet' the demands ; of present traffic and will be replaced by a bridge of six 160 foot high truss spans 24 feet wide and two 40 foot I beam approach spans 24 feet wide and one four foot by four foot 65 feet long reinforced concrete box culvert The contract is let to the Olson Construction Co. of Waterloo.' The firm is given a year to complete the work. HIT BY POLICE CYCLE"?"' COUNCIL BLUFFS UP Mrs. Bessie Loesch, 46, of Omaha, sus tained back injuries Friday when struck by a motorcycle driven by Policeman Charles I Ryan. , , TODAY ONLY BOY SOGERS, Plus BARNYARD FOLLIES iffis - .STARTS : SUHDAY BOB CIIOSBY CZ) ., ! WOT HS BANS v ,, ,mr j WITH TK BC3CATSV "?S6A - : . V J XOIANO voung 1 - CITIZEN LuclUo Ball Is featored la "A Girl, Gay and a Gob," with George Murphy aad Edmoad O'Brien, opening tomorrow at tke Iowa theater. Edward Arnold and Lionel Barrymore la a scene from The Pen-' alty.T aow showing at the Varsity theater. Former Morningside: Student Ln Canada's Air Corps , Is Rilled 6IOUX CITY UEV-RoUie Buck-olz, 23, former Morningside college student, died ' Wednesday of In juries which resulted from an airplane crash while he was serving with Canadian forces in England, Dr. Earl A. Roadman, Morningside president sold Friday. Doctor Roadman received notice of the death from Buckolz'a uncle. Buckolx enlisted in the Canadian sirforce in June, 1940, - and was the son of . Mr., and Mrs. Dave BuckoU of Wagner, S. D. Wellman Personals Harold Steiner and Harold Weid- leln left Wednesday morning for the harvest fields in Minnesota. They expected to make; Morris, Minn"., their first stop. . Mrs. Mark Schafer visited relatives at Stockton' Sunday. Mr.vand"Mjrtt;XoyaI. Swartxen-druber and sen, Kenneth, are pass ing several weeks in Canada, ' Mrs. : Homer : Turnipseed ' and daughter. ClarabeUe, are in Hazel ton this week, having been called -4 there by the illness of their daughter and sister, Mrs. L, L Proctor, who -underwent an appendectomy Saturday. Isvja Gill's u v3 Brand New Ilits A Brodwy ViUw nns the F. B. I. At mtpssssfol ?ua Is yoai Uckl ItSRSHA ENDS Barbara STANWYCK I CO-HIT: Blngside Romance! I Henry ' FONDA TONITE ANY i TIME i"Vdii ' JfM nr) tnln ihm viua I""" dizzy coin's! . . . A ' i towdy a romonee a you could wish for and then jyou'dbelleval nr. : Analyze Food Served At 4-U Picnic; 1UU Youths Are Stricken BROOKINGS, S. V. UPlChem- . . 1 tm r lata were analyzing remnam food today In an effort to determine of nolsoninx that struck down nearly 100 4-H club youths after a picnic at the souin Stats college irtre inaay. ; ' Miwipiana termed the ailment ptomaine poisoning wd sent 15 of the most serious cases to a hospital. The other victims were cared er in the men's and women's dorm itories on the college campus. None of the youths was regrd,ed as in a critical condition. s ' :U4) r nioaa stricken were among 500 delegates to the 4-H clufr roundup hrid oa the campus here., Their Ill ness developed about two nours after a picnic luncn, wuuuui iw sandwiches with dressing, pow salad, bananas, cookies and mow was served. V:-." .':(', To Close Grounds Of Ordnance Plant Near Ankeny To Visitors DE8 MOINES 05V-Grounds of the Des Moines ordnance ' plant near Ankeny wUl be closed to vis itors beginning Monday. Rudolph Weltz. one of the eeneral contrac tnra for the oroiect saW work would start next week on the 2, 000,000 main administration build ing. Deed Record By