Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 11, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1933
Page 7
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iPY 1ETTM HI 4MM * ' AJCZ1 DAILY TMBUstl-TIMU, AMM, IOWA, MONDAY, BimifBll 11, 1933 COIN PIMM STATE CENTER—Mr*. Cha*. Plrsbtk has a cot tor, plant growing t*^ her back yard her* which is attracting a great deal of at- tentioa. The tree, which Is of the or short staple typ*. stand* than five feet tall and it m marvel ef b«*uty with It* wide *pre*dijrg braiM&e* covered *with lob*4 leaves and large flower*, BOW turning yellow and red, suspended by a cup-sh»»p«* Involucre composed of *everti large fringed bracts. The fruit or boll, is a capsule which bursts open wl »* n ri P«. showing cotton and se#ds, and there are now many of these on the tree besides number* that have beeo picked off by admirer*. The tree, which te a needling raised by Mrs. Pleshek. is lifted and taken into the booae each fall, being transplanted to the open ground again in the spring. It seeing to have done exceedingly well this summer, probably due to the exceptionally hot and dry season. Kime Demands Wallace Ouster FT. DODGE <CJ.E>—Removal of Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace was asked by Dr. J. W. Kime, - candidate for governor in the last state primary, in an address before several hundred farmers at Dol.iver park Sunday. Dr. Kime asked Wallace's removal on the grounds of incompetency. Dr. Kime asked "the citizens of lo-wa to demand the removal." The Roosevelt administration will fall unless the -farmers receive Immediate consideration, Dr. Kim« claimed. He also criticised the administration's corn-hog program. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION C. Saaspaon, latter. w. fWrV O- ftastdvic. labor.. C. Saadvia:, Ubor.__ O. CstMsMPxa'« l^JMH".. C. Harrisosi, labor_ . H. Woodard. labor.... K. D/«kt. U»or.. L. V**ch, labor C. Arrassoith. labor._ T, ••taua, labor.. M. Ale*»««l«r. lab.... M. D*Usa*rc. lab«*_. o. RhoVc..'.?^:;:"::. H. MalT«», lafco, O- folytt. !•»«*.._ J. White, labor _____ C. L*v«ioy labor,. J. Hints, labor L. Hagea, labor C. TUto O. Liat, ' , labor.. - or ~ ____ Clark, Ubor... ..... __ . • ™« <: *bttrn, labor ____ E. Elliott, labor _____ A. Alcott, labor O. Guader. labor f; **"«*. labor. H. Wretk. labor. C. AIle«. labor tOWAK IS DROWNED BURLINGTON >TJJ»)—The Iowa river was dragged Monday for the body of Robert Workman, 28, of Muscatine who drowned near Wa- pelto late Sunday. Two women were rescued by other members of the party when they stepped into a* 1 d?*p hole with Workman. Bx-Kaiser backs the NRA in * statement urging German-American* to get behind th* movement. Gosht And up until then we hadat had a doubt that th» NJU. was the terries! COUNCIL ?BOCEEDINQS I Amrs, Io»a Autast 7. 1133 C«o«cil net >• rtf ular aeasioa., Meaab«r* pres«»t: Mayor. F. H. Schlcrtcf; Comraeflmea: Swaak, Coy- ken«t*a. Pose. Mac Donald and Palmer. Miaul** and bills were approved. Ordinance c»»cernint aarbafe collection was p«M*d on its Int reading. Permit to aell beer was created Petropoulos, tit Maia St., a ad Prasch, 132 Main Et. Petitions in favor of pavini were filed. - •-'•" ••-•'.