Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1928
Page 6
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iPAGE SIX THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY t -1 EVENING. JANUARY 14. 1928! lOLA QUINTET Vicious Rally in Final : Minutes Fails to Save Locals SECOND 'BIG :r FRAY Both Teams Do Little At Opening of Good Encounter t Rvcn after qw of the most slarl- Upg. t-alUes seVa <m a. local basketball icourt in somo year*—a rally that D«ited 'J points in two minuus, att«r' tie team made only live ' points during the remainder oif the grame—the Ida high school teathfell before Pittsburg 18 to 14, In lola's second league game of the season. Boih teams were doing little scorlnig and strong defenses were to bfr met b>- Ijoth teams with lola haviiig slightly the stronger defense as a whole. The points agalnat lola were mostly made when: some one man would let his Pittsburg man get away to score -while the rest of the defense was still 'alright. The lola team lost the game during tie second period when' the team went Into the air worse than usual and failed to score a point out of alMUt 10 shots from fhe field, while Pitts-burg made 4 field %oals out of 9 shots. The lolaiteam was fighting hard but eouldn't hit the inside [of the basket, Tjut were gi\1ng its "opponents. a joT) to score most of the time. Coach Smith, however, shifted man after man into the Fuard position in an attempt to stop the visitors scoring machine. As the first quarter ended the &-i:or^ stood 2 to 2. ^hTcGiiire bad mcde -good on two free throws on Carnftrd's persenal, early In the game. Briggs had gotten" by hiis guard to make 2 points on a setupi i)nt iniixsed two chances *— throws that would have team Into the lead. In the second quarter the lola team weakened to the p.lac'e where its opponents managed to add nine points - to their score while lola added nothing.^ The score at the half stood 11 tor 2 In fivor of Pittafburg. At the OT>enlng of the second half, lola again started the scoring When Breckenridgc made a long Hliot,. adding two to Ida's score. Pittsburg managed to make two field, goals out of seven shot« while lola made one out of nine. In the third Quarter lola added three points to lis score while the I'urple and white visitors added four to their pointa. "With two minutes to go, Pittsburg :waA loading 16 to 5. Donaldson, tola's only leftterman, found the V^Kket on a long-, shot, and ^hen lola called time; As soon as time was up Donaldson added two more points; to lola's score on another long shot, with McCuire following suit with a long shot. I'lttshurg called time out ip an at- t.empi to stop the' lola shooting (jnd scoring .---treak. When the ffame was resumed again with a minute and a half to go Donaldson again scored a long shot for . lola. : Pittsburg had raised^ its Fcorc. to IS by tiis time. Knost fouled Hubbard, w-ho made good . the free throw- bringing the Ida s<'cofe,to 14 just as the game end. ed. : Though the lola team lost in number 6f points scored it won a battle-over itself in that it found that it could score and had,nothing to' fear from the other team. The rally last; night added a spirit of fight and determination that will j^ake it hard to stop lola in Us next game. - In the second team game the locals .defeated the Mildred high firsts\jjy tl» declBive score of 46 to 14., wirh four lola men eaich making 10 points in the . victory march.': or r .ice. The game . was Ida's from the .