The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1953 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1953
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1999 Auto Damage Law Goes Into Effect June 11 (Continued from Page J) Is not liable. I. A duly acknowledged written agreement to pay damage claims. • • • FAILURE TO deposit security or forward proof of one of these alternatives will result in the suspension of the motorist's operators license, registration certificate and licence plates. This Is not a compulsory Insurance law. Nowhere in the law Is & motorist required to carry Insurance. The law demands only that motor vehicle owners and drivers shall be prepared to deposit security for the damage caused in traffic accidents. The maximum security deposit is $11,000. They may do this by carrying insurance or by depositing security with the Department of Revenue. The experience of most of the other 42 states that have adopted simitar laws, however, indicates that the great majority of motorist! will elect to protect themselves before they have an accident by taking out insurance. The same experience shows that a great many motorists have suffered unnecessary, inconvenfence and even hardship because they did not understand that the law could accept only those forms of Insurance which cover damage ( claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents. SOME MOTORISTS in other states, for instance, thought their fire and theft insurance protected them against the penalties of their financial responsibility law. Others believed their collision insurance was enough. Must Cover Others Still others thought personal accident, and even life insurance, would do the trick. However, none of them would or could. They Insured their owner against personal injury to himself or damage to his own property, but they did not cover the damage he did to others, which is the goal of a safety responsibility law. The majority of Arkansas motorists, if they elect to protect their motoring privileges through Insurance, must be sure they have what Is known as automobile liability insurance or a combination policy that Includes It. Tills is the kind that is written for the owners of private passenger cars. The law provides that it shall eb accepted automatically as proof of ability to meet damage claims, resulting from an accident, providing it was in effect at the time of the accident and was sufficient to meet damage claims up to $11,000. THE LAW provides that the Commissioner of Revenues may accept any other form of liability Insurance which, in his judgment, will cover dom'a'ge claims resulting from the reported accident. The average motorist, however, should not concern himself about this form of insurance because it principally applies to business or industrial owners. In case of doubt, the surest way for a driver to settle the question Is to ask an insurance company, agent or broker If his policy protects him against the Blytheville's Public Library Acquires 27 New Volumes Tw«nty-Mven new rolumw hive been placed on the shelves lit the BlythevlUe Llbnu-y, Mn. Ira Or«y, librarian, announced yesterday. Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton July Oct . Dec , Mch Open High Low Close 3360 3361 3340 334" 3319 3381 3358 3366 3383 3383 3366 3315 3386 33M 3370 3378 New Orleans Cotton Open High LowClcse July Oct . Dec . Mch 3374 3319 3384 3374 335« 3363319 3362 3310 3385 3369 3369 Chicago Wheat Jiy Sep High 204 Vi 208 Chicago Corn Jiy Sep High 155 % 152S Soybeans Jiy Sep Nov Jan 288 % 214 265 H 289',4 Low 202'/4 205'/i Low 154'i 150% 286 271 Vi 263 >a 261 Close 203 206',: Close 155 :l 152 281 212',= 264 26T,i New York Stocks A T and T ................ 154 5-8 Amer Tobacco ............ 71 7-8 Anaconda Copper ......... 36 1-8 Beth Steel .......... ...... 50 l-'i Chrysler ................. 71 3-4 Coca-Cola ................ H4 1-4 Qen Electric .............. 697-8 Gen Motors . ............. 60 Montgomery Ward ........ 58 3-4 N Y Central .............. 23 Int Harvester ............. 383-4 J C Penney .............. 