Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1928
Page 3
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• ?1, I WE ioLA tfAILY REGISto ^-MQgliAY.ByENINa JANUARY 16, 1928. Kenneth i)rako was called ibis Jiiorulng to the Ijeikide of his MKitlier who is in. the hospital Clianute. llis. Drake Is rei>orted to lie gettinK along nicely, but very liaturally is lonesSoipe rpr some of her family and so Kenneth Went liown to 1 )o with her for a few days. ; --Ddii't fiirset Poll 's pultllc sale Tuesday. .Inn. 17. .TVi miles north • Iron \Vorks o.n Kcntuiky. .Mrs. Charles F. Scott went to AVicliita this mornlnglo attend the meeting ill' the pxe <'uiiyc committee of the Synodical Missionary Society of the I 'rcKl >yterlan church, tilii! was ai'conrpa^hed ,1)y Mrs. A. 11. Kent, of I'leasanton, Ihe troas- nrer of Nco-s-ho Prc.shyterlal. .lolnl mroMng of Ladies' Auxiliary' and American fx-gion Monday niglit, .'; o'<locH. Initimlnn, jirosrani," rcfreshmenls. I.,egib«- ii;iir''s" .wives invited. .1. 1). UrciIANA.N-, i'. V. Fnv lite .si 'vonlh year the-' l\. I'. Aliiniiii As.-iociatiou will lie "on llie air" tin- night of .lannary ;iO. from H( til 11:10! The program, arranged llius far includes addresses by Coventor I'auIeii.,riiani'ellor I..ind- ley. tlve president of the association. Mr. K. n. Rlack. Men's Olco t'lub and other attnictivc niimbers. Moroii W. C, T. r. ProKrum. The Morau \yoman's Christian jTenipcrance Untpn will hold a taeetiiig in tl»e Presbyterian |chureh af Jlorain. at 2 o'clock to- juorrow afternoon, January 17. Tho ifoljowlng persoiis will lakd part jn the prpgrainf The Uev. Mr. Peck, pastor of the Presbyterian cliurtfh;' Mrs. Ida Merril, Mrs. .Mat- taci, Mrs. Nl-liie Swisher and -Mrs. Al>by 'AftOjy. The countv president, Mrs. Bdward Kusscll, will give a talk. Kvoryonc Is invited to I attend. —Kivv iilrnost new I'ndurwood Typewrifers for rtcnt. |:! per month. Williams Typcwi'ltor :Oo. r 1*!ie LaH ^riK! unit of the Women's Karm Hiireau is meeting this [ afternoon at the home o{ Mrs. Will i Mrs. if. H. .€h!Jds, of 850 North. •Sycamore •stife&t; left! on ilio early morning traiii yesterday for Coylc, Oklahoma, called by the serious illness of her father, William McGuire. Her daughUr, .Mrs. Robert Hale, of "TopeKa, came yesterday to stay_iii the home during i her absence. i Nofire br Annual MeetlRi;. —The 'annual; meeting of the stockhol,der.s of the "Security Bnilil- ifig & \joan Association" of lola, Kansas, jwill iie held at its office in the City of Ipla. Allen County. Kansas, 'Mouilay, January 30, 192S; at 3:00 P. M. for the election of directors for tht^ ensuing year, and for tho transactlpn of such other business as njay proiijerly come before the meeting. HORACE L MIIJ.ER, .! Secretary. Leo Oaigh has moved hi.i family to Ottawa where hu is employed l)y tho Curby CandyjCJompany. He was with the Howarfl Candy Shop hero for somo time. (Coottniieii from Page "i) - Dfui't forget P<it( '« public Hale Wood in KaHarpe l<> cieiM officers'Tuosda.v. Jan. 17, ri'i miles north and I(ia (kTB for l»2jS. i Iron Works on Kentucky. - Wanled to JUiy: 1(1 Re;iiKti«l-. <f.|<'r, IS. * • « » 4- * t- * * * d • * I K- «I\TFK sriT.S ,\reil Hir help of frei|iniit rlo;u.uiiK aiid.*iire.ssinK. It insures loiipcr v.