Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 11, 1970 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 10
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60 Per Cent of Students in Favor of Politicizing FUNNY BUSINESS r Distributed by NEA Most college students approved of the "Princeton plan" that released students to work in this fall's political campaign? and most felt the campaigning helped candidates, but only one- fourth of the collegians considered participating in electioneering themselves. Those are the findings of a special National Gilbert Youth Poll survey of nearly 400 college students across the country. "Hopefully, studenfs will go about it intelligently and come across as responsible people 'and. therefore, have some effect." a University of Michigan coed said, and 58.8 per cent of the students polled agreed with her. saying they favored allowing students to work in campaigns without being penalized I scholastically. I | Another 28.3 per cent said ' they were against the plan and ' 12.9 per cent had no opinion. ; Strongest support for the plan ! came in the Northeast (69.8 per icent) and North Central (70.5 iper cent) states, while only 30 i per cent of students polled in ' the South approved of it. More than 60 per cent of the respondents said students' can- vassing would help a candi-; date's chances. '• "Gene McCarthy proved it." i i said a UCLA man who was part j ; of the 12.9 per cent which said I students could help the candidates "very much." ! i Another 52.1 per cent said; | the candidates would be helped "just a little," agreeing at least in part with the Northwestern University man who said: "It will vary from area to area. It'll hurt the conservative candidate and help the liberal." "No one every really notices a student until he does some- j thing wrong — why should this be any different?" a Millersville By ftOGtft lOLLtN ... BUT; LOOK AT I THIS wiw... IT'S (Pa.) State College student asked, and 21.6 per cent of the students polled showed similar sentiments in saying collegians' campaigning would have no effect on election results. "There may be antagonistic reaction to students working in the streets which will offset any good effects," a Queens (N.Y.) College woman added. Slightly more than 13 per cent of the respondents said the candidates' causes would be hurt by students' campaigning. One of the 11.3 per cent who said the damage would be "just a little," a Hartwick College (Oneonta, N.Y.) woman, contended that "silent-majority types would be resentful of college students pushing their opinions on them." And a University of Richmond (Va.) man, part of Hie 2.1 per cent who said candidates' chances would decrease "very much" because of student help, A BIG 59" PHILCO STEREO With FM-AM FM Stereo Radio in Beautiful Walnut Veneers ALL THIS TOO - AND MORE! Second Room Stereo and Tape Jacks Tape Recorder Play Back Jacks 4-Speed Automatic Changer with Diamond Needle Finest FM Stereo Reception Famous Brand—Philco CARROLL, IOWA 10 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1970 argued that "people think al college students are hippies.' Southern students in genera again showed the strongesl reservations about student canvassing. 45 per cent of them saying it would have no effect and another 20 per cent contending it would damage candidates' chances. Despite their reservations, however, more Southerners than the national average said they planned to take part in a canvassing program. Nationally, 25.8 per cent said they would participate, with 30 per cent of respondents in the South and 43.4 of those in the Northeast indicating plans to campaign. Only 14.8 of the students in the North Central states planned to participate. Nearly 73 per cent of the re spondents said they would not work in the campaigns, even if their schools gave them time off. Nearly 300 Records and Books Added Nearly 300 new books and records were added to the shelves of the Carroll Public Library during the month of October it was announced today by Gordon S. Wade, Carroll Librarian. New phonorecords are: Dr. Seuss Presents the Cat in the Hat Song Book, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Toot, Songs From the Jungle Book, Story of the Grasshopper and the Ants, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Love Letters, Dionne, and Remembering