The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on July 27, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.'— Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOU/TELY PURE fartoll DAILY. AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. TUB BINTIHBL Is the only newapaper in Carroll county that Is printed all at home and It con- aim more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWBRS A COLCLO, Props. FBIDAV, Jni,* 27, 1894. A'WINNING TICKEI Nominated by the Democracy of Carroll Oonoty Yesterday. Hombach for Auditor and Korte for County Attorney Ke- Acclamation. Bobroeder for Olerk, Kempker for Recorder and Flenker for Supervisor. PROCEEDINGS IN DETAIL. The convention is over after one of tbe hardest campaigns for nominations in the history of the party in this county. The last week was tbe hottest,dryest end dustiest of an unusually hot, dry and dusty summer, and the various candidates rolled into Carroll Wednesday evening or Tuesday morning with tbeir eyes full of doet and that tired feeling plainly visible on their countenance. The moroingjjgave no promise of an improvement. Old Sol peeped over tbe eastern bills with a wink in bis eye that seemed to say: just wait till I get warmed np to my work and I'll make it hot for all of yon today. And 'twas even so. By the time tbe convention was called to order at 10 o'clock delegates and candidates were in a state of protnse perspiration. Early in tbe morning the. delegates commenced coming in and it was seen by tbe little groups of people gathered around for conferences that tbe interest rah high. The convention fully demonstrated that this was true. Tbe fight over tbe nomination for olerk and recorder were especially exciting. Up to tbe time balloting commenced it was anybody's fight and now. that tbe battle is over, while there are many disappointed ones, it was to be expected, because only one man could be nominated for each office, and each candidate went into tbe canvass with tbe idea confronting him that defeat was at lesbt a possibility. Tbe convention was called to order promptly at 10 o'clock, tbe court room •being crowded, every township being represented by a complete delegation which is unusual at tbe morning session, snowing that Carroll county Democracy is fully alive to the interests of tbe party. John T. Jay of Manning was selected as temporary chairman and 0. O.Oololo as temporary secretary. Mr. Jay made a few well chosen remarks which were well received by tbe delegates and the convention then settled down to tbe business of tbe morning session, which was that of selecting tbe various committees. One delegate from each township was selected as follows: ON OUSDBKTIAU. Jasper—Frank McCoy. BbscUUii-Chni. Pagel. KnlMt-J, II. Hooblng. Wheatland—Anton Polking. Arcadla-lf. B. Barr. Carroll, ouUlde-fatrlok Floyd. Carroll, lit ward-J, T, Judge. Carroll, !M ward—A. L, Gnam. Carroll, U ward—Anton Jtecker. Carroll, 4th ward-Jams* Bablnstoo. Grant—I). Boroberdlng. OUdden-Wm. Bberer. Blobtand-Duvld Hverti. Pleasant Valley—Hart Baumler. BowllB-I. W. Hofluian. Wasblogton-Adaui Btuug. Wamn-K, U, Funk. KOeo-Ow Guy. Mswton-rred Toovey. UBIOB--M, lioylan. ON I'KmUNMT QHOiNIOTIOK. Jasper, 1'at Qannallr, SfeerUuu, Herman peck, Kulest, Jacob BeUner, WlwatUud, lilcuurd Bloke. Arcadia, li. H.DoJke. Oaxioll. outtiae, M. Hcbauoh. Onion, 1*1 ward, U ti, Drees, Csrroll, IM ward, J. W. strohw. Carrol), M w«rd, W. U«w«r. Carroll, jltb mrd, V, tiraot, F. ON RESOLUTIONS, Jasper, H. Winters, Jr. Sberldan, Fred Kroeger. Knlest. Ell Smith. Wheatland, J, J. Schlerholtz. Arcadia, Frank Hagan. Carroll, outside, John Barr. Carroll, 1st ward, James Thompson. Carroll, 2d ward, W. E. Atkinson. Carroll, 3d