The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 21, 1933 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, January 21, 1933
Page 11
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THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 1933 II Blamed for Hotel Fire That Cost 13 Lives June 7 in Cleveland (United Prnss Leased, Wire) CLEVELAND, Jan. 21.— Ray I. Turk, Cleveland business man, was arrested In Akron today for questioning by Cleveland police In connection with an alleged arson plot which authorities said resulted In the burning 'of tlTo Ellington hotel here Juno 7, with a loss of 13 lives. Three other men wanted In connection with the reputed plot were In custody and a fifth man was being: softght. Warrants for the arrest of the five* were signed Into yesterday by Safety Director Frank J. Morrlck after a seven-months secret Investigation. Fifth Man Hunted The men In custody, beside Turk, were Samuel Neamdn and Paul Childs, both of Plttsburg;, who were arrested ut Neaman's home last night, and L. .T.;Kamons, now serving a term In Pennsylvania's western penitentiary following conviction on charges of arson. The fifth man named was Benjamin Hlrsch of Allqulppa, Pa, Turk was brought to Cleveland and heUl-at city Jail for Immediate questioning. Detectives who arrested Turk reported he refused to answer questions. In previous questionings since the tragic fire, Turk denied knowledge of how the blazo started In his store In the Ellington building. He was manager of a beauty and barber supply company. Inside Story Known • Merrlck announced that tho "in- story" of tho plot had been ob- PAPA LIT VINO V PLAYS CHESS tained from a former the Pennsylvania men. associate of He declared the "warrants wore Issued on evl- /lence tending to show that tho purpose of the plot was to collect $15,000 Insurance money" and announced that "we have plenty of evidence and witnesses to prove our charges." Berkeley Woman in Attempt at Suicide (United Preis Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 21. — Mary Murphy, recovering In a hospital here from a Milclde attempt by poison, was dls- rlosfcd today to be Olive Murphy of Berkeley, Calif. Police-- received a communication from authorities at Sacramento asking that a watch which Mrs. Murphy wore be Ifeld. They did not ask that she be held. Authorities wero told she left Berkeley January 5 after passing two allegedly bad checks. This unusual plotur*; In which a high Ru»ei«n official permitted himself to be photographed at play, ihowe Maxim Lltvlnov, commissar of foreign affairs of the Soviet, at a game of chess with his son, Mlscha. HALF-FROZEN ESCAPES AVALANCHE LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21.—The story of a thundering snowsllde that swept away a cabin, trapping one of Its occupants, was related today by a delirious and half-frozen miner, who escaped flic avalanche. Clad ohly In a nightshirt and some gunny sacks, S. Qeyer stumbled Into a ranger cabin at Camp Bontta, In the San Gabriel mountains, and reported that his partner apparently had been carried to his death by the slide. Ho told of a slide Thursday night that sent tons of snow crashing down upon the cabin in Coldwater canyon where he and Charles Smith, 62,' wero TWO LIONS SLAIN BY wintering. "We woke up to the groan of buckling timbers," Qeyer said, "and a moment later the roof came crash- Ing down. I don't know how I got free, but I stood there and saw the cabin picked from Its foundations and rolled over the brink In the center of a 20-ton snowball. "The whole mass of timbers, snow and dirt went tumbling down the grade and Into tho snowdrifts 300 foot below. "I couldn't get down to it to see If Smith was hurt. I decided to trek for help." At a neighboring cabin, Geyer said, he got some gunny sacks and wrapped them around himself. Then he began the long barefoot walk through the snow-clogged mountain trails to civilization. Legal Notices -J; Legal Notices SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE COUNTY OF KERN To tho Honorable Clerk of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California: N. C. Houze, the Public Administrator of the County of Kern, State of California, respectfully makes his return to all estates of decedents which have come into his "hands: the value of same; trre money which has come Into his hands from such estates; what has been done with It; his fees and expenses Incurred In each estate, and the balance. If any, remaining In hla hands during the six months of his term of office, commencing with July 1st, 3932, and ending with December 31st, 1932, same being in accordance with the Provisions of Section 1736, of the Code of Civil Proceeduro of the State of California. Appraised Value 350.00 316.23 Money Adm'r Money Claims Balance Rec'd •' Fees Paid Allowed On Hand 160.00 159.00 1.00 306.23 22.14 75.84> 280.39 32.18 20.00 803.00 4,357.44 1,200.00 200.00 78.00 7.20 328.53 823.47 1,200.00 305.00 405.10 12.80 474.47 3,533.97 787.36 640.91 121.39 125.00 55.12 45.36 8.50 622.36 637.88 40.46 40.25 482.00 419.21 275.00 165.00 3.03 80.93 84.75 160.29 7.00 163.29 2,074.21 110.00 2,074.21 306.00 1,313.24 584.00 1,036.55 1,771.08 41.93 686.51 584.00 728.19 602.11 347.50 265.00 646.00 384.00 626.73 308.36 1,268.97 963.48 67.44 464.12 291.11 499.36 202.12 792.72 150.00 340.00 223.62 35.00 406.37 611.83 212.12 202.12 1,226.03 255.00 14.15 9.02 731.77 8.50 37.80 17.00 23.00 37.07 17.00 17.52 202.12 484.89 203.53 SOS.60 275'.66 175.00 302.00 3.18 611.73 S74.45 294.98 193.10 60.96 141.50 302.20 206.62 12.00 369.30 594.83 194.60 VVi'.ii 61.47 WOLF ISLAND, Mo., Jan. 21.