The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 28, 1976 · Page 9
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 9

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1976
Page 9
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THEY'RE ALL IN REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES Fergus Falls (Mn.) loori.l Wed., April 28,1976 12 Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising Ihe DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible lor errors in Classified Ads after the first insertion. For corrections, dial 736 7SI3 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. MACHINERY OF all kirwrt Trecwr pans T.rev ireareo pom. Roman Rofrs, 51I167W11. and 410, t rovrS; Oliver 5*0; 1 John Deere LLA u fr. drill, inierstaie Inc., Sales and Service, Fergus Fails. Mjin. V.HiTE AIR plar.iers. simplest p'anter available. On hAva t, 4 and « row. put or | M I oar. Interwate inc. Sale? and Service, Fergus Fails, M'rvi MULCHER FQR d!sc$ and Held stare inc.. Sales and Service. LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanted. Any sir Have out cl state or<?trr&. Can pa h'^riKi prices. Check our price before you id I. 33 year* e dependable service. Gordon Nes Hector, Minn. M-M-llll. LIST YOUR lives-cck for cutter processi.-.g. Killing Monday TLfe&dayandWedne&ddrS. Call B Martinson, Phone 7347014, LaV Region Industrie*, NEW COLUMBIAN 2?00 tushet price. Lnterstate inc. Sdlei and ^ Service. Fergus Falls, Minn. "] 6 OLIVER un:i plar.lffs. Fnterstdte Inc., Sales a.-.d Service. Fergus Falls. Mir.n 7M AND 300 ga'lon field sprayers— J ar.d hoisis. Jim Brill, Route 1, « Fergus Fallv Mir.nescta. ?l» 73« »52. FEED-SEED CONTACT US for top prices on sunflowers, market grain and seed. Kn»pp Seed, Fotfyjme. Minn. 7W-33WW 6*35412. FOR SALE reg'siered Evans and Common Switi soybeans and registered Snob'ro millet. Robert Jen nen,2ie- 736 6390 PIONEER SEED corn, alfalfa drvd mrghum. PeierionJI and 15 brand soybeans. Clinton Olson, Evans ville 218 9«-21«. WANTEO TO Duy good aKa'.fa hay. 736 6767 SOY PROIEIN (or l«i! Use full energy soybeans in yotr jivKtock rations for a 10 percent advantage in efficiency. One ton of full energy Soybeans ft as a.n energy value equal to the combined energy in one ton ol commercial soybean meal p^s a half-ion of corn. Full economrcal and hfgh performirtce protein Ava'labJenow ai Farmers Gra'fl and FeeO, Ertia/d, Minn. 'MM SPRAYER FOR rent. Chemical* for sale. Farmers Grain ind Fetd, brhard, M:nn. S4S^«. <4?-5}«. AUTOMOBILES RUST PREVENTION for your ne« or near new car wiih guai-anteed RuSlop Corrosion Proofing il 1975 DODGE Dan Custom 4 door tedan, slant six engine, aulornat'-c iransmliilrjo, power steering, demo wi;n 4,000 miles, yov ca.n reaJiyiavehundredsol S Won IMS one. Fergus Doo*c.e. 1975 DODGE Coronei Custom 4 dooi 1 sedan, V-B, automatic trans m i ss'on, power steering, rad o, brar.d n ew, only or'.e left . Sa we WH FOR SALE 1975 GMC Blazer, 4 wheel drive, excellent. 495-3440. FREE BUS* (or Minnesota Motor customers Leaves for down'own Fergus Faus every 15 minutes, 7:30a m. lo* a.m. ar.d on the hour through 5:00 p.m. FOR SALE: IJ73 Ya.maha 750, 1973 Grande Prix. Both in excellent corx-filion. Call SOT H17 after 5:00. FOR SALE 197! Bobcat Wagon. V tf, power sieering. po*er brakes, 13,000 miles. 7392933. Mv5t Sttl soon. AUTOMOBILES ".J67 2 ctoor Plyrr^uili, slant 6, new Barter, clufch, valve [06, 155000 Pnone 734 W6. FOR SALE 1974Clievea«Mdlibu, 6 cylinder, a'r, 38.000 mites, 12,500. 73?