ward, J. B. Wlchmer. Carroll, 4th ward, C. H. Hoeft. Grant, Jos. Feld. Glldden, H. Winters, »r. Rlobland, B, McDonald. Pleasant Valley, V. Fllei, sr. Roselle, B, Putmann. Washington, P. J. Koenlg. Warren, F. T. Salmen. Eden, Peter Neu. Newton, H. J. P. Mueller. Union, Alex Tuel. On selecting delegates to the state, congressional and judicial conventions: Jasper, PatGormally. Sheridan, Frank Belber. Knlest, Theo. LeDuo. Wheatland, Christian Belres. Arcadia, Joseph Helder. Carroll, outside, Frank Bromert. Carroll, lit ward, W. L. Becker. Carroll, Zd ward, C.C.Colclo. Carroll, Bd ward, W. Kurtz. Carroll, 4th ward, J. P. McAllister. Grant, J. H. Boyce. Gltdden, John Italy. BIchland. James Christie. Pleasant Valley, John Gut*. Boselle. John Wlllenborg. Washington, Hans Moeller. Warren, W. E. Beltman. Eden, HertcanStevenj. Newton, B. W. Bruce. Union, W. H. Blckerson. The chairman for each township wu hen presented as follows. These gentlemen will compose the county central committee for the ensuing year: Jasper— P. Gormally . Sheridan— Dave Rohan. Knlest— Joseph Pudenz. Wheatland- G. von Ulan. / Arcadla-B. H. Bolke. Carroll, outsIde-Thos. Bleb. " first ward— James Thompson. " second ward— O. 0. Colclo, " third ward-J. W. Kennebeck. " fourth ward-Peter Berger. Grant— J. M. Boyce. Glldden-W. B. Hamlet. RIchland— E. Sapp. Pleasant Valley— Joseph Hoffman. Boselle— I. W. Hoffman. Washington-0. H. Flenker. Warren -Douglas Rogers. Eden— T. P. Stallmsn. Newton— Gus. E. Hocn. Union— W. H. Rlckorson. Upon conclusion of this the oonven- ion adjourned to 1 o'clock p. m., to ive the various committees time to pre- tare tbeir reports. Immediately after the convention convened the committee on credentials retorted the following delegates entitled to heir eeate, with the exception of the dele- ation fromihe fourth ward, ae to which a protest was filed against the seating of I 1 . Florenoourt as a delegate. ID sup- lort of this protest, extracts from Die fermania were read showing that he was in favor of the election of Repnbli- IBU officials. Mr. Florenoonrt stated hat be bad always been a Democrat and B a Democrat today ; that in editing Die Qermania he is working for a corpora- ion and the policy of the paper is governed by the company, bat he challenged any man to show that be is not a true Democrat. A motion was then made hat the protest be laid upon the table, which was carried, and the roll of dels- gates was complete as follows: JA8PKR. 'at Germany Frank McCoy Henry Winters, Jt. 8BSBIDAN. bas, Pagel D.Krlcke »red KroegM H. Peck Fred Peters Frank llelber KNUWT. Bit Smith J. II. Hoeblng oe Weanling, ir. Joe Daniels 'rank Ludwlg Martin Borgor Ttoeo. LoDuo Fetor Muebl Jacob Betzner WIKATLANI). fleo. B. Frazler Henry Peters lake Scblerboltz Herman Luchtel Ohristlan Helrei Jo* Weisllng Jr. Anton Polking ?' Bl J. kt) , rred Gentzel Jen* Uurkieu ARCADIA. II. B. Barr JTratik Bagen B. B. Bolke Frank Bberbe Pllle Jonepb Helder Henry Miller frank Vetter GABBOLL— OUT8IP«. Hike Bohmteh Toos. Rohan loeCollUou Fred Caspar/ John Barr P. Hold Frank Bromert rotmTB WARD. r. F. Florencourt James Bablngton Wm. Wlnneke J. P. MnAUlater 0. H. Hoeft GRANT. J. M. Boyce Joe Feld Benrv Bercns Fred Sporleder D. Borcherdlng OLIDDRN. W. B. Hamlet W. Sexton W. Bherer B. Winters, sr. J. Ealj HIGHLAND. B. McDonald David Everts Jnmes Christie PLBABAOT VALLCY. Wm. Wltte Mart Banmler John Gute Frank Files, sr. Frank Files, Jr. Isme* Tboaapton 9. II. Dree* . O. U. Boynton 1 - T - Jufl «« J. W. Strobin C. 0. Oelolo W. Uewer i. Bolster id Daly W. I. Becker SBOOMU WAUU. A. Li. Qnam W, E. Atkln»oo TIIIBI) WABW. Anton Becker iiner order An informal ballot was taken us follows: FOB CURK—INFORMAL BAM.OT Frank Sturm I. W. Hoffmann