— Denver M. Wright and his party of 'African" hunters today shot and killed the two full-grown lions they had brought to Hog Island near here for a hunt. Wright shot at one of the lions and wounded It and his 14-year-old son, Charles, killed the beast with one shot. Wright and his son and two other members of the party fired at the other lion and killed It a few seconds later, thus ending the "homemade" lion hunt in which a score of men participated. The killing of the lions climaxed an anxious night spent on the Island by the men In a barbed wire barricade while the lions roamed about the island. FUNERAL FOR NOTED ARMY FLYER SUNDAY (Associated Press Leaned Wire! DAYTON, Ohio, Jan. 21.—Funeral services for Lieutenant I. A. Woodring, Wright Field test pilot killed when his plane crashed near Dayton yesterday, will be held at the Wright Field auditorium tomorrow afternoon. Following the serv(ces the body will be taken to Washington for burial In Arlington National Cemetery. Lieutenant C. S. Irvine of Wright Field will represent, his fellow officers from the post at the capital rites. Mrs. WooTIrlng, widow of the flyer, and Mrs. Vale Henson, Port Huron, Mich., her mother, also will accompany the body to Washington. The military board, of Inquiry Is expected to file a report early next week. AND THAT'S PLENTY! Tho state of California allows automobiles traveling Its roads to use nine lights on the front of the car, all of which must be of amber or white color. 340.19 IJtwula Garcia. .. Eugene Wilson . .Tuaquln Padllla. A. Hernandez .... ._ H. L. Gentry.. .Unappralsed A. M. Heyworth... 7,984.2!) Allua Jllgglns 1,000.00 Orvll B. Phelps.Unappralsed Joe Smith 787.36 Agase Atamlan 640.91 IVIlllam R. Jones.. 121.39 William J. Wilson.. 125.00 Lucy Ocano ... .Unappraised John C. Cunningham 250.00 Olo Nelson Unappralsed Lulu I. Van • Winkle Unappralsed Harry Ronolds 1,500.00 P. J. Cowan... .Unappralaed Joe Nonella 2,074.21 A. R. Staffa.. ..Unappralsed John Kellerman ... 1,517.24 William J. Hanat.. ' 584.00 Frances Sheppard.. 1,036.55 Charles H. Allen... 1,771.08 Lillian Moore.. .Unappralsed Bnclllo Kntapan.... 963.48 C. Morales Unappralsed Charles E. Davis Unappralsed O. N. Gosnell 1,115.22 Claude Moore 150.00 Lamtence O'Connor 340.00 Thomas Gallagher . 323.62 M. L. Wylle 400.00 Florence Brewer Unappralsed Richard Tamils. Unajtpralsed Url D. Pryor. ...Unuppralsed Mae ^Zlmmer... .Unappralsed M. D, Kerr Unappralsed Louisa E. Bell..Unappralsed Hop Tuck Unappralsed Mallnda W. Davis UnappralHed Ernest O. Davis.... 202.12 Juan Echoverrla ... 1,247.23 Pasquulo Plazolla .. ' 2,481.80 Nells Christiansen Unappralsed William Baker.. Unappralsed Jessie Scott Darnell 360.19 Samuel T. Glut- feiter Un.ippralsed Frank Nelson.. .Unappralsed Jacob Ward.. 260.00 CJ. D. Cardoza .. Unupprulscd Elvira AVIlllam- fion -. Unappralsed Alfred Gllfred 1,025.92 Plerr? Faure 5,879.41 Joseph Coffe 1,500.00 John J. Corcoran Unappralsed H. H. Bell 2,387.50 Chris Nelson.. ..Unappralsecl David Engle... .Unappralsed Edward Anderson Unappraisecl John Lacy 410,46 Flora C. HuRKlrm.. 597.22 John Reubonsteln.. 865.00 Charles Alls 1,000.00 Mabel Webber. .UnHpnralsod Francisco E. Rio UnupfTralsed Casper Srhork . .Umippralsed John Obradovlch... 760,00 Bessie Moore 1,«n4.1B Anna B. Hoefner... 1,750.00 R. W. Wynne....... 700.00 Flora V. Payne 1,125.00 Snntos Porer, .. .UnappralHed Ed. R. Barkley..Unappralsed Andres Jorger- non Unappralsed Gustav Heuschkel Unappralsed Llllliyi Hodgson-.... 250.00 John I. Keller...Unappralsed Jim Mnlatore . .UnappralHed .Silas L. Jenkins.Unappralsed S. L. Pearoe....Unnppralsed Them, Bryson ...Unappralaed Solla Styles UnappralHed B. F.» Allen Unappralsed • Otto Bliss *.... .Unappralscd •i/ohn Coco Unappralsed ...... '. ...... '.'.'.'.'.'. !!'!'.'