The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 17, 1958 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1958
Page 6
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4> -AU.1TIM (Mirml Oft NEWS for WOMEN COMING EVENTS WBfcNESDAY WSCS GROUPS, first Metho- dirt Church, will meet us follows: OROUP 14, Mrs. Clifford Dig- tint, McFifltnd Drive, in the evening^ GROUP 17, MM. Sidney Pappas, 1407 Park, in the evening. ST. GERTRUDE Unit will meet for a 8:90 rapper at the home of Mr*. Rose Dttetchman, 210 S. Kenwood. ST. PAUL'S Lutheran Ladies Aid will meet in the evening at Fellowship Hall after church services. AMERICAN LEGION spam Post will meet for supper in the clubrooms. CEDAR RIVER Does will meet In the evening with Mrs. Wilbur Jones, 1504 Park. Christmas gifts will be exchanged. BEREAN CLASS will meet in the evening at the First Baptist Church. ZEfA CHAPTER, beta Sigma Phi, will meet in the evening for * Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Duane Rasmussen, 611 S. Kenwood. WOMEN'S MISSIONARY Society Will meet in the evening at Crane Addition Community Chapel. PRESBYTERIAN CIRCLE 9 will meet for a 6:30 supper at the home of Mrs. Robert W. Rysavy, 1710 McKmley. THURSDAY SOUTH AUSTIN Neighborhood Club will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Reinholt Augustin, Austin Rt. 3. BISHOP WHIPPLE Unit will bold a Christmas party in the afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry Nemitz, 304 Mankato. ST. OLAP Lutheran Circle Six will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Oren Morem, 704 W. Bridge. ST. BRIDGET Unit will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. Kenneth Cotter, Oakland Rt. 1. WSCS GROUP 5 will meet with Mrs. G. G. Youngdahl, 1304 W. Allegheney, for a 1:30 dessert THURSDAY WSCS GROUP SO will meet with Mrs. Edward Kehret, Austin Rt. 8, for a 7 6'clock potluck din ner. MARY IMMACULATE tin I will meet in the evening with Mrs William Meany, 302 N. 13th. ST. OLAP Lutheran Guild cir cles will meet in the afternoon a follows: CIRCLE 1, Mrs. Howard Skelton 1306 N. Seventh, 1:30 dessert. CIRCLE 2, Mrs. John Downs 1104 N. Sixth, 1 o'clock potluci luncheon. CIRCLE 6, third floor reception room of the church, 1 o'clock lun cheon and exchange of gifts. CIRCLE 6, Mrs. Oren Morem 704 W. Bridge. CIRCLE 8, Mrs. Chester Nockle- by, 311 S. Fourth. CIRCLE 11, Mrs. Harold Lund quist, 215 Bauman. CIRCLE 19, Mrs. Chris Hage lund, 1001 E. Water. • CIRCLE 20, Mrs. Henry Brekke 902\4 N. Kenwood, 2 o'clock des sert. CIRCLE 24, Mrs. Clifford Bos track, 501 Falrview. CIRCLE 32, Mrs. Clarence Nock leby, 1809 W. Oakland, 1 o'clock potluck luncheon. ST. JUDE Unit will meet in the evening for a Christmas party a the home of Mrs. William Klapperick, Austin Rt. 1. FRIENDSHIP CLUB will mee for a 6 o'clock potluck supper am Christmas party at the home o Miss Verna Lena, 1201 N. Sixth WOMEN OF Moose will mee in the evening at the Moose Home ST. FLORENCE Unit will mee in the evening with Mrs. Rudolph Uher, 902 Park. ST. PAULA Unit will meet fo: a 7 o'clock potluck supper and ex change of gifts at the home of Mrs William Brandenberg, 306 W. A] legheney. ROSE CREEK PTA will mee in the evening at the school. ST. OLAF Lutheran Guild cir cles will meet in the evening a follows: SMOKERS' GIFTS? You'll naturally find more, at Nemitz's Cigar Store! ALL THESE ITEMS MAKE A NICE GIFT FOR THE MAN THAT SMOKES. • Pipes •Tobocco • Cigars • Cigarette Coses • Lighters • Ash Troys • Humidors Gift Items Galore, At Nemitz's . Cigar Store! OPEN 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. 7 PAYS A WEEK NEMITZ'S CIGAR STORE 415 N. MAIN HE3 .9964 Miss Irene Urbatch and Donald Speck Married in California Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Irene Ur- batch and Donald Speck, former Austin residents. The wedding took place Nov. 21, at the Episcopal Church iti Palms Springs, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Speck are now at home in Cathedral City, Calif. THURSDAY CIRCLE 10 at Sterling State Bank, community room. Gifta will be exchanged. CIRCLE 12 with Mrs. Arthur Ashley, 110 McFarland Dr. CIRCLE 17 at the church parlors. CIRCLE 18 with Mrs. Hugo Carlson, 710 Lincoln, exchange of gifts. CIRCLE 21 with Mrs. Rudy Lee, 1909 McKinley. CIRCLE 