The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on January 29, 1924 · Page 12
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 12

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1924
Page 12
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II 0 10 TTTE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, JANUARY 2D, 1924 Jtiy 4 is Date Set for Firpo - Wills to Swap Punches is N 1 .vs I! M m a r 4 Luis Angel $50,000 New York Promoters Confirm Acceptance To Build Stadium lly Canadian )'re I IlKNOS AIRKH, Jan. 29 Luis Kirpo. ' - he Argentina heavy - nelghtt, said last night that he hail accepted and signed the offer f a New York syn dicate headed by Lewis Ilnymond, to fight Harry Wills on July 4, In a gigantic stadium to be built In the vicinity of New York. The stadium will have a capacity of 125.000 spectators. Kirpo says he is to receive J250. - 000. of whlcn sum he already has been given JC.0,000 as a guarantee. ; It Is understood here that the syndi - j cate. which will build the stadium for the Flrpo - Wllla tight, has a capital of 12.000,000. Confirmed In States NEW YORK, Jan. 2(1 A bout 'between Luis Angel Flrpo of the Argentine, and Hurry Wills, the United Htntes negro, both contenders for Jack Dempsey's heavyweight title, has been arranged to be held In this country on July 4. Word to tnat effect from Buenos Alrrs has been confirmed by Lewis Raymond, spokesman for a syndicate which signed up the South American. CRESCENTS LOSE FIRST AT HOME Eskimos Come to Life With 4 - 3 Overtime Win Over Shieks WHKTEBN CANAP I.BAfil'K P. W. I.. t - Pts (algery 18 5 $ ? fcn.lo.looa .... 2S U J Hcglna 19 10 8 1 SI Edmonton .... 19 7 8 3 17 (Including Intcr - lcaguo games). A8KATOON, Jan. 9. Saskatoon v Crescents loit their first game on home loo hers Monday night when Edmonton Eskimos secured n overtime victory by 4 - 3, The winning goal was scored 85 sec onds after the start of ths eitra session, Hpurrow riuping xh defend en m. nr . - iiVw - Crotby v.. M.ltland; Edmonton ruh Into Biiskntoon twrllory RMJ v McKy; Klier vi. KlKidtrt. mml by lilttlng th InaUU of the I At t(,er 41k 0 oiil pgnt. I Benton 10. Thlrlwell 7; Waiiwn 10. Htl - Th Kklnin dcrvc1 thfr win on thet11(,r . jhuweu 10, Italil B; Huplv - s 17, run of the cnm. in tne nr - period, me fthnika wnltzd all urounrt the vltltore aiul corrl two kohIb. Toward the end of the iioriud tiny hernmo rnrelH ana the iilnv elM - konT! up. The eei - on'l rrrln1 hnA e, terhle1 Edmoutoa Hug &n! tho thtn. was fatrly even. Tho unrns wnn playrd on etlrky ,p. the thnw tottnv nmttlnir the polnw toush after thi Hrt p - rio.W C'oniitientlv. piny wm HitleM )ut wee ronteeieil tin ouwiiniii. Himrrow, Ki - nte, Wmpnon and tr - cii j.hivfd prnt hochrj - fnr Kdmonton. Mains worth ti thn ouiatandlnix' piny - r on the l fnr Pnikntnon. The reat of th Icttfu plivril below form. The line up' Sftstkntoon Ilrvinaworth. Oltm - rnn, Htev - mnn. ..nlon - 'v Cook, Hrrllnquetto. Scott, AlMtii. ltFlso and Mfftdlry. Rdrnontim Blimy, fllmpiD, Trnpp, Tt mi, Sfiirrnw. A r hour, i"h'pjai J, Slur - rlmn. fithhette and Mcrnrmick, Hrferecf Jimmy Uardner and A. 0. Cook. nummary: Virnt period 1. Snnkntoon. rook from B(rl:nqu'tte. 7:40; 2. f aekfitoon. Cook, 6:43. JrJcvoivl l - rlod 3 Etlmnntno, K.'ata from Artiour. :M: 4. Edmonton. Kofii, 15 40. Third period 5. Saakatnon, Prott, 14 40; 6. K'lnionton, Kft1a from Blmp - aou. 4 20. OvtrtUiia period 7. Edmonton, Barrow, - 25. ARGOS WILL TRY TO STOP TIGERS Junior Hockey Teams to Play at Auditorium Rink Tonight Argonaut Juniors will make a aupreme ffort tonfRht to put a hitlt to Tammany Tittrrg; strvuk to the Junior hockey leagu. Ttuito taiita will p vlle he f"!Mir of ! ! - - Ha !!ks aa l.MrrresinU c;inl at the Au'ljtnrlum rink. Thie aame will atart at 8 o'clock. Araoa have - l to imoIj ft viri..ry, whilo Tlaera ait ill hold prfet ffctinl. Varalty hik) Vlctorlat will croaa atl kw in tlia a:i "nil Junior contest at 9 M o'rloi k, Monar ha and A rico Juvenlita will atart pro' .iing at 7 o t - .uck. At Terminal M - SklmtnliiKa 2. Low b, Frrguaon 14, M I'mrtn d ; China; 12. 