The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1933
Page 6
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>THE BAKERSFIELD CALtFORNIAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 2J, 1933 Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper Arc Coslarred; Strong Supporting Cast The motion ploturc. In Its entire history, lm.s seldom produced a love story of such tenderness and such he- rolr beauty ILH the film . version of Ernest Hemingway's great novel, "A Farewell to Arms," which, with Helen Huyes and Gary Cooper In the lead- Ing roles, opens tomorrow at the Fox thJater. Made by the two men responsible for "Seventh Heaven," Frank Borzage and Benjamin Glnzcr, the film has adapted the quality of that other tender love story to the more epic proportions of the Hemingway story. ' Helen Hayes brings the whole of her rich gift for acting to the role of Catherine, emphasizing the tenderness and simplicity of the young British nurse. ' Catherine was real and bravo and beautiful as Hemingway conceived her; she is all of that and more us Helen Hayes Interprets her. Nor Is Gary Cooper In any way unworthy of tho big role of Lieutenant Henry. He rises to Its every requirement, and In an Intelligent und understanding performance, creates a character that will not be soon forgotten. Adulpho Menjou, us Uinalcll, "w^ar brother" of Lieutenant Henry, almost steals the show. J Mickey Mouse and Charlie Chase In their latest liiugh-provokers have a prominent place on tho program. Tho latest events of tho day are unreeled in Fox Movietone News. "A FAREWELL TO ARMS" GARY COOPER AND HELEN .HAYES IN NEW FOX DRAMA 333.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 5:45—CBS programs to 7:16. 7:10—Jimmy Blttlck's orchestra. 7:30—Chandu, the Magician. 7:45—CBS programs to 9. 9—Ted Florlto's orchestra. 9:30—To befcinnounccd. 10—News Items. ' 10:10—Ted Florlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with the stnrs. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organist. She knew every man iVFrisco... and every man in 'Frisco Last Day Eddie Cantor FRISCO JENNY In "THE KID FROM SPAIN" With the Glorious Goldwyn Girls HATTERTOM A Firtt National Ml with • ^^n — I^A DONALD COOK, LOUIS CALHERN, JAMES MURRAY HAROLD HUBER at her btst ... In a role greater than "Madame X"l TOMORROW RAIN OR SHINE The Usual Good Saturday Night Dance TONIGHT at Panama—Featuring the Revelers' Orchestra Best in Kern County Second Night of the Elimination Waltz Contest—Good Prizes Ladies Always FREE Men 55c BILL POWERS, Floor Manager DANCE AT BEARDSLEY TONIGHT Modern and Old-Fashioned Dancing Hornkohl's Orchestra Good Floor "POP" WEABER, Floor Manager Dancing 9 to 1 Admission, Adults, 40c •UlllllllliaillllilillliBlllllsllllllsVllllllllllll •IIBIIIIHIIIIIBIIlllBEIIIIU.IilllillllliaiUllli^^ DANCE TONIGHT at Canaday's Pavilion Good Music—Good Floor A Good Place to'Meet Your, Friends nuil| 1 1 i 285.6 M.—KNX—1050 K. I 6—News. 0:1G—Bill, Mac 'and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Serenaders. 7—liYunk Wiitunubo and Hon. Archie. 7:15—OtmrdHineii, male quartet. 7:30—Kate Smith. 7:45—Happy Chappies. 8—KNX varieties. 9—News. 9:1fi—Singing strings. 9:30—Viennese nights. 10—Dance band and Marion Mansfield. 10:30—Sol Hoopil. 11 to 12 midnight.—New Paris Inn. KERN—1200 K. 6—Bine Crosby, Chesterfield. G:15—lOdwIn C. Hill. 6:30—Jan Garber's orchestra. 7—The JJoswell .Sinters. 7:15—Columbia Public Affairs. 7:15—Gertrude Nlesfii. 8—Guy Lombardo and bis Royal CanndlaiiH. 8:30—tlaruld Stern's orchestra. !)—Jo« llaymeH 1 orchestra. 9:30—Ted Klorlto's orchestra. 10—All request hour. 10:40—Ted Fiorlto's orchestra. 11—Dancing with tbo stars. <J> • <•> I 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. I <J> <j, • 5:30—NBC-KGO programs to 8:4G. SM5—Orchestra. 