Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 30, 1965 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1965
Page 6
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6 - frlda», April 30. Ht5 Redlands Daily facts Officials caught by surprise County's disposal rates may be doubled, tripled Published reports today of a possible double or triple rate increase at county pay-at-the-gale disposal sites have caught city and county officials off guard. All officials contacted this morning said they "had heard nothing" of a proposal by Robert A. Covington, county administrative officer, to raise the 40-cent-a-ton fee currently charged to a "dollar or more." Mayor Waldo F. Burroughs stated that it was common knowledge the 40-cent rate was not sufficient to pay operating costs at the cut-and-cover disposal sites, but that he had received no specific information on a rate increase. Similar statements were made by County Supervisor S. Wesley Break and by M. A. Nicholas, county engineer, whose depart, ment operates the dump sites Break declared, "I knew nothing about this. It may be a forewarning of some budget consideration." He also expressed some dissatisfaction with the idea of increasing the gate fees at the seven Valley dump sites without some adjustment at mountain and desert disposal sites where no charge is made. "The 40 cents was bad enough," Break asserted. Covington reportedly has stated that he intends to bring the pay-at-the-gate rate in line with the $1.30 a ton it actually costs to acquire and maintain the sites. He expects to boost revenue from $300,000 to $900,000 in 1965-66. Covington was not available today for clarification o£ his proposed rate increase. Also surprised about the possibility of increased disposal rates is Magnus Mead, Redlands city disposal superintendent. He expressed concern that a rate change might stir up new public reaction against the city's lib-year-old universal rubbish collection program. "I will try every way possible to absorb any extra costs. I'm not going to increase collection rates in Redlands if I can help it. "Our rubbish program is on a self-supporting basis now and the people are cooperating 100 per cent. There are few complaints and I would hate to make any changes," Mead said Richard Anderson, city finance director, reported that in .he 1964-65 fiscal year ending June 30 the city's rubbish collec- ;ion program will barely break even, with a surplus of about $2,000. A rate increase by the county would throw the city's collection program out of financial balance. At the present 40-cent-a-tor rate, Redlands will have pak the county about $8,000 in dump use charges at the end of• the current fiscal year. Anderson pointed out that a county order prohibiting Redlands from burn ing any of its tree debris wil probably increase the annua charge to $9,500 next year with out a rate increase. "If the gate fee is tripled, tb city's costs will increase cor respondingly," he noted. Anderson added that in the event the county does increase its rates, Redlands will probably take a new look at enterin; into its own cut-and-cover dis posal operation. "We couldn't consider it at th 40-cent rate, but at anythini over SI it might be practical,' he said. eiders of the Facts are Inrlte* to end their thoughts on questions t public interest ror use in the topic's Column. Please be brief, he writer's true name and address lust accompany eax:h letter though, en names are permitted at the ditor's discretion. Statement of Position ditor, Facts: A. What determines the roper zoning o£ land? 1. Its highest and best use om the standpoint of the en- re community. 2. Economic justification for le use permitted by the zon- ig- 3. The use permitted by the oning must be compatible with le general development in the rea and not detract from it. B. Does commercial zoning in m residential estate area meet lese three criteria? 1. Highest and best use: No. Redlands has a large residen- al estate area which historical has been unmarred by commercial development. This is an sset to the entire community ecause it attracts people from wide geographical area to in CITRUS OUTLOOK By W. A. Brunton Two weeks ago in this col-'ma, are meeting a cool rece] Redlands couple hurt in crash near Colton A Redlands couple was injured yesterday in a three-car collision on Valley boulevard in the Colton area, the California Highway Patrol reported. Officers said Harry T. McKinley, 64, of 1104 Ohio street, and his wife, Gladys, 60, were taken _ _. lo Community Hospital follow-! heavy shipments of Navels and! no demand for the summer va ing the 4:15 p.m. accident. Valencias moving out after thejriety with ^the possible cxccp rains could give the market aUion of bad case of indigestion. This! Arizona now appears to be a gross un-1 which is now reported to b< derstatement as the market is [sweet enough to give consume just plain sick. The switch from'satisfaction. The general com - • - • !J plaint about the California frui is that is is sour. As long as the trade can g Navels, which are now dea . ripe, it will be difficult ley boulevard when his car Thg intermingling O f varieties switch the trade to Valencia struck the rear of a halted pick-! has also contr j DU ted to the con-!except in the smaller ma'rke up truck which was preparing fused s j tuat i on now existing. I where fruit with longer sto: umn. we commented that thejtion. In fact, there is practicall McKinley was treated for a