• - ' • » Petitions objecting; to paving were filed^ Taxes were recommended suspended for Edna Pruitt. Petition to erect sign, was granted Savoy Cafe. Resolution on makiac permanent transfer of funds, in order to decrease the tax levy, was adopted. Adjourned. A. B. MAXWELL City Clerk F. H. SCHLEITgR Mayor ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT Electric bep't., pump water.. J. Ames, working f u »d J. Ames, expense trip „ Electric Dep't., supplies Electric Dep't.. supplies Layne Korth Central Co- pump Tribune PublT'CoY." council proceedings-. Allan Machine Shop, machine work. Le»ine fc Werkmaa, wateV analysis N. __ Layne Korth Central ""Co" pump repair.,.. ___ Belt Telephone Co., phone Dragoun Transfer Co., freight Allan Machine Shop, supplies Christeasen Hdwe. Co., supplies Carr Hdwe. Co., supplies O Puffett, supplies J. Clow k Soot, supplies Century Electric Co.. supplier Des Moines Steel Co., supplies Electric Equip Co., supplies'.... Globe Men. fe Supply Co.. •applies Iowa Mch. k Supply Co., __ . , . Leadite Co., supplies Marblrhead Lime Co.. sup- plie*. Ifational Steel Products Co- supplies . Neptune Meter Co., supplies Phconiz Meter Corp., supplies Warren Teleehron Co., supplies J.JO u.oo . 47.7Q 21.S4 !«.*• 3.2* 1S.40 1«.»0 II. tO Jl.*« 14.00 Sl.aO 37.10 JI.44 9.60 ».*0 S.10 ».*• f.*0 9.60 ».«• 11.10 t.M 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.«0 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 1.60 796.08 157.54 12.10 33.21 46.63 783.75 8.60 4.00 20.00 481.00 23.58 1.46 39.75 9.51 10.21 7.33 66.38 6.73 13.74 280.86 7.13 433.10 36.00 74.00 3S.OO 4J.87 58.24 . 1.17 GENERAL BUDGET i Gammon, labor _^_ f T* Landy. labor "L. Veach, labor. J. Gammon, labor __... F. Schlciter, salary : EXPLORING THE HISTORY OF IOWA By JOHN ELY BRIGGS Lesson No. 2. How Iowa Was Discovered To Learn Ab«tit the Lewis and Clark Expedition Napoleon needed money. Maybe the territory between the Missis, sippi river and the Rocky mountains, which he had recovered frooi Spain, was «. "worthless wildtr- ness" anyway. Besides, he might not be able to keep Louisiana if he tried. And so he told the whole enormous tract of 318,000 square miles to the United States for |15,000,000—half of the most valuable river valley in the world for less than three cents an acre. In 180S, when Louisiana became OFFICIAL PU1LICATION ELECTRIC_D»PARTM»HT Collector of Internal Rtvenut fov't, tat .. A. B. Maxwell, ial»ry J. Ames, salary A. Ball, salary J. Horner, salary W. Lawsoa, salary, A. Beach, §alary._^ J. Stahlmaa, salary C. L. Valley salary... E. Welke, aalary S. Hemstreet, salary J. Mannschreck, salary __ W. Hutchens, ialary_ E. Erickson. salary " Kelso. salary Haverly. salary Cue, salary S. Deariaier. salary F. Shockley, salary Childs, salary... .. A. Starmaa, salary ._ L. Ntwhard, salary.. T. Gibb, salary L. Briley, salary. L. Stark, salary 3. Zimmerman, labor.. G. Bates, labor. , ~ Holts, labor.. McCoy, labor. Hoppttu, labor— A. B. Maxwell, salary J. Ames, salary C Aplin, salary R. Niehot, salary C. McCarthy, salary W. Webb, salary W. Hussont, »alary._ F. Downs, salary T. Cody, salary M. Williams, salary- W. Cure, salary £. Jones, salary O. Cox, salary J. Goosman, salary. J. Behling, salary F. Bender, salary.,. H. Jones, salary. J. Luke, salary L. Thomas, salary 1. Sogard, reporter C. Roberts, policeman W.JSharp, policeman. J. Woodward, janitor O. Thrasher, labor M. Wyett, labor. F. Peterson, labor L. Veach, labor.. J. Vogt, labor. W, Mrs. Eschcrich, compensatioaj A. B. Maxwell, s«Jary______, J. Ames, salary ^ A. Ball, salary J. Horner, ««l«ry — W. Lawtoa, aalary ^ A. Beach, --'«-Tr J. Staklman, salary C. La Valley, salary E. Welke, salary ..... . S. Hcmstrect, salary Maaaaehreck, salary . Hnteheas, salary_ E. Erickson, salary J. Kelsa, talary_____ J. Haverly, salary R. Cue, salary S. Dearinger, sa!ary_ F. Shockley. salary E. Childs, salary F. Sevcried, salary____ A. Starmaa, aalary—— L. Newhard, T. Gibb, salary. L. Stark, salary G. Zimmerman, labor.. G. Bates, labor ....... D. McCoy, labor E. Sweariagen, labor.. H, Davis, labor '. N. Graves, (abor C. Binell, labor. _ E. Drake, labor. L. Veaeh, labor_..