9—Associated Spotlight. 10:30—To be announced. ' 11 to 12 mid.—Phil Harris' orchestra. -NIGHT OF JUNE 13" AT "WTiat makes the number 13 unlucky? Cllve Brook, film star, delving Into superstitious lore of the centuries, finds it not only one of the strongest, but one of the oldest of all symbols of bad luck. Brook, featured with Llla Lee, Charlie Ruggles, Gene Raymond, Frances Dee, Mary Boluud, und Adrlanne Allen In "The Night of June 13," a drama which comes to tho Granada theater tomorrow and Monday went through his library in search of information as to why thirteen Is considered unlucky, ns the result of a wager with Stephen Roberts, director of the film. The second feature on the program Is "My Pal the King," starring Tom Mix. ISSUE LIGHTING GUIDE LONDON, Jan. 21. — A guide to aerodrome lighting was recently In- sued by the British Standards Institution, with the approval of the nlr ministry. The guide defines the required lighting of an airport and gives specifications for the five types of equipment required: (1) to locate the field; (2) to define its shape; (3) to show wind direction; (4) to warn the pilot of obstacles, and (5) to Illuminate the landing urea. Old Time and Modern Dancing Every Saturday Night Rainbow Garden Where They All Go Just for Fun BIG FREE LUNCH FROM 11 TO 12 Cash Prizes and Spot Dance Permanent Wave Given Away Every Saturday Night • WILSON'S HARMONY BAND Admission, 40c—No Tax Admission 25c ^ La Granada Ballroom DANCE TONI6HT Enjoy Yourself In Bakersfield's Most Beautiful Ballroom QUINN JOHNSON'S GREAT BAND Dancing Starts 8:30, Wednesday and Saturday Ladles Free to 9; After 9, 16o PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC Famous Comedian to Be Seen in Latest Riot of Mirth Sunday In his latest Fox picture, "Too Busy to Worlc," coming to tho California theater tomorrow, Will Hogers gives his last quarter to a fellow tramp. This Is typical of the ttogers In real life, for ho gives liberally to charity, but Insists on doing It In his own quiet way. His latest film Is based on a story by Ben Ames Williams which was prepared for tho screen by Philip Klein and Harry Connors. John O. Blystono directed It. It revolves about tho adventures of a wandering philosopher searching for his daughter who disappeared with her mother while he was fighting In tho World War. When lie finds her In tfic luxurious homo of the man who stole his wife, the real drama of the picture begins. How ho solves Ills problem forms the basis for what l.s said to be one of the most fascinating stories ever told on tho screen. For "Scarlet Pawn," tho Warner Brothers picture now at the Callfor- nla theater, In which he plays a young aristocrat caught In the swirl of tho IluH.slan revolution, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., has two lending ladles. One Is Nancy Carroll, the oilier Lllyan Tashinan. The former portrays a peasant love,' Mls« Tashman tho haughty siren whose Infatuation for the youth brings tragedy upon them all. AVIlllam Dleterle directed. Closing today on the same program Is Buck Jones' latest outdoor thrlll- romance, "Hello Trouble." DUST" AS RIALTO FEATURE The oo-Htarrlng of Clark Gable and Jean Barlow in "lied Dust," playing tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday at tho Hlalto theater, will prove of exceptional Interest to movie patrons. Here are two of the most magnetic personalities on the screen In a vivid drama of Cochin, China. Gable Is a young overseer of a rubber plantation, who has beaten the loneliness, fever, deadly heat and blinding dust stormn that have broken so many men. Mlsn Tlnrlow In a brazen, seductive, hard- gnilned girl who tries to win a place In the overseer's