-oar. Able>ion Cleaners Phone inr) ("opy of X D V J ilritiK iir phone itei;- A. W. Yoniig. reioiilly aiipoiiijl- Pd coiility engineer, as.sumeil lijs new diilicK at tlio court house l<i- da.v. Mildred Ciillis. .M. I). Ccn'r Medi'-ine. (iflirr over Cook's Drii Store. I'.-'v or hlKlii phone .'i .'il. The; mass meeling (o be ail- dressed by Engineer .McDonnell u on the subject of an improvenicjil in lola's water snipply has been de initcly scheduled for Memorial Iiajll in the evening of January Sfi. It a meeting whitih should '^ittend. every tax-pay<^r -Mrs. Waller Nc^*'man. who has been visiting since (Christmas with Mr. and .Mrs. Ceorgc Odor at tho Oiior (ireenhouse, left Saturilay for lier home iu Higginsville, Mo. — Dr. 0. K. Pendarvis. Peniist. Ofl. over Globe. Plio. asi; Kes.111'3. .Mr^'.'l>. h'. .Moore has returned frjiin a lhn''> mnnllis visit in Wisconsin where; <lie visileil a si.ster .ind otlier reliiUves. —If you want to luiy or build, city or auburbai< properly. The lolii Building & Loan Association will make you a loaii, low inlere.'^t rate, no coniinlsaion. Sec G. K. Pecs Scretary, at old Ke^ister building southv.'cst corner of square. W.W, F. CKKW Phy.'iJ(?ljin niid .Surgeon • Kye Kar. Nose and Throat Glasses Fitted 2',(. S. Washington, Tola Office phone 829: Res. ll .in M IS. K. X. .Montgomery. <tt 2ol North- CJie-stnut .street, who has been, iil scleral rtay.s of itiinbagc in imiyoving. < Mr. ami ij;tvi- been •Mr.^. J. in .\cw I'.. Kirk, who York City for i I -Wutited to ftny: Copy of Nov. -Call, phone or write us for our 1" Register. Ilrin^ or phone Keg- 1928 .Memorandum Calendar. Shan- i^ter'. IS. non 's Hardware. til"- past tlin -e wel-ksi came iio'iii l<;day. in at - Parly eulliiig Snni. Malconi •honn.' Saturday resarding a fouii;i pocketlicoh please call the Register or M: I;» W . Mr.-. C. D. Alalcom. ' Mr. and .Mrs. K. Van Hynirig of the Kelley theater. .Mr. and .Mrs. Lee Ileltitk of Colouy.and .Mr. and Mrs. K (l Bin oi'Ottawa motored to Indeiieiideni-e and CoffeyviUe ycs- lewiay. .Mr. Van Myiiiiig went 'tliere for ilie jnir]iose of lookini^ over new theaters with hope of getting Id^-as tu ii.s4- in the pos- silil"' niiiiKlclliii; 111' liis ilieat(!r. Floyd Paller.soii, of Queuemo, Kansas, was the guest "of friends ill lola over the 'week-end. li. P. n. K. Social Club ' Card Party Thursday. Jatiiiary I'j at Club' Rotmis. Phone Vr.<. S. A. rtixby. or .Mrs. I". I/. Diiiton. 61. , ' Pli';i..;». cjdl iiromptl.v. Cards at S o'llorl; s-h.'irp. M I.Roller!. 'rnnnbolfl iiiider- wini an <ipfr;itioii lor removal of lie'r loiisils at SI. Jolin 's JKispilal yl'.sKjrifay. • -Don 't fiirj;*'! I 'otl 's public siilc Tuesday, .Ian. IT. miles nortli Iron Works on JCi -nlucky. "I sec lliatiny old friend Abe Townscnd say.'; no ivliilc man or Indian ever •-aw the .N'cosho slop running." remarked Judge W. If,. Rarlels this morning, "but I am obliged to say he is mistaken. Tliere were Iliree uiontiis during the year ISHO. diniiiK the (-piiliniia- lion (if the great drouib of l,Sr.;». when not a tlrup if walqr pas«ed over the riftles. I was here and h ;)w it. .More Diaii that I helped a surveyor lalii' levels down near wli.ii is now the F .vaiis farm during .that s\iinnier. and the levels showed tbai -the siirfai -c ol the water ill til- ICb -aver pond AVas four feet below the level of tlSc riffle. There wei<' si ill big ponds In thb liVer. but til-'' river certainly was not running. Imidentally." continued the Jr.dne as .