The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 3, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. NO. IB, CAttttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1894. WHOLE NO. 908. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet* ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Ite excellence is due to its presenting In the form most ^acceptable and pleasant to the taste, tha refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever* and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical, profession, because it acte on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists iu 50.c and f 1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OHUBOH DIBHCTOBY UORNING services, 11 a. .; ID 7 p. ro. ; Y. P. 8. C. E. senlM, 6 p. m.; Ban dar school. 12:15 p. m.; Prarer MMtlos, Thututa; evening, 7:30 p. m. BBV. QKO. FOLSOM, Pastor. BAPTIST. M OBN1NG sertloe, 11 a. m.; •ranlnt senloe 7 p. m.; Y. P. 8. C. E, Mrrloe 6 p. m. ; Him- ta> Sobool. UdK p. m, ; Pmn Meeting, Tburtdw TOnlng, 740 p. D. BBV. J. C. HKMUBICKMN. Vattor w. B. CumRr, sapcrintendent, M OBNINO icrrlea , U s. m,; evenlni Mntat, 7 p, m.; Junior Epworth Leifue, 8 p. m.j Cpworib League, 6 p. m., Snndsr Sonool U;ifi p. u,; Frajet Meeting, Thurnlny I?enlug, 7itO P. m. B«v. W fi. THOMPSON, Viator Dn. WM. HUMFHHHY. SupeclaMndent. Uarrotifoat-CMaoe. Halls at the olllce oloie an folow*: Going east: 2:40 and 7:30 o'clock p. m. Going west: liiO p. m. nnd 7:30 o'clock p. m. Ofllco open on Uuuda; from t to 10 «. m. and from 8 to 4 1>. in. STAB ROUTES. Mt. Girmtl and Kentner, dslly except Sundai Ocparte 12 m,, artlvea at » SiJ p. m. uotelle, Tue»daj, Tdundar, Balnrtar. Depart S •. m. krrlvei li m, Coon RapUU, Oarrollton, WtUtf.— T«*id»i, Tbundsr, Hatardar, arrlrei 13 u. depirtt 1 p. n, O. * N. W.TUU* CMTO. ruwBaaiB TIUUI watt. ••. 1 OTMltnd UnlUd •o. I Onmiu Eipreii 430a.m. Mo. 6 Dtnvw Limited j S2t«5*6 W t mi Ho. 7 Paoltte Kxpnn 160 p. m. No. 18 Carroll Exprau » to p. m. •o. in frtUrht 8 28 p. a. N*. If*. Of erland limited ............. 9 N p. m OBIoagoKxprnM., ....... .....11 SB p. B. . . ... No. a Mum Limited, ..... { {£$*•§ 10 p. m'. N., 8 A«imti*fcprw....JF£™S?J!£|5; No. 16 Oe§ Moluen fauenger 8 00 », pi! ••. M fnbjbt, WMtatdctQ BOW*.: 9 II a. •. •1001 OITT AMD MOV •ipreM, ---*- — ADDON)* ......... • J. 1 p. • ftta.* Bp.m gup.* p. • 7 OOa • loop.* ••*.*> t • ' »•• • . OHIAOCB, Agent, O. M. » Bt F. B'y, £40 p. U. *44 p. •, IfOn. m. 72Krolg-iit .......................... t»*JU v . m. (HFrulgUt .......................... 1;06». ui. TMUI* MUII Will •stfSthVr Jn! ornMtton MMrat, V. vr. »i 7 UIAO*. m 10:60 u, in. AIM •*• . Aaeni PEOPLE AND EVENTS Visit Moore's shoe slora, 0*11 ftt Martin & Olovii 1 barbed wire. Putopl pholotiruph envelope! for Halo at this oittco. Mr*, nibble, of Oarrollion, wui a oily vlollor ywtimmy, v/, K. doitman, of Mituuiug, ipeul Bunduy In tbooity. OUu D. II 1'urk roluruvd from Cudar • 1* Mr*. W, U. Wcotl ID la liiooity lUeguost of. Urn. K, C. Fliun. Hev. L, Huoiidllug, of Breda, WHS a Carroll visitor Wednesday. Attorney Hbuw Vuu, of Oeuinou, was iu tbo city Winlueniltty i:lybt, PiwMtBM of tbe eye, ear, throat aud ') •oat. Dr. 0. L. Wrlgtit, Oorrull. f Lute Blfford, of Wall Uko, wat In the oily Saturday iilgul. Lulo U tUo Jolly good oatured follow tuut Uu the when he use to be postal clerk on Movllle run. Wm. Sexton, of Qlidden, was in the city Monday on county business, Bert McClure, Walt Fay and Fred Weteman left Tuesday for Boone. Miss Lulu Long Is In the city getting ready to aisist in the county normal. Mrs. J. C. Engeltn»nn returned to her home at Hartlngton, Neb., Monday. Our streets were muddy Tuesday morn- Inn for the first time for many weeks. Uncle John Nestle i» reported as being quite poorly for the past few dayi. Dick McNeil Jr., is In the city for a visit witb his father and young friends. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Dn. B. C. KBLLBT, Carroll, la. Henry Fisher left Wednesday on a business trip to the northern part ot the state. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pure. MoIiAOAN & SoHC- ItACHHB. W. E. Sturges and wife have returned from Spirit Lake where they were for a fortnight. The camp meeting at Lake View is attracting quite a number of guests to that resort. Try onr canoed goods, the price* and quality will euit you. MoLAOA* & SOHCMACHKB. Mrs. E. Q. Taylor and children, of Council Bluffs, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Niswonger. Mrs. J.H. Anderson left Monday afternoon for Clinton for a few day's visit with her relatives. D. B. Unger and wife have returned from a visit of six weeks with relatives and friends in Missouri. Mrs. James Laughlia returned home Sunday from Lake View where she hm been visiting the past week. All book accounts must be settled at onco either by cash on note. KBUFKBB & COUDOB. Misses Matie and May Wetherlll returned Tuesday from a pleasant visit in the southwestern part of tbe state. Misses Cushie and Cell* McAllister and Mamie Guthrie returned Tuesday trom a pleasant outicg at Lake View, Lon McAllister and sister and a num. bei of others went to Lake View Monday afternoon for a few days' outing. The first annual fair of the Holstein district agricultural society, will be held Sept. 24-37, 1884. W. H. Button, Sec. Oar prices on flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and yon will oome back to tbe Yellow front for more. The rain makers were at work sis days at Ft. Dodge, but the time expired Tuesday and no signs of rain were apparent. Chicago was visited by a destructive flre Wednesday which consumed nearly tbrec million dollars worth of property. Jessie Sebrina and family of Kansas are in the city the guest of bis brother. Mrs. Bebrlng is a sister of Miss Violet Quint. Biibop Henneisy, of Dubuque, administered oooflrmatloQ last Sunday to over two hundred at Bb. Peter and Paul's church. J. C. Bodinc, of Bchaller, and V. Roucb, of Bolitoin, were in the city Tuesday on their way to tbo etate convention, Tbe raj'-osd company has contracted witb the K.UCB who are boring tbe city well to link ouo for it near the boot and shoe factory. F. A. Charles and family, of Coon Bapldi, were city visitor* Monday. They drove across tbe country iu ilio cool of tbe morning. Word ba« boon received Hint the bill pouters for Bkruuiu » olrcut will bu hero 'bis week putting up the paper tor tbe : ru»t attraction. Dr. B. 0. Kelly MM moved Into' „ residence formerly occupied by D. L. Green ou Carroll street, two blocks uortb of the German bank. Dunn, lioynoldi, Tom Gutbrleand Lou McAllister have returned from the lake wboro tbey btVe been having a ploataul vacation for some davt. Clerk Konnebeok tau letued marriage ItuouBe* lo Mike Peters and;Ml«s May Treuiel and to Auguit U. Dutblefi and Mrt, Sopbla 0. t» Bint. Oh*** & BauUora t**i and coffee* were od exclusively ou (be World'* fair grouuds, wleotoci far tbeir superior quality. Sold only by tfwobwt, Merchant wautu you to cull at bis store aud BM bow few goods yon can buy for five dollars. L*uv« your sucks »ud Itutikvt* at home, but put * double box op your sled or wagon, T(io gruduuiinit exeroUoB of (he Carroll uoruul Will bo held at tbo college japel, tbU evoniug, August 8, at 8 clock, A cordial invltutiou U extend 1 to two public to be protgul, We were itidced fort untie lu belug within the rain bolt wtileu vitlted tuti luosllty kloudty ulglil, for a few milui ««»> of ui not a trace woi visible. All the vatteru and southern p»rt of tho state THE KINO OF KOREA. _ His Majesty Li, king of Korea, is h»Ting a hard time nowadayn. Japan and China both want his kingdom, and their troops are on his soil. Russia and England are also looking on with covetous eyes, and the United States has offered it» services as mediator to settle the trouble between Japan and Korea. is in the same dried up condition that we were last week and the inhabitants are sweltering in the heat and^dust as we were before the rain. J. H. Schroeder, of Arcadia, the nominee for county clerk, was in tbe city Saturday calling on his triendi. K. M. Parsons is shipping in corn by the car lot to supply tbe home demand. It now sells at 43 cents