___ E. DeVore, labor Ft. D. D. M. * S. freight... R. R., J- Ames, working fund, Water Dep't., labor.. Water Dep't., water R. Bell, linoleum Tribune Fnbl. Co., council proceedings.—i Ames Bldg. Material Co.. supplies.. ...... —......«.«..... Seandia Coal Co., coal —. Ames Clean Towel . Service, towels — Tribune Publ. Co., supplies.... Best Elec. Co., supplies _ Buchanan Plmb. Co., supplies Iowa Elec. Light fc Power Co., gas - —Anderson Print Shop, supplies Dahl Tire Shop, supplies Dragoun Transfer Co., freight Anderson Print Shop, supplies Bell Telephone Co., phone F. Thei«, supplies Reynolds Ai Iversen, supplies.. Chrutensen Hdwe. Co., supplies Allan Machine Shop, supplies R. Holts, labor Carr Hdwe. Co., supplies. TtV'lnd L * |fra - nce * Fo « ro - Browe °-Camp P Hdwe7co."."sup-" Elec. Supply ~Co.7Vup" Graybar Elec. Co au General Elec. Co sunWi;. OI^V Tlf 1. m U PP1|C8._.. Ulobe Men. fc Supply Co supplies * v*o.. General Elec. Sup'pfy" c"or 0 ~ supplies— p Illinois Surgical Suppyy"cil" supplies „ / ~"* Lyon Products Co., supplies ' Line Material Co., supplies " McGraw Hill Book Co., sun" plies _ Midland Chemical Laboratories, supplies.— Portable Light Co.. supplies' Republic Electric Co. sup. plies T. Durin Co., supplies" 1 "] United Seal Co., supplies Van Meter Co., supplies Westinghouse Elec. Supply Co., supplies WATER DEPARTMENT Murblehead Lime Co., lime $ A, Olson, labor „ P. Carey, labor 1""" C. McCarthy, salary.. F. Downs, salary C. Alexander, salary _." A. L*w«on, salary R. Wilroi, »alary._ ;.;" M. Rew, salary m 8S 00 J. Wilcoa, salary i. ,i A. Radeke, salary.. Woodruff, salary Moorr, salary. ... McKtnna, labor. Ballurl, labor J.nnfly labor Hinn, 56.00 58.34 150.00 100.00 70.00 70.00 70.00 70.84 65.84 65.84 65.84 65.84 58.34 50.00 79.17 40.00 91.67 62.50 65.84 63.34 40.00 47.30 47.50 75.00 37.50 81.20 75.60 80.60 5.20 5.20 55.00 3.15 a.oo 3.20 65.70 583.28 49.80 3.50 200.45 42.97 15.00 225.50 1,250.32 1.50 7.50 9.00 1.36 1.44 3.25 5.79 1.00 11.50 25.59 1.05 28.41 2.85 4.95 72.90 19.80 3.92 8.54 5.58 7.94 3.29 61.28 372.47 Woodard, labor M. Alexander, labor W. Hussong, labor. _ C. O'Donnell, supplies D. Bates, labor ; T Gammon, labor W. Wrijht, labor. E. McXenna, labor. S. Wierson, labor._ , F. Langford, labor. B. Horner, labor W. Smith, labor... W. Peterson, labor Reynolds k Irerscn, supplies Eeague Iowa Municipalities, d ue»... ^_ Anderson Print Shop, supplies Muaicipal Sanitation, supplies Reynolds & Iversen, supplies Electric Supply Co., supplies.. Puritan Cafe, meal tickets.™ B*U Telephone Co., phones Carr Hdwe. C,o., supplies Morris Service Station, supplies. : :_ Reynolds (s> Iveraen, supplies Tribune Publ- Co., council proceedings .•_.. Tribune PubL Co.,' reprint res olution 1——^_ .. Tribune Publ. Co., publ. res'l. Tribune Publ. Co., publ. ord. City Fuel b Supply Co., supplies : __. City Fuel & Supply Co., sup• plies - _..„.— Pre-Cote Sales Co., supplies.. Allan Machine Shop, repairs Dahl Tire Shop, supplies •„.Elec. De"p't., supplies ". Electric Dep't., supplies. Christcnsen Hdwe. Co., supplies... Carr Hdwe. Co., supplies Ames Bldg. Material supplies. Mo: Co.. 6.97 1.60 1.319.08 4.00 12.55 28.50 7.72 345.57 2.96 21.85 74.00 8.00 9.40 soioo 91.67 SS.34 70.00 LaMotte Chemical Products Co., supplies Water Dep't., labor , Standard Oil Co., supplies Drafoun Transfer Co., supplies . L_j Drafoun Transfer Co., sweeping compound . . . Midland Chemical Laboratories, supplies Anderson Print Shop, supplies Carr Hdwe. Co., supplies Reynolds & Iversen. supplies F. Theis, supplies Bell Telephone Co.. phones— SANITATION FUND J. Kline, talary $ H. Mattingly, salary. G. Smith, salary. . 