knee laceration and released. Mrs. McKinley was admitted to the hospital for observation after treatment for severe multiple face lacerations. Her condition today was listed as satisfactory. Highway patrolmen said McKinley was driving east on Val- famine to feast came too rapidly and the market simply has not been able to absorb the heavy volume that has moved out during the past two weeks. to push a stalled auto. This occurs every year at about i life is of prime importance * _..,. £ r\ I -'« lilla UUUUta CVCIJ Jem aw auuu, Roger GiUiam, 16, of Ontario, ^ when Southern Cali dnver of the pickup truck «-, fornia Nayel orange shippers In the larger markets of th east, the chains and other Iar 0 . . . . ...i,.,- i,;,.! iul '" tl na»ti vitu> a i, u... rt *—- eail. uie uuuiaa anu uuici *ai e ceived minor injuries when his jare windin up their deal mA handlers are usj F , orida v vehicle was shoved into the ,.,.„„:.. , hinners in Arizona! !„„,.;« ;„ r,r»f»rpnpo .n r.ilifn rear of the stalled car. Viet Ham troops capture rifles, machine guns (Continued from Page 1) were escorted by 14 jets. No enemy aircraft were sighted on either raid. Light anti-aircraft fire was Valencia shippers in Arizona i| e ncias in preference to Califo and Central California are pressing to get their show on place, the fruit is now swe nia and Arizona. In the firs encountered at Thien Linh| Dong but none at Phui Qui, ac cording to a U.S. military spokesman. the road. While there is a good market for Navel oranges that can be delivered in sound condition and without rain damage, there is a heavy percentage of cars arriving that show trouble. Many of these are winding up in auctions and are being sold rather low prices. This has a; skyrocketed to a record 814 car- depressing effect on the market!loads this week from 237 two and'it would appear there isjweeks ago. With this situation little hope for anything but a;confronting it, the Valencia Or- mediocre Navel Market for thejange Administrative Committee and giving satisfaction. Secon ly, Florida's prices are consi erably lower than California asking. This, together with freight rate of about half th from California, makes pret stiff competition. People's Column est their housing dollars in ledlands. 2. Economic justification: No. The City of Redlands has am le acreage zoned commercial much of which is not fully uti- zed. Commercial development n the residential estate area will further fragment commu- ity commercial activity. A hopping center would absorb at most 25 per cent of the dis- josable income of the residents; liese same residents will still lave to rely on the existing ommercial areas of Redlands or 75 per cent of their needs. There is economic justifies ion to the developers who can eap the rewards of turning 10,000 per acre residential es ate land into $50,000. or more per acre commercial property. Should businessmen first at- empt to buy or lease property An Architect Findf : uin Project Sound Editor Facts: The decision o£ the planning commission on 13 April regarding the proposed Buin Development at Oak and Ford streets was the result of insufficient clarity with respect to interpretation of the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance, specifically provisions pertaining to highway-freeway oriented facilities and the location of C-2 neighbor- iood shopping centers. Although the ordinance and master plan do not specify that H-F facilities must be buffered they do clearly provide that these facilities must adjoin the freeway. It is therefore obvious that the expansion of such facilities to other properties in the area feared by opponents of the project would not be permitted. Tennessee and Ford street interchanges are the only two complete interchanges located in Redlands. Highway-freeway oriented facilities should provide optimum visibility and identification to freeway travelers in both directions to allow ample reaction time for a safe and convenient exit. The location and topography of the Oak-Ford site fulfills this requirement admirably. The Master Plan has always envisioned a neighborhood shopping facility in this portion of the city. C-2 neighborhood shopping centers have on four, and C-l, on two previous occasions been determined, when meeting the standards detailed hi the zoning ordinance, to be compatible to residential areas despite initial resistance by nearby residents. Arbitrary discrimination in the case of the R-E zone against these uses as the Southeast Redlands Association demands its inequitable. The larger lot sizes required in that Lions to sell brooms here next week The Redlands Lions Club announces its annual Broom Sale to be held next week. This fundraising drive will be conducted by Lions members who will call on Eedlands residents from 5 to 8 p.m. Long-handled brooms may be purchased for $2.00 and wisk brooms for $1.00. Chairman for the event this year is Vernon Crear, Sr., with Floyd Allen and Dale Gerguson serving on the committee. Proceeds from the drive will be used to purchase glasses for the blind and visual aids for school children. Chairman Crear announced that the quota this year is 100 per cent sale of Brooms and that Redlands residents are asked to lend their support to make the drive successful once again. Committee seeks water pact on school-parks A Park Study Committee proposal that the city and school district enter into a cooperative venture of creating parks on school campuses will be