Johnson County Abstract Co. V And Security Abstract Co. Georee Baxter Smith and wife to Chester W, Clark and wife Joint ly. W. D. Lot 6 Blk 2 Black's Sub- Div, Iowa Oty, Robert Lucas and wife to James L. Luscombe. W..D. Lot 2 In NE'A SEX Sec 15 East Lucas Twp. Bert E. Manville and wife to Roy Light and wife Jointly. W. D. Lots 133 and 134 Summit Hills, Johnson County. ' Emma Stover single to B Emma and Bessie E. Stover Jointly. W. D. Part Lot 8 Blk 11 RundelL Iowa Citv. Cecil F. :; Daniels and Wife to Lowell L. Kriel and wife Jointly. W. D. Lots 9, 10 and 11 Blk 2 P. 3. Regans 2nd Add Iowa City. Elizabeth 'Morean widow to Samuel L. Hershberger and wife. W. D. Lot 12 Blk 52 East Iowa City. T. N. Justice and wife to Emory W. Lane and wife Jointly. W. Part City. Blk 6 Manville Add, Iowa STADTS TODAY Gre:i:sl Shsn C:rg:!n! HUNT RCHCRT STEKL5N5 Relax In Real Cool Comfort Here? "MAD JUsiS MANTON "KIVEB'S END" trTt WED. (XooJfc ef, I Sailor that I oooklt down 1 1 fiere U oaf ! t cop your flam!) I i L . ' y -sht-t t 3. -' ix rr-rT ....: 1 " I SATURDAY, "AUGUST 2, 1941 CHURCH NEWS Cordville Bible Church Coralvliie -"RttdoZpa 4feMra,'PM(or . 9:45 a. rn. Bible school with classes for all agea 1 , 11 a. m. Worship service. The' theme of the sermon will be "God's Gifts to the Church." 6 p. m.young people's meetinsv 7 p. nu Choir rehearsal. f . 7:3 v. m. Evangelistic servics. The sermon wUl be on the theme, Th Value and Meaning of ennsi a Atonement" There will be special music at this meeting. vnnuv. 6 n. m. A picnic sup-. per will be held at tht home of Mr. and Mrs. Bolen Berry in West Branch. Following this social tuna h. wv. Harold B. Street, dewwa- tlon' secretary of the Sudan Interior Mission, wlU show pictures anu peak of the work in the Anglo-Egyptlan Sudan in Africa. AH ' members and friends are invited to attenU-T:---' t TiiMrtav. T:4S ttv-weearr Bible study and prayer meeting at the church. ; Wednesday. 2:30 p. m. women meeting at the church for prayer and Bible study. ; ; ' Friday. 3:30 p. in. uumrena meeting at the church. - - Friday, S p. m eiwe scuuy- teachers' meeting.- t St. PauC$ Lutheran ',' Chapel ? Jefferson and Gilbert Street ; - Rev. I, C. Wuertfet, Ftutor i - 9:30 su m. Sunday school with Bible classes. 10:30 a." m. Divine service in - which the pastor will speaa an "God's Call to Repentance." The organist will present "Choral Prelude," by Bach: "Theme," by Beethoven, and "Tha Crusaders," by Yolkmann , : Hummer Personals Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benell and Colleen were guests at a fam ily dinner at the Jake Kobe home in Iowa City Sunday honoring urn on his birthday anniversary. , Jess and Minnie Walters passed Sundsy at the parental Andrew Walters home in Iowa City. t Blood Donors There are 2,000 licensed blood donors in New York City. These derive approximately 14,000,000 annually for their services in supplying blood transfusions. DOCKS OPEN 1:15 ENDS MONDAY . ' Together LIKE TN T! aaI Kwnairsya ' c:::::a izzsi t0i 1 v nr"7 wiik PETER LOK&s Km um IEaiNLB tSES MATTHEW ISULTOI ADDED JOY Walt Disney's MICKEY MOUSE ' . 'Canine Lady" THE BOWERY "Novel tUV . . , LATE NEWS STARTING NEXT . TUESDAY O ' Only the Girl Who Flayed SCAB- ' LETT Has Fire Enough loi Portray "THAT HAMILTON WOMAN." Only the hero of , , REBECCA could Hln hert - ; vra LEIGH OLIVIER 5 6 1 ... j D i '- 4

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