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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 23, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER _ * A* ALL-cofcfrft ttfifiULfr ftfe»ft**i»ttt ^ ^ ; ttttti ttffiNtf, fcWA, TmmseAt, MAIC! t*, ms Sunday School* in EMERSON WINS „ -------County Coflventldfl FridayMareh 24 fro. Mttt in for Alt w school wotfceta 6f Mitts wjttt facet Jt eieawood , March i4, tot theif an* nail eontenttoft of rttdy and In- fWtttton. f&e aewions wiii be held in the Baptist enure* thete and will sun at 6 «. in. , k ft *& ?' e ' Barnes, pastor of tt* Mittiddlst ctinfch la Silver Cttr and president of the county Sunday Model association, will Ptetida at the meetings. fwe jH*t« wofkett from Des Molnes, Wattw flatten And d. 0. He* Bteent, Will be present to assist *Hh the program. The theme af the contention Will bei "Things Necessary," the program! Morning Bemtott • 9:00 Registration, County Secretary Mrs. Srant Chamberlain, Malrern. 9:26 Devotional period, Re*. U J, Moran, pastor of Olenwood Baptist church. »J46 Address, "God's Educa- tlo ?jf 1 Pro *«"n." Mr. Herbrecht. 10 :25 The Past Year, Her. Barnes. 10:36 Study! i. How to Teach Young people, Mr, Herbrecht; .3. Objectives In Christian Education, Mr. Hutton. ' li!40 Re-assemble for: 1. Report ot Secretary.Treasurer, Mrs. Chamberlain j 8. Appointment of nominating committee. 12:00 Adjourn. Pot-luck dinner in basement of church. Afternoon Session 1:30 Devotional period, Rev. tbe ran district CWfiteW for &!* autffct wtf held fft Bmeffton Tuesday gte» fting with contestants from gftertan, Maitetn, tafedf, and Rlfertdn. . the contests were keen and decisions pretty close so that the losers to some eaten were very close to the winners. Maivern's contestant, fiyi* Ite witooa, in the huffloretii class lost oat although she was awarded flmt place by one of the Judges. The awards Were as follows: Oratorical, Bittle ttlpiey, Emersbn. Dramatic, tiudne Shaw, Emerson. Hantdraus, Virginia Parker, Tabor. The next contest will be the district, time and place to be announced. Virginia Parker, winner of first place in humorous class, Is a daughter of 8. 3, Parker ^'^erlyilred in Malrern. .--—-•--—•—• fviiuu, nor, L. A. Llpitt, pastor of the Olen- wood Congregational church. U45 Address, "Speak to My people That They Go Forward," 0npt. r W. W, Molsberry of stra- ; J:08 Study Our Common Task nder direction of Mr, Hutton. ft Group Study t I, Sunday Malvern Students Winners in Music Contest, Hamburg Jane Fletcher and Harry Hilton to Represent DIs. trict in Co. Bluffs Malvern schools had two contestants in 4he southwest Iowa music contest held at Hamburg last Friday and Saturday and both came out with honors." Jane Fletcher played in the piano contest and with the highest average marking was given a grade of excellent and with six others will enter the larger district contest to be held in Council Bluffs, April e, 7, and 8. ' Harry Hilton played in the cornet contest on Saturday and also received very high markings with the grade of excellent and with one other, the contestant from .will represent, the district — — •" -——•—• -^ • • » fm Jt Vta • In Next Community Service <m Sunday Talk* by Meabsri ot P, T A., Board, Faulty Aft Plafined Malvern public schools will feature the next Sunday et-ening Cottmnnltjr enattsti Wttvlefi wnlcfc wiii be held at th« Methodist Charch. Speakers connected With school work will present flfofc* ie»s of cottBtttaity and religious interest in the service. speakers for tbe service will be a* follows: . Bd Wearin, "What Should lh« Church Expect of the High School Student." MM. B, W, Salyers, "Mow Par* eats May Teach the Child the Relative Importance Church and School." of the stratlon^cbmmUtee and an ,'.nonneements, ,, • - 7:80 Devotional period and •-special music. 8:00 Pageant, "Every Foreign Woman," Malvern churches, |?\ 8:40 Address, Mr,, Hutton, f; , —_.__ - ™». ;* County Spellers in Big Contest in Malvern March 30 All .County Contest to be Held in Community Bldg. Next Thursday> Next Thursday,'March 80. is ; the date set for tbe all county % spelling contest which will be •;, held in tbe Community building \'v in Malvern• commencing at I o'clock p, m, r It Js a county wide affair, for •:; .. tbe, t grade schools of the towns ?