Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO lOLA DAILY REGISTER ; CHAS. p.. SCOTT : Sntared at the loU, Kansas, Poitofflot u J " Second 61aR~s~Matter. Telephone' 18 (Private Branch Exchange Connecting All Departmenta.) I SUBSCRIPTION HATES By Carrier In .Tola, Gas City, LaHupe, ' I L ;.' and Bassett. One Week . .: —IS Centa klim Year.>_:___ •• *7.80 One Tear Bii-M<mtla;„ Months ilonth ' BT MAII. dnisidd Allen Ooimty _$ »2.50 ^L .»1.50 60c I D Alien Connlir r One Tear , Sit Montha:__ .-Throe MaoiiiM One kanth _?3 .00 _60c n UEXTBIS^ ASSOCIATED PRESS ] The Re^tJsr carriea the Aaaoeititcd Preaa repqrt by special leased wire. The Auo- _£iated tnst is ezolasivoly entitled to use (OF republicstion of all news dispatches credited to i* or not othorvrise credited in _»his iiaper, jind also the_Iocol sews pob- lisbed 'herelh.'AU xiehts ot repahlication ot apedal dispatches lierein arei' also roserred. Bif)le Thought for Today V AIAJE OF A GOOD NAME: A good mimie is rather to be chosen than great ritrhes, and Ipvin? favour rather thwi ailver and gold.—Prov. 22a. she Will go ahead with her proposed offensive in TJehol and will be suo cessf ul in her plan to add that province to Manchukuo. But what than? Is ^pan, on her im.y to burning the mast powerfyi ijatlon ^in the world? Is she £oihg to anhex the whole eastern half ot the hemisphere? Or is she riding for a tremendous fall? We cannot avoid this last con- elusion. Her path seems clear enough for the immediate future. China is BO utterly- disorganized that it seeins a£ if her resistance must be fUtile. And no «ther nation is in any miood to step in her way. They j will _ resolutions, Iheir deparbnents of state will issue resounding proclamations; but war will not be declared. It is extremely doubtful if even trade relations will be severed. ^ut after that Some of these days China, is gti- ing to rise up and step on Japan— and when she does, Japan Is going to make a noise like a beetle imder the shoe of a 175-pound man. In regarding the ultimate conclusion of this affair in thd Par East, it perhapi should never be forgotten that the first axiom of war is that the way to win a battle is to more soldiers than the enemy. It was an axiom in the days of Alexander the Great, it is the funda-^ mental upon which 1933 military science is based. The,pages of history have been written by big armies . ; WOCLD BE A HELP. SI Dorado Times: The handicaps of iOie sesision'of the legis- latiurc are manifest. ; JRbr 50 days, once every two : yeirs, 40 senators and 125 representatives aire herded together to ccKisider bills covering a wide variety, of subjects, amending, extending and placing new patches upbh the body of tlie law. Intricate 1 ; subjects must be considered in a ' : minimum of time; the legislature i mtist exercise its best Judgment ; ai^. whatever of foresight it can, ; " mtister In^ order that the! biUs it ^Micts Into statutes , will i render som^e sort of benefit and not throw the whole structure out of kilter. - Mora than 1,000 WUs — many of them minor it is true, have been introduced into the present session. ^ j But the major bills are of such .. importance and cover so wide a scope of '• governmental activities -th^t it is i humanly impossible for the. legislature to give them mature consideration. . Many pl^ns have been suggested . in order to correct this situation, but none has appeared feasible of , adoption to the public mind. So thef state ^continues to burden its legislature, comirosed of earnest 'men and women, with a task that '^is really beyond human powers to accomplisli adequately. It is a wonder that the legislature passes so few fool ikws. The system is all -^vrong; some day, when we grow up in the-science of government— if^his republic ever does—^vi'e will clianige it; It is tru^ that no perfect plan has been suggested to correct this situation, but one has been offered