-?6*l9 mornings. FOR SALE 19W SuntMam Alpine J V, convert:bl«, 4 cylinder, 4 speed, overdrive, new top. 739 937J morn. ings. ' ".967 FORD 2 d«r hardtop Gaiaxte 500. Pr.or.e 734 7935. Toronado- Will lake best offer. Submit bids (c Don or Bill, NonJv western Bank CHEVROLET NOVA 1973 H»;chback, VI, automatic, power «eerir>g, priced to Mil. Werner's Aulo Sales- miGRANTORtNO 4 door, viny] roof, automatic, power steering, radio, sir con- d : tion'm.g, Wym'S 12monm, "i2.000 mile gvaraniee. Wornw's Auro Sales. 1967 CHEVY Irnpala, 4 door, 313, aromatic, power sseering, power SALARY EXTENDER Trirs 3 bedroom bungalow has a finished basement apartment. El lermi. Moen Realty, J36 6969 or alter hours 7M7U1, 7M 434*. COMPLETE SOMEONE elie'i drea.m, N.E, location, beautifully landscaped, lowtr level of 38x40' ipilt foyer. Corner fireplace, 2 bedrooms, diih^airiw. carpeted and draped. By appointment. Miller Realty, *!7 N. Fn&erg, 736-3931, 7M6515. 3 BEDROOM modern home on Hj acres wiin acceti to Otter Tail Lake, rteciric heat, fgll basement, ideal location for retirement or small business, Maifno, Bait Store, Auto Repair, TV. Call 718 3M 47M. E-L-M Lit) NORTH OAK HAVE YOU smelted co-ntry air on d sprng morriirvg? No? Wen con-.e out loday ana see tnis imrr.aculaie spirt revel 3 bedroom wiih ? car garage dt city's edse. Moen Reatty. 73* 4969 or after nours. 6 7141 or i4»4. FOR SALE 4 acresof land. ?M *?03 TWO 2 acre wooded lois near Gii arc Bfdch i.n Battle Lake. 476 6704,864 5*26 alter 6. ALMOST NEW Tfals-ls a 2 year old borne, on a large corner lot and beautifully decorated. It has 3 bedrooms, large living room aid double REAL ESTATE SALES HEAT RETREAT Tr.;s spoils* t bedroom bungalow w.ll be a pleasant surprise, rocwnj' (0! wiin trees. Mow Really. 7M 696V or a'ter ccuri. 6 7 HI or 6 *J54 COMPLETE SOMEONE frLie'S cream, N E. coumryside location, wauiiUly landscaped, lov/er levet O l n*&' split foyer. Corner f'r epiace. 2 wdrotyns, dishwasher, carpeted ard rtapM. Oy appo.'nt- menf. Miner Really. *\J N. Fripcrg, ?M 3531. 7346SIS Easy to maintain 3 bdrm. attached garage. Drive by 1315 bungalow with newer to-low Foothill Court and see. shag carpeting. Reap the ROOMTOSPARE rewards by improving on the Four bedrooms, Three baths, walk-out basement area, large Jiving room, family room $23,500 includes F.H.A. or V.A. and all the extras that give financing. RIVER OAKS Gorgeous river view from the r£n. rm. or deck highlights this 3 bdrm. split foyer home with super traffic flow. H9.9QQ. RESORTi CAMPING n 'FOR SALE lO'-i acres, 1500 ll. ol lakesr-Qie, ? modern doub'e cab'ns. modern ho,se. 6l2»i-22J5. • JOURNAL ADS bring r LIVESTOCK AKDhorselrai:erj for sa:e, all lypes in st:xk. We irace and finance. We sell corral pantss. DtMJDle AA Wesiern. 736??76. WANTEO TO buy: Feeder p'gs. •Veal Goodwin, Osakil, Minn. Ph. B59 2495. V/ANTED: MORSES >nd pcn:«, broke or inbrcke, also a.s;>fa!ed horses Rojer Kraus, L.-ng, Prajrie. 612-732 *.?70 ' WANTEO TO ruy — good clean irxrer i*;;;, a ibs. and up. Nesrand* Feeder Pigs, Fairfax, Minnesota. Phcne 50M2& 7336. FOR SALE Pioneer-perfcrmar.ce- tmed beef bulls, d!l breeds. 739- 21C5. Edwin Eide, Route 2, Fergus Fall*. FOR SALE Chester Vtoire boars. 220-240 pour.ds. Good meat lype* Ready for service. Ross Rettfe.', Coir.stock, AAirwiesoTa. 218 585 4]J9. FOR SALE 13 br«d Angus hewers from registered vgck. :o call aro'_ryl Jur.e IM. Also Angus bJls, . ot serviceable age. Lawrence J. Ar.tftfson, 2V, milei Scuih of Erdahl. 573-22S8. FOR SALE '/^ Appaloow mare, broke to ride. Call after S p.m. 734 2150. FOR SALE cow to freshen first o! J-jly and Charrjlaii heifer, year o Phooefi WANT TO buy pur ebred Ar.guS bull, must b« breed'ng age. 5W-81W Daiton- TOX-0-WIK OILERS, da>y, beef and r-.ogs. Free service and delivery with your insecticide order. 