John Orth John Wlllenborg. John Roth 11O3KLT.I. Wm. Rnplner B. Puttman John Merern Henry Starmann M. Bauscher WASHINGTON. H. Grundmeler H. Moeller P. J. Koenlg D. Grau Douglas Rogers John Hoffman John Bueltel W. E. Bellman BertLeueck John Schllchte Herman Stevens P. J. Hochstatter Frank Kerkhoff H. J. P. Mueller H. W. Bruce W, H. Rlckerson Ed Dale H. Moylan E. Drahelm Herman Mundt Adam Stang Henry Mundt WARRKN. Fred Miller John T. Jay J. J. Kruse B. M. Funk Berthold Kraus James Shea BDB*. Peter Neu Goo. Guy M.J. Hurley Jos. Drees NEWTON. F. A. Toovey Monroe B)erly CNION. Alex Toel 6. Bowman John Christie TOWNSHIPS. ,1 us per Hherldati Knlest Wheatland Arcadia Carroll, outside... " 1st ward.. " 2d ward.. " Bdwar-V.. " 4th ward.. Grant Wlldden RIchland.... PI. Valley Roaplle Washington Warren Eden Newton Union The committee on permanent organization reported. E. M. Funk had been selected as permanent chairman and F. Florenoonrt secretary. On motion tbe report was accepted and Messrs. Funk and Florenoonrt made short addresses to the convention which were well received. Tbe committee on resolutions then reported. The resolutions as reported provided that the county be divided into four supervisors! districts with one to be elected at large, and providing that no township should be entitled to a supervisor more thbn six years until all the counties in tbe district bad been represented on tbe board. On motion this clause was stricken out and the resolutions were then adopted as follows, by a vote of 82 te 47: Be It resolved first, that we hereby reaffirm the principles and doctrines of the Democratic party as set forth in their national platform In 1892. Second, that we endorse the able, wise and patriotic demand of President Cleveland in appealing to the Democratic members of congress to redeem tbeir sacred ledge of tariff reform. Third, that any officer or ex-officer be made ineligible for a nomination to auy county office by the Democrats ot Carroll county who has served four years in office until lie has been out of office for a period of not less than four years. This shall apply to all officers elected by the Democrats of Carroll county. F. T. SAI.MBN, JAB. THOMPSON. Secretary. Chairman. B. H. Drees then moved that the resolution as to tbe two term rule be construed so as not to apply to any candidates now before the convention for nomination. Moved by M. B. Barr that this m >tion be laid upon the table. This was recognized ae a tost vote as to whether Mr.Kennebeok could properly appear before tbe convention as a candidate and the vote was taken amid intense though quiet excitement. It was decided to lay on tbe table by a vote of 70 to 69. Tbe committee on selecting delegates to tbe state, congressional and judicial conventions reported that they bad selected tbe following: STATS. B. Burger Oeo- »• FfMUw - NIc Neu Jos. Colllson B. H. Drees W. n. Hamlet J.B.Nepper I. W. Hoffman D. Grau F. U. Loe* F. U. Wllion B*n). Edwards W. H. Blckerson CONOHWSIONAL. J. Betzner Henry Peter* U. B. Barr Patrick Floyd Ja*. II. Boyce Wm. Bwton Frank Turecnek «• Puttman F.J. Koenlg P.Stepbany Bd. Dale P. M.Uutbrle V. M. Davenport, JUDICIAL. G.W.Frost J.H. Hoeblng Frank Hagau Fred Caipary F. M. Power* J- M - Dree* Jo*. Feld W. Bennett Douglas Roger* Herman Steven* Fred Toovey V. 0. Jon»* On motion the report of tbe oommit- was adopted. Balloting on candidates was neit id* order and Samuel Bowman moved that W, P. Hombaob be declared tbe nominee of the oonventioa by acclamation, which was carried unanimously, Mr. Hornbach was called for and thanked tbe oon- vention heartily for tbe nomination, promising hie hearty work for tbe snooess of tbe ticket and if elected to serve the people of tbe county faithfully. Nominal loos for olerk being aeit in Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. D*PRICE'S Total, 34 ot Union. The informal ballot stood as follows: FOR SUPERVISOR—INPOBMAL BALLOT. The first formal ballot was taken with a slight gain for Bohroeder and on the second ballot J. H. Sohroeder was nominated bv the following vote: FOR OLIRK—SECOND FORMAL BALLOT. TOWNSHIPS. Knlest Whtatland. . . . Arcadia " Istward " Sdward " 4th ward Grant Glldden PI. Valley Total B 1 4 1 .... 