• lie turned away, "sixty-three years afio today • J was nnislerefi out of the Uiiftod States jservice." The Civil W«r is gelling to be liistyry sure .enough. .M I;. William Harris, who became county agent last June of the Slate Farm .Mutual Insurance qoiupany handled through ; the State Farm Rnrcaii. did so well that at the end of tlie year .\lleii stood .second only among all the counties of the stale in the amount of business writttii The niana^-nieut wa.s .so well pleased with .Mr. Ha'riss work that they matle him district manager tor. Northrup BIdg. Phone 326. and placdd liiiii in charge of six —« ' counties of the State. For a boy | .Mr. iW. IC. Ireland, a substantial not yet twenty years of age ihis is; ranchman of 'Wooih^on county.' was doing very well Indeed and all the: a business visitor in loljf toda.v. ftleifds of .Mr. Harris cougratiiluted I-Mr. Ireland sc^vcti his county In —"Van's Bread."; good as ever. Mr. and .Mrs. J. ('. Giike-son went to Chauutc on ihC iioou train on business. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiroprac- rhrisllan Church Attendance was good throughout the day ycsterdpy at the First Cbrlstian church. The sermon at the morning hour was "Prohibition and Education." and at the evening hour. '^Thc Cilies bt Refuge," both preached by the'Rev. J. Lqc Relcford. The meaning of each of the cities were explained .showing what each stood for in relationship to the Christ. ' . \'The union prayer meeting will be hold this week at the Presbyterian t;hurch with I r. J. H. Sowerby in charge. The southwest division of the I^adles' Aid society will ineut with Mrs. 0. E. Craven, TO."; South Washington avenue, Thursday aftcriioon. The northeast division will meet at the home of .Mrs. J. E. Elliplt. 524 East Jackson, and the southeast division will meet at the home of Mrs. Jones, 4(11 South Buckeye. The northwest division will ineot Hi Ihe home of Mrs. Morris. The Men's Hrotherliood class will have a got-logclher meeting Thursday evening lit the church. Every man is uria-d to be present. Tlie fii>1 non-siop Iraiis.Vllantitr flight, Wiiif aiMiniiilislied in a Virk- erfc-Viiny bonilier by two Urilisli fliers. Capt. John Alrork and Llcur. 'Arthur Urowii. the dislan'e of nearly 19(ii> miles from St. John's. .Newfoiiniliand,. to Clifden. on tlio west coast of Irelanii, being covered in .'.ixlren hours and Iwolvo minutes, on Jnno 14-1.^. 1919. him iiptm his promotion. (ard of Thanks. . -Wc wish to thank I In? many rilends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy dui'ing the sad aicldent and deatli of our darl- :!ie legislature tor four consecu- livc lernis, making all iptccllejit record; aii a level-hcailed find useful legislator. His- Woodsoii county friends are urging hinj to be- com--' a Ciindidate for 'lh<? iState ^enate fjom the district <!om|rris InK wife and danRlitcr.