affections. Knter another woman, in the person of Mary Astor. as the aristocratic wife of a French engineer (Gene Raymond). Thu possibilities for dramatic conflict and emotional crises are obvious. The picture, directed by Victor Fleming of "Wet Parade" fame, Is reported to be one of the outstanding productions on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer calendar for the coming year. PAINSTAKING VICTIM MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 21,. (A. P.) — Two dollars, all M. J. keogh had when he was held up, wasn't enough for a pair of robbers, he testified at the trial of J. B. Smith, charged with robbery. "So I went, to a friend and borrowed $20 and handed it over," tCeogh told a jury. NILE BOOKS "FRISCO JENNY" RUTH CHATTERTON AND JAMES MURRAY JENNY," opening; at tho •- Nile tomorrow, shows Ruth Chat- torton In the type of role In which she made her most conspicuous 4 successes, surh us "Madame X" and "Sarah and Son." "Frisco Jenny" tells the story of a woman who ruled the vice element of a city. The sweep of the drama takes It across a quarter of a century of human life. A large cast supports Miss Chatterton, in which are Included Donald Cook, Louis Calhern, Pat O'Malley, James Murray, Noel Franols, J. Carrol Nalsh, Robert \Varlck, Robert O'Connor and many others. Pegfcy Hopkins Not to Wed for 5 Years (United Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Jan. 21.—Peggy Hopkins Joyce doesn't plan to marry for "at least five years," she said while en route to Hollywood. "Then," she added, "Maybe I'll marry for comfort and companionship." She was wearing a wedding ring given her by J. Stanley Joyce of Chicago. She said sho was "still fond of him." iiii FOR VIRGINIA SCREEN "Forbidden Company," Richard Thorpe's latest production for Invincible Pictures Corporation, will be shown on a double feature bill at tho Virginia theater, Sunday and Monday. .Sally Blane, John Darrow, John St. Polls, Myrtle Stedman, Josephine Dunn, Dorothy Christy and David Durand head the cast. Miss Blane, Darrow, und llftle David Durand appeared together recently in "Probation," a Chesterfield production, which was also directed by Thorpe. '.'Beyond the Rockies," starring Tom Keene, will also bo shown together with a news reel and cartoon. "FAST LIFE" CLOSES AT FOX TODAY A complete change of wardrobe after every saeno was necessary for members of the cast appearing In "Fast Life," the motorboat picture filmed at Catallna island that closes today at the Fox theater. The flying spray from tho racing boats drenched the players. After tho race scenes there were boat spills to bo photographed, reoulrlng the actors to take more plunges into tho briny. When all of tho dry changes of clothing were used up, the only alternative was to stay wrapped in warm blankets between scenes and then climb back Into the wet garments. William Halnen and Cliff Edwards led tho quick-change squad, with Madge Evans, Conrad Nagel and Arthur Byron also coming In for their share of dampness. ' TOO FAST FOR HIM KNOXVILLB, Tenn.', Jan. 21.— A girl calling herself Madge Brlstow was in city Jail charged with trickery, because she had been, too smart for Clyde Sneed, shoe store clerk. She had entered -Sneed's store and purchased some hose, paying for them with a $20 bill. Sneed gave her J19.50 change; Then she said, "Oh, wait a minute, I have a $10 bill here." Sneed gave her back the $20 bill and change for tho $10 bill. Sneed lost all around f I KNOW WE CANT AFFORD <s A NEW CAR,BILL— BUT I J NOTICE THERE ARE A ^4 LOT OP GOOD CARS ^ADVERTISED HEREIN TME^-WANT-ADSj WELL.WE COULD TRY—TMOSE WANT-ADS LOOK PRETTY GOOD TO ME. I DON'T THINK YOU CAN GET ANYTHING WE'D WAN MARY OOUBLE PROGRAM OFFEBftTREX The Lust Mu.n" und "Night