Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR MA DAILY REGISTER CHAS. F. SCOTT Telephone ^ / If • Pilv;i(<- Omjioti JCxi IianB'- iVijintctlnj: . All lJi>iianinonis>. SUBSCRIPTION JJATES riy OirriT-r-iri lo!:i. ••|iy. l^iHariH' ;ind B;iss»-tl. Oii<- \\V (1: 15 Cnnt5 Mil'- M.iiilli ; 7" ("Vnls J.\ THK IIAY'H >KWS. WilliiUiil r .^\rtam»on. who 'has re-jIciM'd from tlij- I'lilfwl tJlatca ' :it the r <i^lulfn;e a^lCui>tom» roilll. llUS been a tlieiU- '•'•'-"^ Miiti-r. 1,,,.^ f„r ,„or(. than a ilecJHlP. Uls preatPHt piiblir scn-- ice. howevfi-. was rendered riurinR iwi-nty ypars ihat h.> represented ;on^ of file (ieorgia districtH in tlio national iiouse of. reprexentatlre^. His name Is inseparably aHMclat- ert with some of the most important I-KlHlation <luring the period Iiptwoen 1897 and 191", due in port to his iMiKjIiion as chairman of the Intcrslale 1 Coinmeroe -rommitlee. lie is en-lilted with huvinK drafted the I'anamln Canal hill, the Ruilrqad r *liysi(-al {'aliiatinn bill, the Interstate Coiiimeree C'oinpiisslon act, and ilic KiKlii-IIour pay for Fetler- al Kiiiployes. CeorKia is Mr. AU- aiiison's hirtliplacf, and h*- has refit. i li rredll on the State. In reliBioiis affairs he has been prominent ainonK. Southern Methodist laymen. THE TOLA DATT>Y REGISTER. SATURpAY EVE>^ING, JANUARY 14, 1928.. • IT ALL DKPENDS ON- THE POINT OF'ViEW. llri.- V.;ir BY MAIL Outside Allen County <ln.- Y<-:ii- :-;ik Miiiitim 'fhr.-..- M..lit lis ' In Allen County Om- V.:.r Mix .MtilllllH , TllK.i .MOMlll.-'. ...- <ifi.- ..ST.M no . .JS;;.T.' ..ji .r.<* . ..J1.2.-i ... ^iif Member of— National Editorial Association. Kan!.;is Press Association. • Tlie Kansas Daily League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. Official F'aper City of lola. Official Paper City uf I3assett. Official. Piper Alien Cuunty. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. T|T- IJ'-ifJsIir .airi's ih.- .Vssmiatod T'r'ss r>-|>'|ri li.v l.-a.siil win- Tbt* .\s>tM-i';ii«*il Pi'i-ss is ••xclushi'ly ••11- lidiil til til.- us.- fill- r.'|iiil.|ii:iiioii iif ;\U ip-ws liisp.-llr-hcv '•i'f*iit»-i! to It oi itiit iith'-rwlsi- i-f •Ilifil in this ii:tp<-r. ' ;ii/il :iN<i Ui>' l'.':il ii''us piihlishi'-il lifri-- hi. .Ml riithis ..i- r.-i"il'li':itl f '•l;il «Iis|»;iI«Oi.'s Ji»-r<-ili ;iti' ills'* l'*- >»-r\'i (I. Tin- DKATII i 'K \.vi/rv. li>-!il,h Is as ii.-iiiiral .-is lifi-. Kvitry l>ilhi:iii hirjim wliii li:ir. iiiiiii- tii y<-.'ii's iif :ii'('(iiiiiliihllily anil lias iliiliiiary iiitflliMi-iiii' knows thai •Imiiii'r nr l .ili -r Ui: will ilic .Ml alinti'i liiiii 111- SI-I..S li-Mih >'lriliiiii; •lonii oni' ami :tn<iih<-r ni his tjii'iiils ami :ii iinaiiiiaiici's. In tiini- iif war • lif a< riibioiiis liiitisi 'ir III lliln'k of iiii'ii lu'lim • • .s-laiii liy wholi-sale, ihiiii.u.-inds pfrl.sIiinK 1" a ilay. In tiiiii- (if |i.'a<i> Iti- Holes wjtlidiil jiariii'iilar r-iiiotinii tln' MlihiA nf iiK'ii l>y aicideni. ajul I'vi-ii iininler .iiiilia|i)iily is so ((iiiiiiion that iin- l<-ss it Tiapp'i'iis in Ills iiiiim-iliatc m-lplilxirhooil or is:i<<nnip:uiied by periiliar alroiity li.- pays litit liltli^ .•ittciilion III it. And yi'i a.s liie Iimti- drew iioar on Tliiir.s^ilay. .laniiary ' 12. when lt,1iili .'snyil.T .iiid fli'Miy .iiidil Cray Win: to lie put lo iloalli for their liriiial crinii'. minions' of people ciiiild' iioi keep ilic'ir iiiimis from dwHlinK iili<>i\ the tracedy. ''""'"^j hajis se.veral millions were lislen- in.:; In im the radio when the j:riie- Miiiie aiinoniiccnieni UMS made lliiil Ihe two had siifferud death. :iiiil of ,lliose millions, ii^ is proha- lite thill many iliotisiim)'^ fniiml il liani III nt> to sill p ;il'ie;rwarils. Til- reasnn. of coiirs^'. is i-lear enough. It is liciaiise iihjs man! .