9.60 -9.60 4.SO 6.40 22.50 62.50 37.50 25.00 45.00 41.67 70.00 20.00 25.00 56.67 47.50 102.50 70.84 70.14 69.17 65.84 46.67 33.75 250,00 150.00 4.00 60.00 62.50 20.30 63.70 70.15 31.40 42.40 4J.40 21.80 22.40 18.00 52.00 2.00 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 3.20 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 1.70 46.00 5.75 3.00 1.30 5.22 12.00 36.48 6.66 28.28 1.15 28.01 2.25 53.81 4.50 39.18 39.00 150.00 26.10 15.72 83.99 1S2.81 10.45 10.13 15.65 4.38 33.15 13.65 2.50 2.25 6.41 10.00 1.62 1.75 6.30 12.35 Graves, labor Reddy. lat "Davis, Is Hewitt, laoor. ... Crippen, labor. t. DeVore. labor t. Swearingea, labor. . N. Campbell, labor. Ft. D. D-, M. & S R. R., freight.....; _ Tribune Publ. Co., supplies— Lynch k Ash. supplies Munn Lumber Co., supplies. Tribune Publ. Co.. notice WATER DEPARTMENT H. Anderson,, labor „ $ S. Wetteland, labor L. Veach, labor .C. Harrison, labor_____— W Wright, labor W. McKinley, labor H. Elliott, labor— „..C. McCarthy, salary F. Downs, salary. — C. Alexander, salary A. Lawson, salary...—.__._— R. Wilcoi, salary M. Rew, salary J. Wilco*, salary 403.56 SS.34 150.00 100.00 70.00 70.00 70.00 70.S4 65.84 6S.84 65.84 65.84 58.34 50.00 79.17 40.00 91.67 62.50 6S.84 63.34 47.50 47.50 75.00 42.50 37.50 76.13 72.23 71.SS 68.25 36.40 52.00 20.80 S7.20 54.60 19.60 S5.80 15.60 9.00 527.45 32.50 169.27 35.39 1.80 A. Radeke. labor L. Woodruff, labor O. Moore, labor P. DeHart. labor.. C. Erickson, labor. W Peterson, labor. M Hagen, labor R Henry, labor G. Cumminfs, tabor G. Koonti, tabor j.-u G. Smith, labor . 9.60 G. Van Hook, labor B. McGooden, labor 11.00 11.00 22.40 20.SO 9.60 9.60 3.20 65.00 50.00 91.67 58.34 70.00 65 00 38.34 70.00 47.50 37.50 9.60 1.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 8.80 9.60 J. Leonard, labor. W. Peterson, labor... J. Rullestad, labor C. Sbimer, labor H. Knutson, labor C. Bennett, labor G. Banks, labor E. Mell, labor._ H. Dela more, labor V. Reddy. labor W. Perry, labor C. Sampson, labor. „— 0. Sandvig, labor.. — C. Sandvig, labor. C. Bissell, labor A. Olson, labor___,. H. Woodard, labor . F. Batman, labor. .__ M. Alexander, labor — W. Abbott, labor _.. W. Campbell, labor E. Drake, labor N. Stoops, labor. A. Kutter, labor. W Stoops, labor R. DeReus, labor W. Silla, labor. 53.34 37.50 45.84 I, 0. R A T. W M 1- Irimnn. Ichor c Wilier Ulor 70.00 47.50 37.50 9.60 9.60 9.AA 9.60 . 14.40 II. JO FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND L. Morris, salary . $ 87.50 S. Long, salary 71.67 G. Horsley, salary 70.00 B. Graves, salary 68.34 L. Berry, salary 64.17 B. Lodden, salary 62.50 B. Quade, aalary 50.00 G. Butler, salary : 50.00 A. Graves, salary.. 50.00 Bell Telephone Co., phone 4.25 Bell Telephone Co., phone. 4.00 Bell Telephone Co., phone 6.75 Ames, Laundry, laundry 6.54 Fall Service Station, supplies 6.07 Carr. Hdwe. Co.. supplies...... 13.51 CEMETERY FUND J. Likely, salary.. S 70.00 A. Sheahan, salary 45.84 R. Gerdes, labor.—.. 43.20 Electric Dep't., supplies 5.22 Iowa Cemetery Officials, dues 3.00 Electric Dep't.. supplies... 3.80 MUNICIPAL BAND FUND R. Day. junior band $ 50.00 Ames Municipal Band, concerts - 450.00 SEWER BOND 1922 Ames Trust & Savings Bank. interest coupons.