Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO At*TER.S(»>G. ^Through love to liRhl! Oh woiidcr- • : ful the way That Icnd^ from darkiicHH to »^hp Prom durkneHH and from miriow of Ihoi night jTo mornftjiijUhat comrs sinBltip - o'<T;tlic sea, Through lovf to llchi; ThioiiKh light. Ci Opd, lo ihco. Who art the love of lovt-. the eternal light of light. • —-Richard Watson Glider. American ^Association of Unlrersltj- Women JleeJs The lola branch of the .iVnierlcan , Aasoclation of University Women • :riiet Saturday afternoon with Mr.s. A. M. Thoroman at 511 East Jackson avenue. Mrs. W. H. Adderson and Mrs, "Burney Miller were the assistingj hostesses. Plans pere made to hold a liinch- eod February 11 at the Baptist temijle. At that lime the Ft. Scot< ."branch members will be guests of, the cl Jb. i The program convL-sted of a talk- on "-C Vic Problems" by Mrs. Guy M. fLs met, and short reviews of t- modern books by club members. iThe 6 members attended: Mrs. G. jr. rrombold, Mrs. T. E. Nordgren, Jrs; G. M. Lamer, Mrs. D. U. 3urtn( tt, Mra. A.1 R. Stroup. Mrs.; y.O. Hanson, Mrs. E; W. Myler, J4rB._ C. t ; Goldsmith. tWrs. Marie BeiiderBOB, Mrs. Hazel Ma-^Bon, UI BS Alberta Thoroman and Miss Koberta Warner. • • ,• \ • • * -i- * . ' <8ti~ Timothy's Episcopal iCbnrch. School Party *The BupeMnterident and teachers at St. Timothy's: Episcopal Church tehool, Mrs. A. A. Schell, assisted -by 3aiS8 Ivie Hall. ."Mrs. Lucy .Slmp- I Bori 3aini<fflon and Mrs. A. E. Rsir- \ lax, presided over a parly .Saturday night in the home of the lal- t«r. In wMch the Ic*<inK K UI P of n jnembcrahip contcHt iniirialnod the wJnncfji. - ;flames were played. aii<I lu'honor Ot the birthday of liohhy .Schell. ^hb'was nlno years old Sin HI day, a birthday cakb mounted with'nine cahdlcH centered the. dining lalilc at which refreshmenlif wert' scrvoil. i The pupils present, were: Dorli: Lamer,[ liorothy Gonlim, Rclty .Jane Ckllaiian, MarBuerlte Barker; 'JJordthy Hair, Ernest Hair. DIcki Callahan, Hobby Scholl. Woodlev Gordon, Billy Goodale. Goorgcj Schell, Claudo Ballielt and Jewel Xiinter. . : • • * . .City Clab Sprini?tlme Dance •- The "Springtime", dance which yWas. given Saturday night in the Hodem Wqodmen jof America hall, under tho '• auspices of the City fclub, a new organization, was attended T)y fifty dancing couples 'andj more than one hundred spec- itatojrs^ many coming from out ot town", i i The'hall ;was decorated with apple 'blossoms to represent the fpring season and a feature of the prbgram was\a vocal solo, "Apple Blossom Tiintf in Normandy." sung, by Kenneth Smith with orchestra jac .companiment ''• The; dance next • Saturday night Trill be In the form of a carnival vrith a forCuno telling booth and other carnlyal attractions, and a Iballooa daijcc will be a- special ieatui-e. Mrs. C. 6. Luccock js, president OT the clubi Kenneth ^mlth and W B musicians, the "ore jestra: Ar; Ihar Duggap, floor maiagcri and Dewey Starji^ assistant floor manager. . * * • Jnnlor Moments Jluslcal CInb A meeting of the Junior Moments ]iIUBical club will be held tonior-! roW; afternoon at 4:.10 o'clock inj Library halt when: jslans will be made for fit? first' public recital which will be held the evpning of February 3 in (lie I're.Hhyterlan church. MIsB.Lyndllli Gcery. spon- abr, will mcsPt with tlie cli^b. • •J* •J* At the Presl)yl «T/Hii Church Jii the morning hour of wotshlp yesterday lai the j'ri'sliylerlnn church, tlie? communion of ilm liOrd'H Suppt 'T was observcrl. One tt«w member wan re^qlved. Mr. ,\i C. Kerr Hang In ii 'very effective way, "Rock «>r A«<s." by Rciuick, The meditation by lJr.,Maihl(» was ion the t'-xt, "Wliosoever tloos not bear his < TOKS and coinc after me, cannot be my dlsdple." The young people's clioir .'mng' for the evening worthlii. The an- | them was- approiiriatc and the hymns had'In them the ring off youth that i.s ever an uplift to those who listen. The sermon was m Heb. 11:6; "Wllliout lailh It impossible to please him." The attendance at tiie Christian idea%-or meeting and Sunday .ool was -good and tliese orgari- .Uonfe'curried forward their woi;k an .enpouraging way. The inter- Chitistian Endeavor \ furn- J! special music for the de- period, w lich was a • piano Miss Lori Sjnith leid the or Christian fendeavor on the ipic, "iVliat Diffe ence Does JRead- the Bible Ma te?" and an in- THB lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY the tdvatitages that come from the church and yet are not interested in itjs support in apy form. Others in varying degrees accept tho mes- sugci but the fullest rewards to the the church will be held, at which it is the duty of all the meml>ers of the church to be present, ar- coi>liini lo the views of the pastor. T!ie officers elected are to be con- ihditidual and to the church do not! firmed at the fourth fumrterly c(jn- froiji wit.Iiout and within.* God gave us pronilKes, llu? eonditi(ui of whicli If inel|. will fortify us against and litlp us to overcome alt discour- ag<'llients." Sofne of the IhlngB he mentioned itit heing especially in need of diviiii' assistance lo overcome tlierii were,:- hesetting sins, envy, un- cli;»rJtnl)|i'nes» and anxiel'- about what we are to eat or wear. These | promi:-cH are God'.s, made to hi.'* friends and are sufficient for the need of every day. in I lie evening the pastor gave an addrcis.s on "Enforcement of the liaw Against the Liquor 'Traffic." •:• •:• FIrH Jlethodlst < hurch Sunday was a good day in . the First -Methodist church. The:day bephn with -a fine attendance' at Sunday school and with a fine" offering.. At the morning service, the pastor, the Rev. C. I. Coldsmith. spoke on the riubj .'Ct, "The Holy Spirt." com! imtil th.'re is such acceptance as leads to U real harvest in character and life, were the lilgh poinjis' u'f his sermon. At the morning service, tlic choir presfiiied as the anthem, "I Sought the \MTA," by Stevenson. Mrs. Done Kilihe sang the solo part of the antlrem. Mr. I'niil Hirchard sang, "Go|n' Home," by Dvorak, as (he offeilory. At llio evening service the tholr snng, "One Sweetly Sof- enin Thoughl." iby Ah)brose, and Mls.s f'larajllrowii sang the H (do inj fercace which will be held next Sunday evening, when the district sniH -rlnt> ndent will preach. • -> • HIrih Announcpincnl Mr. and .Mrs. Clifford Barber announce the hirlh of a daughter on Sunday morning. Januaiy 15,' at Wichita. Kans. : .Mrs. •Bari)er formerly was .Miss Pauline .Mnffilt. • • M the HuptM Temple There was .i gain of eleven in i- II e ienipll Holy Sp thein ouC newj era. asized the :fact that the rit was promised by tlie Master Am\ then ciime to work a irausforiiationi in the life and character' of the di.sciple.s and seiid flaming evangelists of . T The early church was a church t.k' the Holy Spirit and was under fhe leadership of tlie Holy Spii-lf. .Peter, Paul and Barnabus as well as others Of tlic early Christian leaders were continuallv lied by' the Holy Spirit. > ' vAt the. junior ^jpworth. League service Mr.s. Hundley had a fine grolip of the. younger folks and led an interesting and helpful les-son for them. Miss Maude Stafford spoke lo the Intermediate group in tlie diolr room of the church and pointed out the necessity for individual effort in life for the accompllijhnieni of Iheigrealest good; to oneself arid t.o others. The senior Luagiie was iled by ilr. Carl Sarifin oji ".