28 at the third floor reception room of the church. ST. HELENA Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Robert Hardwick, 1108 S. Kenwood. SOROSIS CLASS, First Methodist Church, will meet at the home of Mrs. W. J. Campbell, 703 S. Fifth, for a 6:30 picnic supper, ST. BARBARA Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. Robert Kasak, 800 Freeborn, for guest night. ST. DOMINICA Unit will meet In the evening with Mrs. Bernlce Krueger, 904 Moscow. ST. MARY Unit will meet in the evening with Mrs. James Wempe, 1311 W. Allegheney, for a 7 o'clock potluck supper. HOME STUDY Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Louis Grebin, Highway 218 North, for a 12:30 luncheon and Christmas party. VFW AUXILIARY Past President Club will meet for a 6:30 Christmas dinner at the Dinner Bell. Gay Scrap Quilt 541 By LAURA WHEELER Beginner - simple to make this colorful quilt. Win compliments galore for your handwork! Just two patches — formed by gay scrap* of many fabrics! Pattern Ml: Charts, directions, pattern for quilt patches; yardages for single, double bed. Send Thirty . five Cents (coins) for this pattern — add 5 cents for each pattern for 1st - class mailing Send to the Austin Dally Herald, Needlecraft Dept., P. O. Box 169 Old Chelsea Station. New York 11, N. Y Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. Send for a copy of 1959 Laura Wheeler Needlecraf t Book. It has lovely designs to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, weaving, quilting, toys. In the book, a special surprise to make a little girl happy — a cut-out doll, cloches to color. Send 25 cents for this book. lf«a YOU'LL FIND THESE BUYS AT OUR $1 GIFT SECTION By ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: Please help a heartbroken girl hang on to her sanity. for over three years 1 went with DECEMBER WEDDING — Carol Mielke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mielke, 705 Johnson, and William C, Sheely, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sheely, Austin Rt. 5, were married Dec. 3, at the First Methodist Church. After a trip to Chicago, they are at home at 1007 W. Winona. His Wife Has Him Legally same as any Ralph. 1 wore Ann landers fellow I'll call no ring but eon* sklered myself engaged. All my relatives knew him and said we were an ideal couple. He cut /down on his drinking, when he started to go with me. His mother said I was the best thing that ever happened to him. Last week Ralph came over and I could see he was soused. He told me he was leaving town and the explanation would be in the mail. When the letter came I almost fainted. He had been seeing a 17-year-old girl behind my back and she became pregnant. They were married last month and were leaving town in a few days. In other words, Ralph had been seeing me after he'd married this girl. He swears he still loves me and always will. He wants to wait till after the baby comes, then get a divorce. He says I should trust him and have faith. He says she may have him physically, but I have him mentally. Please tell me what to do — KIKI You may have him mentally, but his wife has him legally. Put this fellow out of your mind, the married man with a family on the way. A fellow who would get mar' ried behind his steady'd back and continue to see her an if he were single is a deceitful scoundrel and you know it. He asks you to trust him. Why should you* based on 'the record? What has he done to merit trust? It's what people do that counts, not lip service. 1 hope you'll have nothing more to do with this double dealer. It's enough that he's wrecked one girl's life. Don't let him try .for two, Dear Ann: There is a girl in our crowd who is giving a very nice guy a raw deal. She is interested him only because he's captain of the football team. She's told all of us that he is a big jerk and that she intends to drop him right on his head as soon as football season is over. Then she plans to make a big play for the basketball star. It bums us up to see her roll her eyes at this fellow and hang on his arm. He has already promised her his gold football and she's gloating like a Herd. He's a swell Joe, 'but very homely It hurts us to see him taken in by this scheming girl. Can you say something in your column to warn the