The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 28, 1976 · Page 10
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 10

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1976
Page 10
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FARMLANDS PASTURE FORrenUotlof water, about W acre). Ten Mile Lake are*. Phone 5«9 M2*. build-ng sHe with'n IS miles ol Fergus. No agents please. 84] 517? Erhard. BUblNESSOPPOR. FOK SALE Oy o*ner, ^^5^l m ^ conlrsci lor own, optraling be«jt* IMP. 7i;.nit. LOCAL CA F E ind Bv bus^nni tor «le. SIKWUU e««!«i r«t profit Financing available 10 qiulilled buyer. Miller Realty 41; N REAL ESTATE- WANTED BUYING OR Klllng, K, Ennid. Larson-Maim. Inc. Reallors. Phone ntJMl. WE MIGHT have sold your home today, had we kno»n it was lor wle. We need listings. Miner Really, 417 N. Friderg. 7M.JS31 or LISTINGS WAKTEO! Commercial, f»rm. houses. A.H. Morrill Co Real Estate, Sales HM Appraise Flwne 734-54M, »3 South Union, Fefgas Falls. "CONSIDER ITSOLO" When you Hit your properly wiin Moen Realty. Gvtck, couneuus »erv:ce sine* Ifj]. V«en Really, 31} 11. Lincoln. Fergus Falls, Mn. ;« Mt), or alter hours 734 7111 or 7364354. LI ST WITH us it you are ptanrvng to sell your property 1 his spring. Call Joe Jorgenson or Julian Morstad, Jo* Jorgenson Rea'.ty, 7346903. MLS Realtor. LAKESHORE PROPERTY FOR SALE: 100 ft. lakeshcre with mobile home on East Lost LaXe, in M'nnewia. Call M3 tMS. 100' LOT on Round LaXe, beauttlui beach and irets. J362716. WANTED 1 or ? bedroom cottage wlihtn 10 mUes of Fergus. NO agents please. 842 5372 Erhard. LAKE HOME, ? bedroomi. year around, local ed Norih shore Cither a'. 1 lake. A siie to H sold, low tws. Erickson Realty. Dave Ellir.gson, B6i 561J. 7i FOOT Iron) on Lake Jewell, food beach, good fishing lake, priced to «ll. Local edi on Preston's Realty, Jamewille, Minn. 5604$ Phone 50M34 6175 or M7-2i4.5?B APPLIANCES. FOR SALE t*«d refr,!eraror,HS.O( Phone 739-2311. , HELPWANTED MUSICAL INSTR. "wtti* P ' dnw " * oy < * 50n *"*'*• P.AKO TUNING. Call Lewen Piano MARGUERITE'S MUSIC SOKia . Ovation guitar, regular 1499 with csie, now tt» »iih case. lYes, »e will lake trades). Marguerite's Music, 140? IWh Str«t South, Moorhsad, Minnesota SiSW. Ptwne: (2111 misu. FOR SALE: Kuitom 300 puMic address system, very oood con dilion. 73660U. AUCTIONS AUCTION -- EVERY TuBiday night 7p.m. Tools, furniture, misc. Some aniiqvM al every sale. Consignments welcome. D. J. Harter, Bennle Ho I man, auctioneers. Battle Lake Aucton, Bat lie Lake, Minn. ZION LUTHERAN Church, Saturday, May 1-2 p.m., »? East Summii, Fergus Falls (Hower-old AUCTION SALE: Located 40t 3rd St. Southeast in Pelkan Rapids, Minnesota. 1 p.m., Saturday, May 1. Lunch. Household: A full line ol elecirk appliances; bedroom and dining room furniture; miscellaneous. Antiques: Marble top dresser, pressed back rockers and chairs; irunk from Norway; hanging lamp; cnurn; crocks; lugs and more. Also miscellaneous; lawn cha'rs; bee hives and equip. menl; mailboxes, etc. Emma Lyden, owner. CuarlM Clauson, auctioneer. License MOI. Pelkan Rap:ds, Minnesota. Clauson Sa^es JOURNAL ADS bring results! SERVICES ASHBY SEPTIC tsnk and farm liquid pit cleaning. Gary Bothun, .. 