- S 750.00 Ames. Iowa August 21, 1933 Council met in regular session. Members present: Mayor, F. H. Schleiter; Councilmen: Palmer, MacDonald, Pose, CoykendslI and Swank Bills were approved. Application for suspension ol taxes w»* approved for Mary Catell. Committee was appointed to find out cause of delay in post office project. Council approved re-employment campaign of Ames Home Imp. Association. City Departments were authorized to conform with provisions of NRA. Knapp & Martin were granted Ordinance relating to collection and ' of garbage was passed. approving plans and adopted. "•"' f ° r "° rm ' ewt ' WM Ordinance providing fof licensing of sl-Minj rinks was pa.nrrf Adjourned, A ft. MAXWELL City CUrk f. H V. Fouts, labor.. M. Kline, labor L. Lewis, labor. J. McGoodea, labor A. Walatkt, labor F, Morgan, labor F. Fellows, labor B. Ballard, labor P. Farni, labor. _ C. LitchfieJd, labor F. Larson, labor. W. Jones, labor — Tribune Publ. Co., supplies— Lynch Ik Ash, insurance. Mann Lumber Co., supplies.. O. Wilcox, labor. B. Warren, labor GENERAL BUDGET E. Elliott, labor -. $ G. Rhodes, labor T. MHler, fabor F. Schleiter, salary... A. B. Maxwell, salary J. Ames, aalary. f C. Aplin, salary ._ R. Nichol, salary. Mayor C. McCarthy, salary. W. Webh, salary...... W. Hussong, salary , F. Downs, salary. T. Cody, salary M. Williams, salary. W. Curt, salary E. Jones, aalary O. Cox, salary J. Gooiman, salary J. Behling, salary. F. Bender, salary. . H. Jones, salary .. ; E. Morris, policeman _. Paul Pugh, labor ; V. Peterson, labor __., W. Peterson, labor E.'Drake, labor C. Roberts, policeman L. Brown, repairs W. May, labor. _ .__.; W. Keltaer, labor..;... ._.;... C. Ragsdale. Utor. F. Coe, labor Y. Hines. labor.. W. Sharp, police O. Thrasher, labor. M Wyett, labor F. Peterson, labor.... „ L. Veach, labor.... _ J. Vogt, labor. ._. . J. Sharp, labor „. W. Hussong, labor._ .G. Walatka, labor H. Huntley, labor L. Inman, labor H. Woodard, labor _ M. 'Alexander, labor _ W. Campbell, labor.... M. Alexander, labor. '. J. Woodward, labor.— G. Fjore, labor. T. Landy, labor Tribune Publ. Co., suppiiet.... Lynch ftt Ash, supplies Midland Chemical Laboratories, supplies.— Iowa State Highway Commission, supplies Campus Radio Co., supplies. Bristol Co., supplies SANITATION FUND J. Kline, salary $ H. Mattingly, salary. G. Smith, salary... FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND 87.50 71.67 70.00 68.34 64,17 B. Lodden. salary 62.50 E. Ouade, salary..........,...„._.. JO.00 O. Butler, salary _ 50.00 A. Graves, salary _... 50.00 Allen Mfg. Co.. supplies 5.88 CEMRTERY FUND J. Likely, salary $ 70.00 A. Sh*ah«n, salary.. 45.84 R QtrAtt labor 40.00 SEWER BOND 10]} Arr"< Tnmi At Savings Baolr, irittcit coupons.. S UO.CO 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 41.60 20.80 45.45 45.45 45.45 30.15 20.25 6.00 11.20 48.00 15.60 9.60 5.35 28.40 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 S-60 9.60 9.60 9.60 11.20 11.20 9.60 63.50 119.82 9.65 12.00 9.60 9.60 9.60 10.40 21.50 62.50 37.50 15.00 45.00 41.67 70-00 20.00 25.00 56.67 47.50 102.50 70.84 70.84 69.17 65.84 46.67 33.75 17-35 9.60 9.60 4.00 1.60 40.00 2.50 9.60 9.60 9.60 9.60 19.20 62.50 70.20 70.85 41.60 42.00 41.60 41.60 52.00 3.20 9.60 9.60 31.60 27.60 1.88 4.80 16.40 12.00 6.40 7.75 87.77 2.26 1.68 67.50 7.99 53.34 37.50 -'5.84 L. Morris, salary $ S. Lorn, salary G. Horsley, salary,.... B. Graves, salary........._ L. Berry, salary., de William Clark a part of the United States, very little was known about that western country. Neither the nation that sold nor the nation that bought could say how far the territory extended north or south or west, where the rivers and mountains were, or what Indian tribes Inhabited the region. Even before the deal had been completed, President Jefferson made plans to send an expedition to explore the Missouri river, to find a waterway' to the Pacific ocean if possibly, to study the Indian tribes and to observe the quality of the soil, mineral deposits, climate, vegetation, and animal life. For this dangerous