-Mr.s. .Mary • ing Alleji and Woodson counties, Dowell: also for Ihe beautiful i believing Piles Now Cured Without Surgery — Ever.v sufferer from piles or othcr'reetal trouble;! should write for a new fi.S-page book on these ailments that is being ilistributed free and jiostpaid by Dr. O. A. Johnson, eminent Rectal Specialist aiid .Ambulant It explains the new ambulant method that has. ciired more than Ij.flOO sufferers from piles without surgery, cantet'y, burning, acids, ligature, oleclricity or other harsh, painful means. Vet tho piles arc ! removed and cured cleanly, ••ntirely j and permanentfy. Ailments^ like • nervousness, irritability, pain in! the back, groin, head: stomach.. I liver and kidney troubles: const'ipa- j lion, run-down condition, female complaints and a host of others j that rectal troubles so often cause,! are usually cured, too, when the piles are <'ured. Vo« matter how long you have suffered or how severe your condition, be sure to write Dr. O. A. Johnson. RiKim 112, 1324 .Main St.. Kansas City. Mo... and this valuable book will bo sent you without cost oi'obligation. that he has earjied promotion, ind remembering that it eight years since Wood- . y had a representative In i AVOID UGLYf IHPLES A pimply face will ncA embarrass you much longer if you set a package 6f Df. Edtn-ards* Olive Tablets. TTie skin should begin to dear after yoii have taken the tablets a few pjgjits. ' Cleanse the blood, bowds and liror with Dr. Edwards' 01i\-e Tablets, the successful substituteforca^omd; th^'s no sickness or pain after taking them.. Dr. Ed«a^ Olive Tablets do th^t which calomel does, and just as effec- tiwly, but their action is ^tle and safe ins^ea^pf severe and irritating. . No one voio takcss Olive Tabletejis evercursed'^'ith a "darii brofrri tastei" ahad breath, a dull,listless, "no gooji" feeling constipation, toipid lim, bjad •KspositraiM-puiydyface. j Jliv iTalwtsare a purely vegetable compo md mixed with olive oil; Imow them oy their olive color. Dr. Edwards epeat yeaxs amoagii^* dents aflaicted with fiver and bowel complaints and Olive Tablets are the mjmeiisdyeffectivfe result. Takenightly for a wedc. See how mudi better yba Jed an^ look. I5c 30c Wc. f.'iiweis. We also gratefully thank .Mr. CrcMsy for kindness in charily I lias been vv -iirk in ohtaiiiiiiK a siini which son coun lielpe<l pay exjiens .es and for the > tlie upper of the legislature. | five little motherless rhildren. -, It is und(>rstood that .Mr. Ireland is ( Hattie Coyk. mother; Hi'lrber! i iiKlined to consider the proposition | Dowell, bu .'fbe .iid: J. Cook, step- favoraUlv and .that he probably' fatheri; Louis W. Holder, brother. I will annt unce his candldatiy when ' — {tho time Iconics. .Mr. I Albert Pcter.-on. advance man for Hilly Sunday, the evcnge- list. is'in-lola today making'pre- 1 iiniinary arrangements for the scr- j ies of union evangelistic mcelings | Doctor Sunday is sclie<lHled to hold i here lieginning alioiit the '2."ith of; .March. .Mr. Peter.son met wiMi the' , ~ . ,,. , , pastors of ihe <ity ai tiiiir rogu-' ^""'f'"' T^'"-^*!''?. ««'«Ine>'«lny and E LITE lar weekly meeting Ibis forenoon, ami at onc-tbirly he iuf>( with the (committee of laymen which has 'been aiipointed to conduct the business of (lie caini'r.iiBn. jirovid- ing a tabernacle and'all tlial. This evening at 7::{u al tin- Presbyter-' ian cliurcli there will be a massli meeting to wlii<'h all who aro in-li terested in tlie aiijiroa'ching meet- | ings are in|'ited an<i which it is • siK-ciall.v desired should be attended by all the- committees from Ihe ; various churciies. .Air. Teter .ion ' reports that •U<><,'tor Sunday's ineet- ingii now under way in St. I.,oiiisl are very siic-ces.sful. crowds of| many thoiisiind-s being in aiteiid-i! ance every evening. ! Thursday .