1 lustra 8. TooiKht'i gBm.'i - t:i)in b. Cutiiphtll. At Klninonii Cralff IS, Murrtiy 14; nurrw 12. M - - Tnn 8; AlUman 10, Hrnwnhrlt'ir 5; Tuuiuull 10, bpue 34; Carae 6, Kelford TonlKhl'a irnntea - Mtirrnv g. U'rlirht UcKi - a va. MTnv)ah; Trlk'n vg. Wyltl. At HI. Juhn'a Coulter 12, MiTa.ieh 10; drlre 11. F.h - J)Ut 9; Uatnon 14. Syni 10; Cleiland 13 , 1 lBIUI,i 'v. MrCmn 8. lumgma itnnifa Huntley Benvta . Hamtln; Pa'.mrr v. I.alng Ileaga; L - lt Va. Vincent; Corhett vi. Corbel! " 1 I't'lf'tl I'l'l'il I til II IIH M Mill I I I I I l''l"l'ii'j ! ENTRY BLANK FOR PUBLIC : i SCHOOL GIRLS' AND BOYS' : I RELAY SKATING RACES i Please ntpr Tlie Tribune school g - irls' - hoys' Feb. 15. Signed ' Names of six f iris or boys ) eTeT (Silver shield for each event, to be held for one year, and f individual prizes go to teams finishing first, second and third I in each race). Use separate blanks when entering teams for both events. Entries close Feb. 12. jiiaiilaaaiuaiitiieiiiiejiiiiiedia Given as Starter TWO MORE ENTRIES FOR 'PEG BONSPIEL Two more entries fur Winnipeg's 36th annuiil bonsplel were received tWs morning by I'harlie Harris, secretary of the Manitoba CurllnK association. A. H. Ktilwell, Killiirney, will skip a rink composed of J. V. David, (i. 11. Kills and H. J. Chalmers. The second entry came From I'owairen, J. M. Hume, a regular visitor to the Winnipeg 'spiel, requesting that his mune be put on the lint of this year's competitors. Word was received from W. II. MclJougall, lieston, to the effect tlt he did not Know whether or not he would be able 'a make the trip to Winnipeg this winter. When the time rolls around, however, It is more than likely the name MrPong.'iU Iteston, will be paled on some of the curling boxes outside the local rinks. Onmes on Klmwood Ire lset night provided auni enlHrtatlitneiil tor fane behind the glass. T. Murray noaed out s win by one point over Wee. C'reig. t:rlg. with his lust rook. Jul missed chipping h wtnrier and taking the game. The Anal score wae 14 - 15 in .Muriay'a favor. E.l. fclplce hue hie "curling eve" bars again. He administered uWeiit to J. Turiibull after a etrenuous buttle. In which fortune favored first one .then the nthsr. Holes rttl aome fairly big ends. however, and the final score wae 14 to 10 In his favor. CJt'orKe Aikman had a comparatively eaay lime disposing of r"red Jtrue. iibrulse's rink. lspita the score of 10 - 5 In Aik - muu favor there wire pet tons in ine same when the reeult or tne couiesi eeemed dubious. "Hubby" Hums had the Indian sign on the McLean aggregation. HI srond U to hie opponenle' S and led all the wny. In a similar manner H. Helford won out over Jimmy t arse a rink, leaning uirwugu - out snd finishing s"ve up. AT THK HTRATIUIONA vaa wiu had an eey wis over the Flnlay - Conielton combination. The Wlee boye were travelling nlceky while their opponents had an off night and the game terminated at mo lenui. MrBrlde got away to a nice start agalnel Kred Body, on eheH No. 4, but couldn t hold hie lead and the club secretary came home one up to win the game. In No. I eheet the veteran Joe Halg wue hitting on all four and ran up a big score asalnet t'ol. llienchard. Ketchen and Huileon had s eloee battle on .No. 1 In a low scoring game. Hudein e. - ime home two up. Ken - hen having the lent roclt. Ketchen lay one and tried a draw to the four font to tls ths count but was a trine neavy. At JMt. lit i ft b. talon 7, Jonvt 9; Warner 10. I'lfirv 1H: M Ciw 14. Thorlakaon is: Johnaon Andrew 11. Tonlnhl'a Bttinea Utaham vi. Bmlth; DouKlaa va. larker: Wataon vs. Low; Hiiller va. M.inw; Held va. liuxtun; Mt - Uimsie va, Koichapaw. At I nlon IVpot Fuel 17. MtH. - hanlcal 5; Freittht Truffle 12. Transurrr a It. of W, S; Leal 7, Teie - grapli 15; 1 - relnht tMalm 14. Autiltor lHa - huraemrnta 8; Tariff liurtuu 12, Uenral Bag u age b. At Clrle Pope 10. Wyldu 7; Uold 8, M' Hardy 10; Balailie 10. Hteuart 6; ltlckner B, VVIlaou 10: Oortiun 10. bmythe 7: butnerlantl 10, i Bund I fun 6. j Tonialit gumca t'ullow va. Ratlcllffe; I Armaiiong . Aidenneti; Pelciann vs. I'ltniiipmn; llllh a va. Ilt,kaun; Hlair vn. ftullMan; Buck in it ham vs. Alardyco; Cainpuell va. Main. At Heather J. Wilson 11, U lmie. - a V; Carsnn 9. Bird. 8; llfcw lal, A. T. Wllaoo 16; Hlddell y. Brown 6. TuniKht a games Meindl vs. Trumpour; Xainbrt vs. Ulllrapie; Thorn va. Knee imt; Buchamm vs. bibbitt; Jtagiand vs. W bytSe At Kurt Hour Jamleaon Vi, huuml - rs lu, Crnrkatoo 14, MrDoii - l.l Vi; M l.uaa 12. AtkUnd 10; Hltaw 1U. Muirutt B. Tunlght'a Kamrs Kennlns; vs. Saunders; Volaey va. Crarkalon; I'Hinpliell a. Mr - I'ouald: Lurwaln vs. Shaw; Thorn vs. GibU. At Thistle Latnont 14, MrKlherun 7; Sutherland 12, E.lerby H; M. (..'ampbelt 12. Collins 10; J, A. Campbell 14, liakvr 15; DuWHsuti 10, V. Hitchie 2a Tonight s nuiifs Sutherland vs. Buker; M. Camphell vs. Kllerb; t:iMlina vs. J. A. Campbell; lonald vs. A. ''MiupUell; Lr. Janiitaon Vs. Cull. At Htrathruna N. Wis 11, Fitilay b. Jos. Hs 12. Blan'hurd 7; Rmlth 13. ilcrmdt 8; Ho.iy 11, Mi ltrid 10; Ituilaun B. Kit hn 7. Tonlsbt's gamra ijaulla vs. Wnlkey; A. i lee vs. t - irry ; lluiue vs. Morriso. - ; M - T.rod v. J. H. Mi'lUnrn.hl; Oariow va. llama. Al (iranlta A. R Kdgar 11. K. I.. Knny 9; D M - ' - I.e - n 8. K. II. Smith 7; . Hmlt h 6, T. ,. Catui.MKti 8; ti, M Uonnld lu. 1. J. luxei 7; V. F. Kfttny 12. M. U. Nobl 11; It. linlliloy 10. A. II KuiUh 12. Ton.Kht guiMfi, liiintpkrl playdntvn 7.V) draw: F W. Clurlt va. J. ( i II npt O. T. Imdley vs. A. B. Ednar; Ir. V. ii. Hllliftnis va. B Mi Lean, II VV oo.l a. K - H. Htiuth; F. U t. F. U Keiin. 