Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1928
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•c c M r-. 'o ."';gK.v IiCAL S0iCl2TY»i, TAe REGISTER'S Circulation records op^i to public inspection at any time. CIRCULATION is theonlif Commodity a Neicspaper Has to Sell Its AdvertisersJ'j VOlLUME XXXr. No.'71. .•»m-.-.s-^.r to The l>.illy ReRister. The r^ilv n .Tonl and tola DHIIV Index. lOLA, KAN.. MONDAX EVfiNING. JAIJCUARY 1,6;. 1928. lOLAHOMES ARE LOOTED BY ROBBERS T. 0. Ca^atsey Heaviest Loser in Thefts Here Saturday Night FRY HOME~ENTERED Theft of: Tires Also Are Reported Over the . Week-End ACTION TO PREVENT FUTURE-WARS URGED IN WOMAN'S SPEECH Washington. Jan. 16. (AP)—Co-prdinated action among the peoplek of the world to prevent future wars was urged today by ilr.s. Carrie Chapman Catt, in an address prepared for the thh-d conference on the cause and cure'of war. "The npxt war.", said Mrs. Cntt.* ' ; —. "fs certainly mmluK down uiifn JrHalie.« beiwi-i-n these five ns witli the pitiless rirtuiniy of i piit-lawinic war as ' amontf an a\-alanch« unless aii/1 until «e.'ve.-< would break the PROGRAM Fj9R BIG SHOW IS dlVENTOBAY I Elaborate Plans Given I Out for Poiiltry and Corn Show fhe Weelcly Register. E-staDllshed ISfiT. The lota Daily Register. Established 1S9T. EIGHT PAGES OFCOLOMBIA Priva e Committee Has Staifted Enlistment of Men to Help alone ihein- hat-kbone! there are rock-ribbed treaties i of present day war." |)le<lKing the civilized nations who. I .Mrs. Dan Everett Waid. former led bv tJie ereai powers, will aisree presidenl of the Women'.s Hoard of; J _,i , , ^ /-v . m between them- Forelffn .Mi».Ion» of North-Xinerlca ' ActivitlCS Will Continue'^*'' "M""*"*" "listed among ai-tximplishmpnls in j •TOOPEN WEDNESDAY MORfe. ^ARINES ACT to renoume selves.", ..Mrs. (*atr declared that "defease is needed ant| there can be no practical opi>o«iiion to preparation for defense."- l)ul .Oie added that the worlil cvn:-tiinie in reality the war powir- of tile world. an<l •f"o\ir: thefts in lola over the week-end netted the .culprits more than H.tiOO In loot, according to re- jKirts lecelved at the police station. .^1 the home pr T. O. f'anatsey, TH Kasi Madison, robbers inade the bigftesr haul when they e .t- cupcil with jewjplry valued at about SI.<i{iii while, the fanatsey family I •iVici away frolji home. When .Mr. tfinatupy arrived at liome about HI <I'(1OI-1; Saturday ti!;.'!it he beard a ba<k Kate dose jis li.' WHS jieitlni; out ot tils car .Xu investigation .'•hfwrd drawers i luiued out and tho Jewelry missing.! Dry and: Wet Leaders Use The robbers entered by pryinK open — — — a rear window. The loot included ii karat diamoiid sti.k pin^ a man's jro'd !\Valiham waH 'h... a larly"s; .«apphire riiitf. studded with small! Washington.. .latt. i.\P. The diamonds, apd a pocketbook con-^ ..j^.,,,,, ;,„„ivers:,rx „•• ti.e' eiuht- the way of avoiding war during thej past year the Cnited Stateh' con-; duct iif the .Mexican negotiarlons. ^ The conference Is being attend- Urttil Saturday Night T>e Kdncational pro.aratn l<> be Reinforce -Troops In Action 'tho five so-called great powers of by prominent women repre-,j.,.,, :,, (.omiection with the ANNIVERSARY OF CUBA PRESIDENT PROHIBITION IS WELCOME^ GROUP FAR FROM QUIET TO CONFERENCE Day To Further Their Causes COIil^ sentin« various orBaalzations a*^-|;ind poultry sbrin at ha I' live in peaci> work.: _|ja ««:ii> bask iie-n definitely _ 1 jOUllined o> the committee. There 1 will be someihinK of ; ^oinj? !oi' ev^ry hour <it the t'me from I Weilne'siiiiv nii>rniiii! until Saturday, leveninR. ' Tile public is invited to visit the !show roonfT at any time and is ' weliome to be pr«-sent while the 1 ludgcs are workln:;. The jiid:;>s will be n ad to answer (|iiestioi-s at any time and to help exhibitors. , .Ml <if the -taied meetings will be informal, and evcrynne iS in- . viied to attend. : • I'cople should lienr in njinrt that the Miiow is ealirely free tO all. _anil ii'-i are inviie<| to \^?lt 'be (.•\P> - Stress-• show as of '-n as .bey care to. The (.\lrt ma. Colomida. .Ian. 16. jirivate I bnmtlttee ha.s been formed herejto aid younK men uesirous of ^oins to NUa- to enlist iiv the force of tino .Sandinb .in order to aitalnst ar'ihed interven- by the Tnlled States in sua. "Kl 1<lempo.""a lo- wspaper. discussing the Idealism, Fraternity and Go-operatioh Given As Aims rajjiia .