1 6 ? 1 f n f 9 1 6 6 n 4 1 » 10 t n VI i ~68 | 3 fi 7 10 9 1 4 It • • i* 1 <t V, K 10 1, 4 ~TO Mr. Sohroeder was therefore declared tbe nominee of tbe convention and thanked the delegates kindly for the favor shown him, promising to faithfully uphold tbe banner ot the party and if elected to serve the people to tbe beat of his ability, The nomination for recorder was next in order and the informal ballot developed six candidates. The first formal ballot was as follows: rOB BECOIWKR-rlRST BALLOT. TOWNSHIPS. Jasper Sheridan Knlest Wheatland ,... Arcadia Carroll, outside " 1st ward " 2dw<rd " Sdward 11 4th ward Grant Ulldden Klohland PI. Valley Roselle Washington Wurren Eden Newton . Union Total. 11 Then came the tedious process ot balloting for tbe successful man out of tbe six and they resulted: Second ballot—Kempker 29, Stephany 83, Bruner 82, Hadlgan 12, Bucknam 22, Hoffman 1. Third ballot-Kempker 84, Stepbany 98, Bruner 82, Buoknam25. Fourth ballot-Kempker 37, 8topbtny41, Bruner 24, Buoknam 25, Hoffman, 2. Fifth ballot-Kempker 88, Stepbany 10, Bruner 30, Buoknam 26. Sixth ballot-Kempker 34, Stepbany 46, Bruner 24, Bucknum 26. Seventh ballot-Kempker 41, Stepbany 46, Bruner 18, liuoknan 24. Elgbtb ballot-Kempker 48, Stephany 60, Bruner 8, Bucknam 23, James Thompson 5, Nlntb ballot-Kempker 48, Stephauy G3, Buok- nam 28. Tenth Ballot-Keropkcr66, Stepbany 00, Bucknam 18. It was thought that the next ballot would decide tbe contest and tbs air was full of excitement. It resulted as follows: roil BKCOBDKH—KLKVKNTH 1ULLOT. /TOWNSHIPS. Jaipur ............ < Sheridan .......... Kntest ............ Wueutlauu ....... Arcadia. ....... Carroll, outildti.. 11 1st ward. " ad ward.. " 8dw«rd.. 4th ward. (irant ......... Ollddeu land Wacbington Warren Kdm Newton Un nlon. Total 70 TOWNSHIPS. Jasper Sheridan ... Knlest Wheatlnnd Arcadia Carroll, ontsMe. " 1st ward . " Zdward.. " Sdward.. " 4th ward. Grant Glldden RIchland PI. Valley osolle Washington Warren don owton Union The first formal bsliot was Flenker 50, Doran 44, Edwards 35. Second ballot Flenksr 57, Doran 89, Edwards 33. On he fourth ballot Flenker was nominated as shown below: FOB gUriBVISOR—FOURTH BALLOT. The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Mum. Uatd in MiUiont of Homes—40 Years tbe Standard Joeepb Kempker, having reasivinl majority of tbe vote* of tbe convention waa declared tbe nominee nod thanked tbe delegates heartily for tbe favor. O, W. Korte was then nominated for county attorney by aeolamation amid the hearty apjpUuet of the delegates Mr. Korte was called for aud made happy little speech wblob wan cheered to tbe echo. Tbe next in order was the nomination of candidate (or supervisor Three candidates were named ae follows 0. B- Flanker of Washington township Ban Edwards ol Newton and Pat Poran Total. 