. Robert J, Ulttle.Unappralsed State of California, County of Kern, SB. . N. C. Houze, being duly sworn, says: that the above and foregoing semiannual report of the Public Administrator of the County of Kern, Is a true and correct account, of tho estates coming Into his hands as Public Administrator of Kern County, as. some therein appears from the 1st day-of July, 1932, to the 81st day of December, 1932, and tho whole thereof, and that ho was not Interested In any of the expenditures of any estate. Subiicrlbcd and sworn to before me this 9th day of January, .1983. (SIBAL) „ N. C. IIOU55K. W. 1!. (iOr.rilNG, Notary ^Public. Jan. 13 to --1. inc. Jn and for the County of Kern, Stato of California. Legal Notices NOTICE OF THE HEARING RE. PORT OF VIEWERS ON PRO. POSED ROAD No. 842. Office of tho Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California: To All Non-Consenting Owners of the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice: That, the report of viewers heretofore appointed by the above-named Board to view and lay out proposed County Road No. 842, commencing at the northeast corner of Villa Lot No. 26, according to the map ofi "Drury's Addition of Kern City, Sec. 21. T. 29 S., R. 28 E., M, D. B. & M.," filed for record on March 18th, 1907, on page 101 of Book 1 of Maps, and running thence southerly and along cast boundary of said Villa Lot No. 26, to the southeast corner thereof, has been set down for hearing by the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Courthouse In the City of Bakersfleld, said County and State, for January 30, 1933, at 11 o'clock A. M., where any and all Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. FOUR -YOUNG FOLK PERILED BY COLD Two Girls, Two Boys Rescued and Latter Jailed by Santa Clara Deputy , (Assoolattd Press Leatcd Wire) SAN JOSE, Jan. 81,-MTaclng death Worn hunger and exposure, two young glrla were found half frozen lato today in an abandoned cabin near Mount Hamilton In which they had taken ret- ugo from the snow. *\Vlth them were two youths who told deputy sheriffs they had taken the. girls from Santa Crui last night on 'motorcycles, driven as far aft the Know lino on the Mount Hamilton range and thpn started to walk to a cabin. The girls gave their names as Gene Flaud and Nancy Rand, both of Los Angeles, and their ages as 17. According to Sheriff William J. JSmlgr, they answer the descriptions of Gertrude Herman and Veryl Berr, 14, reported as recent runaways from Los Angeles. The youths gavo their names as Merle McAdoo, 22, and Henry Campo- donlco, 18, both of Santa Cruz. < Deputlep traced them through tho snow to the cabin. There they found the girls clinging together on- a sodden mattress, almost unconscious, and the youths, disappointed nt finding neither fuol nor food, considering going on to another cabin IS miles distant. "They would have been frozen to death by morning," Deputy Sheriff Paul Arnerloh,' one of the group which found them, declared. ' They were tnken to Lick Observa- ory by truck, there revived, and were teld by authorities Here, the girls in he detention home and .ae youths in .he county Jail. PROHiilJEAD STIRS Woodcock's Efforts to Find Raymond Robins Scored by Rep. Tinkham (United Prcns Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jon. 21.—The prohibition bureau's nation-wide search 'or the missing Raymond Robbins, prohibition leader, was criticized caustically at hearings before the rlouse appropriations committee, records mado public today disclosed. Robins, friend of President Hoover, disappeared last September while on ils way to a White House luncheon. le was discovered after the November ilectlon In the mountains of North Carolina. Doctors diagnosed his case as amnesia. Director of Prohibition Amos W. W. Woodcock defended the search conducted by his bureau when questioned by Representative Tinkham, Republican, Mussachuetts, at hearings on the lustlce department's supply bill. Tinkham suggested that by pursuing :he course It had In the Roblns'cnso the bureau might easily become a "bureau for the discovery of disappearing prohibitionists." Woodcock argued that the search was justified because It had been reported that Robins had been kidnaped y bootleggers. "Is there any authority at law which gives you tho right to expend money when a prohibitionist disappears? Tinkham demanded. « "No, sir; not at all," Woodcock an- iwered. "A search for Robins could be justified only as on a basis of ferreting out violations ol the national prohibition act." The said road w fir pass over, 340119 62^.16 223,35 1,100.00 299.81 1,025.92 379.41 50.00 71.04 1,025.92 325.58 18.50 378.00 601.35 53.83 31.60 2,108.OU 1,434.65 bsbiol 405.00 452.80 405.00 1,557.98 1,029.65 794.98 116.46 JI97.23 865.00 1,350.00 780.00 1,804.19 i'sb'.oo sVe'.oc 3,000.00 507.50 1,128.07 12.00 380.00 344.34 94.16. 477.50 1,604.19 260.00 340.00 337,84 467.50 479.00 so'.oo 287.4S 116.4« 385.22 479.00 1,005.66 282.50 426'.66 . 