5*1 M*. engines ol all makes, see Verne at Otter Tail Coop Oils. M3 W. Washington. FRIBERO UPHOLSTERY Shop. Materials on hand. 734 7M6 or 739. 9)34. EDDIE'S INSULATING Service. The home roomer, also blow 'nsuUilon. Phone 73a 47U. BERGE'SCUSTOM Upholstery. !H E. Vasa. Phone 7J4ITO. SEPTIC TANK- p.-mp'ng, Phon! Undefwood. Minnesota. EARN MORE on your sayings a Loan Assn WOMEN'S WEAR RA1NOBSHIKE Wore style than any coat we've ever se«n. By Luba. Clara B. W-ight Shop. WANT TO RENT WANT TO rent pasture for 20 htad o beefcows,aiso»<njldlikev)rent 25 acrfs of hayland on cash of shares. SI9II60 Daltoo. LANDSCAPE & GARDENING CHHISTENSON'S WHEEL Hone Sales, 3)3 Soumwill, Fergus Falls. Minn. Set J^rton or Joe. 1976 rrxxWs. LAWN-BOY MOWERS and Arfens garden lilLers sales and service. Jonnson RcpAtr Snop. 7W ««GARDEN TILLING. Call 7364135. GARDEN TILLING. 736-3091. HAVE RE ABEND Rototiller. Custom rololilLing. Gardens, a«ns, (lowef beds. Don Gragt, 7363444. WEST GARDEN Center, 1243 Nof tti Union. Carom, Lawn and Fer timer. Bulk and packaged seeds Idfias'from Ford: Garoen traciws many attaovnems available; push mowers and tillers. Great deals if work savers. Stan .Vc* Ford Sales WILL OO garden foto lining- Cal 734WOO, SPORTING GOODS NOTICES [ 'HIGHEST RATES on Injures savings, western Minnesota Savtrtfl s 1 Loan. MEET ME al Lunde'l Calt. OAREL JACOBSON Construct^ ' Company. Earth moving o< all kinds. 430 W. Birch, Fei-jul Fills. Ptione 7M nil. DEHZEL'S WELDING and Heating, 715 East HtmtOen, \ block North of Dairy Queen, Ferous Fills, in-mt or 734-5IC. THOMPSON AWNING Co, featuring Humpnrey lenion, sealed ali^niriMn windows, doors ar.0 porch enclosures and Hjnn- phrey avmings. Free estimates. Underwood, Minn., Box 14. Teteohone ill-ntutn. GOSPEL MEETINGS, Surtax and Wednesday evenin»s, 7:M at Berrue Zwiers. Ud Sunset. All weiwme. "Chrht died for the imgodlY." [Romans 5:6) CUSTOM DOZING D7 Cat. Call Lawrence Sherwood, collKt III 7J^7)73. NOTICE OF Bids: Fergus Fans Township Board will receive sealed bids on gravei to be delivered on township roads. Bids will be received on or before May lOlh at the Fergus Fans Town Hall. Bids will be open at 8:00 p.m.. May 10th, at the Fergus Falls Town Hall. Board has the righl to accet* or reted any or all bids. Bids may be mailed to Waller Sundberg, Fergus Falls town clerk, Rural Rome 1. Fergus Falls, Minnesota HS17. Fergus Falls Town Board. OFFIC€ CLOSED Optometric OH:ce will be closed Thursday, April ftth and Fririay, April 30th whtte moving. New GUNS REBLUED profess'ooall address: 1)7 East L»icoln Ave. arxJ reasonaWy at Vo/«'s, 3» W«i New phooe 736-7554. Lincoln. Fergus Falls. " — " POLARISSNOWMOBILE sales an Mrvice. B tone's M:nno* Servke 1S04 East MK Faith. Pnont 73* ARCTIC CAT — S.O.S. Sales Service. Northeast edgeoE Fergu Falls on Cot-niy Road 1. JOHNSON-EVIKHUDE mote repairs. BecKlur.d Risn Oil an Marine. FOR SALE: 250 Hor.da CB rcai excellent condition with at cessories. Must sell. Phoni & 8?U. PICKUP TOPPERS by Lake Shor also custom made-to-order EVINRUDE, CHRYSLER, V C lv Penia omboard motors. MiYacra boats, complete line o* Kshit tackte and live bail. Johr.V Reapir Shcp. OFFICE CLOSED i Doctor 1.1. Bvckley's Optometric Office will be closed Thursday, April » and Friday, AprH 30 while moving. New address: (adjacent birildir.a) 117 East Unco'n Ave. t New phone No. 1M 755*. 