1501 Cedar, Alexandria, M'-firi. Phone a WANTED TO buy baby calves. Glenn Redness, pnone 739-9292. FOR SALE real nice homemade 1- horse traiser, in excellent con dviion, U50.00. Contact Meriderh Herman. Vining, M : nr.. W-438S. W HEAD cattle, 5 Hoiste'-ns, 29 Guerr\seys, springer cows ar.d heifers, wed he.lers and open heifers. Wiii.seii VOLT choice ol IS or more cows to go as Lnif. Dcnn'.s Leitch, Under*cod, Minnesota. B26 6?J5. FOR SALK: international 400 trac- ior, wide Iront, wilh r.ew Paulson loader. Sell as one tnit Greg Fros:ee, Virvng, MJr.rvesota. 7691384. FOR SALE: John Deere«4A planter. Also herbicide attachment for *94/. planter. Phone 346-2661. WANTED- MINNESOTA Flair cr*> l*ix No. 130. 7587750. IHC IS90, \Y mower cond r t : orver, year old. like new. S3.2W; No- 513 IHC W*6 drill, S2.4SO; Jchn Deere No. 6M p:rjw, S-1S, SAM; *S5 A planier, needs repair, 1500; irade and deliver. Vance Sherman, Richville. rtS-KSO FOR SALE: Ford 581 d*««l. John DeweA.WDAlliswilh loader.MM itS, MM IB, MM AZ, MM U, Farmall M with \orttf, wheel digger, used wagons, garden tillers, many other implements. Sian Woe Ford Sato, Battle Lake, Minnesota. FORO TRACTORS for sate: 3000 gas wilh loader, 5000 d!«el all- purpose wiin cab. 7500 row crop. Stan 7Ace Ford Sales, Bairie Lake, AVnnesota. FORD SALE: Ford A row corn planter, mower cond'iioner, S bar rake, balers, 7' mowers, bale ihrowers, rnanyoiher implements readyfor immed : afedelivery. Sian Mo? Ford Sales, Baitfe LaXe, FOR SALE good heavy bright Larger Barley. 345-3393. AUCTIONEERS DEAN J. Si 11 en*}, Ikensed and oonded auctioneer. Rothsay, M'nn., M?-223i or 736-3717, Fergus Falls. LICENSED AUCTIONEER, Oiartes Trane, Pelican Rapids, W3-1131. WARREN E. Beck/nan, auctioneer, Ph- 826 6937, Underwood. AUCTIONEER LEO Kugler. Phone 734 7712. EMERY OTNES, Licensed Auc- lior.eer, 5*2 W, Cavo-jr, Fergus Fa'.ls. Minn. Phor.e 736-5713- AL JEDUCKI, all lype sales, specializing in farm and livestock sales. flS-3139. AUCTIONEER CHARLES Clauson. Clerk, Clauson Sales Service. Check our rates and serv'ces lirsu Phone &i3-4277. Pelican Rapid*, M'-nn. LOW COST — besi refill, that's Journal Classified AdverMs'ng! PERSONALS MISC. FARM TRACTOR TIRE vulcaniiirg and repafrirg. Pron-pt servke. Call 6* 6503. K a.-KJ K Tire Service. SOFT WATER: 2,500 gallons per load, delivered anywhere. Holidays ar.d Survtiays, 17.00 load extra. Call collect 715 r?l3 or ft- d915. WJS. Obe/r Hwg- THE WADENA "AM Crop" Sik> •features colored roofs, swing plywood doors. Equlpr^enl packages. C»ll Ul 2527 for more in/ormalicn and prkes. LET'S GO tfie best, bo:h haylagi and s'lage. See ihe laiest in feaiures, go Rochester Silo Inc. Call Johnson Repair Shop, 7 FARM BUREAU rr.embers — Need liresor catteries? Check our pfkes first. Phone EiSow Ldke. 645 «i5, your Firesione ar.d Saiemarii cieaJer rn EHMW Lake JAMESWAY POWER Chorir.c; equipmen! ar.d parts Hfrjiing NEW HOLLAND eqjipmen! tor sa!e; Spreaders, balers, grfnder- mrxers, haybines, rakes. Stop and k»V over OIT toT. Stan Mo* Ford Sales. Battle Lake, M : rn«o!a. FOR SALE: Lindsay self unloading chopper bo* with rutuvrxj gear. 837-5534 Sebeka, Minnesota. SILAGE CHOPPER box, 1 roff chopper, Minnesota No. ilO spreader; 13 foot Oliver disc; John Deere blower. Phone 472-3370 Seije'na. FOR SALE Chevrolet 3300 I ruth, good motor; IH "B" tractor for parts, good (ires, also used Farmhand. Carl Johnson, J5314M. IHC "456" J-row ccrn planter wi'Ji feriiliier attachment and in- sect'c^de, good condition. IHC 4 ro* cultivator for IHC "H"or"M" tractor. Mrs. Harvfy Derby, Elbow Lake. Pnone 612-2U.2U1. WANTEO FAST hit for InSfr- national J50 Mu5t be in good tfiap*. M*nze Bros , OueriaiL 367- 7MO 3 BOTTOM Oliver plow en rubber, J75 00.9-ft. John Dfere di$3#r. 0!d Voline rro*er, semi mount, J70.00. 