•ind woman seemed- s(> helpless wlieii alter ilieir iiiiivictioii and siii!eni-e the I.awlilid its heavy, and itiipla.eahle hand iipmi them. They iiiiilil not die |•i^liliiij.-. as -the soldier dies. They liid mil have the I'liiiiiee that a iiiati li:is who Is held up liy halldlts .iml who may i .-via |ie l.v Miglii Of li.\ a stroke of Itnrk. They did-iiol have the ehjiiice even I thai l !i"ir victim had. for lie ni'iplit In the eonrse of wliat seems to have been. 1 for him. it very mild anri Kobd inani ert'il spelech before the Demofrallf .National Committee al Wasliincto I Senator .lim Heed KOve all the en lilt for the frnniinK and passaKe Iff the Fotleral Keserve Aet 10 Senator Carter (ilass ami I'fesl- deiit Wood row U'lliiion. Arid lliiis is hUtorv the work rli-li and These two' alsified. : Thf .trnih that ilie Federal It'-Herve Act - was hlffly of Senator Ald- t'onKressmnn Vrlelaiid. men were the profotind- est stiiiliMiis of finance of their generation .\s 'members of Ihe eomniillee apiiointed to draw tip ti new liankiiip lawUhey went tp Kn- rope anil siiidieil, ^Jie .syki'ms of liatikinK and finance there in vogue and the report thipy made embOidied eveVy ess-iiliarfeatnre of the pre|<- ent Federal Heserve law. Senator Class hiiill upon the fonndaiions they laid, but even so his hiiildini; •Was .so i-riiile that when he hriiiigiit the bill before the Senate it was mil until it had been subjected* to 4."ill amendments, most of which were presented Ji .v Senator Weeks, who had been a member of the .Aldrlch-Vriehind committee. that ir was )itit ill such shajie as to meet the approval of Congress. As to Pre.sident Wilson, his only share of the' Act wus to sign it when it had been passed. .Ii; ve leintiined iiway fioni home lli:iu night or avvakeiied. in liine lo i|< fend lilniself. .Amli so iheir exe- II linn, jiislifled .Ilioii;>li we know il v.:t.-i.' iiMik on all the aspect of a iiililrlilimded killing., . in which iliiv vii'lims had no ehance ai all, .'Il ll We all I'elt ;i sllltdller of Illiri'OI' at ilw lliiiimlil of il. Their victim v,:i" aslee)! wln-n he was killed, lie never" fell aiiy 'irniii from ilio l.l^ For Ihe first time since tlie ("ivil War a .\•atJona^ Democratic convention goes to a^sotithern State, nnuston. Texas, apparently much to her surprise, having lu^en named as the hostess city for the 1!>2S convention. Was Houston chosen on the theory that since the nomination of A). Smith is a fore- goiie roncltislon it Is ncenssary to do sinnetliing lo placate the antl- Sniiili South? Or was the conven- liou taken to Texas on ,llie off chance that in so hostile an atmosphere ns thai whirti would prevail to\vard him in tlje Lone Star State the nomination might be prevented? .Anyway- it swnis reasonably cerlaiii tliat_ in Hoii.ston ihe con- veiilinn hall \tiU not be exncily paeked-WiMi Smith rooters. |iw ih.-ii killcil'him. This man and wiiin:in were taken while fully i-iAisi-ioiis. keenly aware of every- iliiiii; ilial was^liaiipeninu. Ill Ihe (-'ha-ir where lliev knew llieywere III III die, and. i;-very nerve and i(••,,,y,.|.i,,„. I le, 'jvcry -jiidin nf lUcil' intelli- getice. niu.sil have b -en jit the topmost, li'iision. bracing soul and Tlie query ;is to what the Third j District would do with two candidates for fJoyeriior, which appear- i <-d tiiion the announcement of the jcnridiilacy of Clyde Heed, iliHap- Ipeared a coti|ile of ilhyfi later with jihe aiinotincement of KeHi Wells at lie;"does not choose to run fori NORTH LAHARPE IMrs. .\. I. .Miintgonier.* i .Ian. 12.