5 THE BOARD of Review of Fergus Fa^s Township will meet at the Town Hall between 1012 noon on I Friday, May 7. 1»7« lor the purpose of reviewing and correcting assessments. Walter Sundberg, Town Clerk. DIAL734 7513 tor Journal Classilied Ads. e ; FOR SALE -MISC. 4n9 VINYL tarps, W.W. Kimber °j Awn r ng Co. ^ IRON PORCH ana *ta r rallir.04 * l Kimber Awning. RUMMAGE SALES MOVINGSALElMJMitcnellPlace. 3 Thursday evenjig, a-». Friday beds, J-speed Scnwinn bike, loys, ; doming and misc. ilems. ' RUMMAGE SALE Thursday, April », ! tm.nw. ill East Fir. RUMMAGE SALES RD ANNUAL 5rogp !«lf, S» W. Douglas. April 30, W a.m. 3 p m. UWA4ACE SALE chMren 3(10 Xown up<k>f(iifl9.?-* year ; lo 5, April •» and May K\, 61) Linden Ave. W«sl. THURSDAY, APRIL », Irom 1 i. BUY, SELL, Swap, Trade - you Children's clothing, sizes 6-10. rvame it. Use low cost Journal Bancroft. GARAGE SALE 2 good snow t*K, baby lurniture. trikes, good large HEATING sa:. xr« c d hi ;?s; 5 mi sn c d w^,^"- L «" °" ilems. Thursday. Aora .79. I.-M ». Phone 73a 54! 1. GROUP RUMMAGE sale. Men's, women's, children's and baby's clothes; wringer washing machine and tubs: roll-away bed; loys; books; loll of misc. household items; dishes; glasses. Friday, April JO, 4-8 p.m. Saturday, May 1, 8-3. 30J E. Vasa in garage. No ea/ y sales. GROUP RUMMAGE sale, 219 E. Vernon Friday, April 3D, tt. GROUP RUMMAGE sale, S24 East Bancroft Friday, April 30, 1:30 a.m. .4 p m. Lotsol clothing, furniture, 3 pair living room drapes with valances, misc. KEED FUEL? Dial a warm number, i-J4». BfcMund-RiJn Co. MOBIL FUEL ail, automatic t"p fill SNvIce. 7M-5UJ, Ftrgu; Oil Co, Highway 59 North and Oak SlrMt QUICK aid EASY - Journal want Ad & are the] easi expensive way o sell almost anything! ANTIQUES SAERZ GIFT Anftc;u« Shop, 1 mJ e North oo Jewett Lake Road. 7tt- «11. GROUP SALE Friday, April 30. *nt'«iues g.lis, collector's items. Clothes, miscellaneous. Counlry >'< « rk : Natural Food Dewrl- Manor Lot 27, Irom 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. rnenl. Phone 7«.763<, JH E. Summit. of Apra, 8 a.m. to * p.m. «l CecH ' B V Y - 5rtl *^ Tr4de dl1 K>wh c Ave. East, Fergus Falls, Minn. anl*«s. M. H. Dahlen, Route 5. - . _ _,_ Phone *M 4747, Wiy 1st, Wa.rn.-3 p.m. Clothing all sizes, ard mite, items, a Mocks Sovin of Ka/iz Store in Ashby, Minn. SAVE TIME, steps and energy Friday, April 30, 7 a.m.u p.m., 619 1st Awe. Neighborhood Sales. Bikes, 6-year crib, lires, golf bag, cooler, swing, dolhing— mulli- sizes.. 615 1st Ave. Fireplace screen, light fixtures, pktw«, racing car, clolhirg— kids', ladles' size 5 and 16, larger men's; colored TV, furniture, 701 W. Maple; I- year crio, round maple iable r maifrrvly and children's clothes. GIGANTIC GROUP garage sale. Hillcrest Court, Saturday, May 1. 