The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 3, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1894
Page 4
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w^:^ ^ What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. MISLEADING FOLLY. Jadlc Chollet on Trying to Stake Something Out of Nothing. It Is to bo hopod that wo shall soon pass fceyond tho stage of reading nnd'attempt tag to follow directions how to convert a •flabby parlor—for such advice Is usually Intended for suburban and country rest •ants—Inton beautiful and artistic one by •tenus of Botno old barrels, a scant nioas •re of denim, some turhpy red cotton anc •nllmltcd straw and tacks. Securely protected by the Insulating medium of tho press, the household writer revels In descriptions of this costless luxury. Even , when she preserves a fairly decent front to directions for the remodeling of the *own stairs region, once among the bedrooms she flings all restraints to the wind •nd surfeits herself on castoff fruit tins, dry goods cases, soap boxes and pink glazed •ambric at 4 cents per yard. Out of these materials she creates, on paper, furniture far an exquisite sleeping apartment, which •Beds only the addition of a burlap rug or two and some advertisement pictures framed In julep straws to be artistically •nmplete. It would be Interesting to know on psychical grounds If the person Who Is guilty of promulatlng such mls- WALL POCKET. hading folly Bleeps well o' nights. In poetical justice she should bo tormented lya perpetual nightmare In which she attempts to follow her own advice. The kay padded box that she declares so perfect a substitute for the usual couch with springs and huir cushions should bo her «nly resting place, and sho should bo compelled to continually regard her favorite article of bric-a-brac—a pickle bottle adorned with gilt paper and scrap pictures. When u housekeeper has artistic yearnings and no means of gratifying thorn, sho is In just tho position to bo led astray by fallacious directions for making something •nt of nothing, but "nothing comes of nothing" and woraj than nothing from too something which consists of a scant allowance of colored cam brio and unlimited decorative ambition. The whitewashed walls and bare floor of a convent cell are more artistio and therefore more pleasing to the eye than cheap frippery, for there is no pretense about them and therefore BO failure. If only $1 or If3 can bo afforded for refitting a room, let it be spent on fresh paint for tho woodwork or tho fnr- Biture or a pair of good muslin curtains, which will be a real addition to tho attractiveness of tho apartment. A sketch is given of a wall pocket made •f white or ecru linen and embroidered In •rose stitch, with red and blue crewels. A act of flannel leaves is added at the bottom to hold needles and pins. Eucli pocket to bound with braid across tho top before feeing sewed to tho buck, and tho entire article is similarly bound around tho edge. JUDIO CHOLLET. TIMELY FASHION HINTS. At the_left is a summer gown of white organdie with a polonaise of black ohan- olly for chilly weather at the seashore. In the center is a black striped grenadine over silk, out en princesse. There are velvet bows and jot buckles all down the front. On the right is a walking costume of slate peau ae Boie with leg o' mutton sleeves. The skirt is quite flaring and is stiffened by horsehair linings. MORAL HUMBUGS. Cheap and Showy Goodness Worn to Give a False Impression. Fortunately moral humbug Is going out •f stylo—that is, it is not so universal as it once was, By moral humbug Is meant *ot saintly ulrs assumed to cover somo •rave delinquency, but tho cheap, showy goodness that Is put on to give the impression of unusual general virtue, such virtue as was tho pride of Mr. Anstey's "Good Little Girl." Wo can every one of •g, no doubt, by reflecting, recall on tho one hand u person of this description as full of excellent sentiment* as the brother •f Charles Surface, who loses no opportunity of waking goody-goody obsorvav MOlltK AND TAFKUTA COSTUME. Hont, pointing a moral or adorning »tale, whtlu in practical multure calling for tho •fgeroUo of ouinnum honor mid unsoltlck trieudbhip sho iu not to bo counted <m for H jiiuinuiit-. On tho oilier hand, wo cim n<- peniburuijuully \\M somebody whom- 'u.s •o loud or jiwslHtuut prolusions, lull v. im jtottdn u truly oonijuloiitluus llfu wHIiu .