^altiioe lOc-SOc; Mglil t |<N-.:i.'ic Bemovin0 the cause Of Ccmstlpaticxn sas. "'^ijirki teJS -Li; lUrg njilTOj to lin |iT.«». Second; .iiUm.iUU •ijor dlgnU'in ami ti ^.ffal rexn- wr takins i'hirobwIain'B - l»:fnr a WM- I C. Ttirt arouw ' .J O O or 253 porkot »t Twif dnufUt. rnt freo Min -W To Cure a Cotii in jBromd Hie First and Original Cold and Grip Tablet Provon Safo for mcire tlian a Quarter of > Cantmy as on effectiva remedy for OaaS. GRIP. INFLUQIZA and i Prayratnre. FiicaSOc. Tho box bean tlib iliinatnte ^Proven Merit,sirti LOVB THRILLS SIGHS- LOTS OF LAUGHTER KATHl UMTCO Akmrt PICTURE Comedy, "In and Out" Ac^p's Fables and Topics oftheDay^ JCMvG) "whof ta»ing» are grcotMt" .South Side Square, lolii, Kan We Feature New Needed WHITE GOODS 1—A Jaxaury Treat I loTcstigate i for yourself and SAVE! "Belle We" A Fine Muslin Our own trademark — which we are proud to offer to you. Ideal for hundred* of hbuseholff uses. 39 inches wide uhbleachcd and 36 in. wide bleached. So low- priced, yird' "Honor" Brand Dependable Moslin Housewives all over .the' country know the good qtiaU ities which make our oivn (Honor muslin famous 1 jBIeachcd 36 inches wide and unbleached 39 inches. Only,' •yard 15c This Is White Goods Week at th? Penney Store. 27 l^ears of Successful lola PAGE 9 a. m. Welcome Visitors to the Southeast Kansas Corti arid Poultry Show While ih the city n:ake this .store your headquarters. ;Qur many convenienices are at your service. and DRfyyC/ Marvelous Values in Advani^ Styles In a Celebrated Anntmi ^vent Hundred.s of smart Coatt^ and presses offered tomor- i -ow at notable price concessions in our most im^rtant clearance of the year! Lavish fiir trimmings of suii^r- ior quality, beautiful fabrics! FVocks.of distinsruished beauty, sparkling newness and .style! . "Wiere are many other models just as charming as those illustrated. COATS All Late 1927 .Models. 169.75 Coats reduced to— $46.75 ?59.75 Coats reduced to— $39.75 ^'i' Coats reduced to— $26,75 $32;50 Coats reduced to— $22.50 5^0.75 Cout .s reduced to— $19.75 is^.M.Cwln reduced to— $16.50. J13.7.'. Coat.s reduced to $12.75 KKMAKKABLK SAVI.MiS 0.\ FIR <OAT.S 00.00 value luxurious Fur Coa,ls reduceil to— $150.00 $1C9.00 Coats reduced to— $126.75 $I50;60 Coats reduced tOp- $112.50 $89.00 Coals reduced to— $66.75 $79.00 Coats reduced to — $59.75. Jaiiuary Ciearaoct of Here Are 3 Oi# Wonderful Coat Values! Only o cufTs. i] Tiic last of the lot cut to the quick for Clearance. Two oiily, l)oau(iful needle point coats, black with iiuinc gray'si|iiirrel collars and cuffs. (&QC AA >gularly priced SI 1.5.00. on .Sale ^t' U>O0'»llU le. red necrjlc point with black fox fur collar ^nd cgiilarly priced at SJ 00.00 K^OQ 'TK .faniiai'lj- Clearance price .'TltP^*/. I O ' You wilt be lucky if one of these coats fit you. Thei^c are 8 only, regular .?49.50 coats plain and fur ix'm. Some-novelty sport plaids among rt PA' them, remarked for January sale ._vAAl DU Janpary Clearance of Munsing : Underwear Large sixx'sonly in. this group of^silk and wool union; suits, made with