3,000.00 60.00 40.00 153.90 60.00 through and upon the lands owned by: Sarah J. Tltmus, Villa Lot No. 26, Drury's Addition of Kern City. By order o{ the Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California, made January 9, 1933. F. E. Smith, County Clerk and ex-Offlclo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Jan. 12 to 26, Inc. DELINQUENT SALE OF STOCK Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association, location of principal place of business, Bnkersfleld, Calif. Notice Is hereby given that there Is delinquent upon the following Issued stock of the Farmers' Mutual Telephone Association, a corporation, on account of assessment No. 26, levied thereon the' 29th day of April, 1932, the several amounts set opposite thu names of the respective shareholders as follows: Cert.No. Amt. E. E. Pyle (old stock) 60 $6.00 W. M. Destefanr 126 6.UQ Alex Fish 130 6.00 And In accordance 'with the law and an order of the Board of Directors of said association, so many shares of such stock as may be necessary will be sold at public auction at tho Panama BChoolhouse, on tho 23rd day of January, 1933, at 2 o'clock p. in., to pay the delinquent assessment thereon, together \ylth tho cost of advertising and expenses- of tho sale. (Signed) MRS. R. E. ASHE, Jan. 11 to 21, Inc. Secretary. 153.90 NOTICE OF i ANNUAL MEETING, KERN COUNTY MUTUAL BUILD INQ AND LOAN ASSOCIATION. The regular annual meeting of the Kern County Mutual Building and Loan Association will be held Tuesday, January 24th, 1938, (at 8 o'clock p. m., at its office at 803 Baker street Eiikersfleld, California, for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors to serve for the ensuing year, and tho ... transaction of such other business as US ; may come regularly before the meet- 2,124.81 2,124.81 ing. ARTHUR S. Jan. 10 to 21,lncl. Secretary. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Notice Is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of stockholders of the Parafflne Oil Company will DO held ai the office of the company, 1420 Seventeenth street, Bakersfleld, California, on Tuesday, the 31st day of January, 1933, at tho hour of 3 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors and transautlni such other business as may feme before the meeting. CHAS. A. HARE, Secretary, r Paraffins Oil 'Jo m puny. ! Diilcd .fummry 12. 1933. ! Jan. 12 to 27, Inc. Weekly Citrus (Associated Press Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21.—California oranges were slightly lower and lemons lower nt eastern and middle western auction centers this week. Orange sales Increased from 182 to 206 cars, but lemon sales decreased from 166 to 140. The fact that 208 cars of lemons were sold In the past two weeks, as compared to 165 for the two weeks ^receding accounts partly, at least, 'or tho drop In price. They averaged (4.13 a box this week as compared .0 $5.10 last. These prices compare with the average of $3.61 for tho corresponding week last year and $5,14 two years ago. Oranges fell off 18 cents a box to an average of $2.85. They sold for $2.63 n box In the similar week of 1932.and $3.41 In the like period of 1931. ' *»» DIVIDENDS (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK,. Jan. 21.—American Cities Power and Light Corporation lias resumed dividends on tho class 'B" common stock, declaring a disbursement of 15 cents. Tho last payment on this Issue, 5 per cent In stock, was made on August 1, 1931. Interest Rate on Deposits Reduced (Associated Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 21.—With Idle money continuing to pile up In New York, sending member bank reserves to high levels, the New York Clear- Ing House Association today cut In half Its Interest rates on deposits. Effective next Wednesday, It was announced, Interest on demand deposits will bo reduced to Vi of 1 per cent. The present rate IB Va of 1 per cent. Time deposits, of not less than 90 days, will draw Vi of 1 per cent against 1 per cent formerly. Car Loadings for WeekGain 70,670 (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 21.—Tho Amor- lean Railway Association today announced that loadings of revenue freight for the week endng January 14 totaled 606,322 cars, an Increase of 70,670 over the preceding week but 06,327 cars less than In tho corresponding week of 1932. GOVERNMENT BONDS NEW YORK, Jan. 21. (A. P.)—Liberty bonds closed today: Liberty 3V4s, 32-47, 103. Liberty 1st 4'4s, 32-47, 102.19. Liberty 4th 4Vis, 33-38, 103.19. Treasury 4Us. 47-52. 110.20. Treasury 4s, 44-54, 106.25. Treasury S-Tis, 46-56, 105.9.' Treasury 3%H, 40-43, June, 102.6. Treasury W^K, 43-47, 102.6. Treasury 3%s, 41-48, March, 102.5. Treasury 3V»s, 46-49. 99.23. Treasury 3s, 61-65, 98.8. LOS ANGELES HAY LOS ANGELES, .Jan. 21. (A. P.)— Hay per ton, i. o. b. Los Angeles: Choice barley, Choice oat, $16<8>I8. Alfalfa, delivered Hynes or El Monte; U. S. No. 1, $12.50(fi)18.50. U. 8. No. 2, leafy, $12.00@12.60. U. S. No. 2, $11®12. ' BAR SILVER NEW YORK, Jan. 21. (A. P.)