per bushel. Quite a number from the city went to Lake View to spend tbe Sunday at that popular resort for our Carroll people. We are at least fortunate in one thing and that is that tbe supply of ice is all right «nd will be sufficient to meet all demands. Ten dollars to all part of England. Ureat reduction in steamship tickets to all part in the world. Call at once. Moses Simon. A trio of Baptist Sunday school classes held a basket picnic at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter Friday and nn enjoyable time was bad. The Coon Rapids Reporter says that Lon Wilson has struck a two foot vein of coal on his land southeast of that city, and will have it opened up at once. J. B. Kniust is now the proud father of a sweet baby girl of the regulation size. Mother and child are doing nicely and John is decidedly communicative and is at peace with tbe whole world. Jeff Crawford, for twelve years-a postal clerk on tbe Iowa Central between Ottuinwa and Austin, Minn., lost bis job Saturday night because of offensive par • tisanftkip. He was a Republican. Mrs J. L. Miner and children returned Wednesday evening from Marsballtown, where they have been visiting relatives. Master Frank Wilbur returned with bli auut for a few days' visit in our city. Carroll county was represented iu tbo Democratic state convention by P. Bower, J. W. Stuckenbruck, W. E. Heitman. F. M. Davenport, W. H. Rlckerson, O. Orau, F. T. Salmon and C, C. Colclo. Little Willie Ludwlg will left lait oven ing for Port Washington, VVIe.. for a visit with bis uncle at that place. Bo says ho does iiot know bow long ho will bo absent but thinks ho will stay there for some time. 0, E. Lewis and mother have returned to Yale! Center, Kansa'.thelr homo. Mr Luwla is going to attend school during tliu uouilng year. Since he has been In our city he has made many friend* who regret his departure. _1C. G. Pelsue and wife returned Sunday from Spirit Lake, whore they huvo been for BOIUO time. They (trove korota tbe country and experienced a vory warm and dlisgrceablo rido. All tbo members of tbo Carroll crowd wore well when thiv loft. The Hitlo >lx year old son of Dr. Spftulding foil from a barrel ou which he WM pluvlng Wednesday and fractured tho bouo of one of bit unns. Tbe little fellow lufferod greatly during tbe time tbo fracture was bviug roducod but U doing nicely now. M»M tiraco Kail returned Friday even* Ifig from Dei Molnoa wkeie the bai boon gpomllnv part of her vacation attending a Bukool of metbodb for prlumr work. MUs I'eitrl Wllnou returned with her aud will remain In the oltv for eoiuo time tbo guoit ot uor auut, Mm Uraco Kail. Mr. •ml Mrs. W. T. Shaffer, of Btorni L«ko, aio lu the ulty tUe Ruuets of Mr. aud Mrs. A. M. Jiouloii. Mr*, bchuffor la u slater of Mrs. It. K. lluleted, of Oar- uttrvoi), who uu» Uml u very difficult operation performed upou her <-t tbo uospltul aud la recovering very uluoly. Mil* UatUrt Lucof, eleterof Mrs. U. U. Nolou, WKB called to uor koiuo iu 1'ou- sylvania Wednesday bv the serious illness of her mother. Miss Lucas has made many friends in our city during her visit who will be pleased to hear of her intention to return at some future date. Fred Miller sr., who was knocked from the railroad track two weeks ago by H moving train, was placed in Wright's hospital and has now recovered sufficiently to be able to be up and around again. Be hsd a narrow escape and It was thought i>t the time of tbe accident that he would never recover. Next Monday, August 6, the county normal institute will be in session aud a number of teachers can be seen in tbe city anv day now looking up boarding places and making arrangements to be present. From present indications we are informed that the attendance will be unusually large. The rain Monday undoubtedly did considerable good to tue corn] crop. Farmers who bad given the- crop up for a failufo now think they will have corn. Mr. Mane says that bo thinks tbe crop will average from five to ton bushels an acre. While this is a very poor yield it is ever so much better than was hoped for a week ago. The