The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 16, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SOt ttit MALVtRH LfeAPtft, MALVtttS. IOWA, MAftCH tt, tiil HENDERSON Mim Elizabeth PMIttp* of Henderson who attends Christian college at Columbia, Mo,, had the fconor recently of being selected as a representattfe of the Junior class to the student council of the college. Mrs. Wasie MeKeeney visited her son, Clarence, and family a few days last week. Doris Brown has been staying In the Orval Straight home for a week past. The friends of Carrie Martin of Macedonia are glad she is getting along BO nicely since her operation several days ago for tumor. She Is in the Jennie Edmundson hospital. Relatives here have received word of the arrrival of a baby girl in the Sam Selby home, March 1. The Selbys live on a farm near Blair, Nebr. Francis Shelan gave a piano solo at the M. E. Sunday school last Sunday. The orchestra which consists of Robert Harover, Bllile Harbor, and Carrol Phillips, with Luella Harbor at the piano, also helped with the music. Barbara South treated her classmates in the M. E. Sunday school to a cake Sunday In honor ot her third birthday, Which was on Monday. It was greatly en- Joyed. Mrs. Emma Workman went to Gienwood Saturday for a visit with her son, Fred, and family. Bud Copcland and family ot Council Bluffs were in town Saturday. It was two years ago this month that Mr. Copeland was burned no bad. He Is thinking now of going to Kansas to work on the road. After the business session of the Rebekah lodge Tuesday evening a lunch of sandwiches, pie, and coffee was served by the men. It was much enjoyed by the ladies. Ten members were present. Mrs. Maude Kindlg and daughter, Dorothy, of Oakland were visitors in town Thursday afternoon. "Or**, Ot*x NOTICE TO CREDITORS "TO THE CREDITORS OF THE ESTATE OF M. C. HAROVER, • DECEASED; AND CREDITORS OF THE CITIZENS BANK, HENDERSON. IOWA; AND CREDITORS OF INA M. OWENS & CO., a retail merr cantile establishment in Henderson, Iowa, owned and operated by the Estate of M. C. Harover, deceased; and to INA M. OWENS, BO. HAROVER, Q. T, HAROVER, MARION K. OVER, BTHELYN SAMPLES, OCTAVIA HAROVER, heirs at law of said decedent, and to all whom it may concern. You and each of you are hereby -notified that there Is now on file! in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa, the Inventory of the Estate of M. C. Harover, deceased, which includes the general ledger statement of the Citizens Bank, Henderson, Iowa, and Includes the Inventory of the Ina M. Owens & Co., a retail mercantile establishment owned by said estate and »n inventory of all other property of said estate; and you are further notified that said Inventory contains an itemized, detailed statement of all depositors holding checking accounts, savings accounts and deposits represented by Certificates of Deposit, both time and demand, said statement .showing the name of such depositor and the amount of his deposit, all in conformity to the books of the Citizens Bank, Henderson, Iowa. You and each of you are fur^ ther notified that the District Court of Mills County, Iowa, did, on the 20 day of February, 1933, make an order in said estate, ordering that all claims against said estate based on checking account deposits, savings deposits and deposits on time and demand certificates growing out of the operation of the Citizens Bank, Henderson, be allowed as shown by the Inventory and General Ledger Statement of said bank as now filed In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills county, Iowa, without further proof thereof, which means, that claimants will NOT HAVE TO FILE CLAIMS. Holders of time and demand certificates of deposit Issued by said Citizens Bank must present same to this Administrator before 4lvldeud Is paid tUera- «n. That all other parties having claims against said Administrator or said estate or any of the fuuda thereof, including claims for dela the Citizens Uauk, not by the luveutory aud fctftfaMaeat o( tsald bunk us fllad, i&tUt to fl**W to have such Clewed, a* Sit (0 W"lclpule in the the Donald Fickel and family of Lincoln were guests Sunday for dinner in the C. E. Edmondson hotne. Miss Silvia Wright visited the Will Brown home Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Waldo Edmondson gave a party at her home Tuesday evening for the members ot the bridge club. A very pleasant evening was reported. The friends of Mrs. Fred McVey were glad to see her able to be In town Saturday evening. It is the first time since she came home for the hospital. Her health is very much improved. Alia and Ida Slmmonds sang a duet at the services at the M. E. church Sunday evening. Harry Clark and daughters of Carson were in town Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Edmondson and Mr. and Mrs. Wllbnrn Core were visitors in Council Bluffs Saturday evening, Mrs. Flnley and children who have been living In the Mrs. Ed Brown property left last week for Arkansas. Her son, Lee. who went