--We are hnviiifr lovel.v Weather now. it certainly seems Jike siiring but by the time this' conies out, in print it will iirobalil.*' j be winter-again. ! AVilbnr Helms, of I-one i-:im. visited his grifndparents, .\tr. and .Mrs. Jde Helnts, and his aunts ar.d I'am- ilies. .Mrs. Allen DiiVis and .Mrs. Maude Barker, from Tuesday ^'ve- njng till AVednesday evening. He and his father have rajsed.,-i Un*', crop of i-6rn this year. .Mrs. .lohn Lnst and children vi.s- ited .Mrx. Crove anil daiighler -Mildred today iTIinrsiiayi. .Aliss .Mary KiJberts. one of the; LaHarpe teacher.'i. is hiii-k in .-clmoi ' again after being out a week <in 1 |- nccoiint of sickness. .Air. and Mrs. Frank Vancy. aim ) daiighler, Marie, and Mr. and .Airs, i niiey feet went lo lola to see "Hea j Hiir" Tuesday night. "We are ver.v sorry lo hiviri of Airs. Ilackney gelti'ig liiiit in a 'ar accident and do hope it will prove j not as serious as rejiorted. i Archie Montgomery hits ln.iii iin-j dcr the doctors care v.ith sonic- thing like fnt for several nays. He is feeling some better and thinks of trying to go buck to work soon. AVouId like lo lorrect an error in our last items. In iirintin.:;. the punctuation marks made it reai wrong. The program for ilie .laiiii- ary' nn-eting ol the W. C. T. I', should have read. Response to roll call will h". Items on tirinperance work. Airs. Itoger.s will li.-ive I'harge of "The Messenger (iiiiz": Miss Lucy .lury. '• of Observance"; .Mrs. Henderson. ".Meaning of the Kirlhilay of S:i-\ ticnal Friihibilinn": Airs. AV;tlion.i "Alenhbership in the AV, C. T. i: •; ; AIlss Clara I':irlasi-a. "Ciineiil Kvents from the Fn'on Signal": Mrs. Opal Mitchell. •'.MiilHiiii I'ii I tltres and I'rohlbition." And we; will have a short lesson on |;a.i:es 'i and in tlij> Htimlbiink. .Mr. ail PLE!ASANT;P|eAIRIE .Mrs. Klla I,-'ojisier.i Air.; aiid .Mrs. H.: Sm'iih of .AIo- To the Editor: I am writing- you some of my experience.* oT sixty year^ here in Kansas. I htnded here iu a covered wagon the fourth tlay of thLn comlDf: March, sixty .years ago. tbenj-ar child four years olit In regard to the- roail; -west of ro>a at the river and other waters. I. sTiall try to report my views and exxperiences of the past and shall toiH-h on coming events. As- to the road and new bridge I and the extra span rtn the ap- j .iproach. it is ju>ft dandy if it's as wide as> thd raiiroad> briilse.aii4 j in the future the road caa be rais- I ert and .some-tpn'or fifteen spjans ' of .bridge, say h feet deep each and ! 20 leet long of concrete, frcm the I dry lake lo cover all low laiiil. and every so olten a.-* there are inoun- lain."* of rock close; our younger • generation can hani them and ' tin in on the roadbed, and then make a slab road the go.vei;n- 1 meiit statistics anil get governmiint i aid. As 1 .«ee it the wagon road don't have to make any bigger channel for floods to pass than the railroad just nonh a few hnn- ilred. .varits. as it measures the ' firy! water to pass and it.s- capacity. .Vow comes my an»;wer to your j city water—I tiieaii drinking water; but not Hircet or fire department, they are good enough. Heie i.s what Jias always been a I«> all the farmers and you liiy folks'who drink that milld;im water tlrat'ha.s been ponded up ever since 1 was 11 yeaiv old. Aljont April I'.'i. l.S.So. my father rode into' lola on horseback lo vote oij 'fh» ilaui bein^ built for mill by the DaviM brothers and the grant was let on certain conditions for the mill which was to lie built for the farmers to sell grain and have all kinils of ground feed at that timi* - They had had a mi'l at other places on the .Veo.tho. and they were to be re.s'ponsrble for all overflow above jran *p. lit; Sjtndiiy: with Mr. and. .Mr. "frorville's; timber land, so as ,Mr^ HHrschel Siimh • , „ot ,„ interfere' with growing d.Afrs. and fam- crops—and trow the back water il.v. Hei!;r<hel SmiJh s and ,Mr. ler's. .