electrical storm Monday night was very severe. The whole heavens were one sheet of fire and tbe heavy thunder bolts followed each other in fearful grandeur. So far as we have beun able to learn no dninnge was done, which stems little less than a miracle for by the tound we feared groat havoc was being wrought. Fire caught iu a tool house on Maze's furui last Sunday and before the flames could be put undei control tbo building was consumed. It was very fortunate that tliti wmd was iu the direction that It WHH or it would have been difficult to t-avc tho other buildings. Tbo loss was enull. The origin of tbe fire ii unknown. Our stock ii complete, goods first quality, popular prioee. Tbe tariff or wilier bill ouU no figure with us. Don't think because we don't button hole yon ou tbe street and beg yon to trade with us, we dou't want your trade. Wedo, but think you aie wise enough lo obocse the best pluoe to trade. Respectfully. £. N. MKKOIUNT. Firos during tbo past week have boon very destructive and numerous, there beinii more of Ibitu than iu any period for yours, if tho record was ever equalled. The long drouth has made everything us dry as a tinder box and it la tbo part of wisdom for all to be extremely cautious. When u flre once gets started It is almost impossible to get it undo' control until everything Ii burned out. U. L. Groeue and family left for North Andover, Wis., whore Mr. Greene U goiuK to engaKe in a general merchandise butlneis. During tbo timo which lulb family has boeo residents of our city tliey have made many friends who uro gurry to kuow of tbuir departure. We trust that Mr. Greene will prosper la hie biuliioDH Investment for bo is nn Inmost man dewrvlng of success. Uu residence bus been leased ID Dr. liullov who hat moved Into II. Tliore are more bogs belug shipped from llil* locality, owlug to tlte inarolly of feud, thau over before at tuts iea»ou of tho year. Frank Uudtou Informs ui that be hu« nulppod over fUO.OOO worth from thin immediate vicinity during lant week. ThUii H lot of money to be brought in, but the trouble U the supply of hoKa will ROOU be exuautted for corn is too detr to feed uml the farmers are ull uuxloua to diipoao of evervttilug (bat requires feed. Mrs. Maggie Urowu received her peutlou money Saturday tue Una boeu expecting for lomo lliue. The bauk pay amounted to f 147, with au allowance of $8 per month. This will be quite an assistance to her during the remainder of her life. She says she feels very grateful to the government for the Interest it takes in providing for those who have been deprived of their means of support as a result of the war. The building committee for tbe German i» ball has purchased the scenery for their ball of L. J. Couch & Co. of Boston, Maps., tbe largest scenic studio in this country. The seats and scenery are to be here before the first of October. The society is arranging to dedicate the hall on German day, Oct. 6, when one of tbe finest troupes that can be secured will be engaged for the occasion. A special effort will be put forth then to raise some money to assist the society and our citizens should willingly do their part for it has been a heavv', expense to the society. ||» In this issue of TnE'B'HNTiNKL will be found the professional card of Martin & Martin, who have openeowJaw office in the McLagan block and wilKije pleased to meet those in the community "wishing legal advice. These gentlemen; are young men of push and energy, well versed in tbe law, who have selected Carroll as a first class city in which to build up their business, ind come well recommended. We can assure our readers that any business intrusted to 'jlheir care will have prompt and careful .attention. «ffl&" Henry L. Palmer, agent for the Omshai opera company, came to grief last evening at Manning. Be had been stopping at Burke hotel for several days and yesterday afternoon left without calling at the csptaln's office and squaring himself with the proprietor. A warr&nt was sworn out for his arrest and an officer sent to Manning-where be succeeded in finding tbe object of his search. Saturday morning he was arraigned before Esquire Lynch and asked for a continuance until August 4. Bonds were placed at $100 which were furnished. It is thought that Mr. Palmer will at that time pav up all costs and settle the account. The Eagle -Grove fire Tuesday night was the most disastrous in the history of the city. It started about 9:30 p. m. in Cornwall's racket store on Fifth street on the east side of town and swept everything east !