\'ewd Frontiers." , A| 1 (he! evening servUVillie pa.s- lor i^poke on Hie "I'aralde of the Sower." There are those who take Hie antheiii. One of the special rthe Sunday-sebool aiienilane.t :,t fealiires ol! the evening was tlre:tlie BaplisI Temple yslerday over organ preiiule lo the service, sev-[that of a week ago. which w.ts a oval selections being played# by ihopeful sign. .Miss Knola Green. Itirth Annonncenienl. Mr. and -Mrs. Wallace Smith announce the birth of a son. Sunday afternoon, January l.'i, at Tarn-; make enough points so that jia. Florida. Mr. Smith is with Hie Portland Cc^ment Conipan.v at Tampa, and .Mrs. • Smith Joined him there sev- erjil weeks ago. • <• • TrhiHy Melhodlsl «hnnh Tlie Sunday, schools at Trinity and (!as shov/ed an increase over preceding Sundays, and the church services w.-re well attended yester- daj. Ai the morning hour,- the Tlie World Wide Giiilil girls went to l.allarpi- last night and put on a missionary drama. They -are gelHng near llie end of Ih "ir year now :ind are working very hani lo they e.-iu froiii may rei.-iin the eoniiieiiijv dclabriiiii which they look Topeka last ye:ir. .Mr. .Mberl Peterson. advalin re |)!-esenlalivi' for Mr. Siiiida.v is iri the city today and tonipht :il the i'resbyterian church will address a i!ia ."S meeting- of iill wli.i ar;' inlercRled in Hie eoniiiig Sunday evangelistic iiieclings. Thos< wlio .-itlend ;iri' asked lo lie Ih -ii -i )>roniplly al T:.'!'! ;is .Mr. I'eler.ion pa.i;or, the Rev. J. C. Wilson, made couiiielled lo leiurn to SI. i.i.i.i.. a direel appeal lo his people to pre- j on lb - Sunnower at .S:;!ii i.i-lorK pare ihemsolves and the 'cinircli j loniglii for the oncoming evangelisllc cam- j The: union )>i.iver iiieelini; will palgn under the leadersihip of Mr. !'»<; held in lli<' I'reshylerian ehiin i. Sunday. Mr. Wljson look for his lexl. in the iiiori\ing. Isa.' 4:31. and tlie words of Jesus as recorded in .Mat. 20:0. Hie former te.\t being. "Prepare ye the way of the Ixird," and Hie latter.. "Wliy here all the day,idle?" .\t fi::!i) the Epworth League enjoyed a very fine book review by MiFs Cleda McGuirc. The League is (ngage'd in studying "The {'hrist of tlie Indian Road." by E: Stanley Jongs. For the evening siihjcrl tile pastor us d as his (heme. "Clirislian T'ns'irishness." Hie text tieing from Roni. l.''>,:l-r!. "For i^ven Christ pleas(>d nhl himself." Tiicsd;iy evening of l|iis week the llliiial elecllon of all: officers of Wednesday eveninu. and will \v I IM I b\| Dr. Sowerliy. AdiUtinnal Society on Pa'ie ;;. EndaCold ~ 111 1 Dayl , -\ Act qtiickly in a cold. It may Ic^d to grippe or flu. Break up a cold within twenty-four hours. HILL'S will do it! Combines the four great requirements. St «p3 the cold in a y day, checks the fever, opcna the bowels, tones the Hill S entire system. Get red Ixwc today at any druggist, 30c. »10p» HIIX*S Colds C«»t «T« — BfoniJe — (hiniae ^ I T Ills j.s the Week that the women of Ann.'ri('a'KO to their Tavorilq stores and buy their new Smock.s for Spi-inj?. dediate lied th btional luet. ercsting meeting Bf the discussion ices al. r. B. was the result jdf the topic! Church The Sunday scHool at the TTnlt- Brethren churcfh was well at- 'Hie New—The Beautiful and The Unique Styles of Smocks— In a Specially Arranged Salt TAP.TING tomorrow, and contijiuing throughout the