9 o'rloi k d ra a F. L. Kenny vs. t. imdley; B. .McLean vs. J. lilllrapte; Dr. WlMJsins M H. Wood; F. W. Clark vs E. H. hiuliti. Chlropiattle trophy B o'. - lork thaw: W. E. Uavls. J. A. Chrls - tlr - , J. Warwick, W. llilhvrineton, skip vs. C. Topp. E. Slnimonda, T. l.lnvil, V. H. M .lr, aklp; G. Kietrher, J. Weill. Tt. Bfattif, W. H. Lipeett, skip vs. W. llous - t"n. K. Johnstons, A. Ncverln, H. B. Mc - tireKT, akli; A. Lowther. J. Mrtlrarhy, It. A. C. I.alnr. skip vs. J. Miller, A K. Watts It. Morris. C. E Hstor 11' l' i .. n u ... . . i . IK. W'tiion. T ' R litiKKlna. akin vs.' H. ITnte. C. K Perry, t. J. MoUey. J. Bioomer. aklp. School for milo r - 'lny rnee. to b skated I Principal. I m way be entered, four to start, j CURLING ASKS REINSTATEMENT CHAKLIE I'ADDOCK no.STON, Mass., Jan. 29 Charles raddock, the California sprinter, suspended by the Amateur Athletic I'nlon last summer for competing In France without permission, has filed an application fur reinstatement. FALCONS BATTLE SELKIRK TONIGHT Best Game of Season is Looked For Both Teams "On the Bit" , Tonight fans are promised another real hockey mutch. This will tie be tween Falcons and Helklik. who are at present sitting at the top of the eanlerYi group of the Manatoba Amateur Hockey Association. This game will be one of the most Important of the season to both teams. A win for tho Fish Town brlKitde put them on easy street, while a win for the Falcons brings them to within striking distance of the top rung of the Indder. Connie Neil has given his men a good drilling since their laBt appearance and believes the team Is much stronger than at any time this winter. Unto teams are using the double shift system and can change the whole forward line at once without weakening it to any great extent. The defence of both tennis are 60 minute men and go through a game at top speed now without turning a hair. Jt was reported this morning there had been a big demund for seats and the largest crowd of the season Is looked for. Selklrks came through the series at the head of the lakes with but a few minor bumps, the boys being In good shape. Fal cons are Bl?o In the "ptnh." It should be one of the best battles of the year. raicons are using one rh'inge ntt their defence. Turv - ey will get his first chance of the season. He has been going so well In practice thai Captain Wally Uiyon feels he Is entitled to the chance. The probable llnc - up will he: Selkirk Comfort, norland, frfhs, Browne, rien.ud. Hughes, Haril, O'Mearn. Ilrandow, I'alcons Hryon, .lohonneson. Tur4 vey, Wootlall, Fridllnnson, Vomers Woodman. Olson, Carroll. CUE FINALISTS ARE DECIDED Brownlie Beats Al. George and Qualifies to Play Tommy Wright Tom Brownlie and Tommyt Wright will play In the Manitoba division of the li.iinlnion milliard Championship tournament. This fact was decided Monday nlisht when Krnwnlle. enjoying s 12 point lead to start, flmilly ended up h - incitaaitis his advantage to 65 points, trimming Al tieorgs by a score "of J500 to 1435 at the Orpheum hull. Brownlie started off with rood con trol and nt one time during the match, had a lend of 200 points. George, giv ing an exhibition sihillnr to that of the firttt half, mads a strong finish, and was within 10 points of hie opponent at the 14i0 mark. Hrownile however, finished strong, proving a worthy vic tor. The first half of the final match between Brownlie and Wright will be plttyed ti'ntRht et the Orpheum hnll starting st o'clock. Piny will be completed Wednesday night. NORTH "Y" TEAM TRIMS AD AN ACS Score 15 - 12 Win to Put Crimp in Win Record of South "Y" Team tnn, Adntti lknbllrii nt under i MnfUy niri't to thf North 'Y" quintet. ' 1 V 12, I.tfrhui aivl Hnfmnrk Wfr j r hief fuctnrn tnihe Nrili "T" victory. I Th two fidlvMnnHi scored no . than 13 nf th H p'fnt. rmltB th upreni ffnrt f A1nac th - v Mere IimwII to OVvriOiii j th iriit, of thstr advenarui. j Trnnia vrrm; Ailnnnr" - Pair fi. An1y FhltMrtB 6. i hint 2; IUU, A. flhlelrifl. Oliver ii; Ora - North "Y" Llfrtwn 7. TrlUr , Hon. aark 6. TCrupn. Llpkln, Pm, Rlrlimund. In a RfynoMi trophv fixture Peerrata AttfAir.A the rann cluh quintMte by 25 9 count. Th Baarcata held Mia upper hnnd alt tha way. Th team wre: fnc flub aimnti. Woolay, Campbell. Knw 2; Wool 4; It a S. Btf'ctn t - hto! 3. t?jntr 4 M - FT - rr 6. Forrl 8, Thorn peon 3, Newman. Brown 5. Wong. Blrke ihlM1 competition rana raralt - r1 In Enejiwi aorlna; an victory nvr Made and WhI'I defeating tclanc 371 Th tmi!' RnKtneete Kent 8, Rlgby t, Robao 4. Klllet OTay 2 - 18. Medtrals M. Shannon 4. MrDotiiral 6. Cnerhlll 1. TtMnlt . Honntcn IS. . vVealej Roheon 4, Grtaaa 14, KrJ - .