\u(jnij "fight tioq" .\icar:| t al- n .N'icar|puan situation, asks the Eov^riiment to define the attitude to be taken by the fi^lom- bian iJcliis to the l'an-.\mpri- «•:••> c( <an a di.-fu^ M'NARY-HAUGEN BILL TO BE BASIS OF ALL- FARM RELIEF STUDY Washington. Jan. 16. (AP)—Thee revised McNary-rfaugen bill will be the basis of farm relief-discussions by the'house agricultural committee! it was at the first meeting of that committee to consnir the flootl of farm proposals in both and senate. ,* ; .A^ move to prevent a recurrence^ ~—: • • of previous extended hearings was'; e^'cplalu to the committee why two I 1 .' ij ;,„„.„,i..^ » it-i -o : Iinpoytant changes were made in made by; Kepres^ntati.e .Adkins. ,he A...\ar.v-Ha .Vgeh biil. eipecial- Rfprublican. Illinois, who express- |y relating to provisions giving the ed the opinion that the committee, president blanket iwwer in- ap^ coulil agree on ii bill within a ' pointing member.s of the proposed week. This sentiment was apt>rov- ; federal fami board, ed by other members of the com- i The former bill authorized the mittee with tlie suggestion that the • pre.sident to .select board members present hearing* toe sharply cur-j from; lists of eligibles submftied by tailed by allowing to testify onlyv a. facmers nominating committee., those who had new ideas or sug- 1 Ths other significant change in g'esiions for relief. • . the current bill applies Its relief It was also suggested that pri-'i features to all agricultural pro- ority be given to those who- could •' ducts instead of only a limited few. rine t» iiiiversai'v eeuth ameiidnieiii wa.-^ observed to- folhorii .<lre>]t was entered at about J day; amid mu( b the. same louiro- liiiiiing chank?. CeoVge. Kr.v s home at 401 South i a;:aii\st tiiin 5a O'j^ni Havana, .laii. 16. iiig iiiealisin. fraternity anil co-op- detailed i>i'>Kraiii follows: eialiim as the aims of American | Uedne>.d ;i,i. .'.inmu-v 1^. countries. Oeiieral Gerardo Macha-• Knfries wi i ]•..- niei ed . n jotb , iloy .Morales. President of Cuba, to- (imparlnwii 'iv (,, r,.,„) ., ,u rb- same tiniK -The only thing miss-I versy as marked its birth. -.lay welcoiutd I'resideiit Coolldge ThurNdin, jHniiiin 19 ' nitioAs ing was a clii :.<is l)ank coniaining , As supporters of prohibition con- and delegates from l.rfitin -\merican' sii .nv room ojieit fioin 'atMi -\ AI i,.|o tb about $2 in chanse. The robbers had: tinued the celebration begun .ve.s-j countries to Ciiba for the sixth |,„ t|;,)o;j' 'M ' .'. loi.d 'd a window. Tltere was noiterdav, with its center at Wester- Pan-.\merican conference. • Ponltrv hidging all div N I .""••''1'> onehome at -the time of the theft.' %-iiie. Ohio, lionie of the Anti-Saloon f President Machado said: , Harris." Parsons. Knns.. judge. « here "Intense is.our joy and complete! srOO P. M. Poultry piostam. military reasons the destination ot our faith in the future destinies of; Breeding problems, bv Judste «he rpiiirorvements and the cumber our hemi.sphere Avhen. gazing over \ I, Harris. Parsons. Kans iin tlie Uarious detachments into this hall, adding brilliancy to thi.": Alfalfa school. which Uiey were divided were kept' transcendental occasion. we be-, ]o:iio A \I .Mornin-.: sesslou. K -ir -'t. ' bold the ilustrious.'pers<m of his j excellency, falvln Coolidge. chief Sunday night a tire was stolen league, its arch enemy, the as .Mi- from B. -M. .Anderson's car as it ciation the prohibition was parked in front of the V'nited amendment, du? itse?f in for a Hrethreu chun-h. ; riiore determined fi!?lit in the fu- Saturilay night thieves slipped jure. The assciciationn onnoun.e- linlereiue irf < Amerl- tivilies in Nicuragtja are -ed. . ^Ia]rla^na.• .Vicai;agua. .Ian. 16. i.\Pt'—Six bunilred; .\mericau Matt ere niovinp-. forwaril today iforce coiflrailes aligned tllV rebel felieraK -AugUS- idliio. burked witlj airp'mies. inu- ani! other I'upplits at for- U.S.N0.73-WT0 BE SURFACED TO FRANKLIN LINE Highway Funds Allotted Tol Finish Projects on Highway No. 81 MANSUUGHTERIN FOURTH DEGREE IS MOODY'S ViSRDICT MADE IN CUBJ President Urges Natic Of Hemisphere To Join in Task HE URGES EQUA Peaceful Solution Of Problems Proposed By Preisident { into a g-arag* at the home "f lim Huchanan. 108 West EJrnner. jacked a wheel. nient of expan.uion of its ;organi/a- tion and its jibe at the,dry cel<-- i:!n V. M .