9:33 3:00. Children and adu t ctoihir.g, vies plus to-se-Mare^, plants, drapes, shower curtain sers, snowmobile suits, bide, twoXS. rerr.naril s and patterns, a ho ^ kids' junk lable. Mo early sai«i •flmuM mui£\ 9YE VOU ^^~V SOWE . ^T? _/ ^^tVm^ctes 1 ^,^', 1 HARLEY DAVIDSON n^ HREP.OOF CHESTS. Victor \N™*J ' W" ~ For your rrtinishing call 734-7154. 734.30B. Lur.seen 1 Co. • "~y / j DAHLBERG HEARING aids RoJandson Hearing A r d Center, 71 So- Mill. Phone 734-5MS. WRECKER SERVICE, Khours call mum or 7J4WM. J.-n Interstase Standard. BETHANY, BEE Line campV -trailers. Frontier snowmob trailers, pickup campers, cove- and uppers, recreat'onal supply Gerald Benson. 2I3J34-5135 or ! ; 739-906?. g LEATHER BILLFOLDS ar,e e pws«. Double AA Western Shop I conditioners. Don's Sot Water Phore 495-7115. RitJwillt. ^MW\ ,. a HA/w \ BUDS BARN, Parkers Prairie, M"mn. Largest wpply ever o< artique furmiure, glassware and primitives. Refinishin^ furniture every day. We also bu/. Pfton*21l- 33S-61M. COUNTRYSIDE ANTIQUES, f urnilure, g 1 aiiwa re. We buy sma 1 1 «tates. Highway 59 North- 7342400. TREASURE COVE, Ashby, Minnesota. Buy and sell antiques, lurniture, paperbacks, sma 1 estates. 747-7198. COMPLETE LINE of antique urniture at F B, F Furniture Stripping. Vi m'de east on 210, % mile south Underwood, M'mr.etola. Phone 136-490.. HANNEMAN MUSEUM near Elizabeth. Free fl*a' markets Saturday and Sunday. We ad- miision to museum. '*U'DB£TTK\ SW T6ASiN6 _ THE CM I .J\ NSXT POOR J ( " m ~~r—^ Sr /^ fWL ^-fcVy I Lil Fergus Palis (KB.) Journal Wed., April 28,1976 13 TRAVEL | WANT TO BUY AIRLINE TICKETS and r«er WANT TO buy m,rvx>w irajrt Any vai^ns same prke at rr.e d'rport. ii^e 736 «10. D«rby Travel B.reau. JK M4 LAS VEGAS weekly departures Dcwntown or o^ trie 5lr;p Treat yourseM to a lun lime. Call is al Darb/ Travel Bwea-j. 734 W* e.surt ly, t alee me tra : n. v/e are tho area repr^eniative For Amtrak Cal us for reservations ar.d tickets Darby Travel Bjreau. JK-W4. resfrvatkxts in advance fix YOJ anyplace m [he *t>rlo. (No service fee). 'We have compfete hotel k>cation$' descriptions and rdtes for every wtiffe. Darb/ Trave &ur«au, 7^-5424. IF YOU see a, rcvr or vacation advertised in a Metropolitan paper inai catches your eye, call ui. The price «.n tie the same ar.d ii urm bemixih mere convenifrti few vcu ai Darby's, v/e repr/escflt e^ery cruise and tour company. Darbr Travel B-reau, 736-M3-i. WORK WANTED I Bicycle. 739213V DINING, DANCING COUNTRYSIDE 194 SHCIIy. We appreciate your tx,s'ness. Come and see Ruby t, Cy. TEN MILE Laxe £teakhouse. w inrer schedule, open Friday and Saturday S 30 p.m. Midnight. Sunday, 4pm -11 00 p m. Pnone !49Sft45 Da iron LANTERN CAFE, 323 Etsi Lincoln, open 7 a m. to mion^nt, iVomiiys lh/ SaiL.rdayi, serv-rtg Lvtak- Fdirs, d'nners ancf s.ppcri. Finest steaks, chicken ar.d seafood served i 00 p m. ro 10:30 p m. STUB'S DINING Hail. Saloon and Beer Garden, Bartie Lake, now open Friday and Saiurday ni^his Lcunse opens 5:00 p.m., Oirrng ircm 5:50 All Friday nighl meals 10 perceni oil. Sieve and Steve (^renaming >n ihe to-r>?e Frltfay nkjhl- Fear-. ring "R^aing High" Saturday, May 1 1 CEMENT WORK, Shilling, po> SOME SUNSHINE buddngs, remodeling, carpentry „ n ..., n . , r>_- or all types. Plan early, caifno*, KEAD1NG, Pa. (AP) - Prin CARPENTRY VrfORK, sh:r>gi;r>9, pole buildings, remodeling. $63- M55. MARWEG'S PAINTING and Roofing Spring is coming— we g ve free «!imal«. Call 734-5/93. DOZING AND scraping wo/k. Have a D! Cat. U01}&J2B225. PAINTERS. HOUSE arvd uttage painting. Efficient, experienced, reasonable. Free estimates. 