Time With the Buffalo Bills. New non-fiction in the adult department includes the following titles: Carnegie Libraries, Public Library Systems in the U.S., The Nature of Man, Adult Psychology, Problems in Counseling, Successful Programs and Practices for Counseling the College-bound Student, roverbs — A New Approach, Instrument of Thy Peace, Prison Journals of a Priest Revolutionary, Ecotaa- ties, Blackthink, Beyond Racism, Up From Liberalism, The Death of Privacy, The Wall Street Jungle, Understanding Macroeconomics, Perspectives on Economic Growth, What You Should Know About Libel and Slander, Collective Bargaining for Public Employees, The Draft?, Bucher — My Story. The Throwaway Children, The Way it S'pozed to Be, Aviation Careers, Careers and Opportunities in Retailing, Educating the Child Who is Different, 36 Children, S.O.S. for Catholic Schools, Push Comes to Shove, The War Business, The Joyful Christmas Craft Book, The Very New Christmas Make-it Book. Let's Celebrate Christmas^ Christmas 1970, Mathematics in the Modern World, Computers and Society, Chemistry, Earth Resources, Biology of Microorganisms, Stalking the Healthful Herbs, The Insects, Fairweather Duck, History of Nursing, Simplified Nursing, Mosby's Comprehensive Review tit Nursing, Textbook of Basic Nursing, Introduction to Human Anatomy, Anatomy and Physiology, The Human Body, Call us FREE. Dial "0" and ask for ZENITH 1234. Convenience helped make us the largest savings and loan association in Nebraska. And we offer the highest interest rates ever. 5%* 5.127%** on Tran$matic Split/Rate Accounts, earned from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. 5.25%* 5.390%** on 90-day Tran$matlc Notice Accounts. 5.25%* 5.390%** on new 90-day $100 Certificates of Deposit. 5.75%* 5.918%** on 12-month $1,000 Certificates of Deposit. 6%* 6.183%** on 24-month $5,000 Certificate of Deposit. 'guaranteed annual interest rate. "Compounded Continuously yield per year. 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The Machinery of the Body, Your Blood and You, The River of Life, You Live as You Breathe, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex and Were Afraid to Ask, The Human Brain, Nutrition and Physical Fitness, The Low- Fat Way to Health and a Longer Life, How to Be Fit, Your Carriage Madam, Young People and Smoking, Athletic Training and Conditioning, Diabetes as a Way of Life, Diabetic Manual, A Layman's Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis, The Careless Atom, Gun Annual, The Steam-Powered Automobile. Fix Your Chevrolet, Fix Your Ford, Grain Crops, The Color Dictionary of Flowers and Plants for Home and Garden, Gardens in Glass Containers, Swine Production, America's Best Vegetable Recipes, General Woodworking, Art and Alienation, American Art Museums, The World of Whistler, The Artist in America, Sculpture-Renaissance to Rococo, Ceramic Painting, Creative Ink Drawing, Drawing From Nature, Best Cartoons of the Year, How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards, Perspective, Antiques of American Childhood, Chippendale Furniture, Georges Seurat, The Eye of Eisenstaedt, 35mm Negs & Prints, International Book of Sacred Song, Producing the Play, Stage Scenery and Lighting, Actors on Acting, Simplified Multiple Offense for Winning Basketball, Run to Daylight, The Father and Son Swimming Book, Fishing Annual, Poems and Poets, The Variety of Poetry, Studying Poetry, The Weight of a Leaf, Butterflies Are Free, Merry Widow, The Armies of the Night, A Bundle of Ballads, Exit Backwards Bowing, Pictorial Korea, Shut Up and Eat Your Snowshoes, Cape Cod and the Offshore Islands, Tidewater Virginia in Color, Chicago in Color, Colorado — A Guide to the Highest State, San Francisco in Color, Day of Infamy, The Longest Day, The Two- Ocean War, Submarine, The Tudors, The Later Stuarts, The Early Stuarts, Diary of a Man in Despair, Inside the Third Reich, Cherokee Tragedy, The Shattered Dream, American Place-Names, Papilon, The Gary Cooper Story, Garfield of Ohio, and George Washington and the New Nation. Now adult fiction includes: The Backward Shadow, A Place to Stand, Heroes and Villains, The Castaways, The Valley of Decision, Parish Picnic, God is an Englishman, Frenchman's Creek, Hungry Hill, Mary Anne, My Cousin Rachel, Across 110th, The Sandbox Tree, The Executives, A World of