\ftcrnoon session. I Discussion, lectures, and d«mon- Topeka. Jan. 16. lAP)—Allot- inent.s of fund.s intended to make I'. S. Highway So SI north and iiouth across: Central Kansas the reinlorcenuMits wei e taken I f'rst completed highway across, the from the pou to points state, together with a tentative al- hev are nejeded most. Forjlotmenf of ?l.«3iX:H4 tor the fir.<t state highway district were announce<l today by the state highway commission. Cloud county, which several .weeks uso balked the .state's effort i I.e.leiiiie .\irrhes. , iMajor-IJenural John A. Lejeune.'to make No. SI an all-weather iij) his car, and removrfd a tire fioni ' Uratlon constituted the (dily 'oirth- executive of the of all de- strations on alfalfa pioitucll«o by.'^""'inauder of the Marines, and Iroute a loss the slate, will receive day gift from that side of the nues- nuK -racies. head of ifie great people j the following: |iir>n in overnight developments. whcJni Cuba had thi In addition to the 'estimate at Ing at her .side, R. I Throckmor-i BfiKsldipr-tleneral -Logan Keland, ad the honor of see-|,o„ Profe.ssor of Soils. K. S. A. C: jci <mi .5 here from forJnto. where \ in her bloody strug-JK. B. \Vells, Soils Specialist, K. S. i'h^.v lajnded with the reinforce- 1 T« Maoi Vfarti QatiirHaV' ^^''•'''*'"'''"' ''^ Hyde Jt 'ie for indetienUence which she eii-jX" C.': U'R WllongVb .vVcVoVspe^^ pi!Biit .''.<f They immediately . lO iTieei nerc OdlUlUd^ j K,,.^^,.!! a ^soi -late jieneral sup«"r- Joy- ^vitbout limitatiim. as stated In j ,.i;,|ist. K. S. A. C. Into' i The .Allen County Teacht-r.f asso- (-iation will meet Saturday i atter- iiivon at -' o'clock at the senifir high Kcjiooi. ft -wa.s annotinced today by .Mis« ijollie' .Adams, louiity snper- iii'eniient of public insirtictJoii. TU« program has not yet buea lonijiiiKeil. Dr. ;"\V A. Hraiwleirburg. presl- detil ;of Pitt*«l)iirg Teachers col- legi!> *1JI he the principal .•ypraktr. The nttmli <jMt cirls glc*' cjtjb will .•'iiig. ' Oth,el- musical numbers will )K' arranged by K. W. HaKhiiid. priiicl'pal of l.nHarpe high school. The public l.s Invited. ilntendent of the-league, that .serv- Health Specialist To Be In County Tuesday Miss W. Peail Martin, home h<,'alt!i. and sanitation specialist from Kansas State Agricultural lollege. will, he in lola tomorrow to outllnt- llie first part of the second year's work for Women's Karni Huveau units in th^ county. The •work will be in rJ*<'reation -and health exeri-ises. Two leaders itoni each unit wilJ nreseni at the conference will, li will start at K. o'clock ii: the nioiiiiim in the Chamber of Comnn-ne Memorial hall ices In .lO.OOO churches marked the anniversary, William K. "Pussy- 1 spired by foot" JohnBOU told a -Vew York antiiencp that . prohibition was In the conntitutloii to tHay- and Senator Jone*. Republican. WaBhlngton. declared at Providence. R. I., that faithful enforceiwut ' <oon wcjuld be the main issue In a presldenfla! election. J)r. KrncK! ir. Clierrlngton, head he joint lesolutiiUi of .April 2it • -••/.it p. .M. Torn judging. ItiHS. honorably appli<-il and In-. Wilbiughby. the same ideals set forth' , Friday. .Iiiniinr} 'itt. in the ever faniou.s Declaration oi .«;i room .pen, from H.iiu A. \l f»-* fj>e! ca |Mpa -gn aeainiit Sandino. Indepondence of .'S'orth .Atnsrica • ,, <, ,,„ j. AI ffeu'-ruj I.efenuc lanie to inspect nt mil $109 .d<Mt. to be divided between No. 81 and V. S. .\o. 40-N. Grading of went the north and .south route •will be bis year, under the program., M $S4,500 bnference *ith Col. I»uls completed tli I.. K., ^ia«<jn-(f;ulick. cqifimamter of the i (.„„,n,jj,j,j„„>^ Marine^ In Nlcarargttu. on the pres-1 , ,". . „„„..KII„ „„„„,„ ent jnilltary situaflon-and. plansi Republic county for the road in that county. Mberty'a greatest inonumenf and the gospel of the rights of men und| Poult I y IM-OLT-lllI 'the .Vtatine oruanization'while (jeii- Tentatlve allottnentsv bubject to final revision, for the first district. Diirin-.' the toreniHin and after-•''ml; Fptt'd . will • leaRsnme ihc ^.{,n,pri <,jng tlie northeaat third Of countries; and the select group oi ,„.„„ Harris will-tw^ pre-" nt ^ comrpajid. wliith he reUnqttiahMt: -<t,te. included W49.500 for Pot- dlstingulshed p«^«oiMi who constitute the delegatlonH of the natlonft of America, which, throughout P 'cemnrv. have contributed with in to !!n>w .T iiiiestloiis iiiiif :-«l|scii /is I when lie went to \\'ashinKt<in, ' - ,. , j -tawatdmie county. The bulk of the , _ A ; giant fhree^motored radio; ..ounty's funds "Were for the paving I slaiighter.