736-4671. INTERNATIONAL TSS baler arxJ bale bi^cher, in good shape. 589- MARY KAY CovmetiC!. 73^5313.', GUESTS COMING? Falls Motel — AAA approved — Geanl'ness, comfcrt, economy, color TV. 7365401. _ NEWGQ.BESE grapefruit drrt pMI. Ea F satisfying n-,ea I s and loie weight. Falls Drug. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE V.ustang Gtiia l»74. ak corvCitoned, ratals, loaded, U100. tween 9:30 ard 4:33. 1965 CHEVY Biicyane Siation Wagon. 3 speed, new tires and battery, good condition, make an oifer. Pnone 734-4W. 1974 PLYMOUTH Saiellile Sebring. V-J, 2 door hardtcp- $2,995.00. 7473290 Ashby. 1973 OLOS Delta H Royale i door sedan. Clean. 747-2280 Ashby. TWO BRAND new 1975 Dodge Dari Swinger 2 door hardtops, slant six engine, aromatic transmission, po*er si eering, or.e with a i r. Going at cfose-out prices. Fercjus Dodg*. 1975 MATADOR 2 door coupe. Lots of extras. 15,000 miles factory warranty remaining. Below bocV. 826 6655 after 4:00. OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS S 1973 3 door hardtop, vinyl roof. radJal tires, tint glass, po#er s:eering,350 V-8. Wynn's U-month, 12,000 mile guarantee. Werner's Auto Sdles. CATALINA 1970 t door hardlop, vjiy] /oof, tilt wheel, air condition'ng. poorer steerir.g. radial tires. Woriwr's Auro Sales. •70 CHRYSLER New Yorker, 4 door hardtop, V-B, a.tomatjc, power steering, power brakes,'air conditioning, excellent condition, TDW mileage. 7392476. 1944 OLDSMOBILE 1 door, good motor, needs transmission work 1965 Rambler 6 cylinder, automatic; 1967 Fo'd 4 drior, 2W. power steering, brakes. Best offer on all. 736J443 after S. brakes. Good corvdiiion. ShVjeys SrajxJard. Rothsay, Mirjitso'a. 1973MAVERICK 2door, autcmaiic. economical 6 cylinder, rad : ars, excellent condition. 73T3505. FOR SALE 197^Matador 2 door, red with power steering, power brakes; 1971 Maverkh, 4 door, automatic, averages 20MPG. 7397024 197* PINTO Wagon for sale by 1 orig'nalbwner. Mustsell! 7397342. 1974 OLOS Cull ass ? door hardtop "S", automatic transmission, power steering, factory a"«f, V8 ervgine,c-nly 25.000 miles, excellent ccr.cKtion, SU50. Phone 21B 739-3381 or evenirvgi J1S-736 5162. FOR SALE 1974 Impala Station Wagon, a'r, power slewing and power brakes. Call 7363594, Fergus Falls, 1022 Jefferson Place. AUTO PARTS I REE HOT-LINE Service. Weh«ve' a d reel wVe w:ih over 3W auto- truck ar.d tractcr salvage yards 'm 7 stajes. And oiler low mileage drop in motors lo 1973. All makes a-.d sizes. Car and truck lr«ns missx>ns. Car and truck rear endi. HOOT LAKE Lake living is super with this 5 bdrm. California style home featuring split-stone fireplace in L.R. and downstairs rec. rm. Lots of glass overlooking the parklike grounds. $77,500. Enstad-Larson- Mapfi, Inc. 127 S. Mill PHONE 736-7591 After oil ice hours call: VeraF. Johnson: 73S-3fcO BiHBehrens 739-M3S Roger Olson 736-3756 WHY LOOK through all ihe old homes in town when you could own a r.ew Wausau home. We provide a complete selection from $20,000 and up. Come down and look at our mode! home or give us a call. Christiansens Inc., Elbgw Lake, Minn. 219-M5-W7. DON'TTOUCHATHING Just move into this spotlessly clears 3 bedroom rambler, beautiful kitchen arvd eating area. Yard wen-landscaped' custom draper central a'r, double at. t^Oied garage. Moen Realty, 736. 