Good, The Night Crew, Black Narcissus, Kingfishers Catch Fire, Pincher Martin, Doctor in Clover, The Jhild From the Sea, The Heart of the Family, Towers in the Mist, The Confidential Agent, The Ministry of Fear, The Third Man. A Cry of Bees, The Quiet Gentleman, Venetia, Whitewater, Barney, The Clock at 8:16, Feel- good, Lovers All Untrue, When Hearts Are Light Again, South by Java Head, The Bishop, Ancient and Modern, Under the Net, Mia, The Dead Sea Cipher, Monk Dawson, Rich Man, Poor Man, East Side General, Sword and Scalpel, The When Earth is Made Like Unto Heaven By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Things that make life worth living: Pay day Fridays. Sunrises, sunsets and rainbows. Being asked by the girl you want to marry if you'd please rub the back of her neck. Overhearing your kindergarten teacher say that you can gallop to piano music better than any other boy in the class. Getting back from a pay telephone three times the amount you put in. Becoming a teen-ager. Outgrowing the teens-tat long last. The animal delight—and later human conscience pangs—over bagging a rabbit on your first hunt. The lifetime-lasting wistfulness of an adolescent love affair with an older woman who is hardly aware that you are alive. Landing a summer job as a drugstore soda squirt, which means you can eat ice cream by the gallon—as long as the boss doesn't catch you. Tasting caviar for the first time and decidling thiait, no matter ihow highly others might prize it, beef stew was better for your own immortal soul. Dancing witih a girl, and feeling pleased because she had her eyes closed and her breath felt warm against your cheek. The sight of an old-time schooner, fully rigged, setting out to sea. Holding a beach shell to your ear and listening to ithe far away lapping waiters of all the oceans on earth. Standing empty-pocketed at the entrance of a circus, then being unexpeotely given a ticket by a passing benefactor. The feel of corduroy, the fragrance of a wintry hearth fire, the fairyland vision of trees lacy with ice, the flavor of hot bean soup upon coming in from the cold. Realizing, after your own children start arriving, how much your own parents sacrificed for you in their time. Converting an old enemy into a new friend. Opening a Chinese fortune cookie and finding a message which reads: "You should be content that you are loved." Of these, and other things, is earth sometimes made like unto heaven. Huberts Return to Home in East (Time* Herald Newt Service) ARCADIA — Mr. and Mrs. Locke Humbert returned to Washington D.C. after 2 weeks visit in the Miss Christine Mess and Misses Anna and Amanda Tank homes. Mrs. Humbert is the former Amelia Boock of Westside. Mr. Humbert recently retired after 40 years employment with the Potomac Electric Power Company where he had been manager of the Government Sales Division. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wiebers accompanied Mrs. Veoletta Noelck of Westside to Charles City this weekend where they visited Mrs. Noelck's daughter Shirley. Possession of Joel Delaney, Lady in Waiting, The Cry and the Convenant, When the Fire Reaches Us, The Butterflies of the Porvince, A Measure of Dust, Crimson Ramblers of the World Farewell, Orlando, The Voyage Out, Pride's Castle, The Vixens, The burning Fuse, Contact Lost, The Sinful Stones, Enquiry, Mrs. Munck, The House of the Arrow, The Link, Maigret's Boyhood Friend, To Love and Be Wise, and The Renegade. New children's books are: The Golden Journey: Poems for Young People, Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls, Roofs of Gold, The Reading of Poetry, A Week in Lateef's World: India, A Week in Bico's World: Brazil, A Week in Windley's World: Hawaii, Henry Aaaron, Mickey Mantle, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, A Time for Tigers, Prisoners in the Snow, Runaway Ralph, Danger at Black Dyke, The Stone-Faced Boy, Mister Corbett's Ghost, Sail Calypso, Skrallan and the Pirates, Me and Caleb Again, Anna of the Bears, As You Like It, Charlie Brown, Go Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown, Good Grief More Peanuts, Good 01' Charlie Brown, You Can't Win Charlie Brown, You're Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown, The Happy Prince, Marilka, end My First Dictionary.

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