73£- U46. EXPERIENCED EXTERIOR hot/ie pdini^ng. Contract or per hoyr. Call alier S.OO, 739-2601. BESIDES PAINTING, v.e'11 also contract just the scraping, s^r.dirg and caulking. Thompson Pa'nt)r>g. Pelican Rapids. M3-4&32. REMODELING, PAINTING, plumbifig- 7i8-2i93, 7M-7973. CONCRETE WORK, shingling, mooting. Chimney repa'r. 739- 2W2. HE'& LIA&LE TO COME WKHSK. AND MOVE WJR NOSE BACK A-^P fORTrt ACROSS «/DUR FACE! -f^vv^^^n^ ceived both good and bad new recently. Bad news was itial she woul be blind permanently. The dog who had been taken in by a lo cal humane society, was firs diagnosed as having congenita cataracts. So, the society raisei some (600 toward an operatic* by an appeal through a news paper. However, when the doj was sent to the University o Pennsylvania for the operation veterinarians there found tha she had inoperable cataract and retinal detachment. Good news was that she ha- been adopted by Mrs. Gar EberharL Princess now romp with Mrs. Eberh art's two othe dogs and two children. (THAT tec? wtr \) ^- — (g — , — LAls / -///»/ \ r i HELPWANTED Food waiters and waitresses. Apply in person to Pat or Ruis. Better's Supper Club. NOW ACCEPTING applicatons tor s$r irg and summer employment in kitchen and dining room. FuU-lime and pan-lime hours win tie available. Couniry Kitchen. COCKTAIL PERSONS. Apply in person, Becker's Supper Club. DAYTIME SHIFT. Apply *1 Quilt Stop Drive-ln. PART-TIME HOST or hostess wanted. See Mr. Nelson, Country Kitchen. PRIOR MILITARY service — earn UO-Ud a rrjyilh with Mmnesota Natx)nal Guard. We need your skill and experience. Call 736 53M. PEHSOK TO wait on laNes 11 * m.. 5 p.m. Apply in person it Normandy Cafe. OUTSIDE SALESPERSON lor automotive parts and svpp^es, Some Ktomotive pans and sales experience necessary. WrHe Box 1MB. Fergus FaKs. Minnesota. WANTED: THREE laundry workers, immediately. Thorn Unen. FULL AND part- time help for simple labor. Any age person'lor cleaning. Beth mull have own transoortaf'on. ATTENTION SOPHOMORES, juniors and seniors. Wanted pari- tfme s!ock persons for evenings after school and weekends. Must be a: least 16 years' old, must be net) in appearance and be able to assume responsibilities. Immediate opening. Apply in,, person at Scom Family Center, 130 West Cavour Avenue. An equal opporluniiy employer. WANTED RETIRED couple for work at Otter Ta^l Lake Campgrounds. Must have own trailer. Phone ERICKSON'S SEPTIC pumpfng service, Fergvs Falls. 73*-' 6290. If no answer caM 736-7621. WATKINS FURNITURE Strapping. Using Bix cold system. U mile East of YMCA. Oner Tail Lake R&ad. 739-2126. • SHOPONWHEELS On »he ]ob service. All types ot mechanic and weftfing services. A lo Z cus!om repair. 736 7308 or 589- F & F Furniture stripping and Antiques, u m.ile East on 310 - ^ mile South, Underwood, //inn. Phone Shop tlt-tm. 82! Oli or «5 1521, 734 242!. ELECTRICAL WIRING ar.d ser. vice. Bin's Electric. 