and painstaking work, Jefferson chose his private secretary. Meriwether Lewis, Mtrlwether U«wi« a man of adventurous spirit, and William Clark, afi able frontiersman. Both were daring, intelligent, resourceful, loyal .to their country, and experienced in military service. Moreover, they were close friends. With them went 43'picked men, strong, brave, and trained to endure hardships of the wilderness. Besides 21 regular soldiers who volunteered, there were several hunters and interpreters sand ; a Negro 'slave. Only one of 'the company -was married, a French interpreter. His wife, i the noble f ' Indian girl, Sacagakea, accompanied her bus- band and guided the expedition across tht mountains. On May 14., the party left St. Louis in a long keel-boat and two large flat-bottomec? rowboats. Very laboriously they pushed against tk* swfft current of the MUaOurl. When the wind WAS ia the right direction they put up wdli, but most of th« time the men h*4 to row or walk along the shore and pull the boats with ropes. Sometimes they got stuck on sandbars or snagged by tree* in the muddy water. It wa» tie 18th of July before they passed the northern boundary of Missouri. For more than a month the explorers traveled along the weste.-a border of Iowa. They moved slowly, observing the country, going ashore to hunt, and visiting the Indiana.- Sometimes they camped on the Nebraska ride of the river and sometime! on the Iowa sido. but they preferred to tie up at an island, where they were less likely to be molested. Violent thunder storms often drenched them to the skin and occasionally the wlnJ nearly upset their boats. Near the mouth of the Boyer river they saw traces of a terrific hurricane, which had snapped off trees fonr feet in diameter. The mosquitoes were vicious. To add to their discomfort, many of the men were troubled with boils. About ten miles above the mouth of the Platte river, the expedition camped for four dayr,. while the men hunted and fished; dried provisions, mended oars, and explored the country. The leaders sent scouts to invite the Indians to a council, for they were eager to, learn about the tribes and show their friendship. Meanwhile, they worked on their maps and reports, made notes concerning the high hills of yellow clay, listed the kinds •f timber tfcey gav, and feasted o* wild grapes, veaisom, turkey, grouse and fat catfish. Many of the Indian braves were away on the plains hunting buffalo, but a few Otoes and Missouris agr*«4 to meet the explorer* farther up the river. With a good deal of anxiety Lewis and Clark awaited their first council. The ceremony was held on a high hill, since known as Council Bluf(, about 20 miles north of Omaha, In Nebraska. Captain Lewi* made speech that the Indian* could not understand, but the six chief* replied cordially. The Indian* were "almost naked," wrote Clark in his diary, "having no covering, except a sort Of breechcJoth around- the middle, with a loose blanket or buffalo robe painted, thrown over them." When the speaking wa» finished, presents were distributed aa tokens of friendship. While the explorers were preparing for the Indian council, one of the French interpreters disappeared. Pour days later a soldier left camp and failed to return. Immediately a party was sent back to find the two men, while the e:> pedfUon moved slowly up the crooked, course of the river. At one place, after rowing twelve mile*, they were within 370 yards of the place where they started. In a few days the deserters were found among the Indians and the soldier yas brot back to camp, but the Frenchman escapeu his captors and was never seen again. On Sunday, August 19th, Charles Floyd, one of the three sergeants in the company, became suddenly ill with colic. All night he was terribly sick at his stomach and the next day he grew steadily worse. The boats landed at two o'clock and soon afterward Sergeant Floyd died. He was buried on'a high blutf about half a mile below a small river, named in his honor, which flows thru Sioux City. The grave of this soldier who "at all tim^s PAOICTB gave us proof of his firs det«m.