(nit.n 12. M' laugUlln 2. HtiMell S, Ket chen, ROt)D. J7, Prience CWIderhoe. Stein 8. Craw - ford 3, JTraaar. coU Ch&&wlJi V .eid 2 i ASKS REINSTATEMENT t fcv.V. - V 5 - .v.. - IIP SFbRT BEDTIME STORY Once upon a time there was a boxer who fought every day in the month for $1 00 a dsy. He was caught in the draft. e e e f ANAPA'S reputation In the amat - eur hockey world will be well taken care of this year at the Olym - plc games. The opening games played yesterday showed that the Canucks will be In at the finish and If they do happen to sink there. It will be with flag flying high. e e e OF course the opposition yesterday was not tough. But observers who made a comparison of the Canadian and L'nited States teams were all In favor of the wearers of the Maple Leaf. Kvcn Czar Haddock was disappointed at the Individualistic efforts of his Li. S. boys. Canadians paiied the puck and let the man who hsd the best chance score the goal. e e Monsieur Goaltender of the Czecuo - Slovakiuns 4 Kind that team doesn't play In this league) hnlxlied the ganio with Ills head spinning aauund like a top. lie didn't think It was either physically or mechanically possible to face so many shots in a given time, see Three things about the Canad ians impressed ths onlookers; their speed, their shooting and their combination. They won't need much else to reach the finals. e e SOMETHING la badly needed In the pugilistic world to put a stop to the ridiculous purses being awarded champions and near champions. The current news carries a story that Flrpo and Wills will receive l - iO,000 each for a bout. e e 'HAT license have these men to :e paid that amount of money? Neither man Is a champion, never w as a champion a yd more than likely never will be champion. Pempsey stopped Flrpo In two rounds and could do tire same to Wills. Canucks Run Wild on Chamonix Ice Run in Thirty Goals Against Slovaks Now Picked to Win Tournament Special Cable to The Wlnnlixg Tribune HAMON'IX. Jan. 25. Canada for the finals and the eventual winner of the hockey tournament Is the general run 'or "dope" around wis neck of the woods. This conclusion Is arrived at after seeing six of the Olymplo hockey teams In artlun yei lerday. uannuuins upset tne sioa - klans to tho tune or an goals to tin, while, their closest rivals the Americans could score, but 20 goals aguiiiet the iiclglans. In registering their win yesterday Canada stamped their brIUiHnoy Indelibly on the minds of the onlookers. They played hockey to stt goals. They adopted a passing game most of the time and worked In on the European defence so aurely that once the Canucks got the puck and started down, It usually resulted in a goal. The Czechs, however, did not curl up and die in the middle of the ice. Despite the lup - sided score, they rut tip a stubborn, but futile, defente. They are big chaps and administered some heavy body work. Th;y are not at all smooth In stopping their man and having In mind the smoothness by which a man Is stopped back o Canada, a mental roin - tiarison made the efforts of the blovaklana look crude and amateurish. Score Quick Goal The Canadians started In at t'') drop of the hut nnd within 15 seconds had registered their first goal. At the end of the first period th.y hnd eight goals to their credit They went on a scoring bee in the second and ran In 14 more. In the third session they slowed up a bit and contented themselves with elgnt ninr. gTinle, bringing their erpnr Ufilnl up to 30. Harold Mc.Munn. the young ru'ht winger who halls from Winnipeg, and the only product of Western Cat ail'i on the team, was nut on for a great deal of the game. When he was on they nil knew It. and he was fast nnd quick. He scored three of the goals for the Maple Iafs. A compajlson of the two most dangerous teams In the tournament Canada and I.'nited States lc all In favor of the Canucks. No follower of the game In the ahnde of these monntnins placed the lielglan team even on the same street ns the Slnvsklans. As a matter of fact the Hlovnks were placed tMrJ In the tournament as far as the paper vote goes. Individual Rushes But the best the L'nited States team could do was JO gonls apnln"t the red. yellow and black team Their play resorted to rucu after ruth of the Individual nature ana lei. in piay was scnttered to the four winds. Mannger Haddock, or the Ameri cans, was plainly disappointed over the showing or his team. Ami ne voiced