>. UuxoiilDK It to thu world, to whom 1110- I il>H<fi»Uous«i'OHOiiiu<j|ia part of hor buii><< tbutyho thinks of gpuaklug of them > >' *ho »»uukj of uruuUtUig, UIR| who in time of trouble Is a city of refuge .nd a rock of defense. This seems and is outside of tho'depth f fashion, which Is a pretty ripple that ilays on tho surface of life, but as this part f tho paper is for women a little ranging oyond the immediate subject may be al- owed now and then, especially if It is nade up for by tho appearance of an at- ractive picture. In the sketch given the ower ikirt and tho vest are of rose colored noire and tho rest of the gown of hazel rown taffeta. The bolero and collar an tubroidored with steel and gold beads, / JUDIC CHOLLET. SHOPPiNG COSTUMES. lain Attire Often Receive* the Contempt of Silly Clerk*. It has been often said that a woman hould wear her plainest and least preten- lous clothing when she goes shopping. Certainly natural sense and good taste pould indicate such attire as the most ap- ropriato and therefore the best, but prac- ical experience leads one to believe that cr best bib and tucker are the only wear or tho woman who goes forth purchasing nd to purchase. Plainly and quietly ressed, sho Is an object of contempt to tho alespeople. As a rule, she has difficulty n 'finding anybody to wait upon her, and vhen found the sales person assumes an verbearing, even belligerent, air and akos no pains to supply the wants of the lodestly attired customer. Sales men and omen are alike prone to slight tho plain- y dressed woman and favor tho one who ears silk and diamonds. This condition f things may seem a trifle to a man, who, ot having experienced it himself, does not know all the small practical annoyances it implies. Almost every woman fully ap- MOIHE GOWN. predate* the spirit that prevails behind the counters of the majority of shops, however, and is beginning to think that tho Indulgence of good tasto at Mio cost of time, patience, vexation of mind and liability to impertinence Is too expensive a luxury. Sho reluctantly puts on her frills and furbelows when she goes on u shopping expedition in order to soouro the ordinary politeness and professional attention of the porsonH whoso business it Is to show goods and to whoso courtesy all customers are entitled, whether they wear tullco or velvet. If there IB uny woman whoso experience has been BO limited that H!IU ban not already proved tho truth of these statements, let hor go shopping one day In a plain, Inconspicuous gown, and again the next day in one of obtrusively fashionable out, color and trimming, and she will ascertain at once whether good tiwto always pays In anything except u curtain placidity of mind. It la satisfactory Intellectually to follow one's natural promptings In regard to tho abstract fltiioss of things, but tho practical result of Buoh a course Is gome- tlmes failure. The costume illustrated la of nickel gray moire, It 1ms a jrfuln skirt and a round bodice, the latter being covered with jutted tulle, which is gathered under u jot yoke. Tho black satin belt lias long floating mils at the left side. The iiiolro bleovo* Imvu a puff from shoulder to elbow and (hence are plain to Ihs wrist. JUUJC ClIOLUtT. MEN AND WOMEN. Jiullu Cltollet Show* Tliut Tlwjr Ar» Abort the Suuic, Altur All, If everybody reads as ho runs In thoae rapid tlnu'H, lliii ^cniiral public must do- rive a great ileul of quint amusement out of thu propuiiHity of it n inn bur uf nowapa- per writers—thuy probably call tliuniKolvcs journallKU—to regard men and women us entire oppoultou In all respects. Not satis- lied with refusing to admit that thu two Boxes have any ideas, ambitions or tauten in common, Hiiuh u writer ilollghU to con- trust them in tho very mlnutlu) of dully life and provo them so far asunder Uy nature that one wonders that they ute classed us belonging to the hiimo Bpoclos. Onu ! boeker lifter truth has dUuovurod that in 1 washing the 1'uco u man always rubs up, while u woman rubs down; u vcooitd un- nouueeo that u woman blia.kos u match in order to extinguish It, while a man blows It out; a keen analyst has OS- TEA JACKET. certaincd