>ml west on thu north side of the street 1'Otween tho Mason City & Ft. Dodge trai-!< and tho Chicago & Northwestern nilway. Seventeen business houses, t'.vu dwellings, one warehouse, barns and out bouses were consumed. Ou the south of Fifth street the front of every business house waa ruined by the heat. The loss will reach |70,000, Insurance was very light; some bad no insurance. The water supply was light, nnd bad not the firemen used what little they had lo tho best advantage the whole east »ido would have been .in ashes. Piles! Piles 1 Itoblng Pllea. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itchlnic and sting Ing, most at nitflitj worse by ncratulilng. If al lowed to continue tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very gore. Sway no's ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulueratlon and In mont uamui removes the tumors. At (iruuglMs, or by mall, for W otmta Dr. Swayne A Son, I'lilladelphln. 5-1-95 CLOSING OCT. Commencing August 1 we will sell our stock of groceries, glass and queeun- pare at cost for strictly cash. We have decided to quit tbe grocery trade. MoL*<UN & Co. WANTBU. An active agent in each county In the United Stales, to solicit subscriptions for thu Twice-a-Weok Kepubllo. A liberal DommUslou will be paid to hustlers. Ad- dross, superintendent circulation, Tbo Hepublic, St. Louis, Mo. WANIKP. To buy some potatoes at MoLagau & Bohnmaoher'a. BIS BLftZE IN CHICftGO. Lumber Yard District Visited by a Terrible Holocaust. WIND DHOVE TL&MES FIERCELY. Will I'rububly lle«eh • l,SOl>,000, Two Vlrviumi lluilly Uurumi—Au Uu- kuuwu M»u Uuooketl lutu Ike Klvor ituii Urowuoil—Klro HuviuM Wero llul|ilvM Vutll III* Wliul Vlutugoil. CHICAGO, Aug. '•),—Tho liuubor din triot of Chicago wtu WoUuusiluy night visited by out* of (Uo most disastrous flree in its history, mid tliu loss will foot up botwttw fl.UOu.UdO ami fl.800,000. Tho following oouwriu were tmtiroly olouuwl out by tho ttuiuou: B. K. Martin Lumber company, Drown ft Kichurdfl Lumber company, Wells & French uomuttuy, car builder*; 1'urloy, Lowe & Co,, lumber; Shoemaker & Higbee Lumber coiupauy, John Spry Lumber company, Edward Hiuoa Lumber ooiuimuy, Oouwuy & Co., owlur iHwtu; W. 0.11, Pulwor, cedar uutUi Whit- owub Ctxlur Post coiunuuyi Ljouieua A Qttkko, utauufuotnrora of dyuuwoa. TUu Uurmxl district la about alxaquurtM from east to went aud .about Uireo from north to south.. Tho groutcat iwrtiou of the district bounded by Bin.) Isi:m4 avenue, Lincoln street, the river an* Ashland avenue was burned over and 4* acres of lumber yards are now nothing bat smoking embers. Fire Engine* Were UelplMfc The fire was discovered by a watchman, who saw a blaze on the outside of the fence on the east side of Lincoln street, near a shingle shed belonging to S. K. Martin & Co. He turned in •» alarm, but before the first engine arrive* the shingle shed was a mass of flames, which had communicated to the surrounding lumber piles. The Marti* yards are 2,000 feet long by 300 feet wide and the flames originated in exactly the right spot for the strong northwest wind, which was blowing at the time, to carry them through the entire length and breadth of the yards. The wind drove the flames so fiercely that the first engines which arrived were helpless, and call after call for additional help WM made until 60 engjuies and three fireboato were at work.