*e4 rMotaUm t* «• *ervk» to his CWMtry t*4 honor t» Miss- seir wa» »m*rk«4 kr a ee4*r post with his name ana th« date of his death carved on it. The next day Lewis and Clark pa«w4 t** novtb of th* Big Mm river and left th* Iowa country «* their long Journey to the Pacific ocean. Twice th* winter wind* laid blanket* of snow over tkV grave of Sergeant Floy*, axl twice the prairie- flowers blossomed on his hilltop befor* the explorers returned. At least, on September 4, 180C, the boats rounded th* great bend in the river and pulled up at the foot of Floyd's bluff. The grave, which had been partially opened by Indians or wolves, was filled up again, and the sergeant's comrade*, Jeaa and brown after their strunous voyage, proceeded on their homeward way. Pestered by mosquitoes at night and eager to finish their tedious Job, the boatmen plied their oar§ steadily from daylight till dark. One day they traveled 78 miles. In less than a week they passed along the western border of Iowa. It was noon on September 23, 1S05, whe» Lewis and Clark brot their expedition safely into port at SL Louis. They had traveled more than 6,«0f miles thru an unknown wilderness, risked all the hazards of the elements, encountered hostile savages, and mapped an overland route to Oregon. ACTIVITY HINTS 1. What would a person see in Iowa now if he traveled the rout* of Lewis and Clark? 2. What good did this trip dd for Iowa? 3. Learn all you can about Sergeant Floyd, Find a picture of his monument 4. Make a bar graph showing the increase in the vaJne of Iowa land from 1S03 to 1933. The government paid the Indians about 9% cents an acre and the settler* paid the government $1.25 an acre. Copirlfht. 1113, B. t. MnvU* Tobaeeo Cntitwr / > IT TAKES HEALTHY NERVES • ABOVE—FRANK BUCK lugged tons of rhinos, cobras, tigers, and gorillas across the Pacific to win his famous title, "Bring-'em-back»alivt Buck." He has to keep his nerves healthy to follow his strange occupation of capturing wild animals alive I • WHETHER YOU'RE ON A HOLIDAY, or hard at work, Camels are the cigarettes for steady smoking. Costlier tobaccos do make a difference. • ABOVE—FRANK BUCK HAS SMOKED bis way around the globe with Camels. He says, "I am. a steady Camel smoker. Camels art milder, and they don't jangle my nerves." Steady Smokers turn to Camels W IT JS MORE FUN TO KNOW Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand. You'll appreciate the mildness...the flavor...the added pleasure in costlier tobaccos. '» Kit NO "Bringing 'em back aim is a job packed with thrills, excitement, and real danger," says Frank Buck. "I never would have been able to populate half the zoos in this country, and save my own life a half dozen times by quick action, if I didn't have healthy nerves. I am a heavy smoker, as you noticed if you saw my picture, 'Bring 'em Back Alive,' but I can smoke all I want because I smoke Camels, They don't upset my nerves. I prefer their mild, rich flavor, too." Turn to Camels and find out for yourself how true it "is that Camel's costlier tobaccos tast* better... and do not jangle the nerves. Begin todayI NEVER GET ON YOUk NERVES NEVER HR€ YOUR TASTE

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