—Bar stiver, unchanged at 25%. STORY ENTRAPS HER (Continued From Page Two) ttficnte authorizing it?" Smith asked as he began to read It. Mrs. Judd Interrupted to say "I can't say, as at that time I was delirious." "Are you, delirious now?" "No," she snapped. "Are you calm?" "Very," she retorted. "Then please write your signature." State Objects Again a state objection halted proceedings. Finally Smith showed Mrs. Judd the newspaper reproduction of her' confession and certification preverb- Ing her purported admission. "Now is that a facsimile of your certification and signature," asked Smith. "Please answer yes or no." "I don't know," Ruth Judd replied. Smith appealed to the court: "Let the record show that the witness Is hesitating and evading my questions." Mrs. Judd sharply Interrupted: "There Is n lot to explain — It might be — I can say this much — It looks similar to my handwriting." The defense attorney Tnterrupted his examination with the question, "Who are you trying to look at Mrs. Judd In this courtroom?" "I'm not trying to look at anyone," she snarled. Smith then reverted to tho statement in an effort to get Mrs. Judd to admit Its authenticity. Considerable fencing by the witness failed to bring a direct admission. Judge Nlles then gave Smith permission to read the entire statement and the attorney proceeded with the announced Intention of using further efforts on Its completion, to have Mrs. Judd Identify It ns her own. ROBBED OF $31,000 CHICAGO, Jun. 21. (A. P.) Offi- , . . . . - cials of tho Chicago Operetta Company Informed police today that burglars had taken about $31,000 and a quantity of tickets from the company's box office nt the Civic Qpera House. A steel cabinet containing- the tickets and money was jimmied open. - *•»•* 14 INJURED BY BOMB SIDV1LLK, Spain, Jan. 21. (U. P.)— Fourteen persons, Including ttu-ee children, were Injured here last nlg-ht when two bombs exploded In front of the Socialist-Labor headquarters, Casa del Pueblo. I Bits of Information V • It IB said that only one out of every four Americans ever visit a dentist. Tho Statue of Liberty In New York harbor Is 160 feet high. An uvcraKe of one out of every SOO lobuters hutched reaches maturity. MEET ALL DEMANDS (United Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jun. 21.- conslgnmont of $2,000,000 in currenc> was rushed from the Federal Reserv Bank In San Francisco today to tho Capital National Bank of Sacramento Tho armored car carrying the hug- sum made the 96-mllo trip In one and one-half hours as heavy withdrawals were demanded by depositors of th Capital' National Bank, following th closing of tho California .Nutlonn Bunk, Sacramento's pioneer flnancla Institution. "We are prepared to pay every de mand now and as long as necessary,' Alden Anderson, president of the Cap Ital National, said. Withdrawals also worn heavy a other banks, but the Capital Instltu tlon appeared to be carrying the bruri of the demand for deposits. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21. (U. P.. Two Sacramento banks, the Callfornli National and the California Trust & Savings, an affiliate, were closed to day as the result of heavy withdraw als that reduced their reserve funds Combined deposits of the two bank totaled $22,000,000. totaled $41,078,000. In June, 1929, thej >" Market at S. F. Has 11 Losses to Two Advances; Five Issues Unchanged (Associated Pren» Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21.—A break n California Western States Life In- urance stock coincident with the allure of tho California National Bank of Sacramento had a mildly un- etiling effect on the stock exchange oday. An official statement Issued ere denied any connection between he Insurance company and the bank. While California western broke rom a/i opening of 30V4 to 20, and hen rebounded to 27 on a sale of Ivo shares to finish 4% under yes- erday's close, the voting pool stock of the same company lost only 1 point it 30. Sales In tho capital stock and he voting pool wero -290 shares each —a lively turnover for these quiet stocks. All told tho stock exchange had 11 osscs, 2 up and 6 even. Transamer- ca was active, ranging between 6Vi and 6, with a loss of Vfc nt the clos- ng price of 5Vi, 6100 shares selling. Losses, all less v than % point, Included Shell Union, Union Oil, Pacific Oas common and 6V4s, Southern Pacific, Los Angeles Gas 6s, United Aircraft and Caterpillar Tractor, Fireman's Fund finished up Va and 'arafflno Vi. Steadies were Wells Fargo Bank, Gas 6s, Pacific Tele- phono 6s, California Packing and Ca- u'mba Sugar. On tho curb Aviation Corporation su %, while Hobbs Battery A, Southern Pacific Golden Gate preferred and Southern California Gas s held even and Southern California Edison lost 1, American Telephone % and Idaho Mines 5 cents. S. F. Stocks (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21.— Stock— Bid ,. j Alaska Juneau 11% Atlas Impl. "A" 2Vh Byron Jackson l*/4 California Ink. "A" 14 Vi Jallfornla Packing 8% Caterpillar Tractor 7Vi (Unfted Press Leased Wire) NEW , YORK.—Business developments of the last week were generally onstructlvo, Bradstreet's weekly re- lew said today. BALTIMORE.