70 Republic Steel Radio - "American Inventors."' by (eri "e from br <* en rlbs - nder. given by Mr. and Mrs. „ M 'f, M "' ra f is .. n ° l cx P cctcd to Nlntetn of the books were given M memorials, and one, "The Kace of Robert E. Lee In Life and In Legend," by Meredith, was donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy for Memorial Day. The following books were donated at memorials: In memory of Mrs. Mamie Hamilton Galloway — "Treasury of the Christian World," by Nasby, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon. In memory of Paul David Foster, Sr. Hyla Farrls McCalla; "Gardeners' Bug Book," by westcott, Mr. Dick Gettie; "Destructive and Useful Insects: Their Habits and Control," by Metcalf and Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bilbrey. In memory of A. L. Gilliam — "Handbook of Old Pottery and Porcelain Marks," by Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stevenson. In memory of Lawson W. Hardy — "Black Beauty." by Sewell, Sudbury School teachers; "Huckleberry Finn," by Clemens, Lange School teachers. In memory of Mrs. Albert Buckley — "Personality and Successful Living." by Bcebe, Mrs. J. L. Ashcraft; "Perfect Hostess." by Daly, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crigger. In memory of A. G. Hall — "Taylor's Encyclopedia of Gardening, Horticulture and Landscaping." by Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Shaver; Windows for the Crown Prince," by Vining. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Norrls and Mrs .Robert E. Lee King. In memory of Walton E. Johnson — "American Birds in Color" by Harrison. Miss Bess Hall and Mrs. Byrd Wickham. Three Former Residents Hurt In Auto Wreck Three former Blytheville residents were Injured, two critically, Saturday nl<;ht In an automobile accident near Detroit, It was learned here yesterday. Mrs. J. M. Murray and Mrs. Loir™ Calvin are reported In a serious condition In a Detroit hospital and Mrs. Murray's husband was reported less seriously Injured, suf- ATOMIC live, the report said. Details of the accident were not Learned but the trio was en route to Niagara Falls on a week end trip at the time of the accident. The accident occurred in the vicinity of the Windsor Tunnel under the Detroit River leading from Detroit to Windsor, Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Calvin at present are residing in Detroit. WAR 48 1-E 24 1-3 Socony Vacuum ........... 33 7-1 Studebaker .............. 333-8 Standard of K J .......... TO Texas Corp ............... 51 1-2 Sears .................. • 58 3-8 US Steel ................ 38 '-* Sou Pac .................. 433-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Iffl _ (USDA)—Hogs 7,500; Blow; weights 20 Ibs up 9 to 25 lower than Wednesday's average: lighter weights weak to 25 lower; sows under 400 Ibs 25 to 50 lower; heavier weights 50 to 1.00 lower; bulk choice 180-230 !bs 25.60-75; few early 25.50; several loads mostly choice NOR. and 2 25.85; 240-270 Ibs 24.85-25.50; heavier weights mostly 24.00 up. Cattle 2,000, calves 900; cattle finding slow sale; prices barely steady on steers and heifers al- .hough restricted inquiry for cutter :o low commercial steers and heif- security provisions of the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law. Your Me troll tan Agent offers a new service for your whole family The next time you or anyone in your immediate family is suddenly taken ill or meets with an accident, think what if can mean, in assisting a fast, healthy recovery, to know that money will he available to help pay such expenses as these: Hospital room and board Surgical fees Special hospital services Doctors' calls in hospital Help can he had in meeting such expenses in a brand- new plan developed by the Metropolitan — Including maternity and polio benefits, too. In these days of rising costs, you need this protection. We will be glad to give you del ails. For a prompt response, write — or, better still, telephone. Julian G. Paul Osceola, Phone 473-J Lynn W. Brown Blytheville, Phones 2504 — 6255 T. Winford Wyatt Blytheville, Phones 2504 _ 3777 W. Paul Mahon Blytheville, Phones 2504 — 3404 Representing the , Metropolitan Life Insurance Company New York, N. Y. In memory of Mrs. Jennie Maone — "The Story of Mary the Mother of Jesus," by Beebe. Mr. ,nd Mrs. Charles Crigger. In memory of James Nelson Parks — "Picture Story of Sweden," by O'Neill, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend. In memory of Mrs. W. T. Parks, — "Juliette lav," by Pace, Mr and Mrs. Farrls McCalla. In memory of Dr. Flnley A. Robnson — "Eehind the Doctor," by Clenden, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Coppedge; "Tales from Shakespc-re," ly Lamb. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Nelson. In memory of Frank Smith — American Birds in Color," by Har!son, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Johnson. Other volumes added to the II- >rary were. "Aunt Flora." by Coat.sworth; "Crimson Clue," by Coxe: "Funerals are Fatal," by Christie: "Golden Admiral," by Mason. "Hitrh and Mighty," by Oann; "Kiss Me Again." by Du Maurier; "Through the Ages with Five," by Amburgh. (Continued from Page 1) fighter - bombers used electronic •sighting to drop thousands of pounds of bombs on the East-Cen- .ral and Eastern Fronts. The bloodiest hand-to-hand figjit- ng was reported from the Finger Ridge sector, where the ROKs slashed their way to the top of :hree outposts only to be hit by \vo Chinese battalions poured into he fight from the Red main line to the north. Driven from the crests, the ROKs regrouped on the slopes of the outposts and continued fighting at rifle and machine-gun range. (Continued from Page l) height of more than 2,500 feet. The device was dropped from a bomber coining from Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque. N. M., at an altitude of probably 35,000 or 40,000 feet. This is calculated on the basis of the AEC announcement that it took 42 seconds for the bomb to drop from the plane to Its point of detonation. The previous high power of any bomb dropped here is believed to have been about 30 kilotons. The physical evidence of today's detonation would indicate that its power output was nearly double any previous shot. A kiloton is the AEC scientists' term for the equivalent of 1,000 tons of tnt. The nominal or Hiroshima bomb contained the equivalent of 20,000 tons (20 kilotons) of TNT. Witnesses here said the view of the fireball was the best of any blast held since the test program started in 1951. The mushroom cloud, also quickly visible, appeared unusually large. The Las Vegas area was illuminated for nearly 20 seconds by the flaring golden light, with the first flash so dazzling as to almost blind the eyes. The flash was also seen in San Francisco. fiOO miles away. But as sometimes happens, even wl'Ji the brightest blasts, the shock xvave was not noticeable here. The AEC has explained that shock waves skip around freakishly due to atmospheric conditions and n/ny hit a given place on one blast, but bounce over it on another. No troops were involved today, but the Air Force continued its indoctrination program with a flight of planes over the test site. Civil effects studies included flash tests on the eyes of rabbits— Fighting has been almost con- aw akened in time for the burst by tinuous on Luke's Castle since the j alarm C i 0 cks in their North Koreans gained their firvt foothold Monday night. Three ROK charges failed before they recaptured lost ground Wednesday—only to lose it again. Return from Senior Trip COOTER — Fourteen members of the Cooler High School graduating class returned Sunday from their 13-day senior trip. Accompanied by Superintendent and Mrs. J. E. Godwin, the group visited points in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The trip was made in a school bus. Courts CHANCERY The following divorce decree has been filed: J. A. Thompson and Thelma Jean Thompson. CIRCUIT (Civil Division) Charles Lynch vs. Engineering Construction Co.. suit (o collect $4.500 in damages charged resulting from Dec. 1. 1952. truck accident near Wheatley, Ark. Forfeits $10 Bond Augusta Strowther forfeited bond of S10 la Municipal Court this morning on a charge of speeding. Little Leaguers Kiwanis Guests Members of the Kiwanis Club's Little League team were special gursts at the weekly meeting of the club in Hotel Noble yesterday. The members were introduced individually by John McDowell, one of the coaches of the team. The j Rev. James W. Rainwater, who as- i .sists Mr. McDowell, was also a guest yesterday. The Rev. E. H. Hall, a Dell Ki- wanian, spoke to the club on "Why We Do Things.' 