Dutch neck, elbow .slecve.s, ankle ; liength, regularly priced at $5.50. -Rer (^-t QfT- priced for Janua6' Clearance, suit ^Ls^UO Munsing Art Wool Uniohsuits for wom^n (^-| i^egularly priced ?5.50. January Clearance«l)i»»/«J One table of women's unionsuits in, heavy, medium . and light weight garments, regular ; /\A $4.50 vainesi on sale each tpAkl/U Super Specials • i (Limited Quantities) Rayon Steir)-ins and Vests in peach, flesh and .Nile. : Regularly priced at $1.00. Re-priced , CQ^ for January'Clearance tJUK, Reduced for the first tiine, 25 only, -= Modart Front Lace Corsets and Wrap-around models. Afewmatem-I ; ity models included, all in brocaded flesh (g-j AC coutil. $6.5.0 and $7.50 corsets at _._ «pX ««/eJ' Six only Better Di;€ss- esf regularly priced- atj $19.75, $29.75 up' tb $39.75, consisting of <rery chic models of Caoton Crepe, Silk with V^vet trimmings. All late ipod- els, priced for clearance as; low as $10 and up to I $25.00. Three only, new winter dresses in sizesj 16, 18^ and 38. Regufsrly j)riccd at $35.00. January Clearance Sale price $17.50 Four only. Satin Ctiepe Di'esses in black,-regularly priced at $19.75; re- pr^bdfor this sale at $10.00; Three only, black Sht- iu dresses, most rMn»r |k- able dress values^, regularly priced at $29.75^ rie- priccd for January Cieaif- ance at $15.00 Wash Drei$e^ Lingerie, et; Broken assortments, radically retluced. $2.00 va ues in Bungalow House Bijess^ of fast colored pri ited Zephyrs and Charmeysiettes, quantity is , t A limited. January Cieatlshce price 1., «DAii^r^. $1.00 values in Wi^nibre dresses. These dres-ses need, no introduction t<^ lola women. The QK^ •luality shines in every jlihev Sale price 0«J (L Nelly-Don Handy.Da^dy Aprons of plain fiPCV* and figured black Sat|i^; on sale at OtJC "."' • ' • i.y' • ' ^———:—• liook For the Special Bargain Table tomorrow For the Most E]ttra.di|dtnary Values. On U you will find One lot of SJip-ovi^ ISweatens, all wool. $5.95 values at $2.95,; in beautiful color .effects and novelty cheeks. O.fle lot of $2.jl5 vajujB, all wool .scarf s. reduced to 75c. Oirie lot of npveftyjwfeaves in all wool Scarfs,, $3.50 values reduced to $1.^^5p. Cijild's two-piece Cap and Scarf sct.s regularly priced at $2.95. on sal^ at 95c set. One lot, 7 only; -Jack Tar Middies, pongcn color, reg- ularty pricied at $2.55, jremarked for Clearance at $1.95. One lot, 8 only, 'Bekt^h-cloth Middies, pongee and khaki cQlors, |-e^uiarly psiced at $1.95, on sale at 50c. Oiie. only, brushed wool Sweater, regularly priced al; $7.50, on sale at $3.9-^. Two only, Japaine^e jsilk Carriage Robes, Copenhagen i blue, tan trim,; $4.50 value at $3.50. , Only one, infants* silk robe, slightly soiled, regu- . larly priced at $3.95,' on sale at $1.00. Oiie only, white Bunting Robe of wool Eiderdown, regqiarly pricsid at $4.50, on sale at $2.95. One assortment o% ibfant's wool Sweaters, $2.50 and ' $2.95 value's, oil sale^ai $1.25. $^.50;vailufis on sale-at $2.95. Six opiy. Children's Wool Sweatees, regularly priced at $||.5(), on sale at $r.aO.' One lot of infant's hand made Gertrudes^ with hand drawi work and la® trim, of beautiful Sea Island: Nainsook, slightly i^iissed, regularly priced at $3.50,. on jj ^le at $1.50 eacU..

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