* and -liscit--•eon':'!"?"! Koi.ker plane was added „f ir_ g Xo. 40. The state announced th^t liquor to iVie Marin- armamenl. It was DotiglaB county was .scheduled^ chargps - filed Saturday against tlowi' .h.rri' inmi:..Miami. Flu., by ,„ receive J2.';2.90ft for the paving,'-Moody would be dismissed; of 11 miles south from iJiwrtnce to; >|1H«. Kenny was found; by the ;i.M Hon rill-, l »':ty Irsedilo Hesign. Prfs^ Diaz H'arieties by Irts i briither office .in which he Was ele<-ted by (the Ni^araguan a ft ei- the I'lobli-tn-i with ary iiiten-stf d. «i -'iH I' .\! - l.e< li''r< sioii •«•" 'Tb.- I'.aliv f'.ii'l;" bv of the publicity and-'-duiatloii liu- tense ;icflvHy to the welfare of tin ,)t„\g,. H..rt.;,- reauHf the .i \ntl-Saloon league, I world and to the great progrePR of c.n, proijram at WestervUle, where an eight-, its latest hlsorlcal period. Cuvn liidgitic, a"l <!:iv. .Ic.j ;i. I, K. ftilnute ringing of church bells was i "i offer to all:of yon the effnslv» Willoughbv arranged today a.s a celebration, greetings of the pwpb- of CnbP .j.„„ j.' ^| j,<.,ii,re. declared great strides hail lieen. whom 1 have the honor of repre- xypes of Corn for Southeast iijade throiighont the world toward s«yit|ng on this «olemii occasion Kansas" bv U R WiI!oi;ghbv. suppression of alcoholism. ' jTo your peoples I express fervent! s:00 P. M.~"irow We Caii Im- arrivall of the .MajJnes. The pre.«l- The drys- observance was char-j wishes for their prosperity and j prove Our Corn 'Crop." bv I.. K. dent, biis l>een a victim of malaria acterized here by association i greatness and. to the! chiefs o5,^yjji^ugi,^,^. I for soijie time. His familv consld- ;again.'t the prohibition amendment j .state, the prophecy that, as a prod- .SHtlirdnv. Janmirj 21. • i<Ts {lul strain of the coming -'lee-' «an<»-ei^vel on T S 7.'!-W as a "bad tact icalmove because it luct of this new gathering of all. show ro.nn i.-p.-n fioui !t:hi. A. M.-tioit.. i^ addition to the pre.senl ' ^ Havana, fnba, Jan. liS.i(AP)—|tt a spieech keyed to ths | liote of in^ ternational confidetice, j hi^ipruinesf and goodwill. President; Cootldgit opened the sixth Pan-Ameri«i^ Congress here today by urging nations of the western nemiapber to Join in the task of-assurine^ I all its people the freedom tha.- Columbns bequeathed to theia la equal measure. • .| Journeying outside of his bom^ land for the time sinc^hi became Pre^ideut. iMr. CooiUii spolse tp the distinguished jgatUer-^ ; -r i ^•'* head, of a prtr BentOnyille, Ark., Man Is emin/mily powerful country but «« ; J r"..:!*,, ^« the spokesman of a nation on 'aii > hound UUllly in (equal plane with her sister Reptol ] Girl's Death - llcs, trying to find the way to * , peaceful solutioii., of vbat^vei Ittilependence. Kans.J Jan. 16.: problems beset their quest for com --J (AP "i -Ray Moddy of Benton^iUe, i P^^'*^ understanding : and triend -l A.t^ ^-.o f„„nA »„ii,^- t«,.rth 'P- Antagonism Felt, •Without mentioning the Leagnel of .Vations or the Monroe Doctrinal 2 o-cKick this afterhoon. Moody 'Jj^ President assured the ^ongTMS.! . ,. ^.. . „ • that the Pan-American Union,"! wab- immediately sentenced not to ^^^^^.^^ antagonism triward a exceed two years at hard labor in |section of the v.orld or any < "" the =state peiUtenUary at tensing : organization.' hut-at the same by Judge J. W. Holdren. < I declared that the natioiis of . „ iTjjie jury deliberated aOjout 13 ; western Hemisphere are tommittt _ houts. Moody was charged with ;-o the principle that they( are "bet;i contributing to the death Novem-. ter fitted to govern themseWe*! ber.: 1. of -Miss Vona Kejiny of;than anv one else is to goTei Cherry^-ale. Kansas?. j them. •Jvjdge Holtlren in pronouncing: Mr. Coolidge devoted his -wbolej sentence severely criticized the de- • address to the community aspect fencfant for giving liquor to Misslxew World affairs, rather than 1 Kbn^y. He stated that was un- the .individual attitude and pel dot^&tedly the caiise of her death, of his own coiintrv. The name andf^that in pronouncing sentence, Uhe JTriited States was not he wanted to set an exajhple to j mentioned by the f^esident e; other young men in the coinmun-|to give the assurance that bis It.v rnot to give modern poison corn .ernment was prepared to whiskey ^ Xgung glrte." ; lagt- the develoimient of! uhipiUni •*|. think the Jury ha« bwn very! air lines, highways and ail purstt: libelral in your case, hut Ilam not'of peafe that might bring tpe •! criticizing them." the judge said, [jons units of the American fami "I fblak they could have Returned a -verdict 'of first degree man- Ark'v -was,found guilty of fourth degtiee' manslaughter by a jury in ! lUstrict coui^ here shortly^ before • i«d:lo Hesign. Franklin county on L'. S: So. 7.'