••tart and it seemed as though-the locals could noij be stopped when It came to SCOT-, Jng. Mildred tried \-ainly to work through the lola.defense or score ni-er it. but had little success, arid heing q.bsoIuiely scoreless during the last quarter. McClay headed the lola scoring group during the first lialf with 10 points but was taken out before the end of the »>tcond quarter and let In for only n] little bit during the last half, so he was unable to make more than the first 10. Hall, Wagner and PhilllpR were the other three tying for high point honors. Dozler. •Mildred ccntor. was high point raau for his team wl^h six points. Poore bv periods 1 U 3 4 PIttsiburg 2 !) 4 :\ Ida ... _2 0 .1 !i lola shot approximately .17 times fcoring on five of these shots. Plttuburg .shot approximately 21 times scoring on eight of these fihots. Out. of five, free throws, Ida scored on four. Pittsburg wade two i)oIntj> out of nine chances at free throws. lola shot least with seven shots and scored most with eight poInU from the^ field, in the tlnal quarter. Pltts.'bufg was held bb two field shots the floal quarter an^ three tlie quarter. ?ola (14) FC. Donaldson, rf S TroUibold. If. .-.0^ M. Punic. If. MoClay. if. 0 _ aicGuire. c. -_.-.l ' Breckenridge, rg..l Hubbarii rg. 0 Hound. Ig. -.—.0 Severn3,.g. .-L... 0 Totale 5 Pltteburj (18) T?G. Brlggs, r^. (C).-^2 Carlton. If. 1 Knost. If. - 0 .r^rcClnre.- c Mack, rg. 1 1 Conard. rig. 1 Russell, Ig. -----0 To'alit -S. sporiT^ CHICAGO HA$ HIGH PRICED YOUNGSTARS COAST LEAGUE INFtBLD PRODIGIES SET RECORDS Sports Hdltor: I am writing you In regard to a cliirping ton the. sport page of the Register Janu- ' ary 9, In which Alex Milne, man- ' ^ ager of "Andersons Terrible j SoX Spend Big SUHl swedes," states that: he.has tried j ^^^^^ Shattered • with no success, to obtain basket- i ball game<» from other tovmn in : this section of tlie country. Also.; he states that the other t«am» tjf/i must fear defeat. , ttlvi Please let it be known and he; Club DEAL IS MADE infwmed that-the Re«l Devil has- j ReCOrd Price Isi Paid To keU>all team of .Mildred has been i Qbtaln ClSSelK YoUng seeking a game with .Mr. .Milne's | team and to date no answer has been: received. The -Mildred team does not fetfr defeat and Is very j desirous of obtaining a game with the "Sweedes" at the earliest pos- iHblo date. Your(( very truly. UOU -,r .V R. NKVITT. .Ir. Mai^ager Red Devils. Shortstop (ThI.s IK the eleventh cif a series of articles on the major leiipue liaseball dub's.) JUNIOR HIGHS WIN TWO FROM IFREDONIAFIVE t'liicaKo. .hin. 11. (AI'i -One liy i •me. iit prk-ps whlrii si-i records in niftjof league liusehalI sales; the Chirano White Sox have been ac- iinlrinR IIIKII priced youngsters to rebuild the team wr.cked in l'J20: And if those, acMiuirtfd in recent jvears last- until all the positions are filled, thi- Sox eventually will j 'have ii club to he reckoned with I In the American League. r> IX I ^ J d j' ""'^ " dollars has been ilOth . First and Second [ uid out by owner Charles A. Coni- TeamS Carry Off liskey in A-pairing the danuiKc that Top Honors {wun wroUKht by the • Ulack Sox • ' - JHCitinlifl of l;»iy-2o. Top-noiih The junior high school loam'youngsters are so scarce and so .