week, "Smoek Week" will hold .sway in our store: a display of ^mocks, brilliantly beautiful, in their riiewest models^ rich new colons and dainty fabrics thiat will be in vogue for Spring. ! And to add still greater attraction to "Smock Week," ajiccial prices will prevail for this week only that will appb'al to all economically inclined women. « jib the Christian mixed quartet,. Audrey Crook Bd^ as Was al Uddavor nveeting I''the morning osed of Mrs. ley. Miss Lavoli Fisher, Mr. F, Busley sang a jand impressive • and Mr. GeiJ |ifery -beautlftll ttunber.. |i At the" evening iervlce Mr. Gieo. iBley and Mrs. ^rcd Klink sang ,,duet.- > ip!he subject of the morning scr- by the Rev.' E. N. Montgomery •"Ile^rtenlng promises," The chpso as his text, "As thy are, so shall thy strength.W," uL 33:25. He said in part: . [;J!-"Li{e fa an endless chain ot prob- aqmfan^ di^coursgemeatsIxith -f':: \ . •. -. • • ' i ...••^^v Sometliing entirely new in "Home',' Smocks; the charming "i 'rincess" niodel;^ Hiif swaggery "Aviatrix" ;i n d many, other dlstinttively dif- iferent methods will he given their showing during "Smock Week" at our store. $1.98 REGULAR $2.^.5 VALUES See Window Display Window- Display 6; JANUARY 16, 1928. fr —:— ] T • — : : —T ^— • AS iYeOft of Successful in lola January Sale : Children's Rompers Values lo $1.8.'; at $1.00 Tl\c Year's Greatest Economy Event Starts-Tomorrow Morning Practically the Entire Stock Sacrificed A Powerful Ci^ Sal^ of Ready-to-Weai- and Yard Goods January Clearance Sale of Silks—Over Ijm Yards Grouped in One Bigr • Assortment. S;tti4 CantiMu-. Kljit Crepes, Plain Cantou Crrpes and I'rinled Canfon Crepes in Kftick. .Navy aiui colors, %?>SM QfT lo $i.Op Sllka lladiciilly reduced to, per yard . «Dl««/tl J .1 A :{:{-iil colors. itrocpKled gatiii and '^ilain silk faliles in a good big ran br colori;. Janiiary Sale price per yard . Nf ver Before Have Such Remarka))le Silk Values Been Offered in lola able, about h-lim yards of Flat Crepes. I'riiiNd Canlon-;. antons. etc.. $:J .:t.-.. ?:{.r .o an4 ^J One .Satin radically veilnied lo Are ly popular shade, an ideal silk for giiural iiiiliiy or dnss-.uii frocks. I'ricod /'radical iiiid serviceable. Ifor Jaiiuary Clearance per ya^d I-01 t < KU- SHKi Lot 2 c with a \jax .-Vc^ that sol Lor men's a> linen; h ^•orn(^s Genuine Honan Pongees :h "fub Silk iii Urocaded patterns and plain (I* | AA regularly priied 51.5(1 yard. January Clearance «DA»l/vf $1.69 Brocaded Failles, Satin Failles, Crepe Failles II placed in one great group for rapiil rlenraiic-i'. In $1.69 HANDKERCHIEF'S Greatly Reduced Slightl} Stilled and .Miissed from Handling, usists of Women's Handkerchiefs that sold at ISVie. .lanuary ("learance price ^. ^ . insists of ,Kancy Embroidered Corner.-^, wbiie jouch of color, IHc to liOc values, on sale at. nsisls of one assortment of better Haiidkerchicls "I pT _ I up to 'l'>c. on sale while they last at AtH./ consists of men's ami . women's Handkerchiels. The (• In plain wlille and colored border.-; with ncal cinbroiil- erod Inpial In corner. The women's handkcrchief.s are .-ill pj^irc I 7b lOc mstilched, appliqued and with ni-at enibroiilcrecl regularly [priced .'iSc and 3!)c. sale price _ 25c Two Bhr Oiifvlanilinir Hosiery Val- nrn Offered In this (•'real Clearancc Sale. Heorge Fry's lioine at -li'l Soiilli One big assorline.-t of <-Iiil Ircn';-! .'iOC'value I'ony ftii;i)ed Ho.'ic-. .;|ou- bl.c knee, bee) an-I ioe; 'n bhak aii'l brown— 15c pair One lot or AVomen-s I 'liri- Tlireail. Full Fashioned Silk Hose. value, black n)o:!tly. January price — $1 pair Every Remnant, Every Broken Assort- $1.49 One Group of Silks IJrMi;, n ioiK. short yardage, reduced to - S1.95 Oil.