?-"W. I side/of a road near Cherry\-ale the z has beeu advised I Xeither Shawnee nor AVyandottetnigftti of November 1, afte» .Moody to resign from thejcoUntv was Hsted in the allotments, ha^ itone to Cherryii'ale, reported a Ml «J,\" '•''••a'l 'o the minds Americans, we may complete, diir-, P M the rl ^,J' "P'''".""'^ "K^re of ing their incumbencies, that which*'" ^ cost fnJ,^r„v' H '.'•.•'"'•^'"'°"«! constitutes our common, aspiration cost m money and lives." ,he rule of peace and Justice. anI^i„tre..T,^V"""^r^^'' "The representatives of the of^-lw York J-r'^ "•.^"•^^^ republics gathei^ oncf comir .^^toner" pfr ^°'""R '?t'«n more with their actual purpo .se of fir« nrriuL M""* '^e consolidation of a m.itnal^ ben- rL^Zl^^iui"^^^^^^ brotherhood The spelling tide of public d!s- hotb in spirit and in interests. The rooms It : approval of Volsteadi.vm," said a 1 jnternatioual American conference ' statement by H. Stayton. the initiated at Washington thirty-nine Club Leader To Aid in chairman, "has'j brou!;ht with it a ^ years ago and continued al .Mexico growth of the association, an in-! Rio Janeiro. Buenos Aires and San- \TuL4no- Cmtntv Prno-rani i'urease in its income and 'hotb a i tiago, Chile, again meets to toll foi xridlvin^ V./OUIUV t*VS »<»"•. neces.sity and an opportunity for ' the welfai^e and glory of this hem• I additional work during the presi- . isphefe, root of a new humanity assistant denlial icampaign and thereafter." i and crucible of a new civilization .Assistianf Secretary Lowman of "Cuba is proud of her presence I the terdsury. in charge of prohi- ! in her capital for the celebratior j bitioii enforcement, declared the j of such an extraordinary event I effectiveness of ; prohibition had; Regarding myself, I have never be- J I been particularly marked since ,the j fore felt as much pleasure as 1 dc i>f Com Miss Filuii Bent'.er. state 4-11 club leader, will be; In lola Wednesday to outline 192S work for .Allen county 4-H cliibij. .Mis< Bender will confer with i-oiihty ag<Mits during the day aiud will me-< club ;ea.;. .-s uv, lu-.^day priordinaiion last .vear of fhe criast .i„ these solmen moments in which ,-v..ning in ibe riuimbe. oi (ora- j i-itstoms and prohibition,! behold mv country as the scene -nenc ronm^ :it .M.-monal bail. services. j He -beiieves it will lH ;-iof nn a-ssembly that, animated by ,! come even more effective after the WEATHER and ROADS '!•---' KOn h A \S \S -. .Movl r cloudy tonight nnjt Tne-dny: not nmch change In ieniperatnrei ' F (in KH.A—.M'ostij cloudy lo. night and Tuesdajr: not much change In tempcrdtntp. The last time precipitation was recorded was ou January- ;!. making thi& the longest period without moisture )iince October 1927. Weather outlook for this week: 'rppi-ii Alississippi and) lA )wer .Missniiri valleys a«d the northern and (ehiral gre:ii. plains: Cold at Iwglntilng ;of week, especially in "kinks" have been worked out of the civil service .status ofj prohibition ofiicinls and agents, i New^ Patrolman N^med To Succeed Stafford the most serene conciliatory spirit directs its .efforts toward the approximation. deA-elopnient and the strengthening of fhe spiritual and , material bonds between states iha* ; have been destiheil for fraternal love by geography and history." , . Buick Liquor Car Is | Ordered Sold hy Jiidge ha>« been employed at Sifer's candy faitory. at one time was an extra ^ I >ollPeman at Fort Scott, lie has northern piiriions: risiiyj tempera-i lived in lola five years, ^ilre by (h,*- middle or towaril the/ - : : iloso: probably one or two pred-] pltatfon pnrlod.s. I • Tempera j ii re~11 i i; li^'st ycst onlay; 42. at 4 >: m.: lowest limt ulghlj 4it at 6 a. rti.; normal for today :io:! exjcesn yesterday 11; excess since January l.sf, :3 ."i rlegrees; this date Inst year— highest 23; low ^k 6 below !; •Precipitation for the 24 hour*) ending at 7 a, m. today. .