—Car loading of the ialtlmorp & Ohio railroad during tho rst 16 days of January averaged 5702 nrs dally, an Increase of 162 ears over he corresponding period of Decem- er. BRADSTREEJ, 13 8Vi 43 Consd. Chom. Crown com. vtc Crown pref. "A" Crown prof. "B" • Fireman's Fund Ins Golden State 3% Honolulu Oil 9 Leslie-Calif. Salt L. A. G. & E. pfd 95 Vi Magnnvox Vi MaRnln com ., 3*i Magnln pfd 61 Mart-hunt com North American 47 P. G. & E. com 28% P. O. & E, 6% 1st pfd.... 24% P. G. & E. 5Va% 1st pfd.. 22% Pac. Light, com 40% Puc. Light. $6 dlv. pfd 92$ Pac. pub. Svc. now com.. % Pac. Pub. Svc. 1st'pfd 4'A Pnclflc Tel. & Tel. com... Pacific Tel. & Tel, pfd... 109 9% Paraffins com Plg'n Wills Richfield com H Richfield pfd... Vi Hoos com 2 8J L&P 7% pr/pfd 90 SJ L&P 6% pr. pfd. "A" Srhlesgr "A" com Vi Srhlesgr pfd % Shell Union com 4-^ Southern Pacific 17Vj. S. P. Golden Gate "A'f.... 5 S. P. Golden Clatn "B".... 3U Standard Oil of Calif 24U Tidewater com 3 Tidewater pfd 40 Transnmerlca 5 Union Oil of Calif 10 Western Pipe com 7H L. A. Stocks (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21.— Industrials Bid Asked Byron Jackson 1 Claude Neon Electric...... 6 2 Douglas Aircraft 11% AT BEAUTY (Associated Press Leased Wire) CINCINNATI, Jan. 21.—Tho boys who boKK the University of Cincinnati yearbook turned up their noses at beauty und announced they would pick tho brainiest—not tho niftiest—girls for the publication's positions of honor this year. , "Heauty sections In college annuals," .sniffed Robert Gnlbrulth, personally and editorially, "aro puuso and a mark of utmost provincialism." Gnlbralth Is the yearbook's editor- in-chief. "Instead," he announced, "of glorl- fyliiB tho American colleRo girl through a 'beauty' section, the 1933 yearbook will feature the activities girl—that IK to say, the coed who Is accomplishing tho most for her ulmu muter and her fellow students." MERMOZ ON WING RIO DJC JANEIRO, Brazil, Jan. 21. (A. P.)—Joiin Mermoz, whose transatlantic airplane Rainbow was bogged down for three days In the mud of the flying field near here, took off this morning with his six passengers for Buenos Aires. FIRST CAPITOL SCULPTOR Horatio Grcenough was the first American .sculptor to be employed- nt the Capitol. Ho was commissioned by (.'oiigresK In 1K32 to excouto (\ btutue .of Washington. Emsoo Derrick com 3 Globe G. & M. com 6 Goodyear T. & R. pfd...;.. 80>,i Taylor Milling 4Vi Van do Kamp 6 Western Pipe 7 Banks Citizens National Bank.... 37 Security-First Nat. Bank.. 44Vi Mlicetlanaou* L. A. Investment Co 1 Pacific Finance Co ,-... ti'i Pacific Mutual Life 28' Trunsamericu 5 Western Air Express 13Vi Public Utilities L. A. O. & K. pfd P. G. & K. com P. G. & K. 1st pfd Pacific Lighting com S. J. L. & I'. 6% pfd So. Cnllf. Ed. com So. Calif. Ed. 7% pfcl So. Calif.-Ed. 8% pfcl 24 So. Calif. Ed. 5V»% pfd.... 22 So. Calif. Gas 6% pfd 23Vi Southern Pacific 17% Oils Rurnsdall ,Tjg Bolsu Chlca I 1 ,-. Pacific' Western .......... 3'4 Ilepubllc Pete 1% Illfhflolrt Oil % Ktchfleld Oil pfcl Vi Standard Oil of Calif 24H Union Oil (Calif.) 10 95% 28% 24% 41 80 32 *... !'V4 8% 38 "ft 45 1 s !' «V4 28V 5V 16 96 1 2!) I* 25 •12 24V 22V v 2«V" 10' CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO, .Ian. 21. (A. P.)— Hogs- RocolptH 15,000; stuady to mostly 10 lower} Rood to rholco 140-210 pound. $IUO?M.40; top $3.40; sows $2.45«#.60 Cattle — Kei'olpts 100; for week, your llnii.s und llRhl stiws steady; loni yourlliiKS aiicl medium steers 2r> lower; weighty steers 2,'i-50c lower; ex I IT me top long yea rimes $7.10; bos weighty steers $6.25; bulk $1.75; mos steers and yearllnsK $4.26'ij | B.25 nil heavy heifers fully very-slow at 2fio . clown; bee decline; bull - 10-25c lower; veulors $1.50'a 1 2.00 higher Sheep — Rei-elpts 1500; today nom (mil; killing classes unevenly weak t 25c lower; rloMng bulks, bettor Brad lambs under 94 pounds, $5.50(ii'H.OO week's top $6.35; native throwout $4.00®1. GO; fat ewes $2.00@>2.75. FOREIGN EXCHANGE NEW YORK, Jun. 21. (U. P.)—For clgn exchange closed Irregular. England 3.35 9-1U, up .00 5-16. Canada .R7Vi, off .00%. Franco ,0390 l-lll, up .OOUO'.i. Italy .0511 Vi, off .OOOOH. HolKium .1386Vs. Germany .237s. t'zeehnslovukla .Ottiiti'/ii. .Switzerland .1029Vs, up .0002. Holland ,4017Vi, up .OOOO^i. Spain .OS1S, up .0000Vj. .Sweden ,1833, Japan .2093, up .0012. COFFEE MARKET NEW YORK, Jun. 21. CU. PO—Cof fce^—Uio 73 on spot S%! Santos 4s, 10. BRIGHT SPOTS IN BUSINESS DETROIT.—De Soto delivered SG9 ew cars during the week ended Jun- nry 14, against 348 In tho correspond- ng week of 1032, an Increase of more hun 100 per cent. NEWARK, N. J.—Oils Elevator Company received contracts worth bout $223,000 for Installation of ele- ators In government buildings. Mercantile Experts Consider Favorable Influences in Ascendant (Associated Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Jon. 21.