formalized at a special meeting of the study group May 5. The full 30-member Park Study Committee will consider a recommendation of its School- Park Subcommittee which has jeen working with school officials to establish a program of creating new parks on school sites where there is excess land. Specifically to be considered at next week's special meeting is a recommendation that the City of Redlands and the Redlands Unified School District enter into an agreement by which the City would provide water for irrigating the parks on a cost-basis, and, in turn, the School District would develop several school-parks adjacent to existing schools. It is hoped that the park areas can be located in close proximity to existing school playground facilities. Cubs meet at McKinSey An invitation to a camporeei tomorrow at Los Rios Ranch! in Oak Glen was issued during this week's meeting of Cub Scout Pack 2 at McKinley School. During the ^meeting, wolf badges were presented to Mark Bryan, Les Breedlove, Mark Briant, Dean McKenzie, Dale Rose and Jim Berkovic. Jim Mellos receive a lion badge with silver and gold arrow. Den 2 received the attendance award! 'or the evening. APPROPRIATE ADDRESS LONDON (UPI) — The London offices of the Timber Decay Enquiry Bureau are located in Wormwood Street. India Mission to be subject of SDA talk "Mission Adventures in India" illustrated with colored slides, will be presented by Pastor Gordon W. Jensen, this evening at 7:30 at the Redlands Seventh- day Adventist church. Having served 16 years as educational administrator and evangelist in Punjab and Delhi, pastor Jensen is spending his furlough in Loma Linda and will return to India in the late summer. C. F. Phillips, Sabbath School Secretary of Southeastern California Conference, will, be guest speaker for the worship hour Saturday. the I Track and rolling suppli ana ans at I from California and Arizona question: n areas of the city that, are already zoned commercial? Is t proper that businessmen purchase residential estate property and ask the city to change he zoning to commercial to sat- sfy their needs when a large commercial area has already 3een established? It is noted that there are businessmen who are buying property in the commercial zones of Redlands and developing it n an attractive style compatible with city codes and ordi- ances. 3. Compatability with the general development in the area: to. The people in the immediate vicinity of the proposed commercial development have, by petition, expressed overwhelming opposition t> a zone variance for commercial development in an area now zoned resi dential estate. These people feel that their property will be less desirable to them personally if a shop ping center is close by. They chose this area in preference to residential areas around established shopping centers. You can best check out the third criterion by placing yourself hi the following situation and answering the resulting Under New Management MENTONE HARDWARE 1866 Mentone Blvd. — 794-1028 — Mentone New Owners — Joa & Shirley Polack //on/ware — Gilts — Glidden Points — Dewalt Sows (balance of the season. Many shippers are cither through with Navels or about to at its meeting yesterday voted to cut prorate on Central California Valencias to 350 cars for tin wvi o ii "*i.ii i»fc»Tw*u **•.— — — — •-— . e-rt finish this week and next. It isi""*' week as against tne 5oO The raids were carried out asi U.S. military authorities re-j , ported fresh indications of a ' mately 800 carloads of Navels .i estimated there are approxi-jscheduled to move this week. ' ! Viet Cong buildup near the hills overlooking the American air base at Da Nang. Marines guarding the base were restricted to their posts. Da Nang Off Limits Leatherneck officers said the city of Da Nang has been placed off-limits to the 9,000- man Marine force assigned to protect the base from Communist attack, cancelled. All passes were remaining to be moved from j 1 Southern California and 200 carloads from Central California. These will be spread out through most of May. Since the remaining supply is concentrated in the hands of a few shippers, the Navel Orange Administrative Committee has removed prorate restrictions and those who have Navels left be able to ship at their Vietnamese security officials said they learned of a possible Viet Cong terror campaign in Da Nang. Military and civilian police in the city turned out in force today, stopping pedestrians and motorists at random for searches and identity checks. Five Communist terrorists 123 Caion Street \\JJi REDLANDS / Weekdays Cont. From 7 P.M. Sat. & Sun. Cont. From 2 P.M. brings ns beat to the beach! Also Geo. Hamilton in "YOUR CHEATIN' HEART" discretion. New crop Valencia oranges especially from Central Califor- were reported to have been captured in recent days in the coastal city 385 miles north of Da Nang and there were fears of bombings against American personnel. The .air Base runways art just west of the city. A force of Vietnamese rangers was ordered into the hills today to determine the exten of the Communist buildup. BIG DEAL MOSCOW (UPI) — The So viet Union, which is not repre sented at the New York World's Fair, said its pavilion at the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal would be one of the largest at the fair, the Tas news agency reported Thurs day. PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES Open 6:00 — Show 6:30 — All Drive-ln't TRI-CITY; Fox