that a woman is proud to appear In a now hat, while a man is ashamed to wear one, and another person assures us that a woman always walks over a muddy crossing on her heels, while a man goes on bis toes, and so on ad inflnitum. This is mildly funny, or was before it became monotonous. The matter is too trifling to merit tho notice of a contradiction. If it were worth tho observer's attention, ho might, by looking about him, see a man crossing a muddy spot on his heels and a woman blowing out a match. If ho hid behind tho door, ho might even see hor scratch one on hor shoe solo, and if ho learned mind reading he might find that when she tries to hammer 'a nail and strikes her thumb instead she thinks just about tho same thing that a man says in similar circumstances. Men and women are, on tho whole, very much alike, and tho comparison of them as utterly opposite typos is more superficiality. The tea jaokct shown in tho sketch Is of light tan colored muslin with white embroidered dots. It is trimmed with coffee colored lace and insertion, mingled with pink ribbon. Tho garment is also lined throughout with pink. Tho front, which has an immense square collar, opens to tho waist, showing a vest trimmed with horizontal bands of insertion, Tho waist la encircled by a ribbon belt fastened with a bow, while tho sleeves are very full and loose. JUDIC CHOLLET. JUDIC CHOLLET ON FOOD. She Speak* a Good Word Fur the Bnbnit Onion. Mr. Walter Bcsant, who has a great deal to say upon all subjects in those days, is particularly prompt In giving his opinions and advice whore women are concerned. Not wearied In the well doing of finally settling tho question as to tho boundaries of their social, intellectual and political spheres, ho is considerate enough to take thought for them in hygienic and toilet matters, which is certainly very kind of him when his attention is demanded by so many affairs of national and even worldwide Importance. During his visit to America ho was particularly struck by our fondness for the onion. It may bo inferred that ho was equally struck by our beauty, since on his return ho hastened to advise, through tho medium of the public print, every plain English girl to eat WII1TK BUIIUK UOWN. onions, alleging that to them are owing thu health and beauty of the American women. Mr. Htumnt must liuvu gone- to somo ourlous and little known purls of America, slnuu in tho pluuus ho visited "sumo of thu host iHXiplu, particularly In literary ami academic ulrolcu, are not at homo to lliulr most intimate friends on Buiuluy. They devote thai day to thu It Is to bo hoped that every well fcrffl American woman is cosmopolitan enoug) to be able to eat any kind of food that f* respectably cooked and that does not con gtitutionally disagree With her, whether 1 bo onions, caviare, cabbage, pumpernickel frogs, olive oil or garlic. There Is no surer Indication of tho provincial mind than baseless prejudlfto in tho matter of eating. It is rather surprising, however, to see the onion elevated to the position of our national dish, for it hue always seoinod to belong more especially to Spain. How- over, it is on excellent vegetable, whethel cooked or raw, and eminently wholesome. A sketch is given of a Hodfein gown ol white serge. The revere and sash are ol pale blue silk, and blue anchors are embroidered in ellk on the yoke and sash ends. JUDIC CHOLLET. f HE"FADDIST. Women Who Know a> Little of Everything and Much of Nothing. The word "fad" has somewhat altered In Its signification of late years. Formerly It was used to express some especial tnsto or bent of tho mind, permanent and characteristic-. Now It means only a transitory following of some soleutiflo, social Brother wlll-o'-the-wlsp, tho pursuit being taken up from a, mere desire for new th .1 and dropped for the same reason. A hobby, provided it Is a fairly rr ' >1 one, is an excellent possession and • -i tho owner over many a dull reach in 's journey, but a succession of fads, !•• .or amusing they may be for the nv < are so superficial Chat they are ol .