with them has returned here and will work on a farm. Clyde Gravltt and family attended a family reunion In the Wilt Gravltt home in Carson Sunday, Ken Williams and wife celebrated their thirteenth wedding anniversary Friday. M. D. Maxwell and wife of Lincoln celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary on the same day. Wayne Slmmonds and wife of Hancock spent the week end in the Ey Wilkinson home. Orlo Harris and family have been enjoying a visit from his father of Shenandoah. A very Interesting letter was read Thursday afternoon at the M. E. Ladles' Aid from Mrs. Will Cain who is still in California. Several visitors from the other Ladles' Aid societies were present. The lunch was served by Mesdames Sheian and Amlck. Wayne Byers and wife visited relatives in Hastings Friday evening. Mrs. C. H. Amlck and Hazel niggle visited the Christian Ladies' Aid Wednesday afternoon. A quilt was put in that day that had been made by a lady in Omaha and will be sold by the Aid later on when completed. The lunch that day was served by Mesdames Earl Bolleau and Art Fritcher. Art Phelpa had business in Omaha Friday. •"***JW* O ' J»UU"! SU< "oyi*, eyei, djwr^aw town ewer's «af *e«rt* to «rm* out of i distant past, brrt K fs Will heard Id parts of roral England. The erter; ft* an fctt old * fa **i a magnificent figure, wfth a three- cornered hai and * dark coat wftn broad red caffs and collar. He was proclaiming an (ruction In the Market place, ah auction of buBs, at** I Dutch bulbs, and he intoned the final "God Save the King* th a high cracked Voice, with the majesty of a prelate. Behind him stood the ancient stocks of the town. a curiosity today, but only 60 years ago they still served their purpose as ft bugbear for petty offenders. As he patised, he sainted them With a curl. ons smile, and an onlooker remarked : " 13*8 that proud of theta stocks. Jast because 'e 'ad to sit In 'em 00-odd years ago fof stealing apples. "B reckons *e's the lart living man wot's sat in the Stocks."** London Saturday Review, Sea of Galilee En!gma| Is a* Clear a» The Sea of Galilee, held sacred by Christians becanse of its associations With the life of Christ, presents a strange Series of character Istlcs considerably at odds with .,_....-,, rr |- "••——..•••••-.•••^^^— . Imoffene • S. E .Mills Harty Wi* Died if. Cmtfrfcil felqff* Ust Week Word 'tis melted her* ««e day last wee* that Harry Wai, age ftfty-tiiv had passed away in a CetffiCrt filaffs hospital frotn pneumotta. Mr. Wa* is a brother 61 Henfy Wa* and grew to tnan- hood here «* the farm where his brother fid* resides. Burial was in CouBCtt Bluffs where tie has Itted s»e« leaving here. He is snrvived fcy his wife, three sons, and two daughters, his parents. Mr. ana Mrs. W. H. W. Wai, of Shenahddah, one slstet, and several brothere. Mrs. Colonel Batchef has been quite poorly from after effects of the fin. Miss Mary Delehant, a nurse frotn Shenandoah, has been caring fof her. Loo Batter, Elmo Moore, and Will Llston were some of the Holiday assocatton members who went from here to Des Moines Monday. Mrs. Catherine Qaffeney of Tarklo, Mo. came up Sunday and spent the day with her grand* what might be expected. The sea daughter, Mrs. Mlcheal Delehant, lies 02(5 feet below sea level, yet the water is sweet It is fed by the red turbid Jordan river, yet It Is as clenr as crystal. Into Its waters go the products of many warm springs around It, yet the water of Galilee Is always coot The lake Is about sis miles wide and about thirteen long. The shore to the north and east Is barren and rocky, but to the west It abounds In vecptntlon. It once was teeming with activity, with many people making their homes along Its shore and working on its waters in search of flsh. Now, however, it is largely deserted. Its origin is believed to have been volcanic.—Washington Star. Otrst fltftt** (A Sste* Strftdat **« *«* *» «*trgfcter, Krt. Harry Cottrto**, **d Ms- the farm Pritehard. Mr. and A very large crowd attended the Forty Hours DWotton given in St Patricks enure* Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, ft closed Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roeert Stookef of Nebraska City ate moving to vacated by - Fran* ..... _.._ Mrs. Earl Davenport and son, Randal, of Tarttio, Mo. drove up Sunday to attefcd Forty Hours Devotion and visit relative*. The men returned the same evening bat Mrs. Davenport remained fof a longer visit. Frank, George, Vincent, and John OtttsChenritter spent Friday in Omaha on business. fed Btflngef, formerly of Shen andoah has opened a genera) merchandise store in Coburg and is running five rural routes from It to nearby localities. On Friday he tomes through this locality g«th* erlttg farmers' produce and car* ries with him almost anything yon may need tn merchandise. for. a-idMrt. Mr. aTVd ***» . both b«n sick the t*st toft «M «rt. ftaffertt fc« tMft iwsftflrf t« fc«S cat* for tfc»«. . Mr. and ttr*. W. if. *»««t6 «M children. e*f»l **€ CB»Tt«r, •W'ftfe la SfalVefB 8*»«at *ttetao«ft to can on he* mother, Wfi. An** Ctatt, who h*i *ot lately. Mrs. Margaret fi. Wftso* of jyf-- 5*k» Sailtf omfti noon. Mr. and from neat and husband, Mrs. Mildred Sparks ol Omaha spent Sunday here with her par* ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cassell. Edward,, son of Mr. and Mrs. Micheat Martin, who was on the sick list was able to resume his school work the middle of last week. Miss Marie Carr drove to Council Bluffs Saturday to witness the basket bail game between her home town team. Maloy, and Cumberland, the latter being the winner. She was also met by her sister, Miss Margaret Carr, who teaches in Sales, who had also come to see the game, and accompanied Marie here and spent Sunday with her. Their mother was also there and two of the Carr boys were on the team. Miss Margaret left Sunday afternoon for Sales to resume work Monday morn- EAST LIBERTY Ligbt-Year The velocity of light is approximately 180,000 miles a second In the earth's atmosphere and slightly her school greater in a vacuum. A light-year (ing. is the distance in space traversed Wayne Drake went to Sbenan- by a ray of light in one year. The measurement In miles of a light-year is so vast that It is incomprehensible. Set there are star clusters and nebulae so remote that light, which travels more than seven times the length of the earth's equator In a single second, require* hundreds and thousands of years to travel from these heavenly bodies to the sight of men on the earth. In other words we do not see the joyed a visit Sunday from their I Elba, when Columbus discovered daughter and family of near El- America, or even when the patri- liott. arch Abraham emigrated from Ur Hugh McSweeney was in Car- of the Chaldees. son Monday taking his brother up who has been visiting here for some time. His brother expects to leave this Tuesday for Canada. Mrs. Pearl Harbor's parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home in Plattsburg, Mo. on March 7. Her father has not been very well for some time. Mrs. Rose Plumb was taken to the Jennie Edmundson hospital Saturday. She has been suffering the past few days from gall bladder trouble. Mrs. Victor Norton and family enjoyed a visit Sunday from her cousin and family of Carson. Mrs. S. M, Woods and Dr. Curran of Oakland were visitors in town Monday afternoon. Bread has come down in price but it still isn't as good a bargain 'as it was in the days when mother used to bake her own. Picture.T»king at Sea When at sea with a camera, says an authority on that subject, the first point to remember is the exposure. There is more light on the ocean than one Is accustomed to ashore. When the sun is-vigorous 1-25 second at f. 16 U usually correct. The yellow filter is important, in fact, quite essential if white clouds against the blue expanse are to be preserved. Clouds, sayg the artist, lend character to the picture; Beautiful golden fringed ones with dark ominous tops can be photographed at sunset without benefit of filters. For the clouds .jure then daubed with reds, and maqves, and Brays—colors that register accurately enough on the "naked' film. doah Friday evening to attend a bankers' party at the home of Earl Fisbbaugb. Guests included the hankers from nearby towns. The public sale of Frank Prltchard, living four miles north east of here, held March 8, was not very well attended owing to weather and road conditions. Bidding was slow and things did not sell as well OB they have at other sales. On March 9 James laKing cnecKs and noTaing 11 until the banks opened and he had a splendid sale, everything elling very high. A large crowd ttended. Mr, Gilmore resided lear Farmer City about ten miles outbweat of here. uch soda disturbs digestion, For gas or sour stomach Adlerika is much better. One dose rids you of bowel poisons that cause gas and bad sleep. Collins Drug Co. adv. ability to hwdle ruib wwk ui Quick Action MOST folk*, when they decide to have i niece of printing done want it &! once. We we wtll equipped to give Wanted t« B* Sura A young pride decided to cook lobster as a surprise for her hut- band. She tad been warned thai the crustacean must he stilctlj fresh to be its best. Stopping at a fish market, ehe asked! "gave you any fresh lobsters?" "Here are the lire ones," responded the clerk, pointing to ft case to which lire lobsters were moving about "But are you sure they're frejbt* persisted the bride, Eatt Libe fty M< ethodUt Church The County Sunday uchool convention will be held at Glenwood on March 24. Full an* nouncement will be made later. There will be a Stewardship Rally at Malvern March 28. Ed Dow Bancroft will be the speaker. Please keep the date. From now until Easter the pastor will preach a series ot ser- taons on the general subject, 'Christians and Easter." On Palm Sunday he will open the doors of the church and receive all who wiah to come. The next church night program and supper will be held at the church the evening ot March 31. Plan to come. Regular services next Sunday. Sermon