<)-, total C. K. Thomas, h2(i -Vorlh Finst I street, today became a menfber ofj ihif lola-fwlii-e department, sue-! ceeding Ceorge StalTord, resigned, i .A 1924 Buick touring car. cou- .Mr. .Stafford was on the force | fiscated from-.Vorbart Wltitner, ;col- al)ont three montliSi Thomas, who . ored, alxiut two months ago. was ordered sold by District Judge Frank K Forrest to <liJ .v. The car is .said to have beeti used for transportation of liquor. 1st defi- 0.6,1 for. this year to date, ch'ncy since January inch.' • • j Relative humid ty at 12 noon yesterda.v. 8.1 jKr kent: 7 a. m. today 98 per cenft barometer reduced to sea level, .in.16 Inches. Lime and Legtime Program Planned For A lien Cou n ty Farmers in 1928 strani .Noon-Community liiiiner, ence^- Kclley Hotel. t4cki'ts no ctnis. noliti C. W. Catts, Agricultural Commissioner. Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Presentation of prizes, trophies and awards in all department-s. 2:00 P. M.—Sale of seed corn in show room. Memorial haM. .Seventy bushels of tested, prize winning | corn to be sold to highest bidder. Karly Kntrles. Entries in both department of tlio corn and ivjultry show to be held In lola this week, are beginning to come in. The poultry su- perintendAt is alrea<T>' planning to secure more coops, a-s he fears that the 100 which the Allen County Fair association has .so g^'tier- ously offered for will ibe insuf- ficieiii. for the needs of the sliow. The show is to be hew tn -Memorial hall. lola, -which! provides a good place for such an event. The corn will ibe. displayed upon the stage of the building, while the poultry "display will prcnpy the ground floor. The meetings .will be held in the Chamber of Commerce room in the north end or the building. Entries in both departments will be received up to and including Wednesday to Tr.W) p., m. It will greatly aid the management, however, if entries can l)e brought in early Wednesday. lij-ouEbt about by the r American Marines 1 pressure.'* too great pres- for The allotments for other counties in the district, anil .soine of the projects for which they-were intended, were announced as follows: Atchison. $'2:^.700 for 17.1 miles and v. S. 73-E..; Brown, ?.?.7 ,&55. sand-grai-el'K 20 and U. S. 7 .1 and I'. S. 36. GPtieri^l Barolome, Vigue.x. first ""j^h ^s^„. 5,5 000. ,1r!Sr Leavenworth. $79,000, earth work, pre.uient. bridges, culverts, viaduct U. S. 7S East. Realizing that thu : prdblom of soil mainteiiaiicewas funilamuntal, and wan the only hojie for future prosperity, definite work In liming and soil Improvciiienti was> started In Allen county five iir six years ago. In 1923. through the efforts of J. O. Milhani. county agent, and the farm bureau organlzatibn. over 1000 tons of lime were spread upon each school district, who will aid In carrying out the program locally. Meetings, local field demon- >*tratlon.s. tours, publicity, and other means will be used to sell the gospel of lime and legumes. The first definite step In the program -will be an alfalfa school, which will be held Thursday of this week, when the school district Allen county farms. The work has | Cooperators will meet to receive ! continued since, and soils improve-' ijeflnite insrtruction In the latest Sun rises 7::!7 a, m.: sets .".;27 ment ha.* been a major project of'ifacts regarding alfalfa production, p. m. j 'be bureau, every year since then, j The school teachers will be R. I. The tonnage of lime, used in the ;.Throckmorton, professor of wlls. ' Roiul l'onillll«>ns. Emporia. Arkaijsas , City. Ritts- bnrg. Dodge City. Wichita. Ottawj, Hutchinson, clou* y, roads gooil: Manhattan, cloudy^, roads fair: Topeka, misty, roads threatening, roads f^r; Coffeyrille. Spod. county during the past tw ;0 ye^,s has been approximately 2ff00 toiis annually.. K. S. A. C and others from his department. j The goals pet for the work in An active lime and leginne pro-. .Allen county are 4«00 tons of lime- gram is being started this! year, j stone used on the farms and 2000 Cooperators are being lotiated in I acres of alfalCa a«eded. Motorcycle Officer's Car Damaged in Crash A Ford coupe, drlxjen by W. F. Miller, city motorcycle patrolman, turned over at 7 o'clock Sunday evening when struck -by a Ford roadster, driven by Wlllard Taylor of lola. The ajcliJent occiirred at the twrtheast s ;lde of the sKjnare. .Miller •was making a turn. Two glasses were broken from the coupe and a fender •was damaged. .Miller was not injured. Sheriff Smock Plays Santa Claus Today Sheriff H. D. Smock is' playing Santa Claus at the court house today as a result of his wedding last we<?k, Men are recelYlng cigars, -while Smock ha.s told the women to order to their heai^t's content al a local drug store. PICKWICK COFFEE is just as savorr as its name—OeUcIous, Too. At your grocer. Junior College Has : No Classes This Week WitH the final weekof the semester full of examinations classes Were lieing held ih the junior -college; tljis week. ; . Tliisj morning the first examination was given starting at 8:15 o 'clqcM. In the liij ;h -school study hall; The e.vaniination wa.s given i in Recent .American History witii Sopjomore literature following at 10:ir. In one of the class rooms. I -htaAiiinations wUi be going on contiin^iously during school hours w:ith tjhf- last quiz being Friday afternion. firades will be given out «h| first of next week; with the second,' semester fjtarting Tuesday. Boy Scouts Are To Give Concert Here Bpy dnrhifd scouts all over the country the week ef February 6-13 are'expected to do Some good for their fommunit.v. j. With this in mind the lola Boy fcotiti troops of tho First Christian^ First .Methodist and Trinity Metbojllst churches have asked J. v. Roberts to arrange for a concert liv the lola little symphony orchestra Tuesday night, February 7. The concert ]probably wlU be pre«eiited at Memorial ha>l. Other talehtlin lola wili;be asked to participate -In the program. SonieiBoy Scout work will be preiierjtcirl on,the jirogram. Clarence Chamberlin After New Record Now ciiriiss Field. K. Y.. Jan.= 16. ^\I*»-4-Clarpn<;e D:chamberlin took off nt a2:.=»S o'clock today in a third attemi^t to shatter the world's dura- tioit flight record.; He was accompanied by Roger Q. Williams. TlielpVane took off from the -west end:/of Roosevelt field, bouncing badly it struck n rut,'but taking the: air easily, climbing to about 500; feet. The fiiel tanks were Lyon. $19,600. sand-gravel, bridge on Topeka-Emporia route. iMarshall, $29,000. grading, culverts r. S 36. '.Nemaha. $26,900, K 9, Osage, $41,000. Riley. $.53,000 for 23.2.T. miles sand-gravel on U. S. 40rN, U. S. 77 and K 2^. AVabaiunsee, $49.7.=>0. Allotm.ents for the five other districts were to be announced late today or tomorrow. . Frank Sargend and His Wife Must Face Hearing Topeka. Kans.. Jan. 16. (AP)— The supreme court today refused to postpone the hearing of the cases of Frank Sargent and bis wife. thai^e had had a motor c«r acci- iI.enJ4and hired W^liliam Shook, taxi catf jriver, to go with hliit to get MiwqKenny. The borroweji motor caK.'Moody- was using vas in a ditc*'c on the opposite sid^ of the foaiK , • Mifis Kenny was taken to a hotel in Cherry vale. She was! dead -when a. plft-sician reached heit. ? •Mivody surrendered tlije liext day to ';t ^e sheriff here, was, .charged wi«*.-murder and was taken to jail at iFiredonia for safe keeping, due to :tae high state of feejing at Che »Iryvale. Mfas Kenny had been a queen on th«s independence Businesi college flokb in the annual Hallowe'en celsliration at Independence. Investigation revealed M^ss Kenny" jvas greatly intoxicate:d-when she 'Started her return to iCherry- vale* with MoOdy. it having <been ne^^sary to carry, her from an Independence restaurant -to the %sdts>r car. ^ ^Ipody testified that Mi»s Kenny; angry with her feweetheart. had asked hipi for liquor, which! he furnished. He denied that he' had at- teihpted to assault the glr^ on the w4>-; to Cherr >Tale .l and aftributed in^t^es she suffered to a fall testified to that fdct and' said it "woiild be a very uiiusual accident of. States into a closer and permanent harmony. >'o (jtrent War Power. Me declared there was no ini jtioh in this hemitipherc of any tfon 4>iillding up a great mill establishment to over-awe or tf jugate its neigbbors, and enunclat' ed 'he doctrine that all nations tblH beraisphore ase determined' adjiist their differences "not by resort to force but by the appUca.