- I'Jicc Skinner's Taffeta. $2:75 vlane. One piece Skinner's famous N OI Satin. $:i.7.'> value. One piece Helding Satin. $S.OO value. U piei'es, T> lo 8. yards in piece.' of Roger Thompson Shantung. .Vil placed in one lot and ail priced j QK for Janij-fr.v Cleaiancc at pei; yard ._ «Dx»I/0 i'-.M to values. Duvetyns.; one of the .-ieason's I 'nost pop- lil.'-r' faln-irs for dresiic:;. Several' dress lengths of C(v:!iiniii Ve!vi-ts in dark c')lors. reduced to I 't '.y Wed Drcs-s Gootis and Wool Coatings Now During This Powerful Pricie Reducing! Sale. Oil'' Itit of •ii:-'.nch. all wool Spcirt Flannels, an importcil Eng- lislr f:il)r;<- in Si)ort ;ilri|)cs but of soft tones, /4Q l{egular;$2.;i5 values m.irked foi- clearance at . , U> J.»^»/. Oil" piriji- :iiily. S:!.!ri value Freu^h .Sergi' Januaryj('!e;iianc<'-rrice !. - itiK- picrit; only Sl.fil' value, all wctol tViatilig f>4-in<-li. Jight I'lue ."^bailc. per yard ^. . , UuV pi<-(5' only |1.:;.'> value Janiesfown Woolen sp4rl pl.-^id suiting, per yard ... •. , - mi" piii-i'-only. ifl .'i.'. v,-!luc. t!ray_Storm Serge in. iiichc^ wid". <ill v.od!. per yaril - . Oni- piccv only, pliiin color, all^u^i'ol imported, •lo-incli Rrench Serge. $2.7.'. value at . . ... Sev|'n pidces only, all -\vool Coalinij. plaid anil plain colors. .">^ inch'.'.-! wide. S:i..';t) to $(;!rii) values at $1.49 $1.00 69c 69c $1.49 $1.95 Yon nill;have i» come In earl:; ti« get In on tltese, dj-j AA II iinlj.Size 'lis'A Tape^slrj li;riiri|d rugs, each «JX»Ulr 27\.VI, Hear} old fashioned Hit and .Miss lla^ Kuf^s AA extrai>rdl|iar> vn.lne.s-. limited ipmntily at .__tDx«UU IP only. Ouil, high colored KaKiHiigs In Yellow, QfT Orchid. I6»se, etc- ftM value all _^ 1 tDX.I7ti 2(1 Onbi 12x11 Beautiful Velyur Pillows, all dark serviceable" coloi-s. Re.gularly pjriped at $1.59 AA Janu:a->S ClcJirance Price, each ^_ tPp-i vFvf i only fiftieslry Hassocks -, ^P-j AA $l..'".n vahie on yale at — „ «Px.UU mei^t Earli Must Go, So Plan to Come Down January Clearance Sale of Gift and ' Toilet Articles %\Mr, Ch $4.50 C 'h 7.'>c npx $.1.00 $f..OD Sil line JOhijiiton's Shaving Cream :)itc COIg lie's. Shaving Stick fiOc Slllliiinn's Freckle Cream Mary Garden uiiil Colgate's Talcum in cans.. $2.00'('ei laud's Hhn d' Quinine Shampoo $1.00 i'e laud's Eau d' Onliilne Shampoo $l..';o jll^ieral. Uiva Facial .Mud .- nt/ Lamp Sh.idcs niz I.rfimp Shinies d Stationery ?1.2!» i\ck.Pi\ Stationery kk Sets, Fountain I 'i -n an«l Holder - 20c Cim les .Ic; 2(»c Candles Slick Holders yer Candle Sticks . :i:.c .'>r *l.l!» tilh- .'.(Ic Jl.'ie I9c 9 .-.C Away Down Deep Wf buried tho knife when we came to the Wash Goods department. l.flOO yards of Gilbrae, Merry Maid aiitl Queen Ann Ginghams, Yard- wid€f Raj'ons with neat figures plaids and-- stripes. Actual 56c, 59c and up Ito 75c values. January Clearing Price per yard 347 Ya 33-l6cl urns, '80 Andcrsoi plaids H ds of Gertuine Serpentine Himona Crepe In the beiutifjil Oriental paltern.s, one of O'T^ the niajiy big Outstanding bargains in this .sale £d * .50c to 69c value Dress Ginghams, discontinued pat-, terns, <8o|nc of th^ famous William Anderson and John '^^p imongp them, fine mercerized finish, yard ^tPi/ EXTRA SPECIAL (While Present Stock Lasts) 5 Bolts, ab^ut 800 yards of 30-inch beautiful UAgerie C|repe:19c a yard, in pretty spring colors. Roke jerie C|r t, Pinl|, Maize,. Peach and Nile. Just in Time for the Spring Sewing Bo t after bolt :of French Valenciennes Lacfes and In{ ertions,! Pl4t Valfs, etc., regular 10c to O ^ liM taces, Janq^ry aearance t»rtce, yard .