Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 11, 1970 · Page 14
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 14

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 14
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•Junior Editor Quit on- 'WALKING' HORSE COMFORT SPEED A* COMBINED Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics CUT OUR WAY ly NE6 COCHfUN OUR BOARDING HOUS6 . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl Wednesday, November 11, 1970 Crusaders Answer te Prtvient Pvttlt QUESTION: Why is one kind of horse called a "Walking Horse?" . ANSWER: This question is usually asked when someone mentions the Tennessee Walking Horse, since, as everyone knows, all horses can walk. This is true, but the Tenneseee Walker walks in a different way from the others. This unusual breed, developed in central Tennessee over 100 years ago, is a combination of the Standardbred, Morgan, Thoroughbred and American Saddle Horse strains. It was developed because of the need on Southern plantations for a gentle, comfortable horse which could also move rapidly. Some of the Tennessee horses had a faster, smoother walk than others, a kind of running gait which gave the effect of gliding and was very pleasant to the rider. Horses with this gait were deliberately developed, until a special breed had been created. Notice the long stride of the Walking Horse as shown in the picture. Over the years, the comfort and smooth ride of the Tennessee Walker has made the breed appreciated in many parts of the "United States. (Cynthia Frogley of Shawnee, Kans., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) TIZZY ACROSS 1 Seaport prominent during Crusades 5 Crusader's opponent 12 Sharp-pointed weapon 13 Fashionable 14 Utah mountains 15 Buccaneers 16 Flying mammal 17 It is (contr.) 1!) Put to proof 20 Study 21 Swiss canton 23 Egyptian deity 26 Biblical city 28 Chinese politician 31 One of the main religions 33 • , Coeur de Lion 35 Wyoming county 37 Asian country 38 Epoch 39 City in Italy y 41 Not so much 42 In what manner? 43 Secret operator 45 Pueblo Indian 48 Spelling event 49 Exclamation 52 Run 55 Small drum 57 Moslem, opposed t» Crusades 58 Banishment 59 Fire, for ona 60 Anatomical network DOWX 1 Upolu Islajid seaport 2 Penny 3 Rodent 4 Muse of lyric poetry 5 Enervates 6 Moslem name 7 Roman household god 8 Famous violin maker 9 Love to excess 10 Roman date 11 Avian home : MOUVE TAKEW UP ROCK. troLuecTiw; &OL.VIE, • THE LOW-DOWN OU THIS OWE--AMI ABOUT TO THROW AWAV A FORTUNE BVSKIPFIM' THIS ACROSS TH 1 LAKE? AW HOW ABOUT THta TOMS THIW6 1 ONE? THE WEk&HT / ttO KMOW < ALONE AUJSTMAKE IT WORTH AT LEAST /*V0U GLOW/MS ' * We / HAVE I <^ H/»WE PLEMTY .«5TL)MBLBPOMTC> A OF THEM RAT- \ SUPPEM WEALTH? ) TLIW<3 AROUMt? JWVOdR HEARS/ 12U-bpat(colL) 18 Business abbreviation 20 Scorch 21 One (comb, form) 22 Engine of torture 23 Coniferous tree 24 Russian emperor 25 Canadian province (abj 27 Kazak lake 28 Female horse 29 Greek god of war 30 Harem chambers 32 Single (comb, form) 34 Numinous 36 At this moment 40PeerGynt's mother 42 King of Tyre and Sidoa (Bib.) 44 One of the Apostles 45 Stocking 46 Semiprecious stone 47 Father (Fr.) 48 Propensity 49 Newspaper item 50 Cavity 51 Crude metal 53 Important card 54 Numeral 56 Woodcutter's tool (var.) -v—"<• jZ "7£ --—Tl fr* I'll! ROCK CONCERT TM6Y PREVAILEP ON MB TO SUPPLY "WE ENTERTAINMENT INTERMISSION/MOST OF MY STILL «5|<sHTVeeiN<S IN OUR T&Uf2.' PC? MA.V/E SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL t WAVEN'-T SEEM iwe BE60AR AROUNP I.ATELV. KNOW, SIRE. HESSICK WITH 'THE 6OUT. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 V '•- F'fTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA IT'S JUST TO SEE HOW MANV PEOPLE WHAT'S THIS ALL 1 ' ABOUT, OFFICER I f ... J MINP.... ON/ WHAT'S ABOUT/OfFlCER BELTS CAN 00 ON By Kate Osann PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER o . . . CARNIVAL By Dick Turner © 1970 by HEA, Inc. ^M. Ktg. U.S. >nl. Olf. By V. T. HAMLIN THAT'S TH 1 \THEN I THINk. OKAV WKER, SENN'LMEN AN . KER, LAST SIFT, J IT'S TIME TH' llNnSdpUCE ME ' ' ...AND SO IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE TO PRESENT HIS THANKS A . WHOLE LOT; " LADIES/ YOUR FOLkS HEARD /AN' LE'S SET ATTENTION, PLEASE.' , HISHNESS J A WORD FBOM ) ITOVERWfm/ WE ARE GATHERED HERE TODAY ON THIS JOYOUS OCCASION! TO HONOR A MAM WHO ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC, ETC.. © isro br NEA, i.e. JM. itj u.s. rot. off. My mother were midis years ago and she says, 'Never Again'!" © two tr NM, he,, T.M. «>j. U S. Pol. OH Maybe I'd better rub a little dirt on me be.o.e I go in ... I don't want Mom thinking I'm lick or something!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox By DICK CAVALLI BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL fr STOFFEL / GLOBAL WARS HAVE &E&\ I 'STXkR I tLJ K3G. LESS I REASON THAN THAT; /THAT'S MY CAK PHONEiY SORRY, ELMER! I CAN'T I'M EXPECTING AN A STOPTH' MACHINERY... V IMPORTANT BUSINESS^-S^IT'S AUTERMATIC! CALLl LOOKED ROSSiAM AMP FELL ON HI© HEAD. By HENRY FORMHALS MADAM, COULD YOU SPAKE- A Piece OF CAKTE? WOULDMTYOU HAVE IF YOU CAN ANSWER THI9 SIMPLE QUESTION, YOU MAY WINATRIPTD | TM(S POOR. I MAM IS \ HUM6R.Y: ORDINARILY I gur THIS is My BlRThtDAY". WMO HASM'T EATEN IN TWO PAYS? 1*70 t> NO. Inc. TAC >M?U 5. irf. OH* Your father hat had a hard day, Junior. Try not to talk down to him!" CAPTAIN EAS ly CROOKS fr LAWRINCi CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS 90MEHC7W I A»U<5T HAV& HBK HOPES, VPU eive our THOSE PRE0EWT* At THE TOWJSHTi OKAy,SAUV?...AWP WHILE V(?U'KB HERE WITH'AUWT CAROL AMP UNCLE WASH. I'LL PO MV «SST 10 Fl«> r Y0UK --ANP WEAft MV PAJAMAS TO THIS EIGHT O'CLOCK' PANTS SUITS ARE WITH GIAD TO HAVE? STAY WITH U<? M( RLAZES.XCVWT HEK WPS6NPHER WOT WHEN 0HES SHOWN THg .FIRST ^ISN OF

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