««howed .vesterday afternoon that, iiiffitult to obtain with 15 other It well do-ser^•ed all the credit that i,,u,,j, ,„ ,„e bidding, that unpluK- has been given it as a strong team. < , . ', when it out passed out shot, and.^*"' "f"'^'"'- out.fought the Predionia invaders ,"I>- For plaices unfilled by expens- in the first team game by a 26 to ive youuKSters, t'omlskey has bc.ii 14 score,, and In-the .«ecoud team j forced to fall back on the best of game !by a 22 to 9 score. 'the old timers obtainable. In tho first squad'game, the ' Thirf winter's big deal for the team was going hard, and tini-l^'ox ^^•^••» the purchase of C'halmer after time; quickly passed throqgh ti ^'S -11 tor $123,000, a record price, its: opponent's defense for a neat'At shortstop he will be alouKside shot right under the basket Hadia $100,000 purchase of a tew years Khajjp beea able to get- started back. Willie Kannn at tliird. Aarou _ . with; ^Is scoring like some of the! Ward, former Vaukie veteran, is for: free I other: lola- men wer» going, the!fiB"ied to go In at second aKulii. put! his jgame would have been much more'The other hall of tlii,' pair that one s:deil. The lolans. also showed cam<' In a Iiaile a year UKO. Roger good floonvork and wcrp also co-l I'eckinpatiKh. has been released to operating together in good fash-,l-''"Vcl"''*l i" ">ke the managerial loo. reins.' Hill iliiiiui'l'ield may alter- CHur^hLeagtie To Se Started InWity Soon ' ;•" * As sooni'as. the First Melliodist church gets a Ija-sketball ] team lined up, the. lo<-al ehurch league will probably &wing into ^action with four Itjhurches liaving teams. Instead .of::ihe former .six team league. The Bapi-ih-ts and Presbyterians have defiiiftely stated their'plans for entering. .The ChristianH were expeH.-led to have a favorable report in ."oin'e time during the .latter pari of iliir: week, with the,First Af. K .'s reimrt to be broiiglit.-iu b« about next.:iAfontiay. . I..a «t yea'W the league starif il its second season as a four i team i league. pla .flng tlirec games '(-very I Thursdiiy' evening. The Triniiy i ,K. and 11'. ^'B.'s drni>iied uut'latfr ! ilue to lack; of player.-:, hul tjiings i seems to b^-ill Mm- I'DT tlie lour ; team league to run .'•inootlily this sea !-on. • The Presbyterians took fir.-^t in the .final-standings of the «p. j , . . , in the l!»27-season. with the". Bap-j :i "'7."' lists having; placed first ihe i>rt'- • ^ vious year.'^ DRAW CLOSES SHARKEY AND HEENEY FRAY •. I • .-• • Twelve Round FrajLDoes Not Satisfy Crowd ^ At Battle ^ HEENEY TAKES LEAD Desperate Effort Saves Sharkey in the Final Rounds of Fray Consistently capable work in the .field rather than particularly hea\-y hitting maile; Reese, second 1 baseman, and Laiy, .xliortstop. o'fthe champion Oakland tlub of the Pacific club of th^ Pacific Coast League, two of the most sought-after youngsAers in biseball. The New York Yankees are understood to j havf the inside track; to their services. Witlj John Fenton, young first baseman on the same team, they ; topped th«-ir le:igue in fielding.. .• • ' TRIMS PETROLLE IN HARD FIGHT JUNIOR COLLEGE WINS EASY GAME AT INDEPENDENCE SPEEDY Locals Play Fast Contest On Montgomery County Court Skinner at guard jilayed a good cool game almost the entire time. lola junior college is n«\v in the oni'-lhousand per cent ranking of th »i Kans-as junior college cdnfer- ence having (|e<-islvely woii its game over Independence junior college on the Indcp.