^al ad vantage t« PIUNCESB COSTUME. he one who indulges in them and are rather nonplusing, If the word may be used, to hor friends. You meet a young woman whom you think you know very well, and sho tolls you in a weighty manner that makes you feel your own frivolity hat she has been attending a series of medical and anatomical lectures, and has oncluded to become a physician. Seeing ler again somo time after, you inquire low sho is progressing in her medical tudles, and she looks blankly at you and ells you in a surprised tone that she Is working at art and thinks of studying abroad next year. Later on you observe or In tho preliminary stages of journal- sin, socialism, literature, slumming, sekeopiiiK on the scientific plan, as- ronomy, kindcrgnrtcniiig, needlework nd any other professions that happen to o going. At one time sho divests her pertinent of everything except tho storn- st necessities because biology has bid her ewuro of microbes. A sketch is given of a princess gown of hangcablo tufl'cta, suede and blue. It is rimmed with brctellesand straps of suede atin fastened with steel buckles. Junic CHOLLET. GLADSTONE WRITES HIS REPLY. iiBWvrn tlio Invitation lo Visit America In BIN Own Hnmlwrltlnir. LONDON, An«. 2.— The letter of Mr, lladstone in reply to the second invita- on o' ),20U representative Americans to ie ox-premier to pay n visit to the htited Status MUM written throughout y Mr. OHuustouo, and is in rather tiaky, irregular handwriting, but is airly legible, only the signature being lurrod. The latter is scrawling and iu most respects wholly devoid of the ormer characteristic neatness of Mr. Gladstone's signature, It is as follows: DOLUS HILL, July tiO. GENTLEMEN:— I am alike impressed with lie gratifying nature of the Invitation ou huvu been good enough to address to ne. While I am sensible of strong rea- ons which would make a visit to your reat country an object of just and warm eslre, I have for some time felt that my dvancing years have placed un obstacle n its way such as 1 could hardly hope to urinount. The surgical treatment on my eye for uataract, which be^an recently with the Html operation, will not be concluded for early two months, and until that treat- eut uliiill have reached its conclusion— n about that time, I hope— I will not bo bio to look with confidence to u date for ie restoration of practical uud useful islon. Under those circumstances, now- ver sanguine as to thu eventual issue I may foul, I urn incapacitated from coil- raction of prospective engagements and am sure that you and thu many dlstin- ulshuii guiitlumon who joined you will uol with me that this is thu only reply I can mako to your proposal. 1 be« you to ccept and convey to them the assurance f my grateful thanks and unalterable uterest |u your country, Uuliuvu me most faithfully yours, W. 10, GLADSTONE. To this letter, Colonel Couruiu replied. [o said, in part: "The inritatlou had a Inception in lluroh, wheu it was un- urutood thut you were iu excellent eulth and wero contemplating to travel or recreation, Unou hearing of tho liu- xiirmciit of your sight, tho invitation was not Btml until it was reported you o outirely rucovoral from tho recent neratiou, 1 trust the uenUiueut of all ho joined iu thu invitatiou iu oxpruss- UK rugrot at your decision, as woll tu iu occasion for it." Whnn David mot lotth lo combat with the- RlAnt Goliath he Was tlHIeawnre thutlnatutnre finy and ecnerotlon, bM Mplolt would furnls a* Illustration of the merits ol Dr, Pit-roe' Pleaeant Pellets But giant disorders will ofte sn*cumb to these little "PeHeti,"which can «n do remove the source of dlnemes. Constipation nti tuncllve liver and Impaired digestion wl prow Into serious maladies If not conquered I tlieit earllM stages. The "Pellets" will cur disordered liver, nick heHdaohe, dj>ipepila,pil< constipation and Its accompanying Ills. K. H. Glenn, John Williams and Johl JETolton were arrested at Whiting, Ind. for contempt of court in declaring th itrlkenot off. COLUUUIA, H. U,, Aug. y. — Thu dlspen- »Ui'ieH opened ugniu Wudiu'tJuy lurougli- ut thu slutu. No trouble huu bouu ru- x>rto'l, There is u tuult uiiUurstuiidiug iut tiovunrjr Tilliiiuu will give thu lii -I'lV' ill which t<i dispose. ( tutu ulocu.j. U u uuJj. jv-ju.i diut bo ill after tlmt tinio notify thuiu thuy absolutely quit When lovely woman overworks, And finds too lute her health tlvel war, wh..t rbarm can soothe her melancholy art can take the imtn amir? One of the.gftddest cases a physician meets, I