6969cr after hours, 6-7141 or 6 -OW. DUPLEX WITH 2 bedrooms on both floors, exce!Jenl income, 1 block from downtowm Banfe Lake. Lew related and comfortable living. List with MLS brokers, Tht MLSts the best way to sell your bouse, Lbtwithus. PARK REGION REALTY 325 West Lincoln Phone day or QJ te 21&-736-56U BY OWNER 2 Vory, 3 bedroom home. Has formal d'nirvg room. open stairway, on n'.ce corner lot. Near Elemeniary School. PiTced Tower 20's for qukk sale. 736-2663 anytime. Ill STORY older home, 2 bedrooms downstairs, large lot, double garage, fruit trees, close lo schools. Phor.e 73* 6»2. 1 ACRE with 2 oedroom mobile home in Underwood School Dis; rici. Moen Realty, 736 6$69 or Milt Paulson, MOBILE HOMES n 3 bedroom near hospital. Fettires new etectric service and assuma&ie mortgage. Early possession to qualilied buyer. Phone 736 5439, Lake Region Realty. Even'ngs 736 2-J70. RED RIVER Mobile }Iomes has a large display of mo^le homes on hand, new and used. Gas, oil cr en-en total elKiric healed homes Prkes s^ari at DM5 and tp. We invite YOJ t-P to take a look at our, w*-.ere Roll-A-Homeis k : ng " Reo River Mobile Homes, Brecker.ridge. Minn. Call MWt cr 6*3 4291. Open daily from 9:00 a.m. lo 3:00 p.m. Saturday 96. Sunday 1-5. 8*24 TRAVEL rra'ier, excellent lor lake cotia;e, reasonable. !244?3J L'nder^-ood. MOBILE HOME owners notice! Yes, we *ill take your mo^le ho me 'n en Trade, on a n ew rrocf.ldrh^xne wiih lull basement. With or w:rnout garages. Use your mobile horr.efcr a down payment. Up to 30 years fir.ancmg a.vdilab!e. For mere information and catalog, call Vj. Doll, collect 612 547-2456. Long Prairie Ho-nes inc. FOR SALE — '73 14x65 Oetro'ler incb'le hx:rr.e, e^ce.ienr condition; set up and skirted In Detro'l Lakes Park; extras, SEN. Call 847 373? afier 5:30. V.OB1LE HOME anchoring by Northern Minnesoia Winrie Co., Siar.ley and Tom Hagen, ois^riwrfors. Phone 736 242J or 739 Bodyparts.DsVota'sreatfrngscrap. • $30-5. Call Erickson Realty, Dave won yard. Phillips Fur and Wool Ellingson, 164-5613. . Co., Wahpeton, N.D. 1949 CHEVELLE Walibu 350, 3 speed, good runner. Also 1974 Yamaha 350 Enduro, 1100 miles, excellent. Phone Pelican Rapids, CUSTOM SPRAYING — Wll 00 crop spraying of all tvP« whh Spra-Coupe. Call Donald Bergerud, Route •*, Fergus Falls, 73A501B cr 736-4763. _ FOR YOUR concrete work, polebarnv garages, etc., contact Bob NordicV, Fo*horne. M'nn. 7« NEW TRACTORS: Quantity 2 of v;nite ^150, 7-150. 3 >X Used [ractcrs: White 4-15Q; Otiver !£55, 73S5. l«S, 1355. l«i. Super 83; M=n- reapolis /.feline Jet ?. S Sfar; IHC 46D, IHC H: Case KQ; Cockihult W3 wiui loader; John Deere 730. Interstate Inc. Sain and Service, Fergus Fails. DAKON ROCK p : ckers and rock v.^rVouers inlfryaie Inc. Sales arvd Strvk", Fergus Falls. MOWER, JOHN Deere Model 205 Gyrarrix. Tr-ree pom1 hl1th. r.ever used. S5SO ne-«. Will sell for HSO 7379537. REAR END biat.'e. &', three por.l h : lth,ne*. J100. 739-S537. H' FIBERGLASS BOAT, O hcrse motor, new trailer. Must sell, !«3201. FOR SALE IW8 Ford Wagon, runs good, body fair, »75. 7M-32M. FOR SALE 197* Ford Bronco, V-l, automatic, power stew ing, well below book. 747 2J15. 1964 FORD, runs excdlenl/ good condition, cheap. 64X 1126. 1975 VEGA GT, very sharp, low mneaqe. Phone 736 4W1 after 6 p.m. 1973 GMC Sprint, excellent con- d;t«n, 37.000 miles, steel belted racial*, a'r cond-'iEcned, a'r lift Shocks. Call 734 7631 after 6 p.m. FOR SALE 1966 Chevrolet 6 cyl'nder, automatic transmission. 736 5W9. '74 VOLKSWAGEN Bug, ne* condition, priced reasonable. 73924/6. •74 CORVETTE T-Bar Co-jpe, all Cplions. cons r der trad*. 7393476. FOR SALE m? Suzuki 4 wheel drive, jeep siyie. exceiienr condition. 736-35*3. DAIRY EQUIP. EQUIP. RENTAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Ctmnrl. corMractcyj, fa*Ti, garden, par.t. ing. decorating, piu-nb'rg tooli. anfio'r,«r Kiuipmerl. Ferg-js Fain Rental Cer.'