\exi .^-'iiiiday MigUl. ilie I.sth. The I holly io Mieii f the assault of the deadly iim-/-iii which was to lake their livAs. We sltiink from Ihe iliiiiiulii of the sheer__feni)r iliali! ii.ive all bit! stopped the I heating of their hearts in tli:ii • last leriiliie inonieni. If I ver <-apilal ptinir-hineiit is 'iiis:tified il was in this case. Ther.' \v:n alisiiliitely no exientialing cir- i-iim.siancp to plead for the niifi- i-alliiii of their piinishiiieiii. .\iul yet the case again brings up Iheiiid i|iiestioii whether the deatli :.eii4ence should remain upon the .'. sl.-i tile hooks ^f civilized and liii- le stjite.s. The purpose ol luin- iieiii is to iirevent the frii II iepeating the ctime.and to dei(-r others from committing siin- ilati crimes, Iniprisoiimfnt for life wiiiilil prevent the i-r^niimil :froin I i-lieiiting his crime. .-\nil does the i-vMiiiiiiJ! of a i-riniiiial deler others' to a greater exteni than life liiiinisoiimenl would? , ICiiglaild iini'e had a law |itinisliing a piclr- |iiii"'ket with dca'ih by hanging. .Mnd the; execulioiis were helil before ilie' jjiililic wi'lh the e^iiertatioh this year." .And of course, that's that. AVith a field which still embraces .some nine or ten possble. probable or potential candidates there still is plenty of room—for more withdrawals. WorW AVide Cnild of the First Hap- i list, church of lol.x will conn- over i Kiid put on a pageant :U the I'.ap-, tist chtiri-h • ill Lallarpe. \Vc arej hopinp for a crowd to greet ;lu-m.ii ently and llicailsi- r.i-yearolil .Mice I'res- kar Milled al a dance. ,-\iilhoiiy Yi.iite/. kflii'il lii-r iiml idlempt- cd III end his own life, he tolil Cleyel.-iliil police. The gun . .iiimmed .•iml now h>) awaits 1 ii'il ;is a slayer. comes up past iny place. !t miles ("has; Williams attended the oy.s- |,y air ami IS miles by river. I ter siip ler at Faitfview Saturdaj- |,ave .set in the second set of limb night.- '. . posts that have 17 .strands of wire .Aim. h. Landon fJitertained the i,,, j,„d the last iiost is ont of Kun.sWm club Thursday aftenioon. jj^jl <,r .silt which, hihs filled iii, so Mr.s. .Mo K and'Airs. DuClonse were y„„ „ee the whole river bed • iu guest,'5._ Meml)er.t iiresent were: i ,,|aces. ,„„d which isv clean and .Afrs. I-infeback. Mrs.iH. Smith, .Mrs. .a^veet to what I am going to tell fr. Williims, .Mrs. M. Tenipleman. you alMint the water you citv folks ' .Mrs: \V. .Moss. .Mrs-. AV. HTosminger. are drinking everv dav. This: is .Mrs. C. Franklin, -Mrs. H. Ponsler wltat have seen and lived to ex- aful .Afrs T-andon. i perieifce: Mr.-i! Hazel .MulliKin and Margie There ire a lot of farmers above i .lo are;,! pending thf» week in Ft. ' JQIU living in the river bottoms i Sfi«t wi h .Air. and -Mrs. Roy Huss. ; and whose pastures and public Mr. aid .Mrs. I. K. Lineback re- vqads have "been strewn with dead ceiveika nice box ofj fruit from -Mr. cows, chickens, horse,4, hogs, cats land .Airs Frank Reece in Plorida. 1 dogs, turtles; barn lots filled with Mr. ^al d .Airs. Roy Huss of Ft. j,talri nianni-e ; Trailing riiiii-ntiiner-t along the .Alexicaii border holds no terrors lor .?'lone woman. Above is Aliss Jiiaiiita McDaiilels of Kl Paso. Texas, arid ail airplane which was caprin-d near Roswell. .\, .AI,. with a cargo of li'inor. ilhroiigh her efforis. ' ' Qf that Davis mill dam' when it wa.t .voted for a <-ertaiu imriKise and not the- right to. ih.