tn«t of a me sweet, modest womiin, who I striving tr mnke hernomollfnhappy, has over taxed her delicate constitution, until her health Is BO com|iirtelr broken down, that her very mo ment In misery. Natnral feelings of dellcac prompt he to deter consulting a phvslclai until the n nst serious remits have ensuc'd. Dr Plerce'i Favorite Proscription removes th neccesBlty of any embarrassing consultatlnn with n physician. Dr. Pierce has devoted a long active life to the closest study of woman's dls eases and "" specialist In the world Is bettel fitted toperpcrlbetbanbe. Oomplete direction am given with each bottle. Kor.perlodlcnl pains bearing down sensations, nervous debllltv am all uterine disorders, "Favorite Prescription" I a sure cure. "vVWie»inB:i'ire, as tbe reMIt of a quarrel With her hnsdand, Mrs. Merrill Baker of Montgomery, Vt., hanged her four young children to uedposto. Shtloh'e Cure, the great Cougband Croup Cure a In great demand. Pocket size contains twen tr-flve doses only 28o. Children love It. Sold by 0. H. Westbrook. Stephen Terrel was sentenced at Dodgeville, Wis., to life Imprisonment in tho Waupun penitentiary for the murder ol John Quirjk. OaptlanSweeney, U. 8. A., SMI Diego, Cal. •ays: "Bblloh'a Catarrh Remedy 1s tbe first medicine I have ever found that would do me any good." Price50c, Sold by C. H. Westbrook. 'Kailroad managers report an unusually Inrge corn crop everywhere. It .will re. nil ire two years to to market. Bucklene Armoa Salve The best salve in tbe world for Cuts, Bruises, borne, Ulcers, SaitRhenm, Fever Sores,Tetter, Chapped Hand*, Chilblains, Corns and aP Skin Kruptlons, and positively cores Pile! or no >ay required. It Is gnaranted to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Prle* 91 craw per box. For sale b J. W. Hatton. Impruve'nient bonds, for SSO.OOffwere sold ut Racine, Wis., to the Manufacturers' Aiillpnal bank of Racine for 43,003 ove- u finpr Kent i ' Karl's Clover Root will purify your blood, clear our complexion, regulate your bowels and make our head clear as a bell, 26c., 50c. and $1.00. Sold by C. H. Wefttbrook. • "•.IB iVUV'.nwiss^Vn inuiaihi rtssocnition f tlm Sonx ot Veterans and the Ladies' a iciety will meet at Plymouth, lud. Aug. 8. A Household Treasure. D. W. Kuller, of Ciismijohrl'j, N. Y., says that lealwuys keeps Or. King's New Discovery In tbe louse iind his faintly husalways found the very lest results follow Its uxe; that ba would not be without It, If procurbale. If. A. Dykemnn, drug- l»t, "ittskHl, N. Y., says that Dr. King's New 'iBuovery Is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; :mt he lias ined In hU family for eight years, nd It ban never fulled to do all that In claimed or It. Why not try 11 remedy so long tried uncl •rsted. Trial bottles free at J. W. Mutton's drug tore. Regular slza 50o and $1.00. JfewTorE's rapid transit'commission adopted plans for an underground road n order to get the matter before the vot- Specimen Oases. S. H. (Jliflord.Nnw Oassel, Wis., was troubled •ith neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach 'as disordered, bis liver was effected to an larmlng degree, appetite fell away, and ho •as terribly reduced In flush and strength. 'liroe bottles o: tlciitrlc Bitters cared htm, Edward Shepard, llnrrleburg, III., hud a tinning sore on his leg of eight years' standing. ~sed throe botUeu of Klcctrlc 111 tiers and seven oxos of Hucklen'B arnica salve, and hU leg s soundaudwell. John Sneaker, Outuwbii, O., ad llvo largo fever sores on his leg, doctors aid he was Incurable. One bottle Electric Bit era and one box liueklon's arnica salve cured liu entirely. Hold at J. W. II at ton's drug tore. _ a CominonweivJerrt enciunped In thu viciu- ty of WiiAhinxton are in dire Htraits for food, mid dewertlons are daily taking place. The Democrats of Terrell, Tex,, indorsed Hon. John H. Reagan for governor. Jfr* IFm. K. Iiar(n00r Olive UlUuo, N. Y. Erysipelas In the Face Neatly Blind, But Perfectly Cuied Health, Appotlt* and Strength *•• nowwl by Hood's taraaparllla. "0.1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mail.: " Hood'i Barnuuurlllu In splendid, I bad long N*n troubled with erynlnclw, and Uur«a time* kad Kin my head unil taoa. I beoaui* nearly blind tod my Imlr all oaine out. Hy husband wlihea IIM to try llood'» «w»i»parlll». I wily touk Uiroo bottles bofora ' I Wat rr«o from my old-time trouble and long suffering!. It UM uevur returned until Ui( whiter while I wwlU with tho grip, a slight attttuk broko out ounyfttoo. AfUirluy "U>«iieii» J wo» not well I beoanw easily Uroa ami Jo« luy uiiuetlto. I Y0AU1UQU tttKllliT ••••"• 1| - d..