.tr. 7ii 7BK SAT. - MAY 1 * 4Z BUU.S Swum * 13 HFIFEK CALVES * 13 BRtD HEIFERS • M YOO'G SPRINOrXO COWB DELAVAL DAIRY ar.d Cl*y Equipment. Sa f « arnt service. Johriscxi Repair. UMVERSAL PJPELINE milkers. sales and service. Ai&o used eq.-'pment. Douglas Co. Co OP. Brandon, or Peri".am Coop Oil. Pemam. WIKPOWE3 P.T.O. farm siand by ^weraitvs. For rrfe on the larm araSysis wr'.ie rx pf-on* UKn W n power Services, inc , Ulw, M nn. Phone 3iei94fc524 SURGE DAIRY equ pcrent. Ml« i*rvite. Contacl i,s toe all ol YOW da^-y r.t*dl. Htrjiing Surge. PATZ BARN cleaners a-,d (e*d hindiir^ equiDrrenl. Fw,Xhw»r Ecvip-nent, DaMoi. W^.nn Evening* SA9&U2 MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. RED HOT PICKUP SPECIALS 1975 Ford F250 Ranger, 4 wbetl Small Dealer Small Town BIG SAVINGS THOMPSON ' Sates ft Service Ashby 747-2280 BERGER CHEVROLET INC. Chevrolet Saks and Service HERMAN, MINN. 677-2277 677-2276 76 Chev. Sporty Scottsdale, 8,000 miles, H ton, shortlwd stepside, orange. IS Chev. ?i ton Scottsdak, 17,000 miles, green. 75 OKV. li ton 2 wheel drive, air, IS,000 miles, extra sharp, red-white. 75 Chev. 4 wheel drive, 350 hydro., power steering, red- white. 75 Cliev. Van, 6 cylinder, automatic, power steering, 9,000 miles, captain chairs, gold. It Bronco Ranger, 4 wheel drive, V-8, antomatic, power steering H,OM miles, blue- white. 74 Cher. Suburban 454,3 seats, hydro., power steering, hloe- whtte. 13.MI this week. 74 Chev. Vai, shag carpet, icebox. air, blue. 74 Ford H ton TIM, V4, automatic, power steering, air, white. 73 Cbev. > 2 ton, 5 cylinder, 4 speed Kith topper, 4G,IH miles, gold. Chev. J i ton, hydro, power ' ;, 350, white. ton, 350 hydro,, PERFORMANCE — ECONOMY headers, manifolds, camshafts, carburetors, automatic irans mission kits, shifters, wheels, tires, gauges. All ma!or brands. Ar uin'S Shop, t» 6133. FOR SALE t Arisen 14 inch «fie*)s with white lettered t:res. Call 7Jft. 7477 after «:00. AUTO REPAIRS .WALVATNE AUTO RtHir, »our economy and quality muffler center. Exhaust and tailpipe bending. Lifetime guarantee. Dial FM-jIl^jil w«t Gvilavvi. TRUCKS N EW 1976 Dodge picVups on har.fl, 1 '/zton, ^iion. Club C*bi and *- Mtieel drive rr^eis. Immediate delivery. Fergus 1?76 GMC light arvd med'uni d-j|y : trucks en hand for immediate delivery ar 5up*r GMC Truck . SalM, HTjhway 59 Soufh, Fw&us - Falls. _ 1 973 C H 6 V Y C-l B, automatic, 307 VB. Heavy duly suspension. 747-33IO. Ashby. 1966 CHEVY U Eon, wide box. & cylinder, 4 speed, 52.000 miles. Excellent condition, great mileage, 51330. W?i37I Ernardv FOR- SALE: 1974— V| ton GMC pickup, only 13.000 mSles. Phone 589-U08 after 7:00. 1973 CHEVY Luv. B«l tfltr over S?,000. 7M-2773. 1972— -»i ton GMC 4 i*hert drive V 9 pickup, new lires, A-l mechanicar. Super CMC Truck Sata, Fergus Palls. FOR SALE Chevrolet \96& p-ckvp. C-10 '-j ton with mech. A-l; self. propelled mower, tiVe new. Telephone 739-9633. FOR SALE 1951 Willys Jeep, gcxxf condition, electric winch, canvas topper, enlra parti. H75153. PETS, SUPPLIES SHOPPERSGUIDE drive, 18,8* miles, SO V!, radio, power steeriig, power brakes, automatic transmission. Navy Wire finish. 1HS Ford FIDO Custom 4 wheel drive, 15.0H miles, 3d V8, radio, power steering, power brakes, 4 speed transmission, steel belt radial tires. Red and while, 2 tone. IS75 Ford FZ5» Ranger, 23,08* miles, automatic, power 73 Chev. steering, power'brakes, air 51,000 miles, bronze. conditioning, radio and 73 International 3 i ton, 1211, auxiliary gas lank. Blue and white, 2 tone. 345 Y-8, aatomatic, power steering, 19^» miles, red. TYPEWRITERS THE OU:CKE5T *ay 10 «ll d>-y!h ng w 'n a lo* coif Want Ad 1J?5 Ford flit Custom, 2t»* 72 Jeep 4 wheel drive, V-8, miles, 360 V8, automatic automatic, power steering, transmission, power steering, Wagoneer, real clean, power brakes, radio. Blue "69 Ford '.j ton with topper, WENDT'S TROPICAL Fi»i Cet'lar, 412 West Bancrofl. 