739-293I. SMALL BUSINESS. Bookkeeping. Phone 734 4500. CONCRETE, WOOD'and sled. We 00 it all. Estimates upon request. R. D. Field Construction. 73*3013. CARPENTRY WORK all kir.ds, roofing, remodeling, additions, kitchens, liolsliing. UttSOi. Battle Lake. RADIATORS - HEATERS: Cleaned - Repaired - Recored. Jack's Radiator, Jack Nelgel, Hignway 59 Norm. 73T-2537. , WOLVERTON DRAY Live FreijM Haulino. IRCC. Home (219) m. M56. Olfke (ill) 443 2541. Cities <«i:i Rian Oil and MarLte. HAVE OPENING for full and parl- lime summer help. Ken lucky jried Qiicken. _ _ ONE FULL-TIME of part-time wailres* or waiter, nighishifl. Apply 'm person at Highway HoM. FULL-TIME COSMETICIAN, experience helpful, bui no) necessary, will tra^i. Apply '-n person, Worby'i Deparln-.eni Store, see Mr. ^hnson. ATTENTION COUNTRY Eleva'or Managers, Feed Dealers, Retail Businessmen, Farmers Lei, Peawey help you put tt into your present operation. Very limited capital required. You may qualify to become a Peavey Feed Dealer in your area. For more inforrnaiion write to Mr. Vern Charmichsef, Box US, LaXe Park, M'ntwso'a 5*554. _ PERSONAL TRAINING artcf leads enou<Xi to k«*p you bwsy, wHI make any man or woman of average inteii,x>enc«a9oodirvif>gw;ih us, if you can follow instructions. MiAT know how to dress, have a good ca r and be willing lo work. Write Mr. Sanolsky, »H) Holiday Drive, Moorhead, Mim 5&S40. WANTED BABYSITTER for I monlh old boy. 8 - *:» Monday through Friday. Call After S, 734- 6WO NEED BABYSITTER for 1 Small childi. starting end of May. Refer mces required. 734 72J1 after 5:30. _ OPPORTUNITY FOR retirement age coucxe (or ind;vi<JuaJ] wtx> like ihe outdoors City owned parX needs caretaker, now. Modest ma'mtenance cN>rn will cover basic iiv:-ng expenses. Mobile home on l'ie 'or living qua r lets. Contact Dean Brenner, Route ?. Herman. M : nn MI4|. Phon* 412677-2W6 after 3 p.m. __ PERSON FOR custom harvesting through summer. beg-nn<ng arour.cJ Vay « Phone 7M WU SMALL ENGINE repair, power and riding lawn mowers, rofttillers, sharpening blades and balancing. Sharpening and repa : r of chain si**. Garden tractors and snow blowers. 7W. North Spring en, Fergus Falls, Minn. 54537. Will pick up and deliver.- Phone: 734 7262. __ SEWER PROBLEMS? 24 hour service for all your sewer needs,. drain cleaning, septic pump : ng. new systems. 734 55*). Cntenail Sewer and water Servke. LETTERHEADS, ENVELOPES, business cardi, staiEonery, you name it. We'll do H in any size run. Bring us camera ready copy and ted us how miny. Secretarial Service, 309 Wew Lincoln. Dial 736404. _ SEPTtC TANK pumping. Herb Rostad. Greg Barry. 176 tWJ or HONDA SALES and Service, Fergus Oil Company, Highway 5? north and Oak Street. April 3Q*h is the tan day of the B4 Bike Bonus. Save up to UOO.OO. Open Thursday nights until 9:00 and Sundays 1:00 to 5:00. PICKUP TOPPERS. Trailer and eqiraliier Miches installed. Gerald Benson. 