—~....vm.".• ..>. i . .~ Hood's'^'Cures ' Hit) lourlli bQttio Mid cau run up ajid n ipry us eyur. The tired feelluu luvu u gooU apiiollui." MlU. Wu. CURE ^- THAT OUGH f~ WITH SHILOHS CURE 11.00 Bottle. Oneo i — L—4 •• JhBa ____ M _ utf.MAMl.kM fVu.M jnroaif HoaraeDeM, wnoopiiiK vvug Asthma. For ConawnptUn it nag no . — baa cured thousands,and win oora no l lntime. ILOH^SCATARRH t\<. -ou catarrh? Tills remedy la guaranteed to cure you. Price, to ct«. Injetitorfrwfc 8o)<1 by C. H. Westbrook. ilNUXII.^bu'vv uopd auiiolIU)."" MUK. i Itldgo, 7>'ow York. Hood'* PHI* our* all liver Ilia, blllou* IMNNt l»UU<U«v, UiOJjumUoit, tick DR, DOWNING This well known and successful soeolallst la Chronic and Nervous diseases and diseases ol the Bye and Ear, by request of many friend* Mid paMents, will visit CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, August 25 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation fre*. DR. DOWNING nthor of "Nervous Debility," "Ueneratt Kxaustion. Its Cnuse and Cure," eto. This Skillful and Rcliuble SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout tha> northnreet for tho nmny wonderfnl . cures ol all forms of CHRONIG AND NERVOUS DISKASEH hloh ho has effected that had bullied tbe skll uf etbor physicians and specialist*. Ho CHI-UN Wlu'ii Oilier* Fail. Diseases of Byes uud Kars, Orunulated Lid*. •atnract. Cross Eyes straightened wllboot >alu or danger, DincharglnK E-irs, Deafiieaa to., Disease* of None and throat, Catarrh, tronohltls, Asthma, etc. Discuses of Htoniacli .nd Liver, Dyspepsia, Itdlgcstlon, Heartburn. tlllloufliicus.Jiiundici', etc. Kidney and Bl»3- or Troublob, lllooj and Skin .diseases, Serof • la, I'lmplos, Blotchea, Gczomii, Ulcers, eto. NervousUlsoases, Ilondaaho, Hysteria, Insom* la, Lack of Vitality, Laugor, Norvousneoi. Iheamutlsm, Nenriilgia, eto. Diseases of Women, Deformities. Burglcal operation* of 11 kinds successfully performed. <• ouiiK- unit JVIiddio Agod 9f«n cfferiug from Lost Manhood, Nervous or 1'toy- Ical Debility, Seminal WuaknoHe, Lost Vigor. dooil'ic of Manly 1'owers, Drains, DIsohargM r Losses, Vnrloooele, and nil the train of orlla esultlng from Gxoessos, Errors In Youth, otn roduolug suuio of thu following off cots, u JcrvouBucss. Emiislon*. 1'lmples, lilotonia. Debility. Ulzxlnes*. Bel ectlvo Memory, Absano* f Will I'ower, Oodfaslon of Ideas, A version lo> oiilety, Sexuul Exlmnstlon, Pain In tbo Hack, lo.. blighting tbo most radiant hopes, render- oring marriage unhappy and business a fatl- re; sweeping thousands to an untimely grave o matter who basfalled, consult the uootor. Ie ha* cured thousands who have given up ID despair, A perfect restoration. OonsultntlOB* aered£ confidential. D«'H)s arc dangerous. MARRIAGE. Those oontemplatlngmaw- iage who are aware of physical defect* op eakness which would render marriage a dla- ppointmtnt would do well to call on us. PREE'ezaminatlouof thu Urine, chouiloai nd mlorosooiiloal In all cases* of Kldnoy Dla- aso. Brtghl's Dlwiiso. Dlubates, »b<i Bparmn- onhoea. Urlng ipeolmiin. v REMARKABLE Cures perfeutud m ol« a*t» wbkb hj.vuTjeeii neglected or unskilfully reated. No experiments or failure, PurUM reated by mall or express: bill where posilbl* ersonul consuiuilon iireferred. Cam)* and correspondenoo strictly conltdeai al apu medicine sent to nuf part of tk* Uultad Htate*. List of nuestlons free. A4- r«n* with poitago, ftll. UOWNINIJ, M8 West Madison Street, Chicago, lilt. KcSTOREO. VIM« n> ? «, ii|o| ««» w im Norvino known, "old null it wrltiM vuuwuiu) to euro alt nurvouu UUtittiitiri suull u» tiurvous 1'roblr*- tlun, WAkufuliuiw. I.OKH of »> 1'owur. liiiliutitirir, l Iroiui, Uok of OunnUcnao, UwlUida andVif Dntu «» wSSSSli e . ro * "'" « <l !""'»Uvo organs In «Ul3» JforsBli. In Cwroll 01 ,1. W. Hatldii, A CO. 315 RIALTO. CHICAGO. Uombuia of the Jhicago Board of Tnfcl QKAIN, PROVISIONS ••nd STOCKS | ifwflu7

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