-nderui' court iiatir with Ward. Karl Shei'ly at first Is the sole .making him ex.eptionally valu- 1 riV,","' "'I'" '"'"K""-' nble to the lola squad ns soine ofl'";<"»>^" " f''^^' »«" •• '•'"'i >'iKl". ^viih a :ir. to l.", .s,ore. the men seem to be a little qui. k •<''»"''^>*'^^^- "" to become also showed came to dropi)ing baskets in as he made 11 of the leam'K> 26 |K>ints The lola leuni playt-il a fast game and s!io\vi>d a itowerfv^l defense that stopped opi>onents keep-j lug ln<lepenrien< «• down to three point.s during the liusi half. The! locals were going in much the f ii-vino »r ... n|iiiiii<. iini.nn i.,, ...i. „.-.„„„.. .-.aitie fashioit tliat tlic.v Went to de- vTmsetiT™ center s^^^^^^ ^''•^ ""^ ^••'"""^^••' " I f""^ .1"-OoMege of kn .poria Rel.» «n!: v. . ^ \ . .u . the At.Merican League never had a servt-s last we.-k, J^„?.h v^n r ^l? prospe<:ts that , „ . ^j,, p.,,^ u,,, Coach Van Camp has. He not only ,,,,1 •, t,-i„ of Texans Met?- ,.^..!!?"L!^..:^l!:'' }!. ' Siflelders the Sox are well fixed. Johnny .MostII. who slashed Mem.s^to be a good .shot and makes j,, n^i,^^.,^ „i,chers. Lf^*^ "•••'"^ Ihe Sox s.-em toiriin loTexaifs,- get the Upoff. The for the junior high will be next Friday when the team goes to Fredonia for a rc- Burgcr was hurt the first half and <-oulil not score as usual, however, he managed to riiiisli the game, playing a goo<I ffoor, game. The lola defense was the main \viM' I thing In accounting for the final Alix result ill that tho Independence I team could not score through it. having bad such good luck Ted Lyons. Ti-d l»lankeiislii |i. Metzler. Uih Falk and others. ,„,„ I Lyons. IJiankenship. Al. Th. ipas. i tspf<Ially during the last half. .M? ,7 r^?"" ""•'•^Red Faher and Rubber Arm H.m-; The lola learn was driving Ihe ball will also be a double-header. HV.- young pitchers give I through tch Independence defense mil ric J •."^'"'^"K"'* «'tJ>e Sox its fairly dependable hurl-! and scoring setups time after time. f« n L^^T^L?%\u "^T, ^ corpi*. Thomas was another I Isaac opened the s.oring for lola nJi^ .L priced purcha.«e of. recent j with a field goal an.I two free leading the locals^ in scoring wth , ,.^,^rs. Red Faber.^ with .Manager I throw.s. I„Ia ran its .v.ore to six llpoints JnajJe. At the half the lo- .s <.halk. is about the only veteran ; points beiorQ FeathernglU of Inde- Tt^%i ?^„%Ii ^,^ot the Black Sox days still good' score. !In the second half the lola j,y &.„t**'^!?f.'?'.*™*'^^'''Behind the bat Manager Sehalk «ri ^""^ ^"•°''^iis trying out an interesting experl the..visitor.s on points „,p,„^ \ y,..,r ago the Sox signe. """^"^•^ feam niakmg 1 • ECored. each points. six .Moe stop; I^ned Berg. Princeton star, as short- possibility. Last summer .In the second team game Blank-jg^.lj^jlj and all the other catchers ship, diminutive captain of the In­ vaders'was the slar for his-team, while Howsly lead the Fredonla firsts In pla>ing ability. 'Four of the lola tirst -who .play- {^^.^.