— While noting ho continuance of certain adverse actors, tho weekly mercantile reviews oday wore In agreement that favor- vble trade Influences wore In the ascendance. Hradstreet's commented that on the leblt side were such unfavorable Items as an increase In bank failures, dls- ncllnatlon of the security market to irenk out of Us narrow trading range, und the failure of Congress to take teps toward balancing the budget. [•his agency, however, viewed developments of the past week as construc- Ivo on balance. "B£ all odds," It asserted, "the most significant development Is the sharply declining trend In cold storage holdups of frozen and cured moata and dairy products. Butter stocks are 68 per cent below tho five-year average and eggs on hand are less than half the amount In cold storage a year ago." Dun's said that "low Inventories, with potential markets for spring commitments, and mare stability Ip the prices of commodities have strengthened the prospect for Im. proved business conditions during the second quarter." "While tho weekly reports covering :rndo conditions In various parts of :he country are marked- by conserva- Llsm," It added, "they enumerate more "actors than during tho first two weeks of the month calculated to contribute to progressive advancement. Tho hesitancy apparent at the first ol tho year Is. losing some of UN force." londitions, However, Regarded on Whole as Stagnant; Trading Light (Associated Press Leased wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 21.—The stock market was more Inclined to edge up- vard today than otherwise, but on ho whole was stagnant. Trading was In extremely small olume,' with a turnover of about 350,00 shares, and fractional gains and osses were mixed through the list t the finish. The average net change was unimportant. The weekly report of freight car oadlngs, showing a fair seasonal gain, was too closely In keeping with ex- lectatlons to, affect the market. Veek-ond business news generally ailed to shed any new light on the outlook, and market still adhered to watchful waiting attitude. While steel production has had a fair seasonal upturn from the low levels of he holiday period, some reports Indicated the gain may be held with some difficulty In thn next week or so. Tho market showed traces of firmness during the last half 'of the session, when a number of Issues gained ractlons to more than a point. Some selling appeared In the leaders In the ate trading, however, and the close was barely steady-. American Telephone weakened In ho last hour, closing down a major 'ractlon. < \ Selling of Consolidated Gas again appeared In small volume, and that. ssue closed off a minor fraction. U. 3. Steal was off • a small fraction at the finish, as was Union Pacific. Rails as a group held up well, however, closing with a generally steady tone. farm Implements wero firm for a ,lme, but lost their gains In the later radtng. General Motors closed up a frac- :lon. Corn .Products was up 1% at the best, but lost half Its rise. Liggett & Myers B closed about a point ilghor. ' Crown Cork and Owens Illinois Glass were up major fractions, at the close. TREASURY REPORT WASHINGTON, Jan. 21. (A. P3) Treasury receipts for January 19 were $3,808,461.65; expenditures, $9,261,419.90; balance, $380,864,438.16. CUB loins duties for 19 days of January were $11,716,464.25' * » » Cotton Futures (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 21.—An opening advance In cotton was followed by reactions under southern selling ant week-end liquidation or realizing promoted by tho action of tho wheat ant stock markets. March contracts sole off from 6,23 to 6.12 and closed at that figure, with the general market clpslng steady at net declines of 2 to 7 points. Cotton futures closed steady, 2-7 lower. January, 6.10; Marc-h, 6.12® 6.13; M»y, 0.26; July, 6.37<<j>l).38; October, 6.56iH>8.67; December, 6.70; spot quiet; middling, 6,25. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 21. (A. P.)— Spot cotton closed steady, 7 points clown. Sules, 6176; middling, 6.08. COTTONSEED OIL DALLAS, Jan. 21. (U. P.)—Crude L. A. BUTTER, EGGS, POULTRY LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21. (U. P.)— Butter Prime, l!»c. Prime firsts, 18c. Standards, 17o. Firsts, 16c. Eggs Lame—Clean extras, 24c; light dirty extras, 23c; clean standards, 23c; light dirty standards, 23c; checks, 23c. Medium—Clean extras, 21c; light dirty extras, 21c; clean standards, 20c light dirty standards, 20c; checks, 20c Small—Clean, 21c; light dirty, 21c Poultry and Raobltg -Huns, Leghorns, 2 to 3!4 Ibs., 13c. liens, Leghorns, 8Vi to 4 lb«., 14c. Hens, Leghorns, 4 Ibs. and up, Me, Hens, colored, 3',{ to 4 Ibs., 16o. Hens, colored, 4 Ibs. and up, 17c. Broilers, 1 and up to 1V4 Ibs., 14c. Broilers, 1'/j to SVi Ibs., 17o. Fryers, Leghorns, 2^4 to 3 Ibs., 14c. Fryers, colored.. 