by the state chamber of commerce that appeals to this particular section of the "public mind" as being distinctly feasible—at least well woiih a trial. _j The suggestion was that at -the close of each legislative session a well rounded committee be appointed to. work continuously from that time untU tlie beginning of the next ^session two years hence drawing up a program of carefully prepared and - considered bills to present; to the new se^iou'immediately after its orgaiiiztition. • jinder the present system, it is al- piost impossible for any bill even to be put into technical shape for consideration before the session' is half marching over little ones; only the footnotes tell of tlie heroic instances In which victory went to the lesser force. China has six grown men for every one in Japan. Some day those six are going to form a circle around the one and <iuietly beat him to death—if Japan doesn't change her ways. , Our humble opinion is that Japan is riding for a fall. ^THEIOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 22. 1933. Al^ARLY AMERICAN ^lOLA, KANSAS ; XBE DA^ ASH trpErwQBK.. Td each xSaji is give^ a day and his -work Coir the day; And .occci, and no. more, he is given tb 'tKivel this way. And woe If iie files Jiom the task, whatever the odds; For the task is appoint^ to him on the scroll of the gods. There is watting a jjrork where only , his Itands can avail; And «o, if Ije falters, a chord-in the music will-fail. He may laugh to the sky, he may lie for an hour in the sun; But he- dare not go hence; till the labor appointed is done. To each man is given a marble to carve for the wall, A stone that is needed to heighten the beaiity of all; And only his soul has the magic to give it grace, And only his hands have the cunning to put it in place. Yes, .the task that is given, to each man no other can do; S& the errand- is waiting—it has waited through ?iges for you. And now you appear; and the bushed ones are turning their gaze To see what you do with your chance in the chamber of days. —Edwin Markham in Advertising News. i- THfS CURIOUS WORLD_j A filling station operator close to Independence evidently believes in "truth in advertising"—as well as having an eye for novelty. His sign board announcing the price of his gasoline reads as follows: Governor Landon 3c President Hoover Ic Ga:s . 3c Freight' -. ...1.6c Distribution 2c Me 3c Total 13£ From Other Papers Fatm Bureau • • el ^iJews •»• over. The. bills mtist first be introduced by members and then be given long and careful consideration by a committee before they can even get back to th^ senate or the house for Hiebate. diasusslon and^ amendment. Ifjjassed by one house, it must Hien go through, the other house with the jit)babllity of changes and amendments whiph may necessitate still- further cotisideration by joint committees. As the Times says, it is a wonder that decent laws are ever passed at all. A committee! such as suggested by -the chamber df commerce, however, _would be in a position to present almost at the very beginning of the session a .budgbt of carof ully consid- creii legislation that i:puld be fiven thorough and orderly consideration. Their bills would be well drawn, ellminatini; •the probability of any except minor amendments. Research would, already have been 'carried out so i that question^ asked concerning the bills cQuld be readily -and authoritatively answered. The letrfslaturei could give a yes or no answer in; a mininium of time and with" a'maximuni,of assurance that their decision would not be snap judgment.; Such a committee would not be a solution to the problem of how 1B5 'Kimsas merchants, farmers, and bankers .are going to find time and wisdom 'in one 50-day session each two years: to run the affairs of the state, perfectly—but It would be a big help. ; CONFL'SED TERMS. Emporia Gazette: Among the sugar-coated schemes proposed by