^^ ed yesterday afternoon were in the j „|on „„ Schalk behind lineup against Fredonltf on the lo- •• i„ the field, cal court last year, showing that 1 sdialk plans to develop .him in- lola has a good llneu6 of form er ; the regulttr receivt*r. antl bo]>es wer^ for some rei<son incapacitated and Berg spoke up that he used to catch in prep school. He was presented with the mask and pro- i lector and made a better impres- the plate pendenco wa.'s !H?nt In and scored the Tirst field goal for his team. Both teams started a sitift fight then that resulted in an IS to 12 score at the half with lola still leadiAg. In the second half lola HUMBOLDT HIGH TRIMS KINCAID CAGERS22T012 ! "Fargo Express" Nearly Knocks Out Champ In Eighth , .Minneapolis, Jan. H (Al'i — Sammy Mandell, world's jight- wol^ht champion, has felt the ^rath .New York.; Jan. H. (AP)—Tex Kickard's heav>-weight frolic tn produce a challenger for champion I llene Tunney turned out to be a .•itijleinate. Jack Sharkey and Tom Heeney struggled through 12 rounds to a Square Garden the disappointment tutors. The judge's verdict left the pa- trolls and ring critics divided in' opinion, the former believing- the .New Zealaiider should have been awarded a decision. On the other hand, the majority of ring expert.-^ picked Sharkey. And .then there were many in syn^athy with the draw. -. . Instead of the former"'lunging,crashing Sharkey, the one- that fought Dempsey. the fans witness- \ ed a cautious sailor man who had J to exert himself to' the, limit overcome a big lead piled up b" Heeney. : Sharkey was far from the lorra i he dis-played agaiu.s't the Manassa mauler last July. After the second round. Heeney put up a savage attack, bailging away with solid right.'* and lefts to the head of the fiviug. pile-driving li--^--: of!"'"' Iwdy which forced Sh'arkeyio Billy PetroJIe. the "Fargo : Kx- ''^^ •• press. . . Hceiiey's chin but they didn't Jeem Friday Night Game Very? -^f":'' mna-e than two years' ne- .to tako ef!"e<t and by the fomh /-il„„„ T\,,^^„ iU^ Kotiations bv northwestern b<»xing r""'"' i^harkey was- becoming a .S pro,noter.s.^th..two met in a ten f-">- '-f^ ^ho oppo'ling Kircf Half , ' . . . lieavv artiUerv. J. 1101, xxaii round, no flccision niatdi. last ,, ', m TT 1 t , night, and while the champion'car- The HumbdtU high ha..kelball',iprt off a .newspaper verdi.t. he |.squad made a trip to Kincaid • came within, an ace of being i night and came home with a 22 to j knocked out in the eighth round jl2 victory. It was IlnmboWl's sec- when Petrde caught him flusih on jond engagement of the .season but the f;nv wjih a terrific right hand ; the first, victory. smash. Because of his earlier ad- Paul Williams, of Humboldt; was vantage and his rallv in fhp last, "hot" the last half anil made seven I two rounds, a iiia.iorily of news-ineled .sharkev with Sharkey'ran amuck of a hard right' siuash t<) the head in' the fourth round in trying to protect his iKxly. aud in a spirited exchange, one of Heeney's blows T p- ped a cut under the Bostonlaji's left eye. Heeney followed up his adva it- agp in the fifth round and pun- rights and field goals. White, of KIncald. was: papcrinen gave hitn the decision.' lefts to the body in a close tx-r second in fhe iixlividual scoring: The til^o, w;"s not involved, as j change. ^ - lis» with four field lliggins. | both fighters were abf)ve tlie fight- j Sharkey tried to clinth but Ihe ! of Humboltlt. made two long. high, .weight limit. I .