2i4 to 3'~, Ibs., 17o. Roasters, soft bone, 3'/B Ibs, up, 17c Stags, 13c; old roosters, So. Ducklings, Pekln, 4 Ibs, and up, lie Other than Pekln, 4 lb«, up, lOc. Old ducks, lOc. Geese, 12c. Young torn turkeys, 13 Ibn. up, 13o. Young turns, dressed, 12 Ibs. up, I8c Hen turkuytj, 9 Ibs. nncl up, 13c. lion turkeys, dressed, S Ibs. up, 16c Old torn turkeys, 12c; droHsud, 16o. Kquubs, under ll Ibs. dozen, 15r. Squabs, 11 Ibs. dnzun and up, 20u. Capons, live, under 7 Ibs., 18o. Capons, live, 7 ih.s. and up, 20c. Capons, dressed, under 6 His., "ISn. Canons, dressed, 6 Ibs. and up, l!:!c- Hubblls, No. 1 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., 9o llHbblts, No. 2 white, 3 to 4 Ibs., 6c No. 1, mixed colors, 3 to -1 Ibs.. 5c. Uubblts, No. 1, old, 6c. York Close NEW YORK, Jan. 21.— (United Press Leased Wire) Railroads Atchlson 42% Baltimore & Ohio 10 Chesapeake & Ohio 28Vi Illinois Central 13% Missouri Pacific 3Vi New York Central 18% Northern Pacific 15 Pennsylvania 18*4 Southern Pacific- 18 Vi Union Pacific 75 Great Northern pfd.... 9% Industrials American Can 60 Va American Tel. & Tel 105 Borden 23 Vi Cities Service 2tn Columbia Gus 16V* Consolidated Gas 69Vi Corn Products 54V<i Curtlss-Wrlght 2V<, Famous Players 1 % . Fox Films "A" 1% General Electric 14% General Foods 24V- Gold Dust 15" Goodyear Tire und Itubber 16Vi Intornullonnl Harvester 21% International Tel. & Tel , 7Vi Montgomery Ward 13" s North American 29 Pacific GUH Electric 29% Radio Corporation 5 Safeway Stores 41 5 5i Soars-Roebuck 20 U. S. Rubber 4% Union Carbide & Carbon 27\i United Aircraft 26% Warner Brothers 1% Western Union.,.. 2714 Westlnghouse Electric 30 Woolworth 32% J. C. Penney 27 Transamerlca 5 l i First Nat. Stores 62<H, Caterpillar 7% Matali American Smelting 134), Anaconda 7%' Bethlehem Steel 15Vi International Nickel.... -.' 8 Kennecotf.- Copper 9 U. S. Steel 28% Vanadium steel 12V-1 Republic Steel " Tobacco and Sugar American' Sugar American Tobacco "B" Great Western Sugar..... R. J. Reynolds "B" i." Oils Associated 14% Mexican Seaboard 17i.j Shell Union.. 5' Sinclair ;. 5»i Standard Oil of Calif 25 Standard OH of N. J 30% Standard Oil of N. Y 7V B Texus Company 13 Tidewater-Ass'n new 3% Motors Auburn 47Vi Chrysler '.' 14 General Motors 14 Hudson 4V4 Packard Motors 2Vi Studebukcr 4 Tlmken Roller Bearing 16Vi Equipments , American Car Foundry OT4 Baldwin Locomotive 4"s General Tank 18J.',. Stewart Warner 3*a 6% 23 64 Vi CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET CHICAGO, Jan. 21. (A. P.)—Wheat dropped lute today to about the lowest price level of tho week. Dearth of new speculative demand for wheat was apparent, ami tin; unsettling effect of this was uugineiuud as a result of week-end liquidating pressure from rvvcmt buyers. Only transient stimulus In tho wheat market was derived from stops tnkun toward a settlement of British war clelilK to the United States. Wheat closed weak, ; 'B^"IO under yesterday's finish, corn'at a shade decline to ',BC advance, nuts a shade to '/aWHo off, nncl provisions unchanged to a setback of 2c. CHICAGO. Jan. 81. (A. P.)—Wheat. No. 2 inlxoo? 40 l 4c;.new ouru, No. 3 ypllow. M'Ui2;i%c; No. !l \vhlto, 28Wo; old corn, No. 2 yellow, L'D'Hi 1 ; oats, No, 2 white, I0%c; rye, No. .4, :i2'4'c; barley, 2 SAN FRANCISCO LIVESTOCK SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21. (A. P.)—Hogs—Receipts for week, 3975; butchers I5c. lower. Late top $3.S5, bulk 150-199-pounci Callfornlas $3.85, sorted $3.35Si>3.r>5; 187-pourul Oregons $4.00, sows $2.50. Today: None. Cattle—Receipts for five days, 1200: st«ors mostly steady, good 993-pound tnp, $500; 892-989-pmmd medium to low •food, J4.50W4.7ii. Medium, $4.15(3)4.35. Common to medium, $3.50ijH.OO; stockers 61!2-SSii pounds, $3.5003.75; she stork nominally Moudy. Few heifers $:i.7j, good low good cowa, $3.00, low cultnr ronimon "dairy" type cows, *1.nn((|2.25. Today: Twenty-five all holdovurs. Calves—Receipts, 90; few common,' $3.50. (iootl absent; choice light veal- en; eligible, $5.50. Sheep—Receipts for five days, 4800; under 90-pound lumbs steady to 25c higher, others weak to lower; 8487- pound good to choice wooled, $6.00, 10 per rent nut $5.00. Hood 78-84- pound. $5.75(95.85, medium and good 71-Xo-jiound wooled $5.2uif{i5.50, year- llnKx 25c higher, few 95-pound good $4.00. Today; Two hundred and fifty; steady, 90-pound wooled Nevada lambs $5.50 straight. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANGRLKS, Jan. 21. (A. P.)— Mutes—Receipts for week, 400; steady to strong: bulk $3.4U®3.75. Cuttle—Receipts, 6200; steers steady to lui* higher; other classes steady to weak; beef steers and yearlings, $4.25W5.25; few, $6.00(ff5,75; Mexicans, $3.7f>W4.00; best heifers, $4.60@5;00; beef cows, $2.75j(U.75. f'nlven- -Herelpts, 1250; steady; bulk $4.riU!if'6.00; few, $5.50. h'heep— lloeelpt.s, S300; stea'dy; bulk Itunbu, fu.l'oiyij.SO; ewea, $<.'.50.

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