218-T34-5135 or 2187399093. FOR SALE 1971 WInnebago, 22'. generator, air conditioned, power everything. AM-FM radio, lape cfeck, CB antenna. Call 736-7574. WANT TO buy used boat trailer for 14 loot aluminum boat. Call 73661»5 alter 6:00. FOR MOTORCYCLE batteries try Genuine Parts, 31! Wesi Lincoln Ave., Fergus Falls. BOATS, MOTORS Trailers.hoisis. Duiker's Marine, Battle Lake. Phcne SM-llftS. FOR SALE: 650 BSA Chopper, bored out .COO, dual carburetors, twisted Springer front entt, oversized Harley tire laced in. Sebr^ngelectrical power unit. King ar.d Queen seat. tanX molded Into frame, chromed bushings, spin dies, etc. Sharp Vwk r ngl Excellent condition! Be&l olfer. K4-5476. FOR SALE: 1975 Mallard travel trailer, sleeps 6. Call even ings, ?1B- 267-3903. Urbank exchange. IF YOU'RE thinking ol buying a 1976 mo!orhofT-,e, mm'thcme, 5th wheel or travel Irc-'Ier, see your Cobra Oaler first. He has thf best lire of .Cobra products ever, all backed ' by our comprehensive owner M)Iif*ctory plan warranty. Cobra '76. the easiest way yet to make tht good lift yours. Your tocal dealer. Red River Mobile Hcmes, Breckenridge, Minn. Call 643-5878 cr **M291. Open dally from. 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturday 9*. Sunday 1-5. FOR SALE W7* Ccleman camper, sleeps six. like new. Call 734369S after i.DO. . FOR SALE 1972 350 R5C Yamaha, 1,000 miles on overhauled engine. Call 73 and door hoods. Buy direct and save. K'unber Awning, Fergus Falls. CORN FEDbee*for sale, tmaner or haU. Glenn Rogness,_739.«t2. ELLIOTT'S PAINTS at S S. S Decorating, 214 west Lincoln. Phon* 736 247J. BUY YOUR me*t at Retiab Acres. Phone 736 7016. Why settle for less? USED LATE model vacs, 7 ECec trolux, 3 Etectrolux carpet beaurlfieri, 4 Klroys, alto Eurekas, Hoovers, and FMfer Queens. All gu«r«nteed. Tyiver Vac Semite. T3*-KI05. FOR SALE: All electric gasoline pump for tndergrovnd tank, in real good shape. Phone 218-943-4734. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE C.B. sales and servke. Midland ar.d Johnson. Full line of antennas and accessories. Check us lor special prices, warren's T.v. _ FOR SALE: Maytag washer-sp:n dryer. LiXe new. Can mornings BARRY'S EXCAVATING. BBsements — Sewers — Gravei — Landscaping. Underwood, iMMri or Maine. 495 3?OT. _ SCKROEDER BACKKOE Service. Septic tank, drain fields, wdterlines. Call Todd Schroeder, Dal^i 5<94»1. Fergus 736715ft CUSTOM BOBCAT and backhoc work, barn cleaning, excavaiing, landscaping, sewer lyiiems, garden till-ng. Reasonible! Call 73*4715. _ STR1PEING — PARKING tott, cro« watki, etc. ReynoWt Construction. Underwood. <vj 2202. BILL'S PAINTING, SpKlalillng in steeples and (arm buildings. Airless spray. 73£-4&4a. DICK'S BACKHOE Service — Excavating. Sewer, Drain and Field Tile insinuation call 736 H59, D:ck Hanson. Rovie J, Fergus Fails. _ s ^ _ GET YCHJRsprlngpainlingilwted. Call 736-*407. Fret estimaie. M AND K Furniture Stripping. We'll do thM messy sir>pp : ng fob for you. . Please c*!l us al CHI) 739314$. Located 11 miles Souih on County Road 1 from Fergus Falls and 1 m'rle Eaw. __ CEMENT WORK, shining. Pole . Phone 73992M. ELECTROLYSIS BY Gena al Eunice's Beauty Salon. MordaY, May 3rd 73413d KAVEMUSTANGIoader.Poiebarn clesniig and d^rl moving. Ui 5!M Battle Lake. SCAMP Vacation trailer—Irom kit to complete * : r conditoned unit. See Thorn at II! East Juniin Ave., Fergus Falls. US SUZUKI, mi Enduro. good condition, UCO. W S1S7. FOR SALE 1H4 Honda W Irail cycle, very good cond;ton. S12500. 