guy? -TRUE FRIEND Like what? An open letter to all homely football captains to beware of a girl who is taking him for a ride? If he gets thrown for a loss to learn the booby-traps of teen* g« drinking) write for Ann Land- rs' new booklet, "teenage Drink- ng," enclosing with your request 20 cents in-coin and ft large, self* ddressed, stamped envelope, (Ann Lender* will be glad to elp you with your problems, Send hem to her in care o! THE HER- VLD enclosing t stamped, self* ddreised envelope.) fascinating experience, browsing In our Luncheon Served at VanVleet Home The Friendly Circle Club was entertained at a luncheon Tuesday at the Lester Van Vleet home, Austin Rt. 5. Mrs. Louise VanVleet was a guest. A guessing contest of the past year's secret sisters ended with the losing members to entertain Jan. 20. Gifts were exchanged and members donated $5 to the Mentally Retarded children and $5 to Steven Knolte, a patient at St. Marys Hospital, Rochester. Mrs. Wennes Is Hostess to Circle St. Olaf Circle 23 held a potluck supper Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Burton Wennes, 1400 N. Oak. Eleven sunshine and two birthday calls were reported. Yearly report was read and members contributed to the United Church Fund. Mrs. Ronald Millam was elected president; Mrs. Wennes, vice president; Mrs. Lyman Johnson, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Newman Tesdahl, box chairman. The next meeting will be at the Owen Maloney home, 1008 Taylor, Jan. 20. Happy Homemakers Hold Yule Party The Happy Homemakers Club held a supper Saturday at the LeRoy Municipal Building. Gifts were exchanged and the program included the Christmas Story by Mrs. Ernest Moore; vocal solo, Chris Mills, accompanied by Elwood Boe; recitations, Robert Smith, Michael Mills, Pamela and Douglas Ludemann and Mavis Dohlman; readings, Mrs. Norman Smith and Mrs. Harold Ludemann; duet, Elieen Blum and Mary Feather, accompanied by Phyllis Smith; piano solo, Elwood Boe; group singing led by Mrs. Gale Mills with Miss Smith at the piano. SWAP WIVES EL CENTRO, Calif. (AP)-Milton R. Smelling and William H. Butler have swapped wives. Their wives went to Las Vegas, Nev., earlier this week and shared a room while they waited for their divorces. Then the husbands arrived and married each other's ex-wife. CHANEL N°5 tOftTHCFWSC I | KftFUME AT YOUt ell learn, like everyone else. In be meantime, t trust you will keep our tidbit mouth shut, True 'riend, TC that you will not make like a jealous eat, Chrltfmoi Shop of Efthtr of * M tW JjL + * £ML: Furniture Storei ,., whirl you'll bi tun .to find thi fllft you want, * DOWNTOWN ^ * * STIRUNO * ^ ^ AlWdlfi MW fMFwfl f^'.^j READ CLASSIFIED ADS GIVE CULLIGAN HE 3-3737 to have unlimited soft water -automatically! The Christmas Gift the whole family will • n j o y — Culligan's gift keeps giving all the year around. Automatic • homed owned. 407 N. Franklin - Austin, Minn. J^J In CHANEL WoU's Drug Store Cosmttie Counltr lit. I960 Aiuita fantles have an exquisite array of boxed GIFT SETS Cannon and Dan River SHEETS and CASES 6 priced from 95 8 95 Choose from woven stripes and woven floral-designs. Hand screened prints, pastels and whites. Finished to perfection with dainty hemstitching. CASE SETS MUSLIN O49 PERCALE * 2 98 CANNON CASE SET Scalloped hemlines on Cannon fine percale. Colored or white hemlines on white per* cqle. Colorsi pink, yellow, aqua, green and white. 1 - 42x38</2 Cases SET OF TWO O98 Dan River Sheet and Case Set Field of Daisies, fine combed percale embroidered on a snow white field. Colors: blue, pink, yellow and green. 1 - 81x108 Sheet 2 - 42x38tt Coses 8 95 DACRON POLYESTER FIBRE FILLED COMFORTERS Warm elegance for any bedroom. Pettipoint floral de- »ign on white background. Non-allergenic, resilient, light-weight and moth resistant. Sizes 80x90. 98 DACRON POLYESTER FIBRE FILLED PILLOWS TO MATCH. EA. 4.98 15 MORGAN JONES QUADRELLE HEIRLOOM BEDSPREADS Add that final touch to your bedroom decor* with a Morgan Jones Spread. They're reversible, completely washable, color-fast and pro-shrunk. They need no iron* ing. White and pastel colors. Available in full and twin bad sizes. 10 98 24 95 * bedding downs tain store * FASHIQflS

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