10 S9 TOWNSHIPS. asper Sberldan in lest Wheatland, .rcadm I/arrol), outside " 1st ward " ad ward " Sdward " 4th ward Grant Glldden tlchland •I. Valley toselle Pasblngton Warren Eden lewton Union Total 70 37 IVORY 60AP On being called for be appeared before be convention and thanked the delegates for the confidence they bad placed n him and said be would do all penile to merit tbe respect of tbe people of be county should he be fortunate enough o be elected at the coming election. This closed tbe work of the convention tter one of the most closely contested aonventions ever held in tbe county. DEATH OF MBS. OOLCLO. Airs. H. J. Oolclo died Monday at o'clock p.m. at tbe residence of her son- n-law, W. F. Steigerwalt. Mrs. Oololo 'as one of tbe oldest settlers in Carroll uounty, having moved to the vicinity of Coon Rapids forty years ago. She was iorn in West Virginia seventy years ago, aiog from there to northwestern Ohio nd removed from there to Carroll oonn- v in 1854., She has been n sufferer with the dropsy for tbe past five years nd during tbe past year has failed apidly. For two days before tbe end lie was unconscious and at 3 o'clock this tternoon passed quietly away. Tbe nneral was held Wednesday morning 110 o'clock at tbe home of W. F. 8*ei- gerwalt, Rev. Dr. Folsom conducting lie services. Four children, O. 0. Oololo, Mrs. W. Steigerwalt, Mrs. J. O. Eogelman nd Mrs. A. U. Quint, era left to mourn he loss of a devoted and loving mother. Only those who have been through like ffloition can folly realiza tbe sorrow of ons and daughters at the passing away of he one who brought them into this world. The tendereat and sweetest con- olations that can be offered by dear risnds and tbe realization, when one baa reached three score and ten, that perhaps tis better so, can not assnags tbe poignant grist that comes when we look at be form cold in death and realize that never more will we hear that tender voice or see that face light up with a smile siub as only a mother's love can bring to be face as ber children gather round bsr. But life's sorrows as well as its oye are for all born into this world and be parting at tbe boundary of the beyond is tbs ens sorrow that comes soon or Hte to all. This sorrow can not bat be relieved when we know, as in the ease of Mrs, Oololo, thai she bad tbe true Christian faith and that she approached the end sustained aud soothed by an unfaltering trust that was superior to tbe pain and worry of this life and departed firm iu the faith that she would meet her loved ones in the hereafter. AT KMT. Toe remains of Mrs. H. J. Oololo were laid to rest this forenoon in the city cemetery, an& tbe funeral swioes, were held at the residence of her oldest daagbtor, Mrs. W, F. Bteif sr*alt. B»v. Dr. Folsom conduced the services assisted by lUv. J. K. Nelson. The pall bearers were, J. W. Ballon, Wm. Lyuob, Bol Quint, B, 0. Skven*. 3, E. QriftUb ana BamTodd, all old settlers whom she had known for many years. Tbs funeral was attended by a Urge number, many of whom were relatives and old set- tiers in this county. All of the children living, one sou and three daughters, *er« prearat at the funeral. The death of if n, Oololo removes another ol the flirt selllers of IbU couo ly. Tblrlf-eight yean ago the family settled at OooirlUpMs and ten yean later in Ibis oily, when she haj ever Mr FLOATS BEST POR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER & GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. since made her home. Twenty-two years ego she united with the Presbyterian church and baa always been a conscientious and ardent believer in the Christian faith. Daring the past few months her health baa been such that she could not attend church, but the bible and the reading of old familiar songs has been a graat source of comfort to ber daring her declining days. A life that met with the trials and trib- nlations that have beset her, the ending came peculiarly quiet and calm. For some time ber health has been failing, bat she was able to be around more or less until last Saturday. Sunday about noon she passed into a comatose state and never