California Theatr* 562 W. 4th St., San Bdno. Cont. 2 P. M. . TU 92678 • Now Playing — Both Theatres • Hayley Mills — John Mills "TRUTH ABOUT SPRING" — Color Co-Hitl — "Dafiant Ones" BASELINE DRIVE-IN NEW CREST THEATRE 5th & "E" Sts. San Bdno. Cont. 12:30 — TU 8-4247 Two Oustanding Hits "MY BABY IS BLACK" Co-HiH- "Devil Doll" • Now Playing • Peter Seller* "A SHOT IN THE DARK" Co-Hit! — "Devil Doll" You live in a residential estate area and a parcel of vacant land nearby is purchased by a developer. He proposed the following possible uses: 3. homes on residential estate size lots. b. light industrial. a park, riding trails, etc. a golf course or tennis Shippers in Southern Califor- a who applied for Early Ma- urity allotments were granted 8 cars and Arizona was given an allotment of 125 cars. This is a cut of 100 cars for the des- :rt area. Prices in the auctions declined slightly last week. A to- al of 117 cars of Navels sold at prices averaging $4.31 per carton delivered, down 22 cents rom the previous week. Twen- y-four cars of California-Arizona Valencias averaged $3.31, down 20 cents for the week. When final figures for the current week are in, they will show a sharp drop from these high evels which reflected the shortage of supplies occasioned by he light shipments during the wo weeks of rain. c. d. club. e. orange groves. i. church. g. Elks Lodge, Masonic tern- zone would indicate less inconvenience and proximity to fewer residences. The likelihood of inconvenience being caused by facilities of the type proposed is reduced to an absolute minimum when the proponent provides his own peripheral residential area. The same is true of the highway freeway oriented facilities with respect to the neighborhood shopping center. The most ideal condition would logically be the following sequence: Residential existing; Residential by proponent; buffering and transition to C-2; C-2 providing buffering and transition to H-F facilities. Upon examination I find that the proposal by the Buin Corporation provides exactly this sequence. Further, it is apparent that the terracing of the land and the elevations and configurations of the structures proposed is such that no interference would be created with the distant views now enjoyed by surrounding residents. The quality of the research and planning that has gone into this proposal is of the highest order. Since the parcel of land involved obviously does not lend itself to total estate home development because of its topo graphy and proximity to the ex isting highway and freeway this proposal constitutes ideal utilization of the land. Each planning decision In today's rapid growth situation is highly critical. Unquestionably, good planning is what is best for the residents of a community and conversely. But deci h. i. commercial: gas station, motel, market, burger bar, etc. j. apartment houses, condominiums. k. hospital, medical :onvalescent home. 1. professional offices for doc ors, lawyers, engineers, etc. m. liquor store, resturant and ar. Question: What would be your order of preference as to which uses would lease detract from he residential estate character of your neighborhood? Max Kreston, Chairman Southeast Redlands Community Association NEVER ASSUME RIGHT OF WAY SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Sage's Copper Cupboard Special Fresh Baked, Deliceus STRAWBERRY PIE $149 Plus Pie Plate Deposit SATURDAY ONLYI SAGE'S REDLANDS center, sions of what is best must be made in the light of the practical and possible and with careful consideration and adequate knowledge of the many details and implications of each proposal as it is brought forth. Prejudicial misinformation and preconceived notions are the arch enemies of creativity and good planning. Only with a consistently high average of good planning decisions can a community attain its full growth and development potential and the accompanying achievement of ihe optimum environment for its residents. Leon Hines Armantrout, Architect, 451 Summit avenue. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Apr. 30 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: Sis 72s 88s 113s First grade....3.27 3.53 3.92 3.77 138s 163s 180s First grade 3.43 3.50 3.25 Trend: About unchanged. Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 Now You Know By United Press International The first flight in a free floating balloon, was made in Paris in 1783 by two Frenchmen aboard the gondola of a hydrogen gas balloon, according to the World Almanac. Dail tX* WILLIAM G. MOORE. PublUher. FRANK E. MOORE. Editor. Published every evening (except Sunday) at Facts building. 700 Brookside at Center, Badlands. California. Founded October 23. 1890, 73th year. Entered ai second class matter October 23. 1890. at th* Post Office at Redlands, California, under act of March 3, 1878. SUBSCRIPTION RATE (In Advancri By Carrier Delivery One Month 1 1.50 Three Months 4.20 Six Months S.30 One Year -. .___ H.40 By Mall One Month One Year _ of Redlands Cocktail Lounge DINNER MENU Sf FRIDAY S* Fish, Shrimp rrt« parking acrou th* itrn 102 E. Redlands Blvd. Formerly tho "Red Carpet" _» 1.SO _ 18.UO Mother will love these V Jewelry Gifts from Gordon s JUST SAY "CHARGE IT" ON ANYTHING YOU BUY! A. Lovely strand of beautiful cultured pearls .. .$29.75 B 2-Diaraond cultured pearl earrings, 14-k gold., $57.95 c. 1-Diamond "Going Steady" ring, 10-k gold.. .$14.95 D. 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