his sentiments between per iods In no uncertain terms. His hopes ran high that the Initial pe - - fornmnce of his team would at least be equal to that of the Canadians, but these were sadly shattered. Canadians are prime favorites now to win the totimamnet. They also are popular with the followers of the game both on and off the Ice anu should they emerge victorious will be received by the local populace with as much rejoicing as another Canadian contingent was several years ago. TORT OF TI.AT Br ranadlu Prree Cahlel CHAMONIX. Frame. Jan. 2 The Can - arltarte rexetered the first erore nf five eeconde. McCafterr taking the puck sown the lr snd paaeed to Watcon. who erored. The Canad.ana then eiloaed their ou - ponente to carry the play ta them. The game epoded up with ru.hee backward and forward until "Hoolejr" Smith Rrabhe the puck, paeeed tt to UrCaffery ehr upaet lha net. Ths play went Into Can ada's territory but "Hooley' smith atnli the pock and dashtns throue - h the op eonents not eeofed. Soon afterward Harr wataon ad.ted another e - oal be a mesnlfl elent tons ehot and Smith asala eeored I a few aeronda. Ths Csachoe made their toRr frr of th p. .1 nt tlil juncture, but muid not oe aueee ine lanurae nerenre and after thr atTck had been broken un Kmii. akatod throuah for a coal, tha nuca - n.. ma occ X tii mc lb gaoia gJowad sfTET t 771 SALAD IT seems like a first rate chance for the governments of the various countries to step In and say ''This thing has got to stop. From now on you will guarantee a fighter only so much und yoab admission tickets will be limited as to price." OH falling this, legislate so that all purses are on a percentage basis with a uta'jed maximum allowable to any champion. No tighter In the world Is worth one cent more than he can draw into the house. Then why should promoters be held up by their ridiculous demands for guarantees. Firpo hasn't licksd a good man on this continent, yet he holds out for AND GETS a stupendous mount for fighting a man who hain't lked any more than he has. a e ITMNXU'EQ siiottKiioers were not a bit backward to take advantage of the last grand fall of snow. They were out in every direction over the week end and simply revelled In their new found enjoyment. Ski followers were also busy. They were practising hard for the sports week. - e e e With this sudden change of weather it's a cinch the bonspiel is not far away. mm OFFICIALS of the Winnipeg Bowling Association are to be congratulated on the success of their ninth annual tournament. The entry list was the largest on record, and although there were no sensationally large scores turned In, the affair was i a great succese. j e ' Quite a few baseball fans go out to the ball park to see Heinie Groh, but the little fellow never does. see THE average bowler does not realize lust what amount of work there la behind one of these tournaments. The preliminary work Is tedious and exacting. The supervision dtulng play must be close ifnd nrcurnte and the aranging of shifts must be, done without a flaw. All concerned may feel well satisfied with the outcome. WINS MEDAL GLENN A COLLETT BKLLAIR HEIC.HTS. Fla.. Jan. 29 Alius Glcnna t'ollett, of Providence, R.I.. won the medal here yesterday In the qualifying round of th woin - en'i annual January golf tournament. Alius Collet t was around In 83, while hor partner, Mrs. Dorothy Campbell Hurd, of Philadelphia, took'5. up, but WaUon and tnnthr Cenndian acurtd again btfor th period oloecd. They Alwnja (Scored In th second Drlod Dune. Mnnrn stopped ths H.onlt3 utiark. It and Kam - say gulug down together. Heittty took th pass and stored. A Canadian pass went Btru, but Wstflon secured and ortd. Hunt hi poke rheok mystified th turupeans who started heavy bodylna. Cyill Mater, of Montreal, added th next goal for the Cunddiniif. Slitter subbed w.ills McCaffery and Fmltu rested In turn. Klater ndded a tall v. Ilnrnid McMunn. the Virintpg f fjj. nalised his entrance Into the gams ahen h replaced IUmir by danhlng throuifh the HlovaUs and utorlng. Hurry Walton duplicated the perfomanc a (ew seconds later, both teams reported to individual rushes, Wat won getting another goal. ileavy body - chei king falls to stop Plater ho orkeil In wonderfully well with other forwards on the Canadian team. There as conBiderable chopping and Mct'affery retaliated by scorit.g. Heatfv n.wniay followed with snot her goal and Watson scored three times In au1k succession making th total 14 for tha period. Ttire Quick Ones In tha third period Wntenn, Ramsay and Munro scored within a few rtijiutea sfter which the Canadians took it easy, ocaspfon - ally dumping the fclovukn for past favors. Watson stg - saitged his