-^pose of it for any other piirpos(i,?j And.-all i'li all. there is a strict jrfw for and tjgiiinsi. anylioily damitig uii a wa- together on this toad and dam and ~ not iiiirse any grievance, for it i.-* poor conijiany so so.on in 192.S. Let us all try and- keep things straight.' I am with Charley Scott's- road nggestioii exai -tly. iind I 'wonld- ter course and causing damage to ; ghidly |)ay tliat two or three cents crops as an overflow. So 1 lliink i more on ga.---oline if it went on the \Ve farmer foIk.s> a kicking are do- i public road.s. So my friendship ia „ rotten straw stacks: I Scoll ;.si^'nt Sntwlay at H. Pons- , creeks with overflow oil wells and ! saily water.—all feed into the : .N'fosho river'ar all big lains. ' When chicken cholera was bad a few yeai-s ago. I and Charley Roush snAv on onr way to lola over 2T dead hens and rooster.-; along the road within a mije of the rirt'r bridge. , I've seei\ dead horses and cow.s in drift for two or three weeks. After the river went •|!OI »Ays ETKMS. Ten 1j.ill a ago IS ileafh.s resulted from a great blizzard In i:hicago. A slatl of Herbert Hoover delegates to the Republican national conveijliin will be .filed today in the presidential primary in New llampHhie. ^ _^ ^ .. Pre.> Coolltlge and his par-i down crows and turtles were seen ly anvdi e al Key West toilay pre- eating all kinds of carcasses lodg- parittory to taking, pa.ssage on ihej.,! up along the river bank. Hut ! battle .i ^iiiti Texas for Havana to sickest I ever was made eating ; adiiresif ho Pan-American Con- n,„d garfish and croppies was the greks.; . ! . . year I worked for Ceorge Franze ('hui\h and tem|i*rnnce organ!- : "reeding cattle, we cut the ice on zation^ hronghonl:; the I'niled Martin creek aiullook this fish ont Stales;h!ive set aside the week be- and the bottom of the creek was I ginning l iday for a general observ- j covered with all kinik of leaves i ance he eighth anniversary of 1 «^)ilt;h were-sioi.son to ns »)nt not lo j the cotni ig Into elfi^t of the Feilr ' the fis'h. That w-as :!.'> year.s ago. I era! pfol ibilion lawi ! .Vow. tit kill two birds with one Delep^es repres^iMing nine or-1 stone, why not get bnsy and ti'.ir gaiiizafio isi with e '4iinaled niein- down that dam and let out all of bership i f IK.mill.tlOfi women will ; those dead skeletons and let' llii- gal her'in Washington tixhiy to at» river dean i.uL of that oid chan- lend tl<e ihird nailonnl i nnrcruijci* nei it has lK>en filling up for ovei* in di^cjiss. Ihe 'Causfe and Cnre of 4,-, years, and tlien the water won't AVar." ; . ' pile up on yoiir west riiad by two feet or lunrc. is my hones; jndg- Prin(<esk Knbra, slitter of the ment. .As to the rivet- going dry.. King oj; .-' fghanistan.'.and' who. ac- that is all a hoax. -Vo ivhite man 'cordinfi tj'rnnior, i^ engiigetl to or Indian ever saw it stop riin- ' • ' ; marry,; A ustaphai Kemal PasUa, ning nor never will. I've se:>n it lii:i ish A Register reporter who knows more tiboiit so^e things, fortunately, than he does altoiit others, wrote a story the other day iibout some "Indians'- who stopped over a few hours in lola on their way btick. to (Oklahoma from AVichlla. where they had been to attend a wedding, and said that the women of the company fiut in their time while here telling fortunes. Oklahoma Indians do not tell fortunes: they vipend 'eml tTie sight iif the terrible pmi- ishnienl W'ould deter others from uiitting a similar crime, lUtt ;:iH fotiiid that tlil< crowds wlildi iltered 10 witness the hangings • so victimized by idckpockets it was liec.-ssary' to change J law .so as to make the e.vecfl- s iirivatcT Is there any lesson ill Bliat bit of history? that ilUI i It "I cat wet th.'ij the We see by the pape^s that Senator-elect .