rallied and passed away as quietly as if she had fallen into a gentle sleep. Her breath grew weaker and slower and finally ceased altogether and her spirit pawned into the great beyond without a struggle. Thus ended the life of one who had eeen far more of the cloud than the sun- shins. She had been sorely tried and if there is a great beyond where "listening love hears the rustle of a wing," we believe that she has passed from this stormy' rook-bound life to a brighter, happier home above. • BREDA vs. CARROLL. The Sunday game of ball between Breda and Carroll was not much of a game on either side. The .score stood Breda 14, Carroll 33. Eight of the U scores which the visitors got were secured in the first inning when Sherman wa» in the box. Hamill took that position after the close of the first and held then down to six runs in the eight innings which he pitched. The visitors were in no condition to play as they had been np until a late hour the night before returning from Wall Lake when they played a hard game with Carnarvon which they won by a score of 16 to SO. The next game Carroll plays on the home grounds will be Manning next Friday. It this game comeo off it will be a red hot one as. the Manning club is a strong one. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postofflce, July 28, 1894. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. O.: Miss Built Brown Henry Gcspennlns Ellis Htgbstreet H. C. Lloyd Wm. Meyer Wiu. Marnett* Miss TepnlA Meyer Hiss Anna Ranlter V.BIsentbal JobuBrnlth FredLyers Harry Btenard C. L. Ward. The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertlied. When calling for same please state date of advertisement. Juo. Li. POWHHS, P. M. Piles I Piles I Itching Piles. Symptom* moisture; Intense Itching and sting. Ing, most at ulgbt; worse by turatublng. If al lowed to continue tumor* form, wblob often bleed and ulcerate, becoming very tor*. Bway- no's ointment stops tbe Itching and bleeding, htmis ulceratlon and In most ca»e« removes Uie luuiort. At druggists, or by mall, for W cants Dr. 8w»yn» A 8ou, Philadelphia. 6-1-86 WANTBP. , To buy some potatoes at MoLagan & Bohnmaoher's, » SM» twolve cents In postage stamps to 80 Corcoran Building, WasnlUKton, U. 0.. and you will receive (our copies of KATH KIKUI'B WASHINGTON, containing matter of special Interest. Give name and address, and say where you MW this advertise incut. The New York World never watts to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keep* no far In Uio lead that competition la an Impossibility Tlfa reputation of The Weekly IKorUl as tbe greatestDeinooratle paper published U fully established U Is Dumoorutio in principle Doiuooiitlo iu policy, Democratic In Us sympathies U IB not, blindly or dishonest* |y partisan It will not import bad uieu or bad measures 1TH WOltK IS FOR TU B PEOPLE, TUB W110LK I'JtOPLB, and not (or any clans or faction It will be found at all times lighting for UIH great cardinal principle of the Weiuoemtlo party, but never for tho aelush emit) uf any ring or Individual It* miscellaneous articles are trash, well selected and In- terestluK Its pugoH devoted to Homo, Ftwlilou »ud Agrlculturu are' replete with articles of valuable aud Interesting; Information to all Tbo "Tariff Alulo >r artl- cles now running In The Weekly IKurld have uueouie celebrated on account of tlio plain, pruotlcul way iu which tho tariff (luesUoi) U prtmoii ted Jtli»alargel2-paue, 8-ooluuiu paper for only 9100 • year We have succeeded In umklUK specie.) arrange- uienta by which we «an furnUli TIIK WttKKi.v SKNTIKKI. aud The Weekly World 0110 year both for only 82.00. id- 4i«m TIIH oKMTiNitbi Carroll, Iowa.

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