736-4375, Monday through SafurcJay, l-». REGISTERED BLACK Labrador pwpp'K- Fine hunUr>9 stock. Even dlsposhkyi. Call 73^&561. _ FOR SALE: 7-*e*koW Sarrvjyed puppies. AKC registered. Errest Johnson, Campbell. Minn. 211-349 243A. ' _ FREE TO good home, 5 week old puppies, l -~j German Shepherd and '3 Norwegian ElVhound. 1166704. 164 5A?A afier 6. _ REGISTERED CKESEPEAKE puppies, good huntkvj i'otk, ex- cellenl d-spoviwi. 7345*50. FOR RENT [ FURNISHED 1 bedroom ftpart.* mmis available ai the River tnn HolH. 3 BEDROOM dvplex, Fergus Falls area, walk out rec. room. Fake ftccns, on main road, room for garden, S17500per mont^. Pmr.e WOLVERTON DRAY LINE Foxhome, Minnesota 56543 Freight haulinglrom Twin Cities. Minnesota permit carrier. Twin Cities 6)2-446-969) Office 218-643-2541 Home 218-736-6456 finish. greeit Your choice of 32 osedpiclraps, "* 7 ^ tv - l ' ton * v **. easy to buy if yoc get here first! •™ ril * ul iiu;»vc TUP BCCT ALWAYS THE BEST SELECTION TN THE OTTER TAIL EMPIRE AT YOUR CHEVY TRUCK HEADQUARTERS. WANTEO WALE to Share 3 bedroom mobile homt, 145.00 a month 7392600 PROOF THAT good things still come in smalt packages. 2 bedroom cottage, carpeted, some furnish'ngs, 75' x 200 1 level kit. Wall Lake, Miller Really, 417 N. Frtberg, 7363531 or 736 6515. SMALL 1 or 2 bedroom hgme with large tot. Great rental potential. 51B W. Douglas. See tatte after 6 p.m. Sold by sealed bid* enoVng UPDATED OLDER 3 beOroom in Underwood. Surfaced sireel, all aiteuir.erts paid. M-|[er Realty. <I7 N. Fribws. 734.3531 or 734-kS15. STORY AND V,. 3 bedrooms, located Northwest area, in spotless condition.Moen Realty.736-4M9or SOUTH LIDA lakefront. Newer 3 bedroom, except ion a! lot and view. Wifl consider renting. 218-589 *479. FOR SALE: S acre wooded tot near Jewell Lake. Ideal Icr horses and oard«n. 739 9190. THIS DELIGHTFUL ranch has much to be provd of- Ihe in. comparableviewof Hoot Lake, the woodtxjrning Ifreplace, the private deck. 3 bed rooms, 2 bains. 2-car garage, spacicu* grounds. Moen Realty, 736-69A9 cr alter hours, & 7U1 or 6-1354. FAMILY GOT ROOM-A-TISM1 This common "need room" disease is ccratle. see this IS bedroom wild formal d'ninc, e'en, rec. room, family kitchen. Moen Really, 7364U9 or after hours, 67111 cr «i3U. FOR SALE by owner, assume contract (or deed, 4 bedroom, Asfl by 111 2111 before 5:00. After, 7«- 1SI6. SMALL ACREAGE Close 10 City. Everything new, 3 bedroom home. Pole, barn, garage. Call Joe Joroenson Really. 736-6903. Evenings 7362113 or 736 J2J! Member MLS. WE HAVE more buyers than houses. We need listings for 23 l bedroom homes. For prompt, cueteous and experienced service give us a call today. Moen Reafty, 736-«69 or after hours 754 7UI or 7 34 CM. FOR SALE 3 bedroom and den, n*w carpeting. Comptejely insulated basement also. Basement paneied and cai-peted, larg* Col and shade lre«s Phone 734 3513 after 7 p.m. TWO BEDROOM home close to all schools, large lot, fruit irees. <15,yOO.OO. Call Joe Jorgtnson Realty, 736-6W3. Evenings 736-2113 Of 73* 3223. Member MLS. NORTHSIDE: OLDER home offer ing lots of liveaMe room and at a price HI fr.e low 20 p s. Sec or call Jo« Jorgenson Realty, num. Evenings 7363!]] or 7J61222. Member MLS. OWNER SELLING: 3 bedroom, recently redecorated, drapery. I 1 .) baths, large private. tot. steel siding, large screened patio, attached single garage, excellent location to all schools. V3J.5CC CO ;js 1271. WELL DECORATED rambler oilers gracious living wilh 3 bedrooms. cen!ra!ized Eraffk plan, liv'-ng room w:!h fireplace. The Vilchen is appliance equipped and offers family d : nng area. Finished rec. room, single attached garage and large deck. Mnnesola West Really. 