\rw y.ealaiider planted a terrific perfectly arched .s4iots that parted. L'ntil the'eighth round. Mandell 1 right to the jaw which sent Shark;the imesh of the basket without bcxed so cleverly th.-it-Petrolb-wa:; | ey reeling to the ropes. Heeneys pace slackened in the sixth round anil Sharkey brought : toiiciiinc backboard or rim. . tinalilc to. penetrate his ilefj-nse. ' The first (iiiarter ended scoreless, while the Champion dug several I bi'th^ teams seeming to be in a iiard punches to Iiis oppoirenfs !:is dangerous left jab into actloiL ; trance. Kincaid led at the half,;liead and body. Then fhe eightli j wltich found Heeney's chin fre- j 1(1 to 4; but the Humboldt <iuintet' cam" and I'etro'Ie pushed fuer tJie j queiitly. In tlie ne.xt stanza, Shar- came out of its stupor :<nd sailed . punch thiit nearly endeii tin. figlit.''key coiitiiiited to show improve- HeresJHerr .Mayke. fleet (ier- man icp skater. He.- recently won life l.'SOO-me.ter;. German champfonships' and. as a result is being hailed as an Olympic team member this year. abend to a glorious viclory. The box score: llniiiboldt OEAHOMA TEAMS STILL AHEAD IN CAGE STRUGGLE continued scoring while Independ-! T ^rn I /jjnBa*! TpaAlsj Fall ence practically dropped out of the I IVaUSaS ICamS rail !Williams, f . 11 if ; Sinclair, f (C) _ . . 1 0 II i Fronk. r — 1 0 .* ^Higgins. g . -_- *>. 0 *» .Martin, g . _ ;> f. I) ; Lewis, g i» n. 1 'Hask'iis. f . 0 II 0 Halbert. f 0 0 0 i ! Totals . ...11 II ;i > Kincaid Ft; FT 1' Mhitc. f (C> - - 1 _ 1 0 1 ' Huflinan, f . _ . 1 II 0 j-McVaigh. c _ - -. <i 0 1 i Wallace, g . I II ;j ,; Irwin, g - - .- ... 0 0 *p To als _ . -.1; 0 1 j -Mandell bobbed and weaved , his way clear throughout the ie.<i of KC FT P Tl' the r'-und. 14 . . ^Liston Is Appointed As Harvard Instructor Baldwin. 'Kas.. Jan. 1). (AP) K. S. Liston. tlirector of athletics (I'at Baker university here today re— ceived worij of his appointment as 22 assistant football instructor ar the, j> TP Harvard-nniversity summer cijach- 1 profusely. «i ing school.- The coach^ig school! Th? rain of punches from •2 is sponsored by the Harvard physir I Sharkey's two fists continued in nu-nf, and wlien fleeney tried to evade the hard left, tho Boston l>o,\er unloosed a blinding assort mt -nl ot richls and lefts to timk head. ^ In the eighth. Sharkey continued, (o pound his oi>ponent despite a" game attempt by Heeney to drive in. body punches. Heeney was faking about four raps to every one he larided. One of Sharko^'s lefts clipiied Heeiiey over tho left eye oiieiiing a gash which, bled In Battles in th0 Land Of the Sooner He (I cal . education depairtment. ' Mr. 2 Listonhas attended the school two (J. years and will receive his ina.'fter's degree in physical education ^ this 12 f^ummer. - ' eree—R. S. Brooks. Colony. iWijstem Open Tourney ; ! Awarded Chicago Club game in that respect; The Independence coach had ex- pe<-ted lola Hi start a team of small, men as Coiwh Stocke-,' • , •,, . , brand did. The plan had been for! J^^"^^**for iMilepeudence to I use their i.^' '^'f'"'"?"^ ''-VIM-The .-mall and fast men and wear the Mestern open gdf championship Ida team out. then .send in t,„. kctball. with the two Kansas quin- . „.as awarded to ihe .North regular team of large :! —Extra large bundles of clean : • newspapers; 10c, at Register office. the ninth and tenth rounds ibut ' Heeney doggedly kept dri|-irig! in.' Heeney put a dei»lierate battlo in the closing two rounds. He 3<nt the «rowd into an uproar] in the closing session with a-haild riji ht to fhe jaw but it, didn't ?eem to disturb. Sharkev. FT. P. TP. 