the Associated Industry boys to ham- stiing the graduated income tax is the "property offset." Now the property offset," as has been explained, is nothing but sleight-of- hand to throw the income tax burden on the wage-earner and small business and professional man while exempting the big land owner Who also has a 16-cylinder income. XTnforttmately, the tenn "property offset," has become confused with the deduction frtAn gross income of property taxes in order to arrive at net income, a confusion encouraged by the enemies of the income tax. Get this straight. The stalte income tax wiU be based on net incomes. Net income is found by subtracting certain specified expenses from the gross or total income. One of those specified expenses that may be deducted from gross income will be taxes paid on real and personal property. That is fair and just. Entirely diffezent is the "property offset" which <would deduct property taxes not only from gross incomes but also and for the second time from the tax assessed on net incomes. Which is another story. CALENDAR. Thureday, j(^ebruary 23—Central Avenue meets. Thursday, 'February 23—Jeddo unit meets. | Friday, February 24—^Fairlawn unit meets with Mrs. Koy Love at 2:00 o'clock. | Friday^ Febjruary 24—Meat cutting demonstration at A. E. Nicholas home at ^:00 o'clock by county agent, Mr.j Braum. •Saturday, ijebruary 25—Office. Monday, February 27—Diamond meets with IrS^rs. I. N. Dickens for an all day meeting.^ Tuesday, February 28 — Quilt show at Mora'n and Elsmore. Wednesday.! March l—Poultry training schodl in lola. Mr. Seatpn from the colllege and Mr. Braiim will have charge of the meeting. Annpuncemkat. There will! be a coimty wide clothing meeting on Monday, March 1 in jlola. Miss Edith J. Mott, clothing demonstrator for. the Peimey stores will be here. Watch for lat^r announcements of the meeting. Helpfinl ThoDght. Patience and the toil that receives no praise are the finest expressions of Ipve.-Alyar-W. Taylor. Bread may 'be grouped in two classes: 1. Quick bread. 2. Yeast bread. Bread j mixtures are either batters or doughs depending upon the amount of ^our and liquid used. Batters are mixtures that are beaten. : Doughs are mixtures too thick to be beaten antj they are kneaded. Proportion for f liquid and flour for batters and doughs: J Batters—Pour 1 c. liquid to 1 !fup flouri Drop 1 i c. liquid to 2 cups flour. Doughs—Soft, l,c. liquid to 3 cups i 25YEmm <' Items ttom The itoi^ter of <• F«braary 22, 1908. WHITHER JAPAN? .It would be a bold prophet that uwould predict the future, in Asia. I It ^s probable enough that the League of Nations will adppt the lepori Cexisuring Japan, thai; Japan wUl witlulraw from the League, that # » 4 « « « « Ralph Hiff. the fourteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Uiff, of 417 South dhestnut street, was accidentally shot through the rl^ ItoDt with a buHel ftom a 22 calibre rifle al^out 11:30 o'clock this morning. yout>g Siff and Cleo Ooggett, & schoolmate, were htmting on the Bartlett farm, two miles south of the city, when the accident occurred. A daughter viBs bom last evening to Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Wilson, of two and one-half miles northwest of lola. ] I News of I Gas City—Bruce Parman has purdiased an interest jin the Mayfield bakery on South Washington. . i W. E. Btarks yest^ay closed a deal wheceby E. J. Panaelylof this city comes into possessiim of a 160- acrc farm near WelUngtoti, Kas. Mr. Parmely trades a modem house at 205 -South Chestnut street, the old FhillipG place on Douglas ^jeet, and also i^ys some cash Tor the fam>. The consideration of tite deal was C^s. klauman. postmaster of Black Diamond, Arizona, was in lola tills week vlslUhg his parerits, Mr and Mrs. H. Klauman, and old friends. The dog poisoner who seteral we^ ago was at work in different parts of town BOA suooeeded in killing many dogs, is evidentiy ^ work again as a pet dog belcBglDg to tSr. 