at 10 on the subject, "Jesus the Master of the Storm." Sunday school at 11. Lesson sub- Matvern was a fttrtfawrt caller 1ft this vfrtntty Monday afteTWftft. Wayne Shapwtt frete near fira- etson was a Sunday tnarnrhi tfft- itor in the home of Ms toother Calvin. Miss Hasel Owens was a Council Bluffs visitor Saturday after- Mrs. V. L. Manger Council Bluff* were over Sunday visitors In the hoine of her brother, C. M. NettoH. C. 1. Shapcott and children, Madeline and Billy, were Sanday afternoon Visitors In the hoine Of his patents near fstnerton, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Kelson and daughter, Ethel,, and Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Hauger were Caller! Sunday afternoon at the Charley Jones home near White Cloud. Mrs. Joe Mayberry and soft, Neil, visited from Friday until Sunday In the hotne ot hef sister, Mrs. Glen Fitch .in Pacific Junction. School election was held at the pleasant Valley school house Monday with twenty-seven voters present. The directors now are: Charles Wllhelm, Dale McClure, and W. H. Maddocks. Mrs. Laura Kerney and Josle visited in Gtenwood Friday after* noon at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Winnie Moore. Mrs. R. K. Henderson aud James attended the girls' basket ball tournament at Henderson Thursday evening of last week. Her daughter, Mary, was a mem* her of the team from the Silver City high school. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Butterfleld and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Roy Henderson and two sons, and Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Henderson were guests Sunday in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Henderson, northwest of Silver City. The I*, f . A. iiand *eh«ol « - Ject, "The Drinks." Effects ot Alcoholic All wine who Can heSff »*»« tfcHf:| Dig tteettftg. " T| - - .*.....-_ Birthday Last Thursday ereWng a of relatives and ftefghbom ered at the hotte of Mf. a»d Ml*.- HeW Schilling to help daughter Ruth Mtlett eelebfate her birthday. A very ttine was had playing t*f»» working Jig saw irtrtties. The large birthday ca*e with its candles was very Wetty *» well a« delicious. Refreshments of fruit salad, cake and eottee were served, Sheriff** Sale B¥ VIRTUS OF AN fiXfioU*" TiON directed to me from the office-of the Clerk ot the DlstHet Court of Mills County, Iowa 05 a Judgment obtained in said court, on the 23rd day ot ruary. 198* ot Matthew Mr. and Mrs, C. M. Nelson and daughter, Ethel, were dinner guests in Malvern Saturday in the home ot Mr. and Mrs. 8. R. Hurst. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Adams were dinner guests in Gienwood Bun- RaTph, ancr ramfly. Mrs. Chas, Anderson Vent to Henderson last Thursday evening to attend the girls' basket ball tournament. Her daughter, Kathryn, played on the Hastings high school team. No legislature of congress la going to vote us into prosperity. Each man who. gets there will travel on his own feet and no one finds safety in shaping his course with the crowd. The first man to quit work IB usually the last one to he pro* moted, ' , . Donnelly as Plaintiff and against 3. A .Huse and Agnes B. Httse, as Defendant, for the sum ot $1,628.02 and costs, taxed at $130.64 and accruing costs, 1 have levied upon the following described personal property situ*, ated in Mills County, Iowa, taken as the property of said Defenr dant to satisfy,said execution to* wit: All of the undivided One* Half interest of J. A. Huse and Agnes B. Huse, in and to all corn, oats, hay, feed, cattle, t and hogs. And all of the farm.- • Implements and farm machinery of every kind and character ot the said J. A. Huse and Agnes B. Huse. All ot the_ above described property located on the Donnelly farm -^ now occupied by J. A. Huse.; * and Agnes B. Huse, and will offer the same for Mle> to the highest bidder for cash In^ hand at the Donnelly farm " Center Township on the .26th <J ot March, A, D., 1838^:1 the hours of » o'clock a,, M? Don't*let too jriueb acid ruin your stomach, Take p r , 'Kmil'B Adla Tablets and quickly overcome acid conditions, heartburn, sour stomach, indigestion, Collins Drug Co. adv. undersigned.* Dated at (Henwood, 3rd day ot March A. D, W, 8. DeMoBB,;;! 34-2, Sheriff of Mills County, Your £CR, IS Good ere former kaiser of Germany fled as a fugitive tQ Bo}l<m4 oo the eve of the signing o| {be armistice, and a day after be had abdicated, uu throne. He crowed tee Ptttefc frontier to an automobile and. went t« the home of Couat Rentlnck a| Amerongeu, nea'r the town of Aja* helm, where he remained, tag more than ft year, Jn the me»ftUm» fee t«a iwctujsed M eitAta at near VtrecUt, »n.d wo* later tiy M* Wife a»4 ft tutt. A wan wwit to A 4°4*w te Ml* Most of the banks of this part of the state are open now and business is starting up as ugual. We believe that in a short time a noticeable improve- xnent will be effected and we can consider rounded. sought In the meantime we'll

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