Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 24, 1965 · Page 5
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 5

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, July 24, 1965
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The World of Women SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1965. FIVE GRADUATE — Miss Renee' Marie Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William G. Johnson, 612 N. Moore St., Bessemer, recently graduated from the Medical Secretary School, at the Duluth Clinic Foundation, Duluth. She is employed in medical secretarial work at the clinic. Miss Johnson, a 1964 graduate of the A. D. Johnston High school, began the medical secretarial education course on July 1, 1964. She received recognition for academic achievement maintaining a straight "A" rating in all of the subjects throughout the year. Subjects include English, anatomy, physiology, psychology, medical terminology, medical transcription and office practice. Present at the graduation exercises were her parents, her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dubois, and Mrs. Arvey Ahonen, Ironwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Newman, Duluth. The Mature Parent By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE Dear Mrs. Lawrence: Our daughter has been forced to leave her husband ant with her 2-year-old boy come home to us. We never trusted him. An only son, he and his mother have really tortured Bess. This woman gave them their home so she could make long visits and get| her knife into Bess. When the son comes to see the baby he is so cruel that Bess Is prostrated afterward. Last night she told me that if it weren't for the baby she wouldn't want to go on living ... ANSWER: Her husband's cruelty may not be entirely responsible for her depressions after the visits. Apart from the lurt it inflicts, it is also an inescapable reminder of the poor judgm e n t she showed in marrying him— and carries with it- the chilling suggestion that all future judgments she makes wlh end in similar disaster. This deep, often unreachable but shattering distrust of their judgment is the real problem of young people who have learned on it to make an independ e n t choice of a marriage partner only to find it a bad choice. We can't wonder that your daughter is prostrated after her husband's visits. With ev e r y new cruel thing he says to her, her judgment is proved to have been more abysmally mistaken. To lose a husband is painful— but to be 23, the mother of a small child and to fear your judgment as unreliable is even more painful. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to want to go on living, not because you've lost your husbanci but because continued living promises Increasing punishment as result of the bad decisions your unreliable judgment will doom you to make. I wish you could persu a d e your daughter to see a good psychiatrist. I wish this because I do not think you and her father are equipped to help h»r. Though I'm sure she appreciates the sympathetic haven you've given her in her trouble, what she now needs is appreciation of herself. You see, in this first important exercise of her judgm e n t, your daughter's has been proved wrong and yours has been proved right. Living with you as she does, she must struggle continually against the fear that your judgments are always going to be right as hers are always going to be wrong. All the kindness in the world can't make this fear anything but terrifying to her, threatening her with disaster if she ever disagrees with you again. Until that fear is dealt with, self-confidence will be a long time returning. Play to Be Given Sunday at 8 At Wesley Methodist Church Henrick Ibesen's great dramatic masterpiece, "An Enemy of the People," will be present e d by The Bishop's Company of California Sunday night at 8 at Wesley Methodist Church under the sponsorship of a group of interested citizens of the community. The proceeds will be given to the Retarded Children's Day Center and the Child Guidance Clinic. The story is one of courage, that admirable trait all men strive to attain and hope th e y have attained at the hour of their deaths. Courage in the face of adversity is also admirable, but when courage leads a man to stand alone against insurmountable odds to the detriment of himself and his family, there are those with less courage who malign him for many reasons, not the least of which is jealousy. In this story of Ibsen's t h <? truly great man is he who stands most alone. The Bishop's Company, in its short span of 13 years, has had many adversities, but has finally proven that drama has a place in the church as it did 55C years ago when religious and moral plays were presented in the church. At that time the theater was the church. Bis hop Stamp News By SYD KRONISH AP Newsfeatures It is ironic that the year 1965 — prescribed by most nations of the world as the International Cooperation Year — has shown _ ,. „ „ very little cooperation or efforts | &* aid H. Kennedy Los Ange- Ann Landers . .Answers Your Problems, Dear Ann Landers: I was 13, hair cut ever since I was 11 but years old