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : 0 0 3 ; 1 5 0 . 2 2 1 i» 1 0 i 0 0 1 4 7 U FT. p. TP. I 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 1 ' 1 1 0 n 2 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 • 3 IS Wimsett. c. ... Skinner, rg. - — Dr'.ggs. Ig. -. . Totals V'rPiionin (M) Crolay, rf. . Phllpot. rf. Blackmore. If. Schoolcraft. If.. Ilowsly. c. .Monlcal, rg HInkle, rg. TImmon.s. Ig. -- ^ Totals 'Refercf.—Smith. PiUsburg. lolii 'iiid« iii) Donald.son. rf. Flrili-.v. rf. R.i Bills, If. . K. I^ker. If. . .Miller, c. . A. Bills, c. .. Barthelow. rg. Brcin, rg. HeltjriMi, Ig. Kr^dunia- Snds. Blatikenship, rf. Bergman. If. ... Carter, H. Brown, c. Wygle. rg. -1 I .(1 ;• il. .0 id/ 0 .1 (1 I _:! 0 ._ii 1 •1 ..(J il .10 • 1; 16 F.G. I-T. P. .0 1 ;j (1 1 1 -.1 1 •» .11 0 it •1 •» . ,1 .0 II It .0 1 . 1 A) It ' _1 i; 11 . K. S. T F<;. FT. P. .0 • > (t .11 (t 0 .:! (t 0 . :\ (t n .r. 1 1 J) (t :o .11 0 0 .11 0 1 .0 II 0 .0 (1. -It •1 ( FG. FT. P. .1 1 1 .0 II 1 .11 0 II .» -1 X .0 0 «> -0 0 It -0 1 It .*! .•; 6 (By the AssocIate<l Pr.ess) .N'ew Y'ork—Tom Heeney. New iClump. guard, were the best men for Independence. Kemp was high point man of Ihe game with 11 point.s. Schlick of lola. also was doing sorne good scoring as welH .^^ white ^ioWrstaTe di 'tcbV^ ' """^'^ ''^J'"- 533 Because of the large, fieid ex-, • "lowa's-invasion of this state re- i"';-^'! •<• «ompete in tho opeij j suited 1« a split, with; Missouri ;'':n>am.nt yio conipetltion will; beating Crihnel at Columbia .'iS to !' ^'retched over a four day per-j ' /ealand. and Jack Sharkey. Boston.;'' .J' '"""'', ' ' i drew • fU'l. Joe Sekvra. Dayton, ""'^'"''^ """^ ^"'^ <"ne play- ^^^^.^^ thei^Tlgers to '•:o.. defeated Yale Okun. New York!''"^ » The entire lola ' Minneapolis'. .Minn. - Sammy Man- 'dell. lightweight chamjilon. won over Illv Petorlle. Farco. N. D., TP. (lUl. Al Van Ryaii. St. Paul, beat ''•Bribby O'Shea. .Minneapolis (10 "iOIck Daniel. Minneaiiolls. defeated 11 I i"Hoiie.vhoy" Conroy. St. Paul (6). II 0 0 oi Berlin—Bud Gorman. Wisconsin. Ger- ilefeated Ludwig Hayman liuany lIOi. ToVonto. Out. -Larr-.- Gaipsv, To- Bel- Totals :! Referee—Chryst. I. J. C. Former Notre Dame Coach ! Is Honored iiriito. beat Jack Humbeik " giuni iKn. George Fifield. Canada, "knocked out Joe .MuUaney. Boston 2-:(2(. Victor Wainlz. l*aris. France, TP. defeated George Perotti. Krie. Pa.. 3 (61. 0 1 Boston—Roberto Robertl. Italy. jO scored technical ' knockout over ]G Moiite.Munn'. Nebraska (6». " • Kansas Cit.". Kans.—Larry Cap- jOipo. Kansas Ity. %von over Royal I'Coffman. Omaha (10). Johnny - Mason Omahu. outpointed Jack !' Parke. Kansas-City (lOi^ Hamilton Out.—Jackie Johnsop, ' (.'anada. knocked out Bobby 0emp- rey. Boston ill. ior <:ollegl- conference ganie of the Wichita, Kits.. Jan. II. -lAP)— •Jess Harper, coach at Notre Dame from 1913 to 1916. during which time Knute^ ;Rockne rose .to f^e as a player, has Ibeen made a ;member cf the Uuliersity of WIchlto athletic committee, Otto R. Spuders, chairman of the board of regents announced today. When Harper resigned at Notre Dame to tak* charge of his big ranch-near Ashland, Has., ht; insisted upon the ^ppointment'of Rockne as his successor. sea.