~ sad the rural schools; Already ex« , I tensive preparations have been •V- made in bjjding preliminary con. ^-tMta io.tbe different schools t» I.: , choose tbe competing, spellers .and : ^ ._pr»oue«ijy »u the towns, and per* , - - bsps hilt of, tbe rural,' schools ;" ,wju be represented, -r: A -.R* w, Batpn of Omaha, who a,,-,, has bad charge of these contests •"• before'and thoroughly 'under* ,»ttwtfs the business,: *JU conduct the spelling which will be Ift two |^^P^^*pWff^fl?CTpHf^jSPI1WfnTpBIpnpBB •r,repprt;ot|Councll Bluffs contest and doubtless a number from here will plan to attend. Miss tBdna ttertt, "The Church and School and the Present Crisis." F, ft. Chant!?, speaking for tn« Board of Education, has not an* nounced bis subject. The music for the evening will be: Mixed chorus, "Crown Him with Many Crowns," by Marie Hlne. Lloyd Walker, tenor'solo, "I Love a """ O'Hara. High "Trees," by Oscar Ros'bach" Mixed chorus, "Sing Unto the Lord a New Song," by Carrie Adams, The ministers of the churches of Malvern have endeavored to present the religious problems of the community in a variety ot ways and the service Sunday evening will be one of the most unusual given thus far, -N-E-W-S fffOn IBB CmmtySeat Willafd tit fkfcf and ~ Dyke Wed Little Cottage," by school girls' sextet, The marriaie of Winard H. Fleer of Olenwood and Miss Fern Ruth Dyke o! Tabor took place ift Glenwood Menday, March 28. Tee ceremony was performed at the home ot the groom's parents, Mr. and M». W. H. Fleer, with Rev, Clement M, Rowe of Orient, a brother-la-iaw of the groom, officiating. The happy couple left the same afternoon on t wedding trip to Adair county and after returning will make their home in Olen- wood. The bride Is one of Tabor's nicest girls and the groom is one of Qlenwood's one young men. He is employed in the Davis grocery and meat market, We extend congratulations and good wishes. O. E. S. Initiate Two in Meeting Tuesday The regular meeting of the Olenwood chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was held In he Masonic hall Tuesday evening with a good attendance. There were two candidates initiated Into the mysteries of the order, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schade, and they were given the work in a most Pleasing manner. Delicious refreshments were served following the work. ' Time to Talk of Many Thing* at Com. Club Meet Three More Are Fair Board Meets Thursday Evening Several members of the board of directors ot the Mills County Fair association met in the Com* fnnnlfw tk««tlJTk«w i? pn^*.*u..»_'__", __i * leks, the board decided to wait until these could be learned before making more definite plans. With the Iowa General Assembly * By The Leader's IOWA Press Association State House Correspondent ,, 'ttrtft fee, will be assisted by. County Mwy W, Ralbfe* m Whether tax reduction would continue to hold'the spotlight in tbe Iowa General Assembly, or yield honors' to tax revision caused an exciting two days battle in the Senate last week, and Dearly stopped legislative action by that body, The Senate decided in favor of appointing a, sifting committee, into whose hands would be placed the fate of all bills yet to be acted upon, Tax reductionists favored giving all bills to this committee, but tax revisionists, led by'Senator Patterson, income advocate, . outmaneuvered ,„«„.,, and had tbe various tax revision bills made an exception and'placed at the bead of the calendar,, Administration forces united behind tbe reduction program and a move WSB started to recent slder the action, but § truce was 'called, and by agreement tbe Sen* i^ssntlnued ts'givu tbe tax w " Pills first place, with an t that the net and gross ,_ Income* sales tax and franchise bills: should have Sifting Weut.