^-It^ not likely that evem they woaM have counted for much had not the wind died away after the fir* had been burning an hour. The course of the flames was southeast and east for the first 45 minutes, an* they literally licked everything in their path. Piles of lumber, lath, shinglai and cedar posts were swallowed up witk an appalling rapidity and for a time it seemed as though the finest lumber district in the city, which reaches a mile to the southward, would be consumed. The wind, however, suddenly changed at 9:80 o'clock and began to blow from tto> south and with much less violence thak' before. The flames started rapidly north again and burned back to a line level with its starting point. The sudden change in the direction of the flames caught several engine com-, ponies unprepared and the men wen* compelled to run for their lives. No engines were abandoned, but three of them had close calls, horses and men narrowly escaping death. The fire boat Yosemito was at work la ; one of the slips, when the direction of the fire changed and the long tongues of flames which shot over her made it necessary that she be moved at once. She was gotten out of the way, but not before phe had Deen severely scorched i*" several places. The firo boat Geyser also had a doe* call, but ran through the flames whick leaped out over the slip and escaped unharmed. Two of her men, John McCaim and Thomas Freeding, were badly burned while fighting the fire, A largm "siamesed" hose which they were holding got away frottf^t^m" k 'atid ! 6n5cked . them over the side of the boat upon a pile of burning cedar posts a few fefet away. Their injuries are not fatal. ITU addition to the firemen injured the following casualties occurred: Otto Rafter fell from a lumber pile, back broken an* will die. An unknown man was struck on the head by n flying cap from a fir* engine and knocked into the river aud drowned. Two llulldtagi Burn In Portland. PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 2.—Fire broke out in the rear end of Herman Motzger 1 ! woolen and hide depot. The building was a frame one and the flames quickly ipread to Bisatmgar & Co.'a hide and v ool depot adjoining. Both warehouse! were almost totally destroyed, together with their contents Cisseugtir & Co. estimate their loss at $35,000, which U covered by ipi5,00<' insurance. Mebt- ger estimates bin loss at $14,000 which U covered by fl<,OUQ insurance. Robert Brown an employe of Metzger was badly ' buruod about the head and arms. BUM nt Firth. BEATRICE, Neb., Aug. a,— The town of Firth, 80 miles northeast of here, was visited by » destructive firn. The general store of T. Darling, Howard's furniture store aud Phillips millinery store were burned. Tho total lo^a will reach 110,000, which is about half covered by Insurance. _ K»nuu City Uutchur* at Work. KANSAS CITY, Aug. a,— All is quiet here among tho packing house butcher*. There is no apparent fovimlutiou for the report that ill •)' intended striking in sympathy with tut* Chicago aud Oinuim uiou. Wages have not bet<u reduced at tuU point aud the uieu say there id no grievance. _ H«T L*nt tlwlloan A*o«i»lon, AKDKKSOK, Jiul., Aug. a.— lu making hi<r flint ballouu ascoiuiuu in this oily, Tilliu Sabtim of Riohmouvl fell from the piinidiuto, which did not work, and WM to duutli on the river bank. or l(««d Vur wi O|Muar. CIIICAUO, Aug. J).— Governor McKia loy or Thumtu U. Rued will optm me a imimlgn fur tho Ropubltuaus in Cook County about Hipt. 1, "How to On re All akin Dlseiwou " lmiily k|i|ilY BwnfiutWuliuent. N'oiiitvruai inedloln* required. Duron (slier, tvotiun, ItoU. OU III* l»i'U, fttuUl, UOKt), »10. th«*ktueltt»(, wltlte and h»«utiy. lu urost healing mid ouratlva nuwrr* ire |iok»t>»«Ml ujf uo other ruimnli. A«K (out Urugvt*} Iw Swttjne'« oluuu«iil. 0 )-W I'rutif I'orlud Kitouiliul, , July 1U.—Thy tuwutohw tint hoiue bill t>xoiuutiug thow who huvo untortxl publiu laud uudur tlie tUvsitrt liuul iu't fvow luakiug thu anuual iiiil)iMY(.'uninu riKiuirttd by )u\v aud o«- tuuliiig thu jwrioJ within which ' cuu Iw utuku to Uvu y«un*. OKNII uvulvu oouU lu u««Umo luulut ti>3<J C«t I O curitu UulWlu«, WitUliilwu, Ka »ud you : will rocvlv* four oopiu*o( K*THTi«u»'* WAWI- uroopiuiod ttoutiiiutuir matter uivo uttiuQiind tuurc UiU »Uvuri4»oniu«i. «r« jou

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