The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 21, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1933
Page 8
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/" I- THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, SATURDAY. JANUARY 21, 1933 4 EDUCATIONAL 'CARTOONS CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON THE SCRUB TO&KJLY OF AUSTRALIA SCRAPES TOGETHER. ASBBAT HEAP OF ©RASS, LEAVES AND DIRT, 4- TO 5 YARDS IN DIAMETER -AND i To a VAQPS HIGH. SEVERAL. MONTHS LATEft ECfiS ARE LAID IN THE DEPRESSION AT THE CBNTTER O1» THE .MOUND AND .ABE HATCHED By THE HEAT FROM THB LEAF MOULD. THiTAlL OP THU SPIDBR-MONKBV MAS BEEN AS A HASP SO LONO THAT (T HAS APPEARANCE OF ONB. THE-<S»ASP- (Nfi SURFACE 16 CALLOOSBP AND ENTIRELY BARE, MAKINC IT MORE POR. SKIPPING Of TH» SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "We'll cither hive to get a new car, or start bringing hit • o'clock bottle along." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN (HEAD THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PIOTUHE) (Pltturai ky Klni) "TfTHY did the bunnies run away, \V instead of staying here to play?" asked Duncy. "Let's tso get them. Then -we'll have a lot of fun. "They're hiding: In a snowbank now, but we can get them out. somehow. .Be careful not to scare them, or once wore they'll start to run." "Oh, I know what's the matter, boys. Our new doc friend made too much nolne, and rabbits are afraid of dogs," said Freezy, with a srln. "However, I am sure this hound will not start chasing thorn around. He'll treat them right because of how real friendly we have been." • • • The birr dog seemed to understand, because it barked to beat the ba"fld. ''Brln*c out one of the bunnies," exclaimed Scouty. "Right away! ' "You set It. Duncy. Have no fear. It will be safe when It is here. If things work out as we expect, we'll have real fun-today." Not only was one bunny brouirht, but half a dozen soon were caught. Said Froezy, to the monstrous dog, "Now. do not try to bite. "Make friends with all tho bunnies, boy! 'Twill brine all of the Tlnlea Joy," Tho dog Just waRRed Its tall, so everything worked out all right. Just then the Tlnles heard a shout. "Como here! Whore are you, Roustabout?" A hunter walked right into view and saw his friendly hound. "Well, well," ho added. "There you aro. You must havo traveled very fur." And, as ho kneeled down by the dog, the Tlnlea Rathered 'round. "Tour dog was trapped. Wo set him free, and now he's huppy as can be," said Scouty. "Can wo play with him for Just a little while? "Right to our sled he could be tied and then he'd take us for a ride." "That's quite all right with me," the hunter answered, with a smile. OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS To Be A FBLUA V.OAOIN)' ' MOVW MOC»-\ WATfeR A COOLO use. A , BUT OUR BOARDING HOUSE ••^•••••^MMMMMl^MMiHMMMIBMMMMMVBMWMBt IF JAK£ IS SERIOUS ABOUT TO HASSLt Mt, IV TO TAHE THAT Oil STUFFED TOMATO AN' BANG* HlKA DOWN ' 60 HARfc ON HIS MEA-D, ME'LL / "Bfc AN AiSnaONOME-Tl WHEN HE COMES TO ?—-I'LL <SET A >££'& HOLD ON HIS EQUATOR .WHEN 1 LOOSEN I By AHERN MA.UBLE Ttf OL LARD , TUB EASY/BUS J AN t<oCb VNVTH A ONCE, VOU WRAP THOSE 60RJLLA" AUIWS AROUND THE GUMPS Righto! By SIDNEY SMITH WU.POOR DESTROYS DO? UNCLE B\M MAS NOT PROPOW>- TTME MOTEL, BILL IS OaROWtKlO* LARGER ANt> UAfe&ER tACM DAY-, CHANCE THAT UNCLE BIAA. . VNl-LPAY IY NOW-_ .. "THAT— YWEREISACMKK COAMN6. &OOM- BUT HOW k.ON£r CAN SHE PUT OFPTHAT ^ MOTEL, BM.L, ? - ASM. C»UMP—• V!MAT YES* OFTRN TMINK YMAT IT A IF MtLLl VIOOV.O A ^OTWfcnlb BWN«r V AMD | CAN 9KC YOUR OP MRR bAOCiMTEft. ( PO*IYION VXITW 5UCM A PROPCKLY YM»S 5AY AND A«- ] BEAUYIPUU AND NO WHiRE YOU - IS- IP YM6RI6MY MAW IS IN RlttWY COMPANY- THERE ^.,^ . ls , ..,,.- tol MANY TEAAPTATI6NI AND) 2^X040 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Modern Version! By MARTIN »•*> »V MIA SCBVICC. IMC. J FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Showdown! By BLOSSER RI6MT HERE, MR.OI9MS0y» I'M SORRY I HAD Tb STOWAWAY ON VbOR BOAT, BUT YoU MUST SEE THIS MY OWN INVENTION ...TWE DIVINIWO-NEEDLE .'.' INVENTED EXPRESSLY FOR TWE FINDING OF BURIEP TREASURE NOW,WHERE IS THAT •jtoO SAY VJILL MEAN MILLIONS TO DO ->bO MEAM TVJ SAY THAT THAT SMAU BOX TELL ,VJHERE AWY TBfASUBE IS 8UBIED....TWAT LITTLE BOX? I 5'Pase IT'LU 1 CERTAINLY! SOLD,SILVER, DIAMONDS.... IT DISCOVERS ONLY THE PRECIOUS ( REMARKABLE/ SAVF AH, BUT I WILL PROVE IT TO YoU BY X DEMONSTRATION I WILL SET IT SO IT SHOWS THE LOCATION OF ANV TCEASUP6 IN THIS BOOM-LIKE SILVER AND SO FORTH •'•' HAVE IN ME JEANS, EH ? GO AHEAD/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Wrong, After All By COWAN THE TWBNTV-PIRiTl THAT'S OUP YES SIR, THC -t*!! VACWl IF VD FORGOTTEN THAT 51 JUST A LITTUt PCMCMBRANCC, AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE 1 VOU DON'T MCAN T'TELL ME VOO'VC FORGOTTEN TMAT TO-DMt* IS OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY B-&UT IT ISN'T UNTIL WEEK AFTER NEXT- AND TO THINK THAT VOU HAVE

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