«Q9Y, KrascJiel is being cofflpUmeBte4 -OB *«•-. T« !0 «^,~ w .a P .jwj Bp ^tf 9V ^ B -^ W , yrxtp&ppatqm town ana rural, to he/to tbe ,_~ _i— —. — ijjajjjjjjjik fgf 'ate and the bill sent to a confer* ence committee la causing much worry, as it is rumored Gov. Herring will insist on the Senate bill calling for practically 46 per cent reduction in 1934-36 from tbe 1930 levy, If these two problems were not enough, the looming of the liquor question in tbe near- background adds to tbe troubles and sleepless nights of the members, Farmers Threaten to "Adjourn" Assembly A couple thousand delegates here to attend state meeting of tbe Farmers Union and farm boll* day organisations invaded tbe state house one day last week, and before a.joint meeting of House and Senate In the House, chamber, demanded legislation to relieve taxation, farm mortgage foreclosures and that farmers he given "help the same as given tbe banks, insurance companies, and big business," The president af tbe, ."farm holiday" movement warned the assembly that if ,be sailed the farmers to Des Moinee again It would legislators had failed to carry out tbj program asfcesU and ie ,„ ... spjea&a „.„, „, „__ TbursOay msm* teg to membership of the sifting — e,,,iryoji.WJH jMrtr hive ,, charge ol all hills to be j upon j 8 .that bo4y. The ™,,ttie is cflnjjMjwd Q| , „, Vilefltine'or Senterviiie, W* KiBherly of Bftvennort jours tbe legislators," anj, & remarked, "It nay happen next Cat lows tag Hi Kn!isl8»» of RUewwtu $aj e Saturday MHler Q{ Morley or Swr Oubaqw It «aj» he that the ietottejy school, county, and, state taxes by $85,090,000 Is »8s«re4 04 sueceasL. f 9 date J%»t About half of the in County Jail Sheriff DeMoss took three men into custody Wednesday afternoon of last week: Jess Beasly, 28, Jack Beasley, 19, and Charles Adams, 19, all of Olenwood. They are charged with hog stealing and ar^betnf tfeld in Jail awaiting a hearing. , * Put Map Acain I is on just Much Action Taken at Thufsday "The time hag come, the walrus said, To talk of many things." And that was just what happened at the meeting of the Mai- tern Community club Thursday evening. Some twenty fire persons of the business community gathered in the basement of the Community building to ponder tnntoal problems at the club's regular March meeting. L. Z. Henry, manager ot the Empress theater, presented a plan for cooperation between the theater and business men and the club voted to do this as soon as details could be worked out. Talks Given Talks were given by various members on the Mills County Pair, community sates, cooperation with the Saturday afternoon sales, the swimming pool, a community trade promotion drawing, medicine shows and stock companies, county spelling contest. The club voted: Favoring a motion to have a committee investigate license fees for road shows, etc., and favor-1 ing a high license being imposed on such. A committee for this purpose was named: J. E .Ran- dersou, 0. B. Davis, Abe Kavich. To arrange for a community trade promotion and a committee was named to do this: Mrs. Abe Kavich, Vern Crook, B. W. Knight. To assist with improvements at swimming pool by selling and buying swim tickets and to coop- SPRING THAU Malternfans looked otit over Wintry vistas Tuesday morning as the itrst day ot spring, 1933, appeared. While thunder storms visited the community in January and again In March a few days before the vernal equinox, the advent ot spring was marked by the final stages of a cold spell which started With a blizzard Sunday. toot always a respecter of local weather conditions, the vernal equinox coffies when the earth's axis reaches a position at right angles to the direction of the sun. The term comes from Latin, meaning "equal night," and la applied because daylight and dark are equally divided as to time in the day at the equinox. From this time until June 21 the days will get longer and fancies generally will have queer turnings. Council Paste* New Ordinance Governing Rates Ten Per Cent Reduction Averaged by Hew Schedule Carrying good Intentions into action, Malverh's town council met Tuesday evening, heard a new ordinance governing light rates read the required number ot times, passed It. The ordinance provides MaWernlans with an average reduction ot 10 per cent in electric rates. The ordinance Is published in this Issue of The Leader and will become effective as stated in its provisions. It was the only business before the council at its Tuesday meeting. The ordinance will be found In columns 6 and 7 on page 6. Spellers Hero welcome county spellers erate with the Civic Improvement club in doing this. To cooperate with the Mills County Fair at its 1933 exhibition. To , here for the contest March~30*and Bruce Boehner stated that bis or- ganisation .would furnish ice cream