'Mdiler, ai8 Soufh S^enneasee street, was poisoned last x^gta. flour, flour. Quick Stiff, 1 c. liquid to 4 cups are either batters or dou^. I Yeast breads are. stiff doughs. Quick brekd requires less time for preporatlon; thiar^ they are usually yeast bread and Iserved hot. Quick breads are use4 more for breakfast than yeast breads are. Food Valiie-fQuick breads are harder to digest than yeast bread. Materials for [Quick Breads— The liquids tised are water, milk, molasses, fat, abd sugar. Fats used are butter and butter substitutes such as lard, oleo. Eggs, the Blbjumen of the eg^ in the uncooked jmlxture appears to add to the liquid but when baked the albumen tlilckiens and eggs are not counted a liquid but a thit^en- ing agent. Floiir used is wheat flour jor meal, diffejnent flotus take up more moisture !so the amount cannot be definitely given. Cora meal takes up about Itwlce as much moisture as wheat flour. Salt adds to i the flavor or taste. The amount of salt depends upon the fat used. ! Proportions of salt with flour: % tsp. salt to 1 cup flour. ! wo^ most interesting. Next njeeting viriil be March 3, at the hone of M^. Nevitt. Eighteen membe-s and three visitors present.—Mrs. Vara R <igBrs, reporter. LaHarpe Farm Bureau IThit. •The LaHarpe Fami Bureaj met at "the home of Mrs. Nelson wallls, February" 17. Buslness-jmeeting was conducted % the president, Mrs. Wallls. Miss Minnie Peeblei gave a lesson on Care.of the Feet. Members preseht were:, Mrs. A. E. Nicholas, Mrs. W[ A. i;jathrop, Mrs. George Roe, Ijlrs-. Prank Ajfelton, Mr Mrs. Oscar Brown. Miss Josephine Weith. Miss Lena Sommer, Mrs. J. B. I Scotield, Mrs. Earl Drake, Mrs.] E. W. Dunkerton, Mrs. Nelson Wallls, Mrs. Mote Robinson, Mrs. Emi Hutchinson, Mrs. Henderson Mitchell, and Mrs. Stanzel. Guests were: | Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Punk. Next meeting will be held ^t the home of Mrs. Dunkerton March 17.— Mrs. Earl Drake, reporter. Allen County 4-H Conncil A^ing. Tlie Allen County 4-H Coimcil met at the farm bureau offic^ Fob- iTiary 14. The purpose of this Inr was to elect officers and plans for 4-H woric during the| The officers elected were: Dreher. president; Doris Hamm. vice-president; Betty McKaig|. secretary-treasurer; Francis, Gpffert,|: club reporter; Esther Thayer,^cheet-j leader; Julia Hantun, song leader. Various kinds of club activities were discussed.' Mr. Braum and Miss ft! A Shibboleth foil Irishmen. Dra-ing President .Feffaison's administration, British )ffleers searching American ships for suspected ! deserters from their i ayy liad a test ' for suspected Irishn en similar to that used by, the Gi eidites in de- tecthig^Ephraimites ^t ithe passages jof Jordon. When a <»ilor was told to say "peas," if he o )uld not frame to pronounce it xiglit, and said "pa'lse," he was adjudged-to be an Irishman and forthwith impressed in thfe British navy. • [meet- make year. Rose Country Club Paety The regular bi-weekly Country Club party will be held at the club house Friday night, with Mrs. Fi-ed Apt OS hostess chairman; Cards will begin at eight and light refreshments will be served. Those planning to attend are requested to cull Mrs. Apt. phone 411, by Thursday night. •> •> <>. E, O. Club Meeting The P. E. O. clUb, chapter L, met ye.sterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. T. Reld. The president, Mrs. J. E. Powell, presided over the meeting and Mrs. J. C. Stadler had charge of the prograih on child welfare. Each member [brought a covered dish and the refreshments were enjoyed by the foUbwing members who attended: Mesdames Rex Bowlus, R. O. Christian, Russell Harry, W. R. Heylinun, P. J. Horton, Carol Hoyt, Florence Longshore Maude Nelson,, D. P. Northrup, J. M. Pow- eU, C. ,B. Spencer, J. G. Stadler, Grace Waugh, R. M. Worthington, and Miss Jessie Fry. A SA\AU. C54CTUS PLANT OF SOLfm- VVESTERN U.S. AND MBXICQ. IS TREATED AS A OtVINH BEINS BV THE INDIANS OF CHIHUAHUA; AND THE/ MAi<El THE SIGN OP THE. - CROSS IN ITS PRBSEfslCE-. g^.