- tion of the principles of justice ai equitv." ".All nations here represent Mr. Coolidge «aid "stand on an act footing of equality. The est and the weakest speaks with the same authority as largest and the most powerful, come together under the pi" condition, and future' ex] of profound peace. You are tinuing to strike a new note In ternational gatherings by mi taining a forum in which not selfl-ih Interests of a few, but general welfare of all. wi '.i be sidered." Contending that the nations ht been charged with the sacred tri of establishing and e.xpanding spirit of democrac.v, tlie Pivsiden said that although false starts disappointing reactions, will velop, the American Tcpublic* 1 placed their confidence in the mate .wisdom of. the people. •• ^ "Govern Themsf Ires." "We are thoroughly coiamitt«| to the principfe that they are " ter • fitted to govern themaelri than any. one else is to . goVer^ them." he said. "We do not claii^: immediate perfection J>ut -we es astr«»e the emergedcy brake lever. _ Tb>.'state charged the '.injuries' p^p ^.t continual progress! V «ire caused' by criminal rassault. j,jj,jj,rj- reveals that in .sucli < Diii\V. J. -AJdrich, county Joroner,, ,^,j„„ jj^ve not been ; disai Julia -Murrav. convicted of com-' if .-.snch injuries we;re caused by a pllcity in the burning and robbing. fail'on a blunt instrument >}body admitted oh the stand that hi* had «toppe<l on a side road neat Ai^^' ..-'1.. ....h...^ : ,-vrioc.; >irori¥n-*ci of th« First State bank of Lansing more than a year ago. Tlje appeals -were .set for .hearing next nlonth. and the defense attorneys asked for a coiltinuance. on the grounds that Hiey needed additional time to: prepare their briefs. TTie court did not act. on the <»tato'.s ^potion to dl.«nils» the ap- tiflj^d as to the go^d reputation of peals. ^ .tContlttued on Pjage >to. 2.) CijerryvaJe. iWhere 'Mlss ^Kenny's h'ayt; was found, although the state infiiodiiced evidence to show fn his flESt statement to police he had danled stopping. I ^veral character witnesses tes- .secotMl among the na-tions bf tbM hemisphere only to the atta ^bmeii( to the principle of self -goveri^ ment. "Their chief efforts have devotei! to the arts of peace," hif conlinned. "They have liever comj under the delusion of mlUi grandeur. Nowhere amjong I repnbltcH have great miHtary _ : tabllshments ever been :nsdntal: Development in J^ecembe^ReportpAZ^^^^^^^ pointed. It is better for the to make their own mi.stakes than have .some oneelse make thiirimU- takes for them. Attachment to thf policy peace, Mr. Coolidge declare Cow Testing Association Shows filial enongh tb keep the ship aloft 60 faovra •with 47.T gallons- of gas. The re |>ort: of the Allen fJouhty Cow Testing: association, for be- cemlMT. released by the tester. Chester Long, sh'ows that 'there were 291 cowy on test in the 20 herds tested, r.l ot these being dry. The average milk production was 517 pounds, while each produced 217 pounds of butter fa^ these figures including dry cows also. The arerage^ feed cost pet; pound butter fat wtis^l.6 cents, or a cost of $1.32 per 100 pounds of milk. better fat prodncii g herd:goe» to Sr t. Hudson of ^iedsho ^rcounty, wirli a record of 630 pofinds of nitllk and 37.1 iiounds buffer fat ifhe high i-ow In Allen county owned by X. T. Strickler. and f produced '>1.7 pounds/butier fat; ill Anderson county the record was h^fd by a cow frW the herd of LVan B. Patton vrith. 4S.0 pounds; w^ilein .Veosho cjounty Mr. Hud- si>n held the record in His herd wiih 61.6 pounds. \ : , i 'fhere were 32 cow? in the asso: ciation producitig [over 40- pouiids or more. The highest herd in milk pro- 1 rfjrjmilk. an dsev^ii prc^ncfng over | duction was that of Ueslie Smith.! Sp.ponnds. B«i^;Bros.. Colony, had. Geneva whbse herd averaged 861.* twa-year-old.beifer which propounds milk and 31.2 pounds but- j (Meed 40.7 pounds butter fat in the ter fat The lionor ot bigbeBt I wntK . J 2 ^• Want Oood Defeatie. "We have all nourish >d a com^ mendabic .sentiment of moderat| preparation for national defens^ believihg that for a nation to b >l unreasonable neglectful ot tl^ military art, even if it did not ta& vite and cause such aggression a ,f lo result either in war or in al)}e<^ humiliation, it must finally.Iead a disastrous disintegration of 1 very moral ftber of the nation- it is. one thing to be -prepaired defend our rights as a last extrenu ity and quite another to rely 'oiji force where reasoh ought to -1 Tail. "The form of our gavemoentlf guarantees ns against the World dynastic wars. It Is ly too much <to say that the (CoixUnue* on. Pago 5,lNo. I.)

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