cones to contestants. _ ed a door prise of six gallons of gasoline, donated by the president and secretary, a feature which will be a part of future meetings, Mrs. L. K. Mason Dies at Home in Hastings March 20 A Life Long Resident of that Vicinity: Funeral in Home This Afternoon —•r»»™ •-v» ' *v *"•****** f ffW+f W»- VTVtWA* well stocked'with fish and large enough for boating and aquatic sports. With its surrounding trees and grassy slopes it was a real beauty spot and a matter of pride to all Glenwood citizens, But the dry years came and the stream feeding it dried up and the lake filled and it became an eyesore to those who remembered its former beauty. Patriotic citizens have taken the matter up and with donated labor are clearing out and deepening the lake and cutting a ditch to enable tbe stream from the northeast to empty in. Already the lake is partly filled and they hope to secure enough water to fill it fulbsnd keep it so, Firemen Realize Neat Sum at Sale Net .$13.45} Will Alio Re. eeiv* Consignments for Sale Saturday Malvern's Volunteer Fire de* partment is 113.46 wealthier as a result of tbe sale last Saturday fop which various articles were consigned and tbe entire proceeds given to the department. Obllly weather cut down the number both of the consignments and bidders and for this reason the Fjreaen will receive goods in the same way for the sale sat* «,,«»*« ,„ »« B ,» lo UV WP wu«n«> u ™. a y» SJareb 85t As Iwt week, I Jn the years past have been held I i A 1*o 1 r\*\t+ 4 VIA « »j«4t«.« AAU __J ... m ._* . . E. Dow Bancroft to Talk to Laymen Here on Tuesday Methodist Lay Leader Here for Three Addresses on Stewardship E. Dow Bancroft, famed layman of the Methodist Episcopal church, will give three talks to Malvern audiences next Tuesday, March 28, when he will tell of some ot his experiences with stewardship. Well known for his lay leadership, Mr. Bancroft is much In demand at the very largest gatherings of the church. Main meeting of the day will be a mass meeting at 7:30 p. m. at which people from other Methodist churches of the county are expected to be present. Others than ot the Methodist denomination are invited to attend tbe meeting as well Tuesday evening as Mr. Bancroft's talk will be of interest to all concerned with church activity. Mr. Bancroft will speak at the Malvern high school at 3 p. m. > p.. m. i will. hare ..a, con- to attend. A pot luck meal will be served. vorn . ., in the basement of the Methodist J,?," „, £ church Tn,«,i«v »t « „ m »„ this evening School Master* Club Met in Emerson Tuesday The regular monthly meeting ot the Mills County School Masters' club was held In Emerson Tuesday evening with eight members present. All the schools except Henderson and Silver City were represented. Supt. K. C. Kincald attended from Malvern. There was very little business of importance to care for and they thoroughly enjoyed a banquet served them by the Emerson American Legion Auxiliary ladies at the home of Mrs. W. H. Cramer. A committee ot five assisted Mrs. Cramer with the following menu; Fruit cocktail, chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, baked beans, pineapple and cabbage salad, whole rolls, butter, cheese, and coffee. wheat and white jam, cherry pie, Rev. E. Winslow Brown Visiting Here Today Rev. and Mrs. E. Winslow Brown arrived here yesterday evening from a winter spent/in California' iHilMnv,lUn in"VtAi«i ?jg» them down to Mala short visit. They leave church Tuesday at 6 p to tO which all members are cordially invited. Mr. Bancroft will give a short talk to those present at this affair. Horseley Talks to M. H. S. Students John L. Horseley of Simpson college was present before the Mrs. L. K. Mason, for more Malvern high school assembly than a half century a well be-1 Monday afternoon and delivered loved resident of Hastings, pass-! a short talk on the advantages ot ed away at her home there Monday evening, following a long period of ill health and suffering from an Incurable malady. For the past week It had been but a question of a short time until tbe end must come. Nearly all her family wore with her ^during her last days to tenderly care for her and look after her every want. Mrs. Mason had come to Hastings as a bride, during the early history of the town, some sixty