__ OK, January Clearance of! Linen Huck Towels, B^h Towels and Odd Assortments of dinens All Radically Reduced, M)x'M) While Cfocheted Hemmed Bed fl»1 AA .Sprearls, cbcceptjonal quality at i «DX»v\/ S(>.\!)0 Kriitibio I?ed Spreads, cream iolor with colored .striped hemmed, at , | t/C/ S-l.\!i4 lli-.-ftined Crocheted .Spreads (P't OpT v.liite only. Jenuary Clearance price- '- J tDX»^tl ;.'0.\10.S GcAuihe Candle Wick Bed Spreads in Rose. (PO QfT and Cream'. Orchid and Cream. $3.98 value at SixSl Genuine Stevens hummed .Mairseilles Bed (PO QP* Spreads iniwjiite only, heavy quality. $.3.7.'j value at ._<D^»J/tl An e?:tniordinary purchase enables us t'o offer big two-thread liaili Towels al remarkable savings. 75c value, extra long KflA exir.'i he.'ivy quii.iii.v, plain" white Turkish towels at tlW :m: IJig iipiendid quality Bath Towiils Spi'cially priced al . -1 - : ^ •ir.c White and Novelty Plaid Turkish linth T O-A-P I K on sale a! .. —:. . 15 dozen lifs't quality. large size, plain white Hiick I 'owelK with red bordeiT .reniarkaiite values at .... 72-!nch Imported English. Satin Finishv' Mercerized Tabic Dainask in Gold, Rose ahd Blue, regu- QQ^ larly priced $1.50 yard, January Clearance OI/C ir..- value,'l7-ilich Collon Twill Roller Toweling ...Illc •jt>i- vitlne. iitooth Holler Toweling : l!)c ."ific .\ll l.imn Class Toweling . ._ ; 'Mf r.Or Kxira Jlcavy double thread Tui-kish Toweling ..5MH' 39c 29c 10c Sheet Special xls!'ii S..;iml(s;-, Hlriirhrfl Wiililnrr ^ Sln'i'ls, oil r'i'lilc fM:U -. • • $1.00 Buy Blankets Now tliat will Ivoli .-ible Blankets, blankets stand every sevx-ro test. Heacon-cot toft and wool mixeil, shown In bcauUtuI plaidi^ sold in every reliablT ile- parlmcnt store in the I'nitcd States al $5.75 a pair. I'ricerl 5f!uring this (PO QO sale at per pair wOmTJO Cnt^on blankets in pretty plaids at — $1.95, $2.25 S2.95 $5.75 lleacon Iti -th Robes (PO AfT J.-iniiary Clearajiqe price , . «nO*J7 «J January Clearance Sale of Draperies :i."ic and ."lOis values, yard wiiic heavy Cretonnes J-j'JUh* $1.';!5 value;-Sunfast Linen finish Pufi|an Art Cretonnes --_$l.00 $1.00 v.'Mue.; .36-inch Cretonnes and Auto Sirp Coverage 7oe $1.00 value v^uto Slip Covering and tJretonnes fi9<' 25c value. Sunfa.sf Drapery Net and Cretonnes ---^ ---19e 30c yard wjfle Silkoline. plain and figured 20i- January Clearance of Curtain Netfe . dots in 17c SVsc fine lot ^6-inch Marquisettes In plain and clipped white and cream, regularly priced at 25c and 30ci January Clearance price — One lot of Scrims, white and cream with colored stripes. January Clearance price, yard One lot of dotted Marquisette in white only. 36 Inches OQ/» wide, regular price .35c and 50c. January Clearance rnvX^ One lot of curtain Voiles and Nets, cream cdlor only 50c and .59c:-value, January Clf^arance price J . 39c Lace Curtains Reduced Quaker Gbld Net Curtains trimmed in heavy .fringe, size 36x2»^ yards lopg. regularly priced at $7.95 pair ^' TI Q'^ January Clearance Sale price ^ -J: _.. tPtF.J/tl Same curtain in •15-ln.x2U yards loijg, regularly ~ (P£» priced at $S.95. January Clearance Sale price . «DU»»7*I One odd assortmen one pair in each asso of lace curtains, one-half of a pair and tment 1 Pair $n .5Q Gold Ndt Curtains reduced to -—SSW*."; 1 Pair $3.50 Cream Cable -Vet Curtains, reduced to — |8J>.'< I Pair $4.50 Cream Cable .Vet Curtalnfe reduced to -_— J—<BM* I P^ir $4.95 Filet, cream only, rediiiped to H,-iA -. 1

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