62236. Evenings 734 3«v EXTRA INCOME Large 2 story presently used as d.pfex.CFoseto downtown en large kit with double garage. S27.900.00. Pnone 736 5419, Lake Rcgkin Really. Evenings 736-24/3. :CONOMICAL HOUSING ina good neighborhood. Your decoraiing Know how will transfer this 3 bedroom. Level kn with garden space. Garage. 112.500.00. Miller Realty, 417 N. FriOCrg. 734-3531 or 7366515. OR SALE 1 bedroom rxjuse in Underwood on double lot. Phone 1266143. ARGE 6 bedroom home in Hfn- ning. Large living room, dining room, kitchen and two baths. Antique oak woodwork, srair s and built-m china "closet. N'ce corner ol with, large garage, only $23,00000. Dale Erks Realty. B«x 346, Battle Lake. AVrm. Phone 0648116. GOODrYEAU 1 1 TRUCK THiES BALANCED From 13 inch to 24.5 inch CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 739-2261 9SM rerg-.s Falls TOM'S STEAM CARPET CLEANING And Janitorial Service Restore your carpet toanewfinish. Free estimates. Fergus Fails 736-5598 END PAINT WORRIES M.SIDiHG Jiijmn « siEtt • • 1 SIDING -EAVES mi^V 1 rJltCfSK'jITUI ^k^l HIIUU UT1EK VAj CHiCUCliSiKCU ""''^^IVI Ctlkilose Fiber InsulaSonWf 8lo»n in side wills and attics -FreeEsfimales- 736-7253 826-6731 K^liiB K4X3 l^t^lB FERGUS FALLS MARK ROSTAD ^ Ford * ton, short bed, V-8, slick ove rdrive ereea. « i""i ^ ffjSnder 3 soeri Ww. P ^' MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. PHONE73W331 ] 1-2', ton tracks left in slock, 3 tandems, twin screw. 4) Used cars, 1 year or 1J,HX) miks Wysns Warranty on select ones. 74 AMC Hornet C, automatic, 15^H mlks, 4 d»cr. Just in, like KW. 3 BEDROOM houw lor «r e . Coo trxl lor *rtM will rml. II3SOO moolhly. fli E. Vcrnon. OtUW. OFFICE SPACE, jrourd level, JOO sq. fe«, air cor.diT'cned, u1illTi« r parting 7Mtm. L*ND FOR tee Hives ky r«it, Dallon v« 1K7K2 liter 5 M FOR RENT: 3 room «>wtment. private entrance, and garage, Wathison Hesby Agency. PTx}ne: 73A4W5 PASTURE FOR rent between A.H. MORRILL Co. ReM EsUIF. Ferjv5 Falls. PhoM734.SW4. AI6V1 "BJM" Mori-ill. HOME BEAUTIFUL INTERIOR Featuring 3 4 bedrooms, all ««tric «nil level, features lormal dining, extra large rec. room, 2 car garage. Moen Reany, 734 4«» or after hours, 6-71JI or 6 *1S4. SUPERTUNITY Br«Kt new 3 bedroom bungalow neslled in nice settled wej, fa»ly close in, hurry to pkk your carpet, don'l worry about selling yours. Middle Lake and Thorson Lake, trade it in. Moen R»lly,IU4M«or aboul l» acres. Phone 1«-2i7]. afier hours. *71«1 or 4-ijH. Vox cues V ccn gel 'r.e best :cr >-ou At The Gong Center a 'r.tye o;e iro;iy f--^ 'h ; ngi ^e do tnol ^Jrl SPORT CARS FOR SPRING 1972 MUSTANG, Bfijlil red, V-8, Finer shift, very clean. 1972 GRAN TORINO COUPE, Silver with bUci ninjrl rpol, factory air, new paint. 1969 MERCURY COUGAR, Sher, inyl roof, looks and runs peat. 1969 MUSTANG, V8 4 speed, ready to sell. 1968 BUICK SKYURK Gransport, 2 door hard- lop, bucket seals, low mileage, »ery clean. 1968 C«E«Y 1MPALA, 2 door, hardtop, autoaitic, power steering, low OTHER FRESH TRADE-INS 1972 OLDS VISTA CRUISER Waton, 9 passenfer, lactory air, very clean. 1974 MAVERICK 2 door, automatic, factory air, priced to sel. 1972 GREMLIN, One owrei, low miles, 6 cylinder standard, very economical. THIS WEEK'S DOORBUSTER 1975 FORD F250, Automatic, power steering. 2 door, one owner miles. ON SALE ONLY 53795. THE GOING CONCERN \ta cfcrays came out ahead BOB MOORE FORD LINCOLN-MERCURY 326H.lincoh Ph. 73$ 75)5

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