<?mlth ' admits that he contributed -Something over $.in.O<>0 to anti-world court propaganda. That will be a great' disappointment to iminy opponents of the world cdiirl who Jiavej been hup­ ping the delusion that propaganda In connection with the coitrl was that which was carried on in favor of It by European powers who want to inveigle its into It so llie.v will not have to pay their di'bts. • -': Ijj'c.liise fongressmaii Fish. of The Ford .Alntiir Company reports that its agents sent in orders for 7 :jr >.mM) of the new cars before one was ready for delivery. It pays to advertise. Fairness compels us to iidd that U pays also to have something for sale that people want to buy. . Ncv A'ork. hji.s been suggested . as !i r inning-mate for Senator Cnr- • lis t does not follow, we are glad «omlijeno„Bh ^ sug ^si ^at one Mt^d win be wet. i j woaW be to leave It out. Snort Rrown asks readers to tell him how his 'column in the Atcbi.son Clohe might be Improved, and Kwing Herbert is cold-blooded jig the city folks a blt'.osing a.s to health liy trying to »!o away with drinking that oljnoxion.s rotten water and making me spend my good tnoney Vo keep the riVer ; in lis bounds for the last :!:;'-years, I've : paid out $S.S0O on !i ^ tract.s 2Vi i utiles of dyke at a cost.; of from six j to. thirty-five liollars la rod and \ to air anil hatred to none. ' • ABK L. TOW!XSE>fD. Tola. H. F. n. No.' 1. Box'41 I'ARUOX OIK BLI.slHK.S. B, ,1. Sheridan in Paplb Spirit: ••To my niind. the best dally nexvs- paper.^ of Ka.stern Kansa.'| are The lola Register and The I fittaWa ivova. 4 feet to 12 feet high, and my | Herald. They come moife nearly roper dally rither lived on this nr-so>ne of the \ using the right word,s. wl Ii ij ^'4hle land and <inly lia^l two floods ! puncfnation, than any ot ler in 32 years, a,nd I've had three in .jiiapeis along the border. Besides tlie last two years. It lias cost me ' rijjht'at $n."iil a year tolniilii it all. j aijil to keep ii up is snoiher haif' this, eai-h of their couiitry resipondents ha.^; a nosw fior and writes items terselV cor- jnewH, and to oS^tlie expense. I have got today ; the iwint: also the editopalW are 1.400 bushel of potatoes. 2.000 ; uniformly examples of - the! best btiphels of corn and 20 acres of \ and 'the best slant. The .VQun.g orchard six anil'^Mglit years i editors aVe 'both fair and! cour- old. 1.2.'>o trees of tlie^best grade. ]-ageoiis." ij mostly of .^tarkey's. .uid that and i " • r •! . niy asiiaragus is flood proof, thank j <;«il. < lost half of thy potatoes j this yeiir of the :!2 acres and part I of;-myw-or!i crop ,wher"e the river' backed' in behind ami ;iii front of m.v faj'his and softened.'the ground anil fiaind the' iiiiick.saisd so it has i cayed-^n about .'in or rods again j thijt. ytar.. wliich cost one-half rlie : crop. iV) put, back the-levee this .vefir tjiat dill; not aji<iK«'ther overflow bill soaked iinde!'. 1 have .-^hiVipeH one car of ^iirnips to | Thoma^i Clark at Cofffyville and j oni; c:i« to Chli'ago.iall on account | of ia.w- yipar',-: crop drowning inif. j .And s-Oithat w;iy I iiiaiKige to pay ; f.hi>i,ri'>it of 10 iier ceni^ I-gm-ss to ! the; Divvil. Anyway I have to fi.ght i thi.-* ri-.ver. big weeds aiid mc.sinij- i loe>i t.h? n---r of my i\:\y<L ; A'*iii,";i'wn |ieii|de wilji mi.-s my :' |iiil;;^.ii's ami n-iick wjien I : am giiiic. ^liil I hi- re.I apiil.i-s will be- lierti :t.