way throuh for the next counter and Munro got another goal from a rebound. The Canadian did eom Tnst skating and did not seriously try to score In the final half of thj period. They rsnnrted to long shot and many of their opponents were spilled. Th Csnucks flnfihed strong, however. McMunn scoring two goals and McCaffery one. making the final eore 50 to 0 net I net the team on which Europe baaed Its bop. Old Country Football LONDON. Jan. 20 The Welsh tenrn to meet Scotland In an International rugby match next Saturday at Edinburgh will consist of: B. Mala, (Cardiff): T. Johnson. (Cardiff); Harold Da v lea, (Nee - port): M. Ross - r, (Penarth); Elwyn Evans, (Mnnelly); V. Orlffltha. fXewporn: E. Wntklns, Nnth; Ivor Morr;a. (Kwanses.: S. Morris, (frota KevS; T. Jones, (Newport); O. Push, (MacBtcg); Owvn Frnncls, fNeathl: Ivor Joins, fUnneOv); J. Wnu - ftsld, (Newport); W. Ould, (Cardiff). CLAN STEWART TO ' CURL ON WEDNESDAY Clan Stewart will bold their annual ' onaplsl at St. John's rtnk on Wednesday, 'an. SO. Ray will commence at 8 30 a m. harp. Rlnka art as follows: D. Mulr, V. . Tewar. D. Kldd. J. R. Alkroan. kip. C. Campbell. J. Simpson, J. D. VKelvl. ttso. Aikman, skip. D. McPon - Id. O B NIven. J. MoC. Mil's, Jsa. Aih - an. ship. N. T. Skedmor. I.. Collie. A. I. Hutchinson, Pc. J. A. McTavish. aklp. i. Murray, P. Stewart, C. Forsyth, W. "horburn, aklp. A. Robertson, J. Al ' m, J. Uorn. I. 8. Ptwar, nktp. J. Camp eil. J. Yellowites. W. C. Allan. J. Millar. kip. J. C. Powni. Jaa. Raio X, H land. IU r KMla, skip. a$e N IT a j " N FiNE F0RM 1 J Ai BILL COCKBL'RN The Bengal cucumber who played a steady game In the neta last nlsht against Varsity. Cockburn la rapidly becoming known as one of the steadiest net men in this part of the country. FAMOUS SKATERS HERE WEDNESDAY Quartette of World's Best Will Give Exhibition at Amphitheatre "Winnipeg's fancy skating' fraternity will have a rare treat tomorrow night at tha Amphltheatr when tlwy will four of the best skaters In tha world In action. Thee are Gladys Robinson, Gladys Lamb, Nor - ral Baptle and TCverett frOowan. Miss Robinson Is a Canadian, born in Toronto. Bhe holds the ladles' sped championship for both Canada and the l'nited States and is a particularly clever exponent of the steel blades. This will be her first appearance In Winnipeg. Miss Lamb as a fancy skater has few equals. Bhe has appeared in Winnipeg before and local followers will well remember her performances. Norval Bnptl Is an old friend of WinnlpeRKers. H turns up every ar and never seems to grow a dny older. In fact hl work seems to get smoother each year. He will appenr In a double mle, doing both speed and fancy skating, and be is an adept at ootn. , Everett McOowan will give a number of speed skating exhibitions. He has won many high honors since oining the professional ranks and can always be counted upon to give a sound account of himself. Some of Miss Rublnson'a records are aa follows: Outdoor. 100 yards, 12 secnnd; 120 yards. t4 seconds; 1 - 6 mile. 32 4 - S seconds; 440 yards, 48 4 - 6 seconds; 1 - 2 mile, 1.48 1 - 5 seconds; 1 mile, 4.00 3 - 6. Indoor, iuo yarns. .10 2 - 5; 220 yards. .24 1 - 6: u yaras, .47 z - 6; S0 yards, 1.18 2 - 6; 1 - 2 mile, 1.4 1 - 5; 1 mile. 3.61 2 - 6. REGINA BEATS Dick Irvin and Barney Stanley Show Great Attacking : Form PACIFIC CO.T nofKET IJC.40UK fr.TANIII;. P W. U D Pts y'rtnrla 20 11 0 18 Seattle 22 9 13 O 18 Vancouver Bl 8 12 17 (Including InteMeasu, ga - mee). VANCOUVER, B.C.. Jan. 89. Staslnr s (treat rally when ther en two e - oala down at the commencement of th, third period on Momlar nlshfs hockey same, Itenlna Papitala evened up the ,cre. forced Vancomer Maroons Into overtime and finally notched the odd tally whit n von them the name. 5 - 4. IMck Irvin scored the wlnnlne; goal after tha overtime period had a - one a little more thnn seven mlnutee. It was a great hnttle from alert to nnlah. with the Cape showing the heat staving - powera. It was wllneaeed hy on, of the largest crowd! of the eeaenn. Barney stanler, leader of th, prairie team, wna on, of the outstanding ,tnre of the same, tie wae In tha nlnv Ihrmi.h. put, scored two of the vleltora' goals, and pinve.1 a ureal pncK - cnecKing game. Irvin was alio very effective and Tranh and Dutkowskl, who ecored the other two Ferine, goals, also cam, through with eeveral playe. The line up: Vancouver Lehman. Duncan, Cook. Voucher, Skinner, Mckar, I'arkee, alaue and Pnetrotn. Reglna McCueker. Dutkowakl. Trauh. Btanley, Irvin, Hay, Gagne, McVeigh and Newell. aummarv: ' Flret period 1. Vancouver, McKay, 3 00; 2. Vancouver. Duncan. :44; 3 Vancouver. Poucher. 3:06: 4. Ileglna. Btanlev. 