7345IS9. FOR SALE like new boal larp. covers IS'j II tri-hull boal and » h.p. outboard motor. 734472. FOR SALE 1«74 Starcrafl lent trailer, sleeps 6, completely equipped, new condition. 21114J SU3 ;j FT. aluminum boat and Shorelander trailer. Call Larry Jensen. 734 7S23 days. 73^7939 evenings. 1(72 YAMAHA 3». in good con FOR S'LE 14 Fool alum^um Sea Kir.q boal with 35 r. p motor. Phone 7W3MO. 16' ALUMINUM boat. 72" beam dee? hv.ll, M hp V-' Johnson. Teenee Irailer and skis. Excellent liVir; and skiing boat. 51,00000 FOR SALE IS ft. tri null 315 Lund boat, 35 horse Johnson mol'or, 1 Shorelander Irailer. Mooring cover. MinnXoia 55 dectr< motor and banery. an new 1975. used 3 hours Erw.n Pa'm, Ashby, M<tn 747-7915 FISHING BOAT IriXkVMd sale. 14 f(. Fisherman aiumhu-m. Reg.>. this load only V369, while quantities Fast. Champ4>n Sell Service, across from 8'bsoo'v EARLY AMERICAN rust-colored lovesea) and matching chii'r, in good condition. 736-5937. MAHOGANY CHINA ckjset, 67" high, 35" wide, excellent comtflion. S75.00. Phone 736-6476 after 5:00. PATIO CONSTRUCTION, wood, concrete. Can 736-3013. R.D Field Construction. Fergus Falls. BATH BAYS, *1«.95, Floor tile, discount prices; Mufflers, (4.95; Large decorative waui baskets,; R»1I roofing, mill ends, paneling Irrtgulari. S2.99. New stock bo Its. ni-ts and wawi en, most sizes. Ufftwiuerv material: Nyton, velvet, Hercutort, vinyl. Beautiful colors, fantastic selection. Over 100 rolls in stock. Vi price. Fergus Surplus and Lumber. 739-9782. 1970 KENMORE gas dryer. 1135.00. 73**3t4. ___ BUY OR rerj Water King water conditioners. Don's Soft Water. Phone 495 2215, Rlchville. FOR SALE new 1976 Confidence golf irons, ?-PW. MuM sell, reasonable. 736-5507. FOR SALE IMA Cessna 150F, 3,009 . TT, 1300on engine, ISOhows since T OH, full panel, A-l condition. S&38711. 4— H-ixS ft. cownters. 29" high with 6 inch legs, Formica top with sliding doors. 150.00 each. O'Meara's. CARPET CLEANING got you down? No need to fret antf t/own. Get Btut Lvstre ar.d rent eiectric shampooer. Scotts Store, Fergus Falls, Mttn. BATHROOM STOOL and tank; n-.isses' dresses and pantsviis, sues a and K 736481S. SHAKLEE PRODUCTS - Quality food supplements, non- polluting household cleaners, beauty aids. 736-4118. FOR SALE: Beauly Shop equ*p- ment: 1 shampoo chair and s<nX, 1 adjustable cutting and styling chair, 2 dryers, 7Vi (ooi Formica top caNnet with drawers. Ail in good cond.lion. Telephone 7U5&3- 2676 Henning. FOR SALE dehumldilier. 150.00 Portable T.V.S95 oo 2*5gaikmfuei tank. Set of chrome wheels and tires for Chevy pickup, 6 rx>te, 15", IWOO 7364471. 4 GOODYEAR radiall. HR 70 15", excellent condition. 7U2396. FOR SALE 98" blue and green brocade couch, tutted back and Skirted, new condition. T34-260*. FOR SALE car tape deck wilti 3 Speakers Call morons) v 739-9700.. FOR SALE good used barbed wire. Phone 7364742. _ BUY, SELL, Swap, Trade - you name i|. Use tew cost Journal Classified Ads. I GO AMP VICE i WOPLDUMESS i YOU — WKAT oo YOU PO? TIGER

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