<: il suuveiiir. " ; Set. t»)W li-slen: • Let tjs all pull €oLDS COST It Is estimated thai « aitffarerjram coVU /asc« Utree days' time jtom uork in a year. FORTIFY YOURSELF AGAINST COLDS, ^ GRIPPE ' Tone up yOiUhwhj ulith ' DR. PIERCE'S GOLDEN mm^AL DISCO^/ERY All Dealers. Liquid or Talil^ the only Lll7T>'5: ; of water from here to Emporia .'anil jnsl above the railroad'-at the : lK)we'r house there is a half mile I of water in phiie.e 14 feet deep, so • fishermen tell me. and it would be : easy piped down. They pipe at ) Kansns City. 27 miles in an I.s inch pipe from Bine river or 'I'urkey creek tip there out of the hills and ravines for pure water, il ; isn'r intended to - try to purify those oUnoxlouH [ rivers " ami streams. Why. I've got :i tracts of land j here in the Bend, .I can put down a drive well in a hafl ifay and no man or gaaolihe. eiigfne can pump ; it ;an. Pve put down 7 wells and I I know what 1 am talking about. ; .Vow. why not. you city IKJ.SSCS. get together on this subject and go ; down to the riverand up north ill ; the Harvlllc wooils and sink a well . down to qnick sand or grajvel liki; ; it is here and be fed with; a flow ; ot -nice dean'v cold, fresh,' e.A*erlasl- ing water which raises aiid'falls as ' does the river, or leave Vour'pow- ' er house as it Is and go north and • east of.same say lOO.yards east of the river. atJd djgout a big basin. ! say 200 feet,across tind HH» feel • wide, .10 to 40 feet ileep, for drinking water. Then di^ a ditch from the new basin to enter the. river, say feet deep and 10 feet wide. I and put in aboui 1,000 tons of ! q'uicksand and gravel- to filter , same; like we have here, only maybe >-ou' will have to make it artificial if it can't be foond natural on the lK>ttom land as it is here; and more, if you blow out the dam and contrive to put in' aj tievico of s=trong sheet iron dam two or three feet high so as? to drop it ilo-WTi in tHne of Hood- and raise- it up in sectioiw «>r panels after the high water is over, .something like the loc-ks at tite }>anama canal to let Imats pass. Jiist to be reassured. I want to kiiow how Ida can have the right to take over or buy tbe possession i THE ONLY CAR.OF ITS KIND IN THEWOKLP . matter how^mucb money or how little you are- J blanning to invest in a motor car—SEE THE NEtJ7 _ .VICTORY SIX FIRST! Nowhere in the world—at ANY price—is there a .; car like it. Gr^iter expenditure will not duplicate it. It introdnc» more, features that are new and . ;. 1 different and better than any other motor car ia : ; history^ I The 'Victory boily and chassis, for example, area ' jingle integral nipit. Body sills are eliminated. The. !iriae, deep Viccory chassis frame, flush with the liddy lines, eliminates the customary overhang of a iwide body on ajnarrow frame—lowers the over-all height and the ^-important center of gravityk _ ^ajor body paits are reduced to 8—a triumph in ° i^mplification! 175 pounds of superfluous wrighc V fiire Cast off! • • < :;poableste<eI-Walls (banleship construction) are: : ' jjatrOdnced, for the first time, in closed car desiga~ f ' i^other safety fiaor of the first order! " i • .ft - •* ; ^TThe car's powe/f, pick-up, absence of sidesway at .- Jiigb speed, andj incredible smoothness over rough ' 4^ioads astound.ereiybne who ukes the wh£?l! • ; And the 'Victor* lines are superb! Low, smart and diodividual—wittt appointments and color effecvr L 'ihat vie in smartness with the costliest. " > < 4 .D06BiSEDAN. P. p. B. PKTROir -i" •-; - i TnnViin for Dodire Kr^thers Kadfo Program every Thursday iiigitt, 7 (o 7::{0 (reiifriil .stunilaiiii Time)—>B(' Ked .\e{^orlu EIL I^ MOTOR COMPANY : it4 .\orfJi IViishfngf'oii - . Phone .101 P O O C E B It 6 TiH E R. S. INC. run smipKOX AND AMBUCA-S^ JPASXEST rou& ALSO OM DUPXAT

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