2 - M. Second per(od 5. Vancouver. McKay from Took. 16:20: 6 Tlerinn. Stanley, 3 33. 7. Hcglna, Taruh. 7:00: 8. Reglna. Dut - hnwakl. Overtime period 9. Kegina, Irvin, 7:3. SKI CLUB TO MEET Wlnnlpsir Ski club member ar rqurt - 1 to b on hand mt th bungalow at 8 ocloclr WvdiwBdajr night, when & htka up tha rlvar will ha held. Tha rlub artivttla ara now in full awlnir. and many avanta vera held over tha paat weak - eivk Local Bowlers Win Bulk of Prize Money LAST NIGHT'S FIGHT RESULTS NKW YORK Joe Ryder, Rrooklyn, woo declelon over Irleb Johnny Cur - tln, Jersey City, IS roundel I'aul Iter - , leobacb. New York, knocked out Frank Carbon, Mew York, alith roaadj M illie Hhaw, Jersey City, got the dorleloa over Vie Urvg, Tltts - burgh, six rounds. PITT8UI Rt.U Zack Zlvlo, PltU - burgh, avtpolnt4 Juhnoy Ksy, .'tca rouaUs. ' , f KOHANTON, Fa. Toung Ilob Fltl - sinamooa of New York, won torhnlcal knockout from Hilly Walsh, Akron, olgbth rosnd. rilll.AllF.I.l'HIA Itr Tendler outpointed Ray Mitchell, both of Philadelphia, ten rounde; Van (iartan, of Philadelphia, ostnoirTtrd Lew (kid) I.ewle, of Wnterbury, Conn., tea rounds. CHICACn Rnd Taylor, Terr, Haute, defeated Herhle Kcharfer, Chicago, tea roundel Tiger (line, of I.os Angeles, defeated Patsy Korro, Chicago, ten round,; , Mickey O'Oowd, Munlre, lnd., defeated fctee, Adams, Chicago, ten rounde. SNOWSHOEING AI'RORA CM n The Aurora t'luu will hold a snowaho, tramp on Wtduenday, meeting al 1, ttt. James city linnta at 8 o clock. rnippiswA ci.1 b After Saturday's enjoyable tramp the Chippewa einowahoe club decided to hold an orraeioual mld - wcek tramp. The flret will be held Wednesday night when the niemt.ers will meet at Kiver Park toboggan slides at 8.15. AFEZECA CI.CB Member! of the Afezeca Mnowaho, club are requeued to meet at Deer lirlge, op - poelte the Convaleecent home, Wedneadav. at 8.15 o'clock. After the tramp the party will return to lie club mom, Kentish hall. On falurdny. I he club will hold a Joint tramp with the Victoria and Chip, pewa clulia from Etoneaall. UOI.I.T CU B enTj1 lJ.o!"M "I" tramp Wednesday, Jan. 30th. Membere will meet at the Elm lark loop at 8 o'clock sharp. Thla will "Sn"p ''"""'r night and we would like IUU percent attendance of regular Holly member!. Alo. let each member bring any frlendi who mlgh(be Inlereited In Joining the club. AfteV tramping we will wind up at the Oeborne hall, whVre re - freilimenti and entertainment will be pro. vlded. We would particularly like all the old timers to turn out to this tramp. ST. VITAL CI.CB Leaving from the St. Uary a rnad fire - hall over the 'elr - n . ....... of nine member, of the St. Vital Knnwjhne club hit the trail for thf Oreat Winnipeg .....rr isiainci nne. ine weather wae Ideal for camping out. The rimn broke up at 7 oclork. Other clube will find good tramping grounds In this district Springfield. Wedneeday evening members are aeked to aesenible at the Bt. Vital Flrehall at 8 o'clock eherp. Thle tramp has been transferred from Klldnnan Park. Afier a ehort tramp the Initiation of chief Buffalo Child Ixng Iinoe will take place. The club will return to tho Norberry school for refrenhmenta snd oanclng fairies ci.rn The week - end tramp of the Fairies club to Hlrd'a Hill, waa voted a huge eucreee by thoee participating. Mild weather and Kently falling mow lent a distinctly Chrletmaa touch." to all outdoor!. After a henrty meal and a rest the party tramped back to the Klldnnnn car line. A scheduled trnmp of the Fnlrtee rlub will take place Thureday evening. Membere will meet at the city Llmlte, Ft. Jamee, (Turedo bridge) at 8 o'clock sharp. A tramp through City park to Deer TjOilce will be followed by a aupper n tho club rooms. rmrrKWA vie AFF'rc Members of the Victoria. Chlpncwa and Afeseca Snowshoo cluba will Journey to Ftnnewsll FaTurday by special cars. A tramp frnm Stonewall through the nuar - rlea wllfbe held under the leadership of .T. Robb. an old Vic biker, runner will bo served at the C.P Tt. hotel. Tho evening will be spent in games snd dnnclnr and tho friendly rivalry thnt etlats amo'ig the snowshoe clubs anparentlv will be brought to the fore by the varied proirrnm outlined, which will ensure aa enjoyable tlmo fetr everyone. HAST KII.DONAV fir If Tie Enat Klldonnn Sncwshne club lent Frldny evenlmr trumped through Fast Kll - rionan. thereafter rcirntng to Mrs. Smith's residence, 417 Trent ave., ivhere refreshments were served. Next Frldny night It hss been planned to trnmn from the end of tho Ferircnt ave. car line to fo. James, Tiroceedlng to the home of Viae. Kdna Ward, 310 Inrlewood at. for refreshments. All memhors are refluciwed to meet at the Svdney ave. gwltrh In time to catch the 7.45 car. f O.H.A. RESULTS I Intrrmrdiati nTiv,Uft 3, Rrorkvilit? 