Mayor," With Lee Tracy Are Featured -WE'LL ray IT,TO SATISFY you, BUT i OOM'T THINK MUCH OP THE IDEA. TWO DAYS LATER WELL,BILL, DONT YOU THINK | WAS RIGHT,NOW AS USUAL MARX They got the car they wanted—the man who owned it grot the price he wanted—a typical example of what you can expect from WANT ADS A big double bill headed by "Tho Last Man", and "Tho Night Mayor," each, with excellent casts, will be of- reredVit the Uex theater on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, For soven consecutive days during tho making r>f "The Lust Man," Co- umbUi's sea adventure picture, Charles Blckford, Constance Cum- mtngs, Alec B, Francis, Alan HOBCOD and Director Howard Hlggln and lils technical crow worked an average of 16 '/& hours each day. All of % these arduous days were put In while tho sea scenes were being made on tho two Pacific const freight- era chartered for tho occasion. After playing, the roles of newspaper reporters or columnists In four consecutive films, Lee Tracy appears as the romantic hnd gay—but honest— mayor of a big city, In his latest picture, "Tho Night Mayor." Tracy, generally regarded as America's finest young actor as the result of his New York stage triumphs In "Broadway" and "The Front Page," and his recent hit In the screen version of "Blessed ISvent," considers his impersonation of His Honor, Mayor Bobby Kingston, one of his most Interesting performances. . CONTINUOUS, 1:30 TO 11:00 = LAST TIMES TODAY =! "SCARLET DAWN" Douplat Fairbanks, Jr. Nancy Carroll Lllyan Tashman BUCK JONES "HELLO TROUBLE" TOO BUSY TO WORK . . . TOO CHEERFUL TO WORRY1 > TAA BUW TAWARK narian nfcon DICK »O WILL ''Pitts and Todd Comedy Novelty—Fox News OPEN 12-11 P. M. REX MltlDMI I* 5 I. •. Three Days Starting Tomorrow TWO GREAT PICTURES HIGH ADVENTURE ON THE /I HIGH . Lo SEAS / LAST MAN With Chat, Bickford and Constance Cummlngs Also. Last.Times Today Thrills and Fast Action Buck Jones lii "McKenna of the Mounted" Also Wheeler and Woolsey In "GIRL CRAZY" FOX i HI;AI Continuous, 2iM to ll^ VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c Sunday and Monday TWO BIG FEATURES Tom Keene in "Beyond the Rockies" and "Forbidden Company" With Sally Blane, John Darrow News and Cartoon TODAY ONLY Double Feature "Strange Adventure" and •'Heroes of the West" $1.00 ANY WATCH REPAIRED..... Materials Cost Reader's Jewelers 1522 Nineteenth street , LAST TIMES TODAY CARTOON FOX News STARTING TOMORROW! <*&* HAYES COOPER AOOIPNI MUUOU Ernest Hemingway's world-, famous story . . .of two who began In passion's reckless abandon ... with a love that grew until It heeded neither shame, . danger or death . . . the Inspiring record of tw« souls lost for love's sake! EXTRA MICKEY MOUSE "Mickey's Nlghtm>re" CHARLIE CHASE "MR. BRIDE" FOX MOVIETONE NEWS G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street ty«r» D«y A ANY SEAT, ANY TIME, 18c Children Always 10c Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Continuous Sat., Sun., 1 to 11 TWO FEATURES TOM MIX in "MY PAL' THE KING" and "THE NIGHT OF JUNE 13" • With Cllve Brook, Llla Lee, Charlie Ruggles . « News, Comedy, Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY DOUBLE FEATURE "Come On Tarzan" and "The Revenging Seat" . Amateur Night Every Saturday RIALTO 5 T0 4 6 P. M., lie; AFTER 6, I Si, S5e Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Centlnutui, Siturdny, Sunday, I tt 11 Clark Gable and Jean Harlow in "RED DUST" With Jean Raymond, Miry Alter "Our Gang" Comely News and Mickey Mouse LAST TIMES TODAY "Out of Singapore" arid Chapter 9, "The Last Frontier" REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball A Stono Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIONf

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