1 animals had one eye taped shut, the other open and exposed to vne flash. Dogs and mice were also stationed at varying distances from the blast point, Today's shot was originally set for last Monday. It was postponed to Tuesday, then again to today because of unfavorable weather. Alma Mae Young Services for' Alma Mae Young, 37, who died at her home at 512 South 16th St. Sunday, are to be conducted at Church of Christ on Rnse Street by Rev. Roy W. Rogers at 11 a.m. Sunday. Burial is to be in Walnut Grove Cemetery with Home Funeral Home in charge. Survivors include her father, Rev. O. C. Johnson of Blytheville; her husband, Tommie Young of LaGrange, 111.; one brother, Alfred Sailor of Cleveland, O.; and three sisters, Louise Reddick, Richmond, Calif., Pauline, Johnson and Oga I Jean Dillard. both of Blytheville. Queen Tours London LONDON W) — Queen Elizabeth II. taking the celebration of her coronation to neighborhood streets Other guests were Clyde Barker, a " ain toda >'- toured northwest Lona visiting Kiwanian from Jonesboro, and Dan Surge. don. ers indicating weak to lower deals FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE A KERATOLYTIC BECAUSE— on the few small lots Rood and it SLOUGHS .kin to e.t|)i OFF the tainted oiitpr bnrfpd funs! and kills choice steers 20.00-23.00; cutter and I it on contact, this STRONG, kera- lot utility offerings 600-90Q; cows i tolytic fungicide, T-4-i, v at any d opening steady; utility and com-i merclal cows 5.00-6.00; few to 6.50. .tore. If not pleased IN ONE HOUR, mr -!0c back. Xow at Kirby Bros. Drug Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort PASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline tnon- acid j powder, holds false teeirt more flrmty To eat and talk In more comfort. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH nn your plates. No gxinimy. goney pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath) Get FASTEETH »t *v s *2. «i PERSONM- 'do a WHALE of a job! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS MUCH WOMAN-Guess the first thing you'll want to know about the sculpture pictured above is "What is it?" Well, according to the name plate, it's "Womanhood" by abstract sculptor Costa Coulentianos, who is currently exhibiting it in a Paris art show. 'Luxoro Vocation Biblt School Ends Session LUXORA—An annual eight-day vacation Bible school ended here at the''Baptist Church when certificates were presented to 61 students at mid-week prayer services last night. The Rev. J. E. Rlherd, pastor, and principal of the school, awarded the certificates at special commencement exercises. The number awarded the certificates denoted attendance completion of a total enrollment of 95. Departmental leaders of the school were Mrs. R. T. Ballew, Intermediates; Mrs. E. C. Skeen, Mrs. W. A. Wood, juniors; Mrs. J. S. Olive, primary; Mrs. J. E. Riherd, beginners; and Mrs. W. O. Howard, nursery. El Dorado Youth Heads Boys State LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Richard Poole, 15-year-old El Dorado high school junior today was elected governor of Boys State at the annual, encampment at Camp Robinson. Poole, who campaigned on » platform of "personnal Integrity" defeated Prank Higginbotliam of Mo Geene. "Frost/' Is Coming to Town Soon! •1b BARGAIN DAY SALE REGISTERED HEREFORDS 53 Females — 3 Range Bulls Good registered cattle to be sold right off pasture. FLAT CREEK RANCH Denfon, Arkansas For sale catalog write: Fred S. Whistle, Denton, Ark. Flat Creek Ranch is located one-half way between Povvhatan and vSmlthville on Highway 111, 15 miles west of Hoxie and Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. WEEK-END ECIAIS WASH CLOTHS 12 for Terrific Value! SAVE! Ruffled CURTAIN Material KNIT BLOUSES for Girls and Ladies LADIES' TWILL SHORTS Sizes 12 to 18 $1.09 1 T-SHIRTS Striped for Children Reg. 98c Value! Sizes 1 fo 12 59 Large Lot of DINNER NAPKINS Package 5 One Large Lot of ASST. BUTTONS Cards SUN S FOR THE CHILDREN Regular 98c Value! NOW 77 Regular .1.98 Value! NOW 1 WADE 5c& 10c

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