2. hwi ft, iit,wmnviii B. . Ilramptun 6, OrHnirovtllt 0. I'nyuuft 6, Watprford 0. Woodstock 4. Tilsonburg 3. fnrnift 2, London 1. Nwr Hnmhurv 11, Ft mini 2. North Toronto 10. WiUowval 1. rhpfttey B. Wtnrton 0. lelstowcl 12. Palniprstnn S. Simcoft 10. Port Pnvr 7. Junior t. Ml'tincl'i 6. I'.T H. 4. Aura I,r S. Varstiv III. 0 Toronto CC fl. Park dale C.C. 3. Milton 5, Bolton 2. Wellanrt 1, H.imtritont 0. Preston 2, Gait 0. LANDIS UPHOLDS DEAL FOR SALE OF BALDWIN NEW YOTtK. Jan. E9. Ths sale of Howard Baldwin, star pltnher of the Newark Internationals, to tha New Terk Olsnta by former Newark owners Mondny was upheld by besehnll commissioner - K. M. Ixndla. who. at a hearing, denied the claim of the syndicate now controlling tho New Jeraev franchise that tha transaction was Illegal. The annual winter excursions are on. The Canadian National railways are offering low fares, the best of service, choice of routes. Phone A6891 or A6S61. Advt. AT THE ORPHEUM ' George Macfarlane singing la his Inimitable stria "FORGET - ME - NOT" (Means Remember Mel Tho Ballad Kurcesa of America Od bale at all Musio fc tores I HOCKEY "H SELKIRK vs.FALCONS AMPHITHEATRE SCTK, TONIGHT, AT 8.30. Tickfi on gale at Clubb'a Cigar Store and at the Bink. Reserved Seats, 80c; Boxes, $1.10. Rink heated. $2,428 Paid OutWinnipeg Trundlers Take $1,479.55 - Matak Big Winner By Steppy Fairman OLLOW1NO a precedent estab. " Ushed In recent years, that of paying out 100 entry money for prises, the Win - nlfr Bowling . association upheld that reputation In the tour, nument just completed at the Sara toKa alleys. Two thousand four hundred and twenty - eight dollars made up the en try money for 111 teams, 165 sets of doubles and 29 singles and thia amount was paid out Monday la prize money. It will be of Interest to local bowl - ers to know that the built of the cash remained in Winnipeg. In fact, nearly two - thirds of it wag hundcJ out to local pin smashers. St l'aul and Minneapolis trundlers pot the big percentuKe of thnt which took exit from the oily: 11.479.65 of th total remained in Winnipeg. Just to show where the big money wert, we have figured out tha amounts which rmainej here and. the amounts which took departure. Of the teams, local aggregations won more thnn twice the amount cf the visitors. Five hundrd and fiftv - two dollars and fifty cents was paul to Winnlpeggers, while $268X0 went to visiting bowlers. In the doubles, the visitors reigned supreme. They took away (315.26. The locals' share was ,183.25. In )h singles the bulk also went outside th city. 1247.20 going to the visitors, to $190.80 to the lorals. Of the n delegate, $92.50 took departure and $25.00 was distributed to Winnipeg's two representatives In this column. A l the closed event money went to Winnipeg bowlers. Matak Chief Winner Emll Matak, of St. Paul, proved the big winner of the tournament. He managed to win some of th money In each event. One hundred and nine dollar and twenty - fiv cents went into his pocket. Ha won $38.75 as half share In th doubles, $15.50 as his share of the team prize, $25.00 for top mnn In tha aggregate nnd $30 for placing fourth In the singles. Jim Mitchell, of ft. Paul, as usual,' proved one of tne big winners. Jim carried away $72.25, getting a share In the team, doubla, singles and aggregate. Jesse Stasch, Minneapolis, picked off his big prise in the singles. Ha also figured In the aggregate and 1 doubles and pocketed 165.25 for bit efforts at pin - smashing. Hill Collects $49.00 Ted Hill, Winnipeg, planted away sufficient to keep the wolf away from the door for a few dnys. Ted's share of team, singles and aggregate amounted to $49.00. Young Johnny Buss proved the big) noise In the closed events. His share of the cash amounted to $51.00 won something In all events aid also got into the money In tha opca singles. HAIR STAYS COMBED, GLOSSY Millions Use It - Few Cents Buys Jar at Drugstore Even obstinate, unruly or sham pooed hair stays combed all day in any style you like. "HBlr - Uroom" la a dignified combing cream which; gives that natural gihss and well. groomed effect to your hair that final touch to good dress both lit business and on Social occasions. "Jlalr - t'.room" Is greaseless; also helps grow thick, heavy, lustrrma hair. Beware of gTeasy, harmful Imitations. Advt WHY WEAR READYMADES? when we' make to order from a wide variety of All - Wool Imported Suitings and "a.$35 Overcoatings at. Clothes that wear longer with lasting satisfaction. J. N0RRIS Merchant Tailor Norris Block 27S Garry St. Phone A3247 w. J. HOLME?. Vis' Z - l GROOM VfC 'J Keeps Hair

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