^^^ W WHEN made Into a drink, iheficnl-bultou has a narcotic effect, ill iiome i -f iipecla TeBembliUB opium, but li iw regurd<.'<l by the In- dlnns aK u KufeBUurd against wilclies and. Ill fortune. The plant I 'eHbjiiblPH 11 ciiiTot, and oiil.v a nniall pnrl of it RI'OWB above tiio i ;ro !iiii(l. In some looaliileH It fines by the naiiiii ot suered mubh- roolm. .\KXT: Cnir tMi live in hot wnlei'.' <• • <• * • « •> « •;• « •' i , Feebler gave suggestions for building cli)b programs. Then the meeting was adjourned until March 7.— Francis Geffert, club reporter. Albuquerque, N. M. — Professor Richapd Page pedaled a bicycle down the.street to the amaaeinent of stu- dentslof the University of New Mexico. ['[I'm not doing this as a protest against the 36 per cent salary cut." he explained. "It's wholly a matter of economy with me. I've put vcjy car in the garage." FRECKLES AND HIS FSIENDS .. Thrills in store! Oak Park, 111.—Police Sergeant Edward Ritter had just finished reading a report which said: "Employe of company brought horse to station to be shot. Horse killed by Officer Clarence Simons. Owner of horse called later to ask if horse had been killed. His wife had given wrong horse to em­ ploye.;' ' The sergeant shouted for Simons. "You killed," he said, "the wrong horse. Now the village will have to pay for it." ;"I didn't kill" protest- ed^irhonj, who seemed on the verge of loqing the argument until another policeman came in and pointed out that the sergeant had been looking at a 1917 report. MS.€11LEITS —ITEMS— <• <• • i' • •> • • • BY BLOWER AS-E-.^VE.... COWUODORE.' .YCXJI^ |0CD£IJ5 WILL BE ciBRlED OUT Soft Holasises Gingerbread, c. molasses 1 c. sour milk M tsp. vanilld % c. melted fat 1 tsp. soda ; 2 c flour tsp. salt j 2 tsp. ginger: Method—Sift I dry ingredients. Add sour milk |to the molasaes, combine dry mixture with wet. Add melted fat and beat vigorously. Bake in large pan. [ j I Moran Unit. '"'[. ' Motan iinit of Farm Bureati met Friday afiemodn. February 17. at the heme \>t Mrs. J. C. Nortonl Meeting called to order by president. Mrs. Shively. Repeated home creed followed by roll call. Response was ma4e with a household taint. Memiber^p list was made up and 31 aigned as mffmhers. lesson an Care of Feet>was continued from last meeting. Foot .exercise was given by lilrs.' Sickly. Landscape lesson was given by SSis. Shively and tin. L. O. Smith, which PEJE:3 TUWA BOAT, vynicH STAMDS MEARBY.... WITH FRECKLES, ON THE -I VACHT.. DID VOU, I iY AMY CHAJCE, HAPPE>1 T ) HEAR , WHERE V ^ERe. GOING TC MEET UP WITH THE. COMMODORE? , YES OFF QOCOS ISUAWO-CF THAT MEANS ANYTHIIJ6 AHA.' DOES ITMEANANy- WHERE P«ATIS- TREASURE tS BURIEDii AND 1 WILL SET AN Off 05JTUNITV TO t»t MY DIV1KHU6 MEEOLE. EUREKA.'.' Kansas. City—Dr. Fi-anklin E. Murpliy. 65. aj member of the faculty of the University of Kansas i school of m^cine since 1907, died!at his home I here yesterday. Death was due to heart disease. JKndwn as an authority on internal medlcin^. Dr. Murjjhy was a former member of tlie Missouri state board df health. . His -widow, a daughter and two sons, survive] When Mrs Ruth Huntoon Parson 54 newspaper coraspondent Passed a way Jen 5 it Sure:took a way a Valuabel meml<er iftom th^ News Paper Staff—her companion was a cartoohist her Grand Father was Dr Joel'Huntoon they lived in To- peko jjnd Setteld thear in Early days. ! • ' ; GuyjTredway has had a buisy time filling orders:he has a Soft coal while it burhes out it is clean and does not Sut and lights easy and it goes to ashes in Stead of clinkers and But and Som use it all to geather for the cook Stov and it fine for Heat. A Man called from K C to See a bout my Price for Memorials I think he wanted a free donation- he went on and