«!on. Ida (it:,) PXi. FT, p. TP. Kemp, rf. - - . . ..."1 1 0 11 M'oolery rf. . 1 0 1 2 Isaac, If. . . 1 •> 0 • 4 Burger, c. ICI ..2 1 II 5' Lee. c. .1 •1 0 4 Clopiiie. rg. 0 1* 0 1 Barter, rg. u 0 •> 0 Schlick. Ig. 3 0 8 — — — Totals 1:; <« 3 35 Ind'pndrp (1.1) KU FT. P. TP. Hojbrook. rf. .11 n . 0 Crane, rf. 0 2 •» 2I Brooks. If. 1 0 •» •> Arm-'trong. c .. .11 n 1 5 Featherngill. c. ._:! 1 3 7 Burns, rg. fCi i> 0 0 D Klump. Ig. 2 0 3 4 ToUls 6 0 12 11 Technical—^ lola. Referee—!MIIten. Kansas Wesley- third place with four victories agalfist 'eiie de- ifeat. Wasliington droppeil to •oiirtli with three wins and two lo.'-ses. It wasithe first triuitipb of .h • J . i spasf-n fdr Iowa State and raisi •'. ."11 the Ames.sqUnd from tife cellar -o fifth plat'C with an aver((ge ot .33". The Kansas! teams dropped into .1 four-cornfrcd tie with ' Nebraska, and Drake for sixth. c4ch haviu!; It.iSKK'I'BALI .J, KEsri/rs ; In All America no Bietter Built Car at die IVice I Mor^power . .. inorespeed . . . more nmoothnrsii. A brilUant chmge.of pace. You instinctlTely expect tbein. You Bome- hmw^now that** what ypu get in the AIl-American Six . . . Batlconsider thisae otli«r reasons for 'ita stirring suc^eai. The'ezacting can and ccaf Umanaliip witli wliich tlie car ia boQt* How marreioualy,!' survivea the tests and trials < >f time ... Here are atamiiia and endurance that result on y from Ail-American en^neering. Big, rugged, oreraiia nniU. Balance and'aimpQcity.of design. Month after moni h •f pitilesa testing'on General Motors Proving Ground . . •ndsuper-precision conitruction throughout! ... That's whyltfl power, speed and smiiothness are measured in tens of thousands of miles. -Why economy and dependability •re Oakland owners* by-words. Why AIl-American owners wiU teU you<=-"No iMttex ^built car at the price!" High .SchooL Toi'c'ia. 2:5: Olathe. 20; AV vandotie. 33: .\rgentine.. .\ewto:i. :;ii: .\rkansas City. :iii. Colfc.vville. IS: Cherr.vvale. II. Manhattan. 32; Junction City. 2."». Fort Scott. 33: Chanute 12. Leavenworth Catholic High. 23: rJt/CES.-l-<{oor Sedan. S104S; Landau Coupe, $1045; Sport RoadMUr, $mi; 4-dooA Sedan, $II4Si CabrioUu tllSSf , Laridiiu Sedan, $1365. Pmtuikme SU, l.Docr Swdmn. tiki. Alt nrim at faetary. DaUv^md frUim Mmle mliUmum hmmlUnt thmrgmt. Emmy lo gay on thm Uberml Gonmmt Motmrm Tinn Paytpmt Flan. five strailht losses. v..'"''""'; 'l;'"'^''"'-,. Ui Tonight the Kansas Aggies face ^itv Catholic Community Club. 2.j.', Ottawa. 24: Kansas A\rsle.van,l... Special Sport Equipment ^l"i!rt'sa"iilrt&2r^ MU tmt fmdm with tLn V«IU . .. two .pseUI ti» IOCIM and loeldas xiuwa. . . oaUspribk trunk rack . . . •100 extra on open c«r» . . . Sll* o« elomt em ... 6 Mmo whMla with pam« aqnipmcnt, tTS on opan can . . . >M«p «lB«id modal*. the pace ; setting Soonehi at Norman, while Kansas shifts to Still- | water to ^meet the Okla^ioma Ag­ gies. Icv^aiState tackles Missouri Friends. 37: Sterling, 33. ronmest >ew LoeatloB, 108 E. .Vadlson. First . ,—. noor East of Bnimis Drug Store. Phone I7« r 1- HARDWAliE& limEMENtS Hcibart ifotor €6. 210-212 BI, WASHINGTON 'PHONE 865 ^AMERICAN SIX FRODUCT Of CENEBAI. MOTOB9

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