in April. My mother I my mother won't hear of it. Sh* and I have been arguing abo u t something for two years. She has agreed co abide by your decision and so have I. I have never had a haircut in says my hair is my best feature and if I have it cut off I will look like everybody else. I would be happy to look like everybody else just to get rid of my life. My nair is clear down to • this mop. Long, thick hair Is hot to do so in everv continent hroSghout the globe" Yet the're les> wno Decame mteres t e d ! ENGAGED — Mr. and Mrs. John Dominkowski, 122 E. Ridge St., announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary E., to Arthur R. Leppi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur U. Leppi, Hurley. Miss Dominkowski will be a senior at Wisconsin State University, Superior in the fall. Her fiance is a supervisor at Simpson Electric Co., Mercer. No definite wedding plans have been made. (Modern Portrait Photo) r must be a ray of hope as long sa °d .-Th Go pel ItselMs ao PniintriPc icciio st.nmnR hnn- cnlla - saia lne UOSpei USClt IS as countries issue stamps hon- oring the ICY. The latest these stamps has been iss u e d by India, reports the World Wide Philatelic Agency. The design features a handclasp, the symbol of friendship. The hands are surrounded by laurel wreaths. Above the design is the inscription "International Cooperation Year 1965" in English. Below it is also inscribed in Hindi. The color is light brown and olive green. •a •& o First day cover collectors will ie glad to see the 1965 edition f the "United States Special- zed Catalog of First Day Cov- rs" just publised by the Wash- ngton Press. There are almost TWOSOME FOR TEENS—Sew- simple Jerkin and skirt pair that a teen sewer can complete easily and quickly. Choose bright colorful plaids. No. 8360 With PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. Bust 30 to 36. Size 12, 32 bust, jerkin, 1 yard of 54-inch; skirt, 3% yards. Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Complete, Inspiring, easy to read—the fall & winter '65 Basic Fashion. Send 50c now for your copy. Births Siebert. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Siebert, 603 2nd Ave., N., Hurley, a daughter, July 23 at Grand View Hospital. ENGAGEMENT TOLD —The engagement of Sandra Louise Laine to Lawrence J. Pann is announced by her mother, Mrs. Pearl Laine, and Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Blaisdell. (Kenny's Studio Photo) Card of Thanks We wish to thank our friends, neighbors, and relatives for their kindness and sympathy in our bereavement, the death of our dear father, Isaac Koskinen. We are grateful to Rev. Thomas A. Schultz and Rev. Oliver Hallberg lor their comforting words, to the organist and soloist, to Mrs. Matt V. Maki and ladies who served lunch, to those who sent flowers and money, to the pallbearers, to those who offered the use of their cars, and all who helped in any other way. The Family of th* Lit* Isaac Kwkinen Outdoor Dinner By CECILY BROWNSTONE Barbecued chuck roast with carrots, potatoes and onions, cherry tomatoes, pickles, rolls, watermelon, beverage. BARBECUED CHUCK ROAST 3 pounds beef chuck roast 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup barbecue sauce (tomato base) 6 small onions, peeled 6 medium carrots, pared 6 medium-small potatoes, peeled Sprinkle roast with salt; place on two large sheets of heavy oil. Pour barbecue sauce over meat. Place onions and carrots on top of roast and potatoes around edges. Wrap securely us- ng double folds. Place on grill, meat side down; roast over hot coals I'/i hours. Replenish coals f necessary. Turn package over and cook 45 minutes or until meat is tender and vegetables cooked through. Makes 6 servings. Note: This recipe was tested with a new barbecue sauce that comes in 1 pound and 3 ounce bottles in three styles.—mild, hot, or smoky hot. The preferred style may be used in the above recipe. White Pine Girls, Boys Attend Camps WHITE PINE —Church and Girl Scouts camps have attracted local girls and boys last week and this. Attending Camp Timbertr a i near Munising, with other Gir Scouts from the Upper Peninsu la, are Debbie Mayfield, Jayne Bodin, Debbie Tonkin, K r i Tonkin, Shirley Raymond, Renee Reynard, Arlene Merrill and Denise Leone. In Junior Camp session a Camp Michigamme are Rober Gougeon, Robert Evans, J e f Tonkin and Bradley Kelinhuizen Beth Tonkin, Jane Trudg e o i and Sandy Hill attended senio camp. Attending the first wee: were Joan Heikkila and JoAn Banbury. The Rev. George Lu ciani, local Community Churc" pastor, was a counselor. Miss Cynthia Nasi Feted With Shower A pre-nuptial shower for Cyn 00 price changes listed, idition brings up to date drama. Pure drama in the sanctuary could have a glory, even a divinity." Bishop Kennedy encouraged Phyllis to go ahead with her idea and authoriz e d her to name her group the Bishop's Company. Tickets for the play may be purchased at Bennett Floors, Modern Portrait, Stern & Field, Eva Wurl's or at the church. Club Activities Members of the Ironwood Business and Professional Women's Club who are delinquent in the past year's dues, are asked to pay them to Mrs. Gilbert Woodcock at Modern Portrait Studio. my waist. Ever since I was a little girl people have given me compliments on my beaut i f u 1 hair. I used to enjoy it a lot but it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I have been trying to get my Personal Items Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson, Chicago, were among the out of town guests who attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tonkin, which was held recently. Their names were inadvertently omitted in the account of the anniversary in The Daily Globe this week. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vander- ir the summer and a lot of work to wash and brush. Also, I would like to wear my hair in a more modern style. Please be on my side.— TOP HEAVY Dear Top: A 13-year-old should be permitted to get her hair cut if she wants to. Not only will it be easier to care for, but in your case it will be z symbol of growing up and growing up is a pretty good idea for all of us. it <r * Dear Ann Landers: For 35 years I have been going to showers for brides and buying them presents. I figured I'd get even when a son got married. Well my son is in the service stationed in Germany. He sent hagen, Los Angeles, are visiting us a letter last week saying he Don't Let Summer Heat "SIZZLE" Your Appearance Clothing, like plants, wilt in the heat. Frequent summer cleaning the Custom-Care way makes them look cooler, feel cooler. COSTS MO MQHEI SETTERLUND CLEANERS 211 E. McLwd Dial 132-4332 Free Pickup and Delivery The the values of various old covers and he latest ones. Other special ections include a newly revised ntroduction to first day cover collecting, and a set of detailed nstructions for securing covers. t sells for 65 cents and is available at your local stamp dealer, ft ft ft New Hebrides will issue a set of four new stamps to honor the late Sir Winston Churchill and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The values will be 5, 15, 25 and 30 gold centimes. The design will depict a portrait of Sir Winston and St. Paul's Cathedral during the bombings. Also to be issued are two stamps for the International Cooperation Year on 10-24 to coincide with United Nations Day. The design will feature two hands clasped in the laurel wreath emblem as suggested by the United Nations Postal Administration, ft ft ft The French Colonies, referred to as the French Commun i t y, will be issuing a variety of interesting stamps. The report comes from the French Postal Administration in Paris. The Cameroons will issue a 70 franc airmail stamp showing the Satellite Syn- com. The Central African Republic will issue a stamp for electrochemistry. The Congo Republic will issue a stamp illustrating Telestar. Gabon will issue a set of four stamps showing ancient boats. A t> ft Hungary has issued a new 60 filler stamp to commemorate the First International Renn a i s- thia Nasi, daughter of Mr. and sance Conference held in Buda- Mrs. Howard Nasi, Hurley, was pest. The design shows a repro- held Thursday night at the home | duction of "The Red Head" by of her aunt, Mrs. Donald Nasi, 413 Leonard St. Hostesses were Mrs. Donald Nasi, Mrs. George Nasi and Mrs. Nilo Nasi. Cards furnished the evening's entertainment and prizes were awarded the winners. A buffet lunch was served to 24 guests from a table centered with an umbrella and carrying out the shower theme. Miss Nasi, who will be married Aug. 7 to Jeffrey Joseph- Mount Naka-dake. The 10 yen son, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rag- depicts five mountains seen nar Josephson, Birch Street, from Shiroyama. Also issued by Nancy L. Charles, 3, Has Birthday Party MARENSCO — Nancy L o uise Charles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Charles Jr., celebrated her third birthday annivers- ry July 13 with a party at her home. The guests included children and some of the mothers and Nancy's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eschenbauch. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Eschenbauch, Miss Jean DelFavero and Mrs. Ann Del Favero, Wakesield; Mrs. Larry Ashmore and daughter, Sue Ann, Flint, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Del Favero, Detroit. The luncheon table was centered with a gaily decora ted birthday cake. Assisting Mrs. Charles was Miss Ruth Mary Christensen. Nancy received many gif t s and money. Mr. and Mrs. George DeLodder, Iron Belt, and other friends in Ironwood. He is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. August Vanderhagen, pioneer residents of Ironwood, who resided in Ironwood Township on the Vander- married a very nice girl. (She is an American who works tor the government.) I would like to give my new- duaghter-in-law and absentee kitchen shower so when they come home she will have her kitchen Merriweather Personals Mrs. Stanley Ray, Topaz, Mrs. Dorothy Cummings and son, David, Ewen, Mrs. S. A. Western and Mrs. Jack E 11 ST worth were recent shoppers in Ironwood. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ells worth, Marquette, visited r e 1 a- tives here recently. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rober t s Leonardo da Vinci. Reflect! n g the Soviet influence, a stamp was issued to honor the visit to Hungary of the first woman cosmonaut, V. Tereshkova, and her husband A. Nikolayev. The stamp shows the two fliers and a scene in Budapest. •to it it Japan has issued a set of two stamps honoring Aso Natio n a 1 Park. The 5 yen stamp shows were recent Wakefield callers. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hartvigh, Marquette, recently visited here at the Jack Haskins, Ellsworth homes and at the Henry Haskins homes in Bergland. Mr. and Mrs. Richard DePuis Detroit, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Frank Raymond. Mrs. De Puis is the former Ruth Ray mond, a sister of Frank Ray mond. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson were Ironwood shoppers recent ly. Mrs Jack Haskins and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Ellsworth were re cent business callers in Wake field Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rober t: and family were business caller in Winchester, Wis. recently. Floyd Kishline has retu r n e d from Wichita, Kan., where h visited relatives. Mrs. Kishl i n e will return later. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cook Sr recently visited the Walter Cook home in Ironwood. (Kenny** Studio Photoi MRS. WILLIAM T. RAVIO ft ft ft Rose Calligaro, W. Raivo Wed Miss Rose Marie Callig a r o, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Calligaro, Pence, became the bride of William T. Raivio. son of Mr. and Mrs. Toivo Rai- vio, East Pine Street, in a beautiful service at St. Anthony Catholic Church, Pence, Saturday, uly 17. The nuptial vows were epeated after the Rev. Joseph szumlas in a double ring ceremony performed at 11 a.m. The bride was escorted down a white carpeted aisle by her fa- her. For her wedding Miss Calligaro chose a full length white Chantil- <y lace dress with tiered skirt, ;ong sleeves and scalloped neckline. Her bingertip veil of silk illusion was held by a rega crown trimmed with pearls and sequins. She carried a bouquet of red roses and white carnations and a crystal rosary. Mrs, George Gervais, sister of the bride, was matron of honor; bridesmaid was Annabelle Thomas, and junior bridesmaid was the bride's sister, Judy. They wore identical long lace sheath gowns of blue, pink and vista rose. Best man was Roger Baker, brother in law of the bri d e- groom, and groomsman .was Glenn Miller cousin of the bride Ushers were George Gervais, Richard Stever, brot her of the bride, and Leney Anderson. hagen Road, the road be i n g completely equipped. My neigh- named for the Vanderhagens. Al-. ^j. wno knows a lot about so visiting at the DeL odder e tiq ue tte says it would not be home are their son in law and pr0 per. I say, why not:'Please daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David advise—A MOTHER L. Evans, Los Angeles. Dear Mother: After 25 years of shelling out you are no doubt eager to "get even"—and who can blame you? But pie a s e wait until the bride comes home. in absentia is an Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Hendrickson and daughters, Nancy, Susan and Janie, Southgate, left Monday after visiting four days at the home of his parents, Mr. i and Mrs. Hjalmer Hendrickson, " ""™ r^lT"^^' T ~* r,,' «.„:„ „„„ »„,.' and out clobber and Ironwood Township, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Orbecky, Detroit, who spent four days with his grandpaents, Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson, left Thursday for their home. riends will resent it. « « ft Dear Ann Landers: was the recipient of many beautiful gifts. Ruth Society to Have Meeting on July 28 BERGLAN D— The Ruth Society of Trinity Lutheran Church will have its next meeting Thursday night, July 28. Mite Boxes will be due at this meeting. The June meeting was conducted by Mrs. Alfred Swen, who was substituting for Mrs. Thomas Erickson, president, Mrs. Swerled the topic discussion Using That Talent" taken from he July Quarterly. Hostesses for the evening were Carl Bailey Sr. and Mrs A dinner was served at the Pence Community Center where later the bride and bridegroom greeted 400 guests at a reception given in their honor. The bride is a graduate of J.E. Murphy High School, Hurl e y The bridegroom, a graduate of Luther L. Wright High School, is employed at the Aho n e n Flooring Co. Mr. and Mrs. Raivio are residing at Pence. William Ha vela. Mr. and Mrs. David Schilling Oklahoma City, Okla., are the arents of a daughter. Mr chilling is the grandson of the ate Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Weidman. Marler.e Lincoln, Phelps, Wis., s a guest at the home of Mr. and /Irs. Stanley Ray. Freeman Haskins, Comst o c k ark, is visiting his brot her nd sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. 'ord Haskins, and family at heir summer home at Sandy (each. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fish e r. aughter, Lorraine, son, Dick and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bail » y pent a week vacationing in onsin Mrs. Charles Western urgical patient at Divine Infant Hospital, Wakefield. Mrs. Stanley Ray and Mrs. Sherman Western were Ironwood allers. Weight-watchers save calories when they eat cottage cheese that is not creamed; there are 60 calories in Vi cup of creamed cottage cheese versus 50 calorie: in the same amount of the non-creamed variety. New AIR CONDITIONED Th. Pancake House Aurora St., Ironwood Reader Complains About Elevators MOSCOW (AP) — An irate reader frm Kharkov has complained to the government newspaper Izvestja that the automatic elevators in his city are being treated too well. All elevators get a daily lunch hour and one day off a week. People either wait for the machines to start again,' or walk, he said. that country are stamps com- moerating the ITU centenary and International Cooperat i o n Year. ft t, a The Falkland Islands soon will issue four new stamps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands, reports the Crown Agents Representative in Washington. Illustrated on the stamps will be; HMS Glosgow, HMS Kent, HMS Invicible, and the Falkland Islands Battle Memor 1 a 1. Each value also will show a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Old Roman Coin Found In Georgia Driveway ROYSTON, Ga. (AP) — Workmen laying a driveway at the Billy Norris residence unearthed a Roman coin bearing the portrait of the Emperor Aurelian who died in 275. Norris said the coin had been authenticated as a tetradrachm. He speculated that one of the men under the explorer DeSoto dropped the coin when the Spaniards explored Georgia in 1540. CARD OF THANKS We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to friends, neighbors, and relatives for the kindness and sympathy shown us in the death of our beloved husband and father, Earl G. Maki. Especially do we wish to thank the Rev. Father Burzinski and Msgr. Michael G. Frock for their comforting words, the pallbearers, those who donated their cars; for the Mass cards and sympathy cards, the monetary gifts, flowers, those who donated food and all others who otherwise comforted us. Mr*. Earl Maki and Son Douglas Mr. and Mrt. Gordon Maki Church Events First Baptist. The Rev. Marlin Olsen will speak to the Adult Bible Class at 10 a.m. Sunday. Marenisco — Commun ity. Sandra Rutherford and Janet Wisber will report on the U.N. Seminar they attended recently, at the 11 a.m. worship service Sunday. A congregational meeting will be held after the service. Mass—St. Paul's Lutheran. A joint meeting of the parish congregations will be held Monday night at 7:30 with Dr. Theodore E. Mattson presiding and bringing the meditation. Coffee wil be served after the meeting. Sprinkle fish steaks with salt and pepper and dot with butter ; place a bay leaf on each steak. Wrap the steaks in dividually in foil and bake in a hot oven. Make a criss-cross (with a kitchen scissors) in the top of each foil package and serve "as is." SKY VIEW NURSING AND CONVALESCENT HOME Here's the area's most modern nursing home where the senior citizen in your family will find companionship, dignity and care combined to form the environment essential to his well being. 309 Iron St., Hurley V Dial 561-564* yo u r -A rela- ;ive of mine makes me so mad I can't see straight. She has a jet Pekingese dog that gets ;reated better than most people's children. The dog is a finicky eater so the woman has hired a chef who omes in and cooks special dishes for the dog. Also, the dog cries if he has to stay alone at night so she hires a sitter to stay with him. The dog sleeps on a velvet pillow in a wicker basket. His toenails are manicured by a professional and he goes to the beauty shop to get bathed and combed every week. (I go every month.) The thing that really gets my blood pressure up is those satin bows she puts over the dog's ears—and that gold collor. Isn't it. immoral to lavish such luxury on a dog when their are millions of starving people in the world? What do you say? —NAUSEATED Dear Nauseated: There is no connection between lavishing luxury on dogs and the plight of millions of starving people. One is a sickness, the other is a tragedy. The woman who babies her dog has a desperate need to express her love for something. This reflects a pathetic lack ol fulfillment, which is terribly sad. ft ft ft Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. i Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright. 1963, Field Enterprise!, Inc. iill Would Eliminate Visits for All Tourists MEXICO CITY (AP)—A bill to eliminate visas for tourists will be submitted soon to the Mexican congress. Agustir Salvat, head of the Mexican tourist department, said the new law would cover the United States and "as many countries as possible." The United States recently adopted a four-year tourist visa for Mexicans, but Mexico still .ssues entry cards good for only ix months. Carpet! Carpet! Carpet! BENNETT FLOORS 134 W. Aurora Dial 932-367S BEAT The HEAT With a Cool, Refreshing Glass of BROOKVALE'S GRADE "A" MILK "Quality Controlled from Dairy Farm to You" Brookvale's Grade "A" Milk AT YOUR DOOR - AT YOUR STORE Brookvale Dairy A Quality Line of Pasteurized Products IV I O9O 1JLAA Pleasing Our Customer's Taslo UIQI "0A" I OUU for Good Milk for Over 46 Year*

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