had that for an excuse I never invited him in tould him I was ^uisy—two Men wer a round; wanting to get SIO doUers to! Have you a house for' rent? Or go t6;col]edg with to Study for a j for sale? Want to buy anyOiinjr'.. Dr I think they better Practice on nse the Cln-<wifierl columnai 'r them Selves, they- claimed - they could not get work we wonderd if they tride. A j-ong Man was a round a .T^ies- day as a Bible agent—Sold his name was Moor (ind his, Ivlother' was a widdo^- and livd in lolft and wer readers of the' Register and had Seen my Ndme' in the Register— and apreciate my Items. When we Saw the childrenJgoing to School with thear Vallfentine boxes we thought of the First real Vallentine we ever got—the .Verce was com let iis Pop Som corfte for me my Dear It is good for tlie 'Digestion—and ; while you Pop the corn can I pop the question—and a youg Girl was Poping the. 6om— and a boy Standing be hind the chair in front of a Fire Plaice in a log house—the i:|ext day a yoUth of tender years -com up and Said did you get a bpughten Vallentine —I said yes he said I sent it, I 'Iras a Praid you would think Jim Davidson Sent it I thought I never Would hear the last :of it. I sent it but the Inoscnce of. youthfuU -daj-s then thear wise now. Minneapolis—J. W. Moree. who said he was a third cousin of Samuel Morse, and one of the first telegraphers In the nation, observed his ninety-sixth anniversary yesterday. He. got a lot of congi-atultttlons. some of 'em, fittingly enough, by telegraph. Special Trial Size Vicks Antiseptic Almost All Gone But Local DrugKisUs Are Sell- 'mg Rejnilar Size—75c Val«e for Only 35c—On Money £^k Guarantee. NEW BAN ON HALITOSIS Local drtiggists are introducing a new antiseptic which does everything that a mouth-wash or gargle can and should do—at half Uie usual price of other quality antiseptics. It is made by the makers of Vloks VapORub. The name of it is Vicks Voratone Antiseptic. Of course, the only real proof of its quality and amazing economy is actual use. To furnish this proof, Vicks Chemists supplied, to druggists—at! less than cost—5 million special trial bottles—a 25c value for Ipc. These trial bottles have gone so quickly ihat this offer is now made: If your druggist's supply of the trial size Is exhausted, get one of the lagular size.bottles—75c value— for only 35o. Use it a week. Unless you are delighted with it, your- money, isill be xeturn^. Mild Enongh, Stntnt: Enough No extravagant claims are inade for Vicks Antiseptic. It is simply*| the best oral antiseptic Vicks Chemists could produoe-;-aided l}y the chemists, bacteriologists, and phar- macolojglsts qf then: 16 allied organizations here and in Europe. They created a balanced antisep­ tic—jnild enough to be used day in and day out without risk to delicate membranes; yet • stifong' enough to do everything that an oral antiseptic can and should do. For AU Cttstomarr Uses You can use Vicks Antiseptic, in your customary way, lor bad breath (halitosis); as a gat^e: as a mouthwash; as an antiseptic lotion; and for all the ot&er tisual uses. And Vidn AntitepUc twa this ad- dltiooal unique advanta^ ... born in a. depression year, - It is priced accordiBgly-^ving'you half! 4 . • . Present the New . . . h 4 JANELLEAND ELYNOR f SPRING ^ Suits! SuitsI.Suits! Man-i ish Types;! Cape Types.! Coat Types I So n types indeed it i is wonder you're bewi ered! Every new spri color—evei'y style you desire— an^ tailoring only you'll find in Jan£, elles and Elynors. Yoii 'irN ^y find them ready in alll I, their versions and vatv A ations—ju'et the suit yptf ^ want at .the price you; want to pay. 4 f 4 Newi Spring Rufli^ CURTAINS 49c to $1.95 It need! curtained tion of P; styles. not be expensive to have your windows well' this spring. You'll find a surprising setea-^ iscilla, Criss Cros.s, Baby Ruffle and Flounce'^

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