years ago, and has been a resident of that town ever since, endearing herself to all with her kindly ways and gracious man- ir. Funeral services will be held at $ o'clock this (Thursday) aft- In the late home where ner. , A. Talbottt the auctioneer, an d dy Serkbtmer, manager of the sale, will donate their services and The leader will again donate advertising (or the sale, es, poultry, sandy, vege- a, washing. giaehtae and things were , a -variety Pf consigned test week and the Firemen will he gl§4 ta reeejye any- fetal *»y one ! B Jiajvern or tbe oojjntryRWe surwaSin* mlsbt saw i» {wraith to? a» sale he so many happy homecomings and family gatherings, especially at Christmas tjnje. Dr. M. A- Gable of Indiauola will conduct the services. A more complete account will be given In our next week's Issue. a college education. Using as an illustration a sample of crude iron ore, he showed how it was made finally into a hair spring. As the hair springs have a precision job of balance so the finished college product has his job cut out for him. As a whole bis talk gave new ideas to this year's crop of seniors. Kunce & Nelson Sell Machinery Today Farmers needing tractors, general farm machinery, and even horses or mules will be given an unusual chance to obtain such today when Kunce 4 Nelson hold their annual new and used machinery auction sale. Jt will be at their store here in Malvern and will start at I p. m. Four used tractors, four horses and mules and a large amount pf farm machinery, both new and used, will go over the block at the sale. Cedar Rapids. their home in Mr. Brown was pastor of the Presbyterian church In Malvern thirty-five years ago, A number of his old time friends called at the Black home last night to greet htm. Mr. Brown is now pastor of tbe First Presbyterian church Jn Cedar Rapids. Write of Earthquake Ea&erience That the recent earthquake in California was no small tremor is amply proven by the letter printed below. It was written by Mrs- J. R. Scott ol this city, now residing in l^ong Reach, and is in extraordinarily vivid account of the catastrophe. Bear I aw writing, The leader a 9! the terrible i««,thern l«*ch, •hort earthquake , especiftDy thinking It would ht from rie»es4 Jit first Frl4ay, March who h«,4 e*p#- when all of a sudden, as out of a clear sky, at 6:55 p. m,, the hlow came. With a low rumbling sound buildings began rocking, broken Windows showering glass, cornices ana gables, am) brick tumbling, and above it all, as we rea.cb.ed the street, were the cries end screams of the injured ana dying*-women fainting end faU* ioj t tryln* to he supported by it wis a relgu W. M, Collier Died Sunday Evening Funeral Was Held Tuesday; Had Lived in County Many Year* After a long period of ill health, extending over two years or more, W. M. Collier passed away at the home of bis son, Elmer, northwest of Malvern Sunday night about 11 o'clock. Funeral services were held in the Elmer Collier home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. R. E. Gugeler, pastor of the Malvern Methodist church. Mrs, Fred Lookabill and Mrs, Fred Priest sang. Burial was in the Hastings cemetery, The pall bearers were N. W, Colling, Fred H. Priest, Fred Lookablll, N. J. Hall, A. H. Crouse and Ed Hathaway. Friends and relatives from a distance attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mills and Virgil and LeRoy Williams of Wheeling, Mp., Mr. and Mrs. Bud Polston of Nebraska City, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur AHgood of Auburn, ..Nebr. The following obituary was* given: Wesley Monroe Collier was born at WnevlUe, la., April JO, 1866, and passed away at tbe home of his son near Malvern March 19, 1933, at tbe age pf 76 years and 11 months. He was united in marriage to Sarah Francis Polston peo. 24, 1883. He united with the CUrlet- lan church at Mercer, Mo., In lgg$ and was always a kind and true husband and father. )ie leaves to mourn his death tbe wife' and the fallowing chlW re*: Elmer of Malvern, Roy of Hastings. Mrs. Albert Mills awl Mrs. Will wtlimms, hath ol Wheeling